Uttama Villain (2015) - Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



Manoranjan, a superstar, is counting his last days due to brain tumor. How he goes about his final wish of doing a comedy film with his mentor Margadarsi forms the crux of the story.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Ramesh Aravind
Stars: Kamal Haasan, K. Balachander
Length: 171 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 35 found boring (11.42%)

One-line Reviews (20)

This part that generously used Senthamizh language failed to meet the brilliance of the real life part with tacky visual effects,numerous unwanted lengthy sequences and dull comic numbers.

WEAKNESSES:- * Songs were boring.....

So, downright boring it is that Kamal and his cohorts (played by Nasser, Gnana Samandam & Shamuga Rajan) stoop so low and even resort to toilet humor and still fail to evoke any laughter.

To begin with it is ostentatiously self indulgent, then over the top theatrics in the folk drama parts is irritating to sit through, even though it is indicative of play acting in folk drama, it becomes insufferable quickly, further the main character in the movie comes of as a superficial person who does not really take responsibilities for his own actions and his excuses for not doing what he should have done, comes of as a feeble attempt to get some more attention for himself, thus as the film progresses audience tend to lose interest in whatever that happens to him.

Tiger symbolizes Tamil people itself, who are purposely kept ignorant and dull by power hungry dictator.

It starts with Arjun from Indian mythology getting a powerful weapon from Shiva after doing intense penance.

Folk drama has always been used to convey valuable lessons to the king and the population alike, by hiding those messages beneath the veneer of banal comedy.

The makers could have chopped many unwanted scenes in the film and make the film more engaging towards the audience.

This is not a racy movie where hero runs from pillar to post behind the villain and leave the audience on the edge of their seats, but a slow one that lets you sit back and enjoy the mastery of a great actor.

The plot is confusing , not clear on what messages they want to bring in.

The most negative part of the film is its slow paced screenplay.

It is a meta-commentary on Uttama Villain - which is about the last hurrah of a matinée idol, which needs an interesting mind like Kamal Hassan's to make this cliché work.

Obviously the final moments of the film will leave the audience emotional, but audience have to patiently tolerate many boring moments in the film.

Every time the movie switched back to this movie-within-movie segment, I was dreading being bombarded with more boring jokes.

Normally Kamal is known for slow paced classical films like Nayagan, Kuruthipunal and Anbe Sivam.

Added to this the slow pace of the narration and the lengthy duration of almost 172 minutes may not be suitable for normal front bench audience looking for just entertainment.

* Story Screenplay and Direction: keeps us engaging.....

Uttama Villain tells the story of an aging actor with a terminal illness (yawn!!

The Hiraniyan Naadagam is the highlight of the film where Ghibran's work is intense and powerful.

Overall,Uttama Villain is an intense take on super-stardom and mortality that can cater to movie buffs and the fans of Ulaganayagan.