Varsity Blues (1999) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A back-up quarterback is chosen to lead a Texas football team to victory after the star quarterback is injured.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Brian Robbins
Stars: James Van Der Beek, Jon Voight
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 49 out of 271 found boring (18.08%)

One-line Reviews (147)

"Varsity Blues" is a very entertaining comedy-drama from director (and former star of TV's "Head of the Class") Brian Robbins.

Very predictable ending, pretty transparent characters, and I could fully do without James Van Der Beek's southern Texas accent.

Fairly entertaining, despite all the cliches .

The story is far too predictable and the nasty homophobia depicted in the film, whether realistic or not, makes this a film to miss.

Varsity Blues is a waste of time and not very enjoyable to watch and has way too many annoying characters that get on your nerves too much.

The film was pretty predictable from beginning to end.

What I got was a boring and predictable movie.

It's more of a compelling comedy-drama about football that delivers a fine message about sportsmanship.

The characters are real, and their actions were unpredictable, in a movie setting which is seemingly predictable.

*SPOILER*Absolutely predictable....

Exciting game scenes.

On the other hand, I found it engrossingly fascinating, viewing the six primary "high-schoolers" here, versus the actor's real ages at time of the film's release.

Definitely should be an enjoyable movie for teens, adults, and football fans.

A complete waste that, sadly, appears to be destined to make enough money to keep the crap coming from MTV.

This movie will uplift anyone, it is very enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

The intense football scenes were probably the only stellar parts in this movie.

This film is lots of fun, with some laughs saved up for the right places, instead of just a bunch of random cheap laughs you find splattered everywhere in "The Waterboy" (1998), which was only enjoyable if you really wanted to like it to begin with.

It is very original and entertaining.

The small love story also makes it enjoyable for girls.

An unexpected pleasure to watch.

MTV doesn't deserve to call their movies "films", because they are usually pointless wastes of time.

Jon Voight was very compelling and convincing as the coach.

The characters may all be clichéd but a number of them still manage to be compelling.

Sure, its predictible but its also entertaining and fun.

I am not a football fan, nor am I an athlete, but I found the game scenes fascinating.

Many exciting and unusual things happen along the way: Billy Bob's puking fest in the laundry room, Tweeder stealing the cop car, and Mox bringing the guys to a strip joint where they see their teacher as one of the exotic dancers.

The theme was dragged out too loooooonnnnnggggg and cliched.

Varsity Blues is about as predictable a movie as you will ever see.

This is an unpretentious and entertaining movie about high school football in a small Texas community.

Can Hollywood PLEASE get over the whole quarterback + blonde cheerleader bimbo cliche?

snore .

Overall a guilty pleasure that's fun and entertaining.

On the bright side, it was a very entertaining and funny film.

As a sports movie it is very predictable, Will they win the big game?

Varisty Blues' humor was as dull and tasteless as something shown on a teen-based T.

Very entertaining and funny film.

Usually the trailers give away far far too much of the plot, and even in some cases make the movie predictable.

Entertaining .

Watching some of the intense game footage during "Varsity Blues" reminded me of the high school football games that I've attended.

James Van Der Beek is in his 20's He could spend all of this time making an oscar winning movie, but no, he just works on a pointless teen flick that has bad acting.

" Even the characters are cliche.

It is predictable, but still fun and entertaining.

Varsity Blues is produced by MTV, stars actors I normally wouldn't watch, and as it turns out it is one of the most exciting and intense sports films I've ever seen.

Varsity Blues is a typical sports movie full of cliched characters, slo mo shots, and a predictable ending.

while the dynamic between the ol' boys on the team was entertaining, the female characters are figurines that could have had so much more depth, and jon voight didn't have to do much more than the atypical coach role we've seen so many times before.

Bad plot but entertaining.

The game scenes are exciting and the side stories entertaining enough to move the movie along.

Ho-hum teen flick of little interest to anyone who doesn't like American football or James Van Der Beek.

But, if you just want to sit back and enjoy a humorous, adrenaline-pumping, testerone-laden football show I suggest you pay your six bucks and grab a seat.

But once the second hour started the film became way to predictable.

But it is at least entertaining enough to be worth your while.

Well anyways Id go see this it was enjoyable.

a cliché ridden film .

It's downright entertaining, if you're in the mood for a little bubble gum.

I reiterate once again, this is a great movie, with great performances, especially by Jon Voight, and an enjoyable story.

Overall one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

and the game scenes were very enjoyable and I'll accept the the common hero-villain cliche in this - whatever...

There is also excellent game footage, and the movie's ending is good but very predictable.

Seen it before but still an enjoyable, if familiar, film .

the characters are one-dimensional and the characters and plot are predictable and sophomoric.

) But, I do recommend going to see it, it's entertaining, inspiring, has nudity and cussing...

Every cliché of the genre is here.

It was the most entertaining movie I've seen in a long time and I'm looking forward to seeing it many more times.

The movie is very entertaining.

"Varsity Blues" is a tedious, shallow and formulaic tale of small town high school football hijinks wherein the adults are even more developmentally disabled than the hormone-crazed teenagers they've produced.

I was sincerely hoping this film wouldn't be a bland testosterone filled sports movie that is just dumb, and my hopes were meet satisfaction.

There are good dramatic moments, a few good laughs, some compelling characters.

This story of a second string quarter back who gets his chance to show the football fanatical town that he can play the game, is the kind of coming of age movie that anyone can relate to.

Save your money.

Very entertaining sports movie .

Unlike similar films, the group is small and well-defined and their interaction seems genuine, as well as entertaining.

I was surprised at how engrossing and entertaining "Varsity Blues" is, much more so than similar films, like "Remember the Titans" (2000), "Woodlawn" (2015) and scores of others.

7/10 - entertaining Texas high school football makes for a good night-in

If you want a real comedy watched the movie "Election", that teen flick is much better than this pointless movie.

But don't waste your time just for that.

Overall, an entertaining rental.

Also, the scenes with Mox's little brother, I thought were kind of stupid and pointless, too.

This is the first film I have ever walked out on.

Everything seemed a bit contrived, and what few funny bits there were got lost among some of the nonsense...

Varsity Blues is a very predictable football drama that is very similar in tone and style to 2004's Friday Night Lights.

Gritty but predictable .

To my utter surprise, I rather enjoyed it.

So even though it had a lot of problems, overall it was enjoyable.

Very Predictable .

I highly recommend it!!!

I've never seen Dawson's Creek so am not familiar with Van Der Beek, but he does seem to be very bland (although he appears more interesting by sharing his scenes with Paul Walker!

"Varsity Blues", just like other sports films such as "The Mighty Ducks" and "All the Right Moves" is a horribly predictable sports flick in which we ALL know that the team the film is focusing on will win.

A waste of time .

Varsity Blues was a gripping tale about a young Vanderbeek's struggle with the police and FBI.

a lot of people are complaining about Varsity Blues, saying it's too predictable yada yada...

It was a total waste of time.

Predictable .

He was just too over-the-top; too unnecessarily evil to the point where he was a cliché.

Don't waste your time or your money.

The thin premise consisting of a battle between the one dimensional well intentioned "kid" (John Moxon) and his equally one dimensional evil nemesis (Coach Bud Kilmer) made for a predictable plot and outcome.

Although this wasn't the most solid script ever and it didn't present any values or commentary on society worth noting, except it did criticize some Americans over inflated value of Football, this was an entertaining movie worth seeing.

The movie was predictable and ended up as a waste of both my money and time.

The movie ends up from good to down right predictable.

But all in all it was enjoyable.

A boring cliche.

Oh yes, of course, the biggest cliché of all...

There are a few exceptions, such as how much the players could get away with and how overzealous the parents are; but overall this is a fun, entertaining film.

Having said all that, I would still recommend seeing this movie as even with all of it flaws, it was still enjoyable.

A tough but predictable look at the structure of a backwater college football team and its demanding coach.

But in spite of it's many shortcomings, Varsity Blues is an entertaining, albeit cheesy, high school flick.

The context of football is seemingly irrelevant; any kind of activity that attempts to distract such low-life people from the sad reality of their empty lives would suffice.

There's quite a bit of cliché' in this and the usual high school stuff (popular (cheerleader or not) girl wants the star quarterback, even if it means cheating).

The movie features everything you'd want in a film of this ilk -- the sexpot cheerleader (Ali Larter), wild schoolmates (Scott Caan, Ron Lester), the smart girl (Amy Smart, no pun intended), wild parties, miscellaneous coming-of-age antics, megalomaniac coach (Jon Voight) and everything that goes with intense sports competition.

) but for what it is, I think it's a good and entertaining movie.

Still while it does contradict itself it is still an enjoyable film.

`Varsity Blues' takes on every teen movie cliché it can in any possible moment.

if only because it's more entertaining .

I walked into this movie expecting a music video that featured drinking, sex and football, but was pleased to discover a well done and enjoyable flick.

And it was so boring.

But as predictable and formulaic as it is Varsity Blues still provides reasonably decent entertainment.

The performances of the actors playing the primary six high-schoolers, along with Jon Voight, were all engaging and well-performed.

Too Predictable :( .

It just ended up being really long and boring for me!

Cliche riddled silliness that takes place in a little Texas town where nothing matters except for High School Football.

The only thing that saves this is seeing it on video so when the obvious sports cliche/game-winning play happens, you can fast forward through the movie's slow motion and see the play in real time.

Voight gives us a compelling villain to despise and the film more nuanced that meets the eye.

I walked out of the theater shuddering, as the events in Mox's life resounded with some of those from my own.

There is no plot, and even one scene their sex education teacher turns into a stripper.

Pressure is intense.

James Van der Beek plays a compelling character, a second string football hero more interested in his future than the immediate glory of small town Texas high school football.

Predictable and boring .

This is easily the worst movie I have ever been subjected to.

Likewise, the film itself was quite predictable as well.

I must admit, the first 45 minutes of this movie was somewhat entertaining.

this movie was cute but trite I mean ok so they win games and the coach is a dick in most football movies this hapends....

MTV movie features every single cliche in the book.

An enjoyable, entertaining diversion; what a movie is supposed to be.

The film manages to encompass just about every cliché endemic to this well-worn genre.

For everyone else though, this is bland, uninteresting and rather pointless.

But for all of its shortcomings, it is still an entertaining movie.

Predictable, pointless .

The first is that it is cliche.

So I really didn't originally think that I would enjoy this movie, but to my surprise I really enjoyed it.

A waste of time.

I cannot believe all the positive comments posted for this waste of time and talent.

What a waste of time...

I found it a bit confusing as I didn't really understand the rules to american football, although it has certainly upped my appreciation for the game.

"Varsity Blues" is a very entertaining comedy-drama from director Brian Robbins (a long way from his acting days on TV's "Head of the Class").

Save your money...

Ok, so it was some what predictable, I didn't care.

This isn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it was entertaining.

This plot was terribly predictable and awful It's one of the worst "films" i've ever seen ALEJANDRO