Vulgar (2000) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A man who performs as a children's birthday party clown tries to piece his life back together after being gang-raped.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Bryan Johnson
Stars: Brian O'Halloran, Bryan Johnson
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 119 found boring (15.12%)

One-line Reviews (57)

Which is a shame, because despite the fact it does suffer from a cripplingly low budget and some occasion aimlessness in the structure, I found it quite enjoyable.

For kevin smith fans its worth watching just for his role.

The acting is very intense and the characters are often quite abrasive.

I fell asleep through it, it wasn't gripping, it wasn't impressive, it was a badly acted, thrown together film.

With stunning performances by O'Halloran and Johnson himself, you were kept on your toes for the complete two hours.

***SPOILERS*** In the no-budget world of Public Access, one often contents oneself with intimations of talent: lacking loot, the driven wannabe filmmaker struggles against impossible odds to write, direct or produce SOMETHING of value (perhaps nothing of "lasting value," but certainly something marginally entertaining, at the very least).

(snore)I'll quit now.

I don't know whether this indicates my taste of movies (or lack thereof) or, gawd forbid, my own sick proclivities, but while this movie will win no awards, nor would one want to pay good money to see it, I found it strangely compelling.

The film is "vulgar," plain and simple, though you could also call it "disgusting," "disturbing," "stomach-churning," or even "unwatchable.

Expect familiar faces from the Kevin Smith universe taking center stage and gripping you with their nightmare.

It seems unbelievable also that someone who can get his crap together to perform as even a mundane birthday clown and run a TV show accepts the surroundings we find him in - but then again it is hard to believe that a movie with such content is so plodding and that the resolution seems so codified - I mean it isn't as if the protagonist has to be a squeaky clean hero.

The only thing that could have been good is the script, but it takes intense concentration to notice that through the horrible production quality and the shameful acting.

I've seen more intense episodes of FBI - SVU than this nonsense.

Besides the annoying homosexual theme that this movie had, it was very boring to watch.

Explaining the plot of Vulgar is kind of tiring, and yet it isn't always tiring, or boring, to watch the film itself.

I did but th film itself is offensive, poorly written, poorly acted and purely pointless.

one of the worst acted movies I've ever seen I don't care if its a b movie, plenty of b movies have a decent storyline and some decent acting but this is just pathetic, a complete waste of time!

The movie went from mildly amusing to horrifying to intriguing to disturbing to tense and came to rest on a satisfying ending (at least for this viewer).

If you care to waste your money, rent the film and see what I mean.

' The subject matter is extremly disturbing, but the story is riveting and the acting compelling.

The movie dragged...

Written and Directed by Bryan Johnson made an fascinating adult/black comedy that is serious half of the time and it is also occasionally disturbing.

and oh what a shock, this film is brutal, gritty, intense...

However, all the snappy exchanges failed to pop and I found myself wondering why I should care about this stupid clown with a castrating mother and no future.

Pros: -very engaging and moving at times -decent acting -well established dark tone -intense -a guilty pleasureCons: -unneeded humor -graphic violence, rape, and sexual torture may be too much for a lot of viewers -bad marketing

*** end spoilers ***Sounds like a pretty compelling idea, right?

Virtually recreating the boundaries of the dark comedy, Vulgar effortlessly wanders back and forth between an absurdist comedy and an intense and horrifying nightmare of a reality.

Some viewers might find this enjoyable commentary track better than the movie.

By far, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The plot line was intriguing and unique.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

The Wurst Review For The Worst Movie .

Johnson is able to set up and follow through on the dramatic situations- the gang-rape scene, contrary to what some have criticized it, is warped and delirious and just this side of harrowing to keep it something worth watching.

Carlson finds himself swamped with creditors and the feeling that his life is going nowhere.

Kinda of a B movie, but very entertaining.

In the end, the film is just cringe-worthy rather than interesting or even remotely intriguing.

Too bad it's so poorly executed as to make it completely unwatchable.

The rape scene was more than a little disturbing and dragged on and on, much like the film as a whole.

But as someone who enjoys the strange and the macabre and the weird, I'd highly recommend it to open-minded audiences.

rant over, find something more amusing to watch rather than this, Id rather watch paint dry than go through that again!

The sequence when "Vulgar" returns home after his assault is especially gripping.

A film about a violent sexual assault and I fell asleep, well it says it all doesn't it?

To date the only feature-film written and directed by the fascinating Bryan Johnson, "Vulgar" is one of those strange cult-releases that never really found an audience and has been more-or-less forgotten by the majority of fans and film-goers.

On the edge of becoming suicidal and mentally depressed about the situation, he decides to do something daring, and saves a young girl from her abusive father.

I saw this film and was left thinking it was disjointed.

Save Your Money.

A third act involving a crap blackmailing scheme by the old-bastard and his sons is a mixed bag, only getting intense in that final confrontation at the motel room.

I totally appreciated REQUIM FOR A DREAM and highly recommend it.

He lives in a slum, complete with a group of fat, drunken losers who sleep in his car and chuck empty beer bottles at him.

I saw this at Kevin Smith's Vulgarthon 2002, a film festival hosted by a production company normally known for their comedies, but this film still brought the house down, it is a great first effort (or any effort for that matter) and I highly recommend it to anyone (over the age of 18 :) ).

Of course, I was scared to waste my money, because it doesn't come that easily for me.

Bad acting and camera work make Vulgar a waste of time.

The budget is low and the story is odd to say the least but if you watch it with a sense of humor, and not on a full stomach, it could be enjoyable to the right audience.

It was interesting and it held your attention the whole time, I rather enjoyed it, beyond the scariness.

One can see quite easily why the clown's life seems to be going nowhere fast.

Strangely Compelling .

Occasionally, this means boring.