Waxwork (1988) - Comedy, Horror

Hohum Score



A wax museum owner uses his horror exhibits to unleash evil on the world.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Anthony Hickox
Stars: Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 87 found boring (13.79%)

One-line Reviews (60)

A wasted cast and an unsatisfying premise are enough to make this movie extremely pretentious.

There really is no story to any of them and it besides doesn't make this the most consistent movie to watch, especially when the second half of the movie is starting to take a more different approach.

It to poorly written, toooo silly (unintentionaly), and toooo much of a waste of time to recommend.

But Waxworks manages to pay homage to a number of genres, while retaining an engaging, campy humor about the whole thing.

Don't give this movie a chance, it's a waste of time.

So, if you can ignore the many plot holes in the first half, the second half is daft enough in a good way to be entertaining.

On that front, the de Sade segment is an awkwardly misogynistic bit that completely derails the mirthful tone the movie maintains up until that point, and once the Marquis makes his entrance the film ceases being fun and starts becoming tedious.

There are some asides that are quite boring and add nothing to the movie, like when a kid goes and gets a cop to investigate the wax museum.

"Waxwork" is a fun and enjoyable 80s cheese-fest with a lot going for it.

Pretty bad, yet enjoyable.

This is a boring movie.

Portraying an evil person in such an erotic way was very different and VERY exciting (to me anyway) -- and his hair was PERFECT.

It's a mess of bodies and violence that can become unbearable.

In fact, the segment is pretty much worth the entire movie by itself, and the over-the-top gore on display presents a thrilling and pretty much amazing bit of parody.

the most i ca give this thing is a 4/10,for it's entertaining moments.

Where somebody might only threaten to "rip off your head and crap down your neck", these boogeymen take that threat to its most intense extremes.

The fact that this one is so enjoyable from the raucous display of cheese in the film.

I thought it was significantly bad, and my primary reason for saying that is because it was dull and in many places very slow.

It's highly enjoyable and surprising as well at times, with its gore.

It is definitely worth watching.

It is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and always fresh and entertaining.

The movie has a campiness that makes you think initially it will be a comedy but it really just turns into a slow moving horror movie.

(56%) A rather silly, yet entertaining comic horror that offers more than its fair share of cheap laughs and a quite large amounts of blood and gore.

Very typical and totally empty.

These mini-horror movies within the main horror movie are semi-entertaining, at least up until the point when you find out that the Waxwork's motives have become a horror plot standard in which he is collecting something as part of a ritual needed to unleash previously inactive evil upon the world.

The lively and exciting climax totally smokes as well.


Like most films of the period, it starts off with a group of bored, young slacker-types looking for thrills, something...

If you like bland horror...

This is a dull, slow, boring movie that is mostly filler.

This movie is quite entertaining with some good gore and the makeup effects are well done considering the low budget.

Zach Galligan gives his mediocre best in the male lead, but two stunning beauties supply something to visually feast on despite their lack of acting breadth.

Hickox gets things off to a highly amusing start with an unlikely choice of music for the opening pre-credits bit, and keeps things interesting and entertaining.

Utter, Albeit Enjoyable, Crap .

It's no classic, but it was silly and entertaining - which is all I ever expect from a horror movie.

Neither half of the movie is that great or original but both are still good and enjoyable, each in their own way.

Eventually the wraparound story, with the remaining teenagers and a troop of old guys fighting the forces of evil, gets uninteresting and far too hectic.

All in all, this is among the most entertaining movies I've seen in a while, and I'd recommend it if you're after an ninety minutes of light-hearted, slightly twisted enjoyment.

This is just too exciting and energetic to keep track of, containing so much joy and wonderment that it's a real shame it's hard to track of.

One by one, our attendees cross the velvet ropes and step into the displays, at which point they become immersed in the world portrayed by the wax figures.

Lots of blood and gore in an exciting movie.

Hugely enjoyable 80's horror splatter outing .

But if you like a fast paced, semi gory horror movie with miminal swearing you will like the movie!!

That, and the decision to have the cast populated by bland American teenagers, well apart from Zach Galligan that is.

characters in a wax museum come to life; not original, but enjoyable .

Kenneth Campbell) whipping Sarah and giving the comely lass her first intense orgasm registers strongly as a genuinely sexy and erotic set piece.

The actors playing the teenagers all give fairly decent, entertaining performances and you have notable cameos from the likes of Miles O'Keeffe, John Rhys-Davies (as the werewolf), David Warner and Patrick Macnee (who was in "The Howling").

yet it is oddly(very oddly,)entertaining at points,and very boring at others.

Entertaining Homage .

This film certainly started out decently, but some of the pacing was a tad slow.

But the most fun comes from the action packed ending.

pretty cool little flick is quite entertaining decently made and well acted and i liked the whole concept of this it had tons of gorenaked babes hot chicks what more could a horror fan ask for ?????

It was just FUN to watch, entertaining and never a dull moment...

It's well-paced, entertaining, and just plain fun in spite of the fact that it's completely outlandish.

Waxwok is an original, fun & entertaining horror film that I enjoyed.

The very stupid plot about the investigation is useless, boring and takes away from all the fun.

From the long dinner-room scene to the rather dull and tortured revelation scene, this one goes on for a little longer than necessary.

I usually prefer cheese in my food&not in my movies,but this movie is well done&quite entertaining.

The combination isn't always successful and the stories are a little too short to value them properly, but nevertheless "Waxwork" is an entertaining and reasonably well-made movie.

Unwatchable horror flick about a group of teens who are invited to a wax museum and are viciously attacked by monsters is just as dumb as the other B-horror movies.