Unplanned (2019) - Biography, Drama

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All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, she believed in a woman's right to choose. Until the day she saw something that changed everything.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Chuck Konzelman
Stars: undefined, Ashley Bratcher
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 367 found boring (8.71%)

One-line Reviews (93)

The acting was quite engaging, and the story held my interest throughout.

And the level of propaganda this movie is pushing?

Given that this movie is based on true life events makes it that much more intense.

It is pure propaganda distorting facts.

Pro-birth Propaganda .

Having said that, apart from the propaganda machine of pro lifers and their disdain for Planned Parenthood, I thought that the movie told a compelling story of how a woman changed her feelings about abortion.

Very well done and enjoyable.

The screenwriters deserve an award for making a subtle narrative compelling.

It is also gripping, shocking, and surprisingly even-handed in its presentations of what is, by any measure, a grisly procedure.

The characters are fake deep, nothing truly 3 dimensional about them, but the acting is good enough and the emotion in the propaganda is there to make some viewers not even notice it.

Unplanned is a compelling look inside the world of abortion clinics.

That being said, I covered my eyes during certain scenes and I'm glad I did because it was too intense for me.

This movie was well acted, gripping and shows the truth about abortion.


A powerful and compelling story.

Amazing movie, can be very intense .

It is well done and tells a compelling story of one woman's life and her experiences.

Abby's journey, however, takes an unexpected turn, when her experiences reveal to her that she can help women much more outside of the clinic, than inside, leading her to resign from Planned Parenthood.

Stunning film .

I'm not sure what is most disappointing about this movie, that it was created and had enough funding to make it to theaters, people actually have watched it in theaters, or that viewers have fallen victim to its blatant propaganda and falsity enough to rate it any more than a single star.

I just returned from seeing this powerful and compelling story told from the viewpoint of an abortion industry insider.

Biased Propaganda .

Propaganda is lies, this is not..there are others that have said the same that has worked for PPH.

"Based off a true story" or not, this film is steeped in well masked propaganda and is nothing more than that.

I think gripping is the best word, and the review IMDb has from a pro critic is absolute hogwash, and sounds like it was written by Planned Parenthood's PR department.

Terrible pro-life propaganda .

Regardless of your thought on the Abortion debate, this movie is worth watching to experience what actually happens and has happened within the walls of Planned Parenthood.

I found the movie worth watching .

I didn't enjoy this as much as 'Gosnell', if one can consider watching movies about infanticide 'enjoyable'.

The portrayal of her boss is very one dimensional painting that woman in strokes similar to the worst movie villains we can think of.

They are part of this propaganda movie.

If the sight of blood bothers you, you would find the film intense.

Poorly written, terrible acting, ridiculously bad propaganda from your right wing fundamentalist friends who don't believe either in abortion OR funding health care, education, child care, or food for poor people.

I found the Mission Impossible films with Tom Cruise to be a little more intense and frightening that what I saw in Unplanned.

It tells the truth about PP instead of the propaganda they spout.

No is stoked about abortion, but this film takes the complicated issue and "provides the other side" , but by doing that takes all of the real life emotion out of it and spits out emotional propaganda.

Definitely Worth Watching .

They are often cheesy and predictable and are poorly acted.


This movie is inspiring and I highly recommend it.

This movie also created a main character who was complex Christian who truly grappled with many of these intense emotions.

It is worth the watch for anyone on either side of the fence because she takes you through that ride; it's a ride of curiosity and discovery.

The movie opens pretty much at a gripping moment.

It was just unexpected.

Anti-choice propaganda .

The film was gripping, sad, and at times, you wonder just how on earth poor Abby could be so naive.

And Abby's supervisor at Planned Parenthood was one of those cliche corporate bad guys you'd see in a bad made-for-TV movie where her company is trying to sue Santa or something ridiculous, she even had a line that's in the trailer, something along the lines of "You are breed to be a perfect specimen of corporate policy" - or something equally ridiculous.

Bland acting, boring story, and had the audacity to say in the movie "all planned Parenthood does is kill babies!

Typical anti-choice propaganda and bad acting on top of it.

excellent and engrossing .

PS: Ignore the reviewers calling this "propaganda".

Knowing that, this story becomes very compelling and convicting.

The cinematography was bland.

I went to see the movie and can honestly say that the acting was fine and the story gripping, compelling, possibly life changing.

By the end of the movie, it was clear this movie was created to be anti Planned Parenthood propaganda.

If anything it is too high because many reviewers voted high just because they agreed with the politics of the propaganda.

Worth Watching .

Watch if you must, hell start a dialogue, but don't let it "change your views" or "open your mind" because we already know abortions are in a word hard for everyone, but this film is not opening your mind, it is purely propaganda disguised as an interesting film.

Judging the story is probably the most subject to the effects of bias, but I found it to be a courageous story, but one that dragged in spots.

Definitely worth watching it if you care about life.

Gripping movie.

The story is engaging enough that I didn't get bored and dramas aren't my thing.

Unplanned is definitely worth watching.

If they were all written recently: then their review is also fake, they just are part of the propaganda machine and made their profile to review this movie.

Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman have crafted an engaging adaptation.


Abby Hoffman's story is compelling, beautiful and brave and should be required viewing for post-modern civic literacy.

I find it very disturbing to hear how many in the information industry such as Google, Twitter, the movie rating agency, and music label companies appear to be trying to limit the exposure of the movie Unplanned to the public by shutting down accounts, labeling the show as propaganda, not allowing musicians to contribute music, or incorrectly assigning a R rating to the movie.

Anyone who's already Pro-Choice probably rolled their eyes when they saw the trailer and wrote it off as propaganda.

I went into this movie strongly pro-life and still walked out of the theater changed.

I left the theater shaken to my core.

This isn't a real film, it's a painfully dull and lifeless piece of propaganda.


Very Compelling .

Worth Watching .

This story let's you understand the financial motives behind Planned Parenthood, and then reveals the confusion and heartbreak young ladies go through in making their decision to terminate a life growing inside of them.

This gripping movie is very impactful to viewers and brings this reality into light.

This movie uses a terrible story line and fake gore in order to spur on pro-life propaganda.

While I understand they wanted to portray the fact that abortionists see themselves as heroic, to actually use Christian music to portray this is confusing and bizarre at best.

The uterus is empty.

In particular, the jolt at the end, that abortions will be allowed up to 24 weeks is misleading and where the propaganda machine set its wheels in motion.

Fake religious propaganda wrapped up in a (also fake) pretty actress box .

Abby's story is intense and the actress portraying her does a superb job.

Poorly done propaganda .

Acting was dull, especially regarding Abby's husband in the film, dude can't emote to save his life and he ruined several emotional scenes due to this.

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

I expected a much more violent movie, but it was an exciting and interesting film.

Honestly worth watching at least once .

It's a gripping story, brought to the screen by an engaging and not preachy script.

If you like propaganda, this is for you.

Pure propaganda .

It is worth watching.

while catastrophically disjointed and nonsensical, it was quite poorly constructed as a propaganda piece.