Uyare (2019) - Drama

Hohum Score



Pallavi is a strong-willed woman who has always aspired to become a pilot. How she gets back on her feet through sheer resilience after being beset by a series of personal crises forms the crux of the film.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Manu Ashokan
Stars: Parvathy Thiruvothu, Tovino Thomas
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 3 out of 43 found boring (6.97%)

One-line Reviews (12)

The movie is about the smart young girl's dream of flying and becoming a pilot, her orthodox boy friend with superior male patriarchal personality, her accident, her resurrection from that like a Phoenix, all leading to the unexpected climax...

Parvathy has time and again proven her mettle as a young and matured actor but I saw some intense effort from Asaf Ali whom I always have a soft corner for.

A movie worth watching .

A movie worth watching- though may be a little disturbing.

Predictable storyline with excellent performances by ensemble cast .

For me there was an unexpected twist that brought out a concern I know is a problem in India.

The only problem with the movie is, the story is too predictable.

The background music was enjoyable--I have become a fan of Shakthisree Gopalan who sang one of the songs.

That is the not the case, we have a non linear storyline which makes it very predictable that how the film will end eventually and that diminishes the charm of this film.

A film on women empowerment with a predictable storyline does not offer anything new than some excellent performances by the key characters especially Siddique & Asif Ali.

The climax is all very predictable.

My Favourite movie of 2019 inspiring , thrilling , survival movie