Wicker Park (2004) - Drama, Mystery, Romance

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A young Chicago advertising executive believes a woman he sees in a café is his long-lost love. His belief leads to obsession, as he puts his life on hold in order to trail her.

Director: Paul McGuigan
Stars: Josh Hartnett, Diane Kruger
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 59 out of 304 found boring (19.4%)

One-line Reviews (248)

The beginning makes you think; the end leaves you empty.

Too clever = confusing .

Wicker Parker has some suspense, surprises, drama, romance, and good performances by the cast who make this movie worth watching at least once.

This is one of those movies that is unlike anything you have seen before, and I'm a big fan of the unpredictable, even when simple.

I found it predictable; and it insulted the audience with VERY heavy-handed symbolism and repeating images to make sure you got the connections, removing all guesswork.

This was one of the WORST movies I have seen!!!

i really enjoyed it.

It is easily the worst movie that i have watched this year I would not recommend it to anyone.

It's at the same time funny, suspenseful and romantic (actually the love story between Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger is one of the most touching i have ever seen on screen).

Sometimes there is exciting parts in movie, sometimes upsetting parts.

It came out very cheesy and sentimental, rather than suspenseful.

It is really worth watching.

It was only one heel broken but even it didn't hurt too much;) And as somebody told, after first half hour someone could begin to wonder what the heck is so cool in this boring "Lovestory".

One actually cares about the characters and the intriguing story which is told partially in flashback, unlike the French film where the characters all seemed to be Jerks.

This is a confusing movie, and even though most of it makes sense by the end of the film, some things are just left as dead ends.

If you really want to make a suspenseful movie, make sure the audience finds out what's going on at the same time as the main character, not way before.

The beginning is quite confusing and failed to maintain my interest.

" because the filmmakers were obviously going for an avant-garde feel by making the movie a disjointed mess.

He is in virtually every minute of this film and he is like watching paint dry.

I heard Wicker Park was a really good movie so i decided to rent it and at first when i began to watch, i was confused and more or less frustrated, but as the movie began to continue and i began to pick up on little clues and things began to fall together i was on the edge of my seat!

I really love this movie, because it's really enjoyable.

This movie tries very hard to be suspenseful, dramatic, and/or mysterious.

It gives the impression of being all arty and smart but in fact, it will bore the crap out of you.

For a love story, the movie is a little boring.

However the movie is slow in the starting scenes, it gets your attention with its great screenshots.

It was boring!


And I mean that - nothing happened.

Spare yourself the boredom - I really did not like anything about this movie other than the lovely light and camera work....

It plays out just as you would expect, with a predictable and completely lame ending.

Although the story may seem to be an implausible events with too many contrivances,the movie can be both absorbing and engaging despite the premise of the script.

Great mildly suspenseful heart moving movie.

I suppose it isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, an 'action' movie but there's enough camera work to keep it fast paced.

Good actors, and an even better story makes Wicker Park a most enjoyable movie.

Tiresome and tedious at best with its inevitable sappy ending, "Wicker Park" qualifies as a substandard soap opera.

It's really confusing and although it somewhat comes together at the end, the plot holes are enough to drive a truck through.

Improbable pretentious junk .

This is one of those contrived films where the actors stumble towards an endless series of highly improbable situations and where the real tension lies with the viewer wondering how long it will be before he pulls his hair out with frustration.

The relationships were so similar, it was intriguing.

It also has a certain arty appeal (to me anyways), the filming is done in a way that it's compelling to watch.

This movie is one of the amazing movie and has unexpected ending.

But, overall, it's a fun and intriguing story, certainly not your typical, run-of-the-mill standard plot.

The film with mysteries and unexpected responses in its atmosphere.

It is one of those non-violent, but yet thrilling film that makes this one quite unusual and entertaining.

An intense film with great acting .

Most reviews, unsurprisingly, focus on the fact that the film is an English language remake of L'Appartement which was certainly a very stylish, highly original and entertaining thriller.

with flashbacks and character intro and perspectives on certain situation during the movie was quite interesting to see, plus how the story unravel very much satisfied me as it was totally unexpected...

It was extremely predictable and completely mind numbing.

The movie is a one-of-a kind romance that people may find confusing due to how the narrative of the story is being told through flashbacks and in a non-linear fashion.

I just saw this movie on cable yesterday during my traditional "its New Years day and lets watch the worst movies on HBO that you can stand" day.

The unpredictable plot, witch controls the audience 100% and gives in one step at a time, together with the (in) credible acting produces an extraordinary feeling.

First 45 minutes of Wicker park I was forcing myself into looking at the TV because I found it very boring...

I saw this movie and thought it really was a waste of money.

The way the film progresses, reflects the disjointed mind of the main protagonists as some sort of misfortune seems to keep the two main lovers apart whilst a second romance continuously fails to materialize.

Love drives some people to do crazy, insane things in Scottish director Paul McGuigan's new movie "Wicker Park," a confusing, often exasperating, flashback-within-a-flashback, pseudo- erotic thriller about relationships that relies heavily on mistaken identities, improbable coincidences, and unrequited romance.

Whoa, this is THE worst movie I've seen in a looooong time.

I'm not saying the way the flashbacks are done are totally smooth or the best in cinema- but they didn't affect my enjoyment, despite momentary confusion!

It has a very intriguing plot, and the flashback presentation works very, very well.

The first hour of this film is completely dull and several people sitting in front of me walked out.

It's also boring as hell and you don't even get to see Josh Harnett's arse, which would at least have provided some titillation.

This American copy of L'Appartement (from 1995) is as slow as it gets, when Americans copy a brilliant European or Asian movie.

Anyway It doesn't matter, this should be done to make the film exciting.

Enjoyable, different from ads .

Either the movie moves very slow and never picks up the pace, or I simply just can't relate to the movie.

Intriguing movie .

If you're not paying attention, then it can be confusing at first.

It is also very complicated and exciting film.

The film was done decently, the direction was not bad, but it appeared confusing at times, with the cluttered script, thus the atmosphere was not anything special, though it should have been.

This movie reminded me of Hitchcock's "Vertigo", because of the confusing sequence of scenes.


I found this film so tedious that I was unable to watch the end and changed channels 3 minutes before the closing credits fidgety and cross at having wasted my time.

She is easily quite stunning in her own right.

First of all, with all due respect, Diane Kruger is utterly forgettable and bland.

This is a compelling, intricate and clever film, and I thoroughly recommend it.

An intriguing surprise...

It would at times get confusing and it was hard to pick up from an event right after a flashback.

Nevertless, they are easily forgiven for the sake of entertaining.


The plot is see-through and predictable.

This is a part tailored to his tortured looks and he conveys the anguish and confusion of his character very well.

Basically it was a pretty predictable movie, but was shot well and was entertaining.

8 out of 10Wicker Park was definitely enjoyable for me.

Elements of obsession and confusion weave their way into the plot line, while the movie maneuvers through a series of plot twists.

riveting, thoughtful and oh so sweet .

I especially felt that Rose Byrne's (Alex) performance was very deep and compelling.

I also watched this film not knowing much about it and not knowing what to expect, what i got was an entertaining romantic thriller.

I'm sorry but for my personal taste, this movie has no real plot, just an idea inside scenes...

The most entertaining movie i've watched this year is most definitely this one it actually keeped me guessing up till the end.

if you want to see something exciting, i suggest you watch paint dry rather than endure this "movie" (again i use this term loosely).

Director Paul McGuigan is certainly intriguing in his methods here; choosing to tell the story in a half-Memento-esquire enigma, veering back and forth between flashbacks and the present day.

It was suspenseful, even "gripping", with a touching and romantic plot.

The film jumps between past and present, showing the important scenes from the perspective of Matt and somebody else, painting an intriguing story about the love and obsession.

I want to compare the film with "The Butterfly Effect", but not because of the confused time-lines and unpredictable story.

Rose Byrne, a more interesting Troy alum, is, er, interesting as Alex, and Matthew Lillard is engaging if a bit old as Mathew's best buddy Luke.

This film's tempo is slow to a crawl, when you pretty much guess what's going to happen next, the Director tosses around flashbacks to explain the silly way everyone acts in this movie, this makes the story unnecessarily long and tedious to watch, a 30 minute short film would have served the story in a much more respectful manner for the audience and more than enough to convey the general premise.

the passion is intense and can be felt on every scene, you just feel it as you look closely into the characters that the artist have made themselves of.

So all in all, the movie bored me.

This movie invoked a lot of emotions from me & I was on the edge of my seat cheering him on & even though I am VERY against cheating, I was so annoyed by his fiancé who popped up in the dramatic scene in the airport & was telling her to go away!

enjoyed it.

It's full of complexities and though aspects of the film are confusing and there are many plot contrivances that wouldn't happen unless they were happening in a movie, it's still a really good movie and a must see.

Just a forewarning to those who might want to turn this movie off after it's slow start--Don't!

It was filmed uniquely but in the most entertaining way possible.

In the beginning it seemed like an ordinary movie to me, a little boring even.

I don't think anybody would start working on a film thinking: 'hey, let's make something stupid, boring and fundamentally flawed'.

good movie, overall - totally unexpected .

The movie was too predictable, and lack of entertainment.

I expected another tasteless conveyor belt romantic comedy and was braced to stand one hour or two of complete boredom.

A stunning performance in a brilliant film.

This movie is nothing extremely special, but it is entertaining and will leave you guessing from start to very end.

this movie is long, boring, pointless, i could go on.

You have to make it past the first 20 minutes or so, which just feel like a slow, boring, badly acted movie.

I have to admit, I typically fall asleep watching chick flicks because they typically don't keep my attention.

Unbelievably boring 'til the end.

The first five minutes bored the hell out of me.

And while some people might think the ending is the cliché of all clichés, I thought that, emotionally, it was absolutely right and the only possible way to end the film.

I highly recommend it.

And unfortunately, this fairly interesting cast is unable to rise above the banal script and plot implausibilities.

And here I had the idea that the screenwriter and director were intentionally playing it real crafty, particularly with an excess of flashbacks, to the point that it got very confusing, particularly in the first half of the film.

"Wicker Park" is an absorbing romantic mystery about lost love, obsession and tangled relationships and the puzzle at the heart of its convoluted story is made more interesting by its non-linear narrative.

The acting is convincing and the storyline compelling, and Cliff Martinez's music is perfect for the feel of the film.

It gets more confusing.

I dare say this is one of the most enjoyable movies I've watched.

What a waste of time.

But one of my problems is that the director tried to make everything just a little too artsy, and it was obvious he was patting himself on the back after every "artistic" use of slow motion and rotating cameras.

Whicker park started off pretty slow, but as the film progressed the twists and turns just got more numerous and intriguing.

The movie dragged on a bit too.

Dull, dull, dull .

The dialog is dull, stilted, and completely forgettable.

The extra explanation to his rich-girlfriend make him looked weaker than ever and is a waste of time.

*Unbelievably boring 'til the end.

Every time you thought everything would work out, something random would happen and we-the audience, would be back, leaning in the chair, waiting for the next exciting scene.

This makes the film a little bit boring.

The ending of the movie may be regarded as cliché, which I would agree with.

He's an appealing mixture here of burgeoning suavity à la Peck and puppy-dog confusion à la Perkins.


Editing was often confusing and seemed to attempt thriller, suspenseful shots when they were not actually warranted.

at the first 45 minutes, I don't know where the movie will take me, but after that this movie really enjoyable and makes me sit in front of TV until the end of movie, i never saw a perfect movie like this.

This may be my new "worst movie ever", and I don't take that title lightly.

Nothing happens!

Wicker Park tells a story of love, obsession, confusion, betrayal, turmoil and the human heart.

Josh Hartnett was a big bore as the main character as was Diane Kruger who played his leading lady.

Make sure to bring a blankie and a pillow tho cuz in the first hour you will probably fall asleep.

i was on the edge of my seat until the end, to be honest id had a couple of glasses of wine and as i am anyway quite an emotional person, i was rather teary eyed by the end.

And it seemed more believable and intriguing too thanks to the wonderful acting of Belucci and Cassel.

The DVD of L'APPARTEMENT is readily available and is one of the most exciting mystery films ever made in Europe, rivalling Hitchcock's VERTIGO (1958) and indeed partially derived from it, even to the extent of having similar theme music as a conscious act of homage.

Boring and hard to watch in my opinion.

Suddenly, the movie starts morphing into Fatal Attraction - so naturally I expect a suspenseful or violent conclusion.

His bland, monotone performance had a lot to do with lessening my enjoyment of this film.

My wife and I enjoyed it.

There was a scene near the end, when he goes to meet Lisa at the park, and you're so sure this is it, the movie is only a drawn out diatribe on the pointless futility of romance - and soul mates.. finding true love...

It was boring, took forever and I couldn't believe it ever left the cutting room this way.. I don't usually like people trashing movies when reviewing them because that seems really mean to all those who contributed to the process.

Engaging drama/thriller about loss and the possibility of moving on .

Implausible But Engaging .

It is a romantic drama, and a long and slow moving one at that.

A chick flick worth watching!.

The last movie I had to think of was "Vanilla Sky", with its similar confusion about two different girls.

Such an unexpected gem of a movie.

As I am no romantic films fan, I was disappointed by the slow pace, as well as by the acting.

This film ends up being predictable, downright silly and boring...

Stinker - very slow - not worth $7 .

Too many flashbacks and a little boring .

Josh Harnet is a very good looking male, but he never seems to be able to capture an audience, as I saw this film specifically for him and found the plot pretty engaging the the two female leads far superior to him.

Mediocre & rather confusing .

This movie began slow, drug on for what seemed like hours, and had me more confused than I have been in a looooong time!

Other than that, however, "Wicker Park" is a very good movie: visually hypnotic, emotionally compelling, and intellectually challenging.

Unfortunately, I could not keep track of how many people walked out behind me.

The difficult labyrinthine nature for which the plot is told could frustrate some, but I found the direction rather compelling in how Byrne, in particular, unfolds before us as a bone of contention against Hartnett and Krueger.

It was a really enjoyable movie although starting out, I wouldn't have guessed.

Misunderstandings, coincidences and deception all play their parts in what takes place and its neat twists add enormously to the enjoyment of watching this rather intense and often unpredictable drama.

And in the end it was all so simple and uninteresting...

You're on the edge of your seat the whole time even though some thing are pretty obvious.

It is unconventional and delightfully devoid of cliché.

Overall I give it a 9 out of 10 despite some of its shortcomings because personally, I just really, really enjoyed it.

This made for a much more complicated and intense relationship between all of the main characters.

The movie kept me on the edge of my seat!

It is disgusting how predictable these movies have become.

Intense .

I would even say that Byrne does the more compelling job.

But it's worth watching.

A stunning hit with a touch of originality.

The airport scene,was wonderful it kept you on the edge of your seats,as you wait..will they find each other or will they lose each other again, and yes he looks at her with his boyish yummy looks and touches her face...

a fascinating surprise .

This movie had a good premise but the beginning was to slow and to confusing and just couldn't make you care.

The movie trailer a few months back really made this movie sound like a thriller, very suspenseful.

The voice reminds Matthew of the girlfriend he hasn't been able to banish from his memories, Lisa (Diane Kruger), who inexplicably walked out on him.

It reminded me a bit of "Lost in Translation" or "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind": quiet, enjoyable, romantic, intelligent, one of those films that keeps you thinking for some time after having left the theater.

Serious yet offering mystery and gripping scene.

It has romance, thrilling and emotional moments, eye Candy (for guys and girls no less).

But then it changed into very good detective story so thrilling that I had to remind myself to breathe.

There's a lot going on and the slow slow quick quick action really made it wonderful to see how life really happens.

The thriller is mind blowing and would be a tragedy not to watch.

2 scenes with him in particular that moved me: the ending scene, and the scene where he stares into an empty wall(into the camera) after Lisa's left him.

An Engaging Drama .

The plot was very very predictable not to mention extremely slow in getting to the point, of which EVERYONE could guess, and waited more than necessary to get to.

I especially felt that Rose Byrne's (Alex) performance was very deep and compelling.

I kept expecting something really disturbing to fulfill the idea of this being a thriller, and nothing happened.

It's an endless circle, pointless, with a good intention that does not make for a good movie experience.

I was expecting a film that would follow the cliché's....

Matthew Lillard was much more enjoyable playing Scooby-Doo's buddy Shaggy than passing as the movie Matthew's hapless friend.

The movie is too contrived and in trying to surprise the viewer, it makes the movie quite clichéd.

He's an appealing mixture here of burgeoning suavity à la Peck and puppy-dog confusion à la Perkins.

The story simply goes forever and scene by scene it becomes so confusing that a viewer gets lost very easily.

I have read several reviews that say this movie is just too confusing to understand and/or enjoy.

Overall, pretty entertaining for a couple on a nice little date...

Predictable and Boring...

Which makes the movie predictable just like the rest.

A person who watch the film can have the three feeling first part s/he can bored, after a little time passes s/he can feel gripping, and the final part s/he can really love this film.

It was so slow and there were so many flashbacks (not confusing though) that I just wanted to scream "get on with it!

It was very fantastic and this movie of course is worth watching.

It has some unexpected twists and is not too predictable.

Rose Byrne, a more interesting Troy alum (she was the feisty Berseis), is, er, interesting as Alex, and Matthew Lillard is engaging if a bit old as Mathew's best buddy Luke.

In conclusion, don't waste your money on this Film.

I found the story fascinating, the look stylish, and the music haunting.

This is the most exciting film about love.

Also, it was a gripping film.

In the beginning it was slow and I was wondering if the story was going anywhere.

Although it was not entirely as I had expected, it was still an engaging and interesting film.

From start to finish, this was a highly contrived exercise in film style more than a thoughtful character study or romantic drama.

It is worth watching!

I really thought it was fascinating that one man is obsessed with a woman, while another woman is obsessed with him altogether.

This movie was a big waste of money...

all in all this is really worth watching!

But I liked the unexpected twist, like for the first hour I totally thought cynically about Alex, so I was happy I was totally wrong.

The story is fascinating and surely will keep you hooked until the very end.

The storyline from there onwards is fascinating.


If you look for something entertaining on a higher level, maybe on a cold Winter's evening, that's your movie.

This movie is really worth watching.

This might be the worst movie ever.

But the movie starts a little bit slow and at the ending everything becomes so complicated and so fast.

Few plots have seemed more contrived and less realistic than this one.

The direction was interesting, the acting passable, the script absorbing.

If they dragged the story line out any longer, I'd have had to throw myself off the balcony of the theater.

There are some truly compelling images in the movie.

Once again, we have a movie that is more exciting in its basic ideas than satisfying in its execution.

The movie is confusing throughout the first half, and then they quickly give a rundown of the little things you missed in the first half at the end.

Oh My GOD - what a waste of 90 minutes of my life...

They could've just left his name out of the movie, but in the typical Memento fashion (though botched here), they left it open-ended and confusing as hell.

The girls are mildly hot, the acting is very poor, and there is no plot.

Having him standing outside in the snow looking up at her in the window with Hartnett therefore was a waste of screen time, as it led to nothing, whereas in the French original it has catastrophic consequences, and the lover's psychopathic jealousy is an integral part of the story.

It's a little hard to follow, this is not a movie you can breeze through, and it does require concentration to fully appreciate it.

It's a waste of money, and i don't understand how this director gets credit.

I have to say that no one walked out on the movie so I guess we were all a bit intrigued to see where this slow mover would take us.

First of all, I though that this drama will be boring (like most of them).

The story line is intriguing.

The premise of obsession and a missing person is certainly compelling and fans of such films deserve not to have their intelligence insulted.

I am not against nudity, but it was totally pointless in the movie from my point of view.

In short, a boring, yawn-inducing mess.