Weathering with You (2019) - Animation, Drama, Family

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A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Stars: Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 14 out of 159 found boring (8.8%)

One-line Reviews (84)

This film has a many intense/frightening scenes, with the surprising chase through the flooding streets, characters coming to terms that if they want to be happy then one of them has to die and a long section where Hodaka is searching for the disappeared Hina where he breaks out of police custody, rides a motorcycle while avoiding police vehicles, then encounters his mentor whom attacks him and he pulls a gun on, police come in threatening to kill Hodaka when all his friends come in and stop the people trying to capture him so that he can see Hina for one last time, among others.

Stunning Animation and beautiful use of CG .

It's an alright teenage-love / coming of age anime like any other.

The art style is breathtaking, sound track is one of the best I've heard in a movie.

Nonetheless, it's a visually stunning slice-of-life.

Another stunning part of the animation was the environment the movie took place in (the city.

Every inch of its art is detailed, the visuals and graphics are stunning, the voice actors did a good job, the sounds (especially the rain sounds) are well-done, plus the soundtracks that adds more excitement and feelings when played in a specific scenes, and of course, the story itself is outstanding.

Do visually stunning, and it has such a beautiful story.

Beautifully animated except during certain transition periods on the movie where it felt like there was an over use of digital animation which made the movie feel disjointed and not very smooth in its transitions between scenes.

The direction from Shinkai is breathtaking and complements the art style beautifully.

Another stunning and mesmerizing work from Shinkai.

The plot was a little rough, but I enjoyed it.

It takes all of the same elements - teen love, fate, fantastical realism, coming of age, melodrama, natural wonder - and remixes it into a frankenstein version of Your Name without any of the finesse or charm.

The film is dark and morbid for most of the run-time, but breaks up the intense scenes with comedy or more hopeful moments.

The story can feel a bit lacking, but an an excellent soundtrack and compelling characters along with the stunning visuals make the film well worth the watch.

Simple, predictable plot that relies on eye-candy .

I enjoyed it more than Your Name .

Stunning & Fast Paced .

Realised, flawed characters written expertly, stunning art design and direction, surprisingly dark and intense themes and scenes, emotional moments, gripping action and a satisfying and beautiful ending.

A Breathtaking and unforgettable experience .

The skill of the Director in discussing a topic such as changing climatic conditions in Japan in the seamlessly stunning concept of a Sunshine Girl who is able to manipulate weather and potentially cease the incessant rains which are flooding the lanes of Tokyo - while humanizing the whole plot by a heart-warming teenage love story between high-school runaway Hodaka Morishima and the orphan, Sunshine girl Hina Amano is beyond praise.

This was still a very very enjoyable movie, I just wish they took all the real life political stuff out of it just like Your Name did.

Stunning animation and insanely beautiful scene and music.

But the characters and the story just felt boring and uninspired.

All in all, Weathering With You itself is flawless, with stunning imagery, a compelling plot, and topnotch editing.

Absolutely stunning fast pace movie, two things that typically aren't seen together.

It brings up interesting subtexts about human ingenuity and even dystopia, but kind of leaves them hanging for an obligatory upbeat and utterly predictable conclusion.

Beautifully animated and rich with atmosphere, Weathering with You is an engaging, character-driven and often funny laid back fantasy.

It hits all the usual notes and is very predictable.

That is a predictable and rather heavy moral, and it's all for the good that Shinkai doesn't stress it too much.

The story can be a little confusing at first compared to "Your Name".

As far as coming of age stories go, this one has them all beat.

*Weathering With You* is a beautiful film with breathtaking animation shot with great technical expertise, with wonderful and charming characters dancing to a story and soundtrack that will make you cry oceans.

Unfortunately it also follows "Kimi no na wa" (2016) and his first full lenght "Kumo no muko, yakusoku no basho" (2004) - and possibly "Hoshi o ou kodomo" (2011) but my memory isn't quite sure - where I think it showed the possibly weakest aspects of the author's narrative style: coherent, engaging and believable complex plotlines.

Totally worth the watch.

You can certainly enjoy the film, it is packed with comedic and thrilling scenes.

The visuals as always are stunning, every shot of this movie is a masterpiece.

Without spoiling anything, I found that the movie managed to capture a delicate balance of being grounded in reality while also keeping a profound connection with the fantastical, commenting on the romanticized views we have on love, society, and sacrifice as a whole, and contrasting them with a harsh, yet thoroughly enjoyable world.

Emotional, riveting, dramatic, intense and incredibly entertaining throughout.

A particularly boyish movie, people, sometimes just crazy, too much worry is more and more boring.

Not to rip on composer Radwimps, because his work here is absolutely wonderful, but the songs themselves were a little overbearing in a few scenes that felt like they should've been slightly quieter and more intense.

Makoto Shinkai's direction is also incredible, it's extremely well paced and the film is visually stunning throughout due to it's jaw-droppingly good animation.

Pros: Visuals are really beautifulFirst half of the movie is captivatingCons: end is confusing and dragging out too long.

When Your Name hit theatres back in 2016, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it and I was eagerly awaiting director Makoto Shinkai's next project.

And for us Indians, it was a moment of extreme joy when all our prayers payed heed in compelling the show-right owners to release this film in various cities across the country from 11 October - distributed by Vkaoo.

No plot.

And needless to say, Shinkai Makoto's graphics is as breathtaking as ever.

If I want to watch some random boring "Cool Japan" slice of life moe stuff, I can pick any tv anime that is out there and don't have to go to IMAX.

Gorgeous, lovely rain, a stunning Tokyo, and engaging characters.

Hondaka is taken in by a man named Keisuke, who could have walked out of a modern day Dickens novel.

Nevertheless, 'Weathering with You' still works by using Shinkai's previous project: Blending the mundane modernity of human life with a magical touch of local myth, using the spiritful life perspective of a couple of teenagers, with their rebel behavior, their separation, and reunion in the very end of the movie.

Add to that, despite hinting at darker issues, the film never addresses them as Shinkai settles for a simple, enjoyable & lighthearted romance instead.

Like all films from Makoto Shinkai, the screenplay is not an easy one it has to say something behind it in this case about climate change, and what we are facing with current changing weather and disasters, especially for Japan people, understand more than others, really thought-provoking script in the grounded fantasy with the amazing coming of age elements, innocent romantic story and wonderful comedy.

I loved the stunning animation with attention to detail and breathtaking scenery.

The songs for this movie were all on point and the artwork of Shinkai senpai is as stunning as ever.

Beautifully animated and fairly engaging...

In Australia, Weathering with You has received the age rating of PG which is recommended for children over the age of 12, but I believe that for the usage of quiet intense violence, difficult themes, some profanity, mild drug use and intense scenes, it deserves the rating of M for mature.

There is infrequent but intense violence.

Watched this film last night and while it is indeed visually stunning, I do think this is one of Shinkai's weaker films.

(SPOILER FREE)From the director of "The Garden Of Words" (2013) and 2016's "Your Name", Makoto Shinkai delivers another visually stunning and breathtaking masterpiece.

A truly breathtaking piece of hyper-real art.

There is around one intense/frightening scene with the meteor rush, and maybe you could count Taki's time trip as intense, but that's about it.

We can relative what is going on in the firm to our everyday life, wanting to escape the boring life we have and exploring the beautiful world around us.

However, the one major gripe I had was that the story was highly predictable.

The way the music was used makes the scenes more engaging.

Boring story line.

The editing was pretty choppy and disjointed in my opinion.

Every single frame is gorgeous especially sunshine scenes for me, rain scenes and whether manipulating or magic scenes really breathtaking we can see the production and work of all artists not wasted a single bit.

Simple plot, boy and girl meet in the phantom, these are felt boring for me.

Having watched both your name and weathering with you, I feel as though your name still stands out with its sophisticated and entertaining story-telling.

Purely the animation made it such an entertaining film for me.

The hand-drawn animation is breathtaking to look at, even more lush & arresting than Shinkai's previous effort.

Worth watching .

So is this a good anime worth watching?

Fun and enjoyable though imperfect .

All the other characters were really interesting and engaging characters.

Fascinating plot,with a big unexpected twist that you cannot predict.

It seems to me that they had this idea of a girl manupulating the weather which results in some of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in a motion picture (animated or not) and then this idea couldn't evolve into an original, engaging story.

The plot is too simple and predictable.

Then there are some fantastical elements and the same pop band performing rather repetitive songs if compared to their stellar song for "Your Name".

Simply breathtaking.

The animation as I said is visual stunning and some of the best animation I have seen in a long time.

One of the best looking anime films I've seen and with a fairly strong helping of riveting drama.

It brings us a new story with engaging characters.