Within (2016) - Horror, Thriller

Hohum Score



A thriller centered around a widower who moves into a seemingly perfect new home with his daughter and new wife.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Phil Claydon
Stars: Michael Vartan, Erin Moriarty
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 50 found boring (32%)

One-line Reviews (38)

30 years ago this might have been considered an absolute stinker of a horror film, but with the terrible standard being produced for the most part today, I found I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just a waste of time imo, pick something else.

It toys with the idea of a house being haunted, giving several cliché clues that this could be a possibility, while also at almost all times neglecting the sole idea of it.

Don't waste any time or money on this movie.

The beginning was quite slow, seemed like a boring C list cast- made for TV thriller.

I love the old adage don't open the don't open the door, this movie was just too predictable.


-the house was on fire for a while but at the end they seemed to show the house normal as if they were hoping for a sequel -the locksmith guy was pretty much pointless -the malnourished attic dweller has superhuman strength(only when he is pulling bodies from a rope.

The story EVOLVED SO BAD worst movie ever i honestly regret watching this movie

This movie was boring, too predictable, and unfinished scenes.

The mentioned the house had been empty for years so he could have taken a shower.

But I really enjoyed it.

This movie starts out with just about every cliche you could think of.

I'm a horror movie fiend, I'll watch any scary, thriller or suspenseful movies in the hopes of finding some gem amongst the fodder.

Not a horror, not a thriller, definitely a yawner .

After an abysmal forage into what turned out to be a waste of time, my rating of "Within" ends of a meager three out of ten stars.

A slow getting primed movie that has its rewards.

It was abit predictable and that's fine tbh.

Overall an uninspiring train wreck of a movie which was described as a horror thriller, but which was neither thrilling or horror.

After getting a very boring false finish, we're met with a sort of expected plot twist of a little "switch-a-roo", which doesn't end well for the family, even though they try to fight back.

They should have added much more of the thriller suspense than boring "after school special" talks between step mom, dad, and typical acting out teen.

I got the impression that the makers of this movie aimed for something like "Housebound" (or maybe "The Boy") but made it bland, un-funny, and rapey.

After setting up the situation in the first few minutes, the next hour or so has practically nothing happen that advances the plot - it's just one mysterious incident after another, none of which is particularly scary or creepy.

If it wasn't obvious enough, don't believe the 10 star ratings because this movie will be a guaranteed waste of valuable time.

A predictable 'someone's living inside the walls' horror thriller, that suffers from a weak script, one dimensional characters, and clumsy direction.

It felt like a waste of time even seeing the it.

Completely predictable unimaginative yawner that MIGHT scare a group of 10 year-old bored children.

i was expecting something better watching the trailer but ended up being just another boring thriller.

Waiting for the family to figure it out is so incredibly dull.

) But what really sinks the movie is how boring and uneventful most of it is.

While this flick is no gem, it did take me back to my youth and a friends house that had crawl spaces/tunnels linking all the rooms, attic and basement via the closets and storage rooms which we found both creepy and exciting.

Boring, Dull and So Overdone.

That movie went from being quite good and entertaining to becoming a ridiculous heap of a stupid movie in an instant when it was revealed just exactly what was going on.

Boring horror thriller .

There's a few things to applaud the movie for: it has creepy characters and exciting moments.

And I'll tell you what, that last 30 minutes was bloody enjoyable.

Talk about cliché-ridden nonsense, and not even exciting nonsense for that matter, barely anything was happening.

This movie is sooooooooo boring.