Uptown Girls (2003) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A grown-up woman, who kept her childish instincts and behavior, starts working as a nanny of a 8-year-old girl, who actually acts like an adult. But in the end everything turns to its right places.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Boaz Yakin
Stars: Brittany Murphy, Dakota Fanning
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 26 out of 130 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (74)

At least the movie built upon itself and it got better all along the way, until the ending which was quite unique and finally entertaining.

A refreshing follow up to the somewhat lackluster Just Married, or the downright creepy (but engaging!

If you are trying to sound pretentious you probably shouldn't admit to liking this film.

Here we have the story of a wealthy girl that cannot handle responsibility, whom ultimately learns the key values in life from a cliché child character that has been created in nearly every film released in the past decade.

Dull .

In short, a total waste of time.

throw in ridiculous cliche scenes (wow if I spin on the tea cups with you, it'll all be okay, my new love for my job is tearing up my lifelong friendship with my best friend, blah blah blah) wow and I don't want to ruin the ending for you...

Enjoyable .

This movie is very cute, funny, family friendly, and entertaining.

Her presence radiates whatever message and emotion the story calls for at that time, whether it's effervescence, ineptitude, despair, confusion, sadness, remorse, empathy, courage, and list could go on and on for there seems to be no limit to Ms. Murphy's range.

And I thought this film was entertaining, not be confused with a work of art, or anything with a higher meaning.

I am usually a nut for such movies that are harmless and non-violent, but this one is just a little too slow for entertainment.

throw in ridiculous cliche scenes (wow if I spin on the tea cups with you, it'll all be okay, my new love for my job is tearing up my lifelong friendship with my best friend, blah blah blah)9.

I enjoyed it .

For example, in answer to the adult's claim that anything like structure is boring, she counters that "fundamentals are the building blocks of fun," perhaps the best line in this otherwise mess of trying to romanticize immaturity.

This movie is safe for the entire family and is poignant, entertaining, and not just a chick flick.

However, if you honestly found this film entertaining, and in some small respect, refreshing, you should admit the merit of this 'chick flick'.

To begin with, the plot became trite and nauseating, which is sad because the story itself could have been sweet.

But instead, the combination of badly rendered, overdone characters and predictable,and overdone situations completely ruined the story.

A fairly entertaining movie that could be labeled as a chick flick.

Once in awhile in life we run into people who frustrate us because of their chronic inability to set their two feet down and stand tall, and in that respect I could understand how Molly's character wouldn't be engaging to all audiences.

It really did turn into one big cliché film which I wasn't expecting.

Predictable formula that has been done countless times with different faces.

Dakota Fanning Makes It Worth Watching.

I would not watch this movie again purposely, because I know exactly what happens and it's boring, it has no replay.

It's just utterly pointless.

Young girls may enjoy this movie, but it is overly predictable.

You walk out of the theater fond of the characters and rooting them on at the end, regardless of the film's parallels to so many others in the genre.

This is the worst movie ive ever seen.

At least the film is consistent in its inconsistency, as Boaz Yakin's inspired and imaginative direction and many incongruously subtle script elements are paired with a contrived and predictable basic story.

In the end, this is another chick flick that's only worth watching if you are a die-hard fan of Dakota or Brittany.

This sets up a somewhat predictable but otherwise perfect ending as you finally get to get to hear "Molly Smiles" at Ray's dance recital; the film is worth watching just for this scene (as good an ending as "School of Rock's").

)It has a good ending, a beautiful song at the end, and an overall good plot; but really has its slow and boring parts.

Overall, this was a truly uninspiring film.

Mistake number two was thinking that I would see a movie that wasn't predictable, boring, filled with mindless dribble that left me feeling numb as I looked around at all the 13 year old girls bonding with their mothers.

:) Its entertaining and fluffy comedy that has some sense of brains.

All in all, the movie was a complete waste of time and it leaves you with nothing you haven't already felt a million times before in other films.

I saw this movie because I was quite bored and because I liked Dakota Fanning.

Directed by Boaz Yakin who previously made the overrated and boring Remember the Titans.

Save your money.

I guess this is worth watching if you have nothing better to do.

The stars are appealing, a lot of the scenes are quite funny and even though the movie is predictable and maudlin it does have scenes with a genuine emotional impact.

Cheesy, I know and very predictable.

If you can suspend belief and just accept the contrived basic story, then it won't be hard to really enjoy Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning as two broken kids who help each other learn how to live, 25 years after "Times Square".

Mistake number two was thinking that I would see a movie that wasn't predictable, boring, filled with mindless dribble that left me feeling numb as I looked around at all the 13 year old girls bonding with their mothers.

5 of us went to see it, ages ranging from 12 to 60, and we all really enjoyed it.

It isn't something that will stay with you forever, But it was still enjoyable.

The film was also really predictable and it was really no fun to watch.

Predictable Screenplay, Supported by Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning .

Fanning's acting had its moments, but for the most part, her character was too drawn out and unreal.

Plot also isn't well elaborated, feeling cheap and cliché, so I don't see how so "many" people adored it.

It is deep, slow, and the few sprinkled in moments of humor (those you saw on the trailer I might add) don't pull it out as a worthwhile two hour movie.

This movie was a bore from beginning to end.

Predictable and Trite, Business as Usual .

unexpected .

I liked it and I think it's worth watching especially because Brittany Murphey does a great job!

It had a few rough areas that others have commented on but overall an enjoyable movie.

Brittany Witherspoon's, er Reese Murphy's new film, Uptown Girls fits this standard story but with one important distinction: her character is so horrible that the film is unwatchable.

Well I guess I can because in the end, he probably could have reviewed the film and taken some of the pointless and unfunny characters out.

Slow start, but definitely worth watching .

While I found both movies to be enjoyable, "About A Boy" has the comedy and freshness that "Uptown Girls" lacked.

Some bits of the comedy are funny but when you think it hit a little momentum it throws in a dramatic subtext that feels trite and forced.

They needed more excitement;it was kind of boring.

My point being, Uptown Girls is still an enjoyable movie, with two very talented actresses in the main roles.

I feel like I have to make excuses for liking it, because it is kind of dumb, but I really very much enjoyed it.

Overly predictable movie .

The story is contrived and shamelessly manipulative.

But the film does have a lot of contrivances that are corny and predictable, which is why I give it merely an above-average rating.

Entertaining: Laughter, Tears- Everything I like in a movie.

At first, I was kind of bored with this movie, because it really doesn't get interesting until Molly (Brittany Murphy) gets the job as a nanny for eight year old Laraine, (Ray.

"UG" is an overly predictable 'chick flick' for the young.

Anyways, even though this movie is sometimes misguided, it is still enjoyable and sweet.

If you have not seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

The characters are annoying as Hell, the acting is deplorable, the soundtrack is your run-of-the-mill girlie attempt at punk rock which just sounds completely poo and may make you psychotic, and the plot is, at beast, mind numbingly predictable.