Vantage Point (2008) - Action, Crime, Drama

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The attempted assassination of the American President is told and re-told from several different perspectives.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Pete Travis
Stars: Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 110 out of 437 found boring (25.17%)

One-line Reviews (472)

As repetitive as this is, it does keep things moving along nicely.

A car chase where our hero (Quaid of course) has a "bump" from a car in his sides, does some spinning (of course, he's driving over 100km/h) and continues the chase like nothing happened?

The problem is that Vantage Point wants to marry the slick action of Bourne Identity with the intriguing complexity of Rashomon.

I like puzzles in stories :) (+1) - Aside from the 30 minutes where the movie gets slightly boring, you really get taken away in the 'whodunnit'-plot.

Maybe other viewers felt differently, but I thought the first few flashbacks were slow moving.

interesting story but too contrived .

Save your money or watch something, anything, else.

All in all, an extremely entertaining film and a must-watch.

This is where some people may be mildly irritated because after you see one point of view everything is suddenly rewound and shown from the next person's point of view (this is done six times) before they all converge into a thrilling finale filled with one massive adrenaline-fuelled car/chase sequence.

Directed by Pete Travis made an entertaining thriller with some clever suspenseful moments and better than average action sequences.

i gave it 9 because Its one of those action packed thrillers where your dad goes " Oh it was him !

In the confusion the leader of the "Free World" is kidnapped.

The first thing to say is that Kurosawa is an incomparable master, his Rashomon is one of his great works, and it is based on two stories by a notable writer, Ryunosuke Akutagawa; Pete Travis is a mediocre television director using the book of the hitherto unknown writer Barry Levy in an expensive but unsubtle and unconvincing thriller which has been called a 23-minute movie dragged out to 90 minutes.

Vantage Point achieves what it looks for:bringing the spectator an entertaining time.

They're a bit slow (especially compared to the finale of the movie) to say the least.

vantage point is the most intense movie ever made .

Not since The Bourne Ultimatum have I seen such a convincing, engrossing action thriller.

Intense; Riveting .

Unfortunately though, the one-dimensional characters and the occasional pointless perspective produce an underwhelming, yet enjoyable, twist.

Please don't waste your money on this piece of poop!

Tense and fascinating .

Bland actors like Matthew Fox and William Hurt are given plenty of screen time while Forest Whitaker and in particular Sigourney Weaver are wasted in minor roles.

It just uses the current zeitgeist to make an entertaining thriller, and if you can take that, you'll have some fun.

Very intense!

Confusion and Terror from Multiple Vantages .

this features usually tend to have big budget so there are certain entertaining values, here as well, once one ignores the plot settings.

The car chase is a little odd even if it is exciting.

Vantage Point has a few errors that critics will come down on hard, but if you enjoy sitting down and watching a thrilling action film that unfolds itself then Vantage Point is definitely worth a look!

First, the terrorist's motives were pointless for this movie.

again with this major flaw that throws the whole story, the film still was entertaining.

the plot is completely disjointed and the resolution terribly flat, revolving around the sympathy of killers for one girl running through the streets.

It was about an hour and a half and I enjoyed every second of it and the whole film was so fast paced that it felt like a 30 minutes TV episode.

Even though each viewpoint gives a new twist to the tale, it was a bit boring.

If you love thrilling movies then i bet that you wont find it irritating as mentioned by few.

A Good Film Lessened by the Repetitive Flashbacks .

Entertaining (though far-fetched) political and action thriller .

The seemingly endless filler is tediously redundant, and redundantly tedious.

Plus the movie is action packed.

It was very intense.

Amid the ensuing confusion, Secret Service Agent Thomas Barnes (Quaid) is hot on the trail of those responsible.

For a while longer, the constructions, riveting and unnerving, still work and will likely have you biting your nails.

The final twist will definitely leave you in shock, and then soon have you on the edge of your seat for one of the most audacious and thrilling car chases ever seen on film.

At Least It's Entertaining...

Too bad, the stereotyped bad guys, in every imaginable clichéd scenes, are way too predictable.

It is a breakaway from sequels, cliché-ridden movies and cheap DTV action movies.

Fast and jittery camera work during the entire length of the chase keep adrenaline pumping in as you watch the Chevrolet Astra chasing the Police car.

Some of the twists were predictable and others I liked.

Too much actually, but it is still entertaining even though it was a bit drawn out and unrealistic.

Tedious Movie / Asinine Plot (Spoilers) .

This has to be one of the worst movies in the past few years.

While I've seen loads of this type of action action movies, and most of them are very enjoyable to watch, this one definitely stands out.

As a result, the audience is not presented with a complex situation and asked which perspective they believe, rather they are dragged through the streets of Spain and constantly asked "Did you see that?!?!?

Tedious Disappointment .

Vantage Point is extremely well done, evocative, exhausting, and ultimately rewarding exercise in realistic film making.

As for the last quarter of the film, it's an adrenaline filled, car crashing bucket of awesomeness.

After the third retelling of the events, my poor husband threatened to leave the theater if they replayed it one more time.

Possibly the worst movie I've seen in the last two years .

Which may be one of the many reasons I enjoyed it so much.

Sure , we get to see a little bit of new things with each point of view , but they are still boring.

Nevertheless, the film is not meant to be very monumental, and I found it very exciting and entertaining, being put at the edge of my seat.

It was easy to watch, pretty exciting and at least to begin with quite clever.

No, is the simple answer, which is why Vantage Point is such a terrific waste of time, it doesn't restore your faith in humanity, it destroys it.

The US President is about to give a speech in a city square in Spain, prior to an anti-terrorist summit, when he is shot and, in the ensuing confusion, a bomb goes off.

Full of cliché characters and easily predictable.

The movie is all first and middle act, and lacks a compelling resolution.

And seeing William Hurt (INTO THE WILD) get shot multiple times was pretty enjoyable, too.

Vantage Point is certainly worth a watch for it is an enjoyable, even exciting at times experience.

Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, and Forrest Whitaker (among others) all fit into their roles with ease, and each story is compelling enough to make you actually care about what will happen to each person.

When the film actually starts playing out after revealing it's big twist (while decent, it was too little too late) is becomes a cliché action movie with a over long chase scenes and shoot out between the bad guy and the hero.

The concept of "Vantage Point" is very intelligent and makes for a very entertaining film.

What was more amazing was that Pathe chain of theaters was screening the movie in an empty theatre.

The first hour of the film is repetitive; I grew quickly tired of the film rewinding itself to start over every ten minutes.

There were some laughable moments, but if you're prepared to suspend disbelief, as you should be to watch most Hollywood action films, it does deliver enough fast paced action to get your pulse up.

Dennis Quaid and Forrest Whittaker carried the movie and made it an enjoyable experience.

I thought the first couple rerun of events were exciting...

however i can say that overall i enjoyed it from entertainment point of view at least and i did not walk out as i felt at one point...

The pacing was amazing the first 2 stories were a little slow then the rest of the movie felt like less then an hour.

The ending was one of the worst endings in cinematic history and some of the twists in the story were so pointless I couldn't care less what happened to the characters.

Over all the acting was average , the screenplay was too loose and the movie too predictable.

The car chase scene at the end was so intense, and kept you right on the edge of your seat.

It's more style than substance, but Vantage Point is a mildly engaging diversion.

I understand why it needed to be a part of the story, but they could have done it in a Pupl-Fiction sort of way, which was much more imaginative and compelling instead of seeing the same thing over and over again.

In the past year I have had precisely one enjoyable experience, and that was Sweeny Todd.

I don't know if I'm just overreacting, or is it really that he is so damn good, but I enjoyed it so much.

Overall the film is an entertaining, thrilling action film with an intelligent story line that weakens towards the last quarter of the film.

'Vantage Point' took a plot and portrayed it in a unique approach, which is partially why I felt it was so entertaining.

On the other hand, in another way the story is a little slow.

Forrest's acting was just so bland and lame that you felt he was just a pest in the movie that was just being taped for being taped sake.

While this may be interesting at first, the constant rewinding sequences become boring and redundant by the third time.

My wife didn't like this movie because she said it reminded her of Groundhog Day, but I thought it was very entertaining as did two other male friends of mine who went with us.

You get the car chase, shootouts, cliffhangers; you get basically everything you want from an adrenaline-filled thriller.

All of this make the movie enjoyable to watch even for a person not thriller fan like myself.

Add in the obvious computer generated crowds (repeated over and over) along with repetitive ticking clocks, corny rewinding, and repetitive scenes and you have one tedious, nauseating waist of time and money.

The action scenes were intense.

I highly recommend it to all!

I have read that a lot of people felt that it was boring to see the same story played out over and over.

Overall the conspiracy plot eventually reveals itself as something unlikely and ludicrous, punctuated with banal sentimentality.

Now I don't mind people jumping through fiery rings while dodging bullets from 3 machine guns and somehow managing to land without getting a scratch on their macho stubble bearded faces, replacing intelligent writing with adrenaline rush entertainment can be a fair trade.

Pros: decent story Cons: Poorly directed, too much camera movement and close ups, unrealistic dialogue, unfinished CG, tedious chase scenes, corny clock and rewind scenes, boring repetition of segments, etc. etc.

Bake for 90 minutes in the fires of wooden acting and pop culture cliché.

A gripping action movie!.

A very engaging action film .

Forest Whitaker is always worth watching, and in this one he utilizes his great ability to make us believe something important is happening with his character even though it really isn't a very interesting role or story.

FINAL VERDICT: Suspenseful.

exciting and boring at the same time .

I left the theater nauseated and disappointed.

All the repetitive nonsense aside, they story was full of inconsistencies and plot holes, not the least of which was how some of our lead characters managed to survive a major explosion from such a close distance that they would, at the very least, have suffered from some significant hear loss.

« And with dialogue like this, the whole vaguely intriguing (yet not new) idea of letting the viewer experience an interesting scenario such as the assassination of a president through many different characters' eyes, becomes completely pointless, not to say immensely boring.

And moving back and forth in time made this movie repetitive and annoying.

I found it somewhat entertaining, although bland most of the way through.

other than that,though,there are some pretty exciting moments,and a twist ending i didn't see coming.

Generally, I liked the movie, but (yes, the proverbial "but") after a while the movie became repetitive because of the repeated utilization of flashbacks.

I don't recommend this film, with the worst performance of Whitaker, and i put it 5 just because is quite entertaining.

He then starts the cop-thief car chase which is very much enjoyable.

Forrest Whittaker was given the raw hand of the deal with the worst dialogue in the film and the most dull character sub-plot.

overall: The film can be entertaining for a while but gets boring really quickly.

If you want to see the same 5 minutes of a movie 7 times, (which includes listening to a boring speech!

Have a little patience, and you will be enthralled by the engrossing mystery that slowly unwinds.

better than average, still had some flaws, but enjoyable .

All in all, this movie was enjoyable to watch; there's a car chase, plenty of explosions, and enough shooting to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

For my money, this one had it all, action packed from beginning to end and sitting on the edge of my seat with my teeth clenched for most of the movie.

With every imaginable trickery and cliché to dazzle and dizzy the viewers...

Exciting enough piece if you don't mind loads of coincidences .

When it stops to flesh out the story in some way (which happens a lot at the start) it tends to be pretty weak but when things speed up again and there is shooting and car chases and such then it is much more enjoyable.

It is a waste of time from the beginning to the end.

The same fifteen minutes worth of action is numbingly re-told from the point of view of more than half a dozen characters, with each re-telling giving the viewer a bit more information about the workings of the film's terrorist assassination/abduction plot and weaving the characters into an eye catching but pointless tapestry.

This stylish action packed thriller is great for all the family!

The problem is that is done here in such way that the viewer is simply bored , because the movie keeps repeating the scenes and dialogues we already seen.

The trailers we have been watching for the last several months set up "Vantage Point" as a hot and thrilling action/drama type movie.

Entertaining, .

I will say I definitely enjoyed this fast paced action thriller.

I saw this when it first came out here in the UK back in 2008 and it was a near empty theater, in hindsight this was a good thing as there was no distraction from what I believe is a highly underrated political thriller.

And though it never becomes a comedy, it does become a lot of fun if you just let the story unfold in unexpected plot twists and unlikely action sequences.

I still enjoyed it.

It just made it, as well as those terrible "let's go back to 11:59" moments, tedious and tired.

I think suspension of disbelief is always necessary in this type of story, and if you can do that, it's very entertaining.

i would say it was better than average and it was still enjoyable with pretty good acting and the action/thrilling parts were pulled off well.

This concept is really intriguing and could make a really intense action thriller.

pretty good action even though some of it was just mind boggling.

Brushing aside the ridiculously dull (and formulaic) storyline, the director just bored me with his action sequences.

The film has endless flashbacks which move the plot forward,but at one point those flashbacks begin to seem very tiresome and you want the Director to use a more clever method of presenting the story and moving it forward.

The plot was very well written - it kept us guessing until the exciting ending.

I enjoyed it quite a lot.

a fast paced solid film .

They fill in the gap to the next plot point mostly with pointless filler and repeat footage from the same exact angle you saw it before.

Right from the opening, this is an intense and incredible movie, and easily rates as one of the best we've ever seen!

Overall, this is an enjoyable film, an intelligent action flick that is short and sweet.

One of the better-looking movies (without everything being CGI) that I've seen in a long time, despite the well-founded problems in location confusion (Mexico isn't Spain).

Repetitive and hollow .

What you will see is the assassination, bombing, mass confusion (from the people there to witness the summit ceremony) over and over again, and then the big car chase.

The film works both as an action/adventure and as a whodunnit and I was pleasantly surprised by both the action sequences and the overall quality of direction and story,and as such i would highly recommend it to anyone.

propagandistic, but as a thriller this one is pretty intense .

Dennis Quaid plays a secret service agent who finally figures out whats going on after twenty minutes which is far too long for these sort of investigations.

Action packed, great escape for a Friday night.

The President, obviously, is shot, but it was the loud and unexpected BOOM that caused me to jump.

It's a fast-paced drama maintained throughout and the music (so appropriate) adds to the exciting atmosphere.

Exploiting good acting talent while boring the audience.

This movie was by far the worst movie of the year.

To some this may seem tedious, though I found it increasing engaging and suspenseful with each new point of view.

The first three - quarters of the film are either pointless, the same thing over and over again or building up to the ending.

Vantage Point (2008) is a very exciting film that is full of interesting twists and turns.

I love anything that breaks the mould; any film that can tell a good story in a new, interesting and engaging way.

The events are indeed thrilling.

The story is very engaging and kept me totally interested all the way.

over all it was good, i enjoyed it enough, i don't regret seeing it and i would recommend it for a one time viewing.

I just enjoyed it for what it was.

Overall, it has been a while since I have seen such a gripping action thriller so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie.

The film is well crafted, the fast paced action sequences moved incredibly well.

Twists, direction changes, unexpected decisions, whatever you want to call it; they are now all over the place and we're supposed to, like in "Hide and seek", accept them just like that.

First, it has a starry cast including Dennis Quaid (a welcome return), Matthew Fox (an escape from "Lost"), Forest Whitaker (always engaging), William Hurt (looking presidential in a Gerald Ford way) and Sigourney Weaver (sadly underused).

The confusion is maximised as a small explosion causes panic and chaos in the square, closely followed by carnage as a large bomb is detonated.

Short and full of action, the film has a lot going on and will convince some that it is exciting and gripping.

Then an unknown sniper is able to shoot him and a bomb goes off in the square and it causes panic , destruction , mass confusion and hysteria .

I approached this cautiously, thinking that it might quickly become boring.

Side stories are pointless.

I think it was good and entertaining and I really don't know what they should have done more to make it more.

Way too stretched, but still somewhat entertaining .

" gets really cocky about it and it was someone so unexpected.

Gripping intelligent thriller.

A compelling premise with the star power of this effort (William Hurt, Forrest Whittiker - both Best Actor award winners - as well as Sigourney Weaver, Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox and Bruce McGill, among others) should have brought forth a fascinating motion picture.

The pace is fast, and this is immensely gripping from start to finish.

In some ways, this film may be predictable.

The final act is super exciting!

If you like watching some giant incoherent action packed thriller with no reason to be in suspense, this movie will keep you entertained.

Overall, the movie was intense, from the very beginning we are shattered with the effects of 9/11.

Exciting, entertaining, smart, and just plain *fun*.

But if you're going to do that, you need to make sure that there are engaging points that aren't repeated ad nauseam.

Either a thrilling guilty pleasure or and overdone waste load.

The most exciting sequence happens when Agent Barnes ends up in a thrilling car chase after one of his own, Agent Kent Taylor(Matthew Fox).

The car chase is so ridiculous that it provokes laughter and adds to the movie's already baffling montage of confusion.

Still, even with the slow beginning, I found value in those points of views and it did indeed help round out the story altogether.

It still manages to be entertaining as long as you don't dwell on how much of the movie was just treading water and how many ultimately important characters are about as shallow as a swimming pool filled with Margaret Thatcher's tears.

All in all, I give the movie a 7/10, and a decently entertaining popcorn flick.

Lame and Tedious .

Waste of time .

I found it very entertaining, only flaw is that the Spaniards should have spoken Spanish...

But it's pretty well made, modestly exciting, slickly edited and it brightened up what was threatening to be a dull, mid week evening in a way that didn't tax my poor brain too much.

So, as a conclusion, don't waste your time with this film.

like at least The Kingdom, despite the scare tactics, was an entertaining movie, Vantage Point was boring and lacking of any kind of story.

Enjoyable movie - Adam Fuelling .

If I had to sit through the presidents shooting one more time, I probably would've walked out.

Plainly, I found it not so captivating, even at times boring.

While this is an interesting concept and watching the outcome unravel to the end is thrilling and surprising, for much of the time the key scene replaying again and again ends up making it a rather boring affair that nulls tension rather than enlivens it.

He's gunned down however, apparently the victim of a complex political assassination, and in contrived movie fashion we get several differing viewpoints of the shooting that tie several unrelated characters together.

Vantage Point: Good story, good visuals, amazing acting, high class of entertaining, I think this movie deserve a chance especially it is in the beginning of the year.

this is a good entertaining and absorbing thriller.

There's a very exciting (and, like much of the film, improbable) car chase that reminded me of the chase through Paris in "A View to a Kill" where James Bond drove a similar small blue economy car through crowded European streets.

It just seemed that intriguing to me.

Having just watched this movie I must say that I found it far too repetitive , constantly going over the same scene,s without really achieving anything that added to the storyline, on the whole I found this movie to be completely boring an not the suspenseful action thriller I was expecting from all the hype .

only problem is that the movie is empty so i don't know why bother with a long comment.

Finally at the end everything is finally cut together as it should have been all the way through, the action is smooth and adrenaline filled,if you can stand being in the cinema for the first 3/4 you'll love the last quarter.

It's good for what it is and if you're in the market for an entertaining, "who dunnit?

Worth watching, although "Sentinel" seemed a bit better to me.

She's only in one scene and she seems bored in the role.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a somewhat entertaining film due in large part to the action scenes and the twists in the plot.

Also, although most of the characters have no actual connection until the assassination attempt and subsequent explosion, the climax of the movie is contrived to bring all the characters back together in a different way.

This was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

Instead of becoming interesting it becomes boring and trivial.

The director, British born, Pete Travis, whose previous work includes the TV mini-series Henry VIII and the highly regarded Omagh, offers us an engaging movie with a tough, down-to-earth feel whilst also requiring us to constantly think and rethink about what we're watching.

Overall, it was just mildly entertaining.

We never know what to believe until the end, making an entertaining movie throughout.

Lots of other overused cliché's and a vastly OTT & overlong car chase hindered this.

Montage of confusion.

This becomes a bit dull.

This repetitive nature of the plot gets frustrating after a while.

They have uninteresting and flat dialogues.

He doesn't usually see that happen, and action movies are usually so not my style because I have an eye problem that makes it hard for me to follow fast paced movies.

It's tiresome.

I really enjoyed it.

Slow start, but exciting finale .

There twists and plot were definitely unpredictable and that was splendid, especially when I have a particular knack for guessing what is about to take place.

You do get many new perspectives, but seeing the same events happen over and over again and the cheesy rewind sequences to establish a change in POV really gets a bit boring.

The action scenes are some of the better that I've seen, never boring, and the story also has some creative unexpected turns.

I spent 15 dollars to see this movie with my father and for the first time ever i walked out of the movie theatre feeling like i was conned out of my money.

Its editing pattern and storytelling make viewing the film a very engaging and enjoyable experience.

Vantage Point was poised on the edge of being a great movie...

There happens an impressive explosion on the Plaza , it was filmed by fifteen different cameras under direction of excellent photographer Amir Mokri who makes a colorful and evocative cinematography .

Vantage Point was entertaining and no more hokey or improbable than other thrillers.

The multiple stories do help to make it reasonably absorbing.

Plus, it was quite intense at parts, and it had good performances all around.

I think they accomplished their goal; to be a unique film with a timeline (about 30-40 minutes) shorter than the running time and tell an action packed story.

That said, this film is an entertaining ride, though delivering far less than it promises and is enough to entertain one night at a cinema for the opening hour alone.

The pace is riveting and the filming excellent.

This movie is quite simply amazing and wildly entertaining.

The different perspectives were totally different and exciting, and it all came together at the end.

Not really a "good" movie, but at least it's entertaining.

The trailer for the film seemed really exciting, and worthwhile.

If you like patriotic crap and predicable American propaganda then this is the film for you.

because it makes you think, "Why would they go to such trouble, and waste so many people's time,to make such a colossally bad movie?

Good Movie - Engrossing and Entertaining .

By the 3rd "rewind" I wanted to walk out of the theater.

A complete waste of time.

Some of the story does seem a little far fetched, but it is still entertaining and at the end, all the events are pulled together.

The sixteen-minute "Plotting an Assassination" seems repetitive even with the focus purely on the script and the characters.

And quite honestly, an absurd piece of fiction is always preferable to a dishonestly sanctimonious piece of shallow propaganda like SYRIANA.

With characters this bland, there's no use in getting an A-list cast to portray them.

Riveting ACTION Film--Wonderful Concept .

As the story reached its climax, it was gripping and reminded me of the intensity of 24 - there wasn't a moment when you could relax.

It's sub-par acting, cheesy script and tedious action make it only slightly better than your typical Steven Seagal action flick!

It was completely engaging, unique and stylish.

The movie is full of action and with some good unexpected twists, it will keep you on the edge of your seat The story is good, it is about the different point of views of an assassination attempt to the president of the United States in Spain.

While all was good and enjoyable and entertaining, they could have done a better job with the ending.

Director Pete Travis delivers a bang-up job in making the plot line completely and utterly unpredictable.

You get to see more than one dimensional characters involved in something that jumps out of the blue and involves them,and each time a new twist or clue comes along to keep you interested,and the last 15/20 minutes is genuine on the edge of your seat stuff.

), and ultimately pointless (yes, the president is saved...

Just another cliché that has been done before.

In summary the American's are all too squeaky clean, the terrorists are just one step behind every time, because America can't be beat and it just smacks of pro-Bush, pro-war propaganda.

Playing some shots backwards, which ends every segment, was useless and boring, as long as there is already on-screen clock to clear up the start of every new viewpoint.

It was repetitive and annoying.

A fantastic unpredictable thrill ride.

In terms of camera work and rather confusing and disorienting action sequences, the movie does stay very true to that concept.

" This is very compelling and thrilling.

It was quite a boring thing to watch a movie about 5 times over.

Maybe just worth mentioning the story, which is stupid, superficial, and makes me sick because of propaganda.

Pacing is good, and keeps the adrenaline pumping and the mood intense.

I felt like the night was young all over again standing up and walking out of the theater from all the energy it gave me from the non-stop, intense!!

Weak points in this movie: - Slow start, because of several semi-identical scenes, which don't tell you anything you don't know yet, the movie becomes a bit repetitive/boring in the beginning.

And worst of all, not only bad quality, but also no sense, boring and...

Stirring as well as exciting film packs noisy action , thrills , suspense , explosions , violence , twits and turns .

I felt that the film had a spectacular action flick appeal, that kept the viewer watching, and even the most pretentious minds wondering what was going to happen next.

The enjoyable things about this movie are definitely the cast and the story.

The writers sort of realized that adding five more perspectives to reveal the full mystery (which is what it would have taken) would really bother viewers and get absurdly repetitive, so they combined them all into a final twenty minute action sequence that is like any other normal action movie.

A movie where the leader of the country is in trouble generates much tension to the viewers because, I think, it is gripping to see what the aftermath is and the consequences it leads to for the people involved and the country the leader serves.

I liked their attempt to show all different viewpoints, but it got really repetitive after awhile.

be/Az83wgx3dwgThus, Vantage Point was a real butter-face project which means that there is a lot to really like about it (seriously), but once its over & credits begin to roll across the screen, its likely that, many will wonder why they enjoyed it.

Not only is the entire concept implemented poorly, but it is largely irrelevant to the actual plot or character development, and only serves to draw out a 24-like episode into a terrible and agonizingly dull movie.

Pretty entertaining action film .

This is a keeper and one that can be watched over and over to see the intense detail from every perspective.

The best guide I can give you is the audience's reaction from last night.. There were increasingly audible groans and sighs during the irritating 'rewind' sequences There were people laughing AT the movie during the last 20 minutes as the action took on a hilarious rather than exciting quality The dialogue, particularly in the final few scenes, raised further guffaws.

it was entertaining.

major flaw was with the stunt by the window and the remote machine gun left in an empty room while the secret service has just left all room alone.

For the sake of simplicity, half as many perspectives would have been plenty, especially since few of the characters in this tense, white-knuckled nonsense are even remotely fascinating.

Its repetitive nature allows certain details to be revealed with each perspective, crafting a multi-layered mystery.

The A list cast do their best, but cannot escape the hollow characterizations and morass of pointless plot points around them.

Another problem with the approach to the narrative and the character perspectives (aside from being pretty uninteresting) is that some of the same characters repeat their same scenes in other people's story arcs which unfortunately made the film feel a little monotonous and repetitive.

If you turn your brain off, this is an intriguing little thriller that builds suspense by keeping you guessing, with a high-adrenaline chase at the end.

Still the movie was worth watching once, and now i have!!!

The suspense always remains high & keeps you guessing but too many holes, pointless sub-plots & scenes repeated ruin this.

Anyway, i think "Vanteg Point" is an entertaining mess easy to forget, the typical Hollywood big product.

The downside is though that as the film (esp in the first hour) keeps on re-tracing backwards it can get a bit tiresome and frustrating watching the same thing over and over again.

The character development was non existent, the movie was so repetitive.

And in the process of the repetitions, a tremendous, wildly exciting film unfolds and evolves.

This is what Variety has to say about it and I couldn't agree more, "… a 23-minute movie dragged out, via some narrative gimmickry, to a punishing hour and a half.

And the action scenes are shot for maximum entertainment, particularly the car chase which was thrilling without dragging on.

if you want to watch obvious black&white propaganda, watch soviet silent films.

Very difficult to follow.

Each segment becomes increasingly longer and more complex -- as well as increasingly more exciting and progressively more absurd.

None of the earlier perspectives matters to the story at all, and the most they offer is a tiny bit of insight into the already flat and predictable personalities of the cast.

While the car chase scene is quite thrilling it would never ever happen.

The acting was poor, the dialogue even worse, it should have been marketed as comedy cos i was laughing throughout especially the last 30mins, it was cliché after cliché followed by a typical cheesy ending.

I suppose if you don't think and are undemanding its a fun ride, however for me I was bored silly by the middle of the second go round.

Worth watching!

Its the same events done over in rapid succession and it gets tiring and boring very fast.

Thrilling, smart and highly engaging - what a rare treat.

The whole "war on terror" thing is boring and the fact that there are more and more of these dire "war on terror" films being released is boring.

The action in this movie was so intense and will keep you right on the edge of your seat the whole movie.

Probably my biggest issue with the movie is that it's repetitive.

The film is drenched with big names who barely get a look into the film such as Sigourney Weaver who appears for just over 10minutes and Whitaker ( to be a honest a pointless character) is given around 20-25minutes of screen time.

The plot is very engaging, and other than its conclusion(admittedly could have used work, though I can't claim that I can offhand think of something better; and it certainly is cool, and it does tie up all loose ends), it's satisfying.

Dennis Quaid is the memorable moment; his intense performance was more powerful than the rest's performances, and characters.

" Unfortunately, these shuffling perspectives grow tiresome despite the additions that they furnish to plot.

What's even funnier is how convenient everything seems during the climax as well as when the film tries to be all dramatic and intense it feels even cornier than it is.

I just spent an engrossing 90 minutes watching this film.

Actually, this turned out to be a very interesting mystery/suspense/thriller/action type movie that was at times very exciting.

The real problem is that the eight perspectives of the 'event' are all from people that were at the same place & time and the audience must suffer through eight dull recounts of the same story with the added bonus of a little piece of the puzzle thrown in at the very end of the eight separate segments.

If you actually like to use your brain you will be as insulted as I was by how little depth the movie actually provided, and you'll probably feel like a Bush loving redneck when you leave the theater.

Too many repeated scenes without any good reason, boring chasing scenes, everything about this movie is bad.

As the little girl stands there screaming, coincidentally, the driver is preoccupied and not looking at the road (Yes, that cliché).

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole hour and a half.

Just a waste of time and money due to the lack of creativity of some writers and directors.

That it was a complete waste of your time.

The narrative quickly becomes more tiresome than interesting, reiterating the lack of ideas that went into this film.

So do you like sort of spy-vs-spy semi-action chase genre movies with uneven pacing, a repetitive gimmick employed like a Star Trek episode and some of the problems I disliked?

At least it has some entertaining value and it plays out at a good pace.

It was so entertaining.

The Ending Saved Thie Confusing Beginning .

Seeing events unfold from several different "vantage points" sounds clever but, in reality, it seemed tedious and shallow.

All in all, Vantage Point is entertaining, if you don't question it very much.

However, after 3-4 occurrences of rewinds, one might get bored seeing the technique monotonously and the upcoming rewinds often become expected.

As for what the film promises, it promises a good puzzle, suspense and intense action.

Worst Movie I Have Seen So Far In 08'...

A totally pointless movie, IMO.

This, in effect, makes film slightly repetitive, but it also gives it a more detailed thoroughness that would make the scene seem dragged out in a linear arrangement of events.

The script is eternally bland and the story is a poor man's attempt at "Crash", treating its audience like idiots.

An Exciting Movie Told In An Interesting Way .

The action in "Vantage Point" never stops, yet the whole things feels oddly inert and boring.

For sure, the critics were truly had a mixed blessing with this movie and some audiences felt it was boring as well.

The BEST constructed and most intense movie I've EVER seen!

the perspective thing really made it original with the characters having intriguing intertwining stories and twists to the story.

After we go through the basic shooting scene over and over and over (yawn) we finally move on, only to focus on all sorts of unbelievable, unrealistic action with much of it never explained to the viewers.

Plan to spend a good number of the 90 minutes on the edge of your seat.

All-in-all, fast-paced, moderately thrilling and obviously well thought-out.

Vantage Point is mostly tiresome - that includes the story, characters, action, and acting/dialog - it's mostly been done before and better.

) At first, there's a mild pleasure to be had from all the hectic goings-on and the starry cast works hard, but after a silly twist midway through, the whole concoction - full of coincidences and implausibilities - grows more and more ludicrous, culminating in a well-made, but drawn-out car chase.

(Spoiler)The movie is purposely repetitive for almost the first half and then becomes sort of a standard chase movie.

This has to be the most exciting film I have seen this year.

interesting story but too contrived Essentially it's about another action movie with many gimmicks, as to to imply that there's something original and relevant.

It's the same story but instead of a more political approach we seen a highly entertaining thriller with a great mystery too.

" Also, it's probably has been said many times before but the constant rewinding to introduce yet another perspective got so repetitive and redundant that you quickly lost interest in the film.

absorbing thriller .

Each time the story of one reaches a head, the clock goes back to the start for the next one, revealing new plot points and twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat till the end.

oh my gosh i loved this film so much..i was in class and my teacher told me it was a terrible film..that he hated it so much..i was like okay i will hate it too he's a theater teacher so he knows something about like 9 months later i rented it and i was like whatever I'm gonna see it..and oh my gosh it was so intense!!!

Oscars have been handed out this year to supposedly very good movies that left me cold when I saw them,Vantage Point is surprisingly good and extremely entertaining.

Enjoyable nonetheless and rather underrated.

A gripping Thriller.

The story is being told from different points and is a gripping action movie.


Intriguing Premise, Horribly Executed .

I liked the way the director approached the idea and it was a good entertaining movie for the most part.

Engrossing Action Film .

With every vantage point, you learn a new thrilling clue about the event's which occurred prior to the presidents assassination.

The best part is the car chase scene in the end, amidst the already chaotic city, that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I will admit though that the action, which again I've seen before, is intense, and the twists have a fleeting inkling of surprise.

Worst Movie of the last two years.

The film was boring, the plot was boring, the fact that the film rewound every ten minutes or so is not only boring but downright irritating.

If you handle it Pulp Fiction-style, inter-cutting and jumping around in the chronology, you run risk of confusing more casual moviegoers.

Action packed, the story rolls at rapid pacing to serve like caffeine for the audience's adrenaline to kick.

poor points; the review titled (Intriguing Premise, Horribly Executed) stated 8 points where the movie didn't make sense.

*Yawn* The direction is quick-cut ADD, typical of lousy Hollywood films today, with the director allowing these same movie stars to chew the scenery.

My rating system:5 and below - don't waste your time; 6 - the movie can be entertaining; to you, if you like the genre/like the actor/don't expect much of it; 7 - high chances of it being entertaining to the majority of people; 8 - everybody will have a good time watching this; 9 - this movie is nearly flawless and probably among best in genre; 10 - absolute genre-defining masterpiece

I must say this movie is action packed and really entertaining.

When everything is said and done, this high-octane, nail-biter depends on a tedious flashback gimmick to pump up its formulaic thrills and contrived chills in an incredibly convoluted plot that ultimately confuses more than it compels.

Howard's role is actually pointless and who unfortunately takes up too much time which would have been better off spent on the major characters who are actually interesting.

However, unlike shows that have done this successfully, like Groundhog Day (which was fun) or Regenesis (which rewinds the tape only a few seconds or a minute to present another "vantage point"), this film does it in a very boring and annoying way.

The film only functions as a pretentious unintentional comedy.

Unfortunately it is repetitive to the N'th degree we see an explosion 8 times, which significantly ruins the affect the explosion is meant to have on you.

i would like to start off by saying this was by far the worst movie i have ever seen.

The thing that got me with this movie was how the plot dragged on...

Every 20 minutes or so you're right on the edge of your seat and are left hanging until the very end.

But the way it does this, by getting to an explosion, rewinding and then starting again, got repetitive by the 4th time.

Each scene leaves you on the edge of your seat exhaling slowly as you wait for your adrenaline to slow.

It got me literally on the edge of my seat, sweating, and my heart was actually beating hard in anticipation, which sadly I rarely feel while watching other action movies.

There are also many unnecessary "perspective scenes" which causes the movie to get very repetitive and boring.

Take it for what it is, a good, entertaining film .

Arrogance becomes the word of the moment as Hollywood has become so much so that they decide they know what's best for the country, churning out mindless action, brainwashing society into feeling that any movie that asks for thought is just boring.

Absolutely action packed, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, how could anyone not be?

But when the plot of the movie is this ridiculous, it's just a flashy scam for having no story and no characters.

Easily the worst movie I have ever seen.

One of the dullest reads for presidential writing ever.

repetitive .

You are dragged through 8 perspectives which when you reach the 3 perspective gets so mind numbingly boring that you just want it to stop.

His character was dull and boring and I didn't care if he saved the president.

I didn't whoop or holler, more like laugh and cringe at the cliché ridden script.

Despite an intriguing premise and talented direction, in "Vantage Point," less would have been more.

The result is a repetitive, hollow action film which has little suspense.

Just thinking back on this movie, I think it a waste of my time, and definitely not worth yours.

There were some stupid idiots in my theater that were booing every time the scene got restarted, and that's where I think a lot of people will dislike this film, because it is undoubtedly repetitive.

Yes you argue that this is necessary to slot everything together, but for me seeing more or less the same scene on a continuous loop does not make for a particularly insightful, interesting or engrossing experience it just makes the film dull.

While some of the characters were unnecessary this movie still proved to be moderately entertaining with some decent suspense and action scenes.

So anybody with half an ounce of intelligence is left with an utterly pointless plot.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this very exciting movie.

From what appeared to be a fascinating premise it ended as a run-of-the-mill action film.

In all, we watch a very repetitive story, and not much of an actual story at that.

Its so boring, silly, cant get any worse,, 3.

The rewinding after each point of view was rather annoying, but apart from this, the thriller element won me over and I was on the edge of my seat.

Dennis Quaid phones in, and Forest Whitaker is good within the confines of his dull role.

If it had one-third of the intelligence of "Rashomon", I might have enjoyed it.

Because it delivers also hidden propaganda, it gets only 6.

Vantage Point was an exciting, visceral ride that had a riveting story, and a great ensemble cast.

It kept me on tenterhooks throughout, especially as I waited to see how each character fitted into the story (although, such a way of filming could bore audiences fast if other films decided to copy).

A very boring film.

Some of the plot twists are reasonably amusing, and all in all "Vantage Point" is able to run on a fair bit of adrenaline.

I found incredible how they shot the film in Mexico City, i imagine the producers thinking "Mexico is very cheap and must look just like Spain", i know that my country is cheaper to make a film but i found very fake and dull how in the same scene they show the modern subway of Mexico City with old colonial builds as background.

The car chase was way too long.

The story whilst complicated is exciting and told magically through the different characters.

Thrilling and exciting picture set the city of Salamanca , Spain , where in a public square takes place extraordinary events .

For me, the hardest films to review are the ones that excel and those who plummet deep into failure, I mention this to explain why this review may sound dull and uninspired, it is born out of the mediocrity of the film.

well as an end note , thanks for an entertaining road, i liked the visuals.

This watchable but entertaining suspense-thriller does gets tedious after awhile for some viewers.

What happens after the shootings is mostly quite cool, apart from Forest Whitakers story as it seems pointless.

Although fast moving and generally entertaining, this Kurosawa-wannabe is occasionally confusing and often preposterous.

worst movie ever .

For a thriller that is supposed to be action packed and only an hour and twenty minutes long, I was actually dumbfounded at how bored I was only half an hour in, and how painful the idea of another hour of this nonsense was to me.

It is one of the best and most riveting movies I have ever seen.

Disadvantage Pretentious Point .

I always have liked thrilling exciting films that also were puzzling for various reasons.

It is a shame because the concept could have developed into an intriguing and suspenseful mystery.

At a convention (against terrorism, how cliché), the US president is shot, you hear 1 distant explosion (later in the movie you see where that was), followed by another one shortly after, killing hundreds of people.

Thrilling screenplay and plot .

One of THE worst movies of all times .

I mean the chase scenes are quite bland.

I suspect some "critics" are forced to be oh so discerning that they miss basic elements - this was a thrilling, action-packed, and rather clever way of looking at an intense incident and is an excellent example of the age-old adage that truth is relative.

To be honest reversing to 12:00 am makes sense, its just doing it 8 times and 3 of them being pointless to the main story line that makes its annoying.

As the President raises his arms into the air to greet the cheering crowd, shots ring out from an unknown source and the thrilling whodunit begins.

If done like Vantage Point, where you repeatedly watch a 15-minute segment and then rewind and watch it again and again from different perspectives, it feels repetitive, and by end it can feel like you only watched a 45-minute movie.

Thrilling film with a peculiar edition narrated under several sight points , as various minutes are retold, emphasizing different characters' actions and gradually, we discover who's behind the script .

It was shocking, suspenseful, and carried the big mystery as well as the little mysteries well.

Intriguing .

Most importantly though, the movie was a big propaganda, a fact that i hated.

The repeating of the scene of the presidential killing was boring and nerve racking.

The whole thing seemed to be contrived.

(My Comment) The movie is an action packed thriller with a wild and sometimes terrifying car chase.

Fast paced and well shot.

Boring , dumb and predictable thriller .

waste of time .

I left the theater not knowing if I really liked the movie or not--I felt confused.

It's very rare to find a film that has non-stop excitement and suspense, while at the same time managing to be quite a smart and engaging thriller which offers something new and original.

Thrilling action packed and a great production.

The plot is one of the best I've ever seen, and I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time.

About half the people in the theatre walked out after the 4th reenactment of the same scene.

Unfortunately, the rewind device that illustrates that time once again has jumped back to high noon is overused and eventually becomes tedious.

The story is completely implausible, the directing sucks, the dialogue is as bad as it gets, there is pretty much every action cliché contained in the film, and it is all done with the intent of the movie being very serious with itself; in other words, you are not supposed to be laughing.

A high octane & riveting thriller .

That's the best feature of this movie: it's very entertaining and once you start it, it's tough to put down.

Overall not an amazing movie, but worth watching.

Actually, there is no story to speak of, no characterisation, no background, nothing really except the ongoing mystery of what is going on.

The trailers and commercials give away an awful lot, so if you haven't seen them, the film might be even more entertaining.

This whole movie was thrilling, suspenseful and interesting which led to an action packed ending with the best cinematography I have seen in years (you will all know the mouth dropping camera work I am talking about when you see the movie).

I have watched the DVD twice and still find the characters somewhat confusing.

It's worth seeing and quite enjoyable, though don't expect a perfect film.

The five diff point of views were good, but after 2 of them, one would get bored to see the rest as there was nothing drastically different between each one of them.

this was the worst movie i have seen in years.