Wine Country (2019) - Comedy

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During a vacation to Napa Valley, a group of long time friends reunite and revisit past choices in this hilarious and heartfelt comedy from director Amy Poehler.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Amy Poehler
Stars: Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 88 out of 338 found boring (26.03%)

One-line Reviews (163)

It was a good film to put on when you are bored out of your mind.

It had beautiful scenery and backdrops, and it was very on point with some of the more pretentious areas that you can come across in these places...

Nothing happens, there's no actual storyline.

Literally every line is predictable.

Unfortunately, this plot consisting of an uneventful itinerary, lacked any humour or narrative focus whatsoever.

There is no story, there is no character development, possibly no script and no reason to watch this gratuitous self buggery.

Really have nothing to say about this movie because it is so cringeworthy and dull.

No big life lessons or spiritual awakenings, but pretty entertaining.

It was one of the most boring movies i've ever seen.

Overall, I laughed quite a bit and enjoyed it.

Very cliche wanna be comedy movie with no plot to speak of.

One of the worst movies ever.

As Vandris reviewer says, this Netflix knock-off IS tough to watch - like many comedy movies that haven't been produced by actual comedians - as it does indeed try too hard for laughs and potential bonding moments with the characters, but I found that if you play spider solitaire while this movie is running in a smaller window in the top right on your computer screen it becomes infinitely more enjoyable

Don't waste your time .

If I wanted to watch this all I have to do is listen to my boring neighbors.

Sure it's worth watching!


Worst movie ever.

Unfunny and Predictable .

"movie" Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Ugh, lazy writing, dull, and most of all a waste of resources.

it was so dull and boring.

Don't waste your time on this..

It's filled with really cliché jokes ripping on people younger than 30, despite them occasionally trying to be "hip" by doing things like flossing or talking about not understanding Snapchat.

Fun light enjoyable .

Enjoyed it, nice easy going film .

Trite and tired, and inaccurate .

And boring.

This was a really uninspired and boring copy of Bad Moms.

You do have to like slow burning stories with female protagonists to get into the rhythm and theme of it though.

"Wine Country" is working overtime to become the worst movie of 2019...

This movie was HORRIBLY BLAND!

I enjoyed it and I hope other people do too.

But this kinda felt flat, like the group of actress were bored and needed to make some money.

Most boring unimaginative movie ever.

Lacklustre Predictable Comedy .

Hugely enjoyable.

But what a terrible waste of time.

The pace is very slow, and the jokes are not funny.

" No; this crap it's boring, with no plot, no story whatsoever, the only plus I had it's that this movie accompanied me into a dreamless sleep.

It was cliche and predictable and the funny moments did not make me laugh out loud.

Worst movie ever made.

I didn't fall of my seat laughing, but it's entertaining with beautiful beauty shots of Napa Valley!

The worst movie I've ever seen...

Any younger will think it's boring.

" The pacing is slow without being deliberate, the dialogue feels forced and unnatural, and it falls back on tropes the film itself addresses as being stereotypes ("I can't believe people think because we're a bunch of women going away for the weekend that means we're going to fight.

I really enjoyed it.

Great cast, predictable AF .

Unlikable characters & slow story.

It's not overly laugh a minute, but there were a few great laughs and the rest of it was enjoyable.

It unfolded in a semi predictable way.

The jokes are decent, albeit a tad bit predictable.

Incredibly cliche characters, bad acting.

It will surely end up in the worst movies of the decade list along with 'Saw 3D', 'Mall Cop 2', 'The Last Airbender', 'Jack and Jill', 'Movie 43' and some others that resulted in hours of torture for me.

There is no real plot and very little to laugh at.

However, many friends trips since then makes watching this very enjoyable.

Entertaining movie for real women fun to watch nothing more nothing less

Quite frankly, I've had more exciting birthday excursions with my own girlfriends.

Funny, entertaining, great scenery, fantastic cast.

Watching paint dry proofed to be more exciting.

If you love these ladies, it will be especially enjoyable.

Starts a little slow.

The entire thing is a plotless, pointless, boring, unrelated batch of scenes Frankensteined together.

I long refused to write reviews in general, but on this special case I made an account, because this movie is cringy garbage and unbearable to sit through.


If you don't expect a lot going it, it's fairly enjoyable.

Zzzzz .

I laughed the entire time and I really enjoyed it.

What a bore.

So boring.

Slow boring.

Just boring!

It's about boring middle aged women who are being extremely rude.

I hope these talented comedians will still offer something funny and worth watching soon enough.



Awful waist of time even managed to have boring music in it.

Boring AF .

I'm sure middle aged white women would love it, but I found it tedious.

try watchin' it for 10 minutes in case you have insomnia - it will definitely put you to sleep.

This movie is enjoyable, insightful, and smart.

rip off cliche .

Nothing original, but still entertaining .

So boring .

Tedious lazy and a tremendous waste of talent .

only if you're bored or you want something playing in the background instead of silence, yes.

The only good thing about this movie is some of the views, otherwise from the very start to the very end is atrociously boring.

SNL talent, stunning setting in Napa...


Don't waste your time.

Either way, it's a waste of time to watch when there's so much to choose from these days.

It's a cliche', predictable, unfunny, and forced script by one of the the co-stars and SNL writer Emily Spivy.

Waste of time -- for you and the cast .

Waste of time.

I was bored and forced myself to finish after I woke up.

Really enjoyed it .

But i enjoyed it quite a lot.

There are some funny bits that gave me a laugh, but for the most part the story becomes predictable and treats the audience as if they're dumb.

Bad acting, bad jokes, fake drama, predictable premise as bad characters do bad things

Everything about this film was predictable as if I'd seen it before...

Pointless and boring .

"Wine Country" is effortlessly entertaining.

Boring from start to finish don't think I even cracked a smile once

Just a bunch of boring, cliche female friends.

Don't waste your time on this self-loathing uninteresting, non-funny movie.

It feels like I was dragged to a weekend with nags.

A funny, heart-felt and entertaining chick flick.

Enjoyed it...

The film had its highs and lows, but overall was entertaining.

Probably more enjoyable for the older viewers, who might actually recognize the cast from their previous work.

The movie is slow and predictable.

It was yet another waste of time, money and talent.

There are no thrills thrilling, no jokes landing, no plot happening.

Such a pointless predicable story line filled with characters you never want to spend a weekend.

The most boring movie I've seen this year .

It is forced and cliche ridden.

The characters are boring.

Many pointless aspects about the whole story.

Whatever happened to the paella (which was probably the most anticipated part of this very predictable movie).

Bad acting, awful writing, pointless directing.

It felt as though it was quickly written and formulaic almost like the reason this film was made was to have a paid vacation in Napa Valley.

Entertaining, Good Performances .

Disjointed, not funny, beautiful scenery .

Terrible writing, no plot, awful jokes, cringeworthy performances and not in a so-terrible-its-funny Tommy Wiseau way.

Acting is forced and the script is dull.

It's got some high points and some quieter moments that I started to doze off.

Think cliche without taking a cliche into funny like Seinfeld.

These women spend more time bickering than anything, some of the scenes were pointless and I'm not sure why they were even in the movie.. Next time I'll go sit in on a knitting group

Fantastic cast, brilliant writing, some atypical female archetypes - wholly entertaining.

I'm going to say that this is a movie worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

Boring .

Thoroughly Enjoyable.

The writing is deft and only predictable in the overall arc.


Worst movie ever .

Meaning that this thing is so predictable that it wouldn't surprise me if the screenplay was the product of a new MS software for scripts.

Don't waste your time.. .

Amy Poehler's role is basically a boring version of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.


Slow the entire time, no real point and pretty much a snooze fest.

Ppl saying there is no plot or point is totally missing the point.

Once in a while I will see a film that is so bad, so boring and so poorly made, that it actually is legendary in its badness.

7/10 is fair for the targeted demographic, younger crowds will be bored.

Netflix gave some SNL women a movie and it went very dull and predictable.

I just found it boring.

🙄 Don't waste your precious time.

One would be wrong, because in "Wine Country" absolutely nothing happens.

This is prime chick-flick material and my wife fell asleep.

What a waste of the time and talents of a great cast.

Apparently this seems to be pertinent info but I'm a 32yo millennial woman and I enjoyed it.

The movie loaded with predictable jokes and conversations offers nothing original, except for amazing chemistry between veterans of comedy.

This film is a disjointed collection of scenes and storylines that don't build into anything and honestly have no original thought.

We really enjoyed this movie, mainly because we were drunk but we probably would've enjoyed it anyway.

I enjoyed it and seemed to be interesting looking at a group of 6 friends who seemed estranged from one another.

To clarify, I am the target demographic, but found this boring and just a way to attempt to drop f-bombs onto most sentences.

The cast is ok but as for the narrative.. nothing happens and the jokes are terrible.

The jokes are decent, albeit a tad bit predictable.

this is so dull, and trite, it was painful .

No real story line or plot, not funny, no point or aim, in great need of editing (soo many long, boring, slow moving scenes which aren't needed), all the characters are cardboard cut-outs...

I found myself incredibly bored throughout the majority of this movie, aside from a few solid one-liners that had me chuckling.

Great cast, most scenes were drawn out, disconnected and not that funny.

But it's a very Enjoyable movie to watch with a glass of wine and a friend to laugh with.