Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999) - Fantasy, Horror

Hohum Score



The evil Djinn is awakened once more, and must collect 1001 souls to begin the Apocalypse.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Jack Sholder
Stars: Holly Fields, Chris Weber
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 87 found boring (18.39%)

One-line Reviews (42)

The direction has no distinction, the characters bore and grate and apart from Divoff none of the actors look like they want to be there or embarrassingly overact, especially the female lead.

I'd just watch the original and stop there, since that's the good and entertaining one from the series

Paul Johansson is a bit bland as the religious love interest.

If you've read my review of Wishmaster then you'll know that I really enjoyed it.

awaken the jjin have him kill some people before the complete butchery at the final scene before he is stopped, enjoyable and better then half of the horror rubbish today...

There is nothing groundbreaking or innovative in this film, it's just entertaining to watch.

Script: The dialogue is amusing at times (pretty much anytime Nathaniel is trying to get people to wish), dead boring at others (pretty much anytime Morgana is on screen).

It may not make any sense, but at least it was entertaining in a weird way.

The movie uses the age-old cliché of a wish being twisted around so as to not fulfill the wisher's intention.

Written and Directed by Jack Sholder (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:Freddy's Revenge, Alone in the Dark, The Hidden) made an entertaining sequel with plenty of cheap thrills and offers some humour.

His performance is significantly less subtle this time around, but it's still consistently entertaining.

The original was far more entertaining.

One of the most entertaining, arguably THE most entertaining adjunct to any horror film listed on the IMDb is reading the criminally undercooked reviews accompanying them.

Boring .

The opening jewelry robbery is quite nice with the actual stealing and the police intervention capturing the guy, the fine prison riot where he takes over the whole prison, capturing them and imprisoning the two into the interior of the stone where the Djinn holds them in a freakish scenario that's quite impressive, though there's the centerpiece scenes here in the massive, lavish casino as the different games and contraptions get supernaturally charged and begin flying through the air taking them out or even just destroying them outright in even more gory attacks throughout here which makes for a really enjoyable sequence here.

Based on R2 DVD 92 minGood ol' Divoff is back but not in top form, the babe is dumber and the hunk hunkier - the rest is an over cooked stew of gibberish, stupidity and banality.

~Spoiler~ Then stop making these pointless movies.

More nonsense comes in form a rather tiresome rule that Satan has to fulfill 1001 wishes in order to accomplish his mission.

there are some nice low-budget flicks I enjoy, but this one is just plain boring.

I found it marginally enjoyable, regardless of the apparent lack in quality effects, and also find it to be a decent sequel.

One of the worst movies of all time .

However, it was much better than this, tepid, dull, and ridiculous sequel.

Wishmaster 2, to me is in many ways better than the agonizing prequel which was quite dull and only good in the last fifteen minutes.

All in all, if you are a fan of Hellraiser/Dead Alive, you will appreciate and enjoy this entertaining piece.

For the most part both Fields and Divoff are entertaining in their roles and they're at least good enough to help keep you entertained in what's going on.

Even if you're not a fan of the first movie or gore in general, it's worth watching for Divoff's classy performance.

I found myself "wishing" they would have replaced the scenes with the "goth" chick turned "saint" and the uninteresting priest with more of Divoff's subtle charm and offbeat wit.

I liked both, although the first one seemed a little more fun throughout, while this one dragged at parts.

Ignoring much of what was established about the Djinn in the original and adding it's own set of rules, ‘Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies' is more of an exercise in sustained boredom than a horror movie.

After a decent first 30 seconds, this film sinks down into poverty-row filmmaking, with lots of artsy-fartsy direction, terrible script (Which is full of "CUL" slang) and worst acting.

I was a big fan of the original Wishmaster, which had some clever writing and an entertaining cast.

If you've seen the original wishmaster, then this movie might seem predictable to a fault (you get the sense that less energy went into this film, compared to the original).

Plus, large, boring chunks of the movie don't have Divoff in them.

Wishmaster 2 is about as pointless of a sequel as you will ever get, because 1) Wishmaster 1 was horrible and the simple plot did not need to be repeated in another simple, horrible movie 2) Doesn't reason #1 suffice to never, ever make a sequel to Wishmaster?

The movie succeeds in keeping the entire atmosphere slightly engaging.

This guilty pleasure sequel is probably more enjoyable than the original.

Still, it is enjoyable B-Movie time waster.

They put neither the thought, nor the financing, behind this installment as they did the first, but it is still a moderately entertaining endeavor.

The first one was an aw-shucks job, this one is just boring and seems to drag endelessly (And I thought Jack Sholder was a good action director !

Enjoyable low-budget horror sequel which dosen't rely on endless gore to unsettle the viewer,with a fantastic performance from Andrew Divoff!

Remains entertaining enough from beginning to end, and has a wider sense of humour, with campy situations replacing the original's gore.

The story is often over-stretched and uneventful, with many scenes going on for too long, lots of stupidity, any few attempts at scares being completely lacking in imagination, a ridiculous and pointless inclusion of religion and a contradictory, dull and silly back-story for Dijinn.