When They See Us (2019) - Biography, Drama, History

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Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story.

Stars: Asante Blackk, Caleel Harris
Length: 296 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 17 out of 473 found boring (3.59%)

One-line Reviews (83)

But make no mistake, this is propaganda, at its worst.

It's extremely dense, intense and dramatic in this mini series format, and maybe the show would have been even more compelling and artistic if they used like 8, 12 or 16 hours on it.

This documentary is incredibly well made with a host of brilliant actors and was extremely gripping.

As the only actor to play both the child and adult version of his character, he irresistibly drew in our sympathy by masterfully emoting a wide range of feelings like innocence, vulnerability, fear, strength, frustration, love, humor, duty, loyalty, disappointment, confusion, desperation, trust, and doubt, just to name a few.


i have given 9/10 instead of 10/10 because one of the episode is very long in length which is unnecessary.

Third episode is completely waste of time and fourth episode also waste of almost an hour.

The performances are so compelling and first-rate.

Stunning tale about a great miscarriage of Justice in New York City .

If you haven't seen this yet then you should Touching, breathtaking, heartbreaking Most important a TRUE STORY 5 kids, their voice was taken from them back in 1989, 2019 everyone is listening they got the whole world watching their storyIn 4 episodes Netflix shed the lights, so we can all know the case of Central Park 5

The next two episodes went to a more slower direction.

Was gripping and a show I couldn't let go .


Now the most exciting part of this show for me was, when these law stuff happens.

Tragic real stories, but they move at a snail's pace, often repeating information, filled with slow moving dialogue and still camera shots with a blue overlay.

Compelling .

I am Puerto Rican, so to see a Puerto Rican immersed in this story (Raymond Santana Jr.) was of great impact for me.

Worth watching .

Having gone that far, I started to watch the final episode, and didn't even bother to finish, so dull was it.

The acting is marvelous, the story telling is riveting.

However, I couldn't stop watching it, it is so intense and the pain those underage and innocent boys are facing - god forbids - no one else faces that kind of pain in their life.

Intense and Moving .

I have boys the same age and this made me so angry that this could've happened to anyone let alone kids, an absolutely stunning mini series that had me angry and crying for the whole 4 episodes.

I normally don't write reviews, but this miniseries is spectacular, the acting was great, the script was great, the story was compelling and told at a great pace.

Compelling and vital viewing which underscores the racial issues of the USA today .

The series is a compelling depiction of injustice and failure of our legal system.

It is engrossing and so emotional.

Its boring, it has unnecessary drama happening all the time to justify the four cap (4hrs), it all could have been told in one episode of an hour, no more.

Definitely worth the watch very insightful.

Based on testimony and the evidence, it is most likely that Ms. Meili was initially attacked by the group of young males (who may have tried to unsuccessfully rape her) and after they moved on, Matias Reyes came upon her and dragged her further into the bushes where he almost killed her.


The cast was so mind blowing especially the actor who plays Corey...

The Trump supporting trolls on here are trying to ruin the overall rating for this compelling story that needs to be told over and over again!

I wanted to turn it off.

Part 1 and 2 are drawn out.

Is boring .

What a compelling film about the corrupt justice system in the United States and even more shocking is that your current President wanted the death penalty for these boys.

The same types of injustice were exposed in the riveting and controversial, "Paradise Lost" documentary series.

It just seemed so contrived.

Simply stunning.

Everything is so drawn out, as only she can do, and tedious and boring.

It's just amazing how intense and ugly the reality is portrayed.

It was too long, boring and we got the point.

It was the most intense at least.

The film keeps you on the edge of your seat and transports you right there with the boys.

Riveting true story but hard to follow .

Worth the watch

A riveting spectacle.

This is a series worth watching and it will stay with you long after you finish it.

It's very good , but painful , sad , Provoking to watch ,and it gets boring in many times they could've made a 2 hrs movie out of this story and would've be more entertaining and less boring .

Compelling .

But because of political and identity social pressure, the critics must love it (or be dragged through the mud).

Painfully slow.

It is well worth watching.

As far as the serial goes, its pretty intense.

This series is intense and I think it's going be worth watching!

A hard look at the horror of criminal injustice a stunning series that highlights true emotion and makes you feel ps you will cry


So keep in mind it is very raw, real, intense, depressing, and so on.

With this superb series we are immersed in what it was like to be a victim of this extreme police and state oppression.

It was quite drawn out in parts, frankly to the point of boredom as it was obvious the auteur was seeking to make a point, a point which was driven home very early in the series.

And second, the episode after their release becomes a drama dedicated to Raymond Santana's mean stepmom and Antron McCray's ill dad, with some bland love interests thrown in.

Riveting, heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Well done but a bit predictable.

You can like it, but you can felt bored like me.

An exceptional true crime story with superb acting and a compelling presentation of the story.

Drawn out Netflix series.

Some amazing performances, especially by the young cast with what is a shocking but compelling story.

At that point, I almost turned it off because it was then just another piece of political propaganda.

Script, stunning actors, gripping, extremely emotional are making this a Top Notch production.

It was utterly engrossing, and heart wrenching.

Timely and Riveting .

I know this isn't supposed to be a documentary, but the way the story is structured makes it very hard to follow.

Gripping and so hard to see what they went through and how unfair the system was to them.

A stunning look into the belly of the beast that is the so-called American justice system.

Riveting .

Gripping from start to finish .


There are a lot of empty spots in this film.

this is about as intense and perfect as TV can get.

very well acted and portrayedi found it difficult to accept but brilliantly acted and filmedWell worth watching

I am a white man who always keeps an open mind when it comes to tv and movies and let me tell you this is breathtaking it's hard to watch but also very enjoyable it shows you the .

Compelling true story, a frightening example of injustice-slight spoiler .