Wanted (2008) - Action, Crime, Fantasy

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A frustrated office worker learns that he is the son of a professional assassin and that he shares his father's superhuman killing abilities.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Stars: Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 177 out of 757 found boring (23.38%)

One-line Reviews (752)

The worst movie EVER.

The only enjoyable parts of this movie were Morgan Freeman, and the train derailment.

Also the whole curving bullets thing, again although cool, was a bit silly and again totally impossible if you just have a little extra adrenaline.

Right from the start, one is thrown into a series of disjointed events.

First off, the idea and concept are intriguing.

Hollywood's apparent fascination with Russian 'Nightwatch' helmer Timur Bekmambetov should (good box office notwithstanding) be efficiently assassinated by this stupid, boring, derivative, inept and mean-spirited mess.

How did so much money and basically decent talent go into making such a gratuitously violent, bloody, pointless, stupid, evil piece of junk?

I agree that all these stunts are next to impossible in real but the way these scenes are clubbed with the pace of movie is mind blowing.

I want to tell you that the story is engaging, well-told, and surprising.

train harder, and kill his dad's murderer), without even something meaningful said before it the scene to make him understand it, whole boring scenes about making the protagonist learn knife fighting when all the meaning of it was that he just had to defeat the guy who taught him without doing anything special(he didn't use knives even once in the whole movie).

Abominable Waste of Tme and Money .

Wanted was suspenseful with a number of plot twists along the way.

Yet, it remains enjoyable nonetheless.

Twists and turns happen here, all for predictable and some of really aggravating.

Incredibly hedonistic, Wanted is an adrenaline rush.

He is taught how to use his hidden super powers; which include the ability to slow things down, shoot bullets in a circular motion and drive rubbish cars really fast.

The movie is action packed and very intense from start to finish,the story and the characters are very unique and not quite like any action movie i've seen previously,I loved the slow motion shots that are used quite regularly throughout the movie and is the best example that it is also directed in a very unique way.

Members of the Fraternity have the distinct inherited ability to control the adrenaline in their bodies.

awful, complete waste of time .

James McAvoy plays Wesley, an ordinary office worker who is frustrated by his tedious, repetitive lifestyle, and yearns for something more.

The Jedi, Sith, and Neo seem lame and boring in comparison to the skills of the "Fraternity of Assassins following the whims of a loom that communicates using a binary textual encoding.

Wanted is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for two hours.

It seems that any action movie that has come out after The Matrix uses slow-motion kills anymore, and the style is just as bland as it has ever been.

Enjoyed it.

preferably boozed after a long day's work and with a loved one by your side.. =p What follows is intoxication of the most engaging kind,.

After the furious beginning the movie started to get a bit slow and then rose back up to the action again.

Angelina Jolie & this film: stylish and visually exciting .

Bekmambetov knows this, and he continually hits us with mind blowing and crazy action.

The movie progresses with a boring and somewhat gory training in the Fraternity, and then he is ordered to kill people from the Loom of Fate, a loom that gives names of targets through binary code hidden in weaving errors of the fabric.

But the general premise of a "Fraternity" of Assassins and there naturally gifted enhanced physical abilities wears wispy thin in the opening sequence, where an Assassin can manage to pump up his heart rate and adrenaline so he can run and propel himself through significantly sturdy Office Building plate glass window-with out having to blink or close his eyes-then able to still have enough momentum to streak-in mid air-across almost to another building while shooting pistols and automatic weapons accurately, before losing a few feet of elevation and crash through another plate glass Office building.

The action is done well, and in a shorter, more absorbing story, it would work.

I felt he played his role as a depressed socialite in a tedious environment well.

This film is so full of pretentious bullshit, you are continually fighting to oppress the vomit trying to spurt through you throat and all you want to do is punch someone who had anything to so with this garbage.

Just enjoy the pure adrenaline this movie gives off!

Every seen had some action in it, all of it, had very well done special effects, and great ideas, but if there is no story, its ruined, and wasted.

It is a very good, entertaining movie though, which is well worth checking out.

The only feeling I got watching this was feeling sorry for Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie (even though she does her best with the movie's material)Pointless movie, doesn't get above ground level.

It's fun to watch, it's enjoyable, and at times funny.

Morgan Freeman practically sleepwalks through his role, but is still enjoyable.

So, if someone wants to see an action movie, he should know that "Wanted" is one of a kind and is a great way to spend two hours of your life (which is probably boring :P).

I don't have a problem with violent films, but this was just so over-the-top and pointless, and not in an interesting way.

Once the movie kicks in, it starts to become real gripping, some excellent acting, action and music help bring the story along nicely.

While Wanted may frequently dazzle, its flashy visuals and thrilling action cannot mask the ultimate shoddiness underneath, the senseless fun of the action sequences being often dampened by the implausibly imbalanced storyline and downright poor script.

After a lot of pleading and plodding, Sloan convinces Wesley to face his destiny head on and Fox and Sloan's other assassins (including rapper Common, who is quite convincing in a small role) train him.

The train sequence is probably the most intense and mind-blowing scene I have seen in an action movie this year.

Strange in the sense that it's literally like a train wreck that you can't keep your eyes off because it's so fascinating to watch.

It seemed that the story was boring, and should have had more to it.

Another boring action movie.

The Bourne Identity and The Matrix are regarded as masterpieces because they brought something new to the table while simultaneously maintaining a coherent, believable, intriguing storyline and characters.

The quirk with the Fraternity is that it's assassin's have the special ability to raise their heart rate above 400 bpm, pumping incredible amounts of adrenaline into their system and giving them superhuman reaction speed...

As a result, the film bounces back and forth from cool and engaging to overdone and over-stimulating.

It's nice to watch and it will be quite entertaining if you don't have high expectations in terms of plot and character development.

but only if it gives more of an explanation than "your adrenaline goes fast, so...

Impressive action but predictable twists .

I won't go on about the plot in too much detail but really, the final twenty minutes made me want to kill the nearest bystander for its mindbogglingly obvious play out and bland, stereotypical twistI feel I'm focusing on the negatives here, so here's a couple of positives.

What a waste of money...

I think the crowd who wood like to watch these kind of movies are those who need a dog to help them sleep because they are too scared to sleep alone and to cover up their weakness they want to see them as pseudo hero (typical Freudian confusion).

There are a lot of breathtaking action scenes,that are really good,even though the budget isn't very high,and it was released in 2008!

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) has a boring job working behind a desk, without the guts to stand up to his bullying boss or do anything about the fact his best friend is shagging his girlfriend.

Think "Charmed" minus the witches plus a lot of pointless violence and even more pompous sermonizing, especially by Morgan Freeman's character Sloan.

The film however started to get predictable (until the unexpected end) and turned out to be a little confusing.

I spent the first ten minutes wondering if I should get up, go home and have an early night, then I grasped that it was a comic book, and went along for the reasonably entertaining ride.

He's one of them assassins, With uncanny weapon skills and a pulsating heart with each beat of which he pumps adrenaline into his raging mind.

Freeman plays the usual father figure in the first half, but takes an unexpected turn in the climax.

Wanted is a dull exercise in guns, blood, ridiculous vehicular stunts, and mediocre CGI.

" Well "I got dragged to see this turd and will never watch it again".

Just the statement of high adrenaline rush and high reaction time.

but regardless of the lack of originality, this is entertaining as hell, and i think is more homage to classic stories than a complete rip off.

An Empty Action Movie .

Still the story was compelling, and held my interest through to the end.

Action packed and very enjoyable,I would recommend Wanted to anyone looking for a good crime or action film.

Fun, entertaining, non stop action and Jolie does her thing .

Unpredictable movie.

after that jump, everything else in the movie seemed realistic and made the movie enjoyable (a movie-goer must suspend their disbelief of the impossibility of curving bullets).

I enjoyed some of the action; the bending bullets, knifeplay, and over-the-top car chases in particular were all very entertaining and unique.

There are plenty of "okay, that was pretty cool" moments for adrenaline junkies out there.

It just ends up being borderline silly, contrived, and very apparently the piece-meal, Frankenstein of action prototypes that it is.

Thankfully, this film is saved by doses of humor that make the predictable plot and thin story bearable.

Take the film's opening gunfight, in which a man drives through a window before engaging in a mid-air gun battle.

The acting was nothing over-the-top, the action sequences were repetitive, and the movie was quite boring.

To go with the cliché, that was just a waste of 2 hours of my life.

furthermore, I tried giving this movie a shot, but the last 45 minutes of the movie dragged on like a root canal.

The best part about all of this is that Bekmanbetov ropes it all together with unpredictable ferocity.

Angelina Joli who has a proved record as an actor seems bored through most of the movie even while she is inflicting brutal punishment on McAvoy.

This is arguably the worst movie of 2008.

Just when we begin to think that this is too absurd even for a movie based upon a comic book, Cross attacks the two of them and they escape in a car chase so intensely exciting that Wesley and the audience begin to buy into Fox's story...

This made the action at times boring.

From trailers, Wanted may seem like an ordinary action thriller with a stereotypical list of characters but Bekmambetov's picture is very diverse from your run of your mill conventional genres with a truly intense twisting plot and a bizarre choice of direction.

I was cursing out loud at that point, it was unbearable.

As bullets fly, as the pounding in Gibson's head gets louder we are given this stylistic vision of slowness and is so different and bizarre that it simply has to be admired.

Yes, what you get here are some of the best action sequences you'll ever see in the big screen along with a decent plot with some nice and sometimes predictable twists and turns.

"Yeah, I'll just lead a meaningless and trite life until an attractive broad in a Viper abducts me at gunpoint to reveal my true purpose.

Not only is James McAvoy too weak in this movie to make his character believable, but the screenplay includes far too many ridiculous elements (some of the scenarios are laughable) to make it enjoyable.

The plot is fairly convoluted, but suffice to say that certain characters have superhuman powers, like the ability to slow down time so they can, for example, dodge bullets, or shoot such that their bullet smashes against a bullet headed for them.

But it looks great and is entertaining.

I definitely recommend this deliberately humorous, action packed, violent, profane, to-the-extreme film to be seen on the big screen - check this one out!!

One can compare Wanted with Matrix, and in some case it's true: the movie is as stunning, unexpected and captivating as Wachovsky bros.

I was expecting the American debut of director Timur Bekmambetov, the man who made the Night watch series, a fascinating and catching vampires meets Bulgakov film in the decadent post-Communist Russia.

Fantastic Action Packed Humor .

Real time three dimensional effects speed and slow time forcing you to suspend all disbelief and buy in to the premise that a lowly desk jockey named Wesley could become one of the greatest assassins the world has ever known.

Movie With Unexpected End About Assassin Fraternity .

It's for sure entertaining and a good kill of a couple hours, which is all you need from a film sometimes.

You will be on the edge of your seat while you are jumping for joy and excitement.

You find out that Wesley's stress level is just adrenaline, which helps him to become an assassin.

Because when the last bullet is fired, what we're left with is little more than another empty Hollywood lackluster that's all style and no substance.

My only gripe about the film is that the end did seem to drag out a tiny bit.

But, if you did, Wanted goes by this equation: Wanted = Shoot Em' Up + Plot + Angelina Jolie + Morgan Freedman – Action Scenes – Intense Irony – Insane villain.

There are movies that just have a stunning plot and you watch it thinking "Wow.

But that's okay because after the first 10 or 15 minutes it's non-stop fast paced action.

It's a good enough movie to rent when you're bored on a Saturday afternoon and want some action.

Nothing new in this film, just a number of Hollywood cliché's, including the sob story told by a narrator in the third person, which ultimately turns out to be their own sob story, and even the Star Wars idea of the central character seeking to avenge their father's death, only for the villain to say "No, I am your father".

If you are bored or just want a light timepass this is a movie to see.

It vaguely mentions something about focusing adrenaline to slow things down, which is kind of similar.

Still a mystery to me (A part from the great effort by Angelina to make this movie worth watching)Lot of money and effects wasted on an lame plot, the tone is changing from sequence to sequence (sometimes made me think of Daredevil...

While explaining to McAvoy why his character can kill with the best of them, Freeman says something along the lines of, "You can kill because of an extreme amount of adrenaline pumping through your body that only a few people in the world have".

She is a compelling actor, who performs all the action with pathos and élan.

This moment is potentially iconic, and Bekmambetov stages it with such perfect imagination and timing that it has a spike of adrenaline which separates it from similar scenes in other films (Matrix Reloaded etc).

If you are looking for an exciting action movie with an, let's say, interesting ending then go and see it.

cool characters, a really cool premise, and exciting action sequences.

" Well, in order for this not to be classified as padding the comment "with junk words" and "being blocked from future submissions", I guess I'd better mention that the film managed to leave out the only remotely interesting aspect of the comic-book mini-series upon which it was based, the fact that the gang of assassins into which out hero is dragged is a satiric comment on the super-villains faced by Superman and Batman in the DC Universe, substituting them with sometimes obscene or scatological versions.

It had great action sequences, but the plot was extremely thin, boring, and predictable.

With raging bullets and fast sequences you will find it completely engaging when you keep your mind open, or you might get angry and start wondering why are you even there, sitting and watching this lame movie.

The action is intense, the special effects shots can be brilliant (esp.

The plot was basic, childish and predictable.

The approach is made intriguing through the direction.

) and engaging enough in plot to be tolerable.

Why do we live day by day being bored and miserable when we know we have the talents to be and do so much more.

We have an assassin on the trail of a rogue member of the Fraternity, a group of killers with the ability to hone a massive amount of adrenaline to slow down time and enhance their actions to superhuman levels, looking to identify the bullet being used to out his partners.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch, Day Watch) made an highly entertaining action-thrill ride that plenty of creative action sequences, great visual moments and plenty of dark humour as well.

Luke Skywalker, Peter Parker and Harry Potter) are thought to be rather dull people.

But husband and I went to go to the movies, and besides Wall-E en espanol, that was the only other one at our local theater worth watching.

James McAvoy plays a likable guy trapped in a mundane office job, with a cheating girl friend, a boss from a hell and a smarmy best friend.

But after watching it twice out of sheer boredom, it manages to keep my attention for those two hours.

Entertaining, escapist, action film.

Yet, if you like action, you should go see it (Don't worry about the 6.7 rating, people I think have been too critical), its enjoyable.

Enjoyable Action Movie .

It was oh, so exciting!

Repetition made for a bit of boredom, as did an ending you can see coming from Mars.

Dreadful, dreary, hackneyed load of old rubbish.

The last few times I've been the cinema I've come away disappointed, the films I saw were either garbage or I could have enjoyed just as much sitting at home on DVD(and paid less for popcorn) but films like this were made for cinema, they are loud, fast, overwhelm the senses and are hugely entertaining.

Eye-candy for sure, the end result does manage to be more than just the effects, infusing a lot of humor into the action, culminating into a very entertaining experience.

The effects are great, the casts are even better but what really turns me off is the cliché parts.

The action part of the movie was the most exciting part.

It's fun, action packed and a hot chick is in there .

An action packed movie, very enjoyable .

The violence and sex were explicit and pointless, and all it did was leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The twists and turns, in this amazing plot, keep you on the edge and guessing beyond the end of the movie.

Exciting movie with outstanding visual style and unstopped action .

The central role is contrived and unoriginal, I did not feel inclined to will him to victory or any sense of justice when his demons were fought and his battles won.

Mindless, Boring Action .

Recommended for non-pretentious people who can enjoy a movie for what it is.

Some of the scenes are probably stretched too far and become a little tiresome, for instance the training segments really didn't need to be so in-depth we got the picture and could have moved on.

It's boring.

It's attempt to be visually exciting just makes your eyes roll.

It's much easier though to say it's relentless, trashy and ultimately empty.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a scholarly or even particularly good movie, but it sure is an enjoyable one.

I'm not telling anyone to not see Wanted because a good action flick is hard to come by and it will entertain you and probably leave that adrenaline feeling in you when you leave the theater but when that dies away you'll be left feeling empty and wondering where the rest of it was.

There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut.

From the beginning the viewer is thrust into a fast-paced adrenaline pumping world full of intrigue, originality and fun.

A sad pathetic human starts moaning (for far too long) about how his life is crap.

The whole film is just a big fat cliché, filled with "Come on, how stupid do they think I am to buy this" scenes.

It was a waste of time.

Don't waste your time on it.

Boring crud on a lavish budget .

) and suffers in the same way Bad Boys 2 did, just having action scenes for the sake of it because there was no plot or script to follow so they'd just engineer an action sequence for no reason at all than seeing the hero or the other assassins use their magical powers.

A shameful rip-off of The Matrix's famous 'lobby scene', by this point predictably sloppy and, for a final set piece, surprisingly bland, this leads to the scene where Sloane is confronted, and it is revealed that he alone is behind the hits; nobody else within the Fraternity had any idea.

With the plot and concept derived from a graphic novel, the story element is intriguing enough as there are a series of twist and turns the keep the story interesting.

Some boring white-collar guy finds out the hard way that he's the son of the member of some ancient old blablabla secret blablabla supernatural, xman-like bullet-throwing society of ladies and gentlemen.

So just as he is in awe being pulled in to this new, intense, high-octane new world of conspiracies, car chases and lots of killing, we the audience are right along side with him.

I think the entire film had a total of 300 words , i was so bored i started counting the words.

Jolie and Mcavoy truly are on form delivering slick lines as well as hyping up the timelessly exciting action.

The action sequences, though well executed, are repetitive and ridiculously absurd as they stretch the film too far, yes both in terms of plot line and duration.

I'm really at a loss to think who might find this entertaining for more than a few seconds.

Timur Bekmambetov is a remarkable director distinguished with recognizable and fascinating visual style.

Enjoyable action and concept .

Not the greatest film, but well worth watching especially in our life of revealing secrets of 'illuminati' and conspiracy theories, mixing magic with reality, fact or fiction where science fiction is now science reality - sit back and enjoy the film!

Angelina Jolie looked the part, but her history was, ultimately, cliché and unsatisfying.

Wanted- kick ass adrenaline.

Yes, some scenes were bloody, the car chases, well, "seen one car chase and you've seen them all", the sets as dark as the characters, but unless Jolie is on the screen, WANTED is nothing more than a frat boy flick, with dialog that is trite and dull.

Is it any more unbelievable that there is a thousand year old group of assassins out there who kill bad guys before they fulfill their bad guy destinies than the reality that a vast majority of humanity gives the bulk of their lives away to the bad guys every day, contributing to their own slow deaths?

The script is both funny and suspenseful, managing to pull off both in a fashion that would make the kings of the action genre proud.

The rare pretentious schmuck would blindly bad-mouth.

James McAvoy is Wesley Gibson in a boring office cubicle job and with an extra large woman for a supervisor.

The performance by Angelina Jolie was decent and you cannot deny that her screen presence is stunning even though a few more pounds of flesh on her would have made her a knockout.

Example: the shootout at the end of the movie was exciting and violent and everything you'd expect from a movie like this.

No sript, no story line, OK acting I guess Listen all: It is possible to make a good action movie it can be done!!!!

Preposterously Entertaining...

If you must see this, please, make sure you give the book a chance to make up for the waste of time this, poor, poor movie is.

The movie is entertaining with lots of action and moves at a fast pace.

This has to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

This is an action packed movie with great special effects, great leading actor,lots of humor and all this put together very nicely.

This film definitely is action-packed in my opinion and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

It seemed unique, action packed and cool effects along with some nice stunts.

It was a message to the viewer, a clear message, being what the f**k are you going to do about your life if you're stuck in a dead end, boring, non stimulating situation?

The film still has a bit of grease but it is enjoyable grease: the brutality of the violence is created intentionally over the top and is used as an advantage for some dark humoured laughs.

as for the movie itself,it is intense,loud,and frenetic and there is one plot twist i didn't see coming,though most people probably will.

It fails at being thrilling.

Otherwise sharp and intense .

Jolie is stunning, Freeman is captivating and McAvoy adores screaming and shouting in his tenuous American accent.

As every action flick of Timur Bekmambetov, this one is pretentious, big-budget, mindless, one-CGI-effect-over-and-over-again, sorry excuse for a movie.

I would gladly pay full price to see this movie again before I'd waste my time watching Batman again for free.

Edward Norton's in Fight Club/Keanu Reeves in Matrix in combination with the obvious visual effects stunt of bending the bullets which was an obvious rip off concept from the Matrix, or so I believe, the film succeeded overall and was thoroughly entertaining.

a Trinity (or Fox, if you prefer) who joins him for a pointless special effects sequence en route to an introduction with Morpheus, played by Morgan Freeman, and who, for argument's sake, we'll refer to by the name he's given in the film: Sloane.

I'm going to give it 4 stars for being boring and stupid.

Entertaining to a Point .

Even I'm a fan of action movies, based on comics, loving special effects and loving to ride along with the story, Wanted made me yawn and hate my friends for choosing this movie instead of anything else.

A clever plot twist towards the end is pointless if the audience has already switched off or gone to sleep.

Basically, I walked into the theater expecting action packed movie NOT a ridiculous comedy movie.

These are men who enjoy intense, industrial and rap-metal, Nine Inch Nails and Korn chief among them.

A young man stuck in a mundane job suddenly got pulled out of it by a beautiful dominatrix, and into a world where it seemed like he's The One savior to rid the bad guys from the face of it.


The worst movie ever made.

Overall, I thought this a very entertaining movie and worth going to see on a Friday night with some of your friends.

And you know, I could handle all that, I mean, I love 2012, I love Cloverfield, I like a lot of action and disaster movies that you need to suspend your disbelief to enjoy, but there's one problem, this movie is BORING!!!

It's the combination of story, directing and action that the movie works out as a credible and effective one but foremost you should simply enjoy this movie for what it is; a simple entertaining action-flick with some wonderful and original action moments in it.

It breaks him out of a dull humdrum office account manager job & into the exciting world of being beaten up & killing people.

It wouldn't make for particularly interesting reading for me to recount just how many similarities there are between the two films (it'd fill several hundred pages of double-sided A4, for a start) but the overall difference in tone is mildly fascinating.

After an implausible but exciting car with Cross and Fox shooting it out in night-time urban traffic, our hero and heroine pull off a gravity-defying stunt that only Evel Knievel could have dreamed up.

There are a few goofy, awkward moments, but overall, the film keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I am not going to discuss about the story because frankly there is no story in this film.

She firmly establishes herself as a strong, compelling badass chick.

If I was trying to be positive, I could say it's fast-moving, flashy and expensive-looking.

WANTED starts off with a literal Matrix-like bang as a mysterious assassin (nailed by David O'Hara) performs his latest hit, then after a series of thrilling sequences, is killed.

Non of the boringly repeated crash-explosion-shoot-splatter scenes changed the general flow of the movie purling down the stairs.. I also found no humor in it neither, except may be in the ridiculous statements ("he is the man", "i was ordinary just like you are" etc)...

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a bored Account Manager, who doesn't care anymore that his girlfriend (Kristen Hager) is cheating with his best friend (Chris Pratt) at work.

The ending was definitely strong, unexpected and a great bursting with fury shooter scene.

Wesley Gibson lives a boring, pointless life, until one day he meets Fox (angelina Jolie), who tells the nerdy geek, that he has magical powers like Neo (who actually is cooler) and there's this secret organization of superpowered assassins who.....

lack of a script , a believable world and characters makes this a series of emotionally empty great looking cgi filled action scenes with nothing to connect them .

First of all, the story seems to be pointless, an assassin, that goes around killing people, because of some "rule" or "code".

She is an intriguing actress, and it was fun watching her.

Are you bored?

If you already watched Fight Club, don't waste your time on this.

Very fun to watch..an exciting ride from the first minute to the end.

WANTED with a new breed of stunning footage.

It's like an adrenaline shot right to the heart.

It is crummy, boring and incredibly stupid.

thanks to the illogical technically stunning sequences.. anyone with a bit of sense would laugh out during some the so called serious moments in the movie...

The acting is alright, Morgan Freeman seems bored, James McAvoy seems a bit boyish & slight to be a tough action hero while Angelina Jolie is as awful as always & again Wanted proves you should not hire rappers like Common to try & act.

Wesley Gibson(McAvoy) is a nobody trapped in a boring world.

This is the movie in which I knew so little when I was seated in the cinema except for the fact that Angelina Jolie is in it and it is action packed.

So I am really interested to know what on Gods green planet that commentary on the supposedly 'boring' life's of civilian people was doing there.

The very end might be a tad too conveniently wrapped up with a bow, but it does help bookend the film as a package of pure adrenaline rush, satisfying on a cerebral level through all the bells and whistles exploding around each corner.

Wesley Gibson (a miscast James McAvoy) is a bored, weedy office worker who feels trapped in his dull and repetitive life.

The action scenes were incredibly entertainment and mind blowing (curving a bullet is pretty cool).

From the very beginning, it's evident that the makers of the film basically took Fight Club, The Matrix, and various elements of about every successful American action movie ever, threw them in a blender, and tried to make a jagged, gripping concoction.

No plot.

I mean I think he can act but his character has too much going on and goes through such intense changes in a matter of 45 minutes of the film and then only gets the other half to show off and he's just not believable.

In all, a worth-watching action packed film, with brilliant acting by Jolie, which makes it deserve plenty of éclat.

Now i can say i have seen the worst movie ever made.

The action movies of recent years, besides being quite generic and bland in terms of their plot and execution, featuring by-the-numbers cinematography and the same stunts and action scenes we've already seen, are sub-par primarily because they lack truly down-to-earth characters we can genuinely identify with.

Wanted is a film made by men who work tireless, empty office jobs, watch Fight Club and Office Space, and fantasize about emulating Edward Norton and Ron Livingston.

waste of money.

remaining are empty very empty specially train sequence...

Very sharp and sophisticated, Bekmambetov is able to create an artistic action thriller with a slow down motion.

This is a fast paced movie, with decent story and decent performances.

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a cube-dwelling hypochondriac whose uneventful life has become a mundane blur of terminal boredom.

James McAvoy plays Wesley a man who who had a very ordinary life until he found out that he was an assassin with unlimited powers which allowed him to slow down time.

leading to the movie's first and most breathtaking chase sequence.

), there is a fairly entertaining chase through a train, and a spectacular wreck in a deep gorge, and our hero Wesley finds out that his dad may not be who he thought and the goodies may be the baddies after all.

Fast paced, brainless and awesome.

Every cliché is present, from the wimpy protagonist that gets tough, to the over the top car chase scenes, and finally to the body count which is still rising as we speak.

The ending scene is as exciting as the come, with a perfect musical accompaniment that makes it worth it.

He is saved by Angelina Jolie and finds life becomes more exciting than he ever wanted when he is hired into a league of assassins.

Still, it had it's own style and it's own tricks to make this movie worth watching again.

I highly recommend it!

This is tedious fare indeed and it's sad that it's managed to get a rating this high when so much better films barely get over nine.

Filled with gratuitous violence and based on one of the silliest plots ever devised, this movie somehow manages to be boring and revolting at the same time.

" On the positive side, the unexpected "table-turning" in the middle is quite refreshing.

Oh the irony: it's more boring than it says the people watching it are.

All in all, a bit of a waste of time.

Bored with life, feeling he has more potential, hasn't found love etc. These conventions of a central character won't surprise the most optimistic viewer.

Wanted is a fairly entertaining action flick that tries to make up for its lack of heart with excessive cosmetic surgery.

So, the characters and plot are worthless and boring, how about the action itself?

An abundance of profanities and over the top action sequences that are beyond xtreme fill the screen in a dizzying array of visual adrenaline.

Action Packed with Unique Characters, .

Just as Mr. X meets his end, wimpy office worker Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) vacates his cubicle in a nearby building and heads home to his dreary life.

But what's confusing here is the presence of distinguished, A-list actors.

Finally, the movie is visually interesting, one can not fault the direction here, for it's audacious and allows most of the movie to have no plot whatsoever.

i think it was a total waste of time to watch this movie.

) but that just makes them the more fun and thrilling ones I've ever seen.


An Action Packed Thrill Ride From Start to Finish.

Wanted is a hyperkinetic, visually stunning thrill ride from beginning to end .

Morgan Freeman is similarly firmly on autopilot in the 'dignified mentor' role he could essay in his sleep, and while a couple of unexpected character moments prove amusing, ultimately his presence is nowhere near as much of a boon as it should be.

Matrix style special effects (yippee/yawn?

James as a loser and trying best to come out of his dull life has done a superb job.

Wesley Gibson, as played by the ubiquitous James McAvoy, is, when we first encounter him, the same self-effacing, disgustingly humble wage slave that will be familiar to readers of the graphic novel, albeit not in appearance – as drawn by the original artist, Wesley clearly resembled Eminem, and, of the other principal characters, The Fox was the spitting image of Halle Berry and Wesley's dad, "The Killer", bore more than a passing resemblance to Tommy Lee Jones.

Cast wise, a wide range of famous name actors, from Jolie to Freeman, fail to make anything out of such uninspiring and flat characters and when talents like this can't save anything, you know you're in trouble.

Shoot 'em Up, even more unbelievable than Wanted, was equally more enjoyable.

Wanted is just this, with James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson, a boring account manager being whisked out of an ordinary life by Fox (Angelina Jolie).

I was sitting on the edge of my seat on more than one sequence.

Wanted is a sleek, sexy, action packed, and wonderful thriller film to offset all the superhero films of late.

It was all done in the trailers, leaving an empty film for us viewers to watch.

The movie was as pointless as it was stupid.

I mean Wesley does have his amazing 400 heartrate that gives him adrenaline instead of a heart attack.

When a fantastic actor like Morgan Freeman delivers lines that are supposed to be the pinnacle of the intensity for the film, and just come across as a hackneyed cliché, then the movie just loses its weight.

In fact, all of acting is half-asleep, boring, a pure cliché, with predictable lobotomizing lines, predictable plot, cheap cartoon-like animation effects and insultingly stupid ideas about curving bullets and action in general.

The first time I tried watching this, I fell asleep half way thorough, and the second time I actually had to fight to stay awake.

I saw it as perhaps a new variety of an anti-hero centric movie, or perhaps even a sharp commentary on a mentally engaging subject (necessarily offset by explosions and gunfights).

Wanted is the worst movie I've seen this year.

The way the action is set up, is fast,exciting, and totally captivating.

There's a difference between an entertaining if mindless action movie, and just plain on-screen silliness.

Wesley finds out that his panic attacks aren't that at all, but a special gift to enhance and slow down time, And give him special abilities that a small fraction of the world have.

Then you go all the way to Russia to hire a commercials director who thinks empty visuals somehow amounts to directing and who would not know how to tell a story visually if his life depended on it...

More importantly, he delivers an excellent (and unexpected) line that rivals Samuel L.

Fox takes him under his wing, tells him his anxiety problem is actually a gift of being able to speed your heart rate up releasing adrenaline and slowing down time.

The story revolves around James McAvoy's dull life and how he is losing everything.

The storyline is decent… at times, it's very predictable.

It kind of got confusing at some parts in the movie so you have to pay attention very close.

Basically Wesley Allan Gibson (National Movie Award nominated James McAvoy) is the anxious and clumsy office clerk with a boring routine, an unfaithful girlfriend and an abusive boss, and to get over it all he takes stress tablets.

It's one of the funnest and entertaining time I've ever had in the cinema!

What's boring and melodramatic is that every time a bullet is curved, everything is in slow mo.

A very original and sleek action/thriller with a relentless adrenaline rush.

Just pointless.

It started out promising enough; ordinary/boring guy in meaningless job gets a chance to change his life around (by becoming a world-class assassin, of course.

Well, such is life, and Mr. McAvoy is a decent and engaging actor who acquits himself very well here.

Lacking the Wit of "Hardcore Henry" (2015) or the Grounding Sophistication of "The Matrix" (1999), this Over the Top of Over the Top Exercise in Expressionistic Extremism is Entertaining to a Point.

Don't waste your time or money - It will be on the TV in a year or so.

After a while, the defiance of physics and medical reality bored me-- like the train that falls down a cliff several hundred feet with people walking away and later being shot, stabbed and blown up without feeling a thing.

Except thats not the case, the man he kills IS his father and the guy in charge of the assassins (Morgan Freeman in possibly his worst movie role ever) has started to create targets for his own profit.

Also the beginning sequence reminded me greatly of the Fight Club scenario with the mundane, mild mannered office worker suddenly drawn into a world of violence and weird happenings.

When Wesley meets the boss of Fox named Sloan (Oscar-Winner:Morgan Freeman), who tells Wesely he has the choice to life the life of a highly trained assassins or he could goes back to his ordinary boring life.

But again good is boring and evil is fun!

Freeman looks completely bored with his role, Jolie is woeful in a role I've seen her in at least three times before and ample reason to turn it off.

This is a mindless(and unpretentious) flick, and the noteworthy aspect here is the stylized depiction of the action(though there could be more of it, for this being an hour and forty minutes long), and the fact that the scenes remain exciting in spite of how over the top they are.

The purpose of emphasis was to show his superhuman powers that he was given and how he had learned to slow his heart rate down when it would go out of control.

From failing Storm & Catwoman to making the dullest Bond girl, she needs to stop being called a 'strong female lead' and do silent body double jobs, not complain "Good Female Roles Are Hard To Come By.

James McAvoy hits a career setback in this disjointed, unoriginal action flick about a fraternity of assassin weavers.

The only positive piece of work that the director may have contributed was the subtle left-wing propaganda that placed into certain parts of the film.

A slick looking hyper-adrenaline-rush contrived-flick with an absurdity quotient 15 points off the credibility scale, may entertain some whom may still believe that Mad Max was a real person, and that Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and Wrestlmania are real.

"Wanted" must be one the worst movies ever made.

I saw this in a packed theater, and about a third of the people walked out.

The 2 opposing styles clash to make a totally enjoyable movie-going experience.

The plot is that an everyman unhappy with his boring life gets a chance to become an over trained assassin and kill a lot of people, in part to avenge the murder of his father, even though he never knew the old man.

All-in-all watchable and gripping at times owing to outlandish, if over-the-top, action sequences, but the storyline is too thin to be fully enjoyable.

Don't waste your time on this.

With a flimsy plot, a plethora of John Woo style narrative lapses and an excess of deja vu special effects this movie barely makes it thru its predictable end.

Enjoy the special effects, enjoy the fullness of a production that really is quite fascinating in the world of film making.

Ultimately, this film is boring, and I can't help thinking that gamers, who'd probably prefer an interactive experience, anyway, will have seen it all before.

A loser, stuck in a boring job.

His boring life is thrown into turmoil one day when he meets the sexy Fox and, after being saved from a hit-man himself, he is recruited into a group of assassins known as The Fraternity.

His life is a empty shell and he drifts through the days as if he were in a daze.

In the end, Wanted is just as boring as every other boring action movie.

Audiences that have seen either "Night Watch" or "Day Watch" will have no problem enjoying this high-octane, adrenaline-laced thriller.

You gotta hand it to 'em though…Cinematographer Mitchell Amundsen and Director Timur Bekmambetov have made the movie look as thrilling as possible.

No, Wanted was a fast paced thrill ride with 2 of the biggest twist I've seen in a movie in a long time.

But it is an enjoyable movie to watch.

One of my biggest problems with this movie is that it's predictable.

Interesting camera footage, thrilling action scenes, a dark story line, witnessing a lead character's progression from a normal everyday guy into something beyond your comprehension.

There are a lot of unexpected twists and the casting was great.

The scenes where Wesley is being beaten half to death as some sort of initiation rite to gain entry into the Fraternity, a league of assassin weavers from 1000 years ago, are again pointless and, while I'm not opposed to graphic scenes when they serve a purpose, it's all just so unnecessary.

The cast to me really was entertaining, it was the right choice of people to play those parts.

But believe me, the way the story has been taken through, though predictable, doesn't leave you unfulfilled.

His job is boring, his boss is simply awful.

kick a** action worth the watch .

Basically the film is so crap that they narrate every tens minutes to tell you whats going on ( Why when the film is predictable).

Morgan Freeman is the only one to give a descent job, everyone else is just bland.

It's amoral, rather superficial but so much fun and stylish with a good plot, a few big surprises and really thrilling action scenes.

This movie is only worried on showing "cool" action scenes with a lot of visual effects but nothing else,so the experience this movie brings is insipid and boring.

I took my girl friend to see this action packed movie, staring Angelina Jolie.

This movie is a non-pretentious thrill-ride.

If there'd been other fantastic elements to the film, then sure, maybe I could have accepted that as it was, but to throw in something so completely unrealistic into an otherwise normal and mundane world was a bad move.

Wanted is a fun and exciting action adventure film centered on the world of secret assassins.

But they get repetitive.

Worth watching!

Cliché parts: a.

The film exceeded my expectations, and, with a little suspension of disbelief, proved to be an interesting and entertaining interpretation of the comic.


I have to give the film some credit though, it DOES have one or two good scenes, but lets be honest, curving bullets, binary codes hidden in loom threads, a predictable plot, and ridiculous long shots where bullets seem to deny the barriers of gravity going through donut hoops, windows, energy drinks and finally hitting someone through the head on a 10 storey building - isn't my idea of a "great" action movie.

So James McAvoy plays a bored office worker whose being chased by this killer and saved by Angelina Jolie's character to be hired by a group of assassins who maintain the balance of order in the world by a magic weaving machine (I kid you not!

Jolie's character is just plain boring...

In Wanted,there is no porpoise for the visual spectacle so,the film easily bores.

Wesley Gibson is the guy everyone can relate to: he hates his job, his girlfriend is unfaithful, his best friend has betrayed him, and life in general just seems like a big waste of time.

First of all, adrenaline rushes do not give you the ability to leap tall buildings.

Adrenaline, in sufficiently large doses, can make you perform superhuman feats like leaping between tall buildings in a single bound and, with minimal additional training ( er...

There's one clever twist that manages to sort of catch your interest for the rest of the movie, but 5 minutes later you're going to find yourself yawning and shaking your head in disbelief again.

The visuals seemed stunning, the action heart-throbbing and the cast remarkable.

From then till the end is just a stupid, boring story.

To conclude a movie worthy for its action scenes, very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Over the top and stupid, but still an entertaining action flick .

This is definitely one of the most entertaining films to have come out this year.

But by the end we're given a plot and choice in technical style that knocks off Matrix, Fight Club, La Femme Nikita, a slew of John Woo movies, two turtle doves and a pear tree un-partriaged, and the last quarter of the film is just escalating, laugh-out-loud madness that skids the line between suspenseful and totally ludicrous, and eventually falls over the latter side.

If the movie had just spent a bit more time with some better action sequences then it might've risen to the level of entertainment, but I felt it was extremely overwrought and and downright boring at times.

You think you would have seen every action scene you had ever seen, especially after the mildly entertaining and mostly boring action scenes from "The Incredible Hulk.

"Wanted" seemed so formulaic to me.

Superb casting, but doesn't work for this movie at all, I try and I try but I can't get into this movie, it's even worse than Daredevil in my opinion (considering it's a 2008 movie of course) I think it's just pleasing for the lame people that can connect with the main character and hope that their low empty life would turn into a world saving, super sexy chick banging life.

The easily spotted plot turn does help but the rather uninspiring cartoon action just sinks it.

Great visual effects and a really enjoyable storyline.

If you have watched any recent movies the shattering plot twist, predictable.

In all, his life is plain and dull.

In fact, this Oscar-winner does not so much "act" in this film as "haunt" it, always just on the edge of the shot, somehow always surveying the action rather than participating.

, it's an empty movie, and I'd like it more if it didn't pretend that human emotions don't exist.

But the confusing and pointless plot twists were silly and only convoluted the entire thing.

The film was gratuitous in its action sequences, each one insanely repetitive and the clichés made them very predictable.

Ridiculously over-the-top, featuring dull performances and ludicrous action sequences taken to such impossible extremes that they lose any value they might otherwise have, WANTED wraps up with a massive action sequence that looks like a live-action version of 'Itchy & Scratchy'...

Wanted is film that plays on the ideas of revenge, retribution and fate, and throw in some cool action, a cliché ridden plot and likable characters and you have a very good film.

The first ten minutes of the film were the most intriguing and visually stunning minutes to be found in the Action genre.

Overall wanted succeeded in being very entertaining and although the plot contained a few holes and clichés it was pretty solid.

Overlong but a wild adrenaline ride.

So, in summary: visually stunning.

It has all the elements of sly humor, intense action, and also violent like Fight Club was.

its boring and very predictable.

The acting was pretty good, not serious like, very typical Hollywood action style, attitude for some, nerdy/geekyness for others, etc.It is quite obvious that some ideas from other films are used in this film, such as the boring life to adventurous life, ie, the matrix (especially when he is in the cubical with his back to us).

Not only that, but what McAvoy thought were panic attacks turned out to be those adrenaline rushes that allow him to kill.

Unfortunately, the movie, entertaining as it may be, is much emptier than than the film I suspect he thought it was.

Clichéd Hollywood with predictable plot 'twists' and average (by todays standards) special effects.

If you go into Wanted expecting life-affirming brilliance, you will be disappointed; but if you go in expecting an adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride, you should come out at least fairly contented.

So if you want to see something with intense plot and character studies this movie is not for you.

Entertaining cringefest .

Freeman (as Sloan) delivers an intriguing performance that changes the dynamic of his acting as of late.

I think why I find this movie so thoroughly enjoyable though is the idea that Wesley could be any of us.

Lastly, the film turns a very predictable corner that many will see coming from miles away.

The film was just a mess, full of plot holes, annoying characters, boring action, and tons of bulls**t.

They train Wesley in the ways of their world: special baths that accelerate healing, the power to slow down their perception of time (thereby increasing their own reaction time) and the ability to bend the trajectory of bullets.

A textbook definition of excess, and a film that's more annoying than entertaining.

As far as action movies go this one was entertaining if a little insane.

The movie has no plot.

The screenplay delves into a slew of enormously familiar situations as if attempting to identify and exemplify every existing action movie cliché, from the initial training montages to the "why do we kill" assassin soul searching to double crosses, ethical responsibility, parental fixation and countless others.

Some say the movie is predictable.

Putting it bluntly, 'WANTED' was a rather formulaic and predictable outing.

Adapted from the comic series by Top Cow Productions, "Wanted" is stylishly engrossing and bad-ass to the bone directed impeccably by Timur Bekmanbetov in his first American film.

The special effects were stunning.

If you're drunk or bored or just easily impressed you'll enjoy this.

It's still entirely pointless.

Aside from a poor Chicago accent, we get a very boring, unsympathetic character who is able to accept his fate without any real believable scrutiny and somehow miraculously learns to become the best assassin ever in a matter of about two weeks or so.

It just felt like they tried to do so much in the film, tried to really make an in your face, intense action film that it suffered a little because of it.

Basically, his version of a cinematic Neo is both smarter, more entertaining, and more intelligent.

At which point most theatergoers will be more interested in what's for dinner that night than in how WANTED ultimately resolves its many dangling, and equally uninteresting, plot threads.

Don't waste precious time in your life watching this.

His character's meek beginning and his intense training are effective in creating a three dimensional hero.

The story is weak, the acting is unimpressive, and is full of empty action.

"Are you bored?

This movie is one of the worst, cliché ridden, badly written, badly made, pieces of schlock I have ever seen.

Flaccid and Formulaic .

Apart from director Timur Bekmambetov's similarly hyperkinetic Nightwatch series, the film plunders from works as diverse as Fight Club's satirical critique of the soulless corporate world, complete with a nihilistic Norton style voice-over, to The Matrix's immersion into a new world (Jolie and Freeman's characters scream parallels to Trinity and Morpheus) and hyper-stylized, adrenaline pumping action sequences.

The plot is exciting and always interesting, if some scenes are predictable and unrealistic.

It was exciting, it was adventurous, and it gave hope to those of us who want more than a boring office job.

Morgan Freeman is the cliché old man who makes orders—also seen in every action movie ever conceived.

I really enjoyed the mindless entertaining once I took this movie for what it is.

What follows is extremely fast paced, never for a moment realistic, and full of the kinds of unbelievable OTT scenarios that will give even the most hyperactive child a headache.

It consistently appears to be exciting, despite the occasional poor visual effects.

Similar to Shoot em Up, The film crams one crazy stunt after another pumping the adrenaline to the viewer.

A formulaic Comic books based movie with a few refreshing Twists .

Save your money - don't see this film.

Morgan Freeman plays another pointless role as that figure head guy who looks out for everyone.

I thought the premise was good, the action scenes exciting and had me on the edge of my seat and the whole thing was intelligently done, McAvoy was believable as boy becomes man and Jolie was suitably understated.

It is a high octane, eye candy, entertaining action flick.

They also spent way too long building the character of the main character and not enough time developing each of the other characters, which made all of the rest 2-dimensional.

I walked into "Wanted" expected a fun, thrilling, entertaining movie, but what I got was a complete waste of time and money where absolute gore replaces story, characters, and ever other ingredient that makes a movie watchable.

For such a movie, the level of cinematographic meticulousness was surprising and ENTERTAINING; that's what this movie is.

It's the biggest cliché in the book: a son tries to elevate to the level of his godlike—insert one of the following: warrior/assassin/ninja/etc.

Be advised that the movie in parts also contains a lot of bloody violence, nevertheless, we enjoyed it big time as one of the recent really good and entertaining action movies - without actually getting old or creating the impression of an re-wash of other movies.

This movie manages to be as visually impressive and fast-paced as it is cold, brutal and utterly pointless.

In summary,Wanted is a very poor movie which commits a fatal mistake : being boring.

The energy presented on-screen more than makes up for the obvious displays of special effects and slower moments in the flick.

As a contrast of this movie,I can mention Shoot 'Em Up which,in spite of not being great or completely satisfactory,used the visual spectacle with the porpoise of making a satire of the action movies,so the experience was entertaining.

The genius unorthodox casting of James McAvoy proves the spark of life which keeps the film afloat, his substantial charisma, perfect comic delivery and entirely credible shift from timid corporate drone to hardboiled action hero making for a supremely engaging lead.

What did bowl me over is that not only did his style fit this story, but that WANTED is one of the most preposterously entertaining movies I watched through all of 2008.

This film could (in my opinion) be re-written cleaner for a much more enjoyable experience!

However when I have watched it - I thought that it is absolutely one of the most entertaining action movies of the Spring/Summer this year (of course I have so far IRON MAN as #1 and waiting for DARK KNIGHT as main summer event).

The story is totally empty.

What I like most about the movie is that it is a massive adrenaline rush (which, of course, is what the movie centers around).

Some of my friends compared it to Fight Club and The Matrix, Two movies, which after watching Wanted, I have to say are vastly superior to this Generic Flashy Hollywood Action packed movie with as I predicted had little substance upon viewing it.

Dweeb with uninteresting life explored 2) Dweeb taken to secret society to learn of his untapped powers 3) Dweeb becomes superhuman assassin 4) Hero seeks revenge.

While it holds no philosophical significance nor hand-to-hand combat like say, The Matrix, Wanted's simply a kick ass action flick that's enjoyable.

Curving bullets, this was an incredibly boring phenomenon, can someone explain how 1 bullet went through like 8 people's heads.

Whenever an action scene pops up, it does something exciting and fun to watch and then suddenly disappears in an instant, leaving us with our narrator and central character, Wesley, droning on and on for the next 20 or so minutes.

Now Wanted does start out a little slow.

I highly recommend it.

There were just too many cliché lines derived from a poor attempt at humor.

As far as the characters go, every one of them is a cliché.

Instead they have made a foul-mouthed, ultra-violent, hugely exciting action thriller.

Its a complete waste of time and money.

I'm sure that some people like that kinda thing however and I wouldn't say the movie is boring.

The reason people are going to jump at this film is for its action sequences, which are all very entertaining as soon as you learn not to take them very seriously.

A complete waste of time and money in visiting the "not so local" cinema.

After the breathtaking train scene, the mystery is solved and everyone is waiting for some explosive final shoot-out.

Full of exciting action, spectacular adventure, suspense and mystery with many twists and an unexpected ending.

Holding you in a tight breathtaking grip with its interesting visual techniques, humor and acting.

They're a fantasy as deep as fantasy can go; where films merely show you exciting and exotic professions, video games allow you the magic of interaction, involving you to the fullest level possible outside of actually doing it.

Not only is Fox as sultry as her name might suggest, but Jolie also adds intriguing layers to the character which stop her from becoming your typical love interest.

This movie is very fast paced!

Beyond the fact that Jolie is reason alone to watch the flick, the story-line is decent, not incredible, but entertaining.

We get to see how the boring life of a slacker, plagued by tormenting from his boss, and other problems, help unlock his dormant powers, giving way to lightning-fast reflexes and phenomenal agility, which are made to blossom by FOX.

See this movie and realize that you can have the maximum amount of adrenaline course through your veins and survive.

Making them defy the laws of nature (gravity, shooting in angles etc.) makes them superhuman and this fills the movie with incredible computer aided stunt scenes, which I personally found actually boring during the movie, because it's all too perfect and clean.

Those people entertain themselves by engaging in killing spree just to bury the fact that their own names are compromised?

Basically, the director from Night Watch slows it down a bit (just a bit) and makes a cheesy, bland action flick about a guy who joins the Fraternity, a secret group of assassins.

It is completely unrealistic but that should be expected and instead you should focus on how visually stunning it is.

The script is awful and the plot just makes one wonder if it's worth watching all the way though.

a waste of time!!.

it is very entertaining as he learns his powers.

The ending is very entertaining.

Don't waste your money on this one, it's not even worth renting.

I think this film is quite enjoyable in Theater, For its Action effects and Sound.

Worth watching if you tivo'd and want something to do.

They thought the movie was pointless, poorly done, and it's main priority was to put some action sequences in and cut it clean.

Lets start with the main character, a dull insipid little man with seemingly no control over his own life whose dad was an elite weaver/assasain and left him when he was born (probably because he was embarrassed by the sheer mediocrity of his offspring).

James Macavoy plays Wesley, a normal boring office guy who finds out he is the son of a super assassin who was killed in the line of duty and now the 'Fraternity' want to employ Wesley to avenge his father.

which made this film completely pointless.

-Overall, enjoyable in its strong points.

The film makes up for every flaw by smearing the screen with mind-bending stunts, unique filmography, and breathtaking visuals - yes, Ms. Jolie is one of them.

It fails at getting the manly-man message across about how men are boring like the main character was before he became a cliché .

But I like James McAvoy, and figured I could endure the annoying bits, given that it looked like a fascinating story line.

The loom part was new but the rest was quite boring i nearly dozed off in the middle of it.

Wesley joins the Fraternity and through some grueling initiations and intense training maneuvers, he eventually hones his skill.

Well, that is until you get to the cliché slow-motion head shots that are no more graphic than images of someone throwing up red Kool-aid.

That said, on the whole the film is entertaining with twists and turns towards the end you may or may not see coming.

I enjoyed it.

This is a very cool fast paced action movie.

The actual story is trite, incongruous, and not very original.

'Wanted' has an interesting enough premise: An Ancient group of weavers branches out into assassination, and a thousand years later a bored office clerk learns he is one of them.

The film is shallow, with un-engaging characters.

And that's what it is, a children's movie that tried to captivate the adult mind through pointless sex scenes and drama.

Off the chain look for an unexpected twist at the end.

It knows it's silly, it knows it's over the top, and because of that it is an extremely fun and entertaining film.

Watch at your own risk of boredom and ridicule.

My recommendation is that you not think too hard and just enjoy the ride because the movie is entertaining.

Wanted was intense, Humor and great story all rolled into one hell of a action movie.

I personally take the movie for what it is, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Apparently with a little bit of training, a surge of adrenaline will allow you to leap between skyscrapers, effectively put yourself in bullet time, and get some form of natural optical zoom in your eyes.

Thankfully the special effects are well-enough executed to hide this fallacy, and the result is an incredibly implausible yet highly entertaining action feature.

Unless you like hearing the "f-bomb" every other sentence, and like seeing about 100 people get shot in the head, don't waste your time on this one.

waste of time .

) phones in his worst performance ever as the completely bored leader of the weaver assassins (they also make clothes).

Yawn..and it is totally unconvincing.

This is great but the whole movie cannot use this single idea to make the movie worth watching.

Boring & Cheesy Action Flick...

If you do decide to waste hours of your life, make sure you leave the kids at home.

"Shoot 'em Up" (fast paced dark action comedy) 2.

For me, the most entertaining parts of this movie were Wesley's (James McAvoy) interactions with his friend, his boss, his girlfriend.

I didn't care if the action scenes, which made most of the movie length, reminded me of other movies, they were still awesome and i wish i hadn't downloaded it, but instead, enjoyed it on a big screen in a theater.

The movie is action packed from start to end.

I feel sorry for you if your curiosity leads you to waste you money on a theater ticket, hopefully if this is true for you its a matinée showing.

This movie is a collassal waste of money, with senseless action sense and a story that only naïve person can write.

This is non-stop violence, which tends to get boring fast, especially when it's combined with profane, unlikable characters.

The second time I fell asleep immediately.

Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman played some stupid and uninteresting character in this ugly mess.

Most reviewers on here are so pretentious and use words like "tripe, trope and cliche".

Bored guy hates his job - I know lets do some killing.

The story is generally gripping, filled with twists and turns, leaving you to wonder how it all will end out.

Basically a boring movie.

That man can make the most pretentious drivel sound like it's from the Old Testament.

Every second is riveting...

With pathetic nods to "The Matrix", "Fight Club" and countless other better films, this summer yawner gratuitously piles on the bodies and blood-spatter in a way only gamers can enjoy.

Fun but empty...

Incredibly hedonistic, Wanted is an adrenaline rush .

" And Wesley's closing speech, though one of the more enjoyable pieces of dialogue in the movie, is nowhere near as cool as that in the graphic novel.


I didn't expect much from this movie, however this was an absolutely fantastic movie with GREAT action and a thrilling storyline.

Secondly, if everyone that had panic attacks really suffered from assassin-inducing adrenaline rushes, then wouldn't a LOT of people in the world have it?

Basic storyline is a cliché...

" Take it for what it is: a very entertaining film and I think you'll be alright.

This movie was truly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Quite an enjoyable action flick I must say.

There's only so far things like that can go before what you're watching is not a gun battle, but honestly just a really boring exposition of some guy magically making all of his opponents die without a scratch.

The director and writers have already proved that they can weave some intense action moments, so if the executives are smart, they would keep these men around.

Don't limit yourself to second rate movies like this, they're are a waste of time.

The haywire cinematography and heavily rock-oriented soundtrack also contribute to the nonstop adrenaline rush of the movie.

This seems to find itself tittering between the OTT action film and the engaging thriller sprinkled with the extremely unoriginal 'cool' factor.

It just goes to show that sometimes, making something really, really pretty can make it worth watching, just so long as you're willing to suspend every inch of disbelief for the sake of watching pretty pictures.

The twists are really unexpected, and Angelina Jolie's character isn't just another hot/cool chick, she actually has some depth!

The action is first rate, and as long as you are not bothered by excessive profanity and violence, then this will be an enjoyable movie for you.

The rate of events mingling suspense, humor,tense happenings are enhanced by extended length of hunting scenes and occasional flashes of brilliance, in special the spectacular pursuits and breathtaking train chases, including derailment.

Zero expectations, very boring day, and the only intention to see Angelina Jolie.

So much so that it's sheer ghastliness prompted me to write his review on an otherwise normal, albeit slightly dull work day.

He was stunning.

Most Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and Jet Li films lack stories but the action is enjoyable.

It was like those boring "Rambo" films, lost of action without plot or any interesting character.

It's thrilling narration will keep you absorbed in the movie.

This isn't emotionally engaging, and the lack of risk and danger does lead to some of the things intended to be thrilling to be nothing other than visually appealing.

It is pointless and stupid and typical garbage out to sell absolutely nothing.

Nothing new in this film, just a number of Hollywood cliché's, including the sob story told by a narrator in the third person, which ultimately turns out to be their own sob story, and even the Star Wars idea of the central character seeking to avenge their father's death, only for the villain to say "No, I am your father".

The storyline is a long and archaic one, full of twists that are as unpredictable as they are intriguing.

Rope and Rear Window take place in the same room for the most part and Duel is pretty much just on the highway but the stories are so powerful that it keeps the viewer hooked and on the edge of their seat.

A good action packed movie with lots of flaws .

How dull.

ho hum .

If you like to be entertained, thrilled, to be on the edge of your seat with anticipation...

Entertaining action-packed extravaganza.

This movie continues the cliché'd comic book story that has been done many times before.

But soon, the CGIs get old, the slow shooting angles grow redundant and there are plenty of "yeah right" scenes.

The visuals - mostly good - a few that required me to close my eyes - bullets boring through the forehead, not my cup of tea.

There were some bloody parts that were unnecessary and very repetitive and i disagree that the movie has any resemblance to the matrix.

There are plenty of more rational and believable ways to replicate this part of the story but the way it is, it all ends up a bit messy and trite.

This was definitely the worst movie I've seen all year and probably one of the worst I ever saw in my life.

No story,no,no!!!

Don't waste your money going to the theater.

Despite a fair performance from him (even if his American accent is hard to believe and turns back to his native Scottish every now and then), my friend who dragged me along apologised profusely once the film had finished.

" The first third of the film is a simple enough insight into McEvoys everyday life, interspersed with the most banal, excruciatingly pathetic slow-mo's, editing and special effects (and I use the term 'special' in the loosest possible sense) and from then on, it goes downhill once the fraternity get involved.

When all is said and done, Wanted is just a typical over adrenaline rush, where the only real talent is in the visual and sound effects department who are virtually unnoticed by the masses paying to watch this, while Angelina Jolie gets all the attention in a razzie worthy performance.

It's exciting filled with rentless action and sex scenes.

However, despite this and the intense action sequences of the film, Wanted ended up being a muddled mediocre film that had a lot of potential.

The director managed to tease out a whole new side of Angelina Jolie, told a compelling story, and led the audience on an incredible journey of surprises.

This beautifully orchestrated storyline and mind blowing effects is played out with a precision rarely seen in movies today.

However it resolves, though, most of the movie is a loser's fantasy of having an exciting life.

No fine acting, just violence (and boring) I guess if they would have put a black mask on the guy that our hero chase in the train and he would have breathed "I am your father", I could have given it one more point.

Still, it's a quite entertaining movie, the plot of which actually works most of the time.

Story had a lot of twists and turns in it which were unexpected.

However, thanks to Wanted, this is the first time in five or six months that I've left the theater feeling absolutely satisfied -- wishing I could live the life of an assassin.

I saw the Night watch and Day watch movies which were also good, but slightly confusing in parts.

But to say it's predictable is to say that I knew Batman would win in the end.

The action is pretty relentless, mainly physically impossible, but truly imaginative and really exciting.

Rating : Good and entertaining.

What it does have is unbelievable special effects and a good measure of gore and ultraviolence that quickly becomes tiresome.

Having said that however, it is still a very enjoyable movie.

Surprising well-made action/adventure/thriller that is extremely entertaining.

The plot however does contain a few clichés and predictable twists, and some of the drama does also come off as a bit cheesy, normally this would make me give it a lower rating if it weren't for the sheer awesomeness of the action scenes.

A disgusting, profane and utterly pointless film.

He makes pretty much every film he's in worth watching, and that's all I need to say.

Pointless and stupid, which is something no one asked for or wanted.

Wesley's life seems like an allegory for every one of those who watched the movie, as a bored and desperate human being trying to find something to be excited from (in this case an action movie with assassins).

this film is generic,predictable,far fetched and try's to draw you in with hot girls and cool action scenes.. Micheal Bay may as well have directed this movie for Christ sake ha-ha

Simply unwatchable.

This movie deserves at least a 8, if not 8.5.This move has everything, it is a rapid and fast action thrill-ride with a great portion of humor, staggering action scenes and a stunning looking Angelina Jolie.

Even Jumper salvaged a decent score because its effects were unique and exciting.

I like fake action movies, they are entertaining and serve their purpose.

It may not be the best movie out there, but damn it, it is one of the most entertaining.

) The style of narration and flow of the plot is almost identical, as is the apathy and even the insomnia of the lead character, the angry and fed-up boss, the unnecessary violence and 'shock scenes', it's all there.

While not quite your Trinity type, she thrives on a whole lot of adrenaline that would make a drug junkie blush, and gets assigned the duty to train the rookie in the ways of The Frat, whose motto Kill One, Save A Thousand, she believes in wholeheartedly.

But yeah - The effects were fun and it was a great example of an entertaining escapist film.

From the effects of adrenaline to the shooting the wings of flies in slow motion.

Everything else is just really bland and rehashed.

Wanted sacrifices a potentially intriguing plot in favour of action, succumbing to the now irresistible urge of a plot twist (and a thoroughly predictable one at that) to give the story any life whatsoever.

Interesting action packed film .

The characters are cardboard cut-outs, the dialogue is "Fight Club" lite and even more pretentious; in short, everything is such a cartoon that it packs all the emotional wallop of a Looney Tune™.

Its derivative, its stupid, its condescending and its boring.

Both of these are fun and highly entertaining.

From there the story kicks into gear, and is quite enjoyable.

It begins with a bang and ends with a intense climax that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Explain to my slow brains, or is it just a thing he said or?

By itself, drawn out over almost two hours, it doesn't.

it is funny as much as it is thrilling...

It got loads of nice camera angles and clipping techniques but when this movie tries it just get confusing...

Juxtaposed with this banal, cubicle life comes a battle scene atop a couple skyscrapers downtown.

That's how Wanted starts out, with the oldest cliché known to man, and from that point on it only delve deeper into cliché after cliché.

Surely, if any of our favorite action flicks have taught us anything, it's that we should check reality at the door and just let the 90 minutes we pay 10 bucks for provide a single-serving escape from the repetitive drudge that everyday life (and its accompanying laws of physics) enforce.

The action, as anyone watching the trailer could assume, is fantastic and pure adrenaline fueled technically impossible stunts.

I mean its a total popcorn flick, way over-the-top at times but done in such a fun, entertaining way that you just go with it and think, that was kinda awesome.

I've no idea how faithful the movie is in relation to the comic books, but as a story it is a bit predictable.

A Very Entertaining Movie .

I really wanted to walk out of the theater about 30 minutes into this film.

It makes sense, its original and action packed, enjoy this movie.

anyway, found it to be a fun waste of time,thought not really memorable.

There is some depth, but they waste little time, which makes the action good...

I later found that the movie would deviate greatly from the comic; all of the comic's original ideas seemingly replaced by trite and overdone action movie concepts.

The movie was too predictable, too flashy, and altogether too much Hollywood to be considered a good movie.

However, once Wesley learns his trade and turns into some kind of cross between Superman and James Bond that it becomes a bit tedious.

A good fantasy is entertaining as well.

After predictable soul searching, Wesley chooses to join the Fraternity.

It won't take home any significant awards this year and it will join the many films that are chock full of beautiful babes, hardcore killers, and intriguing setup.

So crying about physics and cgi is pointless.

Very bored in fact.

But where this peppering of familiarity could have made for a bombastically enjoyable time, the film is treated with such hushed reverence and solemnity that all the normally excusable cliché and lapses in credibility become all the more glaringly frustrating.

Be ready for a loy of fiction but entertaining movie.

Its a entertaining and enjoyable movie which maintains a very good rhythm throughout the entire movie, it ends exactly how it begins.

Despite my seemingly negative review of this movie, it IS worth watching.

It's bad enough that it's awfully cliché to have the guy at the top be corrupt.

James McAvoy (Atonement, Last King of Scotland) pulls it off as Wesley Gibson, an anxiety-ridden cubicle drone with a boring billings job.

If you, too, are expecting something like this, then don't waste your time on this and go watch Snatch or Lock, Stock.

The plot moves a fairly decent pace, and the character stand just enough depth of them to make them compelling to watch.

Again, I found myself subjected to gratuitous slow down and speed up moments that seemed to be learnt from the 300 school of effects (p.

It is completely over the top and unrealistic but it is also extremely entertaining.

Nothing in this movie feels believable - granted, do any of these action films have the faintest whiff of reality to them any more - but when something is so fantastic and so "garnly", it stops being exciting and starts being stupid.

The ending is a good one, it is something unexpected and it shows the main idea of the film: that everyone is able to control his own life like he wants.

Unless action is all you crave, save your money and wait to rent it on DVD if you must.

It's a dark comedy along the lines of Fight Club with intense, albeit silly, action.

Worst Movie Ever!!.

WANTED is a waste of time.

If you are of those who complains about "unrealistic action", then save your money and stay at home.

Boredom and predictability in an all-out action film are probably the worst things you can have.

A derivative but enjoyable movie.

Finally, the twist towards the end is completely predictable for anyone actually paying attention to the movie.

This film is totally pointless: we have to care about characters for action sequences to have any meaning.

Even if all belief is suspended watching this movie, its still one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

The movie is thrilling, action-packed, great cinematography, highly interesting and unpredictable story with many twists, great acting, strong message in the end, inspiring ...

For my say watch this and you will be leaning on the edge of your seat waiting for the Pause button to be presses or the credits to roll.

Wanted opens with an intense 20mins that keeps you literally on the edge of your seat with the great action sequence and car chase.

This is a very easy to watch action packed movie.

As a movie, it's watchable, and even enjoyable.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, or better started to see.

If you have been waiting for Angelina Jolie to come out with a new action packed movie this is.

The effects are really intriguing & modern.

The timing is perfect,and all the movie you are immersed in process of watching.

The images as seen by the assassin, his leap across the building, the supermarket encounter, the car chasing scene were just the beginning of a series of breathtaking actions.

all of it is so contrived and impossible that it takes the movie into places it should just not go.

Oh wait it was explained, by the fact that the hero has the ability to process more adrenaline than normal humans, so he can "slow down" everything he sees....

Timur Bekmabetov once again shows that he is the director to watch with uncanny eye for breathtaking visuals.

Unfortunately, intriguing plot elements like the history of the Weavers and a jaw-dropping new gun physics weren't developed more.

Sure it does have a matrix style to it, but the humor and twists made it even more interesting and enjoyable.

" It was entertaining, it was violent, it had a relatively likable character for whom you develop empathy, and that ugly dog-faced creature, Jolie, was not typecast as some kind of "sexy" femme fatale, save for a brief shot of backside nudity which awesomely displayed her bony upper body.

On the rare occasion they actually popped up, I admit they were indeed fun and entertaining, albeit unbelievable.

It really was an entertaining movie.

The only interesting parts of this movie are in the trailer, if you've seen the trailer then don't waste your time and money.

The language was pointless.

2008 sees a long list of action packed movies on the big screen.

Don't waste your money on the blu-ray.

Car chases, hand-to-hand combat, intense gun fights: the film has it all, and every scene employs incredibly skillful craftwork in terms of choreography, stunt work, cinematography, editing and visual effects, of which there are many and which are impressively seamlessly integrated into the scenes, action-oriented or otherwise.

There's no message, I felt the whole movie was for retards.

The anxious, clumsy and abused office clerk Wesley Allan Gibson (James McAvoy) has a hell and boring routine life: his obese boss humiliates him all the time and his girlfriend betrays him with his colleague and best friend during working period.

waste of time .

The main character, mr wooden block, mr 2 expressions only, mr monotone, mr sudden 6 pack after years in a desk job, mr panic attacks and displaced anger.

From the intense and brutal training regime that Gibson undertakes, to the number of explosive and inventive sequences that flit in and out of the piece, it delivers pulse raising cinema.

"Wanted" is that summer movie packaged solely for adrenaline-driven audiences.

Top 5 worst movies of all time .

OK, so they expect the audience to believe the following: That certain people can slow down time by sheer adrenaline, that you can bend bullets while in this slowdown, and that you can defy every law of physics while in this state.

The humor in the film was honestly stupid, just awful, it was dark humor, and pointless again.

Over all with the film I'd have to say that the dialog is very weak, the action sequences are cool but over the top by so much that it's hard to watch without laughing, the character development is nonexistent (save for with McAvoy's character which somehow manages to go from Louis Tully to James Bond with no real reason), the violence is intense and over the top, the twist is predictable, the ending is predictable, the language is unnecessary, the sexuality is unnecessary, and the acting is weak (though Freeman and Jolie do nothing awful, they also by no means have performances that are up to par with previous work).

Danny Elfman's upbeat, catchy, original score does help a lot in getting our mood into the adrenaline rush.

Wesley slowly becomes a lethal machine, honing his adrenaline rushes for super sensory ability, the power to bend a bullet through space, and educating himself on the thousand year history of his new brotherhood, learning everything he needs to know to be the best assassin he can be.

This movie is nonstop action with some snappy dialogue, especially from Wesley.

This belongs to the matrix genre and I enjoyed it more than the matrix sequels.

If one night, you feel like watching an action packed movie, Wanted is a good choice.

Apparently if your heart beats 400 times in a minute you can slow the time and that helps you maneuver the bullets, and of course, that makes you a great killer.

I say don't waste your time seeing it.

Plenty of action, cool effects and mind blowing stunts.

Here we go again: This is another dreadful movie "inspired" in some comic that I never heard before (And that I'm planning to read, after seeing this ugly mess) with an stellar cast, ugly visual, a incredible lame script and boring characters.

Wanted is set in Chicago where Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) works in an office as an accounts manager, he is bored with his life & feels that it's pointless.

The most gratuitous beatings are piled up one on top of another till my wife just got up and walked out (she got her money back).

Gibson, who is thrown into a world he's never known, thanks to an uncanny female assassin with stunning abilities to shoot and drive, Fox(Angelina Jolie) informs the poor guy that the man who murdered his father, Cross(Thomas Kretschmann)is hunting him as well.

Thismovie is for guys who are obsessed with action computer games and thats about it, anyone who wants a good movie, save your money because this one ain't it.

With bullets flying in a slow motion, curving paths, and at far more than enough times, colliding together in mid-air; this film superbly lands a fair amount of visual compulsion and heart-stopping action to fuel the adrenaline, while pushing the boundaries of physical absurdity.

On the plus side, there were some excellent action sequences and enjoyable spectacle - the train derailment sequence and the car chases managed to be original, even balletic.

It is so fast paced that several aspects of the plot are not developed at all, with a few underwhelming twists.

Running Scared had a gonzo quality that still amounted to a 'go here and find this' plot line, and managed to be brilliantly entertaining.

The action sequences were incredible and will leave you on the edge of your seat.

What Wanted sorely lacks is the sense of light-hearted fun which would help its selling point of eye-popping action sequences fly instead of coming across as pent up and contrived.

Overall, this was one of the worst movies I have seen this year, and I could rant for pages regarding the various flaws and ridiculousness of the entire ordeal.

Despite logic saying that the clichés and conventions of scenes and ideologies are repetitive, the action and likability about the picture will keep you hooked right till the very twisty end, with one of the best final lines to a film in recent years.

Fun Fast paced Action.

Yes, in Wanted, expect the unexpected, and you might just enjoy it.

Wanted reminds us being silly and ridiculous is not the exclusive realm of the Farrelly Brothers, and not since John Woo made an art form out of corny, over-the-top action films has there been something with so much adrenaline and laugh-out-loud silliness as Wanted.

The movie gets your adrenaline going, and at the end, it's gonna make you wanting more.

Bear in mind that the whole thing is so far-fetched that is right next door to the galaxy far far away,yet as much trilling and exciting.

For me it was just a big waste of time, twice.

Anyone who has ever been frustrated or bored with their life has probably fantasized one time or another about being a part of something greater.

entertaining and just what i was looking for.

Don't waste your time with this.

I wanted a hot, action packed action flick this summer and I figured Wanted would deliver.

A HIGHLY entertaining piece of crap.

Basically Wanted is a very watered down and bland version of both these movies with a more idiotic plot and just as good action sequences.

But mixed with the needless blood and seemingly endless cascade of slow motion hold ups, I found myself yawning and shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

However, it scores points on suaveness, crooked politics, and plenty of macho-inflated chaos that will make any sex-crazed teenage boy's eyes pop and the non-stop adrenaline will keep you begging for more.

It is about not giving in to the conformist existence so many of us fall into and choosing to walk a different path, a more exciting path.

Sheer adrenaline and nothing else.

Now that's to say that Wanted disappointed, in fact it was stunning visually with some outlandish and very cool stunts and tricks and plenty of blood and gore and Angelina Jolie's very shapely butt...

There were other portions which were extremely cliché, for instance when Wesley hits Barry with the keyboard and a word is spelled out using one of Barry's teeth...

But unfortunately this year 'Wanted' is the worst movie of 2008 so far...

But this movie is more than visuals, or fast paced action,it's comedy.

I wished I had walked out before the last 30-45 minutes.

Save your money, and rent a good movie you can really enjoy without having your intelligence insulted.

Entertaining - great music.