Vice (2018) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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The story of Dick Cheney, an unassuming bureaucratic Washington insider, who quietly wielded immense power as Vice President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Adam McKay
Stars: Christian Bale, Amy Adams
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 123 out of 585 found boring (21.02%)

One-line Reviews (395)

Propaganda .

The Finest Two Hour of the Contemporary Propaganda .

The supporting players were well cast as well; Steve Carrell as Donald Rumsfeld was almost as spot-on as Bale was, and LisaGay Hamilton bore an amazing likeness to Condoleeza Rice.

" Filmmaker Adam McKay has moved on from his sophomoric comedies (STEP BROTHERS, ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGANDY) to full bore political satire, first with his "Funny or Die" videos (co-produced with Will Ferrell), then to his searing look at the financial crisis of the mortgage market with THE BIG SHORT (for which he won an Oscar for adapted screenplay), and now to the power dynamics within the Bush-Cheney administration ...

The filming is alright, close up shots of peoples faces, bland far out shots or shots with peoples faces obscured to imply evilness.

I loved watching Vice and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, here he is pointless filler.

Two and a half hours of extreme left wing political and social propaganda.

A Yes, I would recommend this to others or a No, don't waste your time.

For a dull subject it does tell the story well.

Really hard cuts and slow.

Extremely uninteresting.

Cheney recognises the younger Bush is more interested in pleasing his father than attaining power, he agrees under the condition that he given "mundane" executive responsibilities.

All in all an overweaning pretentious muddled mess that made me heave a sigh of relief when it finally did end after several phoney half baked endings.

McKay himself has claimed that Vice is to be seen as a pure comedy but upon viewing it's hard to take this statement on face value, as the film deals with a number of heavy and complicated issue's, a number of which are explained in entertaining and easy to understand fashion, and when all mixed in together, it creates a sometimes rocky affair that drags just as much as it flies.

over the top propaganda piece .

Again, McKay tosses everything at the screen and hopes that enough of it sticks to keep it moving along and entertaining enough to his choir for its distended 132 minute running time.

Acting is strong, but the story is very slow paced.

Plus look at the propaganda movies from Hollywood this year : Pope Francis - A man of his word and RBG - about Ruth Bader Ginsberg and it's hard not to think we are in 1940s Germany...

For example, Jesse Plemons babbles on about how Chaney told his family that he was ready to die, but somehow finds him at fault for accepting an unexpected heart transplant.

Worst movie ever .

To be fair i only watched the first hour, about half of it, but it was so boring.

Although the film is not meant to be a documentary, it is certainly filmed like one; complete with montages and a timeline that is often confusing to follow.

Don't waste your money if you actually pay attention to politics, treats audience like we are stupid.

9/10 just for the mind blowing performances of Bale & Adams.

Nevertheless, this is a ferociously entertaining film, that lampoons its subject with flashy comedy and stylistic gags.

And Sam Rockwell as Bush is also spot-on it's just too hilarious to watch - it's more entertaining when those two are on the screen together.

This is straight up propaganda.

It's definitely scattershot but it's still a shocking and extremely gripping true story with an incredible performance from Christian Bale and great supporting performances from Amy Adams and Steve Carrell.

Good acting but slow pace .

I never usually fall asleep at movies, yet I found myself struggling to stay awake with this one.

This is one of the biggest propaganda movies I've ever seen.

Aside from the entertaining insights into the Bush era and Christian Bale's commanding performance, what is the takeaway from this film?

Sarcastic and compelling trama.

Amy Adams, meanwhile, equals Bale as Lynne Cheney, who's a surprisingly compelling figure if you only know her from that namecheck in Eminem's 'Without Me'.

A mediocre first half, an outstanding second half, and a fascinating story to say the least .

The film was a drama/comedy, which was a refreshing and entertaining experience to the well worn and too predictable "this is how a movie goes".

Great movie, love this directors way of telling down and story and making complicated stories entertaining.

This movie is purely a propaganda tool.

Adam McKay as director and writer also deserves credit for creating, and visualising an intriguing story.

Vice does a great job of telling a story, with some obvious creative liberties, but in an entertaining way that keeps you engaged with an otherwise politically dense subject.

Often several times in one scene, which makes for a somewhat confusing viewing experience.

Another entertaining exposé from director Adam McKay.

The movie was tedious, tiresome and just nothing happened.

Very liberal, but entertaining look at Vice President Dick Cheney .

but totally let down by confusing storytelling and cheap political bias.

It takes a while for the film to actually reach the Cheney vice-presidency, and in that time the movie goes back and forth between riveting scenes and superfluous montages.

And finally, she proves to be much more socially engaging than her husband when she campaigns for him while he's laid up in the hospital after another one of his heart attacks.

Further fueled by an intense performance from the ever-commited Christian Bale and it's co-stars.

The fast paced narration was a bit difficult to understand what was happening.

On an overall scale, Vice is erratic, muddled & utterly disjointed, and is marred by several vices of its own makings.

Interesting, entertaining and surprising.

In trying hard to make an entertaining biopic about someone who, in many ways, was a pretty dull and grey politician, McKay occasionally goes over-the-top and the script become pretentious.

Writer and Director Adam McKay brought this true story of power (and it's abuse) and politics to life with his unique perspective, and the skilled editing makes this film all the more enjoyable.

The casting and acting is up to the high level of the writing, turning what could very easily have been a dry and uninteresting biopic into an informative, darkly humourous, and entertaining look into his life that is hard to turn away from.

Worryingly entertaining .

While the meat of the film is anchored firmly by the performances of Christian Bale and Amy Adams, there were also a number of incredibly entertaining and well acted secondary characters that deserve credit.

These academic sequences tend to slow the narrative down considerably.

Even though his approach leans pretty far left, filmmaker McKay is to be applauded for a most entertaining look at how our government officials can manipulate policy and public statements, and may even stoop to focus groups in better understanding the views of the American people.

Finally something else than boring, cliché , uninspired & simply awful superhero movies full of people in masks punching each other & cheesy jokes (the only exception in the genre is of course Dark Knight Trilogy, simply a masterpiece, all 3 movies).

it was very boring.

Like when Bale schemes his way up with banal theories of puppets in White House or an eerie homage to Shakespeare or a climatic first act that is nailed down to the credits.

Very slow.

Despite the misguided direction and storytelling techniques, Vice is a wickedly entertaining film.

Now having seen The Big Short, which I must say sucked really hard & was a really, really boring film, I had doubts about this one.

Slow throughout, takes a long while to get going and overall is very long winded.

Another thing others have pointed out is the disjointed editing.

The villain monologue at the end, it's just horrible, but you admire the entire production's go for broke risk in failure even as it did, quite a few times, but cinema recording the process of its own discovery is untapped and shows its own joy of the audience being in on it and judging in real time how it reflects its thesis, making it both enjoyable and engaging for the mind.

Nevertheless I found this an enjoyable movie.

-or cliche-Lynne is a Lady Macbeth!

Its superbly made and acted and even if you are not really into this subject, its highly entertaining.

An Enjoyable Mess.

Cast - outstanding, story - very interesting, timing of release - great, director - based on big short, entertaining.

We are barely one scene in before all doubts are assuaged, and we are reminded yet again why Mr. Bale is one of the most talented and fascinating actors in cinematic history.

There is someone in our family who gets bored easily, and starts poking at the other family members to get either a desired result or something that would staisfy or distract him from his own world...

The acting is phenomenal and it is worth watching for Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

The characters mulling around in the White House and other government offices got to be so dull that after a while it was a gigantic relief to see Richard Nixon in two brief closeups.

He has an inspiring knack for putting complicated events into all sorts of contexts which make his subjects approachable and engaging.

Similar to The Big Short this movies edited and stylised in a really fast paced way were it jumps to a lot of different places and is shot kinda like The Office.

In short, over long, drawn out, discombobulated, baloney.

The movie bored me though.

Great Cast, Fascinating Story, Interesting Style, Strange Editing .

Many of Vice's 'poignant' moments felt contrived.

I would say, don't waste your time with this, it is pure political bias backed with very few facts.

Entertaining political comedy-drama .

Overall an entertaining, thought provoking and funny film with great performances from the cast and a witty, intelligent script.

Heavy, complex subject material made into something entertaining, manageable and informative.

There is some really complex stuff going on in this film but McKay has found a way that makes the boring seem interesting and palatable.

Enough of propaganda, show the world the truth about everything.

This entire biopic is so large in scope, yet every aspect of Cheney's life was underdeveloped and unsurprisingly dull.

This movie instead kills the topic by simply boring you to death.

In the highly-entertaining and informative docudrama Vice, Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) becomes the most powerful vice president in the history of the US presidency.

A very liberal, yet entertaining look at Vice President Dick Cheney.

There were either two ways to go (or both) and the reality is Lynne was the much more engaging character (Ms.

Don't waste your time or money.....

Bale's impersonation of Cheney is stunning in both physical transformation and personality heft, an imitation that carries the personal stamp of an outsize personality.

Boring slow story, artistic editing flow that makes no sense and really bad acting by a lot of actors.

The acting in the movie is very good, entertaining throughout and well directed.

" I wouldn't like this kind of movie in any month or season of the year, but the fact we chose this as our family Christmas movie this year and all 6 of us (which includes a wide variety on the political spectrum) walked out and thought it was completely terrible makes the experience even worse.

Dont waste your money unless you want to validate your existing bias.

After spending most of his career larking around with Will Ferrell in the likes of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers and The Other Guys, writer/director Adam McKay took a huge leap towards 'serious' film-making in 2015 when he released The Big Short, a funny, intelligent and unexpectedly engrossing account of the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

When Vice runs credits midway, our confusion is alleviated when the story shows Cheney accepting an offer to visit the White House to discuss the vice presidency.

No, this movie was VICE and we saw it with a small group that ended up being just me and the wife by the time it was over because everyone else had left the theater!

Really boring because the people described in it are all boring from the top down and what they have to say sounds like a college term paper being recited.

I would even go as far as saying there were various scenes, particularly after the methodically dull first half, that nearly captivated me.

It's complex, fascinating and well written.

All in all an overweaning pretentious muddled mess that made me heave a sigh of relief when it was finally over after several phoney half baked false alarm endings.

Painfully boring and long .

Great film, many gaps but entertaining.

Probably the worst movie Ive ever watched .

Slides were used toward the end to put the nail in the coffin in case the audience missed the point, and became more propaganda than involving cinema.

A very compelling and emotional trama, using sarcastic tone, even if sometimes there's too much tecnicisism.

The acting is wonderful with Christian Bale providing a stunning performance as Dick Cheney; surely will obtain an Oscar nomination and should be a shoo in to win it.

As entertainment, the film comes across as the sort of self-indulgent too-creative-by-half work of an amateur.

There was a lot of parts that really dragged on and the movie left me constantly waiting for that wow moment, which never came.

Save your money.

McKay also takes liberties to only criticise some media outlets as Republican propaganda machines, when most of the media is Democrat propaganda (but McKay ignores the second scenario).

The music (Nicholas Britell) of the film is also very good, and most fascinating is the other story of the soldier Kurt, who is allowed to tell his story, which eventually meets Dick Cheney's.

First, because the concepts underlying "Vice" are much easier for a layman to grasp, weaving them more directly into the story would be far less problematic than disrupting the flow with asides -- indeed, this same logic explains why the inclusion of Jesse Plemons as a third-party narrator is a seriously misguided and confusing directorial choice.

Very intriguing story about the man who dedicated himself to politics and pretty much ran the Bush Jr. administration.

I made it 1.5 hours through this before falling asleep.

In order to create such a fast paced and entertaining movie, short fast paced scenes are needed.

its also slow on tha pacing, and couldve been more ''gumped'' up.

Really boring.

Don't waste your time.

we left early.

A biopic should be informative enough to allow the people to be engrossing.

Now she is immersed in gadgets and virtual world.


Very good, definitely worth the watch .

This was bad story telling because they employ every cliché story telling trick in the book.

The editing and narration was pretentious .

All in all, it's worth watching.

Worst movie of 2018 -- people were walking out right and left .

Biased, Partisan piece of propaganda, full of dozens and dozens of inaccuracies and outright lies.

In Sum: I would have walked out halfway through if I hadn't been with friends.

This is a propaganda movie.

It will however, make this compelling film much longer than it already is.

I am sorry I purchased this film and feel it was a waste of time to watch.

Sure it was a bit different and I watched it to the end and learned a lot I didn't know about Cheney, but this is the first film I have ever watched where I put my hands over my eyes and shook my head saying "wtf" has this got to do with entertaining me or telling this story.

If you liked The Big Short because you found it fascinating most individuals and institutions misread and misunderstood just a couple of pieces of accepted wisdom that snowballed to a depression - Vice is likely not for you.

The movie is great with alot of interesting scenes but the movie is often very boring with alot of information that u feel like u don't need to know.

This portion of the piece is very slow-moving and ultimately quite un-engaging, despite McKay's attempts to diversify the genre.

It has intense drame and dark sarcastic comedy.

While some events are brushed over, others are brilliant and enjoyable enough to make the film an overall worthwhile experience.

It's interminable, in part because it's so pretentious.

One sided, half assed liberal propaganda.

Political Propaganda .

Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell as Donald Rumsfeld and George W Bush, while entertaining and occasionally amusing, see the potential of great character actors somewhat squandered in favour of caricature.

So while we can and probably will be stunned by the performances and how close they are to the real thing, the movie itself is gripping too.

Writer/Director Adam McKay was known for years as the writing partner/director of Will Ferrell, having written and directed such comedy gems as ANCHORMAN, TALLADEGA NIGHTS and STEP BROTHERS and then, in 2015, he stepped out of Ferrell's shadow - and the comedy world - and delivered the multi-Oscar nominated film THE BIG SHORT, a fascinating, terrifying and (at times) funny look at the financial crisis of the mid-2000's.

What a tedious experience and waste of good actors.

I for one left the theater wanting to send a letter of thanks and encouragement to Mr. Cheney.

They were more like an attempt to make the boring bland movie desperately stand out.

A barrage of narrative techniques pound these points into our skulls: various narrators, either seen as characters or only as text, repetitive fourth-wall-breaking direct addresses to the spectator, a fake news personality mixed with real TV news footage, repetition of scenes and moments where we're literally asked whether we remembered something the movie said earlier (e.

If you can reign in your expectations and judge this movie separately from The Big Short, Vice is a perfectly enjoyable satire, and therefore worth seeing.

McKay threw every trick in the moviemaking book to make a movie about a dry subject like the financial crisis entertaining, including having Margot Robbie sitting in a bathtub and explain directly to the camera complex economic terms.

I loved all the performances and found the storyline and presentation to be downright riveting, although it seemed to cast most every character in an overly favorable light compared to the hatchet job I had been expecting to see.

The shared didcomfort of Dubya and an Iraqi father are compelling.

Boring stylised dramatised documentary that is politically biased.

The entire experience of the film- which I would consider a masterpiece in today's climate was thrilling.

Good acting but shameful Democrat propaganda .

Fascinating Premise Undone by Inconsistent Script and Direction .

Oh, and the mock Shakespearean bedroom scene was a total waste of time.


Some call it a great film while others call it a waste of time and money.

A hip drama about a boring politician with comic scenes and jump scares .

The second half is one of the best I've seen all year and make the film worth watching.

Instead Mckay reduced Cheney to the simplest form possible and made him a very dull, static character that goes through very little change as a person.

To summarize, Republicans are solar-panel-destroying idiots, FOX news is nazi propaganda and ...

Waste of time.

Too much of this movie borders on propaganda.

Bale does a great job, but movie is as boring as a Cheney speech.

" That is Vice, one of the most pretentious and obnoxious films in years.

Boring af .

Keep your money in your pocket the worst movie I've seen all year .

) Amy Adams was ruthless and engaging, which is big of me to admit, as I've never really been much of a fan.

They know how empty this movie is, and they resent having to pretend to to care about the humanity of people they hate.

A compelling, well-acted, and groundbreaking ride .

But, by the time of his magnificent piece of propaganda* JFK, Stone had already become an accomplished filmmaker.

The epitome of a modern movie that sacrifices all political accuracy for cheap thrills and propaganda .

It was a fast paced story that covered a lot about the mans life.


Predictable and slow.

Scattershot but still entertaining .

Hard to follow...

Very informative and had a couple a good laughs here and there but holy boring .

Cheney is a monosyllabic bore.

Way too long, and way too heavy-handed in making every scene an indictment of Dick Cheney as villain extraordinaire who singlehandedly and intentionally connived with his cohort to start the Iraq war.

Biased story telling and just way too long .

An engaging movie, following suit of Adam McKay's unorthodox style.

Fascinating quasi documentary charting the rise to power of Cheney.

However the film was very hard to follow.

It was a total waste of time like 90% of this movie and the only thing I could think of, was why am I so bad at choosing movies.

Horrible 1 sided Liberal propaganda film .

The trailer is more entertaining than the film .

Very funny film with some wild unexpected moments and some moments that put our current governmental crisis into context.

A thoroughly enjoyable film.

Good acting throughout the propaganda, though.

Use two of your hours to see this well done and entertaining expose'.

Sooo boring.

Engaging Look at a Controversial Politician Dick Cheney is such a controversial politician and he has been linked to some of the most controversial political events of at least the last twenty years, it is probably impossible to make a movie that will satisfy every political persuasion.

Boring hit piece.

Empty character, rote acting.

Vice can be very engaging if the viewer is interested in the plot of the film, but others may find it quite tedious.

So many scenes are funny or enjoyable just because the actors engage us.

''Vice'' is an artistic, very unconventional take on the times of Dick Cheney & Bush Junior and it will not be for everyone, but then again, whoever saw Big Short should expect unexpected.

Boring because it doesn't hold true to any distinct storyline.

But I felt it was a bit muddled and confusing at times.

Boring and even more boring .

Don't waste your money.

Engaging Look at a Controversial Politician .

Propaganda worthy of 1940s Germany .

Mr. McKay is a fearless director and he creates a stunning film.

Four years ago, Adam McKay made one of the most entertaining and educational films about the economy and the explosion of the great American real estate bubble with The big short.

But he keeps trying and trying and trying and trying because he believes deep down with all the cover ups and pushback there has to be SOMETHING that he sees in that person that is worth exploring and dismisses all of the other intriguing tidbits exposed because it is not what that person wants.

Very boring and NOT DESERVING of ANY AWARD.

We watch the events of Cheney's life unfold; his unexpected rise from delinquency to vice presidency is told in a biopic that is pleasingly unconventional.

It's long, and feels long at times, but is worth watching and thinking about.

Very entertaining.

Just one of its unexpected brilliant moments.

What Vice does is examine the political process in a highly energized, uncomfortably comedic fashion that makes for a genuinely entertaining film.

This is liberal propaganda.

But the balance was even, like my title says, an entertaining eye opener.

Steve Carrell is an entertaining "Rrrrrrrrrrumsfeld!!!!!

As a movie is slow and boring.

So, So, Boring.

Certain of these artistic elements -- Patrice Vermette's production design, Susan Matheson's costuming, and the makeup design (done by numerous talented hands) -- are superb throughout the film, setting the framework for what could be a compelling chronicle of the rise to power of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

So how did he, with Dick Cheney biopic Vice, make a movie about a mysterious and ruthless American tyrant so dull and unenlightening?

I highly recommend it.

Worst movie I have seen this year .

This compelling biography uses satire as a basis in its storytelling of political intrigue that happened behind White House doors.

Funny/shocking, funny/scary, funny/silly, with plenty of blindsides to keep you awake, this is one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time.

)You'd learn more from the Jonah Hill movie "War Dogs" (by the director of "The Hangover," no less) about why we went to Iraq than this movie, because that one just focuses on an evocative and telling slice of life, rather than this overboard overview.

Not really my subject, but the movie was really entertaining .

As people were complaining about how hard it was to follow, literally 2 minutes later the film hits us with a very confusing poetry scene.

Where "Vice" parted from something the Coen's would do is there is no connective tissue here front to back, no story telling, it was just a political hack without any balance in time or space.

Propaganda is all that this movie is.

Informative and Entertaining .

Of the 10 people in my viewing 3 walked out and one appeared asleep.

An slow, slog with over the top, intrusive narration and artistic pictures of evil images dispersed throughout to let the viewer know that this movie is about evil, evil, evil Republicans.

Pros: Its a very good movie, entertaining, and certainly eye opening.

At least, Spike Lee understood that in his comparison of Trump to David Duke in "BlacKKKlansman" (2018), including by featuring Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin beginning the film by constructing Klan propaganda.

In short; over long, drawn out, discombobulated baloney.

Tough to make a successful movie about a successful beauraucrat who is bland, boring and...

entertaining & eye opening .

Very Entertaining and Thought-Provoking Film .

A friend of mine left mad, but his wife found it to be entertaining.

Dull and superficial; cardboard characters and poor writing; not funny .

To me that he was shown as mostly a blank and bland slate willing to take on any features and qualities suitable for the appropriate occasion and situation, is what makes him tick and who he is.

If you want to see a liberal propaganda piece, this is the movie for you.

Even so, Bale's entertaining performance and McKay's sardonic and gleefully nihilistic energy behind the camera ensures Vice is at the very least constantly diverting and unpredictable.

this is by far one of the most collosally worst movies I've seen in years.....

Really boring and lacks direction - unwatchable .

Save your money and your mind.

Very special and entertaining, for the right people that is .

Well, here they did it with totally unrelated plot lines which the viewer already knew how they end, and they were all boring, so it was really weird watching.

The real film starts in that same vein, but ends up being a slogging leftist dreamscape with pandering undertones of agenda-fueled propaganda.

However, Vice is trite and overblown.

pointless movie

The movie's pacing is snappy, and lively.

This movie was boring as hell!!.

Fascinating the response here.

I highly recommend it - it is absorbing, despite its rather dry political subject.

Really boring because the people described in it are all boring from the top down and what they have to say sounds like a college term paper being read aloud.

Democrat Propaganda .

You might walk out of the theater thinking, "I knew the Bush administration was bad I just didn't know it was THAT bad.

McKay believes this to be powerful, but actually it comes across as pretentious.

Waste of money and time .

Hate or love it, very confusing and frustrating because you have no idea what the writer is truly saying.

Tries too hard ends up confusing .

Either way, writer/director Adam McKay knows how to creatively make politics into an entertaining movie.

Before I take a bit more of a negative tone, let me be very clear on one thing: this is a solid film that is both entertaining and a bit sobering at the same time.

Finally, in a world in which Donald Trump constantly cries "Fake News," creating an epistemological quagmire in the public and political arena, this film with its shallow and blatantly false takes at times only plays into the hands of Trumpian Propaganda and does little more than add another brick in the wall of the great divide between liberal and conservative in America.

Overall worth the watch if you are an avid movie watcher or American.

Such a fascinating and unexpectedly engrossing first half - curiously, actually split in half by "those" end credits - that it's a shame the second is a cliff-notes style simplified mess.

But, apart from cast, this movie is a) weird and b) boring.

Good, entertaining movie.

Leave your political preferences in the car; this film flirts with being a documentary as much as it is an entertaining movie.

But these inter-titles are more confusing than enlightening because the entire sequencing of the film is so jumbled and messy.

If this film attempted to show the multi-faceted situation, including poor intelligence by government agencies, majority of Congress voting "yes" to get rid of Sadam Hussein and start a war, and unbridled emotional response to an unexpected and devastating attack, this would have been a more factual film that the audience could get involved in.

First movie I have walked out on for 30 minutes to go play pinball in 15 years.

Vice is wickedly entertaining despite its misdirection.

Adam McKay's "Vice" is the exciting and captivating biopic of one of the most enigmatic men of the last twenty years.

The director can do better than making disorganized, opportunistic propaganda .

This movie is Shakespearean in mood but epic in scope the direction is superb and concise , so clever and unexpected in parts , the script is the best political script since The West Wing it makes House of Cards seem amateurish.

But it was so weird and boring at the same time.

Just so dull and biased .

"Vice" is an intelligent political thriller, told on-screen in a weirdly entertaining, funny format.

His follow-up to this film is another fascinating, terrifying and (at times) funny look at a serious subject - the life and career of former Vice President Dick Cheney, an unassuming bureaucrat that wields much power in the George W.

For me it was entertaining.

The Big Short may not sound like much fun on paper, but McKay latched onto this idea, making the tedious subject of subprime loans and triple-A ratings interesting by entwining it with pop culture, employing the likes of Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez to dumb it down for the audience in a manner that was too wickedly clever to ever be patronising.

Awful waste of time!

Except that the film's Cheney is anything but banal.

The film was just over 2 hours long, but felt longer given its slow burning pace.

The film is worth watching, just keep an eye out for the history revision.

It mixes sardonic wit with fascinating propaganda as it depicts a damning portrayal of one of the most amoral politicians in American history, former vice president Dick Cheney.

Worst movie ever!

Overall, a very entertaining and insightful experience not to be missed!

I found the film rather boring.

Bush bore all the earmarks of a Saturday Night Live skit.

It had great performances all around as well as very involving and entertaining script and directing.

Most of all, it's something of an accomplishment just to have produced a biopic of such a detested public figure of recent events that's at least somewhat entertaining and refreshing in its synthesis of the subject.

I watched this only bcuz of christian bale but It was waste of time and money .

Ho hum blah blah blah....

So overall, ''Vice'' is worth it just because of Bale's performance and I hope he will win an Oscar, becuase Cooper's overrated, bland and very much in the background role ain't anything special.

100% Nazi Germany like propaganda.

Yes, there are some minor creative missteps in his outrageous and deliberate filmmaking approach that are gimmicky and pretentious, while other touches are spot-on genius.

So we get this cut and paste snore fest.

"Vice" (2018) is a very entertaining movie even if i'm not really into this subject.

x rating is confusing.

The editing of the film was truly the biggest disappointment, as it reminded me of Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers or JFK, except where it worked in creating an atmosphere in both those films, here it distracts the viewer because it is pointless and has no bearing on the plot.

A fascinating method of telling a "non-well known history" .

Liberal propaganda film .

A boring history of 4 idiots: D.

Vice is entertaining and very very disappointing .

It was propaganda.

Even in the slower moments of the film, I found myself incredibly engaged, due to the fact that these performances felt so real.

I do not think of the movie as a dark comedy, therefore it was too entertaining with a good sense of humor, even when the humor was occasionally very absurd.

I can't really say much more than that, and I do not think I have a 'short' attention span, but I sat though half of this movie and while I did glean some 'facts' (At least as far as the movie was pushing) the only thing I can use to describe it was 'boring'I did not care (like or dislike) any of the characters (even though their real life counterparts I do have opinions about - at least the ones I have read about in the news.

Boring .

Enjoyable Watch .

He has a penchant for alcohol and works labor intensive jobs for as long as he can stand it.

It was compelling to watch and the cast, especially Christian Bale took on the persona of their characters extremely well.

Adam McKay's "Vice is one of those films that, at times, left me in thrall to many of its artistic elements, while nonetheless leaving me frustrated -- and, frankly, bored -- at the whole.

Should have been 45 mins shorter, bores you to death.

The end result is an experience that's often entertaining, in its own way.

The story is childish, "evil guy meeting with evil guys, doind evil stuff" It becomes totally predictable.

I feel it's ten, fifteen minutes overlong, Cheney's past should of been cut down and the tax stuff which was boring should of been cut down.

However, I find it quite enjoyable as it is very upfront and sarcastic.

I was reluctant to rent this movie, fearing it would be another boring political movie that takes itself too serious, but oh no, was I in for an unexpected treat.

The direction is a bit sloppy, some shots are beautiful and intense, and others are mundane and unoriginal.

It's a little weird to me how a director like Adam McKay has gone from directing movies like Anchorman (2004) and Talladega Nights (2006) to entertaining exposés like The Big Short (2015) and Vice (2018).

With Big Short, director McKay made a film about the 2008 financial bubble collapse that's somehow both fascinatingly informative and propulsively entertaining.

Dull-witted and disappointing.

Adam Mckay continues a very intriguing story-telling style as seen in The Big Short (also featuring both Bale and Carell) that kept me engaged for the entire run time.

Worst movie of all time.

It's an entertaining watch, that's for sure.

Choppy Propaganda .

Bush is the best and most entertaining performance.

Boring, tired, and make believe.

It seems the true goal of this movie was to serve ass a propaganda piece in an already [politcally polarized America.

Now as I said before there were some clever bits here and there but most bits were either rushed over or dragged on for too long.

Fierce portals and clever writing doesn't always make a good film, but Vice's sense of attitude and direction makes for a bizarrely entertaining ride.

Unfortunately, since this movie was played almost more like a straight biopic, it lost the ability for many of its humorous, educational asides and cameos that made The Big Short so enjoyable.

Folks don't waste your money on this one.

The quick cuts and inserted random images were confusing and off-putting.

POTUS Bush as the dim-witted chimp is passe at this point, and Cheyney and Rumsfeld looming as his Satanic handlers has grown tiresome.

It wasn't as searingly poignant as The Big Short, but still very enjoyable.

It's not shedding light on history, yet tells it with an exciting twist.

However, that movie was based on a very entertaining book and the odds to make a decent movie out of it were already in the favor of the makers.

I expected a dry, somewhat dull depiction a man rising through the ranks of the US political machine.

after action propaganda piece .

Suprisingly Slow .

Ultimately I left the theater tonight with no regret...

The movie goes onto to become quite boring.

don't waste your time note no less $.

The topic of the movie is weak and one sided and can be confusing with the unusual editing.

In Sum: I would have walked out halfway through if I hadn't been with friends.

The editing work of integrating their characters into real life footage is certainly impressive, keeping you immersed into the film without losing too much screen time for the actors.

The characters mulling around in the white house and other government offices got to be so dull that after a while it was a gigantic relief to see Richard Nixon in two brief closeups.

Worst movie ever.

Much like The Big Short, McKay plays formal games and deploys engaging performances to help the medicine go down.

Another entertaining exposé from director Adam McKay, I give Vice 4.0 stars out of 5.

He has the unique explanations and jokes down pat and while I wanted even more, the movie kept me entertained throughout with lots of laughs and some gripping drama.

But apart from that, ''Vice'' is worth watching purely because of the incredible performance by C.

But these intertitles are more confusing than enlightening because the entire sequencing of the film is so jumbled and messy.

I will admit to finding a couple of enjoyable scenes, one in the middle of the end credits, and the end credits themselves were clever.

During this portion, it is considerably more interesting, engaging and ultimately memorable.

might be the worst movie I've ever seen .

I get that this could be even a little more intense as an American.

A great mix of entertaining, comedic and factual .

It's still fascinating to me that the guy who did Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys, is making serious politically charged films now.

Thought provoking, I am sorry but only thoughts this provokes is how much Hollywood thinks of themselves and we should just fall in line with their ideology.. Truly a waste of time, of what could have been a very funny mocumentary..

The intent to persuade events to the directors perspective grew boring.

Don't waste your time!

Worth the watch

I feel like art is there to convey meaning in a beautiful/clever/unique/engaging way....

Incredibly Boring .

I think my biggest problem with this film and with a lot of films these days is that there are too many scenes where nothing happens, It doesn't push the tone or the character arcs.

Vice is compelling cinema .

a refreshing, entertaining an well done movie.

Totally disjointed editing and uninspired narration has produced a sophomoric production that disappoints on multiple levels.

I loved this film and highly recommend it.

It could, I suppose, be cited as an example of the banality of evil.

the poor acting, the bland dialog, so many "facts" that are completely wrong...

Fell asleep .

Some that were ineffective and a couple overarching plot frustrations cloud the experience, and it by no means is a great movie or comparable to The Big Short, but it's one worth watching.

Last time, McKay tackled the crash of the stock market along with the housing bubble and decline that is just over ten years ago that these events happened and with The Big Short, McKay took a subject matter that to many people would work better than a warm glass of milk at bedtime to put you asleep and instead totally energized the topic by making it understandable as well as also funny and entertaining in what was a marvellously edited and written film that made for good comedy as well as giving insight to one of the most polarizing news items of the last couple of decades.

From the opening crawl, to the mid-credits scene, to the melodramatic moments when they truly feel they have something worth telling (Mary's wallowing over Liz's stance on same-sex marriage flip-flop stands out), the direction was overly reaching (read:desperate) trying to find something on a man who was as he is: boring.

If it went in either direction, it probably wouldn't be as enjoyable.

How could a movie about Dick Cheney, arguably one of the most controversial and powerful men in Washington ever, come across as so dull???

I stayed through the whole film but several people walked out.

Vice is the worst form of political choir-preaching: an infuriating amount of false equivalencies and self-righteous propaganda that only serves to rile up both sides of aisle, offering little except, "Conservatism bad; liberal good.

Extremely uninteresting.