Winter's Bone (2010) - Drama, Mystery

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An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Debra Granik
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 88 out of 332 found boring (26.5%)

One-line Reviews (360)

Some will find this to be a tad slow - I wasn't bored at any point.

What makes a film memorable involves interesting dialog, interesting characters and development, intriguing plot, good supporting roles, multiple memorable scenes and proper pacing.

The first 40 minutes are so boring, is only a girl going from house to house looking for his father which clearly is dead, you can predict that.

This movie is a well written, well directed and well acted snooze fest.

Sundance winner Winter's Bone is the Hurt Locker of 2010: a stripped-down treatment of violence, intense protagonist, grey tones with bleak landscape, not-well-known female director, and Oscar worthy.

It's like watching a documentary of poverty in a place, and had I known that before I saw it, I would have enjoyed it.


Thank goodness, one cliché wasn't carried through: nobody could play that banjo even though they held it and tried.

The promise of a revelatory payoff to her father's whereabouts is what carries you through the dingy locations and bland conversations that dominate Winter's Bone.

If I want to see something boring and depressing I can watch the news.

The screenplay was adapted by Granik herself along with Anne Rossellini from Daniel Wodrell's 2006 novel of the same name and I have to say the pace of the film is rather slow.

Master compilation of the lowest accomplishments: Slow, boring, depressing, awful dialogs, boring, predictable, 2 hours of bla bla...

The "Winter Bone" I have to pick is that the movie is just boring.

It's surprisingly fascinating and the look into this inbred community and their honor code is quite fascinating.

For me the pace was too slow and the 100 minutes seemed an eternity.

Just don't waste your time on it, it is really not a good movie, maybe the actors are good but it's not even worth any of your time.

if you need a complex plot with lots of twists, turns and unpredictable surprises, go look elsewhere.

The only thing worse than a movie about rednecks, is a long, boring, understated movie about rednecks.

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

A brilliant and fascinating drama .

I highly recommend it.

Very slow and drawn out scenes that will lose your interest in a heartbeat.

The story is really depressing but on top of that it's really boring.

The writing is strong, witty with gripping screenplay that leaves the audience on the edge of the seat throughout the course of the feature with a hint of mystery in the air.

This film has spirit and is successfully absorbing without the need to be brash or flashy.

I was enjoying the scenes and the background more than the dull conversations of uninteresting characters.

Don't waste your time or money to watch this movie.

Nothing Happens .

The plot was quite tense and engrossing, as Ree pursues the mystery of where her father is with a dogged intensity, despite the fact that it leads her into some very dangerous (and violent) situations.

Should be renamed to Winter's Bore.

It's tremendously boring, things happen that don't make sense, things happen for no reason, and then it's over.

While their worth as art (and usually welcome counterpoint to Hollywood fodder) is critical, they must also live up to the Indie promise: uncompromising, alternative, thought-provoking, engaging tales.

This is not for adrenaline junkies, and lovers of snappy dialogue or fast editing.

This is by far the worst movie you will watch this year.

A Hugely Overrated Bore .

It lacks any meaningful plot and is painfully slow as it wanders about in the wilderness that is its attempt at a storyline.

Unfortunately, the journey of Winter's Bone is just as empty as its finale.

A Slow Burner .

A rich film full of entertaining value and the audience is delivered a satisfying story.

The story is a 20 minute TV episode dragged out into a long boring hour and 40 minutes that you'll probably be upset you just lost.


For some reason i really loved the places and run down houses the movie was shot in, that was about the only enjoyable thing to look out for in the movie, if it was not for that, the rating would have been 2/10.

The performances are spare and intense, the cast and costumes look authentic to rural America (not prettified and gentrified as would be the normal Hollywood reflex) and there's a clear sense of a lot going on outside the frame.

Some might see these things as a positive but i felt slightly bored and was glad when the film ended.

Winter's Bone is a stunning, beautiful, and grizzly depiction of the dark side of America.

Obviously, most of the focus is on young Lawrence, in a nuanced, but rather intense performance.

But the answer to this mystery, after being teased, teased, and teased, is revealed to be an utterly pointless, insultingly underwhelming offhand plot point.

Instead, this movie is a painfully overrated bore fest which features a poorly developed script that can only be described as a mix between reality television and an 80's teen movie.

However, the fascinating story, unique characters and extraordinary performances from Winter's Bone make it to transcend its regionalism in order to become it into an excellent drama.

powerful,compelling .

Unrealistic, uneducated, boring, lost in its own dribble.

It is shot in a half light that is just plain dull and the performances, throughout, are at best subdued.

Winter's Bored .

' The story is kick-started by a strong, simple premise—That 17 year old Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) must track down her father who, having put the family house up for a bail bond, must be retuned by his court date—Which quickly escalates into an engrossing high- stakes mystery when she starts asking questions of the wrong (or is it right?

Watching this film the first time you will see one of the most accessible, compelling, and almost entirely straight narrative films this year.

Working, as on her previous films, with cinematographer Michael McDonough, Granik directs with a quietly absorbing, understated visual style; there is a fine balance between invisible storytelling and more picturesque moments.

A bleak but enjoyable character-driven drama .

I found it interesting, gripping, suspenseful to a point, yet slow and boring through a good part of it (a better score would've helped), and overall the film had a heavy depressing feel which makes sense, considering the subject matter.

It's just a miserable 100 minutes and if I hadn't been with friends, I would have walked out.

I wouldn't waste your time .

It's a solid, moody film which is unfortunately hampered by a somewhat dull and unfocused story, a problem I see in a lot of independent drama.

While I have seen many more entertaining film and certainly more profound, I cannot remember the last time I saw a film so realistic I felt I was there.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen a lot of movies, believe me...

5) The dialog is nearly nonexistent and highly repetitive and most scenes (e.

Brilliantly-acted, psychologically authentic, socially perceptive, and engrossing .

The scene set at the auction is fascinating: to hear the strange, singing drone of the auctioneer.

The film wonderfully balances these character studies with the meatier central narrative of finding Ree's father, as well as some touching other content to do with Ree mentoring her infant brother and sister in the art of hunting and maintaining their lodgings, in what is an exciting depiction of Lawrence's character attempting to upset the established norm - these agricultural patriarchies, in her looking for her father.

I though believe it is a very powerful and fascinating story.

" Hunting for her father in the most unpredictable situations and still counting on the people around (although they disappoint her and some of them hurt her) embody a character that easily leads to tremendously thought provoking viewing experience.

The story, based on a novel by Daniel Woodrell, is compelling every step of the way, receiving a respectful adaptation and confident direction by Debra Granik, who co-wrote the screenplay.

It's why your local art house cinema remains empty and its why people think indies are pretentious and boring.

Winters Bone will be seen as very slow by most who watch.

As for spoilers, there isn't anything to spoil because there is no plot.

The whole film is that way, and it always remains consistent, intriguing, and realistic.

OK the lead does put in a real shift and she does have ability but it's just so dull.

Just a slow boring ride on a broken roller-coaster towards a really obvious ending.

Is frustrating how plain is in the first two thirds of the film, how it starts getting more intense in the third...

Compelling film, extraordinary performances.

Pros: Great cinematography, some good acting, interesting storyCons: Jennifer Lawrence's performance, a large amount of boring moments during the film, bad pacing, poor execution in regard to the storyOverall: 4/10

Of course if you have passion for great dramas which have a thrilling edge.

Production of crystal meth is the primary form of subsistence, or in some cases simply a way to alleviate the tedium of being poor and bored, and there's no such thing as a neighborly call.

Dark, Riveting, and Absorbing .

Bleak, compelling picture of rural poverty in the US .

Ree's search for her disappeared father makes Winter's Bone an intriguing thriller with enough twists to keep the suspense going until the very end.

The films pace slackens and the story becomes repetitive.

Not the worst movie I have seen so far, but for doing a good job boring me to sleep, I give it 5 stars.

The cinematography is okay, but all of the acting is so flat it ends up being a cure for insomnia.

Beyond that it was a waste of my time.

It was bland and was made to seem much better then it actually was.

Cinematography is well done as well, with stark shots of the rural geography which really sets a dark and dreary mood.

The story actually isn't a bad one, but geez could have they made it any more boring.

"Winter" is a fitting part of the title, as the movie moves slower than molasses in January.

The Ozark mountains in recent decades has experienced an epidemic of meth "cooking" and Winters bone takes us inside an extended family that has become deeply immersed in drugs.

People please, just be honest and tell everyone you are bored so some of us can learn from your mistakes.

Ho hum.

Save your money and your time.

And some of the supporting performances are jarring alongside stunning work from John Hawkes and Lawrence (although watch out for a delightful, scene-stealing cameo from Sheryl Lee).

Yet the movie becomes gripping as it becomes a Gothic fantasy.

"Alternative film" has become as formulaic as the stuff it pretends not to be.

Ree's bravery and will is tested several times throughout the film and she does get unexpected support from her drug-addicted uncle nicknamed Teardrops.

Like watching paint dry.

The slow pace didn't bother me.

a boring movie and a waste of time.. really horrible .

Overall I'd say this is well worth watching unless you expect to have every question answered at the end; then you might be a bit disappointed as there are some unresolved matters at the end.

The plot is rather repetitive, with Lawrence going from door to door searching for her father and getting a cold shoulder from everyone.

The sincerity of the approach is laudable but the script clearly lacks substance, which translates into a stretched, and ultimately rather boring plot even when the movie only lasts a little more than an 1h30.

It was a total bore with no climax.

A gripping documentary-like movie .

An absolute bore .

John Hawkes is believable as her uncle, and what's fascinating is his character's development and his dramatic changes over the course of the story.

Forced to blend together tones of anger, fear, responsibility and love, Hawkes stirs it up just right as the film slowly plods on.

"Winter's Bone" was one of the delightful and magnificent surprises of 2010, and we must thank all the critics, syndicates and awards that selected this as one of the finest films of the year, it is really a wonderful and thrilling experience even being similar to another recent indie film, the equally great "Frozen River".

This is a bleak film, to be sure, but I found it enjoyable and even positive in it's message about how one person can effect an entire family.

The story line was a "bit" moving, however I found it very long, dull and slow.

The plot has quite a slow pace and it is very much a character driven piece, so it may not be to everyone's taste.

You could say that the movie is bleak - certainly the setting is not glamorous but the overall quality and most of all, an excellent and original plot line makes for a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

I'm not a person who only likes "happy" movies, but when the plot is only mildly interesting, the story is hard to follow, and the characters are almost all despicable, it's not worth the 2 hours investment.

This promising start is gradually squandered though by a meandering, sometimes repetitive script, and amateur actors plucked from the local area.

I just wanted to leave the cinema and go to my house have some sleep.

Boring, look-and-feel of a mediocre documentary .

I'm not saying you should go see Transformers instead, I'm saying that there are many more original compelling low budget films out there that deserve the kind of reception that this dull-fest has received.

It's such a shame that the plot was predictable and boring.

Quiet to the point of mumble, "Winter's Bone" flits on the surface of a fascinating subculture.

Drugs bore and annoy me, and so do squalid, dysfunctional families, and that's all this movie is about.

"I haven't read the novel, but I did finally view the movie tonight and I must say that for the most part, the story theme, while intriguing, was off-base, and the cultural/societal portrayal was quite far-fetched.

With Lawrence's superlative portrayal leading the way, this was a riveting movie to watch.

Could it have been the dull and slow moving story?

Visually stunning.

But she has an unexpected ally… Of course, I would not be thanked for continuing at this point, so I'll leave it here.

It's a very gripping journey and gives a view of that particular type of rural life and culture which, perhaps slightly broadly drawn, is fairly realistic in its picture of that wintry land and its people.

This builds tension with hardly any guns, and the plot is gripping.

Anyone looking for a suspenseful or engaging movie where you want or are driven to learn and understand and love the characters should look elsewhere.

Massive Bore.

Winter's Bone has a stunning performance by newcomer Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly, the 17-year-old whose relentless search for her father is the spine of the plot.

A feeling of noir envelopes the screen and each character and action leads you on a most enjoyable journey.

don't waste your time trying to be a film critic.

Yet, there is an intriguing supporting character, both like and unlike others - Ree's uncle Teardrop played by John Hawkes.

Kudos for a compelling story, lively dialogue and vivid performances.

I enjoyed it for the novelty, truly something different from the usual fare.

while there's no denying this is a powerful,compelling film,some viewers may find it hard to get through as it is very deliberate in its pacing.


Debra Granik deliberately moves this at snail's pace, preferring to test your endurance as we sit through with Ree trying to figure out her next move, as she hits the brick wall ever so often.

but I still expected it to be interesting and/or gripping.

) and "Little Red Riding Hood", a coming of age fairy tale in which little Ree navigates the evil forest all on her lonesome, bravely doing what must be done to keep her family together (her mom is catatonic and she has 2 little siblings).

Then I watched the extra's Making of Winter's bone and that was even more boring and unstructured.

A bleak drama that is well worth watching .

It was a bland plot to begin with and it continued to show it through the whole movie.

And yet, it's more of a slow amble from here on out.

It was just plain boring and I felt the need to share that with potential audiences.

The story is deathly slow.

Most of the movie is very boring.

Teardrop is a fascinating character, more so than Ree.

I enjoyed it, although it did lose me a little towards the middle; having said that it's well worth sticking with.

nothing happens next.

Supposedly, it was "a shocking mystery that would keep you on the edge of your seat.

The pace is nice (but slow) and the camera is amazing in this one too.

Only her uncle, grudgingly, ends up helping her in her search to find her father, who is immersed in drug culture,and avert the impending loss of their home if he fails to show for a Court appearance.

There are some truly incredible standout performances here: especially Jennifer Lawrence as Rhee -- and really the whole cast of women from the crank-cooking hamlet she's trapped in -- and from John Hawkes (whom you may remember as the mild-mannered Sol Starr in Deadwood) who is extraordinarily transformed into the manically intense loose cannon Teardrop.

Winter's Bone is more than simply a memorable or evocative film.

The picture gets pretty intense with it's look at how mountain folk conduct their day to day affairs that allows no interference, even if it's family.

To resume, just a waste of time in my opinion

It's boring!

It's 90+ minutes of the dullest possible movie watching experience you can get combined with a mediocre plot and filled with characters that have no backbone and can't be related to.

However, where the two films diverge markedly is that Frozen River had a clear plot, an engaging lead character, and a riveting performance by it's lead actress, Melissa Leo.

However for most of its duration Winter's Bone is a very sure-footed and intriguing film which rises to some particularly memorable moments.

It boasts high production values, a haunting, outstandingly atmospheric score by Dickon Hinchliffe, perfectly evocative of the region.

Winter's Bone, efficiently directed by Debra Granik and co-written with Anne Rossellini, is an engrossing, suspenseful thriller which rewards viewers looking for an intelligent screenplay and great acting.

The movie is boring, slow, predictable and just pointless.

In contrast, the story is uplifting and the characters and their relationship with one another enjoyable.

Intense little drama-thriller .

Within this role we see a fascinating story arc evolve.

The direction was impressive, creating a world with adroit skill, a backdrop just as unimaginably entertaining than the story itself.

Ree, complex as she may be, remains the same, but Teardrop experiences a slow change as he's drawn into her investigation.

The plot is quite simple but still manages to be very gripping to watch.

It lacks any meaningful plot and is painfully slow.

Again, a total waste of time.

Meanwhile, as the movie was busy doing such a great job of engrossing the audience with settings and authentic feeling characters, it was failing on film's most basic level — possessing a compelling plot.

Immensely overrated; a complete waste of time .

Good Story, Boring Plot .

My wife, however, thought it was a bore because it was TOO one-dimensional and bleak.

The most fascinating aspect of the film is surely the fact that the girl saw the army as a way out of her misery and as her future.

I find such commentaries self indulgent; they offer no additional insights into the characters or the story, or even what the director's intents were vis-a-vis the story.

Many could find it boring, others may like the tone of the whole movie or you can even watch it like a study on people living in the rural.

I have never seen Jennifer as a good actress, she has a very boring, mellow, and dry acting style that gets old after a while.

Judging from a worldwide gross of $6.6M, not many have taken this dreary, boring trip.

It's slow, it doesn't even qualify as drama, and there's nothing that makes you wanna keep watching it.

This film was so slow, boring and unrewarding I thought I had to be missing something.

Talk about powerful and exciting ...

One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Winter's Bone is not a horror movie, but an intense family drama, and therefore, its focus is much more realistic and sober.

Also the cinematography was compelling.

There are several shots of the children basically being bored: without any real toys to play with, they spend their time either lying around or playing with whatever they can find.

They make a boring movie with a boring plot.

Yes these people might call me a Philistine or a plebeian but i do enjoy many classic's such as THX1138, or 451, they were interesting and had social comment but watching a this just made me want me to have a shower, it was a total depressing dirge a waste of digital tape thankfully not celluloid, this was the most boring going nowhere movie i have ever seen since Sex Lies & Videotape and that i walked out of that too, there are movies out there like The Bourne series that i can watch over and over they are entertaining and interesting the only thing this movie did was to give me the urge to pour curry powder into my eye's and run down the street yelling feces!

Too slow paced, not at all suspenseful unless your idea of suspense is waiting for something to actually happen in the movie.

The plot was original but dull .

Though it is stylized, it has an authenticity derived from using local residents as actors and from the director having immersed herself in the culture for two years before shooting the film.

The way the cinematography somehow takes this bleak and dejected setting and make it look stunning, in a melancholy fashion, is further testament their skills as film makers.

The basic storyline – a teenagers plight to save her dependent family from imminent homelessness because of the actions of an errant and now-absent father – felt both authentic and compelling, as did the way the local community closed in around her, meting out both violence and support in equal measure.

4) There is very little plot.

Winter's Bone is an absorbing, suspenseful movie that's unlike anything you've ever seen before, or anything like anything you'll see again.

Stolid, slow speaking savages grunt and sullenly glare at each other as they skulk across the screen, bound in blood rites and primitive brutality to their own stern code.

Favorite critical catchwords like 'haunting', 'heartbreaking' and 'gripping' were being thrown around like confetti at the Rose Parade.

The cinematography, script, pacing, acting all meshed together in one long dull, clichéd mess.

This is tough to make it through due to the material, dark atmosphere, and somewhat plodding pace.

The top-notch script, direction, and acting make for a scary, depressing, but always riveting movie, a glimpse into a rarely-seen world.

Waste of time .

Plus, most of the dialogue is mumbled in monotone, so the story gets lost at times.

The photography is great, the suspense thrilling.

Dark, morose, thrilling and suspenseful .

What a waste of time watching this movie.

Special note should also be taken of the stark, spare, haunting score by Dickon Hinchliffe that perfectly reflects the film's bleak and dreary background.

I liked the movie the first time around, enjoyed it even more the second, and heartily recommend it if you're interested.

For those who dismissed this movie as downright boring, I'd like you to consider the reason why artists create pieces...

The premises is really simple but what makes it complicated and intriguing was the Flawless performance of Jennifer Lawrence and incredible dept of director how he unfolds the story plus introduction of all characters who have something to do with Jennifer's father's life was really interesting.

Jennifer Lawrence gives a powerhouse and intense performance as Rea.

This sense of slowness and heaviness is emphasized by flat and dull scenes that flow together in a total linearity.

A feeling of noir envelopes the screen and each character and action leads you on a most enjoyable journey.

On mixed thoughts, some parts of the movie almost made me fall asleep, but just got a little boring.

A plodding bore .

A compelling odyssey through the Ozarks .

Jennifer Lawrence is stunning in this film and is so convincing you would think she was one of the locals who lived in such a community.

Tedious, depressing, and ultimately pointless .

Lawrence gives a superb mature performance as the struggling girl doing whatever she can to keep her home, and Hawkes does alright as her father's brother, it is rather a gripping story with many eye-catching moments, especially the nasty beating scene, it is certainly a thriller to see.

The most fascinating character here is not the young girl for me.

This is one of those movies that you wonder why its getting the praise that it is and the truth is that people are just bored to death.

What very little plot there is relies on the protagonist being ten times as stupid as the characters in most movies today.

Horrrible, Horrible, Don't waste your money and time.

Aside from the grim but compelling storyline, one aspect should be celebrated: this film has some of the most amazing shots of the Ozarks region I've ever seen in a narrative film, probably the best since "Deliverance" which takes place in the neighboring Appalachians.

I had a very bad feeling about this movie, half expecting a pointless and artsy flick with no semblance of a plot.

The movie is an interesting and compelling character study and the directing is impressive.

It's a slower and less polished style of film than your average Hollywood output, but it's gripping, authentic, unflinching and well worth a watch.

strong performances, technically sound, but dull .


Dull .

The supporting characters are equally bland, and no one stands out.

Aside from the major plot, there are so many fascinating contrasts.

Slow paced and boring.

The cinematography by Michael McDonough and the musical choices made by Dickon Hinchliffe recreate the desolation of this pitiful community of people living on the edge in the Ozarks.

and to those who would say "don't waste your time on this movie", I would say...

Engrossing and scary .

A Bland Concoction From The Indie Cocktail Shaker .

Like so many indie's, it relied too heavily on slow pacing, authentic regional dialect and "characters".

I really have to be in a bored mood to watch something like this, and I was, and it still bored me.

Unfortunately in Winter's Bone the incompetent director Debra Granik together with her miserably mundane cast headed by Jennifer Lawrence (a wooden heroine), John Hawkes (a drab evil uncle) and Valerie Richards (a loathsome Texan stereotype) have neglected to put any life, heart of poignancy into the material.

Winter's Bone is a persistently engaging thriller made with real guile and maturity, a film without several millions worth of money thrown at it and instead built on good, solid foundations resulting in a memorable exercise.

By the time the movie reaches, very slowly (my wife fell asleep in the first half-hour), a bizarrely unconvincing climax, it's hard to still care.

I have been dismayed reading many of these reviews calling it a "fake" and/or "phony" and contrived film.

the bleak solemnity and dreary mood was just so OTT that oh, how I larfed!

This movie will be of any benefit to you, only if you have severe insomnia.

It's a gripping story about a young woman Ree Dolly and her struggle.

I think it is simply a "slice-of-life" thriller that is embarrassed at the very idea of thrills, and inexplicably leads the audience on a slow, boring walk to a dead end.

  Set  in the US in a 'Meth Mountain' type community, every character is either addicted to meth, selling meth, vying for top-dog-seller-of-meth, or immersed in a living hell because of meth.

It is intense enough to rip you out of your comfort zone and skin you alive with a cold blade of a bowie knife.

Our South Korean audiences experienced the bleak world of "The Road", an excellent gloomy film based on Cormac McCarthy's novel in last January, and now, after a year in the same month with colder winter weather, we get another movie filled with bleak beauty evocative of that movie.

All the characters are fascinating, the situations interesting and director Granik's depiction of the Ozarks environment plunges you in this world.

This is the basic plot of course and it does provide an engaging frame to see where the story goes, but it will not grip you because it is slowly paced and mostly the action is closed mouths and death-stares from the community as she starts asking the questions which, although would save her house, are technically also seen as helping the police or talking about business that ought not to be talked about.

Don't waste your time here if action or suspense is what you are looking for.

SO darn boring...

"Winter's Bone" by writer/director Debra Granik is a thrilling and disgusting depiction of backwoods, redneck, methlab hell.

The story is a slow burner with increasing intensity.

), it was an evocative description of the tough slice of backwater American life served up here.

Low-key, slow-burning noirish thriller with strong performances and powerful scenes.

Debra's Granik, slow and languid direction, works flawlessly, as achieve her intent to portray the psychological movements of the characters in every glance and gesture.

Slow moving, speech garbled, dreary...

Unfortunately, the pace of the film is at a crawl and the payoff is rather dull and expected.

Some reviewers are already projecting "Winter's Bone" as best picture of the year and/or Jennifer Lawrence as Academy Award winner as best actress; her performance is that brilliant and gripping.

Worst Movie Ever.

I expected it to be dark, brooding and very engaging.

The only complaint again that I would have is the slow pace that kept going on and on and on!

A 17 year old protagonist would rather make us expect a 'stereotypical' coming-of-age drama with more pretentious moments being evoked than hardship and inner struggles being imposed (a sort of tricky 'catch me if you can' approach).

After several scouting trips to the area, and with help from local guides to one of the North America's more exotic and dangerous locations, cinematographer Michael McDonough and production crew manage to skirt hillbilly cliché in settings of meth labs, run-down farms, and honky tonks.

Title: Winter's Bone Year: 2010 Country: USA Language: English Genre: Drama Director: Debra Granik Writers: Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini Cast: Jennifer Lawrence John Hawkes Lauren Sweetser Dale Dickey Garret Dillahunt Casey MacLaren Sheryl Lee Tate Taylor Kevin Breznahan Isaiah Stone Ashlee Thompson Valerie Richards Shelley Waggener William White Rating: 8/10A powerful paean to the American indie film and emanates some truly chilling pathos to its audience, from female director Debra Granik's second film (her debut feature Down To The Bone 2005 is a fierce work with a daring performance by Vera Farmiga), and it portrays a compelling story of an American impoverished family's struggle to survive under the backdrop of equally needy Ozark Mountain with a potentially mind-blowing showdown.

Maybe I was expecting something more conventionally thrilling, when what I was offered was a convincing, if very down-to-earth, mystery.

What a waste of time!

Compelling look at life in the Ozark Mountains .

My wife and I went to see this movie and we found it so disappointing, so mind-numbingly boring, that I just had to warn everyone to avoid this movie.

Instead, it was a hard to follow story about a multitude of the worst low-lives, all of whom somehow have Dish Satellite TVs in their shacks.

It's basically a dry and yet somewhat engaging film about a girl's struggle with her environment, mainly because her no good father.

It is a straight up bore-fest.

After the first half the convolutions and confrontations with various seedy characters start becoming rather contrived and artificial.

The movie continues at a slow pace, but the plot and characters are really fascinating enough to keep you hooked for its entirety.

While the pacing is ho-hum in the beginning, the films tightens as it progresses, growing leaner and meaner as it lurches toward a conclusion.

At nearby community colleges, we observe through Ree's pained gaze that of young men getting involved in mother-care tuition classes and, in another workshop hall, females just as young engaging in U.

About 20 minutes into her search, we are given more information about her father, (which isn't much of a surprise), and then everything seems to slow down from there.

I don't quite find it the amazing, life-changing experience that it has been hailed as in some quarters… but on the whole I'd say Winter's Bone is a unique, original, well-made and frequently riveting "country noir".

John Hawkes shows unexpected tenderness and loyalty as Ree's fearsome, addicted uncle.

Incredibly boring, Jennifer Lawrence is a no-talent hack.

Those of us yearning for more low-key and character driven films – let's call them slow burners with a degree of artistry – must look to the indepedents for our kicks.

Well Worth The Watch .

With not the slightest hint that she is acting, she carries this whole movie on her young shoulders and makes a squalid, stupid, barely believable story absolutely fascinating.

I might have enjoyed it more if more of the towns folk landed up dead.


But, to be honest, I found this 'people picture' film was mostly rather dull.

The story is entirely from her point of view, and her acting is as compelling as the natural landscape.

Lawrence stays honestly within her character throughout, the supporting cast is uniformly powerful,the plot is as compelling and unique as you'll ever find, and one scene will just bowl you over.

Overall, it's a slow-moving, depressing film that doesn't really offer much satisfaction.

Winter's Bone is a very intense and unsettling experience.

Depressing, bleak, no plot .

Not nearly as intense as I thought it would be, nor as violence either, which made the movie kinda boring, because things seems really slow.

But what I got, was so creepy and intense.

It's depressing, it's dull, it's utter rubbish.


A masterpiece in terms of acting, dull in terms of the plot .

Terribly boring, probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

An Unusual and Gripping Thriller – Excellent .

This gripping little thriller's acting is flawless which makes you actually fear the people Ree is questioning.

I didn't like the movie because it was boring and a bit strange.

The end result is a bland, flat smattering of ghastly people doing ghastly things in ghastly surroundings, all of which stop it from ever connecting with its audience.

Boring, incomplete film about awful people .

Most of it doesn't really matter, as Granik's obviously building toward an ending formulaic, reassuring, and false.

Yes the acting was great and it gave a real insight into the rural white trash way of life but I found it exceedingly slow.

Each scene was well done, but without an effective arc to the story, I was left feeling immersed in a consistently good slice of life movie that didn't really go anywhere.

Overall its riveting, and deserves attention specifically for the performances.

The stages where the main actor searches for answers drags on and made me sleepy.

I was expecting so much after all the great reviews but what I watched was a clichéd, boring and somewhat pointless exercise.

too slow paced, not at all suspenseful unless your idea of suspense is waiting for something to actually happen, .

' However, Debra Granik with Anne Rosellini (DOWN TO THE BONE with Vera Farmiga) achieved something in WINTER'S BONE that cannot meet any 'conventional, predictable expectations' condensed to teenagers identifying with the heroes/heroines and parents being at odds with all that stuff.

It disappointed me but at the same time I enjoyed it, it was original, surprises are good and makes us say: "I wasn't ready for this.

A raw, stunning film .

While hate might be too strong of a word, because bored to death fits better.

I only thought that the pacing in the first half was a little slow.

The pace is horribly slow.

This one didn't move me at all, except for moving my jaw while yawning.

The movie is excruciatingly slow moving and I looked at the time at least a hundred times waiting for it to be over.

However, it's boring and incomplete.

Winter's Bone is a Boring, Empty Scam.

I got slightly bored because it has some long scenes were nothing is really happening.

And here is this evocative slice of Appalachian life that's written and directed by women for what's essentially a woman's network that compellingly captures the grim reality of rural poverty.

A human being and her behavior in the most unpredictable, tough situations.

The actors do a pretty good job given the script, but this film is a massive bore.

definitely worth watching.

Going to be boring for most people.

Horribly boring plot.

Perhaps the story itself is touching, but the film does not transfer those emotions, it's just boring.

Nothing Happens.

Dark but riveting .

Winter's Bone is a slow, deliberate film.

I absolutely HATE this incredibly shallow boring predictable movie.

Winter's Bone is a compelling look at the poverty and difficulties that face those Americans living in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

'Winter's Bone' is a subtle and slow moving drama featuring an excellent lead performance from an up and coming Jennifer Lawrence.

I also liked how unpredictable certain parts were, like the tense stand-off with the Sheriff and the macabre chainsaw sequence.

Winter's bore .

Family relationships prevail over pointless action.

When a movie portrays a very regional culture, it runs the risk of confusing to a percentage from its spectators, because not all of them will recognize the references and atmosphere employed in them (for example, that happened to me with the film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which reproduces the life into a specific neighborhood from New York during the '70s).

A slow burning tale of a young woman's fight to save her family's home from the Bondsmen.

If you enjoy seeing movies like Paranormal Activity 2, I recommend this film because both were total bores.

It's an interesting take on film noir, however it just comes out flat and dull.

An engrossing slice of backwoods American life .

A wonderful movie to watch; the nature and the people in the movie are fascinating.

Sure we watch movies to be entertained but I'd like to think if you're going to waste 2 hours of life, it might as well be spent discovering a world that's entirely different from the one that you're living in.

Poignant and gripping tale beginning to end - a movie that does very much with relatively little .

I saw one scene and knew it was boring.

" The only award "The Hours" should win is "Most Boring Nominee Ever.

She is stunning in the finale portions.

" And the denouement is so vivid and unexpected that the film is assured of being remembered at Oscar time.

"Winter's Bone" seems contrived in ways beyond story.

"The Cure for Insomnia 2: The Sequel" .

This is not a movie for everyone, but it is fascinating and hardcore.

I would still recommend the film just to see others opinions but I found myself bored quite often throughout which is such a shame because it received such great reviews.