Venom (2018) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A failed reporter is bonded to an alien entity, one of many symbiotes who have invaded Earth. But the being takes a liking to Earth and decides to protect it.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Stars: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 113 out of 1000 found boring (11.3%)

One-line Reviews (432)

The story could have been better, but time from time was boring.

Completing the troika, Venom also has another collector's item - a bland Riz Ahmed turn as an Elon Musk-y visionary saddled with dreadful dialogue ("Find my Symbiote NOW").

Apart from this: Extra dose of awkward comedy; Plenty of plot holes; Eye souring visual effects; Bland music; Beaten down story; and even the fight sequences try hard to prevent you from enjoying this.

Edit all of his scenes and put them in a supercut on YouTube; you'll cure someone's insomnia.

The critics have got this Spot OnFinal thought - Don't waste ur time and money on this movie and if there is to be a Venom 2 I really hope Marvel Studios make it!

The film also seems disjointed and I read that 40 minutes of scenes were deleted (including some of Tom Hardy's favorite) and that may explain that this film was badly edited and perhaps some critical scenes that would have made the movie better were removed.

After i saw this harsh critics i decided to dont watch this movie but last night i watched the movie it was to fun but it was some holes in screenplay i thing it was because of the censorship for delet some r rated scenes and another weakness of movie was the slow rhythm of movie and the change of the venom character was to fast and it was non sense.....

While watching the movie ,ignore the gramatical criticisam .. This movie is fantastic to watch .. I just started to watch and after a while it just finished .. I dont get bored at least once a moment ...

It gives time to explain the villain and his motive, not just a megalomaniac who wants to destroy and rule the world (it has been obsoleted, remember Justice League :( ), a humanized hero, who is nobody, but willing to do the best to help people around him, a little ingredients of love life, sweet but not too much romantism, simply, it can relate easily to people, and oh.. Stan Lee appearance is perfect and entertaining.

kept me on the edge of my seat pretty well, and kept me full of a feeling of pure awesomeness.

This movie has been dragged through the dirt for absolutely no reason at all.

Anyway, he eventually gets in contact with the Venom, this alien thing with confusing intentions, and then the movie goes beyond ridiculous.

I can't honestly say I'd recommend this film, yet fans of enjoyable action movies that are pure entertainment and also surprisingly funny will have a ball.

To be honest, the begging of the movie was boring, like the first 20 minutes, but after that it got a bit intriguing.

It's worth watching, even if you just Redbox it.

very entertaining and i laughed a lot .. good combination between tom and venom.....

Enjoyable .

Well worth the watch

Tom Hardy - as both Eddie Brock & (especially) Venom - is a lot of fun, but the antagonist is a toothless cliche; the first 30m felt unnecessary (could've been condensed to about 5-10m) while the ending felt rushed.

There are some complaint I have, one of which is the special effects at certain times, another is the "oh no he died, just kidding"-cliché.

When Venom speaks, it quickly goes from eerie to entertaining with the quick witted one liners he spews out, like his unrelated red and blue counterpart.

Everything in this movie is just ugliness, terrible CGI, dumb villain, so cliche, weak script & dialog even the poster is just horrible it looks like Tom Hardy with diarrhea cow on the half of his face.

It wants to be all portentous and Marvel-y (Ludwig Göransson's bombastic score, the end credits malarkey), but channelling Stanley Ipkiss might have been a helluva lot more entertaining.

Funny and entertaining, what more can you ask for in a movie .

When I watched the trailers I can defo say I was impressed with the Venom Suit, this is how the suit should look like rather than the Spider-Man 3 VersionI wanted to like this movie however I walked out so disappointed- Tom hardy is a very good actor who had the ability to get under the skin of a character I.

Overall ok, problem is the boring back story of our hero .

Spider-Slob a total bore .

We get a crazy fun duo of Eddie and Venom who have this awesome dynamic, a massively entertaining movie, with plenty of PG-13 beheadings and a romance I am certainly rooting for.

I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Long, plodding, boring, how much more can be said.

Dragged on forever unfortunately.

It was funny, quick paced and so damn enjoyable.

Its goal is not to be a drama or some cheesy cr*ap, but action packed, entertaingn fantasy.

Different origin story but still enjoyed it.

Still completely worth watching if you're willing to wait a bit.

Most of the people who came to the movie probably expect to see an action thriller movie, and the intro could be too long and boring for those kinds of movies.

I'm just a film major, who has seen a great amount of both classic and modern films that have been unfairly dissed and unfortunately disregarded because some pretentious and arrogant European "director" was attached to another project that he abhorrently butchered without regard or care, simply because he could; because he was nameless he could fail and no one would notice and he could win and everyone would see: this is the modern day con artist of film.

Watched it with my wife yesterday and we both enjoyed it very much!

Funny & action packed.

Fun and entertaining--what's the big deal with the reviews?.

Honestly, this movie was entertaining and had good action scenes and acting (the interaction between Brock/Venom is quite fun).

The beginning part of the movie could of been worked however afterwards the storyline becomes very addictive due to the comedic , action packed story.

Story Garbage, FX Garbage, Character Developement Garbage, no Blood, Dumb Dialoge.. BORING BORING BORING.

He's the most boring villains ever.

Thrilling and exciting .

To me a waste of time.

However, and to be fair, it does have its funny moments but the first part of the movie is dull.

The rest of the film he mopes over her, is forced to seek her and her new-boring-doctor-boyfriend, she kisses him as a symbiote, and they decide to remain friends.

Also, the movie is pretty fast paced and has the right mix of humour and action.

That lobster scenen is really really weird and very entertaining.

I loved the movie but not that much,story was so much predictable,I know this is the first part of movie,they made it just for character development I bet other future releasing parts will be great

Well it's entertaining enough if you like this sort of movie ( and I do!!

However, since after credits they have now revealed that sequel to Venom is confirmed so thing will be exciting.

Entertaining and cute as hell need i say more???

Completely stupid pointless movie.

Didn't know the backstory of Venom but you don't need that because it's all explained very quickly and that is what makes this a enjoyable really good movie.

" The movie was fun, intriguing, and energizing.

The car chasing scene is so shaky and the last battle with last villain on the bridge is so confusing.

The movie is fun, mainly after we see the "real Venom", it becomes an entertaining dark comedy almost body-cop movie.

lazy and pointless .

The story was bland.


Random guy get super powers, a villain, a cliche love story..etc. This formula will always work, why because this is what we expect from a super-hero film.

Don't watch it, it is a waste of time

Poor cast, poor script, some bad actors plus I FELL ASLEEP.

Exciting storyline, great effects and entertaining dialogues ...

Honestly a really enjoyable film.

It's nothing that would keep you at the edge of your seat, but it is definitely enjoyable.

Eddie's journalist montage edited over BLM and pride riots, the diverse San Franciscan backdrop, the villian being a thinly veliled metaphor for millionaires like Elon Musk who waste their money on space explorations when it could be used for combatting climate change or cancer research, homeless people being taken advantage of for these experiments....

Those brief moments of thrilling comic violence are representative of the entire 5/10 stars that I would rate this movie.

The whole movie is a cliché of the superhero genre.

The thing I liked the most without a doubt is the interaction between Tom Hardy and Venom, this was really fun and entertaining to watch.

The pretentious voice is highly unnecessary.

Originality was thrown out the window, when we got just another explosion crazy, cliché, children's movie.

It is so rare nowdays to see a comic movie out of a franchise and Venom felt like something new and weird but also entertaining.

Act one is incredibly boring.

It's boring, has a lame story, and the beginning was extremely slow!

Stunning action scenes, the part with the S.

I would've loved to see more action of venom, his powers and conflict with human morale make this movie good, but there is just too little of the good stuff and too much of the boring stuff.

But the film is still fun it just has many problems and also has a very confusing timeline.

Hardy gives a frantic extremely physically crazy funny performance here as Eddie Brock a pushy journalist who ends up getting infected with an evil alien creature called venom & it becomes apart of him & it's hilarious & action packed & Hardy plays both parts doing the venom voice & the panicky almost geeky Eddie.

Starting with the latter, Tom Hardy does his best, and when he has some genuine, non-contrived scenes he's actually pretty great.

Glass half empty approach, I listened to the other reviews and decided to take my own risk.

This movie is entertaining , pile of bodies pile of heads.

Really entertaining .

Guys, this actually is a very fun and entertaining movie.

I just can belive that a t of people like this movie,the movie is so BORING, and predictible, i mean everything is so forced,the Eddie´s boss send Eddie to survey to a evil businessman,What did the boss expect, that Eddie would behave?

It's pretty hilarious and entertaining.

But simply because i enjoyed it to this grade, i laughed, rejoiced and got treated with some great action, Also at the end got a treat hoping for a spiderman?

Saw this movie in the theater opening weekend and was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

This film is so boring bland and uninventive.

Completing the troika, Venom also has another collector's item - a bland Riz Ahmed turn as an Elon Musk-y visionary saddled with dreadful dialogue ("Find my Symbiote NOW").

Worth the watch .

It could have easily been bland and forgettable like Fan4stic and...

Movie was entertaining all the way through.

It's a VERY entertaining movie.

Williams is just the bland girlfriend.

This was really enjoyable and Tom Hardy makes it so.

Great actors, though and a fun, enjoyable premise.

i enjoyed it fully and thoroughly.

This movie has successfully brought together the intense action that I knew it will have, the drama around the life story of Eddie and Venom and the comedy elements that made it even more enjoyable!

But what could have been a fantastically dark exploration into a villain, was a hugely flat and boring plotline and action.

I found this to be a very fun, entertaining sci-fi action movie.

The first part of the movie is a bit slow, up until Eddie meets Venom.

Disappointing and yet entertaining- you rarely see such movies these days.

This is by far the most amongst the most enjoyable MCU movie i've ever seen.

So, despite taking a villain and turning them into a hero, Venom still felt pretty solid, especially with the setup for an exciting sequel.

Funny and Entertaining .

I was excited about it at first, they got the casting choice right, Ruben Fleischer was announced as director, and it was gonna be a dark horror movie take on the character, But in the end, that's not what we got, due to greed and political correctness, what we got was a restrained and watered down mess with tonal whiplash that wasn't violent enough, I walked out disappointed and hating it.

Michelle Williams is utterly wasted in a character that's barely memorable (other than the brief forest scene that's admittedly awesome), the villain is boring and cliche, and the first half of the movie (before the Venom character appears) is a dull slog.

Most of the characters are uninteresting, a lot of the movie is boring, there's really bad writing at points, and there's a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies, which some could have been easily fixed.

But still overall entertaining.

The first act is ham-fisted, charmless and dull.

very bad.. don t waste your time.. 5 it s a big rating!

The Life foundation is just boring.

another villain with same powers but stronger than the hero (cliche) so they take him down with the vulnerability of symbiote.

This was a waste of my time.

This is cliche, way too similar to the amazing spider-man (same director btw), in terms of giga bio-company being led by an evil CEO.

Very boring, not sure why they even called this movie venom, when it had nothing to do with spiderman!

Nevertheless, minor gripes aside, its a well constructed and enjoyable addition to the Marvel catalogue.

It was like watching the Evil Dead again for the first time, in that i truly enjoyed it in a dumb way.

The entire theater enjoyed it; ignore the whining critics who get upset at anything not formulaic .

As to the film itself I really enjoyed it apart from two issues.

There's enough stuff going on in this entertaining good-versus-evil movie to be worth developing into a very nice little mini-series, maybe six episodes.

Eddie's chemistry with Venom is very entertaining.

The first half of this film is dull.

Struggling and slow .

Tom is such a good actor with lots of confidence and character, then you have Michelle with this dull, drab personality, she just doesn't fit into this movie.

I had heard bad things about it but I really enjoyed it.

But they are virtually always mediocre to poor acting (eg Guardians, Suicide squad) or passable acting but extremely formulaic (Black Panther)Venom is fresh, non formulaic (although it does have an actual story line), the effects are great without being the only qualifier in the film, and the acting is more than first rate.

entertaining and funny .

Anyway it was a exciting, fun and interesting movie.

It's kinda boring .

Movie is really entertaining.

I was hesitant at first because of the bad reviews it got, but i forced my self to see it, very enjoyable movie, so good, worth ur time and money.

It's a movie people, cool action, entertaining and funny.

I Fell Asleep...

The plot is a bit rushed and seems to rely on some contrived areas but there's the odd enjoyable scene later on which is again largely on the shoulders of the lead actor.

Overall I genuinely believe this film deserved more than the reception it's had because it was very entertaining!

Really enjoyed it more than I thought I would .

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

Venom: Underrated and undeservingly disliked but it was an enjoyable watch nonetheless!

the movie did not have that much action, but as a fan of spiderman, it was very enjoyable to see a good adaptation of Venom (that actually looked the part of venom correctly) And as an origin story, it set up Venom in a good way to have a proper sequel against a famous villain.

Once the Venom symbiote enters the plot, the movie picks up steam and is enjoyable.

Even of it can be formulaic, I still had a good time!

The acting is bad and the story is the same old boring garbage we've already seen a thousand times.

Venom moves fast, talks slow, and has separation issues.

The action scenes are good, but very confusing, and too few.

It was fun, it was funny, it was dramatic, it was suspenseful and it was visually pleasing.

Overall this is a must watch for any Marvel fan and I highly recommend it to anyone ages 15 and upwards.

Sad thing is, while said first half was slow, at least Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and other characters were interesting and deep.

A Colossal Waste Of Time .

Heard this was the worst movie ever.

This movie is very fun, and entertaining.

The fight and chase scenes were very entertaining and enjoyable to watch, Tom Hardy's acting was fantastic and I just overall loved the whole idea of venom.

Good, entertaining movie .

I really enjoyed it.

The "story" is cliche deluxe, and of course we got a mad scientist, and of course the "happiness" of our planet is at stake.

"Venom" by Ruben Fleischer is neither a rotten film nor the most outstanding comic book adaptation coming from Spider-Man Sony-Marvel deal; at heart, a messy buddy-film of great inner comedy scope that rarely dabs at the source material in tone and pace; in appearance, a long-drawn-out fandango of obscure frames and unintelligible action sequences that provides neither the theatrical drama nor the visual spectacle the most renowned Spider-Man villain deserves.

The storyline is not well constructed (in my opinion), but it is a enjoyable.

After a pretty slow bulid up this scene really beagn to peak my intrest and get me ingaged in the film, despite obvious cuts around the more violent moments this was a real highlight.

The pacing in the first act is really slow and only picks up when Venom shows up.

Very entertaining movie .

full movie is entertaining.

Worst movie by far .

Even as far as origin stories go, Venom grinds through at a snail's pace for the first half of the film.

After a slightly slow start, the film kicked into high gear.

The storyline was okay, quite predictable, but exciting none the less.

However, Tom Hardy's acting is incredible and the dynamic between venom and him is very entertaining, making it an enjoyable watch.

Venom's motives for suddenly deciding to help eddie is laughable, the cgi fight at the end is boring also venom's voice sucks.

It was pretty predictable with a by the numbers plot.

Compared to the budget of this ultra-stinker, this is one of the worst movies that has even been made.

But the more it goes on, the compelling ideas Venom sets up are abandoned.

Both Williams and Hardy are brilliant in their roles and the movie is both fun and exciting.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Perhaps I'm the wrong person to review this, I'm not really into Marvel / Superhero stuff because I feel like the movies are all a bit rushed and formulaic.

)Visual effects are nice and very stunning when you see it on big screen TV So don't ever never looked at the movie score and watch it and have a great time when you see this awesome trillerYours ArMS

Worst movie, I've seen in a while.


Awful.. waste of my time .

The plot was too fast paced and way less dark for an anti-hero film unlike Deadpool or Wolverine and some how dialogues, story development and ambience seemed familiar, like Amazing Spiderman franchisee hasn't been terminated.

Slow paced, superstitious junk .

Transform scenes were very well made, car chase in San Francisco worth watching as always.

They completely change venom as a character from the comic books but I still enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for the sequel.

I can't say it's on-par with other Marvel movies like Iron man, Thor or The Avengers but it's still very enjoyable and worth the money.

Halfway through something happened, it felt like a tonal shift and everything became enjoyable.

In conclusion I give it a 7, because I still enjoyed it despite what I mentioned before.

Chemistry between Eddie Brock and Anne is not the best, but it comes around by the end to something enjoyable and relatable.

The film is slow to get going.

Prepare to have fun, confusing, mixed-emotions time.

Endless American wars, corrupt American politicians, bankrupt American healthcare, AND lousy American movies and propaganda.

This movie is great if you want an enjoyable action-humour movie to watch with your friends and family.

I just enjoyed it.

My biggest complaint is the movie is very boring for the first half hour.

Despite all of this, Ruben Fleischer's bland fossil of a film raked in over $800 million worldwide, so I'm afraid a sequel is inevitable.

There's some decent acting, some of the cgi is pretty good and the relationship between Eddie and Venom (Hardy acting with Hardy) has some entertaining moments.

Tonally, the mix works well and there is enough good stuff throughout to make this an entertaining and engaging movie, despite taking a little while to pick up the pace and establish itself.

The first 40 minutes are a compilation of the most boring cliches you've seen in Hollywood movies.

Amazing effects a bit of comedy and all together a thrilling action packed throughout the whole movie.

You could pretty much set your watch to the inciting incident and all those other formulaic screenplay structures that have reduced commercial filmmaking to telling lifeless repetitive stories.

PROS:Tom Hardy's Entertaining PerformanceVenom HimselfRuben Fleischer's Solid DirectingFun Action ScenesSolid GCIIts Weird (In A Good Way)CONS:It's Not Rated RVisually BlandConflicting TonesBoring VillainUnderused Michelle Williams

But it was so predictable and cliche ridden it was almost painful to watch.

A bit bland .

We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Funny, action packed and engaging.

Characters so boring and superficial.

This was a dreary plodding movie, with nothing much happening until the last 15 minutes or so.

You may remember the character from the franchise-killing Spider-Man 3 in 2007, and you also may believe you've gone back in time over 10 years when watching this spectacularly dull and frustratingly origin story, which harks back to the dark days of the Ben-Affleck-headlined Daredevil and Tim Story's Fantastic Four.

Don't waste your time on this one.

I mean, basically nothing happens anyway, there's no progression, when the thing decides it likes humans, it tells you so, nothing happened so that you might come to that conclusion your self.

And you know what, yes, I enjoyed it a lot!

Like other revieuws said already, it isnt good but it isnt bad either, just entertaining.

In a sea of boring sequels based on Marvel comics this is a refreshment.

"Venom" Review (4/10)Every so often a bad movie comes along that you watch and when you get done watching it, you find out then you actually hated it and enjoyed it.

Yes, I actually enjoyed it and in fact I think I Loved it.

More anti entertaining than anti hero

Marvel has become predictable.

The movie is so breathtaking and the CGI is beautifully created and it looks phenomenally striking!

The nature of this movie is different than the usual dark one that accompanies aliens movie, this one is finny, light and entertaining.

turned out to be glossy and fast paced with a bit of dark humor.

I've heard plenty of people say that it's "the worst movie of 2018!

I enjoyed it .

Everything else was so forgettable and bland that it's like I had a memory lapse when I try to think back on any resonating impression or feelings I'd had about it.

"Venom" is a funny and entertaining film based on a Marvel antihero Venom with reasonable storyline, awesome special effects and weak and annoying villain performed by the awful Riz Ahmed.

At the time of writing, this has an IMDB rating of 6.8, while the medicore Ant-Man and the Wasp has 7.1??? I can only assume Michelle Pfieffer absolutely stunning at 60 has upped the ratings of that movie.

I am a HUGE fan of the comics and was very critical coming into viewing this, but I'm happy to say that this movie is very entertaining.

The concept of this protagonist, who is practically inactive because of this being controlling him became so intriguing to watch, seeing this guy who had ultimately no control over the situation he was in.

Very Enjoyable!

This movie was so basic I was bored to tears.

But it is also funny, fast paced and oddly involving.

Made me want to fall asleep, wait i did..Average Movie .

He lives life on the edge.

Not Scary, but Highly Entertaining .

As usual with marvels, totally predictable and maybe is for 12-16 year olds.

It is big, bold, fast-moving, unapologetic, and very very funny.

This was an enjoyable movie that had good humorbut wasn't excessively violent as the Venom character typically is.

It's fast, it's fun; it's pure adrenaline rush.

For me, I just wanted more 'why', but overall I enjoyed it.

So entertaining.

This first thing to be said about Venom is it is really, really boring.

Boring plot .

He's honestly very funny and this movie is all over entertaining.

There is only 1 problem with this and i think this movie should have been longer to 2 hours and 15 minutes so there are more fight scenes among eddie and the other antagonist venom, overall i like this movie and it's entertaining and good didn't know why the critics rated this so low, also i like the scenes on where they try to chase eddie brock in their vehicles

The relationship between Eddie (a relatively good guy who's fallen on hard times) and the symbiote (a carnivorus creature with a lack of understanding of the value of human life) is a fascinating juxtaposition and most of the time it's just plain fun!

Mildly entertaining, especially when you can fast forward over the dialogue.

So, how is Eddie out and about like nothing happened?

Would have been better if R18+ IMO, but still enjoyable.

Film has kept all simple yet entertaining.

Added to my top 10 worst movies .

Tom Hardy was ok (he was a better fit for this than he was playing Bane) The movie felt rush to me, the trailers made it out to be an intense thriller.

Very enjoyable .

An enjoyable movie, despite its glaring flaws.

At first, I was concerned about Hardy but he turns in a compelling performance.

Despite clichés well worth watching .

It was entertaining, which is what you want for this kind of film.

Very much enjoyed it, Tom hardy is great in everything he does!

The critics, as usual, should be ignored for the buffoons they are: they will get all wet over some boring art-house garbage, then slam something like this.

Very entertaining movie.

Venom - This Movie does have its issues, but "Venom" is a fun and enjoyable movie to watch, and is a nice addition to the web-slingers with their own movies.

Yes there's the plot hole but once you get past that it's very funny and super enjoyable

The villains are just so boring.

It also brought for some pretty entertaining moments when venom spoke to Eddie in his head.

Worth watching .

I enjoyed it .

Venom (2018) is an actually enjoyable movie.

A fast paced fun movie with an amazing performance by Tom Hardy and an accurate portrayal of Venom as an Ant-hero

In my theater experience few movie has got as my mind blowing venom is suc like that , each sequence of the movie speks seperately to th eaudience,more over that the casting of the movie is excellent than any other movie line,totally i loved this movie very much indeed.

Really enjoyed it.

Sure I'm familiar with comics and he was a anti hero in some, but this movie missed the mark to create a unique film, this movie is so bland and generic I felt as if I watched it before, the characters are boring the villain is even more boring the CGI final fight was ehh, and the ending is ugh, the action is so repetitive and unnecessary, this movie was god awful and the soundtrack was even worse, this movie is the downfall as compared to Eminem's song for this movie which was probably arguably even more worse and annoying than the film itself.

EXTREMELY enjoyable film.

There's so many questions left unanswered because of the fast paced storyline I got up to do some ironing.


Most of the time it's a snooze fest!!

I really enjoyed it, there are moments where i feel too much was cut out, if i did not read spiderman all my youth i would not know what it meant.

Boring, cliche, movie felt rushed and not authentic.

The movie is quite entertaining and fun , I guess most people who hate it didn't even watch it

It was a free movie but a waste of 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Kind of Average, but Enjoyable .

I'm 40 and I enjoyed it.

It's ultimately for the best that the thin plot easily dissolves away for exciting zooms and slow-motion explosions, some of which also involve motorcycles and the streets of San Francisco.

I really don't have to much else to add about this film, it's just pretty boring.

The movie itself has great VFX and we get pretty close with Venom Himself, but everything happened all to fast, and to slow at the same time.

The story line and plot is too predictable and at times unintentionally funny.

The acting is all around actually good as well, it's just the script that really holds the film so far back and it's the characters around Eddie that make it so boring that I don't even like the characters no matter how good their acting and performance is.

Enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.

It's definitely worth the watch.

Having now watched it for myself, I can say that I found many of the reviews I have read to be somewhat unfair, and its a much better and more entertaining movie than expected.

The story is entertaining, fun and thankfully, reasonably different from most of the super hero movies.

Unfortunately, all the supporting cast play their rolls so straight-laced that scenes lacking the title character and Eddie are often plain boring.

often tedious, though at moments it barely scrapes watchable .

If you remove any association with Marvel from this movie and just judge it for what it is at face value, what you're left with is a very mediocre film with no redeeming factors, it's a typical "alien that infects hosts" movie, it tries to be a comedy but fails to deliver even a slight chuckle from me the majority of the time, the CGI on a technical level is just bad, it might look cool sure, but it is technically bad, there are moments in this film when i wasn't sure if I was watching an animated movie or a live action one, the acting is below par, the story is very predictable and shallow, probably the best aspect of this movie is Tom Hardy and even he is not that great in this, which is disappointing as I know Tom is a great actor.

A disaster but 70% enjoyable.

I felt that some of Venom's lines were cheesy and cringeworthy but this film was pretty fun and entertaining to watch.

The plot holes are enormous and the movie is so slow.

this was a pretty excellent movie, I really enjoyed it and Tom Hardy was brilliant.

This movie was unwatchable.

Great acting by Tom Hardy as usual, in a very entertaining movie.

Still the Venom is entertaining enough that I was able to have a good time with it.

Worth watching.

The beginning is bizarre and confusing with a bunch of weird sci-fi stuff blazing by at a blistering pace, and then the film stops dead in its tracks to eventually introduce us to our main character, Eddie, and essentially spends an hour giving us his life story.

Great film good to see a bit of humour in the marvel films really enjoyed it must watch

Very Entertaining!.

The plot is funny and quite gripping.

The whole movie felt disjointed at times and almost a chore to finish.

With a budget of $100,000,000 You kinda see why when you watch this hilarious and at the same time action packed sci-fi for yourself...

I was so sick of & bored of the Marvel takeover as it seemed that the cinema was completely infested with massive budget c.

Its childish and predictable when it comes to- the usual two sentence plot and very little character development.

Anyway, the first half of the movie is pretty much like my first paragraph in this review, boring, repetitive and ultimately useless to the story.

So Enjoyable.

When there is no story to back up the stunts , stunts become just individual scenes.

Action packed fun.

I began forgiving the movie for failing to pull me in earlier, cause now I was completely immersed in this large scaled adventure.

I really enjoyed it.

Everything about this movie is painfully mediocre except for a few brief moments of high-priced CGI, and even that ends up being mostly underwhelming because the scenes containing it range from bland to awful.

The 112 minute running time is a shocking slog as most superhero films are 2 and a half hours, and even Suicide Squad dragged less despite being ten minutes longer than Venom.

But as a Marvel fan who thinks Marvel movies are becoming repetitive, it was nice to watch something different other than the regular super hero movie.

This means that for me Venom was a pointless movie, even though it was techincally pretty sound and it was nice to see Venom in action on big screen.

It wasn't poorly made in terms of budget or even acting, really - it's just a little shallow and boring.

Overall, worth watching.

That said, Venom was still somewhat worth watching, if only for the hunk Tom Hardy is.

Unexpected .

I just watched the movie and i thought it was funny and really entertaining to watch!

The first half starts off a slow and somewhat boring, but it more than makes up for it in the second half, totally action packed!

However, I actually enjoyed it a little.

It's a shame that the rest of the film cannont live up to this however, the paper thin plot moves at a snail's pace, any attempt at horror is lost in the edit and the massive CGI mess of a finale is extermly difficult to follow and extemly dull to watch.

Entertaining movie which kept my attention throughout.

I think it was worth to watch it, but there were some boring parts.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Slow start but once the symbiosis is complete I found it hilarious and action packed, Tim Hardy was very good in this type of character.

The final fight is eight minutes of extreme CGI featuring a battle two very similar looking creatures, so you're left watching rapid close ups and quick cutaways of a battle that is very hard to follow on the big screen.

It falls victim to many of my Holywood movie pet hates, such as employing a well known British actor and forcing him or her to put on an American accent that takes a lot of getting used to, or such as making a movie pitched at a PG-13 audience, and squeezing in as much pointless and completely unnecessary profanity as possible.

The repartee between Venom and Brock is okay, but Upgrade, which I haven't seen yet, has a more entertaining take on the same basic concept in the *trailer*.

Ruben Fleischer's direction is great, resulting in some really enjoyable and well made action sequences.

And he does make this movie ok, but the boring overlong introduction turn it from good to "meh".

It sure was an enjoyable experience.

but it was enjoyable.

Boring and predictable.

Awesome entertaining film .

However, without giving too much away, it definitely makes some necessary changes in the adaptation to keep things exciting on the big screen.

Recycled Story Line But Very Entertaining and Hilarious.

I thought the movie was decent with a good plot easy to follow and some good effects with plenty of action but with a slow start and didn't expect It to be full of humour.

You get your money's worth watching it.

It's a fascinating subplot although of course its a message lost on its kiddie audience who want big bang smash boobs.

Nevertheless, it's just so entertaining and well-paced that it's hard to get too worked about its occasional narrative shortcomings.

Major plot hole but super enjoyable .

Enjoyed it .

Overall, good entertaining fun with a lot of potential for the inevitable sequel, if they can make improvements.

A much more exciting Marvel film and also very refreshing.

Rushed and predictable .

What's more was that this film has possessed huge amount of murmur-ly conversations made it pointless and unexpectedly silly.

But overall entertaining .

Symbiote On Symbiote fights were all amazing and very visually entertaining.

This movie is fun and enjoyable like an old Jean Claude Van Damme.

Every so often a bad movie comes along that you watch and when you get done watching it, you find out then you actually hated it and enjoyed it.

The film is overall Exciting and fun!

Overall, I found the movie to be enjoyable and funny regardless of its many flaws.

I found the movie interesting, funny and enjoyable.

It was worth watching for a buck not seven dollars.

Most of this movie I found to be slow and kinda dull.

Lacking the we-know-how-to-do this confidence of Disney's MCU, Ruben Fleischer's film never finds a strong footing, mixing drab stretches of plot, efficient but flat action, mishandled comedy, a few fun elements and squandering one of the most exciting casts of the year.

A complete waste of time and money.

Boring and stupid .

In conclusion Venom is super bad, super mediocre and predictable and , I think I'm being quite generous giving him a 3/10.

It's not like the effects are terrible, but the designs of Venom and particularly Riot just are a little bland and uninteresting.

This was fun, exciting and had me laughing, clapping, jumping out of my seat.

Anyways my oinion definately enjoyed it would recomend it.

Cheap Thriller with no storyline .

Overall though it is an enjoyable film.

It's action packed, adventurous, funny, filled with effects and gripping as Eddie with the help of Venom sets about stopping Carlton Brock from creating the ultimate weapon.

Venom may have a fairly generic plot but either way it was enjoyable.

It was funny and gripping with amazing CGI and fighting scenes.

I went into this movie with low expectations and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I really enjoyed it , Tom hardy was the best choice and so much of comedy between venom & hardy Love it .

The first 30 Minutes are boring like Hell, and after that we got some Action Scenes with not that good looking CGI.

Adding Riot only forces filmmakers apply mish-mash of very-fast paced hard to understand full of CGI boss battle which was quite stale.

The plot is unfortunatly very boring, I almost fell asleep when watching it

Amazing fully packed with action and humor just entertaining and captivating to the end.

Writing and directing - remember I fell asleep.

In fact, that's what the entire film is- a ridiculous set-up that is beyond predictable, yet incredibly fun and consistently entertaining from beginning to end.

Horrendously boring in an already oversaturated superhero franchise .

Instead, it feels like a rehash of a plot we've seen so many times before, with a predictable ending.

The action is fast paced and fun.

Thoroughly enjoyable: ignore the critics as usual .

The dialogue is corny and the fight scenes are a series of blurry images and quick cuts, which makes the action quickly become tedious.

The story line is very predictable and very typical for these kind of movies, there is absolutely nothing special about it.

This was the entertaining part of the film and makes it worth watching.

Enjoyed it from the start to the end, giving the feeling of wanting to see more.

Cliché of clichés .

Nice and entertaining movie .

Acting 7/10 Script 2/10 Plot 3/10 Screenplay 5/10 Cinematography 4/10 Soundtrack 2/10 Special Effects 7/10 Editing 4/10Overall Venom has its moments to be held and saved nearly by Tom hardy, but the film was shot so blandly the bad script takes over the film very much and the compelling aspect that makes a film unique doesn't even feel like it's there, feels as if the director forced it to be there.

Thats ok, the problem is that this movie spends way too much time on the boring run-of-the-mill back story.

Worth watching the one time...

The 1st act dragged.

He's the only decent actor in this movie, and him actually becoming Venom took way too long!

While a good first third of the film is full of boring setup, once we get to the meat of the film (if you can even call it that) you find it's just...

The action scenes were amazing and is the reason why the movie is thrilling and became a box office hit.

It's a great movie, very entertaining, great comedy and good action scenes!!!

I personally think that, though entertaining, Michelle Williams' character was a little bit too much like Gwen Stacy for me...

That being said, I love the visuals of the Venom parasite when it's free, it really has a special, fascinating texture.

The first act intro and set up, the endless cliches, the contrived dialogue, the special effects circa 1998...

It wants to be all portentous and Marvel-y (Ludwig Göransson's bombastic score, the end credits malarkey), but channelling Stanley Ipkiss might have been a helluva lot more entertaining.

Eddie and Venom have this very unique relationship and at times it can be funny and absurd, it's what makes it somewhat enjoyable.

Feels the a first time director from the 90s following cliche after cliche.

Lacking the we-know-how-to-do this confidence of Disney's MCU, Ruben Fleischer's film never finds a strong footing, mixing drab stretches of plot, efficient but flat action, mishandled comedy, a few fun elements and squandering one of the most exciting casts of the year.

Good movie and entertaining, didn't get why the critics hated this .

but i was glad that i actually watched it and i very much enjoyed it.

A classic slow burner of a film - It takes about 40 minutes to get going.

this is very enjoyable and i think the sequal will be even better the this.

Huge plot holes but if you can look past them it was enjoyable.

A story so safe and predictable it's hardly worth watching.

The action scenes had good and bad to them, as the black-on-blackness makes it really hard to see whats going on sometimes, but the escape from the government guys and music is pumped w/ adrenaline.

As is the use of CGI, which may have been supposed to look more than a little cartoony than vividly realistic, but can get a little hard viewing and confusing especially as many of them are set at night.

Too much hype on the trailers; seen nothing on the movie but a classic plot, too much CGI and lack of logic that makes the movie a waste of time.

I really enjoyed it.

Because when this film is the Eddie/Venom adventure, this film is so much fun and entertaining.

This was so entertaining and funny.

The first act is ham-fisted, charmless and dull.

It is exciting through out the whole movie and i can say you will enjoy watching this movie because it is funny, it has great action and most important of all it has a marvelous performance from Tom Hardy .

In terms of enjoyment, this film is fantastically entertaining, though I really doubt I enjoyed it the way the filmmakers intended.

Atrociously in your face dull from the start.. .

Michelle Williams is boring as Brock's ex, on whom is he is fixated, and Riz Ahmed is one of the most dull villains I've seen on screen in awhile.

The sight of Hardy cooling down in a lobster tank or flashing expressions of gormless confusion for nearly two hours does not make for pleasing entertainment.

Very entertaining .


It moves slow at the beginning and takes a long time for Venom to fully appear and after that the movie moves to the ending with a short fight scene that was very disappointing.

boring .

But it's action packed, the relationship between the 2 works so well and Tom hardy is fantastic .

This was so entertaining and fun!

I don't understand all of the hate, I don't love this film, it felt a bit rushed, the villain was bland, wasted two characters, felt too short and like it didn't have a plot and it was rather tame.

The storyline is overall good, fun, entertaining, but i think, the storyline is too slow, especially at the conflict.

So boring, uninteresting and really noob acting by the cast.

Highly unoriginal, cliched And formulaic.