USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) - Action, Drama, History

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During World War II, an American navy ship is sunk by a Japanese submarine leaving 890 crewmen stranded in shark infested waters.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Mario Van Peebles
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 131 found boring (24.42%)

One-line Reviews (59)

); - plastic acting of other young actors, whose career's been sunk along with USS Indianapolis (well, that was predictable, due to theirs captain personally);The only thing which was real to me were the memories of veterans at the end of the film.

Sadly a good story line, but CGI makes it unwatchable.

This leaves this movie with a problem, it is just boring with its various fictional back stories of the crew.

There are some faults with the story clichéd characters like the unlikeable captain and choppy editing and slightly cartoon like visuals but the story is so good that it is worth watching.

Worth watching if you know the history about the Indy .

) I found the story compelling and - in the end - even emotional.

The setting is the Philippine Sea, where a bunch of crewmen - introduced via lots of cheesy and old-fashioned character drama, from fist fights to romance, all of it very predictable - suffer firstly the explosion and sinking of their ship, and then being stranded at sea for a week in shark-infested water.

Seriously, this movie is a direct insult to the hundreds of brave men who actually did die a slow, vicious bloody death in the waters of the Pacific after delivering the bomb.

"On top of that the writers couldn't have stuffed more cliché, trite military lingo into this movie if they tried.

We see guys getting dragged off their rafts in the water by sharks - next shot is blood in the water.

), no plot, bad photography, TV movie directed as TV movie and looking extremely cheapI actually stopped watching beforw reaching half and I almost never do thisSuch a great (and true) story deserved better luck; sucj a movie should simply not reach the theaters

" Men of Courage, especially the saga of their Captain is certainly worth the watch.

I hope other Members will read the reviews before they waste their money on this movie.

But overall very entertaining.

In addition to the touching moments, there were of course some fun moments and suspenseful moments at the sea involving sharks.

The film is way too reliant on dodgy CGI to depict the sharks, the planes, and the ship itself; the mostly inexperienced cast members come off bland to boot, with only a few old hands like Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore raising the enjoyment levels.

However while the story is interesting it's badly told with poor acting, uninteresting dialogue and poor direction.

The true story of the Indianapolis is a compelling one of bravery, intrigue, unimaginable suffering and governmental cowardice.

The true historical story is fascinating drama, this film is a shadow of that story that is not worth the viewing.

I really enjoyed it!

This film is truly a disservice to those that served on the Indianapolis, a heroic story that deserves far better than this trite effort in the telling.

The occasional shark attack provided some action but true to form with nothing happening it had to rely on the crew offering bits of wisdom on the meaning of life and what might their loved ones be doing back home.

The plot is engaging and quite touching, especially the ending which was not what I hoped for.

The movie is too long already.

But the downside was that it was slow, it was hard to remain focussed on the movie because there was nothing happening for a while.

Id racked my brain to find some part of it that was at least watchable but its really bad the start is just unbearable.

All things considered, this film is worth watching for sure.

I would save yourself watching this quite excruciating film and use the time to watch paint dry instead.

The story itself seemed to try to stuff in cliché sub-plots, a love story, a racial argument to fit the times, an officer vs.

It's cliché, overdone, and completely predictable.

What a waste of time and money.

Too many easy cliché's about sailors and the navy.

Not Sure About Accuracy, But Enjoyable .

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Because it's unwatchable!

Is this a waste of time, definitely not.! Mario Van Peebles directs.

It got maudlin and repetitive after the first few shark attacks.

Dull, bloated, and poorly executed.

Rather than flesh out some characters, Mario decided to slice and dice some and what you end up with is a ghoulash of a story, rather than an engrossing film...

A remarkable clumsy and clunky production that moved from one war-time movie cliché to another.

Even at 128 minutes its was way too long for the lack of substance.

The story is compelling and the pain of death and survival is well communicated.

But as I said, I only watched a few minutes, so if it's a slow day, maybe you can get further.

Don't waste your money or your time.

Kinda long, but I enjoyed it.

I must admit I actually gave up on this film and walked out within the first 30 minutes.

Spoiler alert: You'll throw up, and not because of shark scenesPossibly the worst movie I have seen and to top it off, it spits on the graves of everyone one of the sailors it's trying to honor.

Do not left the fake hipster historians detract you from this enjoyable film; it is a fun, entertaining and somewhat heartfelt film.

I'm sorry this is so negitive but this is truely one of the worst movies I have ever seen considering I managed the entire Twilight Saga curtesy of my wife.

The story of USS Indianapolis appears more fascinating when you read the sources and memoirs, and it certainly deserves a better adaptation than one made by this movie's screenwriters.

The recreation of the Indianapolis is impressive, 'photo-relistic' initially, but the money or enthusiasm for quality CGI seems to have rapidly run out, because thereafter the ships and sharks move about obviously too fast, too slow or with peculiar quirky motion.

Anything trying to be sentimental comes off as cliche and stupid, to the point where it feels that the writer spent a week watching classic war films and wrote the script based on everything he could remember by heart.

From the exaggerated bracing for impact on the bridge for a bow impact, to the bad sound, to the contrived closeups when Cage talked to his wifes picture, it was poorly directed, schticky, and over- acted.

The survivors are left to fend for themselves against roving sharks as confusion let the American military ignore their men for days.

Robert Shaw's telling of the Indianapolis in Jaws is much more suspenseful, gripping and realistic than the 2hrs and 8mins of this entire movie.

This is on of the worst movies that I've seen in years.

This is a pretty decent movie and well worth the watch.

Prior to that it is inaccurate & unwatchable shock value with 90's attitudes on 40's sailors.

The list of complaints is way too long.