We Own the Night (2007) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A New York City nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian Mafia hitmen.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: James Gray
Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 67 out of 208 found boring (32.21%)

One-line Reviews (201)

There are plenty of contrived exchanges that drag the film down.

"We Own The Night" is the type of movie where it's not perfect, but manages to be entertaining in some aspects.

I mean,with that main concept,the story could have gone much more far away and the development is too simple,generic and predictable.

As for Wahlberg, this film just shows us more of his dire acting abilities (anybody remember "Planet of the Apes 2001") this guy is so dull even he falls asleep through some of his boring dialogue!

I really enjoyed it....

May be James Gray didn't want to come across as cliché, but it sure would have beaten the heck out of making a boring movie.

But while there are some fleeting moments of real excitement the fact is that things generally are pretty mundane.

Feels Empty .

it came out a bland .

But, why did he ending fall so short of the gripping nature of the rest of the film?

The movie starts with a pointless soft porn sequence which is quite apt as the story and acting was about the level of a soft porn movie.

The movie moved too slow at times, and too fast at others.

This entertaining and suspenseful film is plenty of twists and unexpected turns.

When you see as many movies as we do, you want more than a few action scenes and a contrived, predictable story.

Can still be enjoyable if you only focus on the plot which was good.

There are several scenes in which his reactions are stunning in their realism.

It felt like a waste of my time and money.

It way too long and left me bored.

it is all so real it is boring.

IF the story was a little tighter and the final ten minutes more suspenseful, "We Own The Night" would be one everyone's top ten list, instead it might have to sit at the next number out.

Plodding and Implausible .

And it must be said that some of the story's twists and turns seem rather contrived.

I thought this movie was awful and extremely contrived on just about every level and I was incredibly disappointed because of the great acting talent that was wasted here.

Really slow.

It's a waste of time, money and energy.

Were they tipping the spirits a little heavy as they read this script and agreed to do this cliché filled, overly melodramatic, contrived vehicle?

Mark Wahlberg nominated for his stunning portrayal of a hard-nosed cop in last year's winner, The Departed takes on a completely different role.

All the scenes were shot beautifully and a few intense ones really stood out as high points.

The movie starts off a little slow & hardly ever picks up, save a rather visually satisfying car chase in the rain.

really boring movie .

The plot evolves slower than in "The Bold And The Beautiful".

Unfortunately, despite its powerhouse celebrity cast, including Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Duvall, and its authentic Big Apple locales, this plodding crime thriller ranks as both implausible and predictable.

" Still, despite its derivative nature, "We Own the Night" is a tightly scripted, occasionally ingenious police procedural featuring a riveting, knockout performance by Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Bobby.

Riveting and intense!

WE OWN THE NIGHT suffers of something crucially; none of the four main characters are especially conventional nor interesting - Phoenix is club owner Bobby Green whose a drug-happy party-boy with his Puerto Rican girlfriend, Amada, off course Eva Mendes; then there's the call from the other side, riveting Mark Wahlberg as daddy's boy Joseph and Robert Duvall's crusty deputy-chief dad Burt - none of these performances reaches the audience with their dollops of soap operatics, and every time writer-director James Gray closes in on some actual excitement he manages to create almost unbelievable plot-twists.

Eva Mendes was truly awful, where the movie was trying to be moody and gritty, she came across as sullen and bored.

But after all, what's wrong with a predictable screenplay?

The script was tight, the casting was perfect, and the action was thrilling.

After a few fits and starts when you hope if finally gets going, another dull, irrelevant scene that could have been left on the cutting room floor sucks you back down.

When he refuses his brother (Wahlberg, in an empty role) charges into the club and smashes it up and attempts to arrest the drug lord.

Stunning performances by the trio protagonist, Wahlberg, Duvall and Phoenix who frequently casts for the director Gray.

The slow drama and few action sequences makes it not appealing to those who wont a vicious-fast-paced-cop-action-flick unless your willing to wait out, cause the action sequences, although are few, are very good.

Epically bad and contrived and there wasn't a decent action scene in the entire film.

We Own the Night is a mediocre movie and I found it frequently boring.

A few gripes would be the under use of Mark Walberg, the show down at the end of the movie was rather anticlimactic and how easy Bobby found it to get into the police but overall it was an enjoyable movie.

My Brother claims that he fell asleep four times during "We Own The Night" because it was so slow.

And did I mention the movie was boring?

I dare to say, there is no action at all, as it is ridiculously slow paced.

There are several really well done scenes that are unbearably tragic and tense (the shoot-out between cars is particularly good) but mostly the film takes a slower pace that focuses on the characters.

The Script gives Robert Duvall (one of my favourite actors) little to do other than get angry at someone or something whenever he's on screen and Mark Wahlberg underplays his part so much that he's actually boring.

So, by the second half, and with unimpressive action sequences, I was kind of bored !

Its very laid back allowing the intensity of the drama to flow nicely, it gives the audience absorbing time.

The car chase was bland as the rest of the film, there is no hope for audiences to get entertained by this very generic and bland movie.

There are some exciting moments and enough surprises and tense times to keep the adrenaline rolling, the smaller roles are very well cast, and one of the shining attributes of the film is the gorgeous Russian liturgy inspired musical score by Wojciech Kilar.

Robert Duvall is okay in the short role, but it's Eva Mendes that's the weakest link where other than having a woman in the cliché peril, she doesn't have much to offer where other than proving how much of a Latina she is by speaking Spanish in certain scenes and dressing up for a Maxim magazine cover, there's really no importance for Eva Mendes's character when it should be just be an all guy action flick with no leading ladies in danger.

Mostly Pointless .

Everything about this movie is boring, boring, boring and my advice to anyone thinking about seeking this one out is simply don't, as you will be left disappointed despite the ridiculous high rating the film has on this website that suggests otherwise.

The portrayal of the Russians is somewhat ponderous and stereotypical (once again Russians are portrayed as criminals).

Real involving stuff, and that car chase was frighteningly intense.

I'm not going to give Gray too many bonus points because he lapses into the cliché of the wobbling, hand-held camera during the final shoot out.

This movie is boring and the content does not make sense.

One of the Worst Movies I've Seen .

The story has hit and misses of getting boring and disgusting to getting mildly entertaining and rather suspenseful.

"Streets that follow like a tedious argumentOf insidious intent .

We Own the Night feels somewhat bland and generic given the talent involved and something in which has been done many times before.

I was on the edge of my seat during most of them.

The gray areas that James Gray nocturnally takes us into in "We Own The Night" are suspenseful, enthralling, and familial.

Dull is the best word to describe "We Own the Night".

This is an example of how it is possible to make a Cop-Mob-Movie that is boring.

If Gray can pull off excellent sequences like this, then maybe he just needs to make shorter and more thrilling films that rely heavily on scenes like this.

Overall its a good film to have on if its just been a dull day or if your a hardcore crime film nut.

Everything is so empty of emotions, you can't say if the guy just get stabbed into the neck or he is resting at the floor.

Another pointless Hollywood moment, one of many in the film.

This is a disappointment, the only thing right about it is its looks, - you actually only need to look at the poster, it's more intriguing than the movie ever got.

For those of us who have ever had way too many happy refreshments during an exciting, fun filled party with lots of laughs, we know it's rather easy to end up falling in love with some pretty sad characters.

By the first quarter of it I was wandering if something intriguing is going to happen, and when it actually happened I was wandering when is it going to finish .

Overall, a very slow, predictable story.

One must give credit to the cast for doing all they can to mask the banality of it all as they do make it interesting to follow through.

While I believe Jaoquin Phoenix & Mark Whalberg are great, they have the most character development (esspecially Jaoquin), the rest of the cast seems bored & uncaring for the script.

Solid and engaging if a bit too sombre for its own good .

During the proof reading of the second half someone must have got bored and nodded off because reality just got thrown out of the window….

As said, there are some fairly thrilling sequences to be had within the film, and I think this is where Gray shines.

It had weak dialogue and uninspiring storytelling.

I'm quite serious when it comes to quality but really, how Hollywood made me waste my time and money lately is huh well sick.

Other than that, as I said above, a rather well made, entertaining movie.

About a family of cops and the black sheep of the family who Run a Club that's dirty in the series of events happens that turns the bad brother gun amazing action packed moving with a stunning cast of Joaquin Phoenix Mark Wahlberg Eva Mendes and Robert Duvall

I could go on an on, but why waste your time and mine.

Writer/director James Gray's movie is a tense and gripping affair.

The stunning Eva Mendes doesn't seem to do anything significant other than get groped in the opening scene by Phoenix.

It is a sleep-inducing mess which is way too talkative and with too many clichés to be even remotely interesting.

Formulaic films are based on a popular format without any depth or insight; this movie has both.

The one and only car chase in the film is exhilarating in it's realism as is the final "take down" sequence, obscured by tear gas and tall grass, there's some gripping suspense.

Duvall and Wahlberg looked pretty bored with the movie as the film itself was dull up until the point of where the police raid the nightclub.

Someteims, when movies are slower than we expect it takes a while to get into them.

The audience is immersed in the gritty, violent world of the NYPD and the suffocating pressure of the Grusinsky family's lives is powerfully felt.

It's premise of family problems presents some novel scenes for instance within the coffee-shop ,but painfully predictable cruddy ones too for instance with the 2 brothers fighting.

Although I think that this movie is one of the best cop movies out there, I guess it is only suited for those who like subtle acting and slowburning storylines, others might get easily bored in today's adhd action movie world.

Entertaining action drama .

A simple and yet exciting action movie although the plot is implausible and the acting falls a bit flat in places.

Plus this film has one of the best car chase sequences I have seen for a long while, no heroics here, just pure, lethal confusion.

And actually story is quite entertaining, with a bit of dark flicks into it.

The most contrived film I've seen in awhile .

First of all let me compliment the director, producers, screenplay writers, actors so on so forth, they all did a marvelous job at creating such a deviously intriguing storyline.

This raw and extremely erotic sequence is about as exciting as the picture gets throughout all of the gunfire and car chases it is about to display.

He was much more entertaining and interesting to watch than Wahlberg's unchanging and stiff acting.

I found the ending gun battle and cat-and-mouse game in the long grasses to be thrilling and engrossing.

Gray provides a number of highly suspenseful moments, as well as a terrifically mounted car chase through the rain-soaked streets of the city.

Every cop/crime thriller cliché rolled into one and multiplied by ten.

The music was incredible intrusive and I remember seeing this in the cinema and wanting to vomit in my empty popcorn container.

It took forever for anything to happen and a 45 minute story was dragged out for over two hours.

The next half hour is no more than disgusting, out of control, drug induced partying, and some bland introductions of characters.

The car chase and two shootouts though were well done with a little bit of a shaky camera, which made them even more exciting.

The final showdown itself feels contrived and unexciting which caps off an uneven and somewhat thrown together production.

I certainly can believe they may have found it necessary to be half tossed just to be able to say the lame, predictable lines they had to speak.

Aside from Duvall being a weak answer to The Departed's Jack Nicholson or Sleepers's Robert De Niro or a sea of other like- minded roles and Phoenix simply being uninteresting, there are terrible supporting and bit actors, almost like direct-to-video trash actors who never rise out of the heap.

The movie followed a fairly contrived plot line, with poorly developed characters, some eye candy thrown in, and a tacked on ending that made me cringe.

But things get more and more intense when one of the members escape and are after his head.

Pretty dull stuff.

I definitely recommend it, this film keeps you on the edge of your seat and the ending is a tear jerker.

His family is quite opposite of his life, his brother, Joesph, and his father, Burt are fine policemen and rade in on his club to collect the Russian mafia who are in a major agreement of intense drugs.

The entire cast is stunning and deliver in each scene without fail.

The plot's progression and coherence had me watching intently for the whole movie and trying to think ahead for the characters, to find it disjointed one would need a pretty short attention span.

Phoenix and Wahlberg act bored throughout the film and frankly they are better in other films.

Predictable, formulaic, only slightly leavened by quality of cast .

Gosh, audience must have been really bored.

A great find and a nice change from the many formulaic cop movies around.

Th story was gripping.

Very predictable story, boring minutes.

The movie was unpredictable and even hard to watch at times.

The plot is predictable.

Boring, stupid dialogs, bad directing, and boring...

Don't waste your money.

Dull, boring and awful .

Wahlberg plays a role that is both under developed and boring.

It's clunky, blurred at times, and in 'the most intense thriller of the year' the biggest action scenes are so convoluted and confusing that it becomes a game of trying to figure out what's going on instead of being entertained.

And that is every bit as exciting as it sounds.

deeply racist and self-indulgent .

As contrived as anything I've ever seen.

It is a slow burn that never really catches fire.

Disjointed means that the plot doesn't flow in a coherent manner making the movie looked spliced together.

He's completely stale, wooden and dull throughout; the same applies for Duvall.

WOTN never loses it's intensity, thanks to it's well structured and exciting plot.

He's intense, deep, and the chemistry between him and the other stars--Mendes and Wahlberg--is priceless.

It's boring, unenjoyable, and it drags.

The pacing is so painfully slow that at 45 minutes I felt like I had been watching the film for at least 3 hours.

The scene where Bobby is getting chased in a car while it was raining was so well shot and kept me and the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Robert Duvall is solid but dull.

I've been browsing through the IMDb reviews for nearly 5 years, but this movie made me register here, just so I could share with other people how boring it was.

Reminds me of The Godfather not just the movie, but the way the audience enjoyed it.

While the theme may be cliché, a wayward brother from a police family, goes on the right side when his commissioner father is killed and officer brother is shot by drug dealers he has been with, the film is so well done that you just don't mind this.

The story is very intriguing despite a few unneeded or "boring" scenes.

so i saw "we own the night" and all i got to say was that this movie was so boring most of the time it nearly put me to sleep.

However, it turned out to be a disappointing bore.

While the film probably isn't the worst movie at the cinema presently, it IS trite and heavily clichéd.

Let's face it, cheesy one liners and stilted, pretentious "bad ass" dialogue are Jean Claude Van Damn fodder for good reason...

95% of this movie is boring.

There really isn't anything about this film that is either intense, or riveting.

Definitely worth watching and we believe a worthy candidate for a major award.

Phoenix impresses despite this and he does convince in his character even if he himself comes over like he has a weight on his shoulders that is crushing him; I get that that is part of his character but again it adds this sense of slowness to proceedings.

There were many scenes that had the potential to add sincere drama to the storyline; the moment of silence/couple juxtaposition early on in the film, the rainy day when the two are caught, Mark Whalberg's assualt, all could have used their surrounding elements to really impact these characters emotions but the audience was left empty.

Don't waste your time on We Own the Night and avoid CNN's Larry king's recommendations.

A very slow, predictable story .

But i really did not like it, since i expected a little more thrilling ending.

It's characters are terribly contrived, the acting is poor and the storyline is nonsensical and boring.

Director James Gray does an amazing job engaging the viewer and putting them in the story, and considering this is only his third film i look forward to what Gray is going to do next.

Don't waste your time as I did.

This is not the best cop film, but it is very entertaining.

This movie was simply a 117 minute reminder of how pointless the war on drugs actually is.

I left the theater that day with large chunks of the movie already evaporating from my brain.

But despite disappointment here and a shift toward cliché, he remains an interesting and independent director.

Its a cliché that works.

A thoughtful, unpredictable film about family love and crime.

Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg are okay actors but they really didn't have much to work with, I felt that Robert Duvall who is one of the finest actors alive today was a waste cause the plot was very dull, everything about this movie was a waste.

It is a dark and ugly exploitation-styled bore which has basically no cinematic assets going for it.

Slow, talky, with a few action sequences, this is an okay film that just didn't connect with me.

The character development was empty.

Every minute is believable, credible and has me hanging on the edge of my seat...

Unfortunately by the time Bobby does see the light I have already become so bored that I am not bothered about the outcome.

It was just a boring and underdeveloped cop movie.

This was filmed mostly hand held from Bobby's (Phoenix) point of view and was very tense and enjoyable.

But it was slow.

and I mean boring.

The start was so boring that I almost fell asleep.

start=10don't waste your time watching this.

Rating : Better than average, well worth watching.

Forget the formulaic, plodding, and disjointed accusations.

The movie starts slow.

it felt like that sometimesWahlberg and Phoenix felt fake, Duvall is great but shallow somehow, and Mendes looks fine but looks out of place --and doesn't show nearly as much skin as the buzz would seem to promiseAll in all, a waste of money and good actorsBoringA mismanagement of movie resources and a waste of this viewer's time and money

Plodding movies have scenes failing in dialogue and performance which slow the plot down.

A more alert actor would have deflected the shot with the turkey and brought some badly needed humor into this dull film.

and here's why:The plot: derivativeThe characters: StereotypicalThe direction: Cliché - too dark (literally)The acting: Just OK apart form Mark Whalberg who is extremely irritating.

Another negative point is that the slow tone makes it frequently boring.

The movie is dull to the point beyond belief.

Mild, forgettable cop flick has an intriguing story but little suspense or surprises in this overlong, garrulous script; material is far from compelling and only made worthwhile by a good cast that isn't given much to do.

The car chase scene in the rain is excellent and the ending field scene is a little suspenseful.

There some stuff involving a field of tall bushes which makes for some intense moments, and it really looks good.

While what occurs during it is mostly cliché, there is some crazy action towards the end that impressed me.

Too slow, too lazy, too anemic movie.

There's a pretty exciting car chase in there and a bugging operation that will make you cringe with fear for the main character.

The last hour was riveting in many spots and the movie finished on a high note.

THE Dullest film ever .