WarGames (1983) - Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A young man finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: John Badham
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 10 out of 172 found boring (5.81%)

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/Soviet relations), but this film had the right blend of entertaining scenarios and moments that really made me think.

Yet the writers are faced with telling us the story of a nerd who knows his way around the worldwide web, the phone company, the inner workings of various technological devices like door locks, and all manner of other stuff liable to be confusing to the audience.

Overall, this is a highly entertaining thriller that is well acted, scripted and filmed (and even received three Academy Award nominations), and has plenty of those nostalgic qualities for us children of the 80's.

While this work is entertaining, it also bears a valid warning, even today.

Anyone with an appreciation of the history of the microcomputer will love this film - and for anyone else it is well made and entertaining too.

What follows is some boring looking officials looking over the training procedure and using frankly technical and boring dialogue to get the point across.

This movie is good clean wholesome fun for an entertaining afternoon and it even got a message in the end to boot.

Fortunately, the movie doesn't contain too much technical "jargon": it is more interested in its clearly stated anti-war message, while at the same time it works as suspenseful entertainment.

Defense System in alert, but I apologise to the writers becausethey developed a very interesting plot and a very exciting ending minutes.

If ever there was a popcorn-muncher of a silly movie, it's John Badham's WarGames, an entertaining, computer-geek flick that makes one strangely nostalgic for Apple IIs.

It is a great accomplishment that a hi-tech movie released more than twenty years ago is still enjoyable.

Tho the film is a kind of watered down and accessible 2001: A Space Odyssey for the 80s set, it impacts well and only really suffers from a pointless romantic plot strand involving the sprightly Ally Sheedy (could they not just have been pals?

OK, so the main guy can type faster than he can talk AND never make an error, but this is still a very engaging film.

great suspense thriller aimed mainly at school/college kids, but just as enjoyable for the 30 yr olds in 2006 as is was for the teens in 1983 (perhaps because they are the same) an enjoyable film Jethro72

But his diatribe delivered to Broderick and Sheedy, from his remote Oregon island retreat, while obviously meant to be a message of warning to the viewer, was simply banal and ludicrous.

I totally looking back on '80s science fiction would make it seem silly, but I found I actually enjoyed it!

Although overrated in some quarters (Roger Ebert, for instance, gives it a perfect rating), "War Games" is a fun, entertaining youth adventure with some good suspense here and there.

It was cliche and not hardly thrilling.

Wargames has a perfect sript, stunning special effects and a great soundtrack.

The story builds so flawlessly, starting with that killer opening sequence and pulling us right on the edge of our seats.

While the entire movie is highly entertaining and there are many facets to the program, the message I took from it was the basic "futility" of war.

A teriffically written action story that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Dated by today's standards, WarGames is still an entertaining blend of Cold War espionage and early-1980s computer hacking that was years ahead of its time - and created a new sub-genre.

A move well worth watching.

John Badham's adventure film is well edited, never becoming too serious or dull, and the content of the movie is light and enjoyable.

The film makes a convincing argument and is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller positing what could happen if everything is run by computer.

Nonetheless, it remains a distinctive and entertaining film.

1st watched 5/6/2001 - 7 out of 10 (Dir-John Badham): Timely, compelling drama about a kid hacking into the security system's computer system and almost starting World War III.

Except for a pretty poor musical selection near the beginning of the movie, WarGames later with its haunting strains of harmonic music and good screenplay is definitely worth watching for those who missed out on seeing this movie these past 35 years for its continuing emotive resonance and global message of human survival.

Wargames is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller which resists the urge to preach about the man .

recording the door entry code and replaying it; creating a signal on the payphone with a ring pull) entertaining and interesting.

When I first watched this as a teen in the 1980s it was fairly exciting and seemed very modern with the way he had a computer at home and could connect to others over the telephone...

The Two Lead Teens Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy are Superb and Lead the Viewer Through This Troubling Scenario and Charm just Enough to Take the Edge Off the World On the "Eve of Destruction" Story and Make it Entertaining Enough, and the Film Becomes Fantasy.

I love this Matthew Broderick little enjoyable movies and this one is just that.

And, it was extremely entertaining in the process, despite the fact that Matthew looked like more of a push-over than a computer geek.

Wargames is an enormously entertaining thriller that poses a question about humanity, with the answer from WOPR that, like Tic Tac Toe, there is no winning move in war.

Nominated for 3 Oscars War Games is an enjoyable, if quite unrealistic action drama with a cool Matthew Broderick in the central role.

All in all WarGames is a well-made, suspenseful, enjoyable film.

This begins with a very dull scene setting montage of officers carrying out a routine swift swap before they are commanded to launch missiles.

Like "The China Syndrome" (1979), War Games is not just a topical thriller, but an educational and entertaining drama as well.

Watching it now, I was shocked to find out this is a very good film, and it makes for a gripping adult thriller, while maintaining that 1980's kids-film-feel.

Enjoyed it .

It's a simple but thoroughly exciting premise, played out with maximum intensity.

The film is an amazing entertaining thriller that has stood the test of time...

Not one for younger kids with the relatively hard-to-understand science and the mild swearing, but other than that it's a pretty entertaining family film!

WAR GAMES predates these unbearable nuclear dramas and shockingly WAR GAMES is the only one that can still be classed as being topical since the central plot revolves around a computer hacker who can gain access to the Pentagon's nuclear codes , a plot that is based in reality even today Scary huh ?

Timely, compelling drama...

Rubinstein is suitably exciting and adds to the urgency of the action on-screen, especially in the film's taut last-gasp climax.

Along the way, he macks it to the pretty girl (obligatory in any movie with such a boring plot), gets imprisoned, escapes due to incompetence of adults, etc. I have a theory.

This is an entertaining film of the 80s ; it was way ahead of its time and it stills grips the spectator .

The tech doesn't hold up in this movie or the way things are done, but other than that this is an entertaining film that will keep you in your seat throughout.

While certain aspects of the story may seem less relevant today there is no denying that WarGames is an effective, entertaining thriller.

Thoroughly exciting and enjoyable thriller.

The ending particularly is drawn out.

I found the movie entertaining.

) The way the cameras dart around from terminal to terminal as uniformed USAF technicians follow the progress of an apparent Soviet attack, lighting onto one of them just before he or she relays an important piece of information, is highly addictive and entertaining.

"WarGames" turns out to be a riveting film that will keep most on the edge of their seats.

The most enjoyable thing about this film is seeing the young Matthew Broderick toying with systems that are archaic by today's standards.

Wargames requires a substantial suspension of disbelief because of such things like the United States military's inability to tell whether or not those blips coming from Russia on their screens are real weapons of mass destruction of if they're just a computer game, but the fact that the world is tottering so lightly on the edge of Global Thermonuclear War, even if only because of the very presence of these types of weapons, is the frightening concept that the movie tries to get across.

When David is on screen there are minimal dull moments as he brings the comedy and drama and when he discovers the Protovision add does the film start to gather some pace.

Still it's a fast paced adventure with a nice anti-war ending.

The story itself is enjoyable though largely because Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy are likable leads as David and Jennifer.

Entertaining and Frightening at the Same Time.

Director John Badham keeps the ingenious and absorbing story zipping along at a brisk pace, maintains a generally serious tone throughout, and adroitly builds a tremendous amount of nerve-rattling tension.

When the thrilling situation rises and rises to end with this instructional climax.. "deceived" is the right word to describe your condition as a viewer.

Enjoyable thriller about a whiz kid (Broderick) who hacks into a NORAD computer thinking it's a game site and almost starts World War III by accident.

I thought the movie was okay when I first saw it (I was about 9) but after repeated viewings it's neither enjoyable or sensible.

Enjoyable .

If original director Martin Brest had been allowed to finish the film, with the somewhat darker original script I read back then, I wonder if this could have been a bit of a minor classic, in the family of great nuclear war films like Dr. Strangelove and Fail Safe, instead of an entertaining, intelligent thrill ride.

Definitely worth watching a second time!

Exciting and well-researched thriller .

Intriguing, exciting movie with a few funny moments along the way.

These by now anachronistic devices on display in WarGames after 35 years have actually become more intriguing and charming of a time gone by making this techno-drama more compelling and engrossing than when it was first released on June 5, 1983.

Great, entertaining Cold War era movie.

But this is a funny, exciting, consciousness-raising movie that is as entertaining now with the Cold War more than a decade behind us as it was all those years ago.

Fascinating to see stars Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy so young and fresh, free of the Hollywood expectations of stardom.

Clever, exciting and expertly directed .

Sure there are some issues with the plot including the what I usually hate where everything could be solved if they just listened to the main character but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

It's typical 80's movie where everything goes in some direction and then at the middle of movie everything lose sense and on till the end they trying to patch things up to make something worth watching.

Entertaining film may have a most unlikely premise(one would hope!

In fact, it turns out to be a great film, one that remains endlessly enjoyable despite the leaps and bounds that computer technology has made since this movie came out.

An Engaging Little Tale About Nuclear War .

As for the rest of the movie, it was very well-crafted, but a little slow in places.

Exciting all the way through with well timed performances from Broderick, Coleman and John Wood.

An excellent film and well worth watching .

This is a very entertaining film that spawned the whiz-kid craze.

Fraker, and well acted by a young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, it's a film that came out at a time when America (and by extension Hollywood) was obsessed with the idea of nuclear carnage, and while some movies used that premise for devastating emotional drama -- "The Day After," "Testament," to a certain extent "Silkwood" -- "WarGames" uses it to build an exciting, crafty adventure/suspense film, more Steven Spielberg than docu-drama.

If you want to waste 5 bucks and 2 hours of your life, pick up this, Antitrust, Hackers, or any other "good" "movie" with "competent" "hackers" in them.

Matthew Broderick played David Lightman, a young computer "geek" who thinks quickly, very well, but other than him I thought the acting was pretty bland (not bad, just not great).

I enjoyed it.

The movie is very exciting...

Very very very enjoyable .

" Now, almost 30 years later, the technology in this movie may be laughable, but the storyline and acting are as entertaining and watchable as it was all those years ago.

The technical aspects shown on screen are extremely well-researched, and David's hacking activities make for exciting and interesting viewing.

I viewed this film quite often when I was a child as I owned the VHS, but admittedly the film went over my head somewhat and I found it quite boring.

It's also fascinating to see the early giant, clunky computers of the 1980's and an early portrayal of the Internet.

I kept half an eye on this great movie today - seen two or three times before - and it's still as fresh as ever, the ending as gripping.

But they just needed to include some pointless scenes that at the end don't give any value to movie at all.

Though in many ways a relic of the '80s, "WarGames"'s smart decisions keep it entertaining for more than just the nostalgic.

All in all an entertaining film but a bit too predictable.

I mean, after you see a thriller once, how can it be suspenseful again???

Is also unique in that it foreshadows the consensus five years later that Cold War tactics are a waste of time.

There are some really special performances, including Ally Sheedy as Broderick's "little friend" (and absolutely enchanting); Corbin as crusty General Beringer; and Wood as the fascinating Dr. Falken.

A Very Exciting Movie.