Virus (2019) - Drama, Thriller

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A real life account of the deadly Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, and the courageous fight put on by several individuals which helped to contain the epidemic.

Director: Aashiq Abu
Stars: Parvathy Thiruvothu, Tovino Thomas
Length: 152 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 64 found boring (7.81%)

One-line Reviews (32)

What makes these snippets fascinating is that they also add layers to each of the characters that we see either availing or providing treatment.

There are many stars in the enterprise and believe me, each one of them is so compelling that you feel for them.

With an ensemble cast that would grab your attention any day for their mere presence, and a technical crew featuring the likes of Rajeev Ravi (cinematography), Sushin Shyam (music and original background score) and more, 'Virus' proves to be a gripping medical thriller.

"Virus", although not his masterpiece, is a film that evocatively, yet with tact, makes the most impact with a restrained, thrilling screenplay.

Propaganda plagarism and A for effort.

Aashiq Abu directed Virus is a very engaging film that tells us the behind the scenes of curbing Nipah virus .

Worth watching, well enacted and well made.

Not sure the intention of the makers to include a heavy star cast was to gain maximum reach, that's good but the film lacks a central character to drive this film, the writing is very convenient here- it lacks tensions between characters, it lacks a proper conflict definition (the focus has not come well) and weak characterisation- the performance by most of the actors were way dramatic and it looked they were restraining themselves, except Shoubin & Bhasi - others were just average and there were too many characters, and as a viewer this creates confusion as to with whom the viewer has to travel through the film, lastly the film drags at a snails pace to reveal the suspense on what could have been the cause of this deadly disease.

Crowding of characters make it slightly boring.

VIRUS is an engaging experience, with its non-linear story telling, energetic sound tracks, vivid visuals and most importantly, a golden bunch of cast has made it a great account of the incident that invoked fear in Malabar.

From the very onset ,the film will grab your attention for it's engaging screenplay.

Irector Ashiq Abu presents a gripping thriller inspired from events surrounding the Nipah virus outbreak in Calicut and Malappuram districts.

It has huge star cast and a gripping story.

Aashiq Abu's direction is raw and gripping making virus his best work till date.

And 80% Of The Film Is Characters Speaking To Each Other Which Is Really Boring !

Pointless because almost every Malayalee now is aware of the Nipah virus and the mechanism of it's spread.

It re-imagines the Nipah outbreak of 2018 which occurred in North Kerala right from its inception to its eventual containment in a 'part docu-drama, part thrilling fiction' way.

The truth part was mind blowing, exceptional, while the fiction part was average.

The movie is a gripping one which tells us the cruel truths and horrors behind the Nipah virus and how was the reception about in among the health community.

The Background score really helps the movie feel more thrilling than it is.

Mind blowing movie !!

Gripping real story of the nipah virus in kerala .

A very intense and well crafted movie.

Each and Every cast has performed wonderfully and it is a gripping family/medical Thriller.

Virus-a gripping, emotional portrayal of one of the darkest chapters of Kerala's recent history.

Surprisingly compelling.

The fear of the public, the awareness part, the empty, otherwise chronically busy streets, markets, the stares you get if you cough without covering your mouth, were some additional aspects that could have been added.

Boring because it is boring as hell, period, with unnecessary casting of acting biggies who probably have delusions of grandeur of doing some "service to society" by acting in this tripe of a film.

I watched Virus with reluctance because I assumed it would be more of a documentary about the deadly Nipah epidemic in Kerala.. In fact this is a very well made, interesting and gripping film that held the interest to the very end.

A Good Content Multistarrer Film With Very Slow Screenplay .

Pointless, boring, and exploitative.

Real, Gripping, Intense and an absolute thriller.