Us (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A family's serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Jordan Peele
Stars: Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 272 out of 1000 found boring (27.2%)

One-line Reviews (500)

Overall, Us is an ambitious addition to the genre of horror that seeks to expand its horizons as Peele seeks to make it a journey that is simultaneously thrilling and thought provoking.

Cliche family, cliche villains, cliche jumpscares.

Predictable, not scary, and terrible acting.

The movie is really bad, it is very predictable.

Waste off time .

It was enjoyable enough to watch because it was such a creative, unique horror Story.

The movie has some solid scares, good action and an upredictable plot so it was pretty exciting and fun to watch.

Waste of time!

Just a waste of Time.. .

Don't waste your time.

It's an absolute bore!

The question when rating a horror film is was it enjoyable (yes), was it well acted (you simply won't get a better actress than Lupita Nyong'o in a horror film .....

Do yourself a favor, skip this movie and watch paint dry because that would be more entertaining than sitting through this drivel.

Movie is a waste of time don't spend your money renting it wait till it's on Netflix

The action was entertaining though, and the pacing was well executed.

The worst movie since film was invented.

waste of time .

Thrilling and chilling film with relevant theme .

The ending is contrived, obvious, and meaningless.

It's boring.

Ordinary & pointless, this seems like a rejected Twilight Zone episode.

But is the film actually entertaining?

After the Oscar winning Get Out, Peele comes back with another thrilling experiment.


It had just the right amount of comedy sprinkled in to break up the gore of the film, it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, it had all the plot points of a horror film that make horror so great.

I didn't have a clue of what to expect and to put it simply, I was really bored and disappointed.

Compare this silly, intellectualized, exercise of self-indulgent "social commentary" to a movie like "Grapes of Wrath".

I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of this film and it was very unsettling, it has a mix of jumpy bits and subtle creepy things that get under your skin.

I thought it was dumb, very contrived, and almost insulting to think that the producers of this movie would think that the general audience wouldn't notice how bad it is.

The first half hour for one is honestly pretty boring.

I really like Get Out, but found Us to be bland and uninspired.

It's quite a regular and boring horror movie that leaves you with more questions after it than in the beginning.

The story is so engaging, with brilliant screenplay and background score!

'Us', for me, lacked atmosphere, and the progression after a while got sadly predictable.

"Us" is one of best and thrilling horror movies in recent years.

Completely pointless movie!

Boring .

Totally unexpected!

It's definitely fresher than a cliché plot involving a family who just moves into an old scary haunted house.

Drawn out and disturbing.

Don't waste your time .

Liked the premise and done of the acting, but overall slow, boring, non-scary execution.

Plot holes all around that you can't really fill in yourself, unrealistic character development and reaction towards what is happening to the family, the timing of when they included comedic moments were just inappropriate and unrealistic, and predictable/illogical ending that was suppose to be a "twist".

Waste your time!.

As a fan of Jordan Peele's Get Out, finding out that he's going to director a second horror film was exciting.

The Most Mind Boggling Experience of 2019 .

This potentially could have been a really good film, but while it is an entertaining movie, the plot kind of falls apart if you think about.

I'd describe this movie as somewhat interesting at first, laughable at parts, VERY TEDIOUS (2 hours almost, 95% of which is the same drawn out action scenes!

This is the worst movie in cinematic history.

But the entire last act was laughable and boring.

You do not need a big budget to create a perfect gripping story, scare your viewers, use unexpected plot twists and finish it all with an amazing ending.

Get Out is literally the worst movie of the 21rst century and this is a close second.

What a waste of time .

Boring, Slow and lacks even a little atmosphere .

What a waste of time .

Straight forward boring plot.

Worst movie of the sentry .

Enjoyable, but ultimately pointless.

He went too artsy, with some supposedly beautiful sequences on the notes of some carefully chosen music.

Overall, this one was enjoyable enough if still somewhat flawed.

It's so bad that is not even funny, it was a total waste of time.

Illogical and bland script .

I really enjoyed it!

Is this film worth the watch, yes absolutely.

Keanu was hilarious, but US and Get Out are terrible boring messes.

Why would a director even waste his own time .

At first I was intrigued, then I was confused by the level of stupidy, then I was laughing, then I was bored, then I was bored so much I started to fall asleep, then overwhelmingly disappointed.

If the film were interesting on the surface in any way shape or form I would normally be all over going online to see what theories are out there but this was so damned boring I have no interest whatsoever in doing so.

Boring and Dull .

Nuff said, save your money

This movie had me on the edge of my seat and laughing at the same time!

8/10 - this movie was pure craziness through and through; however, it was still entertaining thanks to Lupita Nyong'o who brought her A game to an entrancing social commentary horror

Total waste of time, Nothing new here.

The end controversy about a switch making the film pointless.

Shameless waste of time like Get Out.

Moments of tension were ruined by long drawn out expositions where a character sits down to explain some plot points/origin story to us at length!

Please don't waste your time watching this.

"Jordan Peele's "Get Out (2017)" was a brilliantly devised movie that confronted the face of racism in today's modern society, but not only did it attack an important social issue, it also worked as a thrilling story.

Then an intense moment with young Adelaide (Madison Curry) who wanders around on the beach of Santa Cruz during a family vacation and ends up in an attraction.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen and I have seen Prometheus.

And then there's annoying diaoluge like " The first 35 minutes were incredibly boring.

For some reason, many horror movies have no plot or have illogical plot and they still get made into movies.

It's also strangely fun and absorbing and a good time, even if you end up racking your brain trying to figure out the logic.

This movie is laugh out loud stupid, and is basically every generic cliche rolled into one.

but this is a waste of time and they dragged it for 2 hours!

Not to give too much away but there are certain evil "entities" in this film, the evil "mother" speaks with a laughably contrived voice which I think is a great microcosm for the film as a whole.

Very slow and some underating performance.

What a f@#&ing waste of time!!.

Here's The Lowedown on "Us" (R - 2019 - Blu)Genre: Horror/Thriller My Score: 7.1Cast=6 Acting=8 Plot=7 Ending=9 Story=5 Scare=6 Jump=4 F/X=8 Intense=10 Twist=8A family's serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

Have got no idea how people are giving this such a high score its mediocre at best, boring, stupid story, predictable..its just it really is.

Boring .

It was a new take on doppelgängers, and I enjoyed it.

Unwatchable .

A HUGE waste of time .

Stupid and waste of time .

Apart from that, Us is dull and I don't recommend it.

No story line, no meaning.

Some minor tweaking with the plot could have made it better, but as it is, it is still and entertaining film that's worth the rental.

Absolutely a waste of time.

Very boring & disappointing movie, even some scenes when they try to be scar it looks very comedy , no acting at all , the main male character was like he was forced to act (( never saw a performance so bad )) , the female actor can't do any thing rather than pooping out her eyes .

I think that film was stronger overall, but Us was very entertaining!


Worst movie ever .

And enjoyable.

A complete waste of time.

That said I was still engaged and it was still pretty entertaining.

Jordan Peele's direction and storytelling makes for an uneven, yet fascinating experience that is truly unforgettable.

Plotless and pointless .

A big waste of my time that I can't get back now!

The acting is good for the most part, the cinematography is great, and the score is apt and enjoyable.

Worst movie ever .

Lupita is good as the villain but her good guy version is dull she just stares off camera instead of acting genuinely terrified

Like I said in the title, it's kind of 1/2 way a zombie style film and half way an intense psychological thriller.

Don't waste your time.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

This started off great and was really engaging-The attention to detail was so good I wanted to find a Thriller shirt and purchase it.

stupid, boring and pretentious.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

This movie is empty.

Annoying characters, absolutely disgusting cast and easily one of the worst movies ever produced by Hollywood.

Slow, boring, not scary, no suspense.

It's a horror movie for kids and even the kids say so it they will laugh because this is the worst movie I ever seen in my life and I think it will be the number one that is the worst .

Even if it's somewhat predictable it's still enjoyable.

Starting off for this movie was the intriguing trailers that played.

You'll be horrified by the way you waste two precious hours of your life.

The premise, the story narrative, and the plot lines are all very intriguing by mainstream Hollywood standards, although some major plot holes can be found if one gets nit-picky.

Waste of time .

nailbiting thrilling movie actors esp the actress is just amazing.

Boring directing and terrible script...

Additionally, the violence is pretty intense without being gratuitous or exploitative.

Us is bland and got me more anxious than any film I had ever seen.

The jokes are cheap, the backstory of the menace is never told -aside from a vague nonsensical explanation of their creation and a very mainstream motivation for their actions- and the overly open ending just adds more salt to the wound of finishing watching a movie that promised so much and not only failed to become a milestone of modern horror, but also fell way short of being a thrilling watch.

An incredible waste of time.

Boring .

Might be the worst movie ever .

i watched a hour of this movie and it just felt like a waste of time so i'm here to save you to waste that hour of you're life dont watch it .

That said, for his sophomore film, Us, as enjoyable as it is, is a tougher film to get in.

Fantastic idea, dull script, illogical .

There was the occasional funny lines, but the plot was completely nonsensical and the twist predictable.

The Worst Movie I Have Seen In Ages...

At the end of the day, we're left with boring antagonists, an invincible family, a movie that goes on too long by about 25 minutes and a final twist that was so obvious.

Rest of the movie is stupid, boring and pretentious.

This movie is so boring and have no sense.

After that short moment everything becomes sour and the film is nothing more than a predictable, badly written waste of your time.

It is fun though, funny even and whilst that is enjoyable, I think that's my issue with it, it's silly, a little too playful.

This is one of the all-time worst movies I've ever seen!

Waste of time.

It's not scary, not innovative, has little to no tension, no jump scares, no decent acting, no plot really, little to no action, no blood, no horror, Seriously need I go on??.

Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Science Fiction with a few entertaining scenes and generally sturdy acting.

A total waste of time.

In terms of how scary this is 1-10 it gets a 3, the preview for this movie makes it look waaaaaaay better than it is, it's boring, slow, confusing, and once you figure out what's going on you notice the 20 thousand plot holes!

The acting is on point and if you ignore the plot holes it could attend an entertaining movie.

Boring and pointless .

I sat waiting for something to happen but the film was very dragged out, it did not have to be so long.

Pointless .

The story is so juvenile and over-stretched to the point that it just becomes tiresome and annoying to watch.

The guy was dragged by a boat.

It was a total waste of my time.

No story line and movie should have been 1 hour.

It is actually full of fun and enjoyable sceneries !

Boring plot.

Illogical but entertaining .

Starts off slow.

Other than that thought it was a waste of time.

Some of the best experiences in film watching come from terror, from sitting on the edge of your seat, expecting a jump scare, and longing to know who will survive and what will be left of them.

just a total waste of money and time.


That movie just sucks .. Stupid story and so boring to watch

After the surprise of Get Out, Jordan Peele tries thrilling us again with Us.

Nevertheless, it was exciting to watch from start to the end.

The movie was long and drawn out.

Waste of time, another movie that people are afraid to review honestly .

I waste 2 hours of my life waching this "comedy".

The opening acts were tense, scary and compelling.

Waste of time , its not clear if its really a horror moive or comedy , cuz both cant fit together

Worst movie I've ever seen .

Plotless plot?

It is enjoyable to see Lupita Nyong'o flex her acting muscles as she acts opposite herself: both as the middle-class and slightly scattered Adelaide and her disheveled and deranged twin sister, Red.

Dull staging and direction.

Stretched, predictable/mediocre horror, great ending .

An interesting core idea is squandered on an inconsistent and confusing script with a somewhat predictable "twist" at the end.

Predictable and some actions don't make sense...

The storyline was so confusing and boring aswell.

It was not as relentless or as frightening as the trailer had suggested it may be, but it did still have its share of tense, horrific, and intense moments.



Such a good idea executed in a slap hazard lazy boring nonsensical movie...

Dull dull dull.

Worst movie I've ever seen!

Dark, Thrilling with Twist .

The action is unique and thrilling too.

Such a waste of my time!!!

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen .

Pretty much the worst movie I've ever seen .

One of the worst movies I've ever watched.

The dragged out scenes became a bit ridiculous after a while, and the mirrored zombies were extremely odd, in a bad way.

It is entertaining - my attention was focused all the time, I was fully emerged.

That's an engrossing plot which deserves 3 out of 5.

Okay, I get the plot holes, but it made me jump and be on the edge of my seat more than once.

Here's why:Get Out is more predictable in terms of the storyline, albeit with its heavy themes.

A total waste of time.

I thought the movie was well balanced between thriller, horror and comedy and personally thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen.

Speaking of the twist, it was predictable from about a quarter through the movie.

The story is boring, slow, predictive and wrapped up with the terrible acting (yes I said that before) it makes a "horror" movie that tries to scares us with mental cloned people dressed dressed in red suits with scissors and Luniz "I got five on it" as background music.

The cast are pretty bland too.

The research put into the story line is mind boggling.

It doesn't follow a lot of the standard horror tropes, it's something a little unexpected, and it tries to say something.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

So bad so boring so disappointing .

Got bored halfway through the movie.

They were intense and eye-catching.

Not saying its bad movie, its really entertaining in SOME points but 2hrs is way too long for horror (intended) flick.

I thought it was a super fun movie, and highly recommend it.

Very very silly and pointless.. .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Waste of time.

The only problem was that the middle of the movie was kinda slow and some of the comedy was hit and miss.

The first half hour or so of "Us" is painfully dull.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

This has to be one of the worst movies I've watched the last year or two.

Extremely entertaining and well paced.

This movie was creepy, funny, dramatic and very entertaining.

Yawn .

However I was pleasantly surprised by the first half of the movie, which was intriguing and had real promise to build into a great story line and climax.

I'm sure this movie is going to be a real challenger to the worst movie ever, ever!


Incredibly boring and acting was terrible.

Colossal waste of time.

The first 2 acts were amazing, the 3rd act is sadly unwatchable.

Once the creepy people were introduced, the plot became disjointed and grew more ridiculous with time.

The husband might have been the most irritating and pointless character I have ever seen.

Symbolism: * Hands across America: a grand gesture that looks great from the outside but actually meaningless and empty.

The retooling of the music in a key sequence near the film's conclusion proves stunning and goes hand in hand with expert camera work.

It is utterly pointless.

I expected this to be a little better, 'bigger' more in depth, but i found it very slow to start, a predictable and like a Purge rip off - the fact they kill so many people with scissors when guns are so freely available in the USA is also a joke.

Why would "the government" waste trillions of dollars on such an ultra-expensive and idiotic scheme - when they can much more easily and cheaply control the rabble through CNN's fake news and liberal-propaganda brainwashing at schools and America's Mickey Mouse universities?

If the movie was cut short for about 20 minutes and did away predictable & cliche horror sequences, it would have been a great movie.

This movie is so bad and boring without story and logic

I find to be more entertaining than Get Out.

Us Movie was definitely Creepy , Scary, unpredictable and will have you on edges.

it's just boring and instantly forgettable.

And the twist in the end was predictable.

The first hour was dull and when the family was about to get attacked they didn't get tooled up and at that point I didn't care what happened to the family.

It was quirky but enjoyable.

Waste of moneyWaste of moneyWaste of Waste of moneyWaste of moneyWaste of money

This was the worst movie I have seen i a very long time.

The pathetic and predictable ending did not add or serve anything.

Managed to guess the very predictable ending before the opening credits.

The "surprise ending" was so predictable I can't believe that it even got made.

) which GOES ON FAR TOO LONG, Mr. Peele.

When i started i thought 'i'll give this a few moments' moments turned into an hour, the boredom continued, and i suddenly realised that this was the same crap as a previous movie.

Worst movie by far .

Waste of time .

there is a little bit of action in the second half (when The movie took creepy) but ends so bored as it's began...

don't waste your time.

"This movie is pretentious, pointless, lame, and certainly not scary.

What's a waste of time.

Ultimately it doesn't make a lot of sense, and yet there's still something strangely compelling about this film.

It becomes a little contrived and detracts from the plot.

Boring blood thirsty almost comedic trash.

The movie is boring, and the plot makes no sense.

However, the scenes are still fascinating when focusing on the dynamics between the family and their "shadow twins," especially Adelaide, who seems to have a special relationship with hers.

This is everything expect a horror or mistery/ thriller 😂 Especially boring, pointless and waste of time movie, I'm sorry for the people who will choose to watch this movie just because of the good rating 👆😂

Don't waste your time .

So in my usual contrary way, i thought supposedly lighter follow-up to be ore enjoyable.

very slow movie in the first half...

The worst movie I have seen in my life .

Don't waste your time on this garbage.

A bland horror and let down from the highly entertaining Get Out .

We've seen it all before and it's actually boring on a lot of levels.

Even the soundtrack just felt contrived.

Its quite fascinating to take this frame by frame and see what it hides!

It so pretencious, absolutly empty and simple.

It was rather pointless really.

But how could this talented man conceive of, write, and direct this atrocious, boring, stupid, idiotic waste of film.

It starts out as a mediocre home invasion movie then turns into a plotless and pointless movie.

for me, some intense scene feels really slow.

Watching paint dry would have been so much better .

Don't waste your time at all

It's so slow, the characters aren't likeable and there's no shock factor either.

Awesome idea, origin story line but it some sort missing the horror scary moment and kind of predictable, this is what I feel nearly the entire film.

This movie was one of the worst movies thats I have ever watched !

Don't waste your time .

The guttural groans of the "shadows" made it unbearable to watch.

Predictable .

Are you truly saying you think this is the worst movie you have ever seen.

Dont waste your time.

Terrible waste of time.

Terribly boring movie

Waste of time .

Good candidate for "worst movie of the year.

This was quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in the last 20 years.

The story is boring, the plot doesn't make sense , the dialogues are stupid, the acting is poor, and the plot armor is strong.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on it

Still, most of this film is wildly entertaining, and Peele is one director who makes films that feel completely plugged into our troubled times.

The Wilson family continuously survive crazy and intense situations and even try and avenge their friends who were murdered by surprise.

Take my advice: Don't waste your time on it!

And it's also quite fast-paced, which makes it impossible to be bored during your watch.

The actors are also up to the challenge, and I enjoyed it.

In addition, it was unbelievably slow.

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele fame, Us follows in the same vein as Peele's previous movie, his debut offering 'Get Out': a reasonably clever and engaging horror movie.

Intriguing, action-filled horror-thriller .

I enjoyed it.

A complete waste of time.

Don't waste your time .

The twist was so lame and predictable I was actually surprised they still went for it and it barely really changed anything.

Probably one of the worst movies ever!

A pure waste of time.

Jordan Peele, a brilliant writer and director, returns with a second cinematic nightmare freshly brewed from his imagination, both original and entertaining.

The only exciting part was the narrative at the beginning talking about abandoned mines and tunnels, my expectations went high to the "descent" or medium as Godzilla but God oh MY GOD.. this was a total disappointment and waste of time ...

Biggest waste of time.

"Us" is a solid and entertaining horror film that capitalizes on smooth pacing, strong acting performances, and great cinematography, The execution of the story itself stumbles toward the end, as the film relies on a great deal of wordy exposition to explain to the audience what is going on and a twist that raises more questions rather than providing a satisfying answer.

(If you haven't seen it yet, it's seriously worth watching.

It would have been better if she was a single mother because he was just annoying, pointless and - stupid.

Pretentious, silly, garbage AF, complete waste of time.

Other than that.. silly, boring and a total waste of time and money

Great premise and the I'd say the first half of the film was really good and entertaining.

The movie had me surprised and I can confidently say that I really enjoyed it.

And that is what you think.. for like 3 seconds, because your brain decides to do a logic on you and then say "hang on, that makes no sense, what a pointless ending".

I am rather mystified by the tenor of many of these negative reviews on imdb in regard to this film, the majority seem unjustified to me, and want to add this second feature, Peele's first being Get Out, leaves me excited to see this extremely unique and exciting filmmaker's future works.

It's 90 percent that he probably lives, with a little twist, and the other 10 that he dies and we are given a bigger twist, albeit cliche in both cases.

Complete waste of time .

My opinion, so much better than predictable Get Out!

Don't waste your time, don't watch it.

This movie was so slow and boring, had more comedy moments than scary moments.

No plot.

I cannot believe how negative so many of these reviews are for this entertaining movie the movie seems to have been taken far to seriously by far to many all I'll say is do not take notice of these reviews and give it a watch just take the movie as it comes and don't expect to much and your certainly not be disappointed.

Like most reviewers here it made me laugh quite a bit and the ending, albeit predictable, left me with a feeling of a wasted movie as nothing is really cleared up.

It was boring until I got to the point.

It is one of the worst movies I've seen.

2nd third was about 30 minutes of survival horror and it was both tense and exciting.

Slightly flawed but still highly enjoyable effort .

I was so excited to watch this film and actually enjoyed it to the core.

Might be worth watching sometime.

After a night of heavy drinking, Kitty and Josh are quick to curse at each other and slow to respond to the home intrusion.

Started strong, was really spooky, and intriguing.

Such an overrated movie - waste of time!!!

Boring non-sense.

and empty cages.

Not a single bit of the movie I felt scared due to how predictable the jump scares were.

Definitely worth watching.

Anyway is pretty enjoyable.

I'm still waiting for a good thriller that has been cleaned up to the point where it's worth watching.

Very predictable and has been done before.

Waste of our time, huge disappointment .

Worst movie Ever.

It is a complete nonsense and waste of time.


Does it justify claiming an intense, horrifying, consuming thriller?

This movie wasn't scary at all like it's meant to be, not thrilling or exciting at all, it was pathetic and boring and plain stupid, one of the worst movies i've ever seen and the ending didn't make sense and didn't fit in with the movie at ALL!

It had such potential, but they dropped it.. Too bad.. Dont waste your time..

Don't waste time and money on this.

Boring, no scary, and it did not make any sense at all.

Please believe all those negative reviews, it's really a horrible movie with no storyline at all.

If other lame conventional horror films uses the tried and tired formula of jumpscares to get you off your seat, Us uses your own mind to get you on the edge of your seat.

The story was hard to follow and had zero flow.

Jokes don't land and feel very out of place, the plot is mostly non sense, and worst of all the movie is fairly boring.

Just a waste of time, too many blanks in the plot.

One of the worst movies in cinema history!

Worst movie I have seen in years

The movie was largely pointless.

The trailers are much more entertaining than the film.

The beginning was intriguing - 8/10 The continuation was ok - 6/10 The ending was just awful - 1/10

Complete waste of money!

This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever watched on my life, with a pointless, strange ridiculous sorry line.


It had many cliches and it was predictable.

Impressive, stylish, very unpredictable, and acted so well.

Don't waste your time.

Slower than normal bad movies.

Absolutely no plot, the ending is ridiculous, boring "action" scenes and totally predictable.

I enjoyed it!

" Boring and silly nicely sum up this effort.

very very dull.

A Total waste of life .

This was beyond a waste of time and money.

Please don't waste your time.

Please don't waste your time .

Interesting concept, let down by terrible characters and horror film cliché .

I suppose the same people that gave this movie a good rating are the same that gave get out a good rating, both movies are a waste of time and money.

Movies are suppose to be an experience this was just straight up crap, watching paint dry would have been so much better and to think no one said hey let's think this through, flesh this out, strategize and execute this better.

A very enjoyable, creepy film was ruined by perhaps the stupidest origin tale of all time (about the doppelgängers).

Uncomfortably compelling .

My mistake, this is slasher, predictable, monster is never dead type horror.

What a waste of time and money.

With the exception of seeing Winston Duke in boxer's this was a total waste of time.

It was an enjoyable horror movie, despite minor gripes I had with it.

Awful waste of time.

This literally is the worst movie ever.

The whole movie isn't scary, it's just pure stupidity and is the worst movie I've ever seen hands down.

It is well acted and exciting.

Don't waste your time, terrible terrible movie, no thrill at al, no suspense, nothing.

Pretensious, a lot of plot holes and not intriguing at all, it felt just a waste of time!

Sure, this film flip-flops like a soggy fish in a smelly socks with its logic, continuity and character arch's, but I found it to be very engaging with some absolutely amazing performances.

The one problem I can put my finger on is I'm pretty sure the movie is too long.

The movie is ok if you until the end, but sometimes boring and generic...

just don't waste your time, watching paint dry would be a better way to spend your time.

If you really want to waste 2 hours of your life and never have them back then you should watch this movie.

Complete waste of time tell asleep on the movie!!

One of the previously acclaimed movies from the same source "Get Out" was highly praised, but I found it dreary and lacking substance.

IDK, parts of it were entertaining and they have a twist.

The plot is completely meaningless, characters look detached, and every thrilling scene is undermined thanks to the bad sounding choices and cheap dialogue lines.

Who wants to work THAT hard when the film bores us to tears.

Disappointing waste of time .

So boring .

Also, it was really thrilling!

Boring .

what a waste of time .

The long opening, everything was slow it reminded me of M Night shymalan after he made Sixth sense and then started to think he was a genius and his direction became over the top.

This movie by far is worst movie I have ever seen !!

There is no storyline no nothing

The last twenty minutes was just dull and I looked a couple of times to see how long was left.

Unpredictable, tense and sometimes hilarious, this is unmissable.

Kinda slow and boring, nowhere near as good as Get out

As well, this early setup manages to turn out a rather impressive and enjoyable series of action scenes here with the doppelgangers.

Worst movie .

Us, for me, lacked atmosphere, and the progression after a while got sadly predictable.

I hope Peele continues to create smart, stunning, terrifying films like Get Out and Us!

There is no story in it, no thrill and no horror.

What a complete waste of time.

I have seen too many people have rated 1 or 2 for this movie here and i can say i fully understand their reasons , at some point while i was wactching i though too that when i am done watching i will give it 3 , but the unexpected ending and the moral of the story which made sense made me change my mind , there is too many plot holes to be honest like how the clones got those clothes and scissors !!

, that they get maybe too much creative control, which can lead to unintentional self-indulgence (like after "The Deer Hunter" as a perfect example).

too many plot holes but still worth watching .

This was one of the lamest, boring, nonsense, and painful to watch movie I've ever seen.

Absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen .

And there was just too many mundane things that didn't make sense, like not being able to move a coffee table which a character is handcuffed to (must have been the heaviest coffee table in existence) as just one example of dozens.

Unwatchable movie .

But ultimately, the film is an enjoyable watch and will leave the viewer ruminating about its central themes for days.

Really bad, I don't see how anyone can bare this movie, it was so boring and the concept was just pants

The plot was predictable from beginning.

and that's when it went down the toiletsuddenly the movie went from the unexplained to the soft SciFi boring-mystery of faux-conspiracy that has made no sense in either writing, theory, execution, alternative world-building and hypothetical situations.

However as the reviews on this site show, there has recently been a resurgence of "reviews" going in the other direction, which in my view are probably mass-posted by the same rightwing crew that lambasted Get Out as (some kind of) African-American propaganda.

Enjoyable movie undercut by poorly-conceived plot twists .

But it is definitely worth watching!

Just boring .

What a BORING movie.

The film is also certainly entertaining and absolutely terrifying.


The acting was great, the humor was fun, it was quite compelling and suspenseful.

The mother was just annoying and pointless and are we SERIOUSLY expected to believe that she was handcuffed to a COFFEE TABLE and couldn't move it?

The worst movie I have seen in my life.

Ignore the high rating , A WASTE OF TIME .. JUST NO .

Worst movie ever .

horrible writing, predictable and the reveal made it even worse as it made no sense.

Boring !!

Apart from the several (predictable) jump scares; this mind will wrap its tentacles around your psyche and never let go until your television is off.

The opening flashback was intriguing as a little girl gets lost in a subterranean world underneath an amusement in Santa Cruz called "Find Yourself.

Don't waste your precious time!!!

So, in general, the movie is decent and mostly enjoyable.

"But once the "creatures in red" began their invasion of the family home in Santa Cruz, the film became repetitive and overly violent.

This movie made me and i believe many other bored and the end wasn't that good to compensate that...

This had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

And the plot twist is a bit predictable for me.

Boring characters.

Absolute waste of time.

Worst movie ever .

I thought the movie was entertaining.

Even if you ignore the "metaphorical" layers it is still enjoyable .

Don't waste your time with it.

If it wasn't for that twist in the end, I would not rate this movie high, it was way to much slow at some points, there were unnecessary scenes and some typical horror movie scenes that were not part of the Jordan Peele movie style to which we were introduced before.

Don't waste your time .

Us doesn't have the same coherent social messaging that Get Out had, but makes up for this with a compelling-viewing horror-thriller plot.

She wanders off towards the beach and finds a "vision quest" room that seems to be empty.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time 😂 .

Waste of time.

"Us" is a tremendously entertaining horror movie, guaranteed to be a future classic.

I love to watch a good mind numbing stupid horror flick but this movie is MORE than pointless.

Us has creepy characters, a few twists, some unexpected surprises.

I did like the daughter swap twist at the end that was unexpected.

The characters are enjoyable and the dialogue between them is well-written.

Do yourselves a favour and don't waste your time on this nonsense.

A few scary scenes, actually just one scary scene, and the story lacked anything special and I eventually got bored.

while the previous cinematic work of Get Out (2017) was worthy of praise for it's surprisingly intriguing psychological thriller aspect that subverted contemporary ideas of racism and privilege...

The scenes that are supposed to be horrific, weren't that frightening, but there is a sense of intensity, even though it's slightly predictable.

Waste of time, TERRIBLE .

I also found all of the characters annoying and the "twist" at the end was HIGHLY predictable.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Stupid, boring, not scary, horrible.

"Us" is about a entertaining story that's ruined by the plot holes.

It's plainly pointless kind of movie where every minute is pain to watch: do yourself a favor and never watch this dumb flick.

Slow moving, clever, full of holes, great acting, and frustrating.

The film from starting to certain time pretty good Tricky, intriguing and the seat thriller.

Slow start, good middle, slow end.

I wish I would've stopped after watching the trailer, actually the most thrilling part is when the replica family appeared on the driveway and then just plain stupid scenes.

This second movie is an empty echo of a great first movie.

Compelet waste of time.

Boring movie with a crappy ending.

It's like the 6th sense An enjoyable film and then a worse one and then an even worse than the previous one etc Plus, this dude is woke.

Don't waste your time.

So, while I mostly found it an entertaining viewing I don't come away with some new revelation about people and their lives.

Perhaps, the entire film is just a showcase of Peele's love for the medium, which, if the case, he truly succeeded by delivering an entertaining, well-played horror film.

don't waste your time.

From there, the film became farcical for me, descending in progressive stages to a tunnel-based apocalypse: a plot element that was just so paper thin it bore no scrutiny at all.

Terrible, a total waste of time.

No matter how bad you think you may have it in life, there is an alternate path which would have led you to something far more unbearable.

I found it to be frustrating and at times even boring.

I cannot understand why this low boring awful without point , etc etc etc ewtc production movie with such low critics still is a 7.

Dont waste your time .

However, even though I'd deliberately removed all forms of 'mystique' from what was going on in the film, I still enjoyed it.