Vampire Assassin (2005) - Action, Horror

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Martial artist Ron Hall stars in this dark vampire thriller reminiscent of BLADE. Ambitious cop Derek (Hall) is dogged by a phobia that is unfortunate in his line of work. Having witnessed ...

IMDB: 1.5
Director: Ron Hall
Stars: Ron Hall, Mel Novak
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 15 out of 30 found boring (50%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Worst movie in history of movie making .

Wesley Snipes was really good in this movie--he displayed a lot of emotion and I enjoyed his moustache (my neighbors probably though I enjoyed it a little too much after I burned their yard with fire?

The man has one facial expression, and that expression is intense boredom.

So, this is the WORST movie you will probably ever see.

Utterly pointless and completely stupefying .

This movie doesn't just have a few plot holes, it's a mine field of confusion and mental pain!

And, if nothing else, whether you're laughing with or at it, the film succeeds in being entertaining.

The fight scenes where so slow you could actually see the actors waiting for each other to perform the next move.

At least with the extra-slow delivery of the actors lines, you could hear everything very distinctly.

It is like a bad porno-no plot and really lame music.

They talked slow, fought slow, etc. I don't know why.

This movie has no continuity, no plot, no anything, really.

If you're lead looks bored throughout the movie, what chance does the audience really have?

None of which were particularly good, but all entertaining in that low-budget sorta way.

Worst movie ever made!!!!.......

Worst movie ever?

The dialogue and kung-fu stunts were extremely slow.

possibly the worst movie ever made .

The first scene wherein a bunch of vampires in very bad wigs seemingly get electrocuted by various slow moving weapons wielded by an even slower moving Van Helsing wannabe...

The weapons looked like something out of a final fantasy game, and the dual bow and arrow was just dull as anything I have ever seen.

BTW, my 10 year old fell asleep...

This is one of the worst movies that i have ever seen and that is saying a lot because i have seen some bad ones.

Yes this is the worst movie ever made.

This is one of the worst movies, I've ever seen in my life.

Be prepared for the worst movie EVER.

Strange and slow moving movie .

it was the box that sold the movie, while the cover art was great and the synopsis intriguing (which both is why I rented it) it was a waste of not only time but money as well.

And last but not least, for a martial arts movie, this movie has the most boring and 1-dimensional fight scenes ever to waste my time on.

To make it even more boring all the action is followed by a bright light flash.