V for Vendetta (2005) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: James McTeigue
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 129 out of 1000 found boring (12.9%)

One-line Reviews (653)

Overall I believe this was a very entertaining and often true to the book movie.

The number of 'film school 101' shots of members of the public watching propaganda broadcasts and proclaiming them lies ignores the lessons of the past, and the intent of the writer of the original story.

Brilliant, exciting and true : )

Today in the western world propaganda and surveillance are running rampant.

Originally written as an indictment of London in the Thatcher era, the production team has successfully updated the theme to reflect today's "If you're not with us, you're against us" mentality reflected by so many western nations, and in a time where more and more fringe groups are singled out as the cause of society's continued unravelling while governments decrease personal freedoms in order to preserve freedom (though nowhere nearly as horribly as portrayed in this film) and even speaking out against a government leader's policies can get you the evil eye, this serves as a cautionary tale that is both enlightening and entertaining.

And, best of all – and despite a daunting running time of two hours and twelve minutes – it was solidly entertaining.

The movie has everything: action, excitement, drama, romance etc. so it is more than enjoyable.

The setting for this movie is filled with an engaging atmosphere, that's also quite exotic and even quite power-charged.

Starry by Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea, Hugo Weaving, Rupert Graves, Stephen Fry; released in 2005, V is an amazing and exciting movie, as the plot involves the viewer easily.

Not escapist fare in the least,really,but an intriguing and(I feel)rewarding film all the same.

A spellbinding adventure , exciting action, superb directing and writing and a Sci-Fi film with a thoughtful message,and the first fully satisfying Moore adaptation.

Weaving is compelling enough as V to render a decent performance as he fights against government to the point of sacrifice.

Should be rated 10/10 with a depth and mind blowing plot and heart touching attraction and a quality of 100%"People Shouldn't be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people" The ultimate and most important teaching for all time.

Boring and disappointing .

After reading the long, bleak and layered graphic novel, I wasn't sure what I would think of the movie, but it turns out that this isn't that bad at all, being quite enjoyable and kick-ass flick that retains most of the dark and romantic atmosphere of the book.

The intense violence in the film contradicts V's ultimate goal which is to rid of the violent and corrupt government.


"V" isn't the X-Men, with 40-odd years and nearly as many creative minds involved; it was done by two men who set out to tell a gripping, haunting story.

However, it is rather pretentious and the script strains under the effort of making everything fit into one central idea, which is flogged to its figurative death.

V For Vendetta is a stunning adaptation of Alan Moore's science-fiction graphic novel that is faithful to its ideals, albeit with some updates which make it seem more relevant to today's world.

To get back to the grounds "already tread and better": Equilibrium, if you have not yet seen it, waste no more time.

Before watching this movie, I advise you to consider whether its worth throwing away 2 hours of your time to watch a film that would bore even the people who produced it.

There is a single-line hint that he was infected by a disease which miraculously advanced his strength and reaction times (yawn).

This movie is fluid, rousing, and it looks spectacular.

While V is not the most complex hero, he is not all pure and noble, which makes for boring protagonists.

After reading that absolutely mind blowing piece of writing, I really doubt if whatever I review here is read or even pertinent.

I felt the film was extremely entertaining from the sword fighting to the orchestra being played through the speakers on the street.

If you make a political propaganda film you should be judged on that basis.

There's intense drama (I cried a few times, especially during the prison sequences).

overall i think v for vendetta is probably one of the most socially important, entertaining, and idealistically punk rock films i've ever been lucky enough to see!!!!

Slow and dreary sideplots do little to add to a film's experience and invariably end up causing viewers to glance at their timepieces.

The sets are bland, and the entire thing has that BBC-TV-Movie feel.

Making this film all the more compelling is the classical music perfectly composed original musical score.

As far as I am concerned, it does make the film denser but also more confusing for a lot of people, I'll admit, including myself.

It's an offensive, violent mess, in which the sprawling action scenes are choreographed to uninteresting boredom.

An exciting adventure to say the least, this film has all the works: great directing, captivating script, phenomenal acting, and is in its own way, breathtaking.

The reason he wears a mask and why he seeks vengeance is also the biggest cliché in movie killer history.

The film has an intriguing atmosphere throughout, a few slow moments, and an apocalyptic future setting that really heightens the tension with starkly dark set design and stunning cinematography.

I find this movie entertaining and very interesting because I ask my self the very question that has haunted my mind since the first time I saw it.

Superbly crafted and exciting drama of a bleak possible future .

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, but even such a cliché insight is far beyond the childish Revolution-chic mindset of this film.

Some images are pleasing to look at, but the film's philosophy is incredibly pretentious, with some gratuitous references to Shakespeare and Goethe's Faust along the way, that have no bearing to the story at all.

Exciting Flick and Insightful Cautionary Tale .

This film's primary strength is its intriguing story developed around exploring repression and propaganda from the totalitarian government, opposition to the government and the mysteries concerning the enigmatic V.

The music is bland, the lighting is bland, the direction is bland.

Natalie Portman convinces with a stunning performance as a young woman who has been intimidated by the state for most of her life.

It was predictable at every level and surprising at none.

Genuinely scary political correct propaganda.

The introduction of a stylish mask hero and a female heroine subjected to vile torture with a twist makes for compelling film-making.

At over two hours I was never bored by a largely talky film, it held my interest from stat to finish with some great writing, some touching writing, some humorous writing, some exciting writing & some satirical writing.

Why should he and his wonderful freedom-fighters (according to this movie – this is implied) even spend money and time on internet propaganda when Tinseltown is doing his dirty work for him.

Every (and I mean every) character besides "V" was so dull and disappointing.

V for Propaganda .

The story moves at a much slower pace than I was expecting( a very- very slow pace)- In fact, it crawls.

I think it's fascinating to think about how one idea can shape an entire race or population.

So finally I relented and went, fearing a gloomy, hard to follow film.

The end sequence for this film is rousing and inspiring and brings the film to a great conclusion.

B for Boring, S for Standard, and so on...

There are twists and turns and the unexpected that leave you gaping in shock when you finally do realize...

The plot is no more complex than you're standard, cliché James Bond plot: terrorist appears, and old men with guns talk about him for the majority of the movie, then in the last ten minutes when the "climax" starts they finally stop talking about the terrorist and try to do something.

Boring And Full Of Needless Tallking .

All in all, I just didn't care for V for Vendetta, despite the stunning visuals, atmospheric music and the interesting concept.

What we have here is a film that is as enormously engaging as its source material, all the while fluidly adopting an entire life of its own.

if you are looking for an emotional relief if you are looking for intensive suspense if you need hope this is a MUST see movie for you.

Every person I've shown it to has enjoyed it, and had little bad to say about it.

But Hugo Weaving's ranting, good though he always is, is just boring and overblown.

It is a gripping story about change, hope, individualism and free will that is surprisingly deep and it leaves a huge impression on every viewer.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

The awe inspiring contents would have been lost otherwise.

Propaganda, not Vendetta...

We ended up with a dull, overly bombastic and ponderous take on a much more subversive novel, with stereotypical fascist villains, shown to have taken power by releasing a virus upon the country's population, rather than the comic's thesis on the apathetic voters, legitimately electing them.

Stunning plot and acting, amazing acting by Hugo and I just believe anything else will spoil the movie for you.

However, I found that whoever I showed this film to got very bored towards the end due to it's length and how long some scenes seem.

V for Vendetta is a fairly engaging entertainment which is hugely aided, in America, at least, by the questions it raises about civil liberties vs security.

But bad in a way that it is next of being evil because dumb people might actually fall for the trap of believing this propaganda.

For the most part, I thought the actors were poor quality and the story so formulaic in delivery that I can't believe how high this is rated.

The main plot is fully based on similarities with today's world: the War against Evil as propaganda to protect few leaders' interests.

I don't recommend V For Vendetta, as it is often dull and over the top.

The movie itself is clever and well thought out, the cast are enjoyable to watch and the story and effects are well done.

It's just boring...

It's stuff like that which makes a movie "pretentious" in my book.

Starting out a little slow, and not really knowing what direction the film is going to take you, you're left at the mercy of the characters: a man in a mask, and a young girl whose innocence is her greatest asset.

What a dark and predictable film.

the worst movie ever* .

The movie keeps you on the edge of your chair for more than two hours -which is more than enough already- and the acting is simply marvelous.

First of all this movie confirms my belief that if you make a film flashy and fast paced with quick editing then you can get away with murder.


Yes the plot of this movie is good, I should have enjoyed it.

Entertaining Revolution - V for Vendetta .

I wouldn't exactly say I enjoyed it though.

Can you say PRETENTIOUS?

) And check out that pathetic, over-idealistic, and VERY predictable ending: masses of masked Londoners taking a stand against the "evil" police.

Pompous, meaningless and boring, very boring, well, quite right, so much And how pathetic.

Too much happens with the plot and it just gets confusing.

"V for Vendetta" is a great film to sit down and enjoy two hours of crisp visuals, amazing music (look for a beautiful cover by "Cat Power"), and intense ideals.

This movie was a true viewing pleasure and I hope others will find it as satisfying and intriguing as I have.

This entertaining nonsense was just average at best.

The movie is propaganda about today's watered ideas of democracy, opposing concentrated power.

Those added story lines have no use, slow the movie down and rub up some of the worst melodrama: Evey kissing the toilet paper where the killed lesbian has written "I love you stranger".

Overall, a gripping and emotional tale which stretches out a little too long duration wise and perhaps lets politics stumble in the way of more important features in the film.

Hugo Weaving deserves much credit for making V an intriguing character, considering we never see his face.

The morality of it all in my mind comes second to the spectacle of it all, but it's a great add on to a solidly entertaining film.

Yet the film is interesting and both thrilling and entertaining.

This movie levels high on the ranks of comic-book action vehicles, and is strongly recommended of all fans of the novel as well as everyone else with a thirst of a compelling dystopian action spectacle.

Also, the lighting - when he is sitting on the bed with the old lady, he is in complete darkness and she is lit - this, and other little things like it make it visually enjoyable as well.

The film is also shot through with an enjoyable sardonic humour, particularly in V's tongue-twisting alliterative quotations, or the amusing scene where Fry reduces the party-line's top media scare story into a pantomime farce.

What V for Vendetta does, is give us a story that is visually stunning and thought provoking.

The final fight scene (out of 2) is awkward and bland, and completely illogical.

There was so much pointless back stories that blocked the original story line.

Unbearbale bore!

Acting is bad, dialogue is really bad, directing is in your face bad, atmosphere is non-existent, plot/story very, very contrived, clunky and childish.

It is a compelling drama and a fantasy at the same time.

I happened across this fantastic film by virtue of some bored channel hopping.

The visuals are stunning and the mask has become iconic in liberation circles.

In the midst of this unpleasant society lives Evey (Natalie Portman), a young woman who works a dead-end job as an assistant in one of the main propaganda TV news studios.

After several viewings for friends, my most recent one on Thanksgiving day with an English friend, revealed many fascinating things about the movie that I had no prior knowledge of that I'd care to share.

Simplistic, plodding, clichéd, tired and utterly unoriginal.

Of course, the topic of this movie is good and intriguing, still it didn't rock my mind like, for example "Equilibrium".

Here we saw an intellectual "millionare socialite" (even less likable by the masses) who has it all, but the darker tones of Bruce Wanye's manor / layer make him nonetheless intriguing.

Other than attacking religion this movie was somewhat enjoyable.

I knew it was the worst movie I had ever seen when Natalie Portman kisses V's mask and confesses her love.

Astonishing, Stunning, Extraordinary, Magnificent, Spectacular, Mind-Boggling .

I thought it would have a lot of fast, easy to watch action, and be quite enjoyable while it lasted, and then i would probably forget about it.

Obviously, not much can be said without going into spoilers for those who haven't seen the film, but it's a hell of a roller-coaster ride – both emotionally wise and plot wise – and the big payoff in the end gives this film one of the most breathtaking and satisfying conclusions ever to be seen on film.

And for a film that, while somewhat entertaining, positions itself as a political statement, this is a serious flaw.

The same goes about the "adrenaline" scenes, or the close camera shots on faces.

It looks quite good, but where the content should be there is just pretentious nonsense.

providing a visually riveting and intellectually stimulating ride, drawing thoughtful symmetries between this alternate reality and our own.

The political overtones surely make this worth watching.

Absolutely stunning cinematography, beautiful audio, convincing acting, and a very powerful story.

Also,the streets of the city are empty at night,due to state-wide curfew and bands of deputized thugs who prowl the area to detain and punish miscreants.

When it comes to IMDb ratings, some people jump to say that this is "the worst movie ever" and give it one star.

The resultant whole is direction-less, pointless and an embarrassment for the entire team that contributed to this rot.

Exciting, resonant, all of the good stuff .

Every once in a while I live on the edge!

Exciting and Sexy.

I give it lower since it is a waste of Natalie Portman, John Hurt, and Stephen Rhea and lots of money.

It has everything you would want in a movie: great acting, visually stunning, and it is even thought provoking.

He was just plain boring.

An enjoyable way to while away 2 hours.

Natalie Portman also disappoints with a bland role where the emotion feels very fake.

Fast paced, interesting, filled with action, great performances, elegant Direction, and a great soundtrack.

.. I've been passionate about English literature and Shakespearan dialogues for quite a long time now .. but little had I expected a movie to refurbish my love for the language in so austere a way .. Weavings' speech delivery is the creme-de-la-creme of this awesome flick .. Portman looks stunning ...

This is basically a hollow, ostentatious, politically outdated lump of pseudo-anarchist propaganda.

Then, too, the look of the film is breathtaking while the script and direction are brilliant to the end.

Worth watching beyond any film this year .

It moves at a glacial pace and is actually boring--the cardinal sin for a movie that supposedly falls in the "action/adventure" genre (this according to Rotten Tomatoes categorization, at least).

But it is also entertaining and funny at times.

So why do some people rate EVERY film/Classic movie they watch 1 or 2 stars with the obligatory "Boring" or "want my money back" summaries?

What, in 2006 or 2020, that somebody thinks Fawkes as an inspiring figure is intriguing.

I loved the Matrix, but I thought this was boring.

I saw this movie shortly after it was released and tried to hold my criticism from my friends when we walked out.

Unless you enjoy shallow, transparent attempts to elicit righteous anger on your part, you will find it boring and roll your eyes a lot.

Too long, too slow and nothing breath taking or jaw dropping.

The plot is so rich and filled with mystery and intrigue that not once during the story do you know what will happen next (as often happens with cheap Hollywood productions), making it completely unpredictable and breath-taking.

"With awesome fight scenes to satisfy your action cravings and hints of romance, "V for Vendetta" is a thrilling, turbulent film and I recommend it to anyone who desires a fulfilling, well laid plot (with a GOOD resolution!

There was no Batman/Bryce Wayne, there was only V and because of that it made him more of a myth and much more intriguing for what he stood for.

It was plain, predictable, lacking excitement, lacking originality, and generally lacking the ability to draw me into the fiction, engage with the characters, and make me forget I was watching a movie.

I have watched it so many times, yet each time I am on the edge of my seat during scenes that'll give you goosebumps.

It was spectacular but a tad predictable while something less flashy could have been more meaningful.

A Beautiful Film-Quite enjoyable -I highly recommend it.

V for Vandetta was the worst movie that I've ever watched.

There is just too much absurdities in this film: A daft Hitler like leadership, silly hero who promotes violence and terrorism, mass mask production and nationwide distribution(under a dictating government), pointless imprisonment and torture followed by a romance!!

And it's because of that, an engaging and suspenseful story, and stellar performances from the main and supporting cast that I count V for Vendetta among my favorite movies.

I just wanted something to fill my night until I fell asleep, and ended up getting an absolutely amazing, exciting and thought provoking experience.

This movie was unbearable at times.

On the other hand, Portman as Evey was also magnificent as is to be expected from such a stunning actress.

An flawed, imperfect yet highly compelling movie.

It was enjoyable to watch.

It was so bad that I thought I would start an account at IMDb to warn others so they don't waste their time watching this movie.

I loved this movie, for one it seemed very real to me but also a bit on the unexpected side.

The story of freedom after repression, directed by the mediocre James McTeigue, is interesting, but the film (script and scenes) is full with cheap political propaganda, clichés and terrible performances (Natalie Portman disappointed me, Hugo Weaving is just ridiculous/stupid with the pathetic detail of the mask and Stephen Rea saved all his acting abilities for this film).

Very long, Very obvious, very verbose, very silly, very tedious .

V's first appearance and lines early on are some of the best in the film and Hugo Weaving gives an incredibly enjoyable performance using an endearing method of dead-pan delivery and expressive, jerky body language.

In a stunning climax, we watch V's vision come to life, as fireworks blow, thousands turn out wearing Guy Fawkes/V masks, and Evey comes to understand how important change is in the world.

I came to be entertained, but I was met with political propaganda, ironically enough.

Story: The dialogues and script are intense & honest.

Despite its length, it remains engaging throughout.

This movie has got heart and it is so nice and so entertaining for its type .

Thus it is a true superhero film, for despite its deadpan serious tone, it also retains a variety of comic elements that make the characters and plot deeply engaging to the viewer.

Really, don't waste your time.

V for Vendetta is a smart, intelligent and entertaining movie disguised as an action film.

Over-dramatized cliché propaganda .

But too much of the story is delivered in tedious monologues and philosophical rants by the title character, V, who has a goofy mask fixed to his face.

Heavy with intrigue and political satire, its themes of corruption and Orwellian paranoia are balanced with exciting action set pieces and beautifully choreographed melee from Hugo Weaving's V.

It is an intelligent, emotional and exciting fiction that slightly reminded me of Orwell's 1984, and I'm probably not the only one.

but one night that i was bored and sleepless i took it and saw it..oh god until now i don't know what it did to me...

The cinematography and visuals are often stunning, really capturing the feel of a bleak dystopian future state.

What stands out from all these other dystopia regimes is the stunning atmosphere.

The action was generic and predictable.

This movie suffers from the same types of issues as Aeon Flux, no story or a poorly told story.

The soundtrack carries the film, and it manages to have a beating heart beneath the political propaganda.

the movie is certainly thought provoking,but it is also entertaining.

Additionally, Chief Inspector Finch's struggle between finding out about the truth about the St Mary's virus and his loyalty to the Norsefire party is very intriguing and engaging.

Overall, V for vendetta is a waste of time.

" The opening line of narrative dialogue paired with the expositional sequence of Guy Fawkes' attempt to destroy Parliament gives the audience a chance to gather their wits and prepare for an epic tale, a ride on the edge of the seat.

I have to mention the stunning Natalie Portman that once again has proved her value as an actress.

Mind blowing masterpiece .

This is the most beautiful, well crafted film that I have ever seenThe subject is compelling, frightening, and heartbreaking.

Despite some confusion in the latter portion of the plot (as well as an unnecessary recap of visual highlights, as if from a TV mini-series), the film is slick and smooth, easily consumed, and often very exciting.

The direction fetishizes the visual symbol, crowding V's lair with inter-textual contraband in a way that is at once pretentious, and also gifts the observant audience with another layer of meaning.

We see a lot of familiar themes here: the brutal secret police, torture, restriction of civil liberty, censorship and propaganda.

V for Vendetta is certainly a fascinating movie.

Powerful, beautiful, disturbing, rousing--a 10 all the way.

A Solid, Compelling Action, Thriller .

There were a couple of action scenes that were entertaining as well.

The manner in which the story is told is very intense, making sure you are right there in the middle with the characters.

similar in style and message to Terry Gilliam's Brazil, V for Vendetta is both an entertaining film and one worthy of further intellectual study.

Many key moments and characters are cut or scrapped, seemingly for cost or time reasons, leaving the movie to feel like somewhat of an empty husk of what the book was.

Bland and empty political commentary with some cool explosions.

Unexpected gem .

Further, it was filled with every politically correct cliché in the book..really? A religious right group that takes over the world, and persecutes lesbians?

Also the movie has a VERY slow pace and boring speech.

I'll try not to spoil it, but I'll just say that it's quite intriguing and horrifying to watch the entire backstory unfold.

The suspense was, to say the least, boring.

A film that delves into the political side of oppression and anarchy, whilst running a somewhat emotive and heartfelt story of a character in betrayal, 'V for Vendetta' is a visually stunning and extremely smart flick with some fantastic performances from Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman (whose English accent is rather impressive).

The entire character is done by delivering a simply stunning vocal performance, perfect inflections, and well placed and executed nods of his masked head.

Despite the loss of the most important means of visual inter-personal communication (facial gestures), Weaving delivers a stunning performance.

Yes, very amusing and thrilling, I can feel the heart of V himself, a cold blood of revenge.

The message here is important, and it is told in a way which is solidly entertaining.

V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore is an exciting story about a dystopian future where a fascist government has taken control of England.

It's a very compelling story presented in rather stunning visual style by director James McTeigue.

It's the kind of story that works in an 80s comic book, and very well, but gets annoyingly repetitive in a modern movie.

As such V for Vendetta falls short of being anything more than simple propaganda.

All in all - "V For Vendetta" was 132 minutes of excruciatingly long and dragged out garbage.

It's entertaining as it reminds us of past dictatorships based on an ideology.

The directing and camera-work are so bland and typical I felt like I was watching a children's TV show.

These irrational interpretation of V's character on top of Hugo Weaving's over acting, makes this film completely unwatchable.

An enjoyable movie, set in a dystopia, where the hero fights for freedom, this movie does justice to the "swashbuckler" genre.

The fear of a fictional but credible fascistic regime that drowned out of every page of the novel got replaced by constant sensory-nervous-system-attacks and by the annoyment and anger about todays regular one-cut-per-second-editing-for-the-Mtv-generation; „If it's too slow, people can't follow.

Banal, pretentious and extraordinarily silly.

The ending was… well… predictable.

This film is intensely thrilling from beginning to end, and really gets the adrenaline pumping.

The directing and scene cuts and such capped it off to give us an experience that was not only thought provoking, but also entertaining.

Compelling .

These characters all function consistently well in a world embraced by engrossing visuals.

(="Screwed up theatrical adaption from a visionary tale")The Wachovskies continued here what the already did with their „Matrix trilogy: while the first part was an interesting and highly entertaining variation of Descarte's methodic doubt („do I really exist, or is all that I see, hear and smell just the coincidental one-second-glimpse imagination of a one-cell bacteria which I truly am?

I expected another ''hero'' movie with lots of good action and very entertaining.

It was actually rather boring.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend it to anyone who thinks outside the box.

This is without a doubt a masterpiece, entertaining and bravely 'open' about our current state of political stance in our 'free' world.

This movie is more literary and less dominated by special effects (although there are plenty), and is filled with ideas that are all the more intriguing because we can't pin down the message.

(note: Cliché is not something that has been done once before) Third, this is fiction.

This engaging drama is an impressive directorial debut for McTigue, who obviously has been influenced by the Wachowski brothers, with whom he worked on the Matrix films.

This is a movie I recommend for those who enjoy a great story presented in a very entertaining way.

Its the kind of movie that has enough action to keep you at the edge of your seat, an engaging storyline and riveting political satire to make you scratch your head for a few days.

This movie was so slow for me that I fell asleep during the movie.

There's not much action in the movie, The Main character ( V ) is a boring person with way too much dialogue.

I found this movie very entertaining .

If propaganda is gong to have any effect at all, it works best when it's dropped unexpectedly in your lap.

Contradictory propaganda .

The Mystery man and terrorist/freedom fighter V is as fascinating as this movie is great, perfectly played by Hugo Veaving.

Cinema is an art form that is all too often cheapened by unimaginative, lazy and dull film-making.

A highly intelligent and entertaining film.

This movie can easily stand on its quality alone, and the message it carries is an unexpected bonus.

It is just a boring drama with a cliché "moral" that we've heard all our lives.

But it's the plot, dialogue, theme and ideas behind the movie that make it so thrilling to watch.

But then it's just boring, and she's definitely not likable in this Evey character.

' Even though a bleeding-heart subplot of lesbian lovers seems tacked on, and there's a jail sequence that becomes ridiculously improbable, the movie can be forgiven because the filmmakers seem so naïvely earnest, and move the film along at a brisk, engaging pace.

I had high expectations going into it and it seemed okay at first and then it just bored the hell out of me.

Portman, on the other hand, is the clear weak link, delivering a dull, trite performance that renders Hammond entirely secondary to V's romantic rampage.

I love the exciting action scenes and I especially love the characters in this film.

Fascinating character.

Stay away from this left wing propaganda.

And that despite the fact that the story today has enough actual events to function as an allegory for, as it had when it was written (war-propaganda, media-control, cutting of civil-rights, unbalanced and misanthropic economy etc).

And the odd things is that for the first 10/15 minutes you feel you are in for something quite enjoyable.

Meh, somewhat entertaining, except...

This is a really fun and thrilling movie.

If you want an intriguing story more than a bombastic action thriller, this is a fantastic film.

It was predictable and beyond pretentious.

Don't expect this movie to be exactly like "The Matrix", (one difference is that it certainly doesn't have as many special effects), but if you like sci-fi and/or action, and you want a suspenseful and emotional story, this one just might blow you away!

Over all, this movie definitely rates a 4.5 outta 5, and my girlfriend, much to my surprise, really enjoyed it.

This movie might have been quite entertaining with more action.

With astounding special effects, including a rousing climax when the Houses of Parliament is set on fire - in a deliberate reenactment of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 - V FOR VENDETTA offers a chilling vision of what can happen to so-called 'democracies,' when individuals acquire too much power.

Excellent acting and complex relationships and emotions make this a tense and emotional thriller with a gripping story.

It has some impressive visuals, and some exciting scenes, not to mention some rock solid supporting performances.

The special effects are also nice, and the pyrotechnics in the start and end are truly breathtaking, especially mixed with the classical music added.

Overrated and pretentious!!!!!!!!!!!.

This film is based on a comic book but is actually more comical in it's contrived mactivist worldview.

Unfortunately, in concentrating so much on making VFV a massive political statement about the folly of tyranny and oppression, the film seems to forget it's meant to be an action film and becomes a lot of talk and banter, with little in the way of exciting, juicy action on display.

Worst movie ever .

I thought they were accomplished film-makers, but judging by the pretentious bombast that is here presented as something profound, I'll approach any further work of theirs with the same wariness I would work by any other bunch of opinionated undergrads.

There was so much rich dialog that made you think, and the action had you on the edge of your seat or at least mine definitely.

To create such a deep, fascinating, and sympathetic character without ever showing his face has to rank among the greatest acting achievements ever put on film.

Utterly compelling - a thought provoking masterpiece!.

this is a disturbing and thought provoking movie with a lot of content that can be identified with such works as Orwells 1989 & Animal farm, Dieghtons "SS GB",Hittlers "Mein Kampf" and a touch of "Phatom of the opera" all excellently interwoven to make one excellent and highly entertaining movie..the cast are brilliantly chosen for their roles...

Rea, however, has a thankless role, as the plodding policeman always one step behind.

secondly, why did he perform a solo domino-pushing experiment, as in the context of the film this is sad and lonely and utterly, unbelievably some may say, pointless.

(1) This film is boring.

However, the Matrix-like action scenes and slow-motion domino scenes, were a bit over-the top, pretentious fillers.

Bad acting, bad writing, predictable ending .

Boring, contrived, and misconceived.

It was entertaining, just that.

I found the film really pretentious to me such as the tone of voice used throughout.

I suppose there's nothing inherently wrong with those aspirations, it's just the film should have worried about that AFTER it was entertaining.

For me, the food for thought was just as enjoyable as the "whoah, cool" knife moments.

This movie doesn't have so much in the way of superhero action, opting instead for pretentious dialog and devices like flashbacks and silly shots of dominos falling in slo-mo.

V is an intriguing character.

It's such an inspirational, entertaining and damn cool movie that any plot holes it may have (Portman's voice perhaps) just don't matter.

This is possibly the worst movie ever shot on film.

For some reason, once more unexplained, 'Big Brother' is dragged down there by his fellow authority-figures, to be murdered by the 'clot'.

Over ten years later it is still exciting and riveting.

left-wing terror-propaganda .

This film is intelligent and engrossing.

Yet the film fails to notice that the gestures of V are as stylish, empty, and utterly image-dominated as the government that he is supposedly against.

Intense display of social revolution.

I remember seeing this movie when it came out with high expectations (also remembering the 3rd matrix by the same guys) It left me bored and felt like a total waste of money.

Very entertaining!

The idea of a totalitarian government is also exactly the same as 1984 portrays it, a warlike propaganda machine, police raids, torture, and forced confessions from innocent people.

But for the fact that nearly every word, every move, is predictable from start to finish, the movie itself is technically good.

It is boring in those scenes!

Boring Movie .

a bunch of unexpected events.

What a waste of time and effort - since it does show a remarkable effort put into this movie

The guiding principle behind this film seems to be to toss together a bunch of half-understood, superficially provocative ideas that add up to nothing, mix in some glossy production design, an overbearing editing style and a wholly contrived sequence of events that are explained by character voiceovers (we have no faith in your intelligence so we'll spell it all out for you), stir liberally, and voila!

My wife didn't care that much for it, but I really enjoyed it.

The film looks beautiful, it looks like it should be exciting...

the opening where V(Hugo weaving) introduces himself is simply breathtaking.

100% waste of time.

Very good script, excellent acting, and enjoyable action.

"V for Vendetta" has a gripping story line, darkness, and a twisted sort of love story.

The way it stands this is one of the biggest bores I had (while not honestly "bad").

His Shakespearean, long dialogs are boring and unfelt.

Fairly intelligent and equally enjoyable filmmaking.

So, while interesting and entertaining at times, and Natalie Portman's lovely presence, "V's" politics make it an insult to anyone who understands what Democracy is.

It was just a pointless romp , not an analysis or critical film about the way the world could possibly be heading .

I am now glad and understand why I walked out.

And propaganda always works if it isn't opposed.

However, the film does not need to be logical on that level, so it does not try, and it is so entertaining and fantastical, that the audience would neither notice nor care.

Full of thrills, action packed, explosions and good actors.

Trite idea, poor execution.

The story moves at a much slower pace than I was expecting( a very-very slow pace)- In fact, it crawls.

The film is an exciting and worthy adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name.

Long live left-wing propaganda !

I attended the theatre with my teenage children who each enjoyed it for different reasons.

The logic of the characters is hard to follow and the 'mix' between the action and political drama did not bode well.

This film really has got all a good and great movie should have, such as an enticing story, intense and interesting characters such as V, awesome special effects, Extrodirary Directing and breathtaking action sequences.

She was unbearable in that Wal-Mart Baby movie.

Hugo Weaving's performance as V is compelling to say the least.

What a great movie -- intellectual, exciting, and has a political point.

With all the hype and action, it is a rather boring movie.

The movie was dark,gripping, intelligent and littered with wonderful dialogue and performances.

A new yawn!

The Wachowski's reputation on creating poignant, smart action packed rides preceded them.

Stephen Fry, pretentious.

And Natalie Portman shows her true abilities in this most exciting, uplifting and heartwarming of films.

While V is undeniably pretentious and self-indulgent, it is well made enough to lift itself above such criticism.

Slowww, Segmented, Lacking action, Ambiguous Pretentious Dialogue .

An intriguing and comprehensive film offering a lot of insight; fuelled by thought-provoking ambiguity and wonder .

Gripping and Thrilling.

An excellent film worth watching and sure to not disappoint.

) Her acting reminds me of her recent role in the film "Brothers" which was completely unwatchable by bad acting all around (especially her).

However I can definitely say that V for Vendetta is, at least for the time being, the most personally meaningful movie, and the most enjoyable movie, I have ever seen.

The movie is intense and very thrilling all the way through with a very unique storyline that you've certainly never seen before.

The Matrix creators have done it again with a stunning visceral feast for the senses.

This film is not bold, exciting, and inventive.

Long and absorbing; it manages to blend old-time matinée panache with frightening futuristic elements of the likes of "1984" and "Twelve monkeys".

In the end, the pomp and show make the film a lot more enjoyable than it should be for its trite musings and blunt message.

As a movie, I enjoyed it .

Neither of us truly enjoyed it on any level, I have to say.

But it is fiction, and fascinating at that.

A real intellectually gripping movie.

boredom, repetitions, predictability, ..) I think it is a total failure because it is a political agitprop piece and not an actual movie.

A movie needs to be entertaining and captivating.

Before 2000, the self-evident truths in the film would have made it trite, today, they are strangely poignant.

As much as acting is concerned; the wonderfully cast Hugo Weaving delivers a stunning and very impressive role as ''V'' and also Natalie Portman, who I have always liked on screen, shows her true talent as the young, innocent Evey who learns that sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in, no matter what.

It's unfortunate the film doesn't work in the end, because V is certainly a very interesting and compelling hero/anti-hero, fighting for the causes of what he sees as good by using methods that might be employed by terrorists fighting for evil, cleverly used as a metaphor of Guy Fawkes rising against the tyranny of James I, well written and engagingly played by Hugo Weaving.

Everything looks beautiful especially Fireworks, Home of V, Studio Scenes, all over dark yet compelling.

I find this highly entertaining because those groups are actually advocating the style of government that this movie is trying to warn us against.

Added to the fact that the film ends in an amazingly dull and ridiculously cliché big explosion.

It covers contemporary topics and issues in such a compelling manner that I can't really comment on any details or it's possible to spoil the plot.

Daring, timely and gripping.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

" Summary: slow, boring, lack of action, too much lame dialogue, too much film made the final cut, idea gets lost in the muck, viewer's attention is not firmly held in place consistently enough to enjoy.

I ended up watching one of the most enjoyable films I have seen in my 45 years of existence!

It is what it is-a fun, fascinating, thought-provoking story that is like nothing ever seen before on film.

Reasonably entertaining film, juvenile political screed .

So if you hate republicans and enjoy liberal cliché, this movie is for you.

It was the cheesy and prolonged ending that bothered me and spoiled the otherwise very enjoyable movie.

Undoubtedly, one of the best comic strip-to-film adaptations I've seen in recent years (although, I have absolutely no idea how faithful or successful an adaptation it actually is); at any rate, it has much going for it - a good cast consisting of reliable character actors (John Hurt, Stephen Rea, Stephen Fry, Tim Piggott-Smith, etc.), spectacular production design and cinematography, an interesting - if convoluted - dystopian storyline and, last but not least, surprisingly engaging leads in Natalie Portman (who's much more attractive and at ease here than in the Star Wars series) and Hugo Weaving (who has the difficult task of acting, from beginning to end, with a mask hiding his facial features).

Gay propaganda.

Though it conveys a political message, it's not overly-preachy at all, and the true dramatic theatre quality is unbelievably entertaining.

Presenting a likable cast, the film provides audience with some of the most compelling performances ever put on screen in a comic-book flick.

But that's just one aspect that was contrived.

Thrilling and Beautifully Acted, .

The entire movie is the biggest cliché ever.

This movie was intelligent, visually stunning and superbly acted by a strong cast.

But…if you want an amazing and adult "comicbook film," and a thought-provoking, wonderfully paced movie with extremely rich dialogue, character development and suspenseful intrigue, you can't do wrong with this excellent film.

To make the story "intense" McTeigue tries to put some "comedy" (pathetic humor in the scene where they make fun of the dictator), "drama" (the idiotic story of Portman's character entering in jail by the dictator, when later you realize that was V himself who do that (¿?

I found these scenes to be excitedly choreographed and riveting.

For all the rah rah talk about revolution against the state (with huge allusions, blatant actually, to the democratically elected Bush Administration) it really boils down to a message tailor-made for people who will just revel in the idea of seeing Bush compared to Hitler, Fox News compared to(ironically) state propaganda, Christians portrayed as oppressive bigots.

I found this to be deeply flawed and desperately uninspiring.

I think you should heed the message: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS MOVIE!

I rate it(10/10) The best, mind blowing, amazing, touching unforgettable movie I've ever seen from my 2500+ movie collection.

"; watch Carpenter's „Dark Star" for more details), they dismantled it themselves with two sheer-below-mediocre sequels with virtuous but pointless action, plot-hole-chains, horrible performances, grotesque attempts in coolness and hazardous dialogs.

This film is eloquent, exciting, and above all it is remarkably well done.

Don't waste your time.

This makes the film a bit dull, because we can all pretty much pinpoint exactly how the plot is going to develop from scene 1 and in the end we're right.

Let's make an empty movie!

He does things a hero shouldn't do, and that's what made him so fascinating.

From numerous reviews I have read, it seems a couple of historical points are off but because this script is so intriguing and powerful, the odd date and unification won't throw you off too much.

Everything about V was just as mysterious and intriguing as I imagined it.

blah, cliché, blah, blah.

The casting was quite good, and minus the sub-par British accent, Natalie Portman's performance was breathtaking.

This was quite an enjoyable film.

His showmanship and his flash are enjoyable, even if his murdering is despicable.

The movie doesn't incited to blow a building or something like that, but instead, touch a lot of themes that could make you think a lot and at the same time is totally enjoyable, because of the ironic humor that the character of V (by Hugo Weaving)had.

The cinematography is bland, with the exception of one cool shot of V jumping off a building.

Not a film, a political propaganda piece .

Political propaganda full of clichés turn out to be a pathetic, mediocre movie .

' differs enormously from its source material it remains an enormously compelling work, tapping effectively into modern fears of encroaching totalitarianism with a surprisingly convincing portrayal of Norsefire as an all-pervasive and still exceptionally sinister establishment.

B for Boring.

The rest of the movie consists of V endlessly spouting his ideology and delivering snappy one liners to use in promotional material ("people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people" "behind this mask is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof", etc).

But at the end of the day, it's all pretty empty and silly.

I'll admit I don't mind it, but watching Hugo Weaving running around hacking people to huge bits of blood and gore was sort of boring and unnecessary once more.

very intensive emotion draining scenes.

I have just finished watching the film for the third time, and I cannot imagine a more entertaining celluloid manifesto on the importance of individualism and human liberty.

A profound vision, which probably has a few logical errors but still impresses in a breathtaking manner throughout the entire run time.

In this day and age of tired remakes and formula films, this plot stood out as original & unpredictable.

The film has some great fight scenes and the view of London is beautifully stunning.

This movie was great, I enjoyed it from A through Z.

The cast is excellent, with Natalie Portman delivering a thrilling performance.

Portman's and Weaving's performances were truly stunning and John Hurt's character's on-screen presence was ominous and terrifying.

boring (see what I did there!

It ruined an otherwise entertaining film and it's no wonder Alan Moore wants nothing to do with it.

The film is at least entertaining, and it only drags in a few places.

so this is one of those waste of money and talent Hollywood deems good inflict to the rest of the world.

The state television station spits fear-mongering propaganda that is fed to a TV in every household.

Put some anti-Bush propaganda in the movie , because you can't put anti-Thatcher propaganda that was in the comic book.

Entertaining from the start, V manages to combine a strong socio-political message in a compact and highly intense experience.

This is such an intense movie that it never gets boring.

The executions in the action scenes were quite thrilling and the dialogue is clever, witty and at times humorous in a philosophical point of view.

The science fiction genre allows us to detach our present day selves from the problems and issues of our time, to become fully immersed in similar themes, albeit in a bleak, futuristic setting.

Majestic, rousing saga set in England in the near future where a feisty young woman (Portman) is pulled into a rebellion against a fascist/totalitarian government, headed by mysterious leader Weaving.

The film starts with an intense opening sequence, set in 1605, when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

The idea was also intriguing.

It's for this reason I have a very deep and personal relationship with this film, but I love the film at a more enjoyable level as well.

"V for Vendetta" is a complete waste of studio money and talent.

If you like to watch movies where the ending is Known in advance, where there is no plot where the main character simply is, Where bombs are cleared in the last seconds, where popularity is achieved by the rebellious temper of teenagers, then this is for you.

The movie is thrilling and the point of view challenges every viewer.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Some movies are just entertaining and interesting.

I found myself wishing I had never read the book because as a movie, it is well made, entertaining and thought-provoking.

mind blowing and heart pounding...

They simply mutilated the story, transforming a child into a grown woman (in the original story, she became a woman ALONG the plot), hundred thousands of dead into 80.000, the slow and complicated fall of a dictatorship into the most simple and clean transition of power ever (not one single person of the people got hurt, or had to do anything).

This movie provoked though, satisfied my taste for mayhem, and is just a good rebel-rousing movie.

Rating : Above average , well worth watching.

Too much of the film is all so predictable.

I've never heard of the director of this one and I've never bothered with the seemingly incomprehensible MATRIX trilogy (whose makers serve as the screenwriters here) but, as I said before, I found it to be an intelligent, enjoyable and altogether very satisfying outing which, thankfully, seems not be the start of another franchise which diminishes in quality with every subsequent entry...

"Robocop" was much more successful in its attempt to use science fiction to comment on current events and politics, and much more entertaining.

The cliché of them falling in love is so badly constructed that it hurts to the eyes.

I have talked with my husband about it and every time we discussed about it, each time we had chat over hours merely about lovely "V for Vendetta" Really it's the most charming and mind blowing movie of the century.


Exposition upon exposition is boring.

I felt very bored while watching this film.

The ever-watchable Stephen Rea somehow managed to keep a straight face though it all and the film was just absorbing enough for me to see it through to the end, though I nearly gave up a couple of times.

The sample of the movie's present day population probably were supposed to serve the message, but it was one of the most pointless things in my opinion.

Both changes were enjoyable to watch.

Stunning movie.

It is long, the narrative familiar but engrossing enough.

The problem of this film is that, in its mad necessity to do the political propaganda, tries to tell a lot of stories in one.

The acting is also brilliant with Hugo Weaving delivering a stunning performance.

And here comes our hero and starts off his job of freeing the people in a most unpredictable manner.

A rousing four-chord progression is first heard in "Governments...

Strange and Compelling .

Very, very enjoyable.

Hugo Weaving is the mysterious yet intriguing masked extremist V, an extremist who is intent on standing up against the prejudice and unmoral government at the helm of Britain.

Fortunately, the creators know how to make an entertaining movie while staying true to the spirit of the comic.

If you have seen either of the two trailers and thought that this film wasn't for you because it involves government and political issues, can I simply say that the trailers certainly do not do this film justice, which is saying something because the trailers, too, are stunning.

It has an engaging and deep plot.

In the end - of the film and in final analysis, the film is as preachy, trite and altogether intolerable as any propaganda that the right wing could ever hope to produce.

Too many stale moments though, and it was very boring.


The film itself is actually quite entertaining in a mindless sort of way.

The last thing I want to watch is other actors and actresses watching movies/television within a movie or TV show - it's completely pretentious, flat, and decadent.

Pretentious, and not even for a good purpose .

(Ooh, cliché!

One of the worst movie I have never seen in a cinema.

The acting and characters are spectacular, the scenery superb, and, for all the action lovers out there, the fight scenes are riveting.

I enjoyed it greatly as the plot developed and kept me entertained from the beginning.

Like Dr Who but more pretentious .

Wearing a black cloak and a Guy Fawkes mask, there isn't much room for expression, but Weaving manages to be both sublime and intense in his role.

While 'V For Vendetta (2005)' certainly has its faults, especially in its rather slow second act - not to mention the fact that Natalie Portman's English accent is almost criminal, this is an entertaining and, at times, thought-provoking piece that manages to maintain a decent distance from its somewhat touchy subject matter and to exist purely as a piece of fairly intelligent but equally enjoyable filmmaking.

Visually stunning and thought provoking, although...

Intriguing, Extraordinary, Enrapturing .

It's got good acting, some stunning visual hooks and a plot that you will dig right from the start as "the voice of Fate" comments on the state of a war torn world.

The visuals were stunning and the acting was top-notch.

I highly recommend it 10/10.

Dull Uneventful and Painfully Boring to Watch.

The script by the Wachowskis uses this framework to craft an absorbing story that deftly mixes mystery and action against a thought-provoking backdrop.

100% unnecessary, boring and cheap love story in between...

The story is very intriguing and keeps you hooked throughout.

I like watching movies without paying too much attention to their implied politics, but this sorry piece of propaganda doesn't leave one a choice.

It is lazy, pretentious, superficial and a waste of anyone's time.

The twist in the film, if you want to call it that, was rather predictable (and I am rarely good at anticipating plot-twists).

The direction is visually stunning, and the few fight scenes are directed very well.

It was a sexy version of 1984 wrapped up in cotton wool , lacking in any emotional involvement , instead focusing on flashy outfits , sexy chicks , cool looking fight scenes and banal characters.

Leaving behind those kinds of questions, as an action film is perfect, pure adrenaline, Hugo Weavings voice is captivating, and Natalie Portman (as usual with the exception of Quuen Amidala) delivers a tremendous performance.

This is a must see for all ages with excellent acting, an unexpected plot, and the alliteration of literary works is superb.

Though the character development is actually very complete (and it pretty much has to be considering the enormous amount of time spent on it) the characters are boring.

The photography was stunningly flat and badly framed, just boring -take the shot of the English people watching telly - it was like a particularly tedious Kodak moment from a family album.

The plot is so predictable as to make the entire middle of the film unnecessary, given that it did such a poor job of character development.

Aside from an intriguing main character and some great visuals, it left me cold.

The special effects are amazing and the story is fascinating.

A contrived and messy waltz of nonsense.

It turns out this is just another cliché hot chick hero saving the world movie.

The film is definitely worth watching.

Overall, with an engaging, well-acted story that has still has relevant political themes, you can't get much better than this.

I found every aspect fascinating.

People living in fantasyland can still make gripping movies, even if they don't know squat about history.

The direction and editing were hackneyed, dull and predictable.

In the likes of "The Crow", "V" creates a world where the audience can feel immersed on it.

I am so glad I was dragged to see it.

We fail to make wise choices because we fear boredom.

This movie is very thought provoking and entertaining.

) It made me think and i enjoyed it greatly.

V for Vendetta is not high art nor is its political message always coherent, but it is a stylish thriller that is emotionally riveting whether or not you support its basic ideas.

The film is a masterpiece combining an engaging storyline, unique characters and character development, and detailed cinematography to capture the different moods and atmospheres of the oppressed society.

I have just watched this film and thoroughly enjoyed it on at least 3 levels.

It's exciting, dramatic and has some really cool fight scenes.

That is manages to also be unique and hugely entertaining as a film is just another welcome bonus.

more ponderous and self absorbed than anything else.

Both are incredibly beautiful and incredibly bland.

There is a lot of intriguing information here and the writer and director wove it into the plot in a masterful and meaningful way.

one word; STUNNING .

Enjoyable beyond words

No chemistry between the two leads, empty dialogs and many colors and fireworks to dazzle us an distract us from the lack of good action, a steamy screenplay on action or clever and quick on themes and messages.

Majestic and rousing...

Dark, Vengeful, Thrilling .

It is an intensely moving film and manages to be brilliantly exciting at the same time.

For all of the boring drivel that was supposed to represent dialogue in the film, it was an absolute piece of rubbish.

Violent, complex, but fascinating adaption of Alan Moore's graphic novel .

Discount the fact that this is adapted from Alan Moore's wonderful comic, and you'll find a film that retains a lot of the great elements of the source material while combining enough elements in its own right to create a well timed film that is both exciting, and though-provoking.

So, if you're looking for a typical, Hollywood/Comicbook/Superhero action movie with a mask vigilante who prefers snappy comebacks and swords over bullets, look further.

Watching this borefest, my eyelids cramped from fighting gravity.

And of course; he's got to have 'issues' from the past, that require endless, tedious, soul-searching, chest-bearing denouements (double yawn).

Good Movie-- hampered by political propaganda .

In short this over-hyped and over-simplified movie just bored me to death.

This is an important and entertaining movie that you'll want to view over and over.

If you're looking for something inspiring or exciting, this is an excellent pick.

Now here is a movie that is worth watching.

With thrilling action sequences and an immense music pleasure, VFV delivers an absolute cinema where one sits and wonders about what will happen next.

The comments that V makes that the descent into fascism is everyone's fault for abandoning their common sense, is just riveting.

I don't recommend this movie, its a waste of time if you are over 17 years old European male like i am.

I think i could say without a doubt, that this is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

Entertaining and intelligent .

In the essence the movie is still an action movie that is fast paced and has a fair amount of violence and fight sequences in it.

It got even more confusing when he started falling in love with Evey.

I liked this film a lot, its very entertaining, has some very good political and social references that apply to a lot of our societies and governments of today, though it concentrates on a made-up futuristic government, its really symbolic.

V is Preachy and Boring--Please Avoid .

What annoys me most about this empty, vacuous film is that it started so well, and seemed like it was going to be an intelligent comment on the war on liberty that the British government is currently engaged in.

We're thrown into yet another Big Brother-controlled futuristic society (yawn) where individuality is condemned and the sinister government watches our every move.

So the story centers to a post crisis stricken United Kingdom in which a totalitarian regime has rose and propaganda ,fear and lack of freedom in general is the norm and we follow our ,in sense, the main point of view character Eve, who meets on fifth of November V, a vigilante dead set to raise the government to the ground with any mean if need it.

gripping & intelligent .

Distorted beyond recognition, the screenplay became vacuous and bland; extra characters appeared as if from nowhere to fill up newly created plot holes, adding nothing to story except confusion.

As easy with words as he is with knives, V is a really fascinating creation we owe to the genius of comic-book artist Alan Moore.

At the time I just wanted to see an exciting and action-packed movie that's not much intellectual philosophical meaning.

There are some occasional unexpected twists and turns too and the ending is not something we expect in comic film.

Entertaining from the start, V manages to combine a strong sociopolitical message in a compact and highly intense experience.

A unique comic becomes a most unusual, exciting, and somewhat thought-provoking film.

It's way too slow, way too late.

V for The Matrix 4 the slow .

Yes it slows a little in the middle, yes there may be a subtle hint of cliché from time to time but it is such a compelling tale with a 'now' factor that cannot be ignored.

It's definitely worth watching, whether you're a comic book fan or not.

Secondly, it gets awfully tedious looking at V and his stupid mask for 10 minutes, let alone over 2 hours.

What a pretentious piece of drivel .

The movie has a stagy and carnival stylish but with a breathtaking production design by Owen Patterson .

His character is masterfully written with stunning complexity and fascination.

The plot is far from mind blowing and has no big surprises.

To move on to the film itself, I cannot deny that it was pretty exciting, in particular the explosions made for a visual treat.

The pacing gets very slow in the middle.

It takes direct aim at the current policies of the neoconservatives running our and Britain's governments in a way that is dark, yet at times entertaining and uplifting.

The comics is an entertaining essay; in great part it's about anarchy opposing fascism.

"V for Vendetta" is tedious, boring and ill conceived.

" Despite that V is at heart an empty, shallow, madman, his persona is very likable.

Utterly predictable.

The whole film was so utterly contrived that even its (limited) entertainment value was shat away in an orgy of unnecessary special effects and totally generic action sequences.

In that, Alan Moore, Wachowski's, and Hugo Weaving have etched into his character V the most compelling, larger then life character since Tyler Durden.

An entertaining film with not so entertaining holes.

A new personal favourite of mine, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, back to the movie, even though it is shot beautifully it is really fairly empty in its heart, I never sympathized with any of the characters and every time it seemed to saying something interesting, something unbelievable would happen and all of a sudden we are back in comic book land.

Talk slower than usual.

In real life walking around quoting Shakespeare may be pedantic, but in a movie with a subtext about the power of words it's more than appropriate and actually enjoyable.

The Politics of Confusion and Explosives .

Just a bit of a horror comic really but exciting and well acted with some seasoned English professionals.

The action scenes are entertaining and well-done, if straining credulity at times.

Similarities are many to the original 1984 (as in all totalitarian regimes) and the presentation of things is both amazing and intense.

This movie now brilliant shines as an emotive, political statement as well as a smoothly, entertaining statement of timeless and important ideas.

This movie is a symptom of our time: wrapped in SM-dolls and action-cliché we get a badly hidden glorification of left wing terror.

With great screenplay and plot development, this deep movie is exciting with both action and romance from start to finish.

Two of my favorite movies from last year -- "Sin City" and "A History of Violence" -- both started as graphic novels, as did "V for Vendetta," a pyrotechnic dystopian fantasy that manages to make government oppression and radical terrorism brilliantly (and perhaps irresponsibly, depending on your point of view) entertaining.

This is the typical pretentious movie which fails with its acting and pseudo-wisdom.

The visual imagery of the the film at times is breathtaking.

V leaves a rose after he kills, just like every cliché "sentimental" killer in movie history.

It's really difficult to imagine this comic being put onto the big screen and more so, being acceptable, yet I found it truly compelling, inspiring and the overall essence captured.

V for Vendetta is a complex, violent, but explosively entertaining adaption of David Lloyd and Alan Moore's graphic novel, an adaption served with spectacle and intelligence.

McTeigue's shots and camera movements are definitely breathtaking - the guy knows what he is doing, without doubt!

Anarchist and terrorist propaganda .

If you haven't read the graphic novel than you'll enjoy it more than i did, but if you enjoyed it you must read the book, you'll like it more it will also explain many things you didn't understand because of the missing scenes.

They really are dramatic, exciting and makes you want to know what happens next.

When I saw it I thought very compelling.

With no story and action all they do is go on & on about 5th of November big WOW!

Oh my, who knew a movie with a masked villain/hero with two knifes/sai's on the cover could be so unexciting, drab, and strung out.

Also, the "government lies" jokes were so cliché and annoying I was about to turn it off.

Worst movie possibly ever made.

To begin with it is intriguing: who is this guy in the Guy Fawkes mask, what will happen to Natalie Portman, just how did to Old Blighty end up as a fascist dictatorship, what is the mystery of the Larkhill Centre?

Do not see this movie, it is very overrated and boring.

In my opinion they should have ended it right when the subway train left off with V for his viking funeral, and all the *freedom-fight* sequences after that weren't necessary, just a cliché in the moment you least want it.

He creates a propaganda ministry which controls all media, and a secret police called the fingermen.

He seems to be everywhere at once as the government is unable to nab him or even slow him down.

A compelling movie with a strong message for current times.

Not that this is a surprise for me, but this sure is another reminder of their desperate state of mind, loose and constantly changing values, but especially their empty and so-called "hope" (yes, this is a direct insight to the ending), which is only build out of their vanity and very incapacity to admit they can't (and will never be able to) save themselves!

At one point my "stop button" finger was getting rather itchy when I was pelted over the head with a pro-lesbianism/homosexuality propaganda segment.

The final scene, in which Evey blows up parliament, is wonderful; the symbolism of everyone removing their masks, and revealing every person filmed- including the dead ones- is so utterly breathtaking in it's articulation that, no matter what, the people will outlive a regime, and that might will always fail if the collective wills.

This movie has multiple personalities, jumping from thrilling to slap stick in a heartbeat, which is probably because the man who took on the massive project has never directed anything before, and it shows.

Even though this is a highly entertaining film, I'm not so sure about it's timing.

"V For Vendetta" is a film that, while reasonably entertaining on one level as an action film, is laughable in terms of its political views.

Let me start by saying that this is a great movie, and I think that everyone needs to watch it (assuming the age rights) "V for Vendetta" has a gripping story line, darkness, and a twisted sort of love story.

As the knives begin to fly, the slow motion kicks in and the adrenaline begins to rise.

I really enjoyed it.

Very Enjoyable and a perfect MASTERPIECE for every person.

Then we're cast forward instantly to the boring fascist action editorial that never takes flight based on- well, based on utter and complete lack of exciting action -save for one scene at the end where V says his one cool line: "what you have our bullets...

Brilliant anti-conservative propaganda packaged in a bow of a nice movie!

He fills his house with paintings and sculptures, and (completely irrelevantly to the plot) quotes the great works of literature at tedious length.

But the ride you're taken on is futuristic and intriguing.

If the film had all the pointless talking was cut out and all the essential lines kept in the film would be about 15 mins long.

I highly recommend it.

He's saddled with one of the most boring characters in film history, and is given WAY too much screen time.

As a result, the film becomes repetitive and tiresome very fast.

Second, there is no way to make a movie without clichés, at least it's extremely hard to do so and still make it worth watching.

V was a complete waste of time too, as it is impossible to empathise with someone through a mask.

" Now, after wading through the disjointedness- which, is unexpected when you're trying to make a romance, superhero film, political thriller, action movie, AND adaptation of a graphic novel all at the same time- and leftist/liberal propaganda, I actually found a gem in there somewhere.

went nowhere.

V for Vendetta has none of the flash of the Matrix, but all of the pretentious pseudo-intellectual "philosophizin'.

One of the reasons the film dragged so much for me was that V wears a mask.

Entertaining from the start, V manages to combine a strong socio political message in a compact and highly intense experience.

I'm giving it an 8 because it was very suspenseful, was filmed very well, and the acting was excellent, especially on Hugo Weaving's part.

I am not saying that this film portrays a realistic future; V for Vendetta clearly takes place in a fictional world with a comic book reality, but it is because this story's action packed story is so cleverly weaved into such a serious plot line that this Hollywood film is so brave.

This film, itself, is visually stunning with a thought-provoking story that is a solid piece of entertainment.

Dull and way-overrated, V For Vendetta joins Catwoman as a poor graphic-novel adaptation (well, it does in my opinion).

C for Cliché.

All I can say is, when you have a film in which terrorists are being portrayed as saintly martyrs, you have provided real-life enemies with quite an inspiring bit of propaganda.


You leave the theater without anything to cut your teeth into or a matter to discuss controversially.

The stunned, complacent masses are kept in the dark from the truth of daily events by the government controlled media which manipulates them through propaganda and censorship.

This left me with just a handful of scenes that were really worth watching, like the shaving of Evey's head, and how she (reminiscent of The count of Monte Cristo) undergoes the tortures and discovers her mother's past)...

James McTeigue probably intended his 'V for Vendetta' to be a dark and thrilling adaptation of Alan Moore's futuristic graphic novels.

With the passage of time, a film like "V" becomes more trite and embarrassing, while a film like "The Matrix" becomes more established and entrenched in our hearts and minds.

in conclusion very good movie.. worth watching!!

V's terrorism is never fully endorsed, and he alludes to the fact that he is attempting to create a world in which he may have no place, but his attacks on landmarks seem bloodless and the people he kills all either deserve it, as in his revenge on those who tormented him, or are faceless uniforms that steadily march into quite exciting if cartoonish action set pieces.

V for Vendetta is very fun, upbeat, and entertaining.

V for Vendetta has no exposition, you hardly ever learn anything about any of the characters, making their development uninteresting.

Some of those people say it is predictable, unrealistic or full of clichés.