Watchmen (2019) - Action, Drama, Mystery

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Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name, while attempting to break new ground of its own.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: Regina King, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 150 out of 1000 found boring (15%)

One-line Reviews (413)

I found her utterly boring and quite unrelatable.

This is a waste of time with only two good characters.

Expect for the first episode which is gripping , It's a loose storyline with really bad execution and plots.

But the overall fantastic production design and compelling characters makes me not able to give this a negative review.

And the worst of all, it was really boring.

Watchmen is unbelievably original, brilliantly detailed, socially conscious, and, without a single bad performance, serves as a gripping and unpredictable continuation of the original comic series without ever feeling like a superhero show.

This was beyond bad, a huge waste of time that I really regret watching, and all thru the time I wasted on this just one question kept nagging me: why was this series really made, what was the big idea or reason behind it?.

I went into episode 4 with renewed hope therefore, but instead it was back to the previous glacial pacing, forgettable plot and relentlessly dull lead character.

Exciting show with vibrant storyline and acting .

Sorry to the PR money spent on trying to save the show's reputation by insulting normal people by calling them closet racists but the show is just ultra bad terrible pointless.

I found myself yawning too often and using the fast forward feature to skip over 10 second segments.

Highly entertaining and self contained show .

And the overall result is absolute boredom.

Multiple levels of watching in the story, inside the story itself make the show intense and psycothic af...

We are meant to believe that when an antagonist tries to engage a trap for her, openly, and the trap actually fails twice before engaging, this woman doesn't seem to possess any kind of danger or combat instincts whatsoever when we've seen plenty of evidence to contrary both in this series and the comic that came before it.

Give yourself the chance to embrace the randomness that is the Watchmen universe and enjoy the moments of heartbreak, vengeance, humour, and stunning visuals that bring everything together!

They were all predictable and silly.

It's original it's intriguing.

It's unpredictable but entertaining.

It's also very tedious and boring in the worst unintended fashion.

We had enough of this leftist propaganda.

The new characters are engaging and feel natural to the Watchmen universe.

Even propaganda should not be so stupid, because it has the opposite effect.

Well produced propaganda and reverse racism.

The storytelling is phenomenal, the dialogue is very engaging, and the acting is incredible.

gripping, awesome .

Watchmen is intriguing, mysterious and suspenseful.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a bit more thoughtfulness in their superhero fiction and who doesn't mind the more nebulous storytelling style of Damon Lindelof.

Sad PC have taken this art and turned it into propaganda!

Lindelof's choice to take the narrative as far away form the original as possible is a breath of fresh air, brining to life a compelling world that engages viewers to different ends (though I'm sure many would have preferred trampling over the same characters Snyder already butchered in 2009).

pointless, pointless, pointless, pointless, pointless.

that sediment an engaging story.

Slowly building, unpredictable, not super hero, so super hero.

The TV series is nevertheless an entertaining and very unique take on the Watchmen world.

But they are wasted on a boring plot.

The most enjoyable for me was its sense of humor.

I could have said timey wimey as well, but too many cultural TV and movie references makes Jack a dull boy!

Fantastic script presented in extraordinarily gripping direction.

A social justice propaganda show.

A mess of unfocused storytelling, uninteresting mysteries for the sake of mysteries - and a total lack of character motivations and development, made up the most disappointing season of television i have watched in a long time.

To all the people apparently grievously hurt because the show is holding a mirror up to the present anxieties gripping American society is the ultimate irony because that's *exactly* what Moore did with the original comic.

I enjoyed it.

Very well made, intriguing and creates a totally immersive alternate reality!

However, the show is living on the edge and it could wind up like Lost.

Respective off source material and highly entertaining.

bland, boring, rip off...

There's the notional heroes, those police officers who wear masks, such as Regina King's Angela Abar and Tim Blake Nelson's Wade Tillman, flawed but compelling 'costumed adventurers.

I enjoyed the first episode, it was really good, the second was unwatchable.

It is a thrilling dramatic series that will keep you entertained every episode with its powerful storytelling!

The characters are boring and tasteless, they bring nothing special to the table.

I havent been able to predict any of the awesome plot twists and I'm always on the edge of my seat.

It is a very fascinating out-of-the-box take on historical, contemporary, and sci-fi storytelling.

But one certainly needn't know the previous story in order to dive right into this new and exciting alternate timeline in order to fully enjoy it, especially since HBO has helpfully created the Peteypedia, a collection of FBI Agent Dale Petey's files and memos regarding different characters and events in the Watchmen timeline.

While they are stylish, well-acted, intriguing and do a great job with its world-building and immersing one into those worlds, they are also quite slow-going and not always easy to follow.

Just as boring as the movie.. .

I've seen 4 episodes and while first two are a bit slow, it gets more interesting with each following episode.

I gave this a stinker of a rating because I thought it was glossy garbage, but it's a slow burner that's picking up speed, particularly after last week's episode.

It's elegant, entertaining, full of plot twist, every episode is a joy for the human eye.


Visually stunning with an equally impressive score from Trent Reznor.

Excruciatingly slow at times and super fast at others.

Find this a little too slow paced and not a big fan of the race war storylines, just seem done and trying to be too topical.

It was incredibly enjoyable to watch and the acting was almost completely excellent.

Well I just find this story has a plodding plot full of pointless waffle set in a weird world with people with no superpowers fighting & beating up people twice their size.

SUMMARY: Dull and full of nonsense.

The bad: I've only seen the first episode, maybe it will get better but my complaints are: Overall vibe was stressful, music was too much, story is uninteresting.

Slow build to a dumb end .

It is extremely bland and has almost zero potential to get better.

It's boring.

Its so bad, pretentious, unrealistic and poor written.

It'sa non sense, no plot, no story to tell.

Way too many moments of utter confusion...

Politically woke propaganda that denigrates the original concept .


Lots of open questions about more or less everything and everyone even after 4 episodes, which is intriguing and makes me long for the next episode.



But boy oh boy this show is actually quit enjoyable.

His film credits as a writer are always either bland (Cowboys & Aliens, World War Z) or asinine (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Prometheus), painfully unfinished (Lost, The Leftovers) or even just plain butchery of another's work (Tomorrowland, Watchmen).

The primary protagonists throughout are females, typically occupying traditionally male roles - FBI agent, Worlds richest billionaire/trillionaire, super-hero etc. I found this to be interesting since it is an "alternate" universe, but sadly the plot structure is so disjointed alternating from dream sequences, time travel, monochrome, sepia, colour, etc and the plot underdeveloped that by the end of the 7th episode I don't know what is happening other than on a soap opera level.

Interesting story, engaging and bizarre.

As I've heard it before, only boring people will find this boring.

It was going nowhere.

Review are entertaining.

Dull and Boring .

There are many interesting characters and story arcs but they're ultimately overshadowed by a confusing and overly ambitious narrative.

It is filled with clever references and homages to the source material, while also creating compelling new characters and storylines.

This show is entertaining, I love that it's unpredictable, I have no idea what is going to happen next.

But it's boring and with disgusting imagery planted in for no bloody reason!

Race baiting and boring .


Well worth watching .

The series is extremely boring and spends most of its time preaching political beliefs than telling an interesting story.

Confusing and race obsessed .

I'll sum it up really quickly: white people bad, black people good, masks are on everyone so you can't see the bad acting, fight scenes are lame, and the story is boring

A bit of a yawn .

Don't waste your time.

Coming from someone who has neither seen the movie or dabbled in the comic books, I still found Watchmen to be wildly entertaining.

Tim Blake Nelson does a great job with the most fascinating secondary character, Looking Glass.

It is slow paced, very few of the characters are likable or sympathetic.

Boring, with a nonsense story line and frankly one of the worst new shows of 2019.

The rich Vietnamese woman turns out to be incredibly boring, and not at all close to compelling as Ozymandias was in the book.

I am still confused as to how it was entertaining yet boring at the same time?

Does It has a political standing, propaganda, personal agenda?

And some of the twists are totally unpredictable.

Bored to death.

I'm not wasting any more time watching this because it's unengrossing, slow and just throwing in a few names from the great graphic novel, doesn't place it firmly in the Watchmen universe.

It has a strong and compelling female lead.

Mostly I was bored and not engaged -watching, desperately hoping for something to be legitimately entertaining.

However having watched the show with someone who is uninitiated into the greater universe I can say that there is more than enough here to have a fully engaging viewing experience.

It is the exact reason why so many of us turn to Sci-Fi when we need to see beyond the mundane.

The new characters are intriguing, specially Sister Justice played by the excellent Regina King.

The old man subplot is slow and goes nowhere.

Brainwave soap opera style, cliché, a politically correct forced and cloying.

It's so fast paced and all small pieces work together to make the larger machine oily.

This show would sound exciting and interesting, but I still found it very boring.

This is unwatchable garbage.

It's boring.

But, i bored watching episode 1 until 4.

Combining the legacy of a real historical massacre with an cleverly crafted expansion of the Watchmen universe timeline, this series hits the beat of every important issue of today and mixes it up with mind blowing science fiction.

Headline says it all, but it's one of the most entertaining pieces of film/TV/whatever I've ever witnessed.

I promise: every single story makes sense, and all are blended together in the most perfect, mind-blowing, entertaining way possible.

Confusing due to a big plot.

Mind blowing.

Found the characters fascinating, the development of Looking Glass in "Little Fear of Lightning" being one of the most striking examples.

It was interesting, incredibly put together, and kept me on the edge of my seat for all 10 episodes.

The result is embarrassing political propaganda meant to assuage "the woke".

Jesus, they are boring...

It's only gotten worse but in the sense that it's just boring.

Really well written, intriguing and got me hooked.

4 episodes in and this show is going nowhere.

Kind of Boring .

The writing is poor and disjointed and quite frankly bizarre in a non-interesting kinda way.

So much boring .

Gripping, brilliant, insane .

It was extremely enjoyable, well written, and often surprising.

The flashback was really enjoyable after that it fell apart.

Is an intriguing and captivating story based on an alternate universe in current times, and plays well with some historical fact.

Engaging .

6 episodes in - really intriguing so far .

If you thought the weird strange confusing film was bad( which it was) then get ready for something worse!.

It is gripping, full of twists and turns, and filled with moments that make you just go "WTF".

Watched it once, enjoyed it....

This series focuses more heavily on the terrorist and hate group aspect of vigilantism which is super unique and fascinating.

All the new character designs are bland and uninspired.

Like the "what if" that occurs in 1985, the russians attack us with some kind of mind blowing of the brain explosion.

The new characters are compelling and I'm interested in where the show may take them.

but the main characters remain uninteresting and frustrating where other side characters were developed so well in their dedicated episodes, almost perfectly to the point where it revitalized the intrigue and gravity of Watchmen lost after so many missteps from other creators.

There are the good guys and there are the white guys, good guys beat the white guys and that is supposed to be compelling for some reason.

It is all so contrived and blatant with the narrative it is attempting to construct.

I only watched two episodes and found it so boring and extremely disingagable.

The show is slow, has no connection to the comics or movie other than some vague references to Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach.

But if your looking for plot, social commentary, philosophy, super heroes, or anything else you may think of when you hear the name watchmen then dont waste your time with this show.

It is both smarter and more entertaining than almost anything else out there.

I wish I could give a rating of 0/10 for this pretentious, unwatchable travesty.

It seems to me that the supposed plight of this generation is boredom , and instead of taking the big risks and combat the greatest foes, they invent little stories of fighting ghost like racism or fascism where they are the heroes and everyone is the villain.

This is ground breaking, thrilling, dark and very relevant to today's America.

Bored to death .

It just has the right amount of mystery, masterful cinamatography, intriguing characters and witty writing to keep you glued to your seat.

Confusing .

I feel like if you took Doc out of the show it grounds the story a bit more and makes the reveals and twists feel more earned rather than pointless fan service.

But to be fair, the very first episode is really good and really intriguing, and things only go downhill after the third or forth episodes of the series.

My hats off to Mr. Gibbons and thank him for an enjoyable season of fun!

Great characters, great actors, a beatiful photograpy, a pretty good soundtrack, and yet, an incredible boring series.

However this show has great writing, riveting story, great acting, enough twists to make it interesting and above all else twists you didn't see coming.

But to say it's boring or bad acting, that I just don't get at all.

Some of the side stories were also enjoyable and very well made.

From what I've seen so far besides some acting and writing issues and off the rails story that can be a bit confusing sometimes.

Once 'Watchmen' got going, the storytelling was very compelling, even if it was not a direct adaptation of the source material it always captures the spirit of it, more so than the film perhaps.

Weird & Boring .

So while being very entertaining there is also a deeper message being shared.

Spectacularly boring .

some great moments from the cast and pretty entertaining...

The show gets weird and opens up a lot of exciting possibilities.

The concept and the universe is getting more and more fascinating and surreal, the story is gradually unfolding in a wonderfully bizarre way, and the characters are getting deeper.

Absolutely worth watching.

Dark gritty great cast, riveting On Episode 3 can't stop watching - just watch it

Anyone hoping for a taste of Moore's unique blend of Ditko, Eisner and Lovecraft, (Or compelling storytelling of any kind) stay far away from this one.

There are episodes so corny and ridiculous that they're nearly unwatchable and then episodes that are totally stunning.

But the preview of Episode 1 of Watchmen looked intriguing, and I gave it a try.

Save your time and ignore this reimagined crap .. better yet dump HBO altogether and save your money or give it to a worthy charity of your choice.

It's boring and lacks a good story with characters that you actually give about.

This has had a predictable and fully intentional divisive effect - fans of the source material are not happy, and criticize it heavily; self-styled defenders of social justice rate it a 10, often sight unseen.

Boring .

The White Supremacy angle seems trite.

Don't waste your time.

I find it very boring.

Starting with its brilliant screenplay that doesn't allow you to relax for a second, always on the run for unanswered questions, mysterious cases and things to think and rethink about and ending with superb camera work, outstanding acting and stunning visuals.

Don't waste your time.

I'm only reviewing the first episode and having previously watched the film and read the graphic novel I found this new production pretty confusing.

The story is weak in comparison to the global threat that was portrayed in Alan Moore's Watchmen and the characters thus far are unbelievable and their motivations are cliche driven.

Really bad characters, unfortunately very bad actors (or it seems they have no clue what the director or screenwriter wants from them), very cliche & really banal plot.

Enjoyed it, not as bad as some Youtuber's stated.

The alternate reality concept is compelling, but then you get a heavy dose of toxic neo-marxist propaganda.

A slow moving plot with a very left leaning bias.

The direction and the unfolding events are unexpected.

Well cast, good pace, engaging right from the start, visually well done.

Flashbacks are heavy handed and overused as a way of reminding you a certain character feels a certain way, plot twists are drawn out over several episodes and ultimately feel underwhelming.

Confusing, terribly structured and low stakes.

Thoroughly enjoyable so far.

The racism theme that the creators injected into the series feels like an uninteresting distraction with one dimensional characters attached.

Like Watching Paint Dry .

, "professional" critics who called this "riveting" with "brilliant writing" have zero credibility.

Worth watching.

Weird, intriguing, and great .

Plot is boring and stupid.

Just finished the fifth episode and the show has blossomed into the most intriguing, mind bending, well acted, and "watchmen" series you could ask for.

Beautiful shot, incredibly acted, and an overall enjoyable experience.

It's obvious that the show writers are trying hard to offer up some amazing and intriguing stories while also telling some OLD stories to generations of Americans that have never had the chance (or will) to learn about them previously, through characters who are often overlooked or underutilized in prominent narratives.

This is just Hollywood propaganda!

Enjoyed it, wish there were more .

Just more propaganda shoved in our face.

Half of the Watchmen is brilliant, the other half is a bore.

Smart, sexy, romantic, intriguing, beautiful, ambitious, clever, cunning are a few adjectives.

Boring dumb and overreaching , it has spilt all the goodness onto the floor.

And to be honest, for me it was very boring.

It has great visuals, but storyline is very bland, and the characters just done fit.

Credit where credit is due regarding the stunning episodes.

Now you're making ideological propaganda.

There's plenty of action, drama and mystery to make it exciting!

I felt that they were imbued with some creativity, and some of the transitions were unexpected (moving from a shot of one'e eyes to the stars), which I felt added to the mood of a graphic novel and the strange charm the series has.

With a compelling backdrop, and tales layered on one another through time, Watchmen will have you hooked.

I love the source material and the film adaptation, but this bored me somewhat.

It's a great watch, well made, riveting and true to the tone of Alan Moore's work.

Contrived and Typical .

Now police officers have to go through a tedious authorization process in order to use their guns.

So a series was an exciting idea to me.

Disjointed narrative through the first 4 episodes with a lot of violence for the sake of pointless violence, not well shot with too much CGI and choreography.

It priorities on it's message, forgetting to tell a compelling story with compelling characters or a story that is actually related to the comic it's name is derived from.

'Watchmen' is well worth watching.

Wow, difficult to follow and just odd .

Overall just a great very well crafted series with as much depth as it is entertaining.

Waste of the time.

I like the cast and the special effects are good but after 3 episodes I'm confused and bored.

Pointless rubbish.

Confusing plot & unlikable characters.

It's engaging and I feel like the episodes fly by.

Unwatchable .

The plot and subplots and the world that has been created in intriguing and every episode that ends leaves me craving what is going to come next.

A unique action thrilling mysterious tv show.

After this impressive opening though the show became dull and pedestrian, and the principle problem is the main character.

Unwatchable men .

episode 1, apart from the opening scenes, was disjointed, hard to follow and a waste of my time.

A waste of time...

I have to say it is very entertaining, intellectually and comically- and judging by the extreme variance in ratings, quite divisive.

The TV show from even its first moments is unwatchable politically correct crap.

I was mostly bored, and even looking at my phone was not enjoyable because the background sound was overwhelming.

Dont waste your time with this garbage.

Every episode had me gripped on the edge of my seat and counting down the hours till the next episode.

This desire not only has to do with the captivating screenplay, but with the fully-developed, compelling characters.

Watchmen has so much potential the sets and CGI look great but it just boils down to being boring...

With out this fast forward feature, I would have died from boredom.

"Watchmen" is a violent, gory and incredibly intriguing continuation of the graphic novel of the same name, set several decades after it, and assembles new characters with some of the original as well.

This show was just rubbish, it was boring the characters where not very good the acting was terrible and the story wasnt enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

The whole white-supremacy-afroamerican-thing is boring for me.

When any of these great actors are on-screen, it's tremendously enjoyable.

Regina King is a brilliant actor and the writing is thrilling!

A lot of backgrounding, kinda confusing.

I expected more after a couple of episodes, but in the end it was just a waste of my time.

Blatant anti white Hollywood propaganda .

I'm still yawning...

Too silly, too stupid, and too cliche.

don't waste your time .

If you want to tell a story about racism I get it, it is real and there are some really compelling stories around that very subject.

That said it's a stretch to use Sci-Fi as political commentary so the story itself must be compelling at least kind of like Episode IV in a good vs.

Totally unwatchable .

Don't waste your time, unless you're really bored and have nothing else to watch.

Uninteresting world.

It's dull most of the time and wasting a fine cast.

very very boring.

It is dark, gritty and engrossing.

It is engaging and enthralling and the callbacks and Easter eggs to the graphic novel are liberally sprinkled throughout.

I mean, the story itself could've been told in 1 or 2 episodes max, thecharacters are so plain and predictably unpredictable it's really annoying and the plot would've made more sense back inn the 1980s as the original one since back then the Ruskies had telekinesis or what not so Ozymandias "logically" developed a similar threat.

Don't waste your time.

But Doctor Manhattan was reduced to a real nothing of a character - if he was just a man he would have been a very dull man, but he isn't, so quite why he was turned into something so bland and un-god like eludes me.

I enjoyed the characters, twists and storyline and found it engrossing.

The themes are fascinating to watch unfold as they tie in with the novel and are culturally relevant today.

and also truly awful music selections for scenes that last way too long.

Not what you expect but, enjoyable none the less.

Watchmen (2019) has stunning levels of detail, foreshadowing and tie-ins...

I am bored.

Coupled with superb acting and a compelling story that keeps you guessing, this show's development is trending towards a positive direction.

Very artistic and entertaining, memorable and funny all in one.

It is so freaking engaging!!!!!!

Waste Of Time .

It has nothing to do with Watchmen, Iit's a propaganda.

Looking at him from the original story, he is one of the most compelling characters in the novel.

Interesting series, sometimes very slow evolving.

The TV show from even its first moments is unwatchable politically correct crap.

The series is shaping up well - good character development and a compelling plot - Jeremy Irons is amazing!

I found the pacing to be very uneven, at times I was hooked and for long stretches I was very bored.

It's not the easiest of stories to follow imo but it is fascinating, strange and in a way compelling.

That, plus the dreary tone and grim subject matter make this an endurance test, rather than an enjoyable watch.

Some are completely unexpected and shocking.

Two boring characters being boring together.

Slow like molasses.

and the family scenes bored me.

But the simplest way to cut through every opinion and give you the most gripping reason to watch is the fact that every episode truely without a doubt just gets better and better.

Also, to anyone saying this is too slow, what did you expect?

All the worst violence in the show is visited upon black people; they're lynched, shot in the head, shot in the chest, dragged behind cars in the street, die slowly, piled across the ground.

Everyone has a role to play either in the intriguing plot or in the eventually important mysterious side stories.

Lots of bland confusion .

It's this forging of a new path that makes the series as compelling and fascinating as it is.

Finally the cast is sadly also on the bad list, although great at acting, I like seeing attractive, and charismatic people on my television, and sorry to say it but these people are kind of ugly, and dull...

Regina King is a superb actress but here her character is so dull and monotone that it is impossible to engage or care about her.

It was an unexpected blast.

It's exciting.

Mid way through got boring.

Jeremy irons as an aged and more unstable Adrian Veidt has been very intriguing to watch and a high point for me.

Answers start to reveal after episode five and by then I was so borEd that I didn't care about them.

It's true that this pilot episode is weird, confusing, and can deter some viewers from ever watching the rest of the show.

I get that liberal writers want to shoehorn in their liberal belief system but the stupid politics are so distracting and the plot is so dull I just gave up.

This is not the old Watchmen, but it is a stunning tribute to the world and story created by Moore and Gibbons, and I look forward to where Lindelof and this amazing cast and crew chooses to take this series next.

-boring returns to the past from the past that are boring backwards from the past that were past when there was something that happened before the past, a memory from a memory something that happened before -they only show the inability of the crew to do something normal, my suggestion is to start dealing with baking or something similar +recommend for people with low IQ

If you enjoy being manipulated by yet another product of socialist anti white, anti American propaganda, then this is for you, if your tired of it, give it a miss.

just another racist, sexist, genre and racism promoting propaganda .

Total waste of time.

In terms of production, it brings a strong cast and cinematic production values together to tell its story, creating a compelling work in the process.

Terrible casting meets an entirely uninteresting plot .

An absolutely superb series that brings the 1986 graphic novel into modern times to explore familiar themes in a new and unexpected way.

Intriguing and not for the faint hearted.

So much is pointless.

Otherwise, what a regrettable and terrible waste of time.

Making Veidt's daughter's line about legacy, the whole drug thing about past and family as representation of past and fate of becoming one's parent were also good decisions, though predictable for a "30 into the future"-sequel.

Mid series it seems more like a Lost episode and that is what this series is, a bland too simplistic adaptation of a masterpiece that changed the comic world forever.

An extremely compelling comic addition with excellent music .

Boring tripe, don't bother with it, there is absolutely nothing to do with Watchmen here bar some badly executed hat tips.

Interesting and engaging.

Slow, slow, slow.

Very creative and intelligent show--watching it is like reading a book--you have to pay careful attention and let yourself be immersed in the reality they present.

There is no storyline, and the characters seem to be some kind of - good - villan mixup superheroes.

, Frankly, its slightly pretentious and definitely boring at points.

For someone who has never seen the movie or dabbled in the comic books, I still found this series wildly entertaining.

Do yourself a favour and skip this show, it is a massive waste of time and money2 out of 10And do not believe the fake reviews, It helps if you sort your search by prolific reviewers, that helps to weed out the lies.

I find it refreshing - thoroughly thought out and engaging.

At least Westworld started out fun then got really repetitive and SUPER stupid with only one twist that kept me in for one more episode.

This is an excellent limited series, and I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a different experience of the comic book genre.

It's action packed, weird and super dark.

From the beginning moments going forward, this show is an imbalanced hodgepodge of unwatchable woke political correctness.

Moreover, is boring and confused.

It's full of exciting visual and musical choices and manages to be entirely self contained.

Very confusing and little or no storyline.

Don't waste your time.

Confusion .

Forget about the nay-sayers, or controversy; if you're looking for something different, something exciting and thought-provoking - then watch Watchmen!

Definitely, worth watching a second time to pick up on dialogue, introduction of characters, and characters' motivations which seemed slight the first time.

Unwatchable .

Don't waste your time - this series is far too politically motivated, read the comics, watch the original movie.

The acting is excellent, the soundtrack is great, the storyline is exciting intelligent and somewhat original.

This show is about the most confusing shows I have watched on television today.

And I hope this will wake(heh) more people, who will happen to stumble upon this pile of garbage, to growing torrent of woke Hollywood propaganda.

It's a bit out there and you definitely need to go into it with an open mind, but IMO that's what makes it entertaining.

Terrible 2, nothing happened in 9 episodes .

This is my first review on here, after watching (or more like TRIED watching) the first 4 episodes I found myself drifting off and falling asleep.

Please ignore the ignorant reviews of the people that think a show displaying race relations is cliche as if it is a foreign thought in the world.

Maybe its a little slow, and it takes some thinking, but the story telling is perfect, the visuals hit just right, and I think the themes are very appropriate for engaging with modern social issues.

The atmosphere is engrossing, the acting is stellar, and the message is unforgettable.

As an entity of its own though, it is absolutely brilliant, and I highly recommend it.

It is hard to stress just how deeply uninteresting this series is.

Another dreary Lindelof "mystery box" show .

Slow like molasses, so far.

Boring .

Really just an odd and uninteresting show.

The series captures the attention from first episode, with events happening at brisk pace in an engrossing and rich world.


I found the first two episodes confusing and could not get to grips with the story line I think they've tried to hard and ruined it.

My main issue is that the mystery has yet to seem compelling to me.

The show is boring, and embodies everything that an audience hates about contemporary TV shows, a lack of understanding of what makes a show good, lack of understanding of why people liked the original story and a push towards the favoring of political themes and agendas over an actual good story or plot.

The plot was at first very easy to predict and the one or two action scenes shown were boring to watch.

If you're a fan of Watchmen, Westworld, or any kind of storytelling that wholly invites the viewer into the carefully crafted world of the show creators, I highly urge you to ignore the trolls and give this show a chance; it's tantalizing, exciting, fresh, and on the fast track to becoming one of TV's most mysterious and fun offerings on tap today!

Watching 2 episodes of this series I feel like it's generally an entertaining show.

The original score is quite good, but the selection of stock music is pretty cliche and rather uninspired.

Both fans of the Graphic Novel, and people new to it will find this original work an enjoyable and well crafted story with all the intricacies and challenging social themes for which it is known.

Borderline unwatchable .

As for Watchmen, it is a dull take on racism who's only saving grace is that is set in alternative historical timeline.

This is creative, exciting, funny, outlandish and intense.

This is a very entertaining, action-packed, good acting, thought-provoking drama.

but poor writing, as usual, leaves it feeling bland.

This is pretty much the most divisive propaganda on TV right now which is saying a lot.

Long story short, so far it's entertaining, and there's a ton of mystery and deception going on.

ok it does or doesnt match your expectation - but why slander an entertaining ride .

Don't waste your time on this.

Truly gripping story line and beautiful acting from amazing actors.

The performances and cinematography are both spot on, and the world building is intriguing if a little irreverent and odd.

worst waste of time this ear .

Very intriguing so far.

But the episode as a whole was just so slow, it bored me.

This is not the watchmen you know and love, don't waste your time.

The characters are dull and there is absolutly no story.

Absolutely beautiful, stunning, magnificent.

It's another Hollywood show with waaay too much talking, which isn't always bad, but in this series it's awkward and boring feeling like it leads to nowhere.

There too many creative ideas, deeply relevant topics, and unexpected spins on a classic work of comic literature to ignore.

It's a bit out there and you definitely need to go into it with an open mind, but IMO that's what makes it entertaining.

In this kind of mind-confusion elaboration people are categorized and divided based on color, sex, and other material characteristic.

Even if there are trolls this show is boring .

A modern take on the Watchmen universe balancing complex themes with intense action; produced and directed cinematicly.

Time travel,aliens, religion, wormholes, racism, mind control, propaganda, glorified violence, it's just too many themes for 1 show too me.

A real rollercoaster of a ride, Watchmen is intense, clever, funny and very much in tune with today's problems, even if it's doing it from a totally insane alternate reality!

I was bored silly ....

More Pc snowflake crap and sister nights actress and character as the main hero of the piece not believable you can't relate to her you don't care about the characters because your yawning and wondering why and how could they screw this up anymore.

This pilot was engaging and so well put together.

The first episode was quite intriguing not to mention the ending part.

if this is one of those long drawn out slow starts, it better be worth the wait.

The plot and direction are both confusing and yet engaging.

This feels far more natural and compelling, then delving into the already well explored past of this world and its characters as the spin-off comics did.

Watchmen is a confusing show which takes away from the show.

All while having great characters and a thoroughly engaging story.

There is no storyline or at least a storyline that is so far from being interesting that you fall asleep.

Characters are real and engaging, cinematography is beautiful and the Trent Reznor score is perfect.

The characters repulsed my attention with how uninteresting they were at first.

As I said, Ozzy himself is played here by Jeremy Irons, and his increasingly outlandish subplot was more intriguing than anything taking place in Tulsa.

But if you're going to take a show about fighting communist evil and turn it into left wing propaganda, you're destined to fail.