Vampyres (1974) - Horror

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Two mysterious women lure various passers-by to their rural mansion in the English countryside and hold them captive in order to feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: José Ramón Larraz
Stars: Marianne Morris, Anulka Dziubinska
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 69 found boring (27.53%)

One-line Reviews (49)

This was a fantastically enjoyable sleazy vampire effort.

a rather intriguing take on vampires this time involving two women who are lovers and seem to inhabit a seemingly abandoned castle or estate along the desert English countryside.

Daubeney') uses these commercial elements as mere backdrop to a languid meditation on life, death and the impulses - sexual and otherwise - which affirm the human condition.

The location is fab and so British, the photography is stunning.

Other than this, there is very little plot at all, save for an unfortunate American couple who happen to be camping on the grounds of the vampyres' estate.

" And then there's all these ridiculous sub-plots running throughout this cinematic bore-fest that make no sense at all.

Have you ever been bored of either the pathetic shot-on-video goth fantasies that seem to clog up the shelves, or even good old Jess Franco's cool but boring sleaze epics?

The film, remarkably enough, manages to transcend the limitations of its extremely low budget and, in fact, was a surprisingly enjoyable experience for me.

Now, some twenty years later, I've finally sourced a copy and seen what all the fuss was about, I think the only danger this film could have put anyone in is a slow, lingering death induced by absolute boredom.

Your tedious and generally pathetic lesbian vampire flicks are nowhere near as great, sensual and enticing as Joseph Larraz' contribution to this 70's and mainly European sub genre of exploitation cinema!

There is one steamy sex scene (if you could call it that) and this couple prove to be one of the most boring couples right there behind Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

It was intriguing without having a mind-blowing plot.

The two leading ladies – Marianne Morris and Anulka – were very well-cast in my opinion, proving themselves surprisingly compelling screen presences, and this was aided a great deal by their highly contrasting personalities.

The two women then attack the wife and she is dragged, kicking and screaming, back to the cellar where they strip her and then feast on her.

Defiantly uneventful to the brink of art-house abstraction, VAMPYRES must make mighty strange viewing for contemporary audiences weaned on the Misty Mundae variety of bodacious bloodsuckers.

Both stunning beauties lure passing motorists to their lair.

It's not a great movie, but an entertaining one, and worth seeing if only for the literal combination of sex and violence in a startling manner.

"Vampyres" features a lot of sexual footage and nudity, naturally, but the difference with similar contemporary movies (mainly from the hands of the two aforementioned directors) is that this film also has an intriguing plot, a tense Gothic atmosphere, amiable characters, professional cast & crew members and a stunningly beautiful photography.

Maybe the plot ponders about and the cheap foundation shows, but they worked around it neatly enough to create a compellingly, stunning erotica that will definitely feed your hunger.

Disjointed narrative traces the frolicking of two nubile female vampires.

Otherwise, you'd better be into lots of lesbian softcore porn, or you'll be bored stiff.

Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz the main thing I think about when I recall this film is about how many long boring stretches of people walking around doing nothing in particular occur during it's 90 minute running time.

finally got down to watching this film after seeing the interesting cover shot at a video shop and to say the least i enjoyed it.

It is also very uneven at times, in other words, slow-moving occasionally.

While there might be something of a repetitive nature to the film (vampires seduce victim, vampires kill victim, and so on...

Since they stay at a large wooden manor, the sense of opulence and old-world luxury seen there provides a rather enjoyable location in which to introduce these kinds of scenes usually featured here.

The film is very slow, it's over 30 minutes before Miriam does or says anything, and longer before they kill anyone.

Those moments really take you by force on how unsparingly, intense these blood feasts really are.

The novelty of these films, at least what was thought to be at the time, lies in swapping the formulaic traditions of the Hammer stage for feverish visions free to wander; often into sex.

The are quite a few things that don't make an awful lot of sense and there are some moments that the movie just drags on for far too long, such as all the erotic scene's, which only all felt totally pointless.

Though slowly paced, there is an ample amount of suspense and a great deal of gore, as the beautiful ladies lick the spurting blood from the open wounds of their victims.

Fascinating ...

This is actually one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

As with Jess Franco's films, Joseph Larraz spends a lot of time going nowhere, padding out the skimpy story with coy nudity, tracking shots of nothing in particular, 'meaningful' glances, occasional snatches of tedious dialogue and characters doing very little.

There's plenty of nudity, especially from the stunning Morris, and some very erotic scenes, though Larraz was constrained by the British censorship of the day.

Dull, slow-paced horror with a couple of decent moments of horror .

Otherwise, it's a bloody, confusing mess (why is their tomb so far away from their castle?

This entry in the popular sub genre of erotic vampire movies is quite enjoyable, and on more than just a titillation level.

As a film almost totally devoid of plot, you'd be forgiven for thinking this might be pretty boring and incomprehensible.

One annoying feature is what seems to be suspense "build-up" music which is pointless since nothing suspenseful happens.

That evening she returns with a stunning blonde friend named "Miriam" (Anulka Dziubinska) and another man by the name of "Rupert" (Karl Lanchbury).

), no seduction of the young campers, etc. – these can be looked upon as a clever evasion of cliché, rendering the essentially unoriginal material surprisingly fresh!

The problem is, it feels like a fifty-minute film stretched out into ninety minutes, full of endless walks, curious glances, inane conversations and dull erotic scenes.

A lot of wandering around creates confusion and lessens the full feeling of eeriness.

Furthermore , a scary and thrilling musical score creates a real terror .

Tedious in the extreme...

Slow, underdeveloped porno/horror film that has next to nothing to do with Vampires or Dracula.

The story is quite mundane, and revolves around one of the bloodsucker's victims (who is inexplicably kept alive so that Fran can shag him and drink his blood) and a couple who have parked their caravan in the grounds of the house, and who eventually come under attack from the undead lesbian duo.

Even for those who believe that story is what matters there is little chance of becoming bored.