WiseGirls (2002) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



A new waitress working at an Italian restaurant in New York City finds herself entangled in a mob-run underworld of drug dealing and murder.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: David Anspaugh
Stars: Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 65 found boring (12.3%)

One-line Reviews (29)

I said it's exciting because the turn of events towards the end is so "seemingly-towards-a-sad-ending" that i got really overwhelmed when i saw Meg joined Raychel and the other for their birthday-re-birthday-pack.

It was harmlessly entertaining fun, and I'm recommending to people as such.

A thrilling drama, this is a chickflick any guy will love.

This movie actually exceeded my expectations because it was really entertaining, with great performances by everyone.

The characters are well defined, the events are realistic, and gripping.

not only was the movie itself entertaining, funny and engrossing, mariah's acting was superb.

I think this film was cute, it kept me watching throughout, not just because it was filmed here, but it was a good film, my wife is the critical one, and she enjoyed it.

The plot, though predictable, is well played.

OK this movie revolves around Sorvino- starts out really, really slow.

The plot is unexpected (which is quite unusual) and realistic, beside the ridicoulous "supposed to be" Italian talks, I've never once thought "this is ridiculous it would never happen in real life".

Coming of age for Carey .

After seeing "Glitter", I fully expected to see more of the lifeless, dull acting in which Mariah made all those horrible faces which were poor attempts at SHOWING her feelings.

the story was predictable, the acting was bad (except for Mira Sorvino) it was an over all waste of my time.

Definitely worth watching.

Overall, Wisegirls is an enjoyable and entertaining mobster movie, though perhaps not the most inspired.

I found the film to be quite absorbing.

Also, the subplot involving Meg's grandmother feels somewhat contrived, like it was setup just so that her extended 'family' would have a pawn with which to blackmail her.

What looks to be a B-grade laugh turns into a painful waste of time .

If this had been released in theatres I would have walked out.

Remarkable performances by the female leads propel this under appreciated underworld movie that uses a balance of camaraderie and crime to give us an entertaining affair with some touching turns and violent vignettes.

The bit where she's forced to cut the body up is so contrived it's not funny.

This movie is worth watching more than once.

A very funny script combined with superb acting performances by the main three, particularly Mariah Carey made this film a very entertaining few hours.

The supporting actors - though stereotypical - actually give the film its authenticity, and an edgy, unpredictable quality.

For you see, i realized that its simplicity is actually what made it such a exciting movie for me.

Weaker points include a very slow beginning, and a somewhat implausible scene in which Mira, at gunpoint, is forced to do something criminal that stretches logic.

This is a entertaining movie about friendship, with some really great action and mob situations for everyone to get stuck into.

Political correctness says it's bad but notwithstanding it was an entertaining 2 hours or so.

I really enjoyed it.