What a Girl Wants (2003) - Comedy, Drama, Family

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An American teenager learns that her father is a wealthy British politician running for office. Although she is eager to find him, she realizes it could cause a scandal and cost him the election.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Dennie Gordon
Stars: Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 40 out of 205 found boring (19.51%)

One-line Reviews (106)

Besides, while it is a little formulaic, there are a few twists.

This movie is appropriate for the whole family (if you don't mind a few obligatory kissing scenes), and there are many amusing moments, even if most of them are ridiculously contrived.

Of course I don't think she is the sole reason why this movie is quite mediocre, the story is transparent and cliché, and the characters are at best two-dimensional.

Fascinating to read through the comments on this film.

It is enjoyable for everyone no matter if they are americans or english.

If you want to be pretentious and do some all-high-and-mighty analyzing, then don't watch What a Girl Wants.

The plot is a little formulaic but it moves fast and is very entertaining.

Although it has a predictable happy ending, it's not sappy and the touch of comedy and the great acting from all the cast, especially that of Colin Firth, makes it a very enjoyable movie for all ages.

The only other major problem is the cliché Yank-Brit characterizations and the exploitative use of the Royal Family in several scenes.

Granted, she is rather cute, but anyone who has graduated from picture books into chapter books may find themselves a trifle bored and put out by "What a Girl Wants".

Some lighthearted entertainment, a bit of fun, but expect nothing more than a corny, predictable script.

Enjoyable fluff.

The plot is predictable.

A very good and entertaining movie .

So if you are REALLY bored on a Saturday evening and this film accidentally is going and there is nothing else to watch, I would recommend it because of its stupidity.

As a movie, it is entertaining, has a clear and good message, and has an intelligently prepared plot.

FINAL VERDICT: An entertaining clean, fun film that all ages can enjoy.

A stunning victory for American bad taste .

While definitely a chick-flick, it is quite enjoyable to guys as well.

cute but predictable .

Never gets heavy-handed, contrived, mean-spirited, cloying or tedious, believe it or not.

As predictable as the ending might have been, I really liked it, and won't lie.

I left the theater feeling better than when I entered.

And if there is one cliché I can't stand more than the irritation of a snobbish fiancé, its that of a snobbish step child, whose nose appears to be so far in the air that I'm sure she can smell the clouds.

William Douglas-Home may have had serious satirical intentions half a century ago, but this is the Disneyesque version of all that, and it is enormously funny and enjoyable.

I still enjoyed it.

The characters: cliché.

Very entertaining .

"What a Girl Wants" provides many moments of pure, light and highly enjoyable entertainment I wouldn't trade in for all the gold in the world.

The subtext about how stuffy "high society" Brits need to loosen up with their rigid class consciousness is great, but I found myself generally bored by the proceedings, especially by the time the third act rolled around.

Bynes is an absolute delight and holds strong despite predictable developments.

Formula, formula, yawn .

It was not stupid, or ridiculously contrived like Lizzy McGuire or the remake of Parent Trap, or even the absurd Princess Diaries that leave you wondering why Julie Andrews couldn't see through the lame plot.

The story is boring, the acting at times poor.

The plot is so predictable and cheesy it's one of those conventional feel good crappy movies where you can see what's about to happen a mile off.

Very entertaining movie and perfect for the target audience.

The movie had a good plotline and was fun and enjoyable.

The film could certainly stand to do without the cheesy "I yam who I yam" moralizing, but, in the end, the film was entertaining, I stayed awake, and I guess that just about says enough.

The film works because of snappy direction, perfect casting of Colin Firth, and as his daughter the delightful Amanda Bynes, who really makes it.

I wouldn't think this film would be anything of any interest to male counterparts, and adults would probably regard it as a waste of time.

But, I was pleasantly surprised at how much we all enjoyed it, me especially!

Too Predictable As Amanda's Presence Isn't Enough .

Even though the ending is cliché & the storyline is undoubtedly predictable, they were able to tell the story with such vibrant, it makes the audiences connect to the characters.

That, and the formulaic, stereotyping of the Brits (stiff upper-lip, arrogant toffs, and laughably posh, cockney cheeky-chappies) being infiltrated by cool, fun, down-to-earth American princess-in-waiting (all been done many times before) make for a rather yawn-and-vomit-inducing experience for the more enlightened (from both sides of the pond, I imagine.

it's that drive that made the movie so intriguing that you don't want to skip any scenes or you might miss something.

Two similar scenes really play to her strengths, the fashion runway scene and the grand entrance to the party for Peach & Pear, the film is worth watching just for those moments.

The propaganda takes center stage and never leaves, and from the moment Daphne meets her father - I guess I should call him "her old man" lest I sound too upper-class and therefore evil - you know exactly what is going to happen.

This above average comedy about growing up improves on its predecessor pushing the envelop between comedy and drama, smoothly combining both elements making this movie a much more intelligent, mature, and delightfully entertaining movie.

Good acting, but very predictable story.

The plot is written funny and entertaining.

Bynes gives a mature, show-stealing performance, and she alone makes this movie worth watching.

The movie is funny, enjoyable, and interesting.

In a week filled with war and destruction, an annoying head cold, college rejections, car dent repair, and an unexpected tax bill running to 5 digits (!

entertaining romantic story with great content and clever dialogue.

If you like predictable fairy tales...

There were many times when the audience would clap and crack up at the high points of the movie, a strong sign that showed the audience enjoyed it; something I don't see too often.

Occasionally, a movie can have predictable elements without that being a bad thing; sometimes predictable elements can be pleasurable -- you realize what's going to happen but you also realize you're in such capable hands that you actually anticipate the playing-out of the scenes you know will occur.

A fun movie that is sweet and enjoyable.

Yes, the plot is overused and yes the story was predictable but to me, it was still an enjoyable break from reality.

We both agreed it was not only highly idiotic, unrealistic ( any lessons gleaned by the character or audience are useless because of the way they arrived there), and boring!

Even my daughter was a little bored at times.

This film is very predictable, NOT in a good way!

Without the many, many tedious song-and-dance scenes that filled the writing gaps in this movie, I expect it wouldn't be more than forty-five minutes long.

What a stultifyingly dull and inept portrayal of Britain!

For the most part, the story is formulaic and the characters seem pretty familiar, lovable American teen girl meets her stuffy royal British relatives.

) is such formulaic tripe that is an insult to any four year old.

And yes, I quite enjoyed it.

very enjoyable...

Of course you know that there will be an happy-end but the ending is also truly enjoyable even if you might have guessed it.

We both walked out with a big smile on our faces.

We have seen that already and this is just another addition without purpose, except to fill an empty evening with a few laughs.

" and then after that she changes into someone who actually does fit in and is basically boring.

If you're not too cynical, this is an enjoyable, charming film.

And yes, it is formulaic in its way.

Don't waste your time.

The plethora of characters is what makes this film appealing to all viewers and makes it a film that enjoyable to many.

Enjoyable flick.

A very enjoyable movie!!!.

What a cliche.

It starts off nicely and proceeds in a very entertaining manner well past the midway point.

Amanda is an unsympathetic actress, and Jonathan Pryce is as hammy as ever in a role so predictable and stereotypical that his dialogue brought a clanging deja-vu to every thing he uttered.

All in all, an enjoyable easy-going film, well worth the hour and a half it takes to watch.

One of the very worst movies I've ever seen.

However, I prefer 2005's "Love Wrecked;" it's simply a more entertaining Bynes' movie.

it was worth watching just to see that scene!

She discovers that dear dad is actually Colin Firth, who is a British politician, so she flies over there and decides to descend on his household; wreaking her own cutesy American brand of havoc on the stodgy British.

This is an entertaining romantic story with great content and clever dialogue.

This must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy!

Generally I am a very generous person in terms of rating films starring Colin Firth, but this was unbearable.

This movie is definitely worth watching.

I was expecting a really bad, boring teen film like the Lizzie Mcguire movie, but this movie was entertaining.

Well worth the watch.

There's not much to say: I really don't like fairy tales, especially predictable ones that are full of clichés and that are also politically correct...

What a cliched, dull piece of work.


Fun but predictable .

100% cliche .

This movie has it all, there is extremely funny bits when she falls and stumbles, other great moments is when she acts "crazy" at the boring/lame English events or why not pick the great and extremely hilarious talks she has with her almost stepsister.

In this case the acting was hammy (just what Colin Firth is doing in this movie is hard to say - probably just hard up), the whole story completely predictable from start to finish, the plot so full of silly holes it got boring - even looked to me like the director was bored.

Bynes is an appealing and energetic leading lady and Firth is always watchable, and manages to pull moments of real humor out of a basically bland role.

Very, very enjoyable...........

The whole stereotypical 'American shows Brits how to love life and not be so stuffy' plays out in the stupidest way, especially at a dull party where Amanda shows everyone how to dance.

Worst movie of 2003 (yes, worse than The Matrix duds) .

overall this film is fantastic and entertaining i love to watch it over and over as it makes clear how families and friends can love each other.

In fact, it was one of the most entertaining I've seen in months (and believe me, I see a lot of films).