What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) - Drama

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A young man in a small Midwestern town struggles to care for his mentally-disabled younger brother and morbidly obese mother while attempting to pursue his own happiness.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Lasse Hallström
Stars: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 20 out of 150 found boring (13.33%)

One-line Reviews (88)

Things take an unexpected turn when Becky (Juliette Lewis) arrives in town and the two form a special bond together.

An odd, enjoyable, and slightly mesmeric experience .

It went with the mood of the film pretty well, but like, it was kind of boring/not great.

It will most likely not be one of your favorite movies, but it will be a fairly enjoyable and enriching experience.

Having been stuck in a boring and small town,the life is hopeless for most residents and it is particularly difficult for the Grapes.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape has 2 characters who are over-the-top lovable, surrounded by other characters who were at varying levels of intense likability, on top of a story so absorbing and enthralling.

Sentimental and predictable .

Inevitable, but perhaps a shame, as it's an intriguing film in its own right.

As school is about to start soon, one of our curricular assessments is based on the film so I went in, expecting a very disappointing and boring movie.

He is about to reach his 18th birthday but is mentally like an unruly and unpredictable child.

I have to say that this movie is unexpected because it does not have the elements of what I usually enjoy in movies (adventure, action, dramatic romance etc.). The story is simple.

They see someone going nowhere, and in a sense he already is nowhere.

The film is perfectly paced and the locations are stunning.

Boring Movie, badly thought out.

) The quirky characters, the small-town setting - it all comes together to create an enjoyable film.

She is unattractive and uninteresting.

Peter Hedges's Screenplay is emotionally engaging & heartfelt.

A banal story, strong cast, good acting, feeble plot and a directorial disaster are the keywords for this snoozefest.

A good decent softly entertaining film.

Initially, this movie would seem to be a pretty boring two hours.

Its a fast paced drama from start to finish filled with much humor and emotion.

But life is generally drab in Iowa for him until Juliette Lewis's trailer breaks down in the Grape neighborhood.

But as a film it is very involving, gentle and engaging and it also did touch me.

Don't waste your time.

Like everyone else had said, DiCaprio is stunning.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an odd experience, but an enjoyable, and slightly mesmeric one.

This is probably one of his standout performances and is one of the highlights of this emotionally gripping family drama.

Depp chips in with a highly layered performance that clearly expresses his character's inner turmoil but it's the then-young DiCaprio who effortlessly steals the show with a tender, effective & thoroughly compelling work that will always be counted amongst his finest acts to date.

Directed by Lasse Hallström, the film begins on a slow note and while the pace never really picks up at any given point, it does allow its characters to breathe freely & adds sizeable depth to their arcs.

Juliette Lewis is supposed to be a wise and intriguing girl who attracts Gilbert at first sight.

Slightly slow paced so watch it when you have lots of time and savour every moment of it.

In coming to know these characters and their predictable tomorrows, we are able to see the disabilities within the, so called, "normal" characters.

In the end it is a very predictable film that I've seen multiple times, just with different types of issues set in a different location.

The relation between Gilbert and Becky is sterile and contrived.

it's boring.

This movie is one of which was both enjoyable and emotional.

The story here is simple and at many points extremely slow moving.

Bottom line is, great story, great plot, but too slow for me to watch more than once...

And it is 128 minutes of boredom.

I highly recommend it.

Arnie is arrested, compelling Bonnie, who has not left the house in seven years, to rush to the police station to demand his release, causing her appearance to be ridiculed by the townspeople.

Nowadays, movies are either a slightly different take on a classic movie, or a predictable story line we have all seen a hundred times.

Heartfelt, poignant & amusing in equal doses, What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a wonderfully crafted, sensibly narrated & brilliantly acted coming-of-age drama that offers an intriguing glimpse into the everyday life of a dysfunctional family and is powered by stellar performances from Johnny Depp & Leonardo DiCaprio.

Then, it goes into a repetitive mode with a crawling pace and ends with a pathetic finale.

Leo DiCaprio's performance in this movie is stunning.

Depp, in the titular role, leads the rest of the strong cast through an enjoyable story that evolves nicely through brilliant character development instead of action.

Leonardo DiCaprio lost out to Tommy Lee Jones for his part as repetitive Marshal Samuel Gerard in The Fugitive (1993) at the 1994 Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

-Uninspiring and dull-The minute I entered the town of Endora, I wanted to leave.

Gilbert is banging some other man's wife because she "settled" and married some bland insurance agent that she wasn't truly in love with (she later admits after he dies that she "misses him and she doesn't miss him").

The only problem I had was the ending, utterly predictable like most movies.

After five minutes I was fascinated by the slow, gentle pace and sparse, effective dialog.

The film is entertaining though on many other levels.

Outside of DeCaprio's Arnie, they are just bland.

The film avoids feeling cliché or melodramatic and I found it to be an honest story.

Gilbert's life is turned around by the unexpected introduction of Juliette Lewis's Becky.

One small downfall is how slow the movie begins.

Juliette Lewis has since made a career for herself playing more extreme, unusual characters but here she is so understated and fascinating to watch.

An absolutely breathtaking performance that finally got its Oscar 22 years later.

The movie ending is so unexpected and unforgettable.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an emotionally gripping family drama that works thanks to the strong performances from the cast and a fantastically well written script by Peter Hedges.

Her sadness, yet greediness at the same time made for a very intriguing character.

The music in the film was too repetitive and dull for my taste.

movie was so pretty beautiful and stunning...

The film's plot is slightly repetitive.

She hated "Apocalypse Now" and fell asleep during "FrankenHooker.

This movie is a mix of a slow plot + good acting + corny lines x laughter ÷ by a little bit of romance = BORING!

This film made me laugh and cry and Depp's performance was also very good as the bored Gilbert who has no joy in life except affairs with a married woman.

I fully admit that I appreciate slower films more than most and that this definitely qualifies as a s-l-o-w film.

What an amazing, unbelievable and stunning performance by Leo, what a great actor!

Plot is very gripping.

The characters; Arnie, Bonnie, Amy, Tucker, Betty, Ellen, etc. The story, the performances; Leonardo DiCaprio, Darlene Cates, Laura Harrington, etc. Some stunning work was done in this film, to a point where you even wonder if there is some deliberate irony in Bonnie loving Arnie so much, and not wanting him to disappear, meanwhile Arnie's favourite game is; "Where is Arnie", then to later have Bonnie, disappear on him, and them all.

As the stunning and outstanding acting by leonardo dicaprios's and johnny depp's.

A troubled guy, mentally ill guy, unspoken problem, different issues in family, happy moments, love story, some intense scenes etc. I think the title of the film is perfect.

Losing out to such an uninspiring role did not harm his winning the 1994 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards for Most Promising Actor as well as National Board of Review 1993 Award for Best Supporting Actor.

But probably the most unfortunate thing about this story is that it becomes very formulaic.

What I eventually got was something that was funny, exciting and emotional that I didn't know would EVER happen!

My confusion is, if the movie was about a girl that came into his life and he was conflicted between helping his family and taking care of his brother or just going along with her...

Depp himself felt he played the character of Gilbert in a "boring" way, and I agree.

In terms of plot, the film was quite predictable and at times overly sentimental.

this was one of the most powerful and emotionally gripping movies I have ever seen.

Johnny Depp is solid and, in spite of his limited, almost monotone vocal range (compare him to Leonardo's great range), is a very compelling screen presence.

The way he approaches the character is fascinating because he doesn't have to say or do anything for us to understand how he feels.

This is Gilbert Grape's story, and his recollection of what was to be just another ordinary and uneventful moment in the life of him, his family and his, almost sleepy, town.

An absolutely stunning showing.

This shows me that filmmakers have lost awareness of the fact that even the smallest of plot-lines can make some of the most compelling and indelible of films.

Pointless .

It's fascinating to see DiCaprio before he became a bona fide star as it is to watch Depp at the very moment he cemented his reputation for coolness.

The intense devotion to Arnie shown by Depp reminds us of RAIN MAN (1988), where Tom Cruise was similarly devoted to Dustin Hoffman.