What Men Want (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men's thoughts.

Director: Adam Shankman
Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Ledlow
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 226 found boring (15.48%)

One-line Reviews (93)

Helmed by Adam Shankman of Glee and Hairspray fame, and shot in predictable rom-com fashion with the addition of some extra racy sludge, "Men's" story involves Atlanta sports rep Ali Davis (Taraji P.

It's a shame, the Mel Gibson film was cute and funny, and this was just a waste of Taraji and Tracy Morgan's time.

horrible reviews and the complaints of cursing as unnecessary over usage etc. Sounds like it is a waste of money, time and an insult to viewers intelligence!

Henson) and Brandon (Josh Brener) are the only characters in this film that's funny, all the other characters are rather under developed and boring.

Storyline way too somilar as the orginal bored ne walked out after 20 mins and got refund

But the script was dull with the characters.

It delivers what it promises, nothing fancy, no plot twists, no unique writing, enjoyable fun acting, just mindless bubbly fun.

Like, if you can take the funniest woman on TV, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and make her boring, you really suck as a director and should consider another line of work.

Don't waste your money.

Funny Moments, Slow Start .

Don't waste your time and money .

Junk, don't waste your time .

It's not the best movie i've seen but it was very good, very witty and fast paced, never boring or dull like some comedies.

Henson some make this enjoyable then it has any right to be, playing a sports agent who gains the power to hear what men are thinking.

There are a few scenes that are a little "extra" but overall it was entertaining.

All the people involved in making this movie should gather in an empty hall and commit mass suicide.

It's at least entertaining.

"What Men Want" is a slow-moving comedy in its thin plot, static in its cinematic structure, and cliché-ridden in its characters.

Lots of pointless brief cameos by NBA associated (and Bosworth who must have nothing really important to do in life) for no reason other than the plot line is about signing an NBA prospect.

Funny premise and well executed although, like most rom-coms, it's formulaic.

Waters 45 min of my time and then for the sake of competing the movie.. I fast forward and it hell of boring 💤.

If anyone is considering seeing this entertaining and funny film, ignore the haters and watch it, you will enjoy it, I promise you that!

The 2000 version had lovable characters trying to figure each other out, while this one just has that nouveau cliche' of women sitting around hating men.

This is not gonna be Oscar material, but it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable comedy with plenty of refreshing moments.

If your planning to see this movie because you enjoyed the Mel Gibson version What Women Want, thinking this will be as enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

Worth watching to get your own take on it.

I enjoyed it .

I enjoyed it a lot and would watch it again!

I found it fun and very entertaining.


Awful, don't waste your time .

It doesn't even take itself seriously, it presents a couple of stereotypical characters which try too hard to prove their point and a story that's so predictable and even boring that you struggle to follow.

There were little moments that were slightly humorous but mostly forced and predictable vulgar dumb jokes.

The theater was silent during all the jokes and near the end people started getting bored and started to make noise near the back.

I am floored that Tracy has recovered enough from his Walmart truck accident to make a stunning comeback on the big screen.

We found it very entertaining.

Cute movie very entertaining .

It's boring, superficial and commercial.

And I'm glad I did, I really really enjoyed it!

The story was predictable and the jokes were so bad.

Heartwarming and predictable .

PROS:Taraji P Henson's Lead PerformancesErykah Badu as Sister Is The Funniest Part Of The MovieSome Of The Mind Reading Joke's Is FunnyIt's A Harmless WatchCONS:Adam Shankman's Bland DirectingMany Missed OpportunitiesIt's Too Safe And Not CleverTracy Morgan

Great lead, but boring and dump.

I enjoyed it as well as the other people in the theater.


I was on my phone the entire movie because it's so boring.

What Men Want, is loose, unnecessary foul language, highest level of over acting and way too predictable.

But most of the film as slow-moving as it was predictable.

The direction is cliché.

The film was shallow but mildly entertaining.

Enjoyable movie.

Checking off every cliché in a romantic comedy list.

But it was entertaining and a very good example of your typical rom-com.

And i enjoyed it.

The script its so poor, her character is manipulating and the whole film is boring.

We saw it today with my wife, we are a simple midlife couple, and we enjoyed it and we laughed and had a good time.

Will not rank as a classic, I know, but still worth the watch.

Don't waste your time or money.

I usually hate it when people ruin a movie like that but I was just as bored and even looked at my watch which I never do during a movie.

And the plot pretty much went nowhere.


That movie is correct and entertaining !

What Men Want is a nice, safe, enjoyable film.

I watched the movie and came on IMDB to see post a review and was surprised to see the that reviews seems to be people spewing propaganda vs.

As bad as cgi messes like Captain Marvel turned out, this thing will be tough to dethrone as "worst movie of 2019" that's for sure.

Phoebe Robinson, also funny, made boring.

Stereotype brainwash liberal propaganda that want to force you to be "political correct"...

I enjoyed it.

Just an all around enjoyable movie that made the whole theater laugh.

However it's a flawed if intermittently enjoyable comedy.

This one had a different twist to it but I enjoyed it.

I went with a group of ladies for Galentine's day and we all really enjoyed it.

Its stupid, its not fun, the jokes are not funny, and a waste of everyones time.

Yes, it has the predictable boring plot.

Worst Movie of 2019 .

I caught myself yawning a lot.


Decently entertaining...

Some of the dichotomies of a woman working in a male dominated field were unbelievable and trite.

Funny and entertaining!

I thought it was very entertaining and had a great ending.

Super boring.

My husband and I went to see this movie and enjoyed it immensely!

Another political correct propaganda where all men are same except women .

Plot is boring and predictable.

I understand we all have our own opinions, but this movie is being rated VERY unfairly, especially considering some of the worst movies out there get highly rated.

Needless to mention the ending was pathetically predictable.

Funny and good blend of characters made it quite enjoyable.

It really should be a 6-6,2 score, it is an enjoyable and funny movie.

We had to turn this unwatchable garbage off after 15 minutes.

-Going to compare it to A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIE ("What women want")NowAfter taking interest in the trailer i googles the film to see if it was worth watching.

But if you want to leave your brain at home and just sit back and enjoy a laugh, this is for you.