Wild Card (2015) - Action, Crime, Drama

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When a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal skills and a gambling problem gets in trouble with the mob, he has one last play...and it's all or nothing.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Simon West
Stars: Jason Statham, Michael Angarano
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 38 out of 141 found boring (26.95%)

One-line Reviews (129)


Wild Card gambles its drama for pointless action.

The action scenes are OK but at the same time predictable and recycled to a degree, that's simply not all that exciting.

Bland .

If you don't like that because of cliché, one-dimensional characters, or predictable fights, Wild Card is not for you.

And since he usually do appear in some good, wholesome entertaining action movies, albeit generic action movies, then I thought that this was going to be one more of those.

It's a little slow, but it was worth watching.

A pretty good, but cliché action-ish film .

If you sit back and let proceedings wash over you it's an enjoyable piece of cinema made so mainly by the lead star and some tidy direction.

I'm wild to see this As you might expect from a Statham movie we have a very tongue in cheek opening which while being very predictable did bring something akin to a wry smile to my face .

Could have been so much better, intense, interesting.

Boring, Boring, Boring, Gone.

Slow, exhausting and less than I had expected.

Don't waste your time with this film, you couldn't pay me to watch it again.

I gave it a 6/10 because i enjoyed it, only because of the fight scenes.

It has Christmas music (because the film takes place at Christmas), and as cliché as shooting people to Christmas music is (cauchcaughEverly) I enjoyed it.

the movie moves along at a snail's pace and you almost die of boredom waiting for something to happen.

that's a bit mad' rather than fully engaging with their characters.

And then we have a boring and uninteresting character of Cyrus, a guy who wants to befriend Nick, and who takes up lots of screen time for no apparent reason.

She is emotionless, monotone and bland.

There are a number of secondary characters that have interesting appearances but most of the subplots end up going nowhere.

The movie is enjoyable because of the fight scenes portrait in it.

This one is rather enjoyable though.

It was almost enough for me to recommend it, but ultimately the waste of a talented secondary cast and the disjointed subplots left me wanting more.

"Wild Card" is a very slow paced movie.

Jason Statham : Intense Performance 2.

In any case, I thought this was an enjoyable film and I have rated it accordingly.

I do believe this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

All the characters were interesting and as much as I like the great fight scenes I also enjoyed seeing an unexpected Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara (looking incredible) and lots of Vegas shots.

The movie had no ups and downs, it was the same steadily boring nothing disrupted by cool fight scenes every now and then.

The story of a tough guy with identity issues would have been a great opportunity to create something unique, but it was just dull.

boring .

And if only the actions in most action films could be as intense and satisfying and jaw-dropping as this one.

Boring .

So slow that it borders heavily on being boring.

Overall I enjoyed it despite it having some flaws.

It is a boring going nowhere movie.

It was predictable more than a Walt Disney film.

Yes, action scenes are tremendous, exciting, not for ladies.

So yes, it is a fast paced action movie that is worth watching.

It has a 50s meets 70s feel, it's scored with groovy, slow versions of Christmas songs and it's very very cool.

Unfortunately it never quite reaches the heights of its ambitions, the film being unable to conjure up something special, unexpected, original enough to put it over the top.

But still entertaining enough to make it worth a rental.

With such a section of the beginning of the film's action focusing on her, any hope at engaging with the film is null and void.

Jason then ties up the bad guys and his women friend gets her revenge on them and all she does is scare them with Scissors and then she leaves them there tied up and then her and Jason just walk away Casually like Nothing Happened!.

The things start pretty well with an unexpected twist to the "lout bothering girls at a bar" cliché.

Getting to watch Statham beat up a gang of mobsters with a spoon and a butter knife is the highlight of the film, but the rest of the movie feels disjointed and disconnected.

One word review: Boring.

It's entertaining, it's engaging and it's a Jason Statham film, what exactly were people expecting from a Statham film?

it was a bit slow in the beginning.

The choreography and execution of these fights were breathtaking.

If this plot description sounds convoluted and hard to follow, it's because it is.

The story is very interesting, and with some talented actors, the film excels overall in entertaining the viewer.

boring, drawn out and that's it really .

I now know why the movie got a low rating, despite being enjoyable .

I have to say it was really entertaining, patient viewers will be rewarded!

It was a considerably more entertaining film, Final comment.

Still worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

The supporting characters were also really bland in this film and didn't add anything.

Nothing award winning or original from Goldman this time around, but the story is still enjoyable.

This movie has crisp occasionally humorous dialogue, sexy women, intense, really well choreographed fight scenes, some decent characters, and a fairly lightweight plot.

He was decent in this film its just that I've seen him deliver this performance so many times that i'm a little bored of it.

The gambling part is quite boring.

Just when I thought Statham was choosing better roles as he got older and more experienced, he still settles for annoyingly dull rubbish like this.

So it's well worth seeing, and a bit of a return to form from Statham, who's recent films have been a little on the bland side.

One of the most entertaining Statham films that I've seen for some time.

After testing his dramatic skills in the engaging film "Hummingbird" and getting his act together again in "Homefront" after the reasonable disappointing films "Parker" and "Safe", he is now back with a straightforward hardcore action movie.

very slowly paced, lot of useless scenes (driving in the city, walking in the casinos and playing black-jack for minutes, seriously??

The film was also Boring and it moved at a slow pace,so if you are expecting to see a fast action packed film I warn You DON'T Watch This Film or you will be disappointed.

This movie is just way to fast and boring.

Real life is often unexpected and forever changing its course.

based upon William Goldman's novel Heat, with it being, much like it's predecessors, instantly forgettable, with bog- standard action scenes, but for the most part enjoyable enough to withstand ones' attention for the course of its' run-time.

Overall, however, brute sensationalism in a rather mundane plot limits the sum total of Wild Card.

The film also has a considerably strong start that makes one think where in for a one heck of an unpredictable journey only for much of the films good work to become undone in an overly complicated and unfulfilling middle act.

The start is slow, should have cut and started with the (spoilers) hospital scene.

The moment I start handing out pseudo punches myself, means to me that the action is entertaining enough.

With confusing script, it's hard to feel any sympathy for the characters.

A total waste of time ...

I like Statham and this has to be one of the most entertaining of his films that I've seen in a long time.

The action scenes in this film, while there are a few, are very exciting to watch.

Fight scenes and a lot of boredom .

Instead we get too many scenes of guzzling vodka and an extended blackjack scene that is so predictable, it's actually kind of annoying to watch.

There were a lot of blackjack scenes, which in fairness, were quite exciting.

One level-plot: with an exception of the couple of high-digitally edited fight scenes the movie is a complete waste of time And full of clicheès - with the inevitable happy-ending and the hero rides towards the setting sun...

I think the reason the film has received negative reviews is because one goes into this movie looking for a Vegas action movie, and they get a character study which are movies that many people find boring—particularly someone looking for a movie like "21" (2008).

Wild Card is a better movie than I expected, don't get me wrong it's not movie of the year, but it's kind of good and entertaining.

The plot is very predictable and given away completely by the trailer.

Had me on the edge of my seat from the moment that flick began.

I will conclude saying the actors where all very enjoyable, the music is nice, the filming is great, and the story is enjoyable enough.

Sure it features Statham dishing out copious amounts of whoop ass but the films plot weaves and arcs in some unexpected directions making this movie a gripping watch.

Nicky, played by Jason Statham, is a man who has been in Las Vegas far too long.

movie is very slow in the start , lot of conversations till 35 mints.

Jason does eventually go after the Men that attacked his friend but it took so long to get to that point that I got bored waiting and When Jason beats up the bad guys it just came across as Ridiculous and the fight looked so Fake.

Struggled to get to the end of the film, like watching paint dry.

At first glance, I thought this was going to be one of those hard to follow Las Vegas action movies like "Smokin' Aces" (2006).

Reasonably cool, enjoyable blokes movie.

In all honesty this movie has no story whatsoever.

But Statham always looks so convincing in long drawn out perfectly executed fighting scenes that I just can't get it over my heart to give this movie less than 6/10.

Slow, boring, bad music.

Jason Statham is supposed to be this compulsive gambler living in Las Vegas working as a fixer thanks to his special skills, but we would't actually know these things about the character until about forty minutes into the film so everything leading up to that seems like a waste of time.

But the story was slow and hard to get into.

The Blackjack scenes in the casino are riveting and a certain scene involving some garden shears had me on the edge of my seat with legs tightly crossed.

Very boring, the Nicks character is far from consistent - you could put it in any other Jason Statham - movie and you wouldn't notice.

This Film was stupid and it had No story.

These twists help make it that much more enjoyable.

The action and fight scenes in this film were very intense and very well choreographed because of the legendary Cory Yuen, who choreographed the fight and action scenes in films like "The Expendables", "X-Men", "The Man With The Iron Fists", and "The Transporter".

Incoherent and rather dull .

A plethora of pointless slow motion snoozefests.

Statham is given too much to act, so that he generally looks rather bored throughout.

Fun action scenes, but too few for a disjointed film like this one .

The fight scenes were brutal and compelling.

It was a very entertaining movie.

The story is more than a bit disjointed and the characters actions completely nonsensical.

It was the story that dragged the movie down, because director Simon West took forever to get nowhere.

Both Milo Ventimiglia and Michael Angarano while entertaining look a little uncomfortable age wise in their respective roles.

I was hoping for a more in depth conclusion, but it felt rushed, which made it uninteresting and unexpected (in a bad way).

All in all I had a entertaining time with this movie.

) and a much more enjoyable and memorable movie.

Bland film overall; There are several other films in Statham's discography much more worth your time, whether it be the action or the story.

Not Statham's best, but still a entertaining flick .

the usual case, the enemy is too ordinary, too easily defeated, too easy to get money again after bankruptcy, and the ending is confusing I don't know what's happening to him really, he need to choose the right movie before saying yes to be the main star of it, Bad movie.

Simon West has directed several mediocre action films, but I will always have respect for his most entertaining film, Con Air.

Enjoyable .

All in all this is played up like an action film, delivered halfheartedly as a drama and barely worth watching unless you have nothing being to do and admire Jason Statham.

As for the slower parts just the fact Statham is there helps a lot.

Statham's struggles with alcohol and gambling, and his stated intent to leave Vegas forever, provide the film with an incredibly disjointed and lightweight story from the pen of someone as decorated as William Goldman.

There were a lot of scenarios in this film that seemed quite pointless because they didn't exactly fit in and the characters also felt pointless, and we had no idea who these individuals were as people because we didn't learn any details about them; they felt like small-time scenes to fill the gaps to meet the runtime requirements.

even though it has the basic ingredients to make it entertaining.