Wonder Park (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Wonder Park tells the story of an amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Dylan Brown
Stars: Sofia Mali, Jennifer Garner
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 23 out of 129 found boring (17.82%)

One-line Reviews (72)

We even went to the 4:20 show thinking we got this but it was boring uneventful just plan full.

There were so many holes in the story, the writers spent zero time trying to make the audience connect with the characters and the "dilemmas" they created to try to add interest to the film were completely boring, ridiculous, and unimaginative.


I fell asleep for 20 minutes, my my wife fell asleep for 40.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for Children, so just let your imagination soar.

June resolves to save the park, with predictable and increasingly tiresome mayhem-filled set pieces ensuing.

My 7 year old seems to enjoy it, but I'm reading reviews and playing words with friends because it's so boring.

For one thing the movie is predictable, all the symbolism, mystery, and potential twists are easily discernible and lacking the finesse and mind-blowing moments that the sister studio is famous for.

While "Wonder Park" hardly is going to be an animated classic for me, it is definitely one that is worth watching at least once.

But all is not well in Wonderland, and it's not only because the park's name was presumably too evocative of Alice in Wonderland to provide the film's title (you'd think someone would have thought of that at some point during production).

It was entertaining and had a positive message.

, nothing special, just basic and doesn't stand out, but not a bad performance, the characters are a mixed bag, sometimes they have wonderful performances by great actors with some entertaining, relatable and likeable characters, on the other side, they are basic, nothing special, not very interesting all that much and are just stereotypicals.

All the right elements are here for a great animated movie but the story is a bit contrived and feels awkward.

It was enjoyable and creative.

It is filled with action, humor and heartfelt moments that make it enjoyable.

And boring, too!

Sad and boring throughout the majority of the film .

Some have said that the movie is boring.

There is very little plot, and the whole movie doesn't really make much sense.

I read other reviews and hesitated on wether or not to take the kids (boys, 9 and 5) I wish I wouldn't have wasted $42 on sad and boring.

Bored to death!

Why do the kids admire June like nothing happened to their neighborhood in the beginning of the film?

My son got bored and if I'm not there for him, then why am I.

You see, as far back as January 2019, just a couple of months before it's official release, it was tagged with the ultra generic utterly boring title of "Amusement Park".

The storyline in "Wonder Park" is a bit generic and predictable, for sure.

My kids went from sad to bored and back to sad, before ending with bored.

No, it's not meant to appeal to adults wanting something fresh, but as far as kids movie it was engaging with a charm to it.

I'd let you watch the paint dry but we wouldn't wanna get too exciting or dare I say......

Take the kids, leave the theater, pick up the kids once the movie is over.

Boring .


The worst movie I have ever seen .

Any older and I think they will be extremely bored.

A bright, fast paced adventure with just enough imagination that you would hope to get from a child making up their own theme park.

The thing I look for in movies, a good/ gripping story that makes sense and is interesting to me, actors who make it a believable journey and visual aesthetics.

But like I say, on the whole, it was an entertaining and heartfelt film.

you can guess from there what is going to happen, it's pretty predicable from top to bottom, you know what will happen and it will end exactly like how you would imagine, it doesn't take any risks or become interesting a lot since despite it's unnecessary PG rating, it's a safe piece of fluff, with a weak script and it felt so rushed with nothing a lot to take from it, that and the moral and it's theme is all over the place, however despite all that, the movie's execution isn't too bad, it makes up for it with decent comedy, scenes that are generally fun and exciting at times to watch and the first few minutes before June heads off to Wonderland, are properly the best parts of the movie, it's touching, funny, strong and it a decent set up for the movie, however half way through it grinds to a halt and just becomes a perfectly watchable film, the writing may has not saved the movie with it's predictability, bland and generic elements to it, confusing and rushed, it does save it with it's heart, chuckleworthy comedy and the first thirty minutes being great, so in a way, it's Splendiferous!.

WE took our 6 year old grand daughter and she fell asleep then I did.

Then there is the story; predictable and uninspired.

My wife fell asleep for most of it.

But director Dylan Brown did manage to get this to be something enjoyable for old and young alike.

Total waste of time and money!

Waste of time and money .

It is a whimsical place filled with exciting rides and attractions, such as a flying fish carousel and crazy roller coasters.

On the whole, this film was entertaining and engaging, and I found myself feeling a range of emotions throughout.


In this case, I fell asleep 3 or 4 times.

Any movie that can keep my 3 year olds attention is worth watching.

In one word: Boring...

I sat down to watch "Wonder Park" with my 9 year old son, and it turned out that this 2019 animated movie was actually enjoyable for the both of us.

One of them (a porcupine) is in love with another (a warthog) but this is mentioned only once (to my knowledge, I did actually fall asleep for a while!

I was quite excited to see this film since I have been a lover of theme parks and theme park building games ever since I was little and I came in there expecting an entertaining, cheery, comedic ride and came out disappointed.

But all is not well in Wonderland, and it's not only because the park's name was presumably too evocative of Alice in Wonderland to provide the film's title (you'd think someone would have thought of that at some point during production).

We had high hopes for this because of the great reviews but it's proven to be quite boring.

Entertaining and emotional .

A sweet movie, far deeper and more entertaining than the previews suggest.

Dont waste your time and money .

What a bore .

Save your money and check out Dumbo in a few weeks.

It's entertaining.

The score was bad, the cinematography was bland, the editing was bad.

June resolves to save the park, with predictable and increasingly tiresome mayhem-filled set pieces ensuing.

Now, stepping away from the confusion about the title of this film, you might also wonder why there is no credited Director on this film.

Had trouble staying awake during this movie.

It's has been an entertaining experience for myself, every time I take my children to see a kids movie.

Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed it

It starts off fun, a little girl and her mom imagining this theme park but the whole beginning was still contrived.

It was very heavy emotional content for kids and the rest of the boring movie didn't make up for that fact.

There is too much dialogue in the film which added to its blandness as well as some scenes that dragged on too long that were just there as filler.

My wife and I were bored out of our minds!!

DISLIKES:Predictable Too Simple Lacking Intense Suspense ShortSummary: As we have talked about, animation movies require a story to be very dynamic, fun, and have a sense of adventure that takes us out of our world.

It was also boring and I just kept waiting for it to be over.