Wild Wild West (1999) - Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

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The two best special agents in the Wild West must save President Grant from the clutches of a diabolical, wheelchair-bound, steampunk-savvy, Confederate scientist bent on revenge for losing the Civil War.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Will Smith, Kevin Kline
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 153 out of 608 found boring (25.16%)

One-line Reviews (390)

What a waste of time for Will Smith and Kevin Kline!

"Wild Wild West" qualifies as one of the worst movies ever adapted from a groundbreaking TV show.

Wild Wild West is an entertaining piece of film that showcases the popularity of Will Smith.

Parts of it were entertaining and funny, and the crowd seemed to be having a good time.

I thought that this was a very funny, slick, and entertaining movie.

Don't waste your time on this - go see the Mummy for action or South park for comedy.

Incredible lightness --- boring.

It is entertaining and funny, with superb acting from Kline and Smith.

It was bad, boring and very forgettable.

The action is fairly fast paced and doesn't get too bogged down anywhere.

It would seem to be impossible to make a boring movie when your stars are Will Smith and Kevin Kline.

The idea of seeing all those well orchestrated, and at times visually stunning effects against an Old West backdrop was the only refreshing and original element in the film ...

This movie is a boring, stupid excuse for a movie.

I've read several reviews on this film, and all say that it was horrible, but with this sort of film it's not meant to be taken as seriously as it was, it has some good moments, however the bit I found most annoying with this film was Selma Hayek's' continuous "oh he's so" when referring to Jim West (will smith) it was tedious, it could've been so much funnier (and less annoying) just near the end she could said "impetuous, courageous, and graceful, all he needs now is patience and he's the perfect man" this would've been a lot more funnier.

Yawn .

I'm not exactly sure what was supposed to be good about this movie, but I was bored for the entire 45 minutes I forced myself to endure this thing.

But other then its extremeily untrue to the show I liked it because it was enjoyable to watch.

All up, a most enjoyable movie of great richness.

It's hammy, it's cheesy, it's predictable - what were you expecting from a movie with an 80" tarantula.

Selma Hayek is fine but woefully underutilized, and all players are at the mercy of an unfunny, ham-fisted and sometimes tedious script.

If you ask me, "Wild Wild West" does have some reasonable action sequences, and I definitely did occasionally find myself in mild suspense, but overall, it fails as an action movie, as most of it doesn't work, and is just plain boring.

Not as funny as MiB or Bad Boys, but he is entertaining.

Will Smith was on the mark, Kevin Kline was on the mark, the story was pretty good, and the visuals were stunning.

And so, I say this was entertaining.

Preposterous and silly plot with predictable mayhem that results in one of the biggest over produced pieces of junk to be released all year.

Worst movie of the year, nope .

Don't waste your time with this irrelevant little movie.

It's downright confusing as to how such enormously talented people could come together and go so awry in their endeavors.

WWW is mostly offensive, dull and poorly written.

It was actually entertaining in a good way.

Will Smith is himself minus the funny jokes, and Kevin Kline was a victim of the bad direction and the boring dialog.

Save your money and watch it on cable.

This has to be all of the main actors very worst movie.

The effects (not just the mechanical spider, but also the removal of Kenneth Branagh's lower half) were very well done, and the film was well-paced, witty and entertaining.

I enjoyed it and I believe if you haven't seen it you should.

The plot went nowhere and the characterization hardly subtle or clever.

Great actors produce zero chemistry and a dead, boring clunker .

I was expecting some big climax with explosions but it was instead boring.

you know, I went and saw this movie with a mate of mine and my wife, it was totally awesome, such a fun movie full of humour - we all enjoyed it.

More like a Wild Wild BORE!

If you're looking for a fun, exciting, good movie, this is not it.

Kevin Kline is wasted, Will Smith is uninteresting, Selma Hayek is tacked on, and Kenneth Branagh is shrill.

Nothing happens, and it can be very hard to watch.

The idea of seeing all those well orchestrated, and at times visually stunning effects against an Old West backdrop was the only refreshing and original element in the film ...

Too loud, too in-your-face, predictable, and please no more computer effects.

Slow, derivative, and boring.

But those movies were exciting and had somewhat of a plot and were funny.

The lucky streak that has seen both Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith hit box office gold for their last several movies apart ("Addams Family Values"/"Get Shorty" & "ID4"/"Enemy of the State" - respectively) and one together ("Men in Black") comes to a scene chewing, badly scored and just plain dull end the Fourth of July, 1999.

"Wild Wild West" has perhaps the most uninspiring soundtrack I have heard in a long time.

You can bash every movie for faults but what you should really be judging is whether it was entertaining or not.

I may however have missed some interesting moments because I actually fell asleep for a short period!!

For those who saw this film probably really enjoyed it thats why they watched it.

The back story that the sextet of scribes drummed up for James West is equally as contrived.

So boring!

Unfortunately, this is not remotely as exhilarating as any of those films, and while often inventive and engaging, it pretty much falls flat.

I wouldn't waste your time and hard earned cash to watch this film.

And it was infinitely more enjoyable than that over-hyped pile of trash, The Phantom Menace.

Funny, entertaining and...

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

In fact, the music is dull.

It may not be among the worst Hollywood has to offer, or even the worst movie adaptation of a TV series(that honor goes to McHale's Navy).

The jokes are so predictable, particularly with how we know the woman will be real and not Kline in disguise.

It's a great show, an exciting movie with terrific actors (Kevin Kline and Kenneth Brannagh were excellent in their roles) and impressive FX.

to be entertaining.

Unfortunately, it's surrounded by so much pointless film.

All the stunts and fight scenes were so contrived and badly choreographed I found myself constantly shaking my head.

See the trailer, save your money.

) lines and the pointless violence, that they'd manage to squeeze some kind of a plot in there.

I'm going to get to my likes and dislikes about this film: My likes: I liked how this movie was action packed the fight's were nicely done although most of the action in this movie is done by will smith not kevin kline.

After an hour into the film, I was bored and slightly mad at myself for wasting $9.50 after ALL my friends had told me to stay away from the film.

Casting Kenneth Branagh as a legless villain must have seemed comical on paper, but the special effects buffoonery grows as tiresome and tedious as gibes about handicapped people and blacks.

Don't waste your money!

a little preachy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I fell asleep half way through it first time watching it, second time i actually managed to stay awake only because i wanted to see if the movie was worth at least an eight...

It was exactly what i thought it would be like,it had beautiful stunning scenery,cool gadgets,a massive mechanical spider,amazing action scenes,beautiful stunning sets & the highest production quality & a cool evil fun villain & Will Smith being the coolest he's ever been on screen in my opinion.

WWW has a good on-running plot and even when the jokes aren't coming, it is enjoyable.

Arliss is an entertaining villain and I gravitated towards him simply because he sought out to do what I wanted to do, kill Jim West.

Smith is even more boring and less character than when he was in ID4.

I was the only one who enjoyed it at the time of its release.

Slow it down.

Don't waste your money.

Considering the rich possibilities offered by the original series' ideas, this dull, misguided movie is an outright heartbreak, along the lines of the similarly botched 'Avengers' train wreck.

v series, so you cant call it a cliche.

With the central dramatic hook gone, WILD WILD WEST is reduced to being a formulaic action film.

The action's too sparse to ever be thrilling, the editing is incompetent (anybody else wonder how that one "indestructible" henchman suddenly met his demise at the end?

Waste of time .

Kenneth Branagh must be the worse thing in this movie, he does so much overacting that it was unbearable.

Not great, but entertaining .

However, the music is brilliant, and, being a music fan myself, I enjoyed all of the score from start to finish, and the special effects are particularly enjoyable, culminating in Loveless' giant mechanical spider, which is animated very competently.

Kevin Kline can be wonderfully goofy - see "A Fish Called Wanda" - or, if the script is bad enough, he can be the boring, two-dimensional caricature he is in this movie.

And the climax with the mechanical spider was badly drawn out, not helped by the poor design of the spider itself.

Worst movie ever.

If you don't take it too seriously, Its a fun and entertaining film.

Kline's performance is nothing to write home about, but he does his best with the mundane role he has been given here.

"Wild Wild West" seems to have gotten a really bad reputation as one of the worst movies ever made.

It was on Monday evening, and it was exciting to see a movie two days before the general public.

I found the first half hour so slow and uneventful that I was soon suffering from extreme boredom, the small amount of material in the scenes nowhere near enough in quantity to keep us interested for such a long amount of time.

perhaps one of the worst movies i have ever seen -- boring, cliched, poorly acted and cheesey affects.

Wild Wild West is a visually stunning film, from Michael Ballhaus's photography to Bo Welch's production design.

I actually walked out of the movie before it was over, and I suspect that audiences everywhere will experience a similar impulse.

Don't waste your money.

Probably the biggest waste of talent and money since "Ishtar".

This movie is a waste of time!

It is a very entertaining movie with impressive special effects and creative gadgets.

I have watched it several times and it is a very entertaining action/comedy/fantasy.

I left the theater feeling sorry for Kevin Kline and Will Smith, for associating themselves with such garbage.

The is Slow but Some What entertaining .

Do not see it, save your money.

Predictable yet worth watching once .

I saw the seemingly disjointed relationship between Jim West and Artemus Gordan as nothing more than two people with dissimilar backgrounds and opinions being thrust together for the first time, and gradually becoming friends.

The special effects are overblown to say the least, plus the plot is really predictable.

Do not try to compare it to the old TV series (I love them) its a completly different style and look, see it as a new movie, just a fun movie, entertaining.

It's considered to be almost universally bad, and many people would probably put it up there with Batman & Robin as one of the worst movies ever.

With good actors playing stupid and pointless people.

Boring action-comedy .

Now, let's be frank, the plot is basic at best and predictable most of the way through the film, the script is abysmal, and the general feel of the movie is a great concept which was executed at a sub-par level.

There were some pretty entertaining fight scenes, and usually if the action is good, I'm ok, because it's a genre movie.

Save your money and do something productive with 2 hours of your time.

Smith has an engaging persona and WWW capitalizes on that factor.

One of the worst movies that I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot!

When i seen the mechanic spider, i wonder, how can they do it, it so real and exciting.

Along for the ride is a giant mechanical tarantula, President Grant, and the stunning, gorgeous, lovely, and just plain old hot Salma Hayek.

Wild Wild West is very predictable.

Arliss Loveless is a very boring and sometimes irritating villain.


The action scenes (or what was supposed to be action) were dull, the dialogue was taken right out of Toy Story, and the story was, well let"s just say, YAWN....

If you waste your money, too, be prepared to watch one disconnected scene after another, a spectrum of improbable (and unfunny) gadgetry, and some rather nasty zero-humor scenes.

I found it, very entertaining, despite its huge flaws.

I cannot imagine there being a bigger waste of talent and money being put on film in the next few months.

Underrated and Enjoyable .

His poor acting and basic boredom he brings the viewer ruins any chance of the film being remotely interesting.

I was so bored out of my mind, I tore apart my soda cup to keep my brain from melting away.

The movie kinda dragged, and I found myself looking at my watch many times throughout the movie, which wasn't a good sign.

In WWW, you only had to watch the first scene after the credits to get a sense of, "uh-oh" (the very first scene, of a man hunted by a flying metal disc, was actually intriguing).

They're meant to be enjoyable ...

The beautiful Selma Hayek, always a pleasure to watch was dreadful and dull in this feature and the magnificent Kenneth Branaugh, was a true dud in this movie.

I started falling asleep during it, the sheer laziness of the film must have been making me feel tired.


The love triangle is underdeveloped, pointless, and stupid.

The film DID have a strong start, but it gets just a little boring afterwards.

However, having now seen the film, I am pleased to report that I really enjoyed it.

In short this is the worst movie I have ever seen,and it makes the Awful Men in Black 2 look like a classic.

I do admit though, Salma Hayek's acting was weak and made her character boring.

There is a good scene where Smith fights off a number of bizarre, zombie-like henchmen, but the action is poorly-lit and, like other sections of the film, somewhat confusing.


Smith was his usual enjoyable self.

But it was entertaining and funny in the "completely-bad-brainless-junk-to-waste-an-hour-and-a-half" sort of way.

Instead, I saw a disjointed movie with no plot, no humor, and no resemblance to the original series.

Fun, exciting and humorous .

But Sonnenfeld learned a lot from Danny DeVito and the Cohen Brothers when he was their cinematographer, how to make a fun and exciting film.

The worst movie I have seen in some time.

Despite a few dull moments, the script is witty and amusing, and the characters, absurd as they are, are always consistent.

Save your money and watch the Wild Wild West video on MTV a couple of times - you'll have more fun.

Worst movie I've seen in a while.

The musical score was also a complete failure; it was flat, unimaginative, boring and unengaging.

" and it got slower and slower until Artemus Gordon's invention showed the professor's last image of General McGrath.

Wild Wild West is lively adventure that is completely enjoyable!

The last film I saw directed by Barry Sonnenfield before seeing his latest film, "Wild Wild West" was his adaptation of the popular Elmore Leonard novel, "Get Shorty," a superbly funny and enjoyable film boasting a good cast including John Travolta and Gene Hackman and a film which is still undoubtedly Sonnenfield's best.

On the other hand, if you approach this as just an entertaining movie with no expectations for it to be like something else, you will likely enjoy this very much.

I'm not saying the film is awful, in fact most of the material and acting is absolutely fine, it's just that Sonnenfield really should have shortened the film by about 30 minutes, making it far more enjoyable.

The Actors were Bored.

for the past two summers, we have seen two films take their premise from a popular 60s television show, cast fine actors, throw in intriguing special effects and set designs, and fizzle like an open can of 7-up.

Well, let's just pretend that I fell asleep for the part where it's explained that time travelers from the distant future settled in the old west and brought their advanced technology to the past.

It's just a great bit of fun and I'd recommend it for someone looking for an entertaining evening.

However, it is predictable and typical.

The story starts off slowly and builds to a predictable, boring end.

Well, while not the greatest movie of all time, I found enough to be entertaining.

For me, this was a very enjoyable film, and it has a giant mechanical spider, which is really quite awesome.

The film is entertaining and the plot has some surprises.

I wish I could say something worked in this but sadly I cannot, all the humor fails to land, the action is unengaging, the attempts to be 'edgy', 'hip', and 'exciting' feel too forced and unearned, the tone is all over the place - is it an action/adventure or a comedy?

Patton Oswalt's pick for worst movie ever.

A great big budget summer action packed fun adventure with a nice comical duo pairing of Will Smith & Kevin Kline,who have great chemistry & i would've loved to see those guys again in a sequel!!.

The TV series wasn't all that great either, and yes, I watched it and enjoyed it regularly.

This movie was so boring I registered just so I could comment.

This was a very entertaining movie.

Save your money, go see something else.

On the whole Wild Wild West never set out to redefine cinema, it did totally the opposite, a very superficial effort from the Men in Black team, but still very enjoyable.

The acting was great and some of the action was enjoyable alsoBad parts: The story is boring as hell and also most of the movie was just so cheesy that it made me sick.

But when I left the theater I really couldn't remember any particular scenes (except one of Selma) and didn't have a good or bad feeling.

Very Entertaining .

Waste of Time .

The gorgeous Salma Hayek is underplayed, and her character is pretty much pointless except to have a good-looking girl in the movie.

Without a doubt it was the most memorable, stunning, wicked, and delicious moment of this movie as a whole.

Aside from the giant spider, I honestly can't remember anything that happened in this movie, that's how dull it is.

Save your money, you'll get more excitement from watching a Brady Bunch rerun.

It is by turns boring, offensive, overdone, and plain bad.

It looked eventually naive and pointless.

But to me, what really matters is, was it a waste of time?

There seems to be an intense, even unreasoning, dislike for this movie among many people.

waste of time, money and talent .

A Wild, Wild, Waste of Time .

Aside from the casting and insensitivity, this film is simply boring.

I saw Austin Powers the week before and fell asleep...

Wild Wild West is fun, exciting, and funny.

I thought the context of the movie was terrible, but the action sequences were entertaining.

Funny and entertaining.

One of this year's best hyped, worst movies.

Painfully Awkward, Predictable, and Horribly Written .

Rivaling it is James West's escape from a lynch party, and the final assault on the giant tarantula will have you yawning.

This movie is borderline psychotic, but that's what makes it enjoyable.

I think its funny and its a good movie if you just want a laugh on a boring evening :)

Better to watch paint dry.

Wild West star Will smith was good but not great; because I found some scenes boring and it drag along to slow.

An utterly humorless, pointless, soul-bereft movie.

I found it very entertaining and funny.

it's funny,exciting and action packed.

This was actually a film worth watching.

As far as I'm concerned, Smith & Kline make an entertaining team and are perfectly suitable for this movie.

This movie is officially the worst movie i have ever seen.

No plot, no character development, nothing remotely funny here.

Both movies are too long and too slow to be entertaining.

A rambling, boring shambles of a film that's only saving grace is that all involved in making it are truly apologetic for it.

It was all too predictable and while Wil Smith is a good actor, someone else should have played Jim West.

Overall acceptable, though a bit flat and often far too slow.

Save your money, you'll get more excitement from watching a Brady Bunch rerun.

"Wild Wild West" is an awkward, odd, and pointless movie.

"Wild Wild West" is jaw-droppingly dull.

Waste of time and money .

I'll spare the predictable spots for you.

This movie had no story, no character developement, and meaningless special effects.

`Wild Wild West' uses that lame cliché and just about every other in this over-blown, over-budgeted, over-produced cinematic hemorrhoid.

Will Smith is brilliant in it as is Kevin Kline and I still watch this when it is on TV now because of how enjoyable I find this film.

So I you want be bored to the nth,then you MUST SEE THIS FILM!

It just seemed to fall, and some confusing storylines that seem to make you go through a maze.

There were some very entertaining gadgets in here, especially the robots.

I think the movie deserved exactly what it received, but I also believe that some of the fighting and gun play were good for entertaining children of younger ages.

Watching paint dry was more interesting.

Also, it became exceedingly slow going and boring.

I stuck it out and this movie is now the worst movie I have ever seen.

Just enjoyable, easy going.

The action scenes are done in a very boring way and the science fiction "toys" and "gadgets" are simply idiotic at some points.

I've walked out of the theater on two movies in my life.

Nevertheless, this disastrous, $100-million plus dust raiser ends up as empty-headed as a sun-scorched steer skull in the sand.

Never have I been so offended at a movie for leading me to believe it was a Western, meaning the action was nowhere near exciting and the music does not lead to a sense of urgency.

Well, maybe the story is a bit too far fetched but what the hell; I enjoyed it.

Waste of Time .

Kline hams it up as a drag dressing and invention tinkering but otherwise bland Artemus.

I'm a fan of the original W3 and found that the differences weren't upsetting; they were refreshing, exciting.

This is a summer film, it's supposed to be fun and exciting, and fun and exciting it is!

Wild Wild West is funny and entertaining, and both Will Smith and Kevin Kline are superb in their roles.

But if u ignore these flaws, you got a very enjoyable movie.

I think Will Smith and Kevin Kline have an amazing on screen inter-action with each other, scenes that are mostly conversation are kept entertaining by their delivery of some great lines.

All in all, it was an incredible waste of talent (and money).

Both Will Smith and Kevin Kline do fairly good jobs acting, but the characters are too boring to enjoy.

Star Will Smith teams up with director Barry Sonnenfeld (MEN IN BLACK) once again in this entertaining motion picture.

The plot was utterly incidental, a routine and tiresome paper chase across the old west to find a bad guy with a ridiculous bad guy world domination plan.

But somehow, Wild Wild West is dull and leaves you wondering what went wrong.

Its just so boring.


Finally, the music is completely forgettable and repetitive.

There were some good jokes and visual gags, and a bunch of fascinating 'steampunk' inventions.

It is worth watching.

Don't waste your time watching this one.

In short, don't waste your time.

I think it is worth watching once because of the jokes.

Not to mention, waste of my time), lack of continuity.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I found her character to be, somewhat pointless and underused.

and ORLANDO, FL When you go to see a Will Smith movie, you expect it to be entertaining and fast-paced.

One of the worst movies of the summer .

These characters are so boring and cliché that gags have to be used.

The effects in the movie are nothing to right home about, and the action scenes left me bored.

As for the movie I enjoyed it as well as my grandchildren Any thing that Will Smith is a part of is all right with me.

No plot, not plot twists (what was there to twist?!!

I mean, the initial idea sounds so crazy that it's immediately compelling.

The problem is the meandering and confusing script that completely shuts down several times, and gives us some REALLY embarrassing moments (the "touch my breast" scene, poor Wil Smith in drag, the endless "wandering in the desert" sequence) and in the end goes nowhere.

A lifeless, humourless, heartless, crassly exploitive waste of perfectly good celluloid and workstation rendering time.

I walked out of the theater thinking "How did the trailer make this movie look so good?

I liked Wild Wild West, yes that's right I liked it & it has problems but is a fun ride that I found more entertaining I had any right to expect considering Wild Wild West has a really bad reputation.

When you go to see a Will Smith movie, you expect it to be entertaining and fast-paced.

*Yawn* .

Not only is it unfunny and annoying, but it accomplishes the incredible feats of making Will Smith unlikeable and making Kevin Kline seem boring.

Okay, I liked the RCA dog / megaphone scene but 98% of the audience will miss that because they either have a) fallen asleep b) walked out, or c) have their eyes closed because they can't stand to see a very good TV show made into a very bad 170 million dollar BOMB!

Action: I can sum up most of the action in four words: Too hard to follow!

Emmet Walsh: Pointless and utterly stupid adventure that boasts nothing more than a budget.

I would like to be perfectly placid about this movie in saying that although the acting and cinematography was terrible, the overall stunts/ action was pretty entertaining.

I fell asleep in the middle of it and missed much of Salma Hayek.

I went into this movie hoping that it would at least be entertaining and maybe find a few laughs along the way.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Kline is engaging when he finally gets fed up with West.

Wild Wild Waste of My Time .

but an entertaining film in a number of spots and fun to watch ONCE.

While I like Smith and Kline, the film was terrible and slow.

As a light hearted buddy film, with the fantasy twist we all expect from The Wild Wild West, it proves to be an entertaining romp.

6/10 worth watching.

Do expect a predictable movie about a mad scientist who wants to conquer the US and has to be stopped by to other madmen, being a black cowboy who 'first shoots, shoots again, shoots some more and then tries to ask some questions' and another mad scientist who wants to plan everything.

It's an action packed comedy that needs to be seen in it's full glory.

It was a hot July day, and the theater was well air-conditioned, which is all that prevented this experience from being a total waste of money.

Yawn, nothing to think about in this movie.

I went to see will smith on the big screen for the first time ever with Men in Black (1997) & it blew my mind i loved his role & the now classic sci-fi action buddy movie & i became a huge Men In Black fan so a couple of years later i was so excited to see this AWESOME sci-fi action take on the western starring my childhood Hero Will Smith & teamed with the same director from Men in Black again, it was so exciting.

I enjoyed it.

Appeal--2: It's boring.

I enjoyed it a good deal.

Without a doubt, this was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Save your money and go see something else, anything else.

All of the humor is trite and painfully forced.

An incredible waste of time and money.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

While that is true in some parts, the banter between the two is enjoyable enough.

I know that not all people share my view of this film, but I enjoyed it, so there.

This is the most cynical and contrived form of film-making, the packaging of elements to excite a broad demographic, the synergistic Burger King tie-ins, music videos etc for maximum market coverage.

This is without a doubt one of the worst films i have ever seen the plot is terrible, the movie is too dumb for adults and too boring for children!

I amazed that so many people disliked "Wild Wild West", and even compared it unfavorably with such formula movies as "Enemy of the State", the ultra-predictable "Independence Day", and the long-winded and tedious "Ali".

the worst movie I have ever seen .

This is one hell of a exciting and fun movie!

If you're looking for an enjoyable way to spend two hours, try checking this one out.

In the end we could blame the writers, two of whom gave us the very enjoyable action comedy "Tremors" incidentally also set in the dusty west.

It was boring mostly, and stupid.

Instead it is one long bore.

However, I still dragged myself out when it hit the local cinema yesterday afternoon and was glad I did ...

It really is a fun, exciting comedy .

This had to be one the Worst movie's that I've seen in a long time.

I suppose the bottom line for me was that I was hoping for an entertaining film of the same calibre as 'Men in Black'.

probably the worst movie I've ever seen.


Luckily the choice of Bernstein gives the picture the music it deserves, boring music.

A highly entertaining movie, and one of the years best!

With all the wonderful superstars cast in potentially delicious roles, it was more than a mild disappointment to find that it was technically brilliant but so empty!

Most of the jokes are anachronistic in a bad way (unlike the high concept of the series) and the plot is just plain boring.

A plotless mess that exists it some sort of limbo-history, where impossible and dull machines slog across a computer generated West (though most of the movie seems to happen in Washington or Louisiana).

Leave it to Barry Sonnenfeld the director of GET SHORTY and MEN IN BLACK to do a faithful and exciting new version of the classic 1960's t.

Her bu.. Sorry!.. Her performance was so entertaining !

In reality the struggle for tone is exacerbated by confusion as to which audience it is intended for.

But then - right at the end, while our sore asses were being painfully dragged up from the cinema-seats; One of those delicious gay puns that only Hollywood can pull: Salma Hayek to Smith and Kline (right arm safely tucked under hussie's ditto): "Well, at least you two boys still have each other!

Best or Worst Movie .

I thought it was funny, exciting, cool & very enjoyable to watch & if some of the goofier moments had been toned down then I think more people would have liked it.

This was one of the worst movies in a long line of bad remakes of TV shows.

The music in the film is traditional TV western fare which is bland and inappropriate.

I guess the best way to describe this movie is: boring.

The action scenes are very exciting and original.

Kenneth Branagh is entertaining in a couple of scenes; at least he tries awfully hard.

As a fan of Kline, Smith and Hayek I found this enjoyable enough to justify matinee price.

The script obviously was trying to appeal to the Intelligence Impaired, and those of us with an IQ were left bored to tears.

It's a surprisingly pretentious performance coming into an extremely stupid movie.

Not here, in WWW, most of the jokes fall flat and the plot is mainly a series of boring action sequences.

Hayek's character was completely pointless, and had less than no reason to be there.

If you're going for the song, save your money and buy the single (not the full length cd)!

This was the biggest waste of time.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen and I have seen alot of movies.

All in all, my wife and I quite enjoyed it, even if it didn't provoke a lengthy discussion on it's cinema-graphic merits at the end.

The background score was uninspiring.

boring .

A very enjoyable movie .

The conflict between the Kline and Smith characters feels totally contrived and needless.

I entered the Cinema expecting rubbish, what I got was an entertaining film.

The special effects are ridiculous the music is so boring (fitting to the hole movie) and it would seem that Barry Sonnenfeld's mind is completely disconnected.

When you combine the incredible acting ability of Kenneth Brannagh, the inestimatable humor skills of Kevin Kline, and the sheer charisma and style of Will Smith, not to mention the capably quirky directing of Barry Sonnenfeld, you would expect a very entertaining movie.

Kevin Kline, even though his funny in every movie I seen him in, I didn't think he that good in this, he was to predictable.

I mean, some laws of physics are violated, some laws of good taste are violated, but I don't mind, but what really makes this movie a bad one is the weak plot, most of the scenes seem just plain pointless, humorless and/or just plain boring.

Lots of humor and some very entertaining situations and great one liners.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't say this is the worst movie ever, as I don't mind to watch it again on video with friends (just to make fun and comments out of it....

And the story is as uninvolving and meandering as they come,likely to bore the younger audience it was apparently meant to appeal to.

You will thank me for saving you time that could be better spent picking your nose, butt, or insert lame, waste of time activity.

Pointless and awful .

I found the movie to be very unentertaining and boring.

It is not "The Ladykillers" (the Alec Guiness version) nor "Kind Hearts and Coronets", but I found it highly enjoyable, and certainly laughed out loud.

"Charlie's Angels" was also a parody, and it was very entertaining.

WILD WILD WEST succeeds because it keeps the viewer on the edge-of-the-seat.

But the film is incoherent, very confusing at times, and it just appears that the makers just want as many visually stunning set pieces they can in its duration and hope that will cover the ridiculous narrative.

The opening credits of this film were highly entertaining, and the closing credits featuring Will's WWW rap was fun as well.

Very Entertaining .

Smith character is so dull, you hope somebody kill him off after the first half an hour.

I had really lost interest early in the film and found the whole thing a mind numbingly boring experience.

Before the theme song, its direction and Stevie Wonder's appearance—the girls' looking and dancing were fair enough and more enjoyable than many sequences of the movie itself.

The mix of futuristic technology and a western background was nightmarish to behold,the plot was BORING, the jokes weren't funny,and the whole concept just seems stupid.

Everything went too fast and it was difficult to follow exactly what was going on.

The strong qualities in the movie are the special effects (some things were cool, others were banal)and as always Salma Hayak looks great and as always gives it her all performance-wise.

Okay, the story is hokey, the acting is occasionally great but mostly ho-hum, and the overall effect is kinda cheesy...

Sadly, this movie is a waste of time.

This movie has my vote for worst movie of the summer.

An oxymoron: boring action film.

The action scenes (or what was supposed to be action) were dull, the dialogue was taken right out of Toy Story, and the story was, well let's just say, YAWN....

Scene after scene marches by and every joke ends with a dull thud.

Branagh seems to be having quite the fun time in this role and some scenes involving Loveless are entertaining particularly his introduction and his speech to the foreign delegates aboard his spider.

I found the humour, plot and acting uninteresting.

This film is boring.

There isn't one good thing to say about this film because it is so completely and utterly boring.

That part works but the movie doesn't it is stupid, boring, predictable and not all that funny.

The dialogue is witty and well written, the film fast paced and some visuals are really awesome.

So much hype for an empty, unfunny movie where expensive SFX's try to imitate the likes of ''Independence Day'' and ''MIB'' to woo unsuspecting viewers like me in theaters.

The result is a multi-multi-million dollar debacle that leaves studios searching for answers and audiences shell-shocked into seeking out their entertainment along the more audacious pathway of off-Hollywood, independent filmmaking – the single positive outcome of these dull, empty enterprises.

Here's where Smith's limitations show: all the kidding around make for a pointless story.

Bland characters in a bland story make for a bland experience.

The fun factor was a little slow, a few things were too corny.

Race is the tiresome focus of too many scenes.

And the classic last shot (Yes, it's so classic and rare to end a movie by this pointless question and answer).

Along for the ride is a giant mechanical tarantula, President Grant, and the stunning, gorgeous, lovely, and just plain old hot Salma Hayek.

The idea that the old west could be so futuristic seemed very trite and weak.

Kevin Kline was enjoyable, though.

funny,action packed,exciting .