Wolf Creek 2 (2013) - Action, Horror

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The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Greg McLean
Stars: John Jarratt, Ryan Corr
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 26 out of 105 found boring (24.76%)

One-line Reviews (86)

They are useless, clueless, and uninteresting.

(Yeah, right) It cannot compare to the first Wolf Creek but still worth watching.

Entertaining .

Pointless (and atrocious CGI) kangaroo slaughtering, shooting an old woman in the back and then point-blank in the face.

Everything felt very predictable and at points it did feel I was watching Wolf Creek again.

If you want to cringe, scream and get your adrenaline pumping this is a film for you!

Nothing happens in the first film until 40 minutes.

There's no story here at all.

The villain is played out and boring.

This feral farce, which is created to pulverize the viewer with a carnival of pantomime cruelty creating distressing images of imbecile brutality towards good looking 25 year olds is the absolute lowest lamest dumbest ugliest most stupid and tedious film ever made in this country.

Those come off not only as barbaric and cruel but also insanely fun due to the relaxed and carefree nature he has during these scenes which makes them far more fun than expected and adds a strong outcome to these scenes by making it enjoyable to be with him during these scenes that don't have any real horror to them.

If on the other hand, you want a suspenseful thrill such as the first one, stay clear of this.

With obvious nods to Alien and Duel in places, performances are again decent but the lack of variety in the final act becomes boring.

Although, the movie is meant to be set in northern Australia, it has been filmed in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, which provide stunning scenery throughout.

The movie meanders along for a few minutes and then the two foreign vacationers pop up and it is just boring.

And to think its a straight to video release is mind boggling.

Definitely worth the watch, in my opinion anyway.

Too predictable with unnecessary gore .

But it had 1 "redeeming factor" going for it: it was entertaining as hell!

It lacks the slow build-up to the horrifying climax of Wolf Creek, choosing instead to jump into the gore early on.

Worth the Watch .

Which I find strange and don't really know what they were thinking with that and by the end of the film it kind of falls apart, it's a little pointless and doesn't do much with the ending.

Mick Taylor has many memorable and hilarious lines, and some very creepy and thrilling lines as well.

A complete waste of time .

In the opening sequence (which is as good as the film ever gets, all downhill from there) a pair of bored cops decide to get tough on the driver of a truck that went through their speed trap, EVEN THOUGH the driver was not actually speeding.

On the whole, 'Wolf Creek 2' is still quite an intense thrill-ride, and one worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed the first.

by the time we have our evil protagonist hunting down his victim with a huge truck a-la Dueln and mowing down a herd of kangaroos in the process i found myself getting very rapidly dispirited by the whole tawdry and ultimately tedious mess.

There's also quite a bit more car chasers, and a degree more humour from the great John Jarratt's character who turns somewhat similar to Freddy Krueger with his perverted view of the world and intense wickedness making this more of a exploitation drive-in movie than the original's softly approach into terror.

In terms of a bare minimum to be enjoyable it is a 6.

I honestly think it might have been so "good" that it went past the point of entertaining me.

This is just trite and generic horror at its best.

John Jarratt however does more than enough to make up for the complaints I have, his performance is just so delightfully hammy it does get entertaining enough so that any parts that aren't as good is almost instantly forgivable every time he delivers a line.

Any poor bastard wandering around the wide open plains of Australia better not cross paths with the guy because he'll kill them in the slowest, most degrading way possible.

Boring uninviting obtuse slasher .

The quiz scene is overdone and boring.

It is suspenseful, well- shot, and appropriately gruesome.

The psychological warfare between Paul and Mick near the end was riveting, and the actor who played Paul did a phenomenal job despite having such little character development to work with.

02/27/2019 Both Wolf Creek movies are pretty decent killer/thriller/predictor movies made more enjoyable to watch considering that the movie production company makes broad claims that their movie is based on real events.

The story is completely lost (even if we believe they tried to put the killer in perspective, to get a bit of back-story) and with so many forced and simple turns, that it becomes boring.

From the beginning where the extended hassling from the police and the final outcome of that encounter in the bushes to the series of fine vehicular torments he puts them through with the rather toying he'll pick them up only to leave or the series of utterly thrilling high-speed car chases through the Outback roads that give this a truly engaging feel with all the high quality action displayed.

It's pretty entertaining with some action, chases, and gore.

In fact, the action overall is so disjointed that it actually takes a while to determine who the "innocent" is – and in these films the success or failure of the production invariably depends on how well the audience "connects" with the innocent.

His sideburns,and his Unpredictive responses are what make the film entertaining - not the blasting of half a guys head off.

As for the story, I found it a little boring that it turned out to be a chase between the bad guy and a young chap during the entire movie.

The original was a slow burn grisly low budget shocker with a great panic stricken sense of hopelessness from a serial-killer who always appeared to be one step ahead of his prey whilst they trespass on his turf.

This installment is a lot more over-the-top and relentless than the original; it's not quite as well made, as it's predecessor, but it's still very entertaining.

I know people who walked out in disgust – English people oddly enough.

" This movie left me wanting to phone a friend to relieve some of the sheer boredom and agony that watching this some old trope again left me feeling.

This movie is paced far better, with much more memorable scenes: The police scene, the german lover scene when Mick turns up, the chase scene, the scene at the oap home, the torture scene and escape scene.. they are all good scenes.. The first movie has 40 minutes of fluff, 40 minutes of two women being absolutely ridiculous and a disjointed 10 minute scene at the end with the man who had been out of the movie for the last 40 minutes.

A mysterious killer who haunts the shadows of the world suddenly becomes pretty boring in full day light.

Honestly I got confused with the direction of this movie as it seems to take influences from a number of classic movies and then mash them crudely in place as opposed to reference them and the last half an hour was a little boring and could have been cut in half.

There were numerous other scenes throughout the film where the characters simply didn't do what real people in the same situations would have done but this review isn't a synopsis so I won't go into lengthy, boring detail.

Nothing as good as the first but no 2, is a highly enjoyable, laugh riot, and which can give even 'Mad Max' a run for its money.

Gruesome, grisly, and totally bonkers, WC2 ups the adrenaline level into the stratosphere!

The mid section of the film is pretty decent but I found that it got worse and worse as it went on, leading to a lengthy and ever so slightly boring climax which fails to breathe new life into the tried-and-bloodied torture-film staples.

Every cliché in the book is thrown into this Aussie stew in which some grimy pig-hunter named Mick returns from the first Wolf Creek to slay another bunch of individuals who appear too stupid to at least attempt escape.

Overall, it is an idea that is as boring and dusty as the Outback itself.

I only recently saw the first Wolf Creek movie and really enjoyed it which is obviously the reason I watched the sequel...

Ryan Corr (Saw 3D) plays the runner and is just as witty and entertaining as Taylor himself.

As a horror movie fanatic I was overall impressed by this film, it kept me on the edge of my seat and well entertained.

Bad acting, no plot, no tension, bad script,no imagination.

And also pointless, because we get it: he's dead; so move on.

There are some moments in this movie as good as anything in the first film, but too much of it becomes predictable and is telegraphed too much in advance to have any real feeling of suspense.

He is a jerk, a brutal killer, but boring.

Wolf Creek 2 is so much more intense and at the same time comedic, compared to the first film.

The final six or seven minutes are unbearable.

Admittedly it benefited from a raw & gritty atmosphere as well as a couple brutal gore-highlights, but overall it was a mundane & unoriginal hillbilly slasher that too easily exploited the "based on a true story" tagline.

Evreything is predictable, with the exception of having Mick as a singer, amenable host and torturer.

It ends up with a torture scene in the end (big surprise).

having stayed the course i now know it was a tired and woefully misjudged waste of time.

Entertaining grisly drive-in style horror from the land of Oz .

Enjoyable .

To be honest, I really enjoyed it.

Wolf Creek 2 (spoilers ahead) doesn't have enough ideas to create one coherent story, so it combines three and allows some segments to become long and drawn-out.

after the first 20 minutes it becomes a disjointed mess and plumbs levels of absurdity that made me wonder if gregg maclean was self destructing this franchise because he pretty well did everything he could to produce a pile of garbage.

I wonder what was going on in the mind of the director as he was filming the most intense and brutal parts of this film.

The only difference is that this sequel is even more violent, sadistic and gory, to the point where it becomes tedious, uninteresting and eventually unwatchable.

Unbelievable predictable and totally surreal.

It's a fun house with all the tricks and trades from every cliché ever made.

Kept me on the edge of my seat right throughout the film.

This movie is a worthy sequel, and packs quite an intense and bloody punch.

Maybe there were too many chef's in the kitchen, but it seemed very cliché.

This film had no story at all and was jusr one long chase sequence, and a bad one at that.

The movie does twist and turn as it goes along, although most will have some sort of idea what's coming next, but this is still a very entertaining watch with some great gore effects and a good number of dark comedic one-liners.

Doesn't match the quality of the first film, but overall still a highly enjoyable film.

10/10 for being truly scary, intense, and disturbing.