Upside Down (2012) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Juan Solanas
Stars: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 30 out of 177 found boring (16.94%)

One-line Reviews (139)

Sturgess is giving it his all, Dunst is bored and the film looks like it's trying to be a J.

The story line is weak and boring for about half the movie.

The visuals are undeniably breathtaking but the plot gets the opposite which results a story that fails to be compelling.

From lingered shots of the gap between the two worlds to the confines of an inverse office, a lot of thought and care has gone into little aspects that make Upside Down look stunning.

If you don't get it, you will find some of the things that happen very confusing.

stunning and unique .

This likely proves that even the most stunning visuals cannot bring justice to a problematic story.

Ten cheers for the director, Simple concepts written in totally different way like rich & poor are upside and down below, The Graphics are Visually Stunning best of all this the reason i can enjoy watching this movie again and againDo watch this movie especially with your partner, because the movie is dam romantic and will really make you feel it.

Talented cast in Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst who do their best here too but I still found the Romeo and Juliet-esqe romance lacking and the story itself kind of dull once the visual gimmick of opposite gravity wore off.

The characters were under developed and "evil" corporation scenario is just too cliché.

The sci-fi concept of the movie will make its viewers realized that there were a stunning conceptualization and collaboration of work.

Beautifully Breathtaking .

Fan's of Timothy Spall will also be please his character is quite enjoyable.

Awesome film and stunning concept .

It kills me I never got to see this one in theatres, it's just breathtaking.

Enjoyable fantasy with an interesting storyline .

Beyond that, I thought the plot was entertaining enough.

Except one of them have amnesia, yeah it's a very cliché love story.

Fascinating Visuals Are Let Down By a Particularly Awful Storyline .

It's shallow, predictable, slow and empty, without a voice of its own.

Instead of being compelling, it rather shows how beautiful the two's relationship is with a grand scale universe in the background.

Really, a complete waste of time.

Overall, worth seeing and one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen, very neat effects.

Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Duntz are utterly winning, charming and engaging as the couple caught between two opposing gravitational forces, and Timothy Spall is equally fine as Adam's co-worker from the upper world who befriends this starry-eyed newbie from below.

I laughed out loud when Sturgess made his first deliverance of "Aunt Becky" in the opening narration: it felt like a cliché fairy tale name stamped into the script in order to force that cuddly fairy tale feel.

Still I think it's an exciting and interesting watch.

compelling symbolism .

Half the audience falls asleep over anything longer than 20 minutes and explanations bore them.

It's just a movie with a compelling story.

Upside Down creates a fascinating universe beyond our imagination.

In this film she seems bored.

They never seem to actually be together, which is both suspenseful and frustrating.

It is obvious that there has been a lot of work put into the plot, visual design elements that eventually combine to make an exciting, exhilarating, thought-provoking and most importantly an emotionally satisfying experience as one finds in the more sober science fiction tinged Another Earth (2011) or even Kirsten Dunst's own more singular stunning performance in Melancholia (2011).

A fascinating telltale that will surely please film aficionados looking for more than the normal block buster recipe.

She's fine in her role but the way the two gravities is explained and the way this romance plays out is contrived to say the least.

When such a romance is set in such a unique backdrop, and supported by some of the most stunning visuals, you expect a good movie.

It was a perfect romance film with an excellent cast and stunning visuals.

the visual effect is stunning, the concept of this movie is unique, the only part that's not quite cool is the later part of this movie which inevitably turned into a earthly cold-heart bloody two different worlds, two different societies separation and discrimination.

The Special Effects and the way the opposing worlds are portrayed, is sometimes breathtaking.

He constantly fights to outsmart the natural forces of reality--at one point, bored and friendly co-worker Bob (Timothy Spall) steps in to help.

Only worth a watch if you're bored and exhausted much more interesting and logically produced films.

Kirsten Dunst is a good actress but here she has little to do, her play is vague, flat and mostly boring, as we as her character.

This is a waste of two hours of your life that you will never be able to get back.

Despite its visuals the science fiction/fantasy element of the story is confusing and leaves you puzzled.

Entertaining Visual Fun .

To be honest, the Neo-Seoul storyline have ten times the quality, more well- executed, stunning visuals than this entire movie.

Good storyline and the stunning concept make the two-planet world even more realistic.

Oh, and make some stunning visuals.

In other cast, Timothy Spall appears as an older version of cliché best friend roles in romantic comedies.

It was written and directed by Juan Solanas and is filled with beautifully stunning visuals as well as touching dramatic moments.

When I said the romance is beyond bland I mean it has no personality, no depth, no meaning.

I rate this Movies a 7/10, and I'm glad the narrator broke down the story straight to the point, I hate when movies drag on or start slow.

Aside from that, the plot fell down the cliché tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Just don't waste your time and don't watch it!

Snore .

Literally, you can see it - Dunst is bored surrounded by green screens on a sound stage.

Upside Down is a visually stunning film set in a twinned world with gravities pulling in opposite direction, where people are literally upside down.

It is visually compelling with nice performances from the cast.

We see how the elements controlling natural and artificial territories aptly fit, compelling the story to its narrative end.

I probably enjoyed it this much because I'm a sucker for unique sci-fi films.

However, if you can let go of the cliche's it is fine romantic drama.

Dunst was a bad choice for Eden and she seems bored throughout the film and her acting is quite bad.

I saw his Cloud Atlas recently and his love story in that film was everything that this movie isn't; difficult, problematic, unique, beautiful, exciting and heartbreaking - a revelation ov love.

except some stunning visual and a faint political statement.

Despite the obvious flaws, imaginary world is quite fascinating.

The visuals are just stunning, great effort by the CGI team indeed !

Visuals in "Upside Down" is stunning.

The film's setting is magnificently beautiful, there are a lot of stunning ideas and images and the main story is good enough to make the two-planet world look real.

For a film that really sells itself on the uniqueness of its fantasy/Sci Fi premise, it carefully straddles the line between artsy and entertaining, only occasionally descending into melodrama.

Don't waste your time .

The only redeeming feature was the stunning visuals.

The special effects, in addition, are bad, confusing even, making you feel dizzy with the upside down universes at the same scene.

If you like cynically criticising cinematic stupidity while drinking with friends, this movie will prove very entertaining.

No matter if the rest doesn't make any sense at all, the few stunning scenes you thought up will more than enough to make up for that.

Their Love was supposed to Defy Gravity, but it felt so uneventful; you just don't Feel the Love.

The sets are disappointing,CGI nothing special,the story moves at a slow pace.

Watched it because it seemed visually stunning and I needed a break from watching all the August Underground movies.

All anything, but this story seems to be dull and boring.

There are fantastic photographic elements that make the best advantage of filmmaking by using the intriguing plot element of two planets in close proximity to each other with intersecting gravities revolving around a star.

Just the visuals alone make "Upside Down" worth watching.

By the intro it seemed like it was going to lead to something big, but overall it goes in a pretty mundane direction.

Still it's a pleasant story, quite predictable.

The result is a romance that serves as a reason to stuff an entire movie full of enjoyable graphic effects.

There's little excuse for making a film that races for the first few minutes, then contrives it's plot to boring degrees, and ends up forgetting to develop any characters during the last hour.

Even if it's quite gripping, the film calls for something better.

We cheer for the characters but it's too trite.

The trailer looked fascinating with its awesome special effects art.

its just fascinating.

This is a very slow paced movie that could last for 60minutes and would not loose an inch of the story.

I was able to see this on Netflix streaming movies, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The romance is beyond bland and it spends most of the time doing stuff that achieved so little to the plot.

The story has some clever twists too , and there is an enjoyable adventure to be had for us .

The script is simple but nevertheless it deals with the question of gravity which may be at times a little confusing.

A great escape from our mundane world to be seen on a large screen.

Especially the ending is rushed and dull.

Since the movie has really stunning graphics and unique world setting, my eyes were enjoying catching every details scene by scene.

It is a brilliantly designed world that can be both trippy and fascinating.

The movie is visually stunning , and actually strikes you very much as a futuristic Wizard of Oz .

With the film's over-reliance on narration, "Upside Down" leaves little time for its characters to develop which consequently makes the story as a whole feel contrived.

nice entertaining movie .

As for the content, I ended up thinking of it as a "poor man's Gattaca," with a more silly premise, a very bland/shallow story, and worse acting.

6/10 and yet another mixed rating maybe worth watching.

Solanas offers a breathtaking view of twin worlds .

The build up to their reunion is exciting and makes great use of the opposing gravities problem.

I think the movie as it is is boring.

The love story itself is weak and uninteresting.

Don't waste any more time and check out last years most under rated movie.

This gets tiresome and irritating, particularly when it involves (as it inevitably does) him putting his beloved's life in danger.

Watch It At least for its Stunning Visuals.

I found the performances from the supporting cast really wooden and uninspiring.

This is one of the most original and visually stunning movies that I have ever seen.

Definitely don't recommend watching, you will just waste 2 hours of your life!

The soundtrack is boring and that melody in the restaurant makes you want to find and bash someone in the audience.

And, this is amazing, there are actually "lists" of the best "existentialist" films ever made, and they include titles like the Matrix...! Also confusing because, if you think about it, every love story ever written or filmed has existentialist underpinnings, so upon reflection I think calling this particular film "existentialist" is a red herring.

it was weird but showed that I actually did get immersed into the world.

What is particularly compelling is the differences between the two worlds and the special effects needed to highlight these differences.

The effects were stunning, the idea was clever and even the mediocre acting was bearable.

On top of that, who ever told Jim Sturgess to read his lines as a narrator with such an exalted voice that is unbearable to listen to, should be sentenced to mandatory story telling classes.

The threadbare plot (boy loves girl, will do anything for her, but the world just won't allow them to be together) has been a movie cliché ever since cinema was invented in the 1890s, but beautifully breathtaking visual effects and a nostalgic and glossy texture to the film (picture the film in black and white, with a young Deborah Kerr and James Stewart) makes for rewarding viewing.

It was only the sweeping breathtaking cinematography around them that enhances their limited chemistry between each other.

Conceptually it is wonderfully cinematic - taken to its full potential with some stunning imagery and great ideas.

Mind you, the performances are OK, but it all seemed rather cliché and formulaic.

Dystopian plot with uninteresting romantic tale.

A visually stunning film with an intellectually stimulating plot .

The visuals are breathtaking and the romantic scenes are beautiful.

) catch him and that's the second confusing moment: why did his aunt house burn?!

It just takes way too long for this thing to really warm up and often times you're wanting to know more about the two different cities and you really don't care about the love story.

Overall, however, it was a creative and fun movie well worth watching.

I hate to say it but, overall, In Time was a better and more enjoyable film than this (and I can't even stand Timberlake) as it had a much better premise.

Novelty wears thin, a visual stunning film.

You won't be mind blown by this movie, it's not revolutionary, just pure fun; a stunning and pleasurable experience.

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a different and entertaining movie.

The action scenes were good for the most part, though a bit drawn out in the end.

This movie is visually stunning, there's nobody that will tell otherwise, and the concept is something very unique.

It really does bother me how every time a love story is about lovers from different worlds have to find a way to make their impossible love happen, the story gets called a "Romeo and Juliet cliché", when, honestly, it's not like only Shakespeare had the right to come up with that.

I wouldn't waste much time trying to find contradictions with the science behind it.

The resolution this film reveals; and its characterization of a hopeless romantic and his manic pixie dream girl may be too generic for some, yet I find it likable, original and entertaining.

The spectacular imagery of the two worlds was intriguing enough to keep me hooked.

The rest of the movie is as predictable and non threatening as a children's fairy tale.