Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) - Comedy, Drama, Music

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Singer Dewey Cox overcomes adversity to become a musical legend.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Jake Kasdan
Stars: John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 54 out of 219 found boring (24.65%)

One-line Reviews (126)

The jokes are repetitive and arguably fail even the first time they are told.

The inherit problem with comedies is that the longer they are, the more tiresome they become.

That was pointless and not even the least bit amusing.

But I left the theater wondering if this is all we end up with from this era.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is easily the worst movie I have seen all year long.

I also found it very American, very formulaic and very this millennium.

Jenna Fischer plays the love of his life and she's every bit as stunning and compelling as Reese Witherspoon in WALK THE LINE (even though she looks more like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

there were a lot of little things which added together made this a very enjoyable experience.

Here we have a extremely entertaining and very funny mix of that, here each of the changes of our featured musician are very well known periods, he seems to have prove all the different tastes and that delivers just pure fun and great musical moments.

If you've seen the Scary movie comedy series and Epic movie comedy series, then you've seen the same old cliché jokes as this movie.

Jenna Fischer does a stunning job as his 2nd wife Darlene Madison.

The Real Dewey Cox and The Making of Dewey Cox was very entertaining.

Some of the music movie jabs may rub fans the wrong way for being a bit crude or distasteful, but for every third half-cooked rock cliché parody the movie shamelessly exploits, one clever and unique joke rears it's head to keep seasoned comedy fans and music-heads interested.

I chuckled once, but other than that, I was bored with this musical comedy.

Other IMDb reviewers disparage the repetitive jokes--I thought they were well executed.

A goofily predictable rise to fame of a music star story, this film mercilessly skewers the clichés, with over-the-top melodramatic scenes like the bigwig producer telling Dewey he sucks and will never make it, only to start singing his praises after Dewey strums 2 chords.

An Absolute Waste of Time...

Perhaps the most unexpected thing it offers is a series of cameos from other movie stars.

It was really stupid and confusing---and I liked these ridiculous aspects of the film.

Unlike "This is Spinal Tap", which was a savage satire of a fictional English Heavy Metal band, its band members and the ridiculousness of their lifestyles, "Walk Hard' doesn't set out to make fun of Dewey Cox, only the absurdity of overly serious and pretentious bio-pics.

Reilly LIVES Dewey Cox, performing all his comedic songs himself, which are actually enjoyable and catchy country/rock and roll tunes.

It felt a bit tiresome at parts, because it's predictable.

Start with the things you'd usually watch but then watch the things that usually bore you.

Don't waste your time.

Cliché so battering and obvious, we will never look at musician biopics with a straight face again, especially those featuring the seminal artists of the 50's who rose from 50's dance halls to superstardom - Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly.

The only reason I sat through the whole thing was a vain hope that it was just a slow starter and laughs were around the corner.

This gave the film's wilder moments more credibility than if he had played the role full bore.

If you show This Is Spinal Tap to people who aren't interested in music, they will be pretty bored, since most of the gags don't make sense to them.

This movie truly does rank among the five worst movies I have ever seen.

It was dry, slow, gratuitous, and unlike other parodies, was sorely lacking in biting wit or cleverness.

One long, repetitive, painful joke .

Riley has a lovely voice and it was an unexpected treat for me.

Reilly is the main element that holds the thing together and keeps it from being boring.

It reminded me of "Blades of Glory" or "Talladega Nights" -- some wonderful moments, but a lot of dull or mis-fired ones.

Without getting too much into the details of the movie because I hate spoilers, the thing that made this movie great to me was the unexpected humor.

Despite a slowish first half, this is what you'd call an agreeable waste of time.

It's a fast paced story with a lot of twists and turns.

For me watching these movies was a waste of time.

Jenna Fischer is great as his love interest and duet partner, a parody of Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line", who falls on and off for Dewey throughout the movie based on his life decisions, another movie formula cliché.

It's not always laugh-out-loud, but it is always enjoyable.

But at the end of the movie I got up and walked out thinking, could have waited to see that on video.

The movie is entertaining and there are some excellent moments.

It really did make the film, seem way too long.

Another enjoyable aspect is the wide variety of clothes, hairstyles and furnishings that denote the ever-changing eras of music.

It becomes even more apparent if you watch the admittedly self-indulgent director's cut.

Anyone who would even waste their time giving something like Walk Hard a chance, you seriously have to wonder about.

" The film's mimesis of its source materials is so spot-on, that it even follows their same cadence and nearly falls apart midway as it glosses over many points in history and aspects of the musician's life while covering every cliché possible from the temptations of life on the road with drugs and groupies to bouts in rehab and bitter divorces to long dry periods that suddenly make way for life-altering inspiration.

I found myself getting kind of bored several times during the film and often wondered if I was supposed to be laughing at certain skits.

I like Apatow's other works, but this movie was so uninteresting, I almost didn't even finish watching it.

Well, we got up and walked out.

Also, Dewey's dad going through the whole movie just saying "the wrong kid died," repetitive and not funny at all.

reasonably entertaining parody .

Okay, I highly recommend it to those over 17 with those caveats.

Another boring comedy with the same old jokes and clichés .

Very enjoyable.

Some of them are quite good (like the scene with The Beetles), while other scenes are just boring and lackluster (mostly the childhood-scenes).

The film starts off well enough, but as the movie drones on, the jokes quickly become redundant to the point of being downright tedious towards the last half of the movie (IE.

It works in every way, and is one of the most entertaining and funny films of the year.

Amusing, but only to a point, this is movie that sets up a joke and unleashes it then sets up another joke and unleashes it and then another and another one at a time in succession as it hits every movie music bio cliché there is.

That being said.. This is the worst movie I've seen since well.. the last parody movie I walked out on.. Thats all this was, a parody movie.

If you've been ho-hum on Apatow up until now, you still might want to check this one out.

I hate you Dewey Cox your confusing everyone to see this movie.

In summary,a film which could have gone more far away but,in spite of that,it's entertaining.

Here, it can only ever be as entertaining as a generic music-biopic - which isn't all that entertaining - because that's exactly what it's presented as.

Holy cow, they nail every rock bio-pic cliché and then some.

Spoof movies have been around for as long as the art form of film has been entertaining people.

It was undeniably the worst movie I have ever seen period.

Not detestably unfunny, but fidget-inducingly slow.

This movie is slow, the jokes are stupid and the acting is terrible even for a comedy.

My husband and I w/ our friends wanted to just go have a good laugh, how embarrassing that was to all be sitting there when a penis pops up on stage unexpected.

I dare to write that every fan of music will find in this a very enjoyable film.

I'm guessing Judd Apatow and Jake Kasden did and set out to write a movie spoofing the formulaic musical biopic.

i really think that they tried to hard to make this a good movie with awful and repetitive humor.

Absolutely entertaining and hilarious, Walk Hard is simply that.

I did think of one cliché they missed -- the proverbial "passing of the torch" to offspring.

I thought the film was really entertaining, though not everything was good.

For one, it can be repetitive.

I wish I had walked out...

This was among the five WORST movies I have EVER seen .

What a surprisingly funny and entertaining movie.

After producing his record breaking single Walk Hard, he spirals into the cliché life of drugs, women and vice.

Reilly - who I actually find an enjoyable actor, is doing the lead and trying to run a comedy.

I was entertained though, had a good laugh, left the theater smiling.

I truly loved this movie, it is entertaining, funny, idea is fresh and creative, and the music, believe it or not, was pretty good (most of them).

Worst Movie He Has Directed .

Overall, this was an entertaining, thought not very funny movie.

Sometimes it gets a little silly - such as the animated LSD trip sequence - but mostly it's an enjoyable movie that goes far on the abilities of its cast.

He is loving every minute of "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story", stretching each cliché to breaking point and gaining maximum comic potential from each scene.

It is hard to watch all the serious shows and the take themselves to serious formulaic drivel that saturates the movie landscape.

Reilly gives a very energetic portrayal of Dewey Cox a fictional combo of many singers of the last 40 years,The writers have used every cliché we associate with biographies,to almost real good effect.

My only disappointment was that the movie started a little slow.

Its just a clever and enjoyable commentary on the history of music.

Dewey Cox handles reporters in a way both rebellious and shallow, which brilliantly skewers the self-importance of Dylan himself in DON'T LOOK BACK, and the phony reverence of unwatchable tributes like I'M NOT THERE.

If my daughter hadn't been in the next theater watching a movie with her aunt, I would have walked out and gone home.

Enjoyable movie .

But it's well worth watching if you're looking for some quick, easy laughs.

This movie reminds me of one of those numerous SNL spin off movies that tried to cash in on the unexpected success of the "Wayne's World" movies.

I'm not saying that every movie needs this, but I left the theater feeling like this could have been a ten-part series on SNL or something.

If anything, it just makes the film plot go slower.

The final song, the summation of the character's life "Hell of a Ride" was unlike the rest of the film in that it was bland and totally unmemorable and a real let down.

But for a life from 14 to 70, this approach leaves you feeling empty.

Rilely is a bland hard to look at individual.

What does not help even more so is knowing that many of the trailer's scenes are cut right out of the movie, suggesting an even longer Unrated DVD (along the lines of the way too long Virgin DVD).

Such a good decision.. Save your money and see something else.

However if you're expecting something more along the lines of the more subtle yet equally hilarious Christopher Guest comedies ("Spinal Tap", "A Mighty Wind", "Best in Show"), then you might start to tire of the fast paced, deliberately predictable gags we see here.

I do not want to say, or incur, that I was bored at all by one of the best (if not the best) parody films in a long time (especially if I have such tripe as Meet the Spartans to look forward to in the future), it just dragged itself along too much.

Ripping the sink off the wall, funny, doing it again, kinda funny, after the fifth or sixth time, repetitive and not funny at all.

From the need to use full names when addressing any character so the joke can be understood, to the blatantly obvious descriptions coming out leaving nothing to the imagination or intelligence a person with a sense of humor has, Walk Hard talks down to the audience at every turn and bores the hell out of them.

Reilly is fictional songwriter-guitarist Dewey Cox, who rises to superstardom on the wings of cliché.

watchable and enjoyable .

There was a love scene for him that I suffered from, and couldn't even understand, where he was totally unfunny, and with slow pace, no music, and low-angle-turned into killer horror !

Repetitive is really an understatement in describing this film's humor.

Going to see this movie was a complete waste of my time and money.

the supporting cast in be movie all had great roles too, and even the singing and the songs in the movie were enjoyable to me haha.

However, despite being somewhat uneven, "Walk Hard" remains a very entertaining, very funny, and witty movie.

Big applause to Jenna Fischer for being absolutely stunning and for holding her own opposite Reilly, in his element at all times.

Believe it or not, the quirky soundtrack is enjoyable.

Save your money and rent Apatow's back catalog and hope and pray that the train of suck that left Dewey Cox will derail and Apatow will be cool again.

The whole film is predictable but it is also enjoyable.

This was obviously made after the last few years bringing out well received and awarded music based biopic films, such as Ray and Walk the Line, so this both celebrates and mocks those true life based stories, with some jokey songs and a well-crafted script mocking typical dialogue and moments in those dramas, a really funny and enjoyable musical comedy.

I have only walked out on one film in my life.

Not that EVERYONE ever to appear on "The Office," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," or newbies from SNL aren't talented people, it just gets rather tiresome to keep seeing them all together working on the same projects.

It is far more entertaining, and in a way more touching.

Of course the lighthearted approach was okay, in fact downright welcome, in the youth comedies of Knocked Up or Juno or the trivial adolescent coming of age hassles of Superbad--moments in young lives the kids are going to move on from.

It was thoroughly entertaining, with very few lulls of boredom, though there were quite a few parts with no laughter.

After the two formulaic, Hollywood-drenched biopics, RAY and WALK THE LINE, set the standard and simultaneously lowered the bar for musician biographies, WALK HARD takes every single cliché from those glossy turkeys and parties with a penis in your face.