Vagabond (2019) - Action, Romance, Thriller

Hohum Score



An ordinary man who comes across surprising circumstances that place him in the center of a huge corruption scandal.

IMDB: 8.5
Stars: Seung-gi Lee, Suzy Bae
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 2 out of 71 found boring (2.81%)

One-line Reviews (23)

But Vagabond definitely took another turn and I really love that they just make every episode as exciting.

Action packed, great story telling .

Actors fit their roles, mix of exciting and sentimental moments...

Mind blowing action and thrill.

And between the exciting action scenes there are boring scenes.

The action continued till the very end, but the mystery was pretty much solved or got uninteresting half way through.

Very good story , exciting and a lot of adrrenaline!!

Intriguing Conspiracy, Corruption Thriller Drama.

Amazing narrative, wonderful writing, exceptional cast and intriguing cinematic action scenes in every episode.

Very entertaining fantasy movie .

Lots of good actors, the story is gripping and the pacing is really good too.

The scenario is fast-paced, and the action is breathtaking.

Waiting for season 2 I love south korean cinema so intense, suspenseful and edgy.

The plot is pretty entertaining and it moves quickly from the get go.

Action packed .

A thrilling Kdrama that has it all.

For the love of watching series, i would definitely say it is an action packed that will really keep you on the edge of your seat, scences to make you feel your adrenaline rush.

This probably explains all the 10 ratings you'll see here, even though Vagabond is merely an entertaining series one could easily skip.

Every episode something new and exciting is happening.

I really want to like it but my god the camerawork makes it unbearable to watch.

Action packed .

Despite this, an enjoyable and bingeable entertainment.

To summarise for now: it's action packed, and there is great chemistry between the two leads.