Velayudham (2011) - Action, Adventure

Hohum Score



After a villager unwittingly prevents a number of terrorist attacks in Chennai, a young journalist identifies and persuades him to take on the disguise of a superhero to fight terrorism and corruption.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Mohan Raja
Stars: Joseph Vijay, Genelia D'Souza
Length: 186 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 69 found boring (5.79%)

One-line Reviews (30)

This time around, Vijay has teamed up Jayam Raja, who has deftly packaged it with adrenaline pumping action, great comedy, loads of sister sentiment, good music and two gorgeous heroines to romance our hero, and offered ...

Hollywood stunt master Tom Delmar-trained fights are breathtaking.

Even terrorists are bored of bombing the same old Mumbai or Delhi.

Worth watching with family or friends.

In the second he is the action packed superhero Velayudham.

Vijay continue entertaining the fans like you do always.

Velayudham is a movie worth watching.

Usually his xerox machines works very fine but somehow he tried the formulaic second half that wrecked the movie, very badly.

Stunts need to mentioned here, beautifully choreographed by stunt Silva and Arasu, each and every punch was breathtaking.

Velayudham is a average usual Vijay flick, which has the same boring elements.

She creates a character called 'Velayudham' who has arrived to eliminate rowdyism and creates a propaganda.

The first half of the film is racy, engaging the audiences with interesting comedy and thrilling elements.

Raja that he has come out of the brother-directs-brother mould to direct his first film with a hero of Vijay's stature and churn out reasonably engaging fare.

An All-Round action packed entertainer showcased perfectly .

"Velayudham" has nothing much new in it , not much detailing have gone into its making ,no research whatsoever , the actors have not strained much, except the front-line actors others are largely unknown, BUT the movie clicks with the audience because whatever is needed for a movie to be entertaining is aptly mixed & presented tastefully.

Its usual vijay movie with heavy mass entertaining without logic..Already he did movies like "Tirupatchi","Bagavathi".. and this movie velayudham remember those previous movies in screenplay and story..Also they tried to give movie like "Anniyan -did by Vikram".. and its obvious in movie when vijay coming as mask man velayudham..Its usual tamil cinema commercial movie ..Nothing new in just for vijay fans its a treat.. and good comeback by vijay after 5 long failures..Overall its very average movie.. my rating is 5 out of 10

The screenplay is fast and the unexpected climax is the most special about the movie...

The action sequence are mind blowing and Hollywood stunt director Bob Delmer performed a stunning stunt sequence with the train...

But Vijay proved his mettle with an action packed entertainer satisfying all needs of aged people.

Our hero Vijay wears themast of Velayutham to stop the corruption in the city and the rest of the film speaks about how Vijay takes over villain and his gangHow does Vijay defeats the evil forces and saves his people is said in a heart gripping action sequences and intelligent climax.

Screenplay is fast paced and when the action gets to a high we have a nice number or comedy scene to take the heat off.

I'm thinking Vijay will join politics soon and the movie's a vehicle of political propaganda.

This is what he is so good at..entertaining people.

There are many scenes in the movie where your adrenaline rushes, heart pumps and finally you end up with dry throat screaming at your maximum possible decibel level.

A big thanks to the crew of Velayudham for such an entertaining movie.

they were mind blowing...

Songs have been perfectly placed and beautifully captured, opening song was a treat to watch, beautiful colors and was a perfect start to a fast paced movie.

With a premise adapted from a telugu film, 'Azad', Jeyam Raja (who is famous for adapting successful films to Tamil) have once again proved his forte in it with an entertaining fare, Velayudham.

Sandhanam is an unexpected dud.

The bad screenplay and the lingering confusion on how to move the story is evident in the second half.