Warrior (2011) - Drama, Sport

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The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament - a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his estranged, older brother.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Gavin O'Connor
Stars: Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 74 out of 610 found boring (12.13%)

One-line Reviews (414)

'Warrior' is flawed, but engaging & entertaining nonetheless.

I left the theater in tears which is something that's never happened to me before.

Gavin O'Connor's Direction, is intense.

Common, non-thrilling boxing movie .

The second half is a brilliant well shot action packed fighting film.

It has been a long time since a movie has had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails as this movie did during the fighting scenes.

Screenplay 8/10- The screenplay was rather cliché and predictable.

If you like predictable boxing movies with caricatures of boxing caricatures named Tommy (always with fingerless gloves on and a black, cotton stocking hat) and some over acting, you may like Warrior.

Conflict was resolved in a gripping and suspenseful way that left me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie.

They were very realistic, and a lot of the time will have you on the edge of your seat as though it's a real mixed martial arts fight you're watching, and you know one of the fighters.

This movie is ONE BIG Cliché, OH MY GOD, other than Nick Nolte's performance, everything else was violently cliché.

brilliant direction awesome drama and intense acting.

Still very much worth watching though.

Nice and enjoyable emotional and plot layout, soothing background music, family drama and relations, and amazing acting performances.

A bit predictable and nothing new here.

Movie is very entertaining and tells a great story.

It's a lot of impressively empty theater.

It was very unexpected.

Overall, the first half may be hard to stay with, but the movie eventually transcends into a gripping, emotional, heart-racing, and brilliant tale of two brothers with stakes higher than you can imagine.

The mysterious past of Hardy is intriguing to the end of the movie .

Just your run-of-the-mill Hollywood sports movie, it's disappointingly static and mostly predictable with an armload of blatant plot holes.

But this is soon calmed down and we are given more thrilling and engaging conflicts.

These are quite exciting and tense (this comes from somebody who knows close to nothing about MMA).

Plus with the brothers in "The Fighter," you had one fighter and one the loser junkie trainer, while here both brothers are in the ring, and end up fighting each other for the championship in an exciting finale.

Although everyone plays their part beautifully, it is Tom Hardy that makes himself shine with an amazing performance of a very contrived character.

Tensions flare up even further between two estranged brothers when they discover that they are both competing in the same mixed martial arts tournament in this frequently rousing if rather predictable sports drama.

Stirring, enthralling and absorbing.

This one just drags on and on and on and it's so unbelievably boring that you would have to be a warrior to stay awake.

Very enjoyable movie that I hope gets the audience it deserves.

2) the beautiful family cliché: nice smart husband (he's a teacher), good looking wife, two cute kids3) the evil system cliché: a) banks are bad guys, b) the scene where Tommy and his friend signaled their presence but the American army did nothing to save them - soldiers are good, armies are bad, c) Brendan is suspended till the end of the semester.

Intense .

First of all, a definition: cliché: a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse.

However, while these intense sequences do indeed showcase the athleticism that the sport requires, it soon descends into shameless MMA propaganda which becomes tiresome rather quickly.

It's also nice that both characters are likable and easy to root for, making it very unpredictable.

The biggest pile of predictable BS.

Gavin O'Connor's unrealistic yet attention grabbing film, Warrior is an action packed, drama-filled, and heartwarming story.

Slow beginning!

The rest of the crew is just there to try to make the fights exciting and make you jump out of your chair.

I highly recommend it to everyone, men and women.

Full of emotions, with not many extraneous scenes, gives you an adrenaline rush like no other recent movie.

hmmm OK 1 more~I thought it was a great film and thoroughly enjoyed it~I do watch the odd UFC/MMA fight and i don't think this film will do any harm to the popularity and exposure of this growing sport~Acting and plot were superb ~ the type of film you become fully engrossed in~When viewing I would recommend wearing a "do not disturb" sign around your neck~If you want to watch a gritty drama with emotion and substance and a few hammer fists and elbows thrown in ~ then this is the film for you~

One is Jennifer Morrison as Edgerton's wife whose role is predictable and cardboard.

Usually, when I see a movie get awesome, over the top critics, mostly it ends up being pretentious crap.

And whether you're an MMA fan or not, the adrenaline-pumping fights will have you up and cheering and applauding.

and you are on the edge of your seat!

The movie is shot well and the MMA stuff is pretty cool, although I am a fan of boxing myself, but the movie is just too cliché, and perhaps that's why I wasn't able to finish it.

Plot gaps, cliche lines in my mind were forgivable because this movie got me excited about the fights and captured my attention.

because director wants that and that's a cliché

I've always loved MMA, watched so many PPV events I could probably pay a mortgage so I expected a sappy, yet enjoyable sports film.

It had everything a movie needed; great acting, fantastic story, intense fight scenes and emotions that are indescribable.

Warrior is a sports movie that revels in the cliché.

BUT this IS a movie for those who love the perfect mix of emotion and adrenaline inducing action.

Not surprisingly, I completely forgot how long I had been sitting watching Warrior because these scenes were just so breathlessly entertaining.

A gripping sports movie with great emotional power .

There were a few scenes that I felt could have been cut, but, for some reason, overall I found it compelling.

The climax was unexpected and appropriate.

The film loses some points for an overly predictable second act.

Edgerton plays off a strong script in developing an engaging character the audience can immediately empathise with, while Hardy displays impressive depth as the brooding, heart-of-stone Tommy.

And unfortunately Warrior ends up suffering, though not of evil in a maddeningly combat films, this is the successive cuts of exciting fights to see the reaction of secondary characters, sometimes extremely annoying, irrelevant and end up being comical and in bad taste, which is following the fighting at home.

Another movie in which a protagonist suffers unbelievable punishment in the ring for far too long to credibly achieve victory at the last moment.

Don't waste your time.

The brothers come close to throwing some punches, eventually walking away after a pretty intense stare down.

Then, the final part where one brother gets injured badly - forget it, right then and there, it's just pointless.

For the first time in many, many years I was, literally, sitting on the edge of the couch, almost rooting for the guys when they were fighting.

The score is boring and derivative.

Being that the story is about two brothers on parallel journeys, while both fighting their way through an intense fighting competition, sets it apart from the other fighter/sports films and really makes it a truly emotionally rewarding and unique film going experience.

transcends the sports movie cliché .

I found this movie to be a predictable mushy mess full of clichés and obvious attempts by the director to tug at the heart strings of the viewer.

His use of the historical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven helped make the anticipation of Brendan's improvement in his ability to fight much more exciting.

They story is convoluted and predictable, Nick Nolte is wasted (figuratively) and Tom Hardy is not really given any range to explore his character.

Sound effects from each punch or body hitting the mat makes the action more exciting and the crowd and environment makes movie suspenseful.

but reasonably exciting.

He made all of his scenes compelling.

worse is, the plot is easily predictable with some creative idea.

This movie is so painfully predictable...

This is a crowd pleasing film and you could pick holes in it but it's so well done and so enjoyable that only the churlish would complain.

Raw and gripping, Gavin O'Connor's mixed martial arts film is exhilarating action and poignant family drama combined into one potent knockout .

8) the slow hard working turtle cliché: your lack of skills is not important!

The plot was deep and so were the actors and combined with the fighting it was all INTENSE.

The movie kept me on the edge and cheering every time Tommy was in a fight ( like if I was actually watching a real UFC event lol ) .. and even made me sing the Marine Hymn in one of the fights!

Entertaining but predictable.

However, despite some bad camera angles, these fights were exciting and presents some pretty awesome knockouts.

Brendan had already beat the unexpected and it was time for him to find his place as the inferior fighter in comparison to younger Tommy.

This mixed martial arts drama is not your average everyday drama following an underdog rising from your average fighter to the holder of the championship title, it is a superbly riveting exploration of family and a brotherly bond that is tested to the limits.

Boring Waste Of Time Don't waste your money .

Now Joel Edgerton was alright, but his performance was quite boring compared to Hardys.

The fight scenes are brutal yet so compelling that one finds oneself sitting at the edge of one's seat with the excitement of a real match.

The fight scenes in this film are the most realistic I have seen, they are gripping and have you on the edge of your seat willing for the right result.

I will argue in support of this claim:1) the broken family cliché: common man!

The one that always hits me hard is dealing with intense pain caused by those you love the most.

In the bandage of sports and enjoyable powerful drama, it's very hard to resist this one.

It's boring.

He has this vulnerability in his eyes that I always find fascinating and it really worked for the character here.

It does focus on the heart rather than the cheap punch and effectively dodges sentiment, if not obligation, as the predictable beat by predictable beat severely blunts the impact.

This ranks as one of the worst movies I've ever seen and that is saying a lot!

comThe sports genre has become as much of a cliché as the many clichés it has spawned: Rocky's Theme, Eye of the Tiger, etc. At this stage of the game, breathing new life into this old genre and sucking in an audience while surprising them along the way, is next to a near impossible feat.

Nick Nolte is especially engaging, playing the formerly severe alcoholic father begging for redemption from his two sons.

Hardy is so intense and filled with seething rage and hatred, while at the same time we can detect a yearning to love and be loved if someone dares to break through all the walls he has erected around his life.

There was so much heart in this movie, you actually will begin to care for these characters, so much so that you will cheer for them, and not because you are on an adrenaline rush from all the punches.

The boxing scenes are intense, and wow, there is a whole hour of boxing scenes at the end, which is way more than other boxing films I've seen lately.

The fighting is pretty exciting.

This one will have you on the edge of your seat, whilst you hold back tears.

A dramatic and exciting film that uses the genre's conventions to its advantage.

That's the situation in this thoroughly engrossing mixed martial arts film.

Predictable and clichéd...

All of it comes together seamlessly and provides for a truly gripping movie.

It's incredibly intense, raw, and above all beautiful.

5) the bad guy cliché: this was actually the trigger for my review.

This is about disjointed family who have not seen each other for years, they all have past or present problems that they need to put behind them and to forgive each other and move on.

Intense and inspirational - a real winner of a sports drama .

Predictable Warrior most certainly is.

Uses just about every boxing cliché in the book and the plot is quite predictable.

However, whereas I found 'The Fighter,' to be quite overrated and fairly dull, 'Warrior,' is not.

Whether or not one holds interest in mixed martial arts fighting is no matter, it is a gripping experience that will stay with you long after the credits are rolling.

If you are a movie lover, just stay away this movie and don't waste your time.

this is an awesome film which pulls you with its intense action and great emotions.....

good move very enjoyable good acting by edgerton and hardy .

I was happy to be surprised with an unexpected plot.

It's always a bit thrilling when a movie catches us off-guard and is much more than expected.

It's well acted, and is very entertaining, but on the other end of the spectrum, the film is way too long, and predictable.

It is exciting and very well done and has a modern twist on the old training montage.

The movie's rousing strength comes from their relationship, and we don't root for one to beat the other in their tournament.

The development of the human adversaries/behemoths is cleverly arranged with predicable but stunning results.

Take the family dysfunction in last year's Academy-Award winning 'The Fighter', combine it with the underdog heroics of 'Rocky', and you get Gavin O' Connor's 'Warrior'- a deeply engaging and edge-of-your-seat exhilarating sports movie set in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and of course the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

At no point during the film did we know which one of the brothers was going to win the final fight, which made it all the more thrilling.

For an MMA movie, it's sad that it is the least enjoyable part of the movie, and that's not to say the fighting is bad, it's good, I just think the drama between the three is more important and more enjoyable.

It's also a bit predictable.

:)) this is related here with the underdog cliché and to the age in sport is like age in wines-the older, the better.

The last scene where Tommy and Brendan fight is one of the most powerful and riveting scenes I have witnessed in cinema.

The sequences are absolutely stunning - the ones with Hardy for his sheer attitude around demolishing his opponent and the ones with Edgerton for his stunning Rocky-like portrayal of an unlikely underdog giving everything he has in every round.

The film is unnecessarily long but the third act has plenty of exciting MMA fights.

Extremely enjoyable.

STunning .

The amount of physical work Hardy has put into the role is written all over his body, but more than just physicality, Hardy gives an intensely gripping portrait of a man filled with anger, hurt and bitterness.

With empty bottles strewn across the floor, Moby Dick piping through the headphones, Nolte is drunk as a sailor shouting, "Ahab!

From the gripping story to the well shot fighting scenes this movie easily earns the 8.3 score it has.

In starting 20 minutes movie is slow and boring but it gain speed at proper time, the cinematography, editing, screenplay, directing all are good, there are no need to complain, overall I like this movie and I enjoyed it twice.

The start was a bit dull and confusing for me but after that it just kept getting better and more exciting.

Unfinished Storyline - made up for with amazing acting and intense moments.

Although the first half of the film was bit boring, it got very interesting when it came to the fight scenes, it was very intense and very entertaining, the ending was very emotional when the two brothers had to fight each other.

Every cliché you've seen is used here.

This left me crying after watching until the end, the amazing filming and editing in the fight scenes and the music playing makes it even more intense when dramatics scenes get played as well.

My main criticism is that the film is littered with any possible cliché you can imagine and then some, and for me it ruins the movie.

Dealing with the themes of redemption, forgiveness & indomitable will of the human spirit in a thoughtful manner, Warrior is heavy on the emotional side of the drama that makes us really care for its deftly scripted characters which in turn makes its action segments all the more intense, gripping & compelling.

formulaic plot and unimaginative script .

Terms like "stirring", "enthralling" and "absorbing" barely do justice to just how moving this film really is.

the last fight was so cliché, tomy was superman knocking out every one with one hit and Brandin struggles in every game.

This is a fantastic movie the end fight with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton is magnetic and it gives you a movie with 140 minutes of excellent acting and that is why you can watch till the end, that's why I think it is a movie worth watching and one of the most underrated movies ever made.

The dialogue in the living room scene between Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte was so intense and raw when he talks about running away from dad and how his mum lived with poor health with no insurance, you feel uncomfortable just listening to it!!

It looks like director was throwing away like giving the audience some thing 'UNEXPECTED'.

The plot manages to be predictable.

Those movies had exciting fights, involvement in the characters, and entertaining plots.

Yeah, there's some cliché' elements, but the story build up of the two brothers is enjoyable and does a good job at making us root for both brothers equally (until the last fight when the one brother goes villain).

You have to keep watching and don't miss a moment, as it's totally unpredictable.

And the fight sequences are very well done, it's entertaining and engaging to watch.

It starts off slow with a little mystery about who the characters are.

Warrior: The title and cover let assume this film might be some uninteresting, run-of-the-mill fighting film.

Tom Hardy and Joe Edgerton do a stunning job portraying the damaged Conlon brothers.

What's intriguing about this film is the idea of making these brothers fight on a match.

Most of the time, it's hard to notice how melodramatic and predictable the story is.

I was kept on the edge of my seat, wanting for more.

And the abs of Tom Hardy are worth watching as well:PI really hope this film will get at least 1 Oscar nomination:)!

I highly recommend it.

Writer Gavin O'Connor (with Anthony Tambakis and Cliff Dorfman) also directs this intense film and his sensitivity in bringing out brilliant performances from everyone in his cast is simply amazing.

It's just a sadly weak infusion, it doesn't keep you on the tip of your chair, instead you fight you're own battle against the boredom that's kicking in...

Needing a place to crash and then grudgingly engaging his dad's help to train him for an upcoming MMA tournament, Tom Hardy owned this role in providing that gruff exterior who has to make compromises in his life, and basically living with the enemy and with a closet full of skeletons that threaten to burst open as his profile becomes larger and more prominent given the public tournament.

I got so into it I wanted to start cheering in the middle of the movie, and your adrenaline builds up and I was getting pumped!

This is an uninteresting movie.

Its a simple, familiar story thats very predictable.

Because after the laziest, most uneventful Australian winter at the cinemas that I can remember, the more impatient among us are just now seeing signs that things are about to pick up again.

Some may argue that this movie is cliché, some die hard fans of rocky or those who call themselves street fighters and what not may call this movie something not worth seeing.

Beautiful, heart-warming, tear-jerking, exciting, EMOTIONAL, uplifting.

12) the brothers cliché: way too many brothers in boxing/martial arts movies.

All in all, the film is enjoyable.

Whilst Warrior is pretty predictable and comparable to many other fighting films, it's still one to watch!

The acting is stunning.

Touching and exciting movie overall .

"Warrior" is one of the most entertaining boxing movies ever made, and it's truly one of the best of 2011.

Got everything I can ask for in a movie.. I love fighting movies and, again, this one brings even more to the plate.. MIND BLOWING!

The action/fighting was exciting, even for someone that doesn't normally like this type of sport.

The kind of "predictable" that is utterly annoying.

You become immersed in them, and feel like you are right there in the scene.

But looking aside from the formulaic and absolutely asinine plotting structure, as well as the clear jumps in logic on the parts of almost every single cast member (specifically towards the end of the film), I think the film is most guilty of being too long, too self-indulgent and just plain boring.

For the rest of us it's mediocre as it's mostly unbelievable cliche's strung together on swelling music.

so cliché.

They reuse the same clichés, they barely feel original at all, and most of them are predictable from the very start.

10) the resenting wife cliché: this is about every wife in any boxing/martial arts movie .. first she is frightened then she become a supporter ...

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are the revelations of this superbly riveting exploration of family dynamics and mixed martial arts .

After a year of rather mediocre films, 'Warrior' is compelling viewing that both entertains and also offers an emotional aspect to the audience.

Overall, the story runs intense and deep.

We really enjoyed it!

It's a breathtaking movie!

Overall, this is a decent enough film that is ultimately very violent and rather predictable.

But when Brendan's unlikely rise as an underdog sets him on a collision course with Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront the forces that tore them apart, all the while waging the most intense, winner-takes-all battle of their lives.

The fight scenes are gripping and intense and had me peeking through my fingers "arm bar for the tap out.

This is drama as gripping as the first 'Rocky' and last year's 'The Fighter', better even, given it's not based on a real life story.

The ability to identify with the characters is what makes a movie gripping and interesting.

It's worth watching, you won't be disappointed.

In an era where most of the movies are rather disappointing, or even worse over-rated and they create a hype when they are usually pointless and boring, this film has you seating in the edge of your seat.

At times I wanted the movie to slow down so it could focus more on- and go deeper into certain subjects and at others it was sticking too much to its drama.

It's dramatic and it's action packed.

It is from Tom Hardy's gritty animalistic and indomitable performance, that in spite of it's cynically contrived and marketed background, stands out like maybe no other from the year 2011 and which moves this film, singlehandedly, from a low 6 to a high 7.

The rest of the cast is just so boring.

After that cowardly transformation we are left face to face with the predictable ending that's been built for us through the whole movie.


When fights are justified with backstories full of crushing emotion, they become all the more intense and gratifying.

Super predictable, no training sequences, cheesy Joe Rogan wanna be announcers, and average acting by the supporting cast.

Granted, the first half is very slow and a little cliché.

An excellent tear inducing movie, that left me on the edge of my seat .

Also unlike regular fight movies where you really know whos going to win in the end, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seats till the very end!

Tom hardy is also phenomenal in this film, from the very first time you see him you can tell he is damaged and has allot of anger and he is so mysterious that it makes him a truly fascinating character.

One of the most intense movies ever ....

The performances however of Joel Egderton, Tom Hardy and especially Nick Nolte take it to a higher level and therefore 'Warrior' is definitely worth watching.

If it was only for the fighting, it would have been a 10/10 movie without a doubt, it is intense and brings just what is needed for a fighting movie.

(he beats a spare partner)6) the spiritual training cliché: this is a variation of the fast-food yoga cliché (many martial arts movies present this cliché) yeah Beethoven is nice but really ...

I have yet to come across another film that has made me feel as intense and passionate as this one.

Absolutely stunning performances all round and is definitely my favourite movie topping many others by a mile.

Breathtaking and outstanding.

If you disregard the "MMA" part of the movie, it becomes a cliché drama with all the stereotypical family problem scenarios Hollywood has to offer.

Even though the story is quite predictable and similar to some other boxing movies like The Fighter, it is the realization of the drama that is gripping.

It is gripping from start to finish.

The movie is incredibly moving and intense.

(Spoiler alert) The movie is fantastic of its kind, and deeply engaging.

It kept me on the edge of my seat, and its also more realistic the most fighting movies.

anyway this is a cliché because I saw it in lots of American movies.

Warrior capitalizes on an age-old formula by allowing the audience to instead be swept up with the characters it portrays, which in turn makes those climatic fight sequences as intense as they should be.

The Conlon brother's first on-screen meeting's even more suspenseful than De Niro and Pacino in Heat.

In regards the fight scenes, they are brutal and engaging.

Unrealistic, false left-right paradigm, superficial emotions, contrived story, the one brother is vilified while the other is made a hero.

This movie is fascinating.

tedious .

On the plus side, there's Nick Nolte's great presence in a, however, highly cliché role.

but reasonably exciting .

So, disregarding the fighting - a 6/10 cliché flick.

Slow, plodding, could not connect with any of the characters.

Hardy definitely makes a great impression as the aggressive fighter who tries to separate himself from his family, Edgerton is as compelling as his tough brother and eventually competitor, and I can see why Nolte was nominated the Oscar for his performance.

Its boring to watch this set of lights because is kinda obfuscate the actors and doesn't let you to see they facial expressions.

I highly recommend it.

It's poignant and entertaining with lots of action in the second half.

An "I'm bored what's there to watch?

It's dizzying, moves way too fast, there is never any focus, and it all just feels, well, not even frenetic, just like it was the best that could be done to splice together bits of the acted fighting to make it feel intense and high action.

The bottom line for me is that when I get those goose bumps, or the hair raises on the back of my neck, or the intense feeling of wanting to jump out of my seat while I am watching a movie such as this one, then my own emotion tells the story that this was indeed one of the best movies I have seen.

Not a super classic storyline, bit far fetched at times, but it helped push the drama to the predictable brother vs brother climactic ending.

7) the lucky coincidence cliché: Marco Santos broke his leg and Brendan is there to replace him.

Well people The Warrior seems to take what could be such standard and cliché material and elevates it to the next level.

The story starts out at a slower pace and begins to build and build until the end - very cleverly crafted.

The story truly is gut-wrenchingly powerful and presented in an engaging fashion.

His performances always seem really intense as anybody who has seen Bronson will agree and nothing changes in Warrior .

Intense, emotional, moving.

All in all, I was thoroughly entertained, so even with it's flaws this was a very enjoyable movie.

The other brother who also happens to be one of the 16 BEST fighters in the world is an ex-soldier in that country of Iraq, where he bravely saved an American soldier and was considered a war hero (this I find confusing- don't you get to be a war hero when you kill people..? otherwise any like doctor could be a hero, right..?). He is very modest and a true Christian, because he does not care about fortune and fame.

It's a laughable one, and as my friend said "they should rename this movie to the cliché" and I couldn't agree more.

I think this Is the worst movie I'we seen in years In fact I made this account just to review this crap Don't waste your time IT'S REALLY BAD

Brendan's predictable relationship with his wife was kind of corny.

Despite its apparent disinterest in avoiding the predictable and generic formula of an underdog's rise to fame/victory, it contains an unexpected depth that in return raises the film far above others of its kind.

A great storyline that focused on two characters equally, great performances, MMA action that was actually accurate and exciting to watch, and well focused human drama.

The disappointed starts sharply with a cliché montage of training.

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton deliver riveting performances.

Edgerton has more of a human face and as a result it is him that the viewer feels more for; he is good here, both in the ring and out of it despite most of his material being a cliché.

Some have reviewed that the depth of the characters was insufficient, but the characters give enough depth to their characters played to keep the entire film gripping.

Then the whole movie got right on the track and started entertaining, clarifying, flying and emotionally satisfying.

This movie is a silly cage fighting tournament, with boring characters you know the teacher will win from the start of the film its one of those under dog storiesso why wait 2 hours and 20 mins to see it happen????

if you go to sleep for 2 hours and watch the last 20 mins of the film you will see all the best action and captured the whole story and reunion of brothersVery boring film again over rated by IMDb users

This movie was breathtaking.

The story gets more gripping when their father Paddy Conlon in-spite of his desperate attempts to seek forgiveness of his sons is turned deaf ears by both the brothers.


It might not touch them as it did to me, but nevertheless, still worth watching...

Warrior overall is a great movie with a suspenseful and dramatic plot.

Directing 8/10- Solid directing, intriguing shots and well paced.

worth watching .

However, Warrior has the audacity to challenge the cliché's and still manages to stand out from the rest.

But not this one, this is a really entertaining movie and is a must see this year.

Visually exciting fight sequences are matched by an emotionally complex story with believable characters full of conviction.

It is so absolutely gripping and emotional, I was balling my eyes out when the credits rolled across the screen.

The dialogue was thought-provoking and written with vigour and heart, the fight scenes are incredible feeling both authentic(you can smell the sweat and feel the tears) and harrowing and the story for me was absorbing and hit me hard emotionally.

The fight scenes consisted of mostly repetitive moves and those ended way too quickly for the most part.

The fight scenes are intense and brutally realistic, and the family dysfunction is all too real.

Unoriginal, clichéd and predictable; brilliant, powerful and moving .

But with the entry of Tom Hardy it became very exciting immediately.

It is, however, more encapsulating than one might imagine given the formulaic premise and familiar sibling rivalry themes, which really goes to show how much can be achieved simply by casting all pivotal roles exceptionally well.

Even though the trailer made it clear how each fight was going to end I was still on the edge of my seat.

The story is compelling, it is socially apt and the acting is perfect by all....

The dialogues go a long way to making this real and enjoyable.

here it is.. even though the movie is predictable to some extent from the beginning it never let u feel bored.

Howeve, this doesnt matter because the film is very engrossing and at the end moving also.

cliché .

This is probably one of the most intense movies I've seen from a visceral standpoint and on an emotional level.

Highlight for further engaging soundtrack.

A predictable cliché.

On the other hand, the fighting scenes were great and made the film very entertaining.

With the exception of Hardy's mysterious past the movie is very straightforward and rather predictable from start to finish.

Just as in Ron Howard's brilliant boxing drama "Cinderella Man" as this film plays out and is so engrossing with everything that is going on, you sometimes almost forget that you're even watching a sports movie in the first place.

An emotionally intense fight film .

You cannot believe how boring a movie can be.

It is exciting.

It's PG-13, so it's not surprising that the film opted for some more cliché and obvious emotional moments, but it's still fairly predictable.

This movie keeps you engaging with family drama and ground-and-pound MMA fighting scenes.

it was so amazing and interesting movie,keeps u entertaining and stick to chair to continue watching without blinking an eye.

This is all cliché stapled to a newish sport.

Warrior is that rare, unexpected film that grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go.

You could over think this to much, but simply, this film is STUNNING!!!!.

Yes its your usual rigmarole of a martial art action movie and it does come with its predictable set of events...

I fully recommend this movie, very entertaining, very well acted.

Some OK fights but pretty predictable.

It also started to get really tiresome listening to Tommy grunt and snarl at everyone all hunched over like a cave man.

It has some great fight scenes, but the rest is a manipulative and predictable washout .

Lose the 90′s high school kids, lose the wife with no convictions, cut some of the drawn out scenes, and you might have a movie.

Warrior is an electrifying family drama built on both the gripping performances by its two main stars and Gavin O'Connor's powerful exploration into the family dynamics and brotherhood.

We get the cliché training montage, this time with an attempt to creatively display it by playing both brother's training off each other.

If you liked Rocky, you will love Warrior, this movie definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat with all of the action sequences and gives you goose bumps all over.

The most exciting part of the movie is TOMMY(Tom Hardy) section of fights pure 3 knockouts make u wanna cheer for him every detail of the of the matches feels u are sitting right of your TV screens and watch a live match.

All i can say is that his movie is worth watching, you wont waste your time, trust me!!

Nothing honest and real, more contrived.

This movie has some of the most intimidating and breathtaking fighting scenes that you cant get to watch in real fights.

Every single moment of the film is utterly predictable and completely lacking in creativity.

And it could succeed at it, as the Hardy character-in one of Hardy's best performances-is built masterfully;yet, the other characters of the film gradually become banal, and whats worst-please do not read further if you have not seen the movie-at the end there is the most conservative choice one could imagine, as the winner is the family man who fights in order to pay for the home of his family, whereas the heroic-and anti heroic-veteran, looses everything.

The fighting sequences are well executed - thrilling and almost edge of the seat.

As the movie progresses you will be torn on what you would like to see happen for the climax of this entertaining thrill ride.

Full of clichés, agonizingly boring.

Sometimes the movie is too slow and sometimes things happen to fast.

I thought the fight scenes were intense, the characters very believable, and the story very moving.

Not only that, but the music that came along with it, such as the band, the Natural's song 'About Today" was gripping to hear.

This film is exciting as it builds and builds to a showdown that will see a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears come out of each corner.

The fighting is well choreographed, the score rousing and the direction solid, if a little uninspired.

I think people should re rate this movie once they clearly see how boring and unrealistic this movie is!

It's much more than a fight-movie, the film structure is perfect due to the compelling performances and the perfect screenplay.

Worth watching .

Warrior is a pretty engaging film, emotionally.

If you're an MMA fan watch it, otherwise steer clear of this snooze fest.

this movie is seriously awful, the slow phase that made me want to sleep, the fight scene is just generic thing you've seen in MMA fights, and it takes lots more skills and effort to become the champion.

I enjoyed it, no doubt about it.

Very intense and exciting.

But you really care for these characters and that's what makes the movie so engaging.

11) the danger of death cliché: these movies grossly exaggerate the danger of practicing a sport.

At times it gets close to being pretentious as it grinds out the clichés in an overly worthy fashion and doesn't provide the heart of the story despite having so much time to do so.

It's sad to see that nolte, in particular, is not getting more recognition for his performance, his performance was riveting.

4) the good cause cliché: fighters are not just violent and vain ...

The whole way until the final moment is exciting, thrilling, one of the greatest things ever presented on a film of this kind, which is quite rare.

It was a enjoyable experience.

The film has a tendency to drag on and harp on some of the more uninteresting moments of the story, whilst it also tries to complement it with quick and fast paced fighting scenes which ultimately make the film unbalanced.

emotional, entertaining and great fighting.

He was unpredictable and a really sympathetic and misunderstood character.

Here's an odd thing: Warrior is unoriginal, predictable, clichéd and (almost) formulaic, yet it still manages to be one of the most, entertaining, powerful, moving and brilliant films I've seen in the past few years.

The intensity from both of them, made this movie, very entertaining.

It brews a nice steaming pot of conflict, adds the characters, each twisted and flawed in their own way, spices it all with a dark prehistory that connects them together, and finally boils it all down to a burning mix of action, emotions and adrenaline that keeps you on the edge of your seat, both teeth and fists clenched.

Gripping and powerful.

And admittedly, it relies on many of the clichés of this particular genre but it remains gripping and true to itself, the story.

All the actors are outstanding and the emotional build-up at the end is so fantastic and gripping, that it's hard to put into words.

When that time finally comes, the emotion behind the fights creates several powerful matches that are more than just entertaining fight scenes.

Unrealistic, overrated, still an enjoyable film.

This is the boringest martial arts movie I've ever seen.. and I liked the Rocky movies (which are really boring).

Nolte and Hardy's great performances are the only saving grace of this formulaic fight film .

Warrior is a fighting film, that mixes its stimulating fighting action with a engrossing story and comes out being one of the best movies of 2011.

By the beautiful, heart-wrenching, touching, action- packed, magnificent, and overall EXHILARATING, final act, you'll have forgotten all that might have been possibly slow from the beginning, for you will be truly captivated.

This film contains a blend of action, emotion and fighting, which is a full package for an enjoyable movie.

A very cliché sports story, with so many corny moments that you'll have seen in six dozen other films that it becomes ludicrous long before its end.

I was literally on the edge of my seat from start to finish, phenomenal acting from the entire cast made this such a joy to watch.

It was boring movie!

I just enjoyed it and liked Hardy and Edgerton.

Nick Nolte gives an expected great performance as Paddy Conlon, the father with a sordid past and compelling abandonment issues.

Every bout, every fight between family members was breathtaking.

While the story becomes fairly predictable early on and there are many scenes which are recycled from other similar movies, the story and the pace are rewarding.

Their background stories are more functional and predictable than interesting.

While Predictable And Not Wholly Original, This Poignant Film About Two Brothers Is A Total Knockout .

I lot of training was put in this movie and the effort really shows, it had a lot of intense fighting.

The action is gritty and engaging.

It's also too suspenseful because the first 90 minutes of the film is getting to know these characters.

The dialogue is bland.

Even when I first read the script I thought it was boring and generic.

Incredible movie, totally unexpected .

Every moment in the ring was intense, chaotic, and made you feel every massive hit.

predictable mushy mess .

One brothers very ferocious and intense acting was required and the other has played a quite and sober brother.

For fight lovers it also has the correct mix of intense fight sequences.

I thought this was better than The Fighter there were three great performances, loads of entertaining fight scenes and the family drama between the characters, the script was very well written.

Warrior is one of those films that screams melodrama at points, but still manages to tell an engaging enough story to be interesting and well worth the watch.


The film is cheesy, unimaginative and predictable; I could of told you the plot about half an hour in to the film without having to seen it.

It is just an average scenario with a horrible ending, too long and boring dialogs.

Both these actors carry the film, both equally engrossing, and their inevitable confrontation at the end is powerful, brutal, and breathtaking.

I can say the same about the Tess character/actress: It was written/acted pretty well in the first half, but was completely lowered to "cliché level" in the second half.

Simple story and conflict, and it is kind of predictable I not going to lie.

I cannot wait to see Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises for he has proved to be intriguing and captivating, while equally terrifying in Warrior.

"Warrior" was intense.

The climax was very exciting, and while the film's end is rather inconclusive, everything else is so good you don't care so much.

What a waste of time.

With O'Connor's fantastic direction the film pulls on the heartstrings whether it's the emotional family drama or thrilling fights.

Gripping, emotional...

Nick Nolte does amazing in his role as the father in the film and Joel Edgerton also gives a stunning performance in this film of determination and grit.

Sooo Boring!.

Nick is probably channelling some of his personal life and it comes through in a gripping performance.

from this part you can guess what will happen correctly,yeah it will be predictable and you can understand that director decided to make the Brendan a winner.

(rating system: "see it in theaters", "wait for the instant download", "don't waste your time")SPOILER FREETommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) is a former marine who has returned home to ask his father Paddy (Nick Nolte) to help train him for the upcoming Spartan Mixed-Martial-Artist fighting match.

But the taste of this one is sadly bland.

This must be the most exciting fight movie ever made.

Well worth the watch and will leave you feeling exhilarated.

Its emotional, entertaining, and inspiring.

It's also set in and around Philadelphia and features a growling old trainer, sweaty brutes, a training montage and a bunch of rousing scenes that'll send chills down your spine and tears down your cheek.

Instead we get many adrenaline-rushes from the spectacle of the fights, plus a montage of the training leading up to the big moment.

waste of time!

but the movie was very slow at times and kind of predictable since the very beginning...

Sure, it's a tad cliché.

Every time the movie starts to pick up a little tempo, it immediately goes right back to 5-10 minutes of dull/dreary characters trying to talk out their feelings.

The movie is still painfully predictable.

Therefore he is luckily entered into an intense ufc tournament.

worth watching .

The fight scenes are compelling too, though they only occur in the second half of the movie and clocking in at almost two and a half hours, this is not a light and breezy affair.

Rocky keeps you going with a strong and well paced story, this is unfortunately laden full of clichéd seen before boredom, usually the kind you find in Steven Segal movies.

Warrior is a well made drama with stunning MMA acts.

Warrior is truly little more than an advert for MMA wrapped up in a lumbering and predictable storyline.

Watch the first half for a good drama and the second half for a cliché fighting story.

Think about it--two guys who have barely any experience in UFC fighting get to go to the biggest tournament in the universe AND although they have different last names, they are brothers and the rest of the folks in the movie only learns this (cue suspenseful music!!

The movie is way to patriotic and the fighting scene(s) didn't impress, nor did the storyline and acting, the 'best' fighting scene was shown right at the beginning, thats where it should have ended, the rest was boring.

This movie had some intense scenes!