Vampire's Kiss (1988) - Comedy, Horror

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After an encounter with a neck-biter, a publishing executive thinks that he's turning into a vampire.

Director: Robert Bierman
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Maria Conchita Alonso
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 118 found boring (15.25%)

One-line Reviews (49)

The fake accent, the terrible fake laughter, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Maybe the Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen.

It's over the top and a little hard to understand, but I found this movie so engaging, and Cage's performance so funny and astonishing, in spite of the dark subject matter, that I have watched it over and over again.

He's trying to portray what HE THINKS pretentious people sound like and how they act.

I highly recommend it if you have the right sense of humor.

Throughout the predictable plot (the biggest surprise was it turned out just like it seemed it would), I kept waiting for a turn.

If you can see past the anticlimactic plot and uninteresting supporting cast, you will find that Nicolas Cage delivers a hilarious performance.

While the storyline is sort of bizarre and twisted, then there is also something entertaining to it.

Definitely worth watching .

Brilliant and Fascinating.

It was perhaps because the movie was lacking momentum and didn't really progress at a satisfying speed, so I was starting to become bored at times.

This arty film is all over the place - confusing in tone, odd in concept, jarring in many moments, and with a central character that is not sympathetic enough to be more than very distantly interesting to the average viewer.

It's tone is unforgiving alternating comedy and tragedy, confusing us as to whether he is really a vampire or just thinks he is.

If you want to laugh at a now professional actor doing dumb things in a slow paced plot with random and confusing things happening in the background of every scene, make sure to watch Vampire's Kiss.

The movie is totally confusing, as it keep jumping back and forth from one reality to another.

The story is complex, but thoroughly engrossing with many interesting plot twists and turns.

Cage gives the performance of his career and should have received an Oscar as the twisted, quintessential jilted lover who now desperately tries to recapture the joy of his most passionate and influential relationship by revisiting the empty, vampiretic bar hopping lifestyle where he found her - working his way through subsequent women, then just as unsatisfactorily moving his way through rape, suicidal tendencies and ultimately, murder.

This story was great, and once I got past the uneven accent and horrible portrayal by Nicolas Cage, who took his level of believability as an actor to a new all-time low, I enjoyed it.

The scenes of cage humiliating his secretary become repetitive, as do other aspects… but overall definitely worth watching.

Maybe it is the passage of time, maybe it is the growth of Nicholis Gage as an actor, maybe Nick just can not do a believable English accent, but I found this movie more distracting then entertaining.

True: the film is confusing in many ways; you get confused what is real and what is not for example.

The film only gets really interesting towards the end; up inutile then it's quite drawn out.

Not only was the story absolutely stupid, but Cage's performance is bordering on unwatchable.

If you're looking for a great vampire movie with compelling characters and a tight script, maybe look somewhere else.

Good Halloween movie or late night flick, worth watching!

The plot is ludicrous and disjointed and the film can't seem to decide it it wants to be comedy, horror, or drama.

Here is a film where the simple plotline of a man being bitten by a vampire and believing he has become one becomes one where we see a man disintegrating before us, sliding into madness because he is forced to face his empty life.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The beginning of this movie was like a slow burning of the eyes and ears.

Confusing or not, "Vampire's Kiss" is painful to watch.

While I wont claim this to be a great film, I would venture to guess a fair amount of people would actually find this film to be very enjoyable, particularly now that Cage has garnered a decent cult following for his onscreen freak outs.

I can't fathom why but Nic has always seems to me like a cool buddy, with a big heart and an engaging soft voice.

When we first find Loew, he is discussing the classic "morning after" problems with his shrink; what always seems to follow intense sexual passion are the antithetical feelings of disgust and boredom.

Morning can find me perched in front of the screen watching THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, while afternoon may find me extracting meaning through subtitles in Truffaut's 400 BLOWS, so in the evening it feels good to let loose with campy fare such as VAMPIRE'S KISS.

Then, a sort of yuppie that leads an empty bachelor life becomes the prey of a female vampire or believes so: the movie isn't clear about that as his symptoms aren't really checked for sure and above all, he is particularly dependent of his shrink (maybe the only one sucker here) who does sessions in a wonderful large windows office.

It was so hilarious that this scene alone was worth watching the entire movie for.

Those of you who want predictable Hollywood movies should steer away; for the rest of you this can be an enjoyable experience!

Worth watching if only for Cage's crazy Vampire performance.

Nicholas Cage's Worst Movie .

I love Nicholas Cage but this is by far his worst movie.

I'm sure many viewers would find it plain silly, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm very much part of its cult following.

run of the mil Vampire movie and the only reason I even watched was because of the memes that are been floating on the internet, but instead it turned out to be a dark comedy juxtaposed with a metaphorical satire on relationship especially one night stands, I mean that is what i inferred I am sure many would agree and disagree with me but that is the beauty of this movie you can interpret it according to your perception and the way you perceive things to me this movie was primarily about how a man loses his mind and eventually his life to drugs he started using to cope with the stress of the work and to escape the mundane life he is living, Nicolas Cage gave an epic performance,Ignore the ratings its the most misunderstood movie ever.

She represents the promise of something more exciting right around the next corner.

Cage is fantastic as the mad protagonist and he ignites the story with an overbearing, over the top and extremely engaging performance.

It is so terribly written and shamelessly cliché, and grotesquely shallow, which is difficult to do.

This is a truly original, strange film and totally unpredictable.

This movie is super weird, a lot of strange off the wall directing, a lot of slow pacing that focuses on things that don't make to much sense at all.

Cage occupies the role of Peter Loew, a womanising literary agent whose empty existence leads to a major mental breakdown.

Artsy, pretentious, self-indulgent bore .