Us (2019) - Horror, Thriller

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A family's serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Jordan Peele
Stars: Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 255 out of 1000 found boring (25.5%)

One-line Reviews (557)

In general, it's entertaining and give you chills and makes you feel so.. growled, I think.

My main two takeaways from this hugely entertaining flick:One, the allegorical message that our veneer of civility and our technology and wealth do not much separate us from our primitive, destructive natures.

--Writing 4.25 of 5 -Superb Dialogue (enjoyable) -Superb Pace/Edit (immersive editing) -Great Characters -Good Plot (underdeveloped)--Production 4.25 of 5 -Superb Sound/Track (wonderfully immersive) -Great Acting -Great Cinematography (uniquely creepy) -Great Art

Cinematography: The best thing by far was the cinematography, it was stunning to look most of the time.

The movie is too long...

While I fell in love with the first two acts of the film, the third act tended to fall flat for me as it was too long and kind of boring

Don't waste you money.

Definitely worth watching

This is what truly makes the movie very enjoyable, and gives a better experience whilst watching too.

The rest is just boring junk.

Save your money.

Although it will take at least one more viewing for me to fully solidify my thoughts on Us, it's safe to say that I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to getting to see it again.

Jordan Peele's follow-up to "Get Out" is winding, creepy and compelling to watch from start to finish.

This is seriously one of the worst movie plots I have even seen even for horror movie standards.

Get Out was innovative, fast pace, fun thriller, this movie is every scary movie cliché wrapt up in a very weak and slooooow storyline.

The bad news is that while all the pieces are in place to make a compelling narrative the story never comes together and the film as a whole never quite decides what it wants to be.

Worst movie I've paid to see in a while .

Some parts of the movie is soo boring like the start of the third act, when Adelaide searching his children Jason who get kidnapped by Red the "clone" of Adelaine then we have a long and slow chase scene when the only thing is happing that Adelaide get horrified a few time and thats all, it loses the viewer and gets boring.. The plot twist in the end is fine and i liked it but the main story was chaotic, we dont get an answer to our questions.

Save your money.

This will be Peele's worst movie of his long bright future.

I found it quite boring and was delighted when it was over.

This movie was so lazy, so obvious, and so predictable.

Please don't waste your time and money to watch it.

Save your money .

In saying that it is still a deeply enjoyable film for all types of film goers, as long as they are able to accept that Us is not your typical horror film, and is probably not going to be the film they suspected it would be from the trailer.

All in all - One fell asleep twice.

Boring and Missed Opportunity.

Pretentious, predictable, silly stretched, unlogical waste of time.

Its a bored film I really waste my time on it !

Dont waste your time .

Worst movie I've ever seen in a theater .

It's characters lack logic, is way too long, and tries way too hard.

Save your money don't pay to watch this trash.

And indeed she finds herself ,but in a rather unexpected way.

This movie is definitely flawed but entertaining nonetheless.

The twist at the end was so unbelievable and stupid i almost walked out.

Enjoyable .

It's thrilling and engaging with great performances.

SAVE YOUR MONEY, catch it on Netflix, that's where this movie belongs!

Suprising and scary and on the edge of your seat ..and always making you thinking about every single scene on the screen...

In the end, it's a brilliant allegory for and deconstruction of class in America, but, beyond all of that, it's a riveting film full of irony and clever twists.

Doesn't make sense, but entertaining .

The scenes were dragged out and silent which really kept you on the edge of your seat unsure about whats going to happen so this was executed excellently.

Worst movie!

Its brilliant filmmaking, incredible cinematography and it deals with so complex issues in a horror-entertaining way.

While all of the performances are good throughout, Lupita Nyong'o is outstanding in both of her roles, delivering the strongest performance of 2019 yet, and makes the film more engaging.

No point, no story.

The story is also very engaging, and you really want to know what happens next.

This movie had potential, the premis was sound and could have been good if it gone in an interesting direction, rather than the plodding senseless route it took.

Interesting Idea, but Boring and Pretentious Execution .

Everyhing feels slow, the tension was very low and you never get scared that something happens to the charakters.

I can see why it might not be for everyone, but it is entertaining, it will hold your attention, and you will want to think about it afterwards.

Still, the concept of the Tethered is fascinating.

So boring, I've actually heard snoring a few seats away.


There is so much detail to the story and so much more I could explore here, regarding criticism and the depth of the narrative but it would make this rivew more tiresome, I guess.

In the end, Us is the kind of film that gives you a fantastic set-up, presents a very enjoyable second act to back it up and is filled with a tremendously eerie score that sent chills down my spine.

Worst movie ever .

This movie had no plot, no character development, and no point.

The first half is unbelievably well done and so exciting, both visually and in terms of story.

Dont waste your time and money.

For as weird as the plot is, this movie is really well-done and very entertaining.

I almost walked out.

It wasn't GET OUT, which was a 10, but this film was enjoyable.

If you want the pointless slasher movie this is not it.

(for whatever it's worth) I say, don't waste your money..Movie trailer draws you in, NO scare!

Don't waste your money on this movie.

There is a twist at the end, however imo, it was predictable and not that crazy.

Save your money and watch something else

20 minutes in, I was bored and disappointed as the story did not seem to go any where.

The audience will be on the edge of their seat, throughout.

The main plot that centered around the family was very engaging and had me on the edge of my seat.

I fell asleep two to three times because I was bored to tears.

Other than events in the third act, this is a very tight concept that was throughout engaging throughout.

The movie was too long and quite boring after the second act.

The Long, Boring and Pretentious Review: Oh sure!

As a horror / thriller fan for well over 50 years, this is only the second movie in that time I have actually got up and walked out half way through.

Don't waste your money.

I also am a fan of slow burns, I can enjoy a fast-paced film but slower films, again, allow for more exposition.

Where, Us is a generally inspired by Peele's love of '80s films, and I'm guessing he saw Three Identical Strangers, and he took that inspiration and created something wholly original and intriguing.

The movie had a few laughs, but in the end seemed very awkward and disjointed.

Instead you are given a long chase with no plot advancement.

But what a disappointment to see it was full of cliches and so predictable!

Don't waste your time and money.

The film itself did nothing new or unique, and I've felt like I've seen this same story told so many times, that even the ending was cliche and expected.

Overhyped predictable film .

Or left early and didn't see the end.

I can't be certain, but it could be the worst movie I've ever seen since that one were the girl has sex with the lagoon fish bloke.

If you are looking for an intense movie experience this movie will 100% dissappointing.

Very entertaining, I have to give it that.

Biggest waste of time and money.

Don't get me wrong there are moments in the confrontations which are a relief from the slow pace of this film but they, unfortunately dragged these scenes out waaaaay too long which then loses your focus again.

I wish I would've paid more attention because I got a little confused then so got it, but it is an intense thriller and will have you on your edge.

First time I ask my husband if he wanted to leave.

Waste of time.

This really hurts the film because we are expected to just accept them and move on but they're much too distracting and ultimately ruin an otherwise engaging and exceptionally well crafted movie.

On the edge of my seat from start to finish.

However its not near as scary as people say, and the "hands across america" statement at the end is stupid, illogical, and pointless.

Honestly was so let down nothing made sense, just went from one pointless scene to another.

The setup is slow, characterizations are uneven, and you can drive a freight train through each of the myriad plot holes.

(Note to self, always question yourself) 15 minutes into the movie I was ready to leave.

The movie is very unpredictable in the most unexpected ways.

Waste of time n money.....

Don´t waste your time and money believing in the fake reviews.

Very confusing and uninteresting story with some good directing and great characters, makes for a very jumbled up film.

I personally was bored the entire movie and wished it to end soon.

It's engaging from the beginning and has you trying to figure out what exactly is going on throughout the entire movie.

every scene that is meant to be scary is predictable and almost funny because you know what will happen...

Humorous situations where they do not belong, predictable twists and a plot full of holes, and where theres no holes theres sad explanations which would - maybe - have saved the movie if they were left out of the film.

My only real criticism is that Peele clearly went for artistic ambiguity in some details toward the end that needed a deeper explanation, but throughout the film he payed attention to so many minute details that it makes the film worth watching again just to see what clues or nuances you may have missed.

It leads to hours of fascinating entertainment and makes you appreciate the film on a whole other level.

Even worse, the few throwaway lines that do attempt to explain away some of these issues feel like afterthoughts, and instead of providing compelling answers they really only make things more confusing and less believable.

SAVE YOUR MONEY This sucked worse than Get Out or Arrival.

Nothing to say , just zeeeero out of ten , waste of money

Despite that, the twist toward the end was highly predictable.

The movie is boring on top of just being illogical.

Save your money and time

Well, actually, correction, it did, I think it was a waste of my money, waste of my time.

The doppelgänger subject was a good idea but it could have gone so many ways, instead the writer chose the most predictable path: chasings and killings, duh!

N'yongo's performance in particular is breathtaking, and Wright Joseph also did an incredible job, even when not considering her age.

There were a few genuinely scary moments, but overall the plot seemed contrived and lacking in explanation.

The worst movie I have ever seen in my life, Awful.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

She then got separated from them to walk on an empty beach, watching a foreboding flock of thunderclouds roll in.

I don't mind a few leaps in logic for the sake of plot, but this boring, meandering movie borders on amateurish.

I mean, I've seen worse, but it just carries on the nonsense for way too long.

P for Pointless .

So in short, imo, don't waste your money nor nearly 2 hours of your lifetime watching this.

Save your money, wait for it on digital or DVD.

Simply Stunning .

Overall, 'Us' is a very thrilling and engaging picture with great characters and performances.

Feels empty .

Jordan Peele who brought the entertaining Get Out(2017), now brings Us.

The performances are breathtaking.

I left the theater thinking, "Huh, that wasn't what I expected.

Boring plot, boring characters, boring gore/action, and a truly stupid twist.

Jordan Peale's new nightmare is an impressive and exhilarating watch, definitely one to come for the fun and fear, but also you're in for an intriguing new socio-political study, along with a few laughs now and then.

Waste of time and money.

However, the film falls flat on its face in the third act when it nearly goes full zombie film, starting with the painfully cliché scene of a news report depicting widespread panic throughout the United States.

A truly terrible, pointless film.

I have never walked out on a movie I paid to see until now.

Boring after the first 20 minutes.

Absolutely one of the most boring films I have seen in a loooong time.

Don't waste your time

But the political messages about it are pointless in a horror movie.


It's both overlong and tiresome.

Waste of time and money.

Everything is super strange and boring for a long while til the action finally starts.

A bit cliche .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Waste of my time and my money (read this with deep voice🤣😂 like hers)

The movie did drag in a few spots but remained intriguing.

Lupita Nyong'o gives a breathtaking, terrifying performance.

The visuals are stunning, great score puts you right into the mood and there's a significant effort spent to make the characters likeable, up until the bad guys show up.

The few things that they have shown made it seem genuinely intriguing and creepy.

Superb acting great story VERY THRILLING.

In an attempt to make itself mysterious or memorable it instead became childish and pointless.

There were also many pointless parts in the script which made the movie even worse.

I was never excited or tense while watching this, it was really even somewhat boring.

The most dull overrated film ever.

Boring, weird, unneeded hate song against police .

If this is any indication of what Jordan Peele's direction is like, then I weep for his new Twilight Zone Series as it would just be another cheap, uninteresting knockoff of something great...

The film was really artsy and kind of dragged on and on when there were multiple stopping points.

Nothing astounding, but it kept me immersed and entertained.


There's a solid sense of the conflict within family units that was the most enjoyable thing for me to watch.

Save your money.

too pointless...

The villain(s) are revealed halfway through the movie in full light, immediately demystifying them and making them not scary, and they also that that time to explain their motive in plain English, the remaining half of the movie is boring after that.

The soundtrack is satisfyingly fitting as it is a mix of high pitched notes in the more intense moments and chilling old school hip-hop here and there.

But it was a bit Boring.

Thrilling till the end !.

To me it's the worst movie ever.

Still, I thought it was extremely well made and enjoyable to watch.

A visually compelling and rich, beautifully acted hot steaming pile of garbage.

Save your money and time.

Yes, the ending was predictable, I figured it out long before it concluded and that's when I came to the conclusion that this film lacks natural fluidity, it was slow, forced, and inorganic.

No story.

This movie is enjoyable for only some people, not a movie for everyone.

It's an adrenaline ride, for sure.

I found it too predictable too.

Initially i left the theater feeling disappointed.

It's all a bit much really, distracting from what should be a seat-gripping theatre experience.

it was cliche and contrived and really negated everything that could have been interesting about the movie.

Jordan Peele's "Get Out" was a fresh, snappy, smart movie with a valuable commentary on society.

It's predictable and boring.

Please don't waste your money there is nothing good about "US" The acting is horrible the plot is horrible and the movie is cheaply made.

Jordan Peele has done it again with this psychological thriller that kept its audiences on the edge of their seats.

"Hey, let's toss in an amusement park, some sort of pointless 1986 flashback to Hands Across America, and how about a bunch of rabbits just 'cause!

This movie was boring.

The thing is that this movie is a very odd mix as both keeping you guessing as to where it's going while at the same time being extremely predictable.

pointless .

Peele definitely could've gotten away with just recording 'Us' in the most basic of formats because this film's plot and acting is so exciting.

Pointless .

Peele is an exciting new filmmaker who isn't afraid to take chances or try something different.

I managed to predict the twist in the first 10 minutes but still was a decent twist and I am convinced at the end the boy knew..Overall I enjoyed the film, good concept only downside was that the twist was predictable

I walked out of the film asking so many questions to myself about why they made certain decisions in the film.

Waste of money.

Im so sad this film was so rubbish all the actors and actress were great but it was a slow film.

) The twist at the end was just so predictable I was expecting it halfway through the Film.

This movie was pointless and boring.

Waste of money and time.

Just boring .

Worst movie ever .

Don't waste your time!

It is obvious that Jordan Peele had things to say, but it is even more obvious that he was bored and didnt do it.

I completely loved and enjoyed it.

After 30 minutes I realized that its a waste of money and time.

We all thought it was a huge waste of money.

The flick was semi enjoyable, even if parts aren't that scary & too silly.

Once and a while it lands a joke but it's a consistent theme that renders all the suspense and tension of the moment shallow and uninteresting.

It was like a cat and mouse relationship, which was dragged out and was somewhat disappointing.

Biggest waste of time.

Boring and left theater after 45 min !!!

The omission of cliche events and stereotypes as well as the implementation of quirky sound effects and music were by far my favourite parts of the movie.

Boring .

Even though it sounds intriguing at first, it leaves many questions unanswered and even comes around with quite a few plot holes towards the end.

Us is Jordan Peele's second feature film as a horror auteur director after shocking and thrilling audiences two years ago with Get Out.

The action is predictable as any other average horror.

I dragged my friend along with me because of the hype the movie had created and secondly, because of Get Out.

I wasn't expecting much from "Us" when I accepted my friend's invitation to watch it, mainly because I've seen the trailer and deep down knew it was going to be just another uninspiring, run-of-the-mill, post 2005 'horror' at best.

But the acting, atmosphere and characters are pretty good and make the movie emotionally exciting.

Save your money....

Act 2, pure boring, Ending and Twists are aweful.

Welles's The Time Machine), and to Painting (the mirror image at the film's beginning is remarkably like René Magritte's 1937 piece, "Reproduction Prohibited"), Us is driven by intense performances and tightly constructed scenes.

Of particular note is the great steam of humour, often quite dark, which permeates this enjoyable offering.

It is a movie worth watching and thinking of.

Fell asleep .

The characters were flushed out and it was enjoyable to watch them.

Amateurish, boring, pointless, silly, trite, predictable, incompetent?

The worst movie I have ever seen.

Intense fun i liked it 7.5/10 .

No plot at all and not scary .

Still, just the fact that a movie this entertaining and this gloriously insane is willing to tackle the vast chasm between the haves and the have-nots is more than worthy of recommendation.

Waste of time.

Entertaining Nonsense .

Save your money and your time.

Anyway now I'm not saying the movie was not good, it was good but it did leave me with this hole or empty space while watching the movie.


A fun, light, predictable slasher film.

Final Say -You may've seen films like Us but there's no doubt Peele has crafted a unique, thrilling and frightfully entertaining horror outing that feels like an entirely new beast.

Enjoyed it more after I left the theater .

-not scary -not funny -bad storyVery disappointed, trailer looked so good, It was so boring.

Production is spot on (and I bet it was expensive too) but plot and script are so poorly done that the movie becomes unwatchable.

The first 7 minutes of this movie were the most exciting.

Terrible waste of time .

Sorry but too much effort went into this uninteresting concept.

some parts dragged and dragged.

wowzer, what a gripping, almost gravitational force performance by her.

Just watch this because it's thrilling and entertaining.

So predictable and terrible.

Don't waste ur time and money One of the bad movies

Just like Tony Collette in Hereditary, Lupita Nyong'o is the heart and soul of a film that without a female lead, wouldn't even be worth watching.

The family is then separated by their opposites: Red makes Adelaide handcuff herself to the table, Zora is taken by Umbrae (Wright Joseph), Gabe is dragged onto the boat by Abraham (Duke), and Jason is sent to "play" with Pluto in a closet.

With regards to the positives the acting is superb across the board, with Lupita Nyong'o putting in a very compelling performance.

Way too many pointless cryptic messages & double meanings.

Boring and makes no sense .

Overrated, boring, cheap, unrealistic characters, I feel like the message was forcedand overdone.

A thrilling tale creatively woven into a visual masterpiece.

Lack of plot, lack of suspense.

I must admit that I was already in a bad mode when the opening scene was a 3 minute slow pan out of a rabbit, completely pointless.

Cinematography is good however, the jump scares are predictable and the expositions are real head scratchers.

However, the landscape on the other side of Us's coin is rather blurry, a grab-bag of fantastic ideas that don't ever coalesce into a satisfying whole, a narrative that often fails to adhere to its own internal logic, and a formulaic resolution that lands with a dull thud.

Complete waste of money .

The tension and anxiety that was needed was thrown out, just a waste of time and money.

Worst movie I've Seen .

All in all, a waste of time and money.

Boring nonsense !!

The good side is what went on in her past, that truly just delivers an unexpected twist that made my jaws dropped!

Wanted to doze off through the core of the movie as it became mundane and repetitive.

The audience were laughing as it was such a joke, people were falling asleep then woke when the was a it of action.

Me and wife were bored to death.

What a waste of Time .

Please save your money and give this a miss.

The notion of the danger coming after you being yourself is a creepy concept, and Peale takes this into a gripping thriller opening up to a fascinating reality.

Taking the well-worn and tiresome home invasion concept and flipping it on its head with a devilishly unique concept filled with doppelgangers, underground horrors and N.

there's a couple of creepy moments, and some comedic relief, but other than that it's just flat out boring as hell.

STOP, save your money.

It's rather predictable when we compare the directer's previous movie, it's still worth watching

The characters, to me, are boring and I didn't care for any of them.

An intense return for Jordan .

I'm not going to list all the many, many things where the explanation simply raised more questions, I'll just say that an otherwise enjoyable paranoia horror with some splatter and some black humour left me frowning afterwards.

This movie is artist at heart, and a thinker, rather than your simple, entertaining horror flick.

The role of the father is pointless all way round.

fine written details lingers on your mind as you head into the broken lettuce of a second act, it's a boring one and very cookie cutter and the blandest part of the film and came off made for the horror gotta horror of today's age.

Overlong first act, quite pointless?

This reveal opens a slew of plot-holes and brings what should be the most exciting sequence of the picture to a screeching halt, and while the ensuing final battle is staged with stunning visual panache, the payoff ends up being rather minimal after such an interminable detour to get there.

Through impeccable directing and writing, Peele created a pop culture moment around a film that was able to be entertaining and thought-provoking.

Other than that, it's a film that lives up to its expectations, its predecessor, and cements Peele as one of the most exciting directors working at the moment.

If you are bored of watching classic horror/thriller movies, I definitely suggest you to watch "Us".

Movie was very long and boring at the beginning.

I hated every moment of this movie and frankly just wanted to leave the theater.

Ok, the escalator is very long ;) First 60min.

The movie's highlight is obviously the terrifying and thrilling second act that starts when the family shows up to when they kill the thethered version of zora.

Worst than Birdbox in my opinion and that was one of the worst movies I ever saw.

Enjoyable horror that's got some confronting commentary on US.

You will too, so save your money.

Personally, the overall premise of this film absolutely astounded me and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout nearly the entire runtime.

A conceptually stunning film .

Regardless of your typical movie genre choice when you head to the theater, 'Us,' is worth the watch.

It was the most boring and terrible movie I've ever seen

One thing (among many) that I don't understand is why Lupita's "twin" said she was upset that young Lupita left her behind when really she should have been upset that the "twin" choked her, dragged her into one of the thousands of miles of underground tunnels and handcuffed her to a bunk bed.

Biggest Waste of my time Ever!.

waste of money .

The compelling story of a small family leaving home to spend time at their house down in Santa Cruz, were they are astounded to find a doppelgänger family in their driveway.

Rarely, do you see people walk out of a film or shake heads.

Just pointless gore and classic horror tropes.

I found it confusing, fractured, predictable and boring.

Peele's direction is stellar-so is Nyong'o-and is tailor-made for horror, with its patient camera, stunning visuals, and poignantly mischievous flair (see the unique use of pop songs that adds an unsettling realism to the gory thrills).

The family's clones had given up so many chances to kill their targets that the chase (and the movie in general) became boring.

I find US very disappointing after the thrilling and ingeniously intriguing GET OUT.

This movie was a complete waste of time, terrible acting, stupid story that does not make since, people where leaving half way through the movies, absolutely rubbish.

Straight up the worst movie I've seen in a looooong time!

Waste of time .

The unexpected plot twists, interesting deep sense and gorgeous actor play - I advise watching this film for all horror film lovers!

But on the pluses it does look very nice and some of the moments are very intense.

A woman, walking her pooch at night, fails to notice the clawed hands gripping both sides of a dislodged manhole cover.

And this all seemingly took place in the town with the slowest police response, and the least number of guns, in America!!

Save your money on this one!

On one hand, Jordan Peele's second horror feature is a stylish production that boasts some stellar acting, an intriguing concept, and a large handful of genuinely unsettling set-pieces.

Definitely worth watching.

We almost walked out of this movie it was so bad.

But Coherence is better and more enjoyable compared to Us.

For that, Us is a strange, fascinating and wickedly cool film and something horror fans and just plain film fans will remember for a very long time.

But when the family is attacked and approached inside that house, things get far more entertaining finally.

It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This time though, the message is a little more overt and the plot a little more contrived which leave "Us" in the good/not great bracket.

The soundtrack is one of the best ever for horror movie and I was on the edge of the seat almost whole throughout whole movie.

Felt way too long for almost no payoff other than one very underwhelming M Night Shalya like surprise.

For me though the kids, Shahadi and Evan, were the most enjoyable part of the film.

The film's third act in particular is, to me the most fascinating part of the film, as everything comes together in ways that a lot of people wouldn't expect.

The cinematography is exceptional throughout the film; the look of the entire thing is just stunning and really quite unforgettable.

The ending, explaining (literally, a character explains everything) is boring and annoying because of the artistic decisions made, and also contradictory and nonsensical (at least at first glance).

On of the worst movies I've ever seen...

Worst movie ever.

I enjoyed it so much.

Also when she explaining in the bed room scene seems pointless with the twist.

Just when you thought this movie could not be any more disastrous, the ending was a poor attempt by the writers trying to salvage an already confusing situation however it made it progressively worse and eventually unbearable.

Well directed and referenced but no real plot .

It's the must-see event of 2019 and a film that can be watched over and over again while still picking up on countless new fascinating details regarding its characters, thematic content and visual storytelling.

I spent most of the movie either falling asleep or checking my watch to see how long I had to suffer.

Getting to know the Wilsons while the film's creepy subtleties slowly assert themselves drives an engaging opening act, and the initial assault upon their cottage is more harrowing than anything you'll find in the cheap-jump-scare realms of contemporary horror.

Worst movie i have ever seen, wish i never saw it.....

What a waste of time and money.

Even though the movie isn't particularly scary and frustrates with a few plot holes, it is overall very entertaining and its strong acting performances, intense atmosphere and intriguing locations pardon for the film's minor flaws.

The predictable twist can't save the messy script either.

Please don t go to see that movie there is no story no excitement no good play .

Pointless Meaning and beginning.

Her paranoia and feelings of dread grow across the day, until the evening, when the family notice another family standing on the edge of the driveway.

A waste of time and money?

and is filled with long drawn out confrontation in between.

Slow, predictable, and boring, I found it to be an utter disappointment.

He constructs great opening and closing acts (including the fantastically creepy prologue), but the middle section sags with what's essentially an extended cat-and-mouse sequence that feels too drawn-out.

Oh and the musical score combined with breathtaking acting made this a film worth its 10/10 rating.

Don't waste your time.

The pace was slow to pick up, and the comedy was stronger than the horror.

Yes, rabbits, rebirth, cliche.

Save your money.....

Intriguing concept is wasted as film descends into standard horror carnage.

Don't waste your money, watch it at home when it comes out.

The plot is pointless and ends up becoming a total mess of confusion.

And oh so entertaining...

I laughed, I cringed, I walked out with a big smile on my face.

So here lies in this shallow grave the rotting corpse of this movie, so laiden with ideas it becomes pointless, because as slick and clever as it might be there is nothing actually there.

Pros: Good acting especially by the star, some good sequences and efforts by all actors, an original storyline, and the significant & unexpected twist at the end makes me want to see the whole movie again (will wait for Netflix or Amazon Prime).

The pace was plodding at best and the story was far from original.

Both two scenes that work well on their own but are placed next to each other and with them both being fairly similar it feels repetitive and halts the pacing somewhat.

All in all Us wildly entertaining Film and also a very sophisticated look on life

Honestly, this movie was a complete waste of time and money.

it is juat a waste if time

It's such a cringey waste of time, I'd literally rather watch Thomas the Tank Engine.

One of the worst movies to see this year.

Us is director Jordan Peele's second entry in the Horror genre and it is exciting to see his work after the success of Get Out.

dont waste your time or money.

Highly recommend it, 10 stars

The story line was predictable and for me it lacked any real depth.

It had absolutely no plot!

" (Yawn.

The only enjoyable part was Winston Duke.

Waste pf time .

Every minute spent watching the movie afterwards was a waste of time.

it also felt like it dragged on for a very long time.

It's disjointed and disappointing, after his first film which was a master piece we all expected more.

One of the most unexpected and surprising directional careers continues with Us, a new social commentary horror/thriller from one time comedy kingpin Jordan Peele, who proves once and for all that the worldwide box office and critical success of his debut film Get Out was no fluke.

Other than that waste of time.

Don't waste your money, wait until its on hbo.

The story was so disjointed and farfetched.

The plot and exposition at the end, which then give way to so many deep and fascinating ideas to consider, make it a truly great movie for me, even if some of the moments in the middle of the film felt like pure action and my emotional investment was moderate.

This film was a complete waste of time.

I almost walked out of the movie.

The more intense moments work as well as Peele finds a way to make the audience care for the characters and what will happen next.

While I enjoyed many of those aspects, I left the theater with a few nagging questions.

Idiotic and disjointed .

The first 10 mins are ok, but then it becomes so predictable and stupid that I started laughing in the theatre.

The movie had potential but just like Get Out it was complete trash with horrible casting(the father was horrendous, albeit the mother was good though) he made the movie unbearable and less scary.

One hundred percent one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

Dont watch this movie its a waste of money and time

Deep, spiritual, and WORTH WATCHING.

Multiple plot holes and predictable ending.

As an older man with questionable hearing, I got lost with the raspy voice but even without that, I found it hard to follow, stupid and a waste of my time...

Her delivery is always intense and strong, no matter which character she is playing.

There was a lull though after the initial incident, that I lost a bit of interest.

I was so hyped to see it (as was my husband) but we actually walked out 3/4 through.

Aside from some funny dialogues I was really bored.

However, I still walked out disappointed.

Biggest waste of my time ever .

But I guess Hollywood will love it because of all the race propaganda.

A huge waste of time.

Worst movie ever .

Those first 25 minutes or so are indeed incredibly gripping, suspenseful and practically oozing with possibilities and potential.

I loved "Get Out", but "Us" might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Instead of being scary it becomes funny and predictable, and by the end it all makes so little sense that you're left scratching your head as to why they did what they did instead of going for a full on supernatural horror.

We must have seen a completely different movie than they did, because this was the biggest waste of time on a movie I have ever had.

This movie started off very slow and finally when it started to get interesting, it was as exciting as watching a documentary on a sloth trying to climb a tree after it ate to much...

The ending is totally unexpected, the actors are superb and the directing is just perfect.

It had me on the edge of my seat, jumping at shadows.

Just a waste of your time The movie is super slow pace ( the rabbit scene last 5 min at beginning almost made you fall alseep)You can guess whats next as the horror point are dated and lame.

Us is not only a bad idea, it's a waste of time.

I believe that 'Us' offers an original premise and is very intriguing at the beginning.

But the plot was asinine and completely contrived.

Waste of time .

Waste your time to see .

There are some weak and contrived plot lines to overlook.


This movie is at the same level asShyamalan´s worst movie:"The Happening".

The intense buzz for Jordan Peele's sophomore effort, Us (2019) brought movie fans into cinemas by the droves.

Intriguing in almost every aspect.

For the first 30 minutes or so, Jordan Peele's follow-up to his behemoth smash "Get Out" is an intriguing, unpredictable family drama with tinges of understated suspense simmering below the surface.

There are a few twists here and I enjoyed one element in particular that tied nicely to an earlier event, but one of the big ones was very predictable and I pretty much figured out at about the midway point.

There are a number of intense and horrifying scenes that are ruined by a attempt at a humorous moment are a silly gag.

Certain filmmakers believe their own publicity and early critical success leads them fatally down the path of self-indulgence.

I spent most of the time sitting there bored.

Wait till it's available on Netflix or Sky, don't waste your money going to the cinema

Overall i would recommend this film, i really enjoyed it.

To conclude, 'Us' is a good horror/ thriller, whilst not terrifying, it is intense and explores new ideas that are ambitious and for the most part, pay off.

I honestly don't understand the warm reviews, it is a boring, not at all scary, makes no sense film.

The worst movie I ever seen.

Not an horror film, get you on the edge of your sit, at least twice, we got a comic relief , an few new factors to pay attention to.

Waste of Time and Money .

predictable and boring .

So intense and interesting.

This is achieved by, and coupled with great performances and sharp dialogue to make for a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable film.

Most painful 2 hours of my life, people where laughing at the serious parts ffs never in my life have I walked out of the cinema feeling like I need Botox because I spent the entire film with my face scrunched and irritated.

Enjoyable .

Sad - 30 minutes into the movie and we were ready to leave!

The movie was about 20-25 minutes too long and as a result dragged in some parts and caused the viewer namely me,to lose some interest.

Worst movie I have seen in years.

Writer-director Jordan Peele has given us another thrilling, fast-paced, unpredictable & unique film, after Get Out(2017).

It's potentially the most boring and unsatisfying film in a long time we have watched.

The entire plot was unrealistic, and bland.

The power of this message, combined with some absolutely stunning performances and cinematography, resulted in a film that stuck with me long after the credits rolled.

Ok, here's the thing, i went with a friend, she liked it and i totally hated it, i think the ratings are rigged because such a movie can't hold such a high rating on it's own, it's full of plot holes, it's like a swiss cheese, it has no message behind it, it really doesn't, the plot twist in it makes more plot holes, there's nothing to this movie, it is really bad, just because it's an original story it doesn't make it a good one, lupita's acting was nice but nice acting on a bad script won't make it better, maybe it adds a point but it's really cheesy, like there's nothing to scratch your head for, you feel the movie is gonna start to be more interesting any second now, but it doesn't, don't waste your money and time on it

Boring, just boring.

" What a waste of time and money.

Very very slow and drawn out scenes like they were just filling time.

One of the most boring movies.

no story at all.

As soon as the intriguing soundtrack started and the opening credits appeared, the potential to be as awesome as Peele's directing debut was clearly visible.

This was a horrible boring movie with an underdeveloped storyline.

The plot was terrible it had few funny moments but it was a waste of time watching it.

Don't waste your time as this movie was an absolute disappointment and a complete waste of money.

no story line, stupid repetitive violence for what?

It was quite entertaining because of how good the actors were.

And what an unpredictable ride it will turn out to be.

This is even worse than "Get out", twice as boring, and twice the disappointment.

The twists were boring and didn't make the story that interesting.

I hate to be negative, but I found this movie to be super predictable.

Sooooooooo dull.

Critics & cinema snobs have hyped this up once again like they do with lots of mediocre horrors and boring films of today designed to be "unique" & not cliche.

Don't waste your time with this overhype waste of time.

This wasnone of the worst movies I have seen in a long while.

No Story!!

However, the next hour drags on, and while the rhythm of suspense - jumpscare - suspense - jumpscare has a brilliantly brooding creepiness to it, it just gets a bit tiresome after a while, and for the last half hour I was waiting for it to hurry up and get it over with.

Don't waste your time nor money .

Flat out, I was bored more than anything else.

The pacing was way to slow, there was often nothing happening in the first 30 minutes, and when something scary or emotional was going to happen it was either cut off so nothing happened or it was disappointing.

But the purpose of this drag was even more uninspiring that you could imagine.

Just silly Don't waste your time Comedy not horror with silly touch


One of the worst movies ever, I actually was laughing in the cinema me and my wife.

" Had a somewhat rushed ending and with some problems, "Us" turned out to be somewhat predictable, whose events were moving to that moment since at least half the film.

For the first 75% of this movie, I was tense, on the edge of my seat and intrigued -- everything a person is supposed to be watching a horror/suspense movie.

What's even more intriguing is that there's nothing weird or fake, or otherworldy about it or the characters.

Save your money and time.

Im wondering how its rate is a round 7.5. i was boring specialy during the first 20 minutes.

Left the theater when everyone couldn't hold their laughter.

It is very thrilling and makes you think!

You bored me.

I can say without a doubt that Get Out was not a lucky situation, as Us is just as entertaining and fun as the latter was.

This film is definitely worth watching!

The main thing for me is that I just found the story so boring and never got invested in the main story of the Dopplegangers of the family, it just went over my head.

I almost walked out.

Very unique, thrilling, and intelligent movie .

Don't waste your time on this even you get a free ticket!

Waste of time.

This was the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

Intriguing and engaging .

It is still worth a watch given the performance of Nyong'o as well as Us being more entertaining than most other horror movie attempts nowadays.

Overall, good film, enjoyable and original.

Here both the tension and horror ramp up to deliver a truly taut, tense and thrilling middle portion that works so well because we care for the characters involved.

Pointless attempt at a home invasion/horror film .

Don't waste your money.

Waste of time and storyline .

Things really get exciting in the second act, once the doppelgänger family are introduced.

Certainly some scenes were kinda boring (like the first half of the movie) then the other half was very good.

Time I paid a lot to waste so I hope Mr. Peele is enjoyjngthe box office reciepts cuz I am thinking this will be the last time people trust he is an artist that can consistently deliver.

The film was such a bore, it was so hard to sit trough this snoozefest.

Jordan Peele, primarily known for his work in comedy, made waves throughout the horror scene in 2017 with his directorial debut Get Out; a tightly written, intense horror/thriller that impressed both audiences and critics alike.

Boring, not scary at all, easily expected ending If he tried to insult people all over the world, it is a big success.

The story was a little whacky, but it made you think about what was happening.. Overall i really enjoyed it and would recommend to any horror fan.

My wife was bored from begging to end.

I was never excited or tense while watching this, it was really even somewhat boring.

Disjointed, lost, irritating, and disturbingly wasteful of time.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

It was thrilling and unexpected.

Save your money and see something else

Pointless film nothing was explained.....

Good acting, some really nice camera angles and an enjoyable score.

I will agree with some reviewers that Mr. Peele packed too much into the movie, but overall, I enjoyed it, would like to see it again, and recommend it if you are someone who can appreciate an artist scary movie requiring thoughtfulness, and that's fun to discuss with friends.

While the film's narrative is quite compelling and straightforward, most critics have voiced their displeasure with the ending sequence of the film.

This is realy bad,waste of time and money.

It was boring and made no sense.

In what seems like the first 5 minutes is just an extemely slow zoom out of bunnies.

Lupita is a gem in this movie and worth watching for her performance alone.

It was original and gripping.

His stories are compelling and thought provoking, and yes, I believe they are important - it was fun to get this lesson on the horrors of nature vs.

Why was it boring, hilarious in the bad way, terrible?

I felt it was boring a joke and was trying to hard to be funny

The writing is equally compelling, but with hiccups: The surprising humour is good but often punctures the mood, and the fascinating social subtext (see Red's amazing fireplace speech) comes to a slightly muddy (though still thought-provoking) climax.

At 15 minutes I thought about walking out because I was so bored.

I walked out of the theater .

Us is Unexpected Thriller with a Twist .

In my opinion, Peele has already solidified himself as a horror genre titan and definitely an intriguing director to watch out for moving forward.

So rare to get a movie that can be incredibly intelligent, but remain superbly entertaining at face value.

Its fresh and exciting to see a slightly different take in a genre that has become quite stale.

The suspenseful moments were actually comic or boring rather than scary.

Definitely worth the watch.

An exhaustingly boring mess of a movie.

This movie on a standalone horror perspective is much better made in comparison to Get out, there was more scares and was overall more intense and harkens back to classic Horror.

That said, this was two hours of what can best be described as entertaining nonsense.

For 3/4 of its length you're watching a boring home invasion which doesn't make much sense.

Finally, I'm not going to ruin the "big" twist at the end, but it was completely predictable and, although the music and the actor's facial expressions indicated that I was supposed to be freaked out in some way by it, it was of absolutely no consequence and changed nothing.

I did eat popcorn, which was enjoyable.

Every part of this movie is breathtaking, and not to miss at all.

Left the theater after 45 min .

The movie is not scary, though it's funny at times when a horror film shouldn't be the fights were so laughable and the story went nowhere really except for the twist at the end.

Started off reasonably well then degenerated into tired, hacked, over used, worn out horror movie cliche bull hockey.

Honestly if I hadn't been with my girlfriend I'd have walked out it was awful.

The intriguing finale saves the entire thing from being a wasted effort and Peele from being a one-hit wonder.

Certainly kept me on the edge of my seat in places and got completely lost during the explanation.

And when i got 30-40 minutes in i felt a bit dissapointed because it was pretty lame and it felt like it all happened so fast, the comedy in the movie was really good but it ruined the intense moments.

You actually have to make sense and be entertaining.

Complete and utter waste of money.

There was no real plot, and everything became unbelievably hokey and unintelligent.

Wouldn't waste your time if I was you!

The most notable poor plot point being the twist at the end, it was predictable and awful.