Visions (2015) - Horror, Mystery

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After moving to a vineyard to start a new life with her husband, a pregnant woman begins to experience terrifying visions.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Kevin Greutert
Stars: Isla Fisher, Anson Mount
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 60 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (43)

I was sensing a mental shutdown as the movie hit some slow points and I was forced to endure Isla Fisher's face and voice.

Unexpected .

" cliché.

Overall I enjoyed it from start to finish, it was fast paced, thrilling and straight forward.

This does have an enjoyable twist, and the screenplay is carefully put together.

Some things are not explained in the ending which I can't get into without spoiling so I won't talk about it, but beside that we also have a very,very uninteresting ending of all.

The movie tries to do something clever, though I didn't see the ending coming, it might be just because it was a little boring and hard to pay attention to.

Intriguing and satisfying!

Visions counts with an interesting premise which challenges our expectations as we get to know more details, making the "vindictive ghost" cliché take a different and meticulously planned perspective which keeps a narrative consistency from the beginning to the end.

Director Kevin Greubert relates the engrossing premise at a gradual pace, makes nice use of the beautiful bucolic setting, grounds the premise in a believable everyday reality, and ably crafts a spooky and unsettling enigmatic atmosphere.

Wat to expect is ull be scared , entertained and get a compelling non nonsense set storyline.

It's from the same maker who gave us Jessabelle, an intriguing little thing from last year.

A super great thriller /Horror that is utterly loud and enjoyable .

While it does try to produce a shocking twist, the foray there is tedious and with Eva Longoria presents, it feels like Desperate Housewives with jump scares.

Very repetitive film...

Overall, the movie was decently made and there were some reasonable performances -more than that, I really liked Jim Parsons' very understated contribution - but despite spending a lot of time wishing that the really obvious and predictable "surprises" were traps and that there would be an actual, unpredictable plot twist, it wasn't to be.

If you are a movie geek and super picky it will be a 7.5/10 movie I gave it a 9 because I genuinely enjoyed a thriller/horror which for a long time now everything being released was just boring.

The overall concept starts as a horror with remarkable editing and the amazing sound effect of super silence to BooM which will freak you out even if you try not to,, after that it flows into a really interesting thriller that ends in a pretty satisfying manner, doesnot go crazy stupid or boring at the end , which for this genre is the best way to present a thriller&horror story.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence, Language and intense scenes with pregnant women.

Most of the time, all you can hope for is entertaining, and this does an alright job!

This starts off as your typical boring poltergeist haunting and then at 54 minutes into the film, when you have your first death, things get interesting.

Furthermore, it bears mention that lead Isla Fisher rocks a revealing '70's retro look in a couple scenes here with stunning savoir-faire.

The movie is so bland that it even manages to mess up the - usually fail-safe - art of the jump scare, the last and mostly only resource of horror in movies like this.

Interesting and entertaining suspense tense thriller that proves the past can haunt.

After that, it becomes a mess of loud noises for each (supposedly) scary moment and a story that bored me senseless.

The story is pretty simple a married couple David(Anson Mount) and Eveleigh Maddox(the sexy and beautiful Isla Fisher) leave the fast paced city life of L.

Overall it is a good movie, but if you're expecting a scare or some mind boggling turn of events you're most likely not going to get that with this showcase.

"Visions" is an intriguing horror film about a woman with visions.

Which, in this case, was quite welcome, after being routinely bored with what the genre usually offers.

While it had a good story line, I felt like it can be a very predictable movie for those thriller/horror fanatics out there.

No silly ridiculous twists that make no sense, just a satisfying conclusion to a very enjoyable film.

Overall tedious slow burn that feels way more like a lifetime movie for the most part.

Just saw a film called "Visions" that was really interesting and entertaining it was the kind that kept you on the edge of your seat all while thrilling with tense dark moments of shadows and paranormal events!

Its just that this film is missing interesting moments, it just fell boring...

The build up is immersive and suspenseful, leaving the audience on edge and constantly guessing and second guessing, while maintaining an eerie pace more suitable for Horror and less for psycho- thrillers.

i do not wish to get into deep details of the movie because it is worth the enjoyable watch, but overall it is a very well written movie that goes unexpected i.

One of the more enjoyable aspects to this one is a series of exceptionally creepy sequences that showcase the supernatural antics in action.

The pacing is decent, with some understandably slower moments to elevate tension.

Dialogue for most part was pointless and boring...

Really enjoyed it.

Visions is not an Oscar contender for sure, but it is a solid entertaining movie.

And then, we have the twist in the end, which I found unexpected and quite well implemented, without making any traps or violating the internal logic of the screenplay.

Enjoyable if generic supernatural effort .