World Trade Center (2006) - Drama, History, Thriller

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Two Port Authority police officers become trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Oliver Stone
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 132 out of 574 found boring (22.99%)

One-line Reviews (369)

The beginning was very boring, did not grab me or any of my co-viewers attentions at all.

But the scenes before and after are some of the most intense scenes Oliver Stone have made since the 80ties.

"World Trade Center" is rated PG-13 for intense and emotional content, some disturbing images and language.

A completely pointless film that pussyfoots around tougher issues and makes a triumph out of a loss.

Allison Jimeno Michael Shannon acts very well and is star of the future in his coming of age role ...

well anyway, another movie and another waste of time

Pre-rescue scenes under ground are too long, dull and hard to watch due to darkness.

Every single cliché you name it, you have it here.

boring or moving.

The first thing to say about this movie is that it is long and boring.

The movie doesn't ever succeed in capturing the total chaos, confusing and desperation of that day, perhaps only the first few minutes of the movie.

And then there is likely the other half of the people who would be scared to say otherwise because it deals with such an intense and open wounded topic of an event that happened only five short years ago and completely changed the world and the United States as we knew it.

Everyone was clearly bored and just waiting for this train wreck of a movie to end.

Unfortunately this can make the two-hour movie seem to move a bit slow.

Oliver Stone takes a very subjective view, and by that he decreases the movie so much, that it becomes boring after a quarter of an hour (..after "the fall").

I can only award this film 3 out of 10 because it's dull and too much like a TV movie.

This film is a waste of time and attempts to explain nothing.

All together a good, well made film but very slow in places.

But anyway, as I predicted, well as we all predicted, actually, we were bored through the whole film.

We learn that the two men survived an unbearable number of surgeries and are living with their families.

Still gripping from start to finish, especially if you don't know what happened exactly ...

This film is slow, dull, and ultimately a bit vomit-inducing.

I have seen Maria Bello in other films, like "The Cooler" and still photos and thought she was always a stunning brown-eyed blonde.

This movie obviously have good intentions when the actual survivors helped write this, but in the end, it left me unaffected and bored.

Anyway, the guys walk in to the building LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED.

Oliver Stone thankfully eliminates conspiracy theories in this drawn out story.

Like watching paint dry .

The characters are bland, and really have a lack of definition among them.

And in listening to the nature of the two mens' conversation--the two discuss the most trivial and banal subjects: Demi Moore, 'GI Jane,' their kids--we realize that the mens' words are secondary to the fact that they are literally talking to keep each other conscious, staving off shock, saving each others' lives.

It hit without warning, (to the common people, anyway) completely shocking and absorbing everyone into it that had heard the horrible news.

All we get is pedestrian direction that might as well for a TV movie and a very lame, mawkish soap opera plot that is really dragged-out far too damn long.

This director couldn't even take the time to show something interesting in their lives, they clearly lived completely boring lives.

The streets of the city are either empty or speckled with silent pedestrians.

At times it seems like the dialog was over contrived, and the "Jesus scene"...

As for Maria Bello in the role of the other wife, I loved her in A History of Violence, but she was bland in this.

World Trade Center is just a very bland, uninspiring piece of film making.


In Italy, the academics, snobs and other fauna dismissed it as rhetoric and banal.

Follow them from start to what appears to be a normal day and, after, in the confusion of the emergence call.

Save your money!!.

very TV-movie-ish, but still worth watching ...

I walked out of the film as soon as realised what the script writers had done.


The film is tastefully made, casts minimal attention to the more sensational aspects of the fateful day, and devotes the lion's share of the picture telling a gripping, true-life, story of two port authority police officers who were trapped in the rubble.

They give insight about the making of the film and their part in it as well as some fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

There is only so much you can see of that before it starts to get boring.

It becomes a struggle for everyone: McLoguhlin and Jimeno fight to stay awake and alive, their families brave the emotional trauma and rescue teams attempt a tricky extrication.

Worst Movie Ever .

This movie presents no story, no character buildup, no suspense, no action sequences (expecting to see the towers fall in state-of-the-art CGI wonder?

Somebody else is going to have to make the *real* WTC film, but they'll have to call it some other name, else it will get confused with this uninspiring piece of dung.

I was on the edge of my seat during the slow-motion sequence in which you see a side-shot of the PA officers running for the elevator shaft in the underground complex next to the Towers, and the debris from the collapsing tower pouring in through the doors, and then the shaft collapsing at their feet.

Another problem is that the film is very long winded.

There's a fine line between restrained and boring.

I was really bored after they got trapped because nothing happened; at all.

As a visually stunning tribute to lives lost in tragedy, World Trade Center succeeds unequivocally, and it is more politically muted than many of Stone's other works as the director concentrated on one of the catastrophe's stories and has fashioned it well with almost palpable physical detail, and with performances that never sink to exploitation.

Oliver Stone's usual style of intense editing, use of black & white film and historical stock footage isn't present in World Trade Center.

Stone's usually flamboyant and trip-like cinematography has been replaced with framing so bland you'd be forgiven for thinking you're looking at a series of still photographs.

I wasn't getting buried guy from New York under the rubble, I was getting bored guy struggling with the accent under the lights.

The children of these cops are also really boring, or rather the actors portraying them are.

Dull TV movie .

Frustrated with what many saw as a total lack of that very perspective (coming from the conspiracy ridden, anti-government lens of Stone) many found World Trade Center to be nothing but a cinematic slushee, a predictable yarn to patriotism, some cinephiles even suggesting as an overt attempt to mend broken fences with many viewers after the epic financial failure that was Alexander.

this film is a wasted opportunity on 9/11 and quite dull.

The event was terrible, and very sad, the movie was just uneventful and boring, and extremely poorly made.

Given the epic intense violence of the Towers' falls and the thoroughness of destruction evident at Ground Zero, it was still interesting enough to watch a movie about people trying to survive during its aftermath, even if it's super pitch dark & hard to see.

There's this dull character, Marines staff sergeant Karnes, a big bully-like hunk, with the IQ of a mongoose and a mindset of a thoughtless pawn, who is determined on finding the survivors and pulling them out.

Don't waste your time on this....

Waste of money that could have gone to survivors and families .

Like I said before WTC was something that was going to be either a complete masterpiece, or a complete waste of time.

Maybe it's because I knew of the ultimate outcome of the story--it's based on actual accounts--that these moments became tiresome for me.

United 93 was a good movie based on the 9/11 attacks that was good and suspenseful.

It's visually stunning, and the images felt real.

) While the actors and directors tried desperately to be evocative, they merely came across as cliché and wooden.

I saw Flight 93 and enjoyed it and I am very interested in all events surrounding September 11th, so this film appealed to me.

This is by far the WORST movie I have ever seen.

It starts off great, but halfway through the story's pretty much over and there's still another hour to go – it's as this point I fell asleep.

The opening scenes that quickly change from normalcy to the instant and unexpected pandemonium are handled very well also.

This movie was a very emotional and gripping film.

I merely refer to the use of intense sound and imagery to place the audience under the planes when they hit and in and around the buildings when they came down.

All I have to say to the producers of the movie is: A waste of money drawing out pointless scenes...

It seemed to me that the whole film could have been 40 minutes shorter, a lot of the banter was just painting by numbers: the obvious longing for their partners, visions of times gone by etc. It was all very predictable and offered nothing new on that front.

The snippets of people jumping/falling from the towers or of the buildings burning or Brokaw intoning on the TV--these were all parts of that day, along w/ the constant tide of hijackings, crashes, death and confusion.

Arrogant propaganda .

It was a day of horror not slow, boring and to direct around what really happened is absurd.

Then there's the predictable housewives and stuff at home, waiting for news of their loved ones.

The kid actors playing her children were mostly awful, and the film dragged whenever their story was on the screen.

World Trade Center is a breathtaking, emotional film that brings back the memories of the horrific events that happened to America almost eleven years ago.

Seamus McGarvey contributed the evocative cinematography, and Jan Roelfs' production design is piercingly accurate to our collective memories of how Ground Zero looked on that fateful day.

Well made and only partly predictable.

There was a bit of it at the beginning and end that just smacked of propaganda.

He's been off of it for way too long.

The role of a cop's wife is always a pretty dull one, so you have to give credit to the two actresses for giving the characters at least some personality.

It just makes for a boring movie.

Overall, I liked the film, but I did find it a bit dull, uninspiring and certainly when we see Jesus bringing the Evian water, I almost laughed.

Not to enter into a debate on religious creed, and staying with the movie, I enjoyed it, clichés aside, and feel that the uber-cynics should either avoid this movie, or accept its foibles without casting slings and arrows at an otherwise above average attempt to share a moment in shared history that has ultimately brought us closer as a world audience amongst the hurt.

I repeat, the men walked around LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED.


By avoiding the obvious (only briefly alluding to a shadow of a plane, never showing the complete collapse from the outside) and concentrating on the points of view of the men inside the tower, Stone enables viewers to fully understand the confusion and fear of those on the front lines.

The result is two-and-a-bit hours of mind-numbing boredom, with a few hysterical moments of panic that were never meant to be funny.

I've enjoyed past performances from her however this one seemed more contrived and overplayed from my perspective.

really, it would have been best if it were about all the people that were inside of the offices when the planes tore through the towers, as well as the confusion of the authorities over the event.

However one big propaganda lie was told that was carefully crafted to fool the average American who believes almost anything dished out to him or her.

Not necessarily a great a film, but a compelling experience.

What I did NOT expect was 2 hours of 2 guys stuck in a hole, chatting about nothing in particular, because they were afraid if they fell asleep they would die.

Firstly, some parts slow down with a little too many narrative flashbacks.

Communications gear is failing, and there is confusion all around.

But most of the dialogue throughout the film bores us so utterly it seems to curdle as it leaves the actors' very lips.

Look, we're talking about a tragedy that involved some 2,700 deaths and of which 37 PAPD officers, what impact do these long and boring "love stories" make to let us know the real stories about LOVE AND SURVIVAL?

Everything is so predictable and too slow.

It was a gripping story of two Port Authority Police officers who were trapped under the rubble of the trade centre and their battle to survive until help came.

Images are intense, emotional and very disturbing.

If I predicted almost every element, that means plenty of other people did too, and that makes it predictable, predictable is bad.

It's a gripping movie that has you holding your breath.

A most fascinating cast!

Instead, it's so damn pretentious that it almost forces you to disregard the crappy movie-making and crappy script and just accept what's going on and shed a few tears.

Stone has portrayed intense human drama here with the actual historical event as a backdrop and not much else.

I would have had more respect for him than I do after watching this waste of time and money.

It was so boring, I left half way through the movie.

The horrifying destiny of thousands of ordinary people and hundreds of servicemen and rescue workers on 911 is certainly worth making a disaster movie, but this film is dull and boring in its essence.

A Tedious and Unforfilling Film.

Save your money and your time!!

Boring, boring, boring .

It's dramatic when anyone is trapped somewhere, injured and thirsty, and then rescued from slow death in the nick of time by a determined emergency team.

However, as the story is based on real life and revolves simply around the two men's ordeal, fans of Stone's more high-octane motion pictures such as Platoon and Alexander will find World Trade Center mildly uninteresting at best, terribly boring at worst.

Cage and Pena provide solid performances, and the images of the wreckage are intense.

" This also tends to get very boring.

It's got some compelling iconic 9/11 moments although Oliver Stone doesn't actually show the planes crashing into the buildings.

I had to tap my feet just to stay awake.

9/11, this flick sure does disappoint and I found myself bored to tears through most it as it was so predictable with all the schmaltzy script and cheesy acting.

8/10Rated PG-13 for intense life/death situations

It is really a total waste of time.

The heroes and memory of the people who died on September 11 deseve a better film than this waste of time.

Not so, this shameless piece of Yankee propaganda.

I worked a few blocks from the WTC and when I went back, after we were allowed to, I would linger in the area, absorbing the sight of the mountains of twisted steel in quiet shock.

However its boring and misses so many aspects of what we all think of when we recapture 9/11 events.

For the rest of the movie, they're lying around in dirt swapping the most cliché dialogue about how they need to hold on and who has how many kids back home.

First off, Oliver and writer Andrea Berloff made an interesting, entertaining and well paced film that was also heartfelt.

Cage, in particular, relying solely on his voice and face, gives a stunning performance that should be considered for an Oscar.

Laughable,predictable and boring.

this movie is glib and utterly boring.

I must say that Oliver Stone did a very good job of staying clear of his left wing thoughts as far as bringing personal thoughts into the movie.

Completely unnecessary and boring.

The events are unbeatable, but after an hour the movie falls into boring clichés .

I will commend the actors; I thought they did it as realistically as they possibly could, which was the only spark to this film along with the music, even though a bit repetitive.

No plot, no substance.

To those arrogant, self-indulgent and brainless people who like to judge films before having actually seen them I only have one thing to say; shut up.

Ho hum .

Wonderful performances from Maria Bello and Michael Pena notwithstanding, World Trade Center is an indulgent, cliché attempt to romanticize the plight of the victims, offered up as the respectful remembrance of events many politically sane Americans would prefer to forget.


9/11 may be the most important event of the last 20 years but this felt like a made-for-TV disaster movie from the early 80's starring Paul Newman, whose expressions throughout the film manage to convey both the boredom of "contractual obligation" and fear of "career suicide".

It's just that they often have to share time with material that, while probably not far from the truth, are too typical or diverting from what is compelling.

It dragged on mercilessly.

As if that wasn't enough, they had to deal with shifting debris, which threaten to come down on the few inches of room they had, fire that fell right beside them, unbearable pain, exhaustion, and even a gun going off within the rubble due to the bullets overheating.

A first-rate human drama, a solemn and unexpected offering from Oliver Stone.

It's self-indulgent.

World Trade Center made me fall asleep.

But that's the last time we really see or feel any sense of genuine, gripping storytelling in this film.

Its an emotionally charget, riveting film in my eyes, and although it has some minor flaws and moments that could have been better, ultimately i think Stone did a great job with this one, and its better than Alexander.

So in conclusion, the film is very repetitive, constant poor lighting and typically unchanging scenery make it unpleasant to watch for a long time, and it was very hard to connect with the characters.

"World Trade Center" (2006) Directed By: Oliver Stone Starring: Nicholas Cage, Michael Peña, Maria Bello, Maggie Gyllenhaal, & Jay Hernandez MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for intense and emotional content, some disturbing images and language) Oliver Stone is famous for his movies with intense political messages.

After a relatively slow start, she is finally achieving the roles that she rightfully deserves.

However, I'm willing to let that past, due to the fact that confusion was very rampant, that day.

Totally engaging movie and exciting to boot .

What isn't, on the other hand, is the utterly risible "Jesus vision" bit and the redundant, pretentious flashbacks showcasing the two officers'private lives.

The details are many and tiny; hence fascinating.

Without a direct word from God, how could *anyone* be expected to abandon the compelling *Pet Goat* to lead a country.

Who knew that Oliver Stone, of all people, would resort to formulaic storytelling.

The film is a gripping depiction centered mostly on two men and their families.

Certainly, this is the tightest and least self-indulgent piece of film-making Oliver Stone has ever done.

Roger Ebert is on to something in his review; would World Trade Center be anywhere near as compelling if it were about, say, two construction workers surviving for a day in the rubble after the collapse of a parking garage in Muncie, Indiana?

Sentimental, self righteous and dull.

The wives await the fate of their husbands as they go through a roller coaster of emotions, and the final outcome of these two men is an enjoyable one.

It's not the most amazing piece of work you'll ever see, it is self-indulgent in many ways that I wasn't expecting, you will see lots of things you've seen many times before and asked to never see again whether out of boredom, pain or frustration...

There are two moments that attempt to throw off this cliché.

But the film was actually boring, and it was nothing like what you expect from Oliver Stone.

It is an entertaining two hours.

Lying there, they passed time by praying, telling stories about their families, and just trying to keep one another from falling asleep.

The films falters sometimes, but generally it avoids verging into sappy sentimentality and flag waving and instead just concentrates on crafting a poignant, realistic, engrossing, believable and effecting portrayal of events as they likely panned out on that day.

Once the firefighters are trapped under, the film takes a horrible turn for the melodramatic, with Nicolas Cage's gloriously entertaining overacting style being a terrible fit to the character of an ordinary man in a nightmarish situation.

In the midst of the chaos, Bello rails against the desk sergeant who has first told her that her husband has walked out of the wreckage alive - only to correct it later and say he is still buried.

Or for political and national propaganda of George Bush?

Stone does a fine job here-the shadow of the plane speeding across the building-sides, the rain of debris coming down, the total ruination all around, the confusion and fear and anger of 9-11, all presented very well.

This was a very tastefully produced film and very much worth watching.

That said, watching human pain and suffering is never easy and with excellent directing and acting, it can still be fascinating to behold.

And the cinematography, by Seamus McGarvey and augmented by archival news footage and NASA satellite photography, is seamless and stunning: When the first tower collapses, hell is unleashed; when the second tower goes, it happens through our ears and inside our heads.

The next hour and forty five minutes are split between listening to the two trapped men try and struggle to stay awake and alive while their families cope with not knowing their ultimate fate.

The movie just seemed to drag forever with nothing happening.

It's a drama, and it's suspenseful!

Hollywood has given us hero's whose lives are so exciting and are always exciting.

The acting was on par and the set design gets a special mention as the re-creation of ground zero was spot on but I will find this hard to recommend due to slow pace and very narrow story telling.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Our two main characters spend much of the movie inert and these scenes, unfortunately, become a little tedious.

"World Trade Center" tells the gripping true story of two of the last men pulled out of the rubble of Ground Zero alive.

His character is far more engaging than Cage's; Pena's emotions come off without any artifice.

The whole movie was republican/ right wing propaganda.

Watching Cage and Pena trapped should be gripping stuff.

Extremely slow movie.

Think of this as something like Pearl Harbor, 35 minutes interesting & well made, and the rest boring as it can possibly be.

Boring movie .

Well as for the movie, it was compelling and good natured and showed how 2 people in that situation and pull together and keep each other alive.

This felt like a waste of time, when I am pretty sure the audience wanted to see more depth in the incident.

Not that they themselves are trapped in the rubble with most of the film taking place in the dark as the rest of the film deals in emotional turmoil of their families cross cutting with the trapped policemen in peril with salvation arriving in the form of a religious, zany and rather on the edge Marine who speaks in slogans.

An emotionally gripping tale, with misleading concepts .

World Trade Center: The movie is boring.

It was so cheesy and so predictable it made me cringe.

It kept going back and forth between pointless scenes and really started to irritate me.

A gripping movie that will make you cry (it certainly made me cry and jump right out of my seat in some scenes!

The dialogue itself was sub-par on most cases; incredibly predictable and cheesy.

My main issues were the cliché's and the rather plastic portraits of the families waiting to hear news about their loved ones.

I felt all the same feelings as well as the same intense fear...

What I do mind is spending two hours of my life bored senseless by this daytime TV rubbish.

Emotional, but down right boring.

I said that Nixon was the worst film he had ever made, but this dull, sloppy, boring mess of a fillm takes the cake as the worst dog of a film he has ever made.

Most of the scenes were boring and I actually fell asleep.

The film could have shown, in epic fashion, the evacuation, all of the rescuers and their contributions, etc. Instead, we have a very slow paced movie in the semi-darkness with a predictable ending.

Agreeing with the previous reviewer, Maria Bello (the wife of officer , John McLoughlin) gave a very bland performance, and most of her actions were a tad in-genuine.

It is quite dark on screen for a lot of the film and that kind of affects how much I enjoyed it, even though it's probably realistically presented.

I know some people are going to say I'm a non patriotic person for not liking the World Trade Center movie, but this movie was just boring.

Half the movie is news footage and the other half is corny corny corny and slow and boring and lame.

First Responders (in this case a couple of port authority cops) trapped under the rubble, waiting for rescue with flashbacks of their apparently excessively boring lives.

The planes hitting the towers is only heard, the tower collapse is shown just from inside the lobby through the frantic eyes and pumping adrenaline of McLoughlin and Jimeno, and it is that and also the omission of an overly patriotic tone that makes this a good survival story.

There is no reasoning to why these firefighters are being spotlighted on, and it seems kinda pointless to do the movie in complete darkness.

Maria Bello, as his wife Donna, is quiet and yet riveting.

We actually thought we were burned out on the event, but the movie was riveting and emotionally intense.

This could have been a Ron Howard film in that it was completely safe, sane, bland and not objectionable in any way.

I'm probably just a jerk, but this movie bored me, and I really expected a movie based on this event to have more value than this did.

This confusion between respect and dull-ness (that former director Paul Greengrass skillfully avoided in United 93) is what makes World Trade Center so unsatisfactory.

This film ran us through the emotional coaster on most every facet while entertaining us, educating us and letting us share in other peoples experience while reminding us again of our own.

I was on the edge of my seat and holding on to my husband's arm without even realizing it and he got choked up several times.

I know they were going for some authenticity, but just having the actors do the same thing over and over again becomes tedious and loses the emotional focus at the heart of the film.

Nicolas Cage is breathtaking as McLoughlin.

That being said, films like this spreading TOTAL PROPAGANDA is a greater disrespect to EVERYONE.

It is one thing knowing what happens in a true story but still when Stone brings down the first tower it is still incredibly powerful, the sound is so intense, the atmosphere is so confusing it is like you are there with the officers.

It ought to be gripping and it's not really.

) World Trade Center presents a thoughtful and compelling conspiracy theory all it's own...

For those who are ready, World Trade Center is worth watching.

Waste of time.

There's no great FXs, and the script and the history it's completely boring for those who not live on the US.

Strictly as entertainment , it was a boring TV movie of the week and not a very good one.


Listen to me guys, don't waste your time!

This film simply has two cops arrive at what would become known as Ground Zero, flatten them under the rubble, play out all the cliché's of trapped people under the rubble and places the passé story into the grander context of the day.

McLoughiln is an emotionless leader who is silently dumbfounded by the unexpected tragedy.

I will caution you though, there are some intense scenes in this movie so if you are unable to deal with some of the events from that day you may not want to see the film.

However, I was very disappointed by it since the plot, the events and the characters are those of a classic average movie with the predictable American happy ending.

Because of this, a lot of the movie comes across as contrived, which is too bad, because when you watch something as important to America as this, you don't want to ever feel like you're looking at a sound stage, you don't ever want to feel like you can sense the crew standing just a few feet away from the action on screen, sipping nonfat caramel macchiattoes and flipping through the latest shooting script, wondering if they can squeeze in any more heroic one liners.

World Trade Center The movie was Boring and a complete disappointment

Substitute cynical nit-pickings for the harrowingly immersed experience .

Okay, you can only convey that so many ways on screen before it becomes repetitive.

Likewise, when the police crew watches a person tumble to their death, the poignancy and meaning to this person's ultimate death is so contrived that it almost looks like we should laugh at as a CGI effect, it looks awful.

I've got to say i was very, very disappointed it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen and i have seen a lot and i mean a lot of movies.

We know what is going to happen, but the audience was still on the edge of its seat until the inevitable occurs.

Most of the dramatic moments are weak and quite predictable (though not by any means bad) compared to the power and resonance they could have had.

It was like Ladder 49, except with no funny parts, no suspense, no likable characters, and extremely boring.

It was overall boring as well.

I won't ruin the movie for you, but let's just say that Jesus and a water bottle are a little too contrived even for my tastes.

Within 25 minutes of this 2 hour long film, both towers had been hit and both towers had collapsed, the rest of the film was flat and dull.

) The first act is restrained film-making at its best, as Stone shows us Tuesday, September 11, 2001, dawning like any other mundane workday, New York populace going through the motions of city life.

Worth watching!

We must admit that the entire film is slow and could annoy many viewers.

Unbelievably Boring & Predictable .

They are undeniably compelling to an audience, deeply thought provoking, morally disquieting, often unpleasant and always psychologically traumatic.

The patriotism and religion are used ad nauseum, boringly and perhaps even republicanly.

The acting was good and so was the plot but the film sort of dragged on with the men talking about their families in just about every scene.

Some parts of it were good but other parts were boring, and the boring parts far outweighed the good parts.

They also warn each other about the dangers of falling asleep (which is good, because sadly that's what the audience is about to do at this point).

From beginning to End the movie was intense with emotions on Nicolas Cage's part and Michael Pena.

The whole rescue, the people just turning up at Ground Zero is really portrayed in a very compelling way.

Don't waste your money on it.

A formulaic disaster/rescue script with Hallmark dialog, cheesy acting and (yawn) total predictability.

He keeps the story very entertaining through out.

)dull, and one-toned.


For my money, the Paul Greengrass thriller UNITED 93 is everything that WORLD TRADE CENTER isn't: pacy, exciting, thrilling, urgent, and utterly, utterly heartbreaking and horrifying in equal measure.

Instead, they tried to show us uneventful moments of their lives through flashbacks.

Then about the movie: it can at some point in the story line be a little boring.

For whatever reason, imagining the loss or endangerment of loved ones is more potent than imagining one's own physical danger, and the portrayal of that blistering boredom cuts to the quick of anybody with a heart.

Empty movie, doesn't show anything .

I am not a fan of Oliver Stone and think he is a boring director with no soul, but this is taking to another level of boredom.

Maria Bello is particularly compelling, though it may be she had a more interesting role to play than Maggie Gyllenhal.

This movie is empty, doesn't have any information or guide for who is watching it, we never knew how much time they spent trying to rescue the police officers, we never knew anything about the rescuers, They never really introduced both principals characters.

The acting was generally poor, the music was trite and some of the film was unintentionally laughable.

Oliver Stone gets kudos from me for telling a tough story very well visually and emotionally, slow moments and all.

I've TRIED to like Nicolas Cage - believe me,I've tried - but the man Is so boring and totally un-versatile It's like seeing the same character In every last thing he's been In!

And it was more moving and gripping then this movie.

Instead nothing happened, making this one very hard to sit out.

It had no message, so I loved it!

It's not about politics in ANY way, it's not about sensationalized movie making, it is an epic picture, brilliantly shot, entertaining, breath taking, captivating, non stop story that will draw you in and leave you completely broad sided with it's sheer epic quality.

This may have read good on paper,but visually it was boring.

Cutting as often as he can to the dull families in New Jersey waiting for word about their lost loved ones, Stone still fails to make even this horrific event interesting.

This movie is completely structured to be a digestible, box office hit, formulaic turd.

A total waste of time .

So, how does the master of conspiracy theory cinema put out a boring, listless, conspiracy-free piece of garbage like this??????

well enjoyable, but if this movie wasn't about the 9/11 WTC events as script background, it'd be a complete waste of time.

The film is sad, but I wouldn't call it compelling.

This movie is slow slow slow!

Very well, with some slow spots, and eventually a feeling that the story lines are in place early on and don't waver or turn as the movie goes.

It's a touching and stunning film, politically muted - and mute too - giving a lot of powerful action sequences as well as many tactful emotions.

It is a gripping couple of hours and for the most part was close to the actual facts.

It is a mind-numbingly boring example of connect-the-dots filmmaking.

It was a perfect portrayal of how unexpected the attack was...

There were some great scenes from life in new york; shots of the skyline and the subway as well as some breathtaking aerials.


Nonetheless, most of the time WTC proves to be a riveting film.

He says that post WW2 political propaganda will increasingly appeal to both feelings of guilt and sorrow.

Some of the scenes are intense, especially those involving the demise of the WTC, so there maybe some breathless moments to deal with.

It's obvious from the trailers, it's just another popcorn drama propaganda flick.

It's really scary and intense.

I like slow movies, but this was a flat out yawner.

The concept and the opportunity to put on screen this actual event surrounding the trapping of these men and their ordeal was well presented and ultimately compelling on screen as well.

This is where the film has no plot whatsoever.

The film is also extremely boring, and full of clichés and totally fake emotions that are meant to really "touch" us.

It felt like the film was made to strike into the inner emotions of people to trick them into seeing this dull film with two guys talking about painfully boring stuff.

The film is absolutely biased, and I have a feeling that there were far too many government officials present at the shoot making sure that this was a pathetic propaganda.

This long, dull story of two trapped police officers is just rubbish.

that was really boring.

Taking the story of two Port Authority Police who survived, Stone manages to make the singular event of the last decade a boring made-for-TV story of two cops buried and waiting rescue, by the Marines no less.

Boring, Long and wants to be "Ladder 49" .

With all due respect to the brave and respectable rescue teams and victims of that day: the movie is quite boring, because somehow you just know that they're going to survive, absolutely pointless.

I got lost in the movie, It was definitely dramatic and suspenseful...

Ruth Rosen said it best:When World Trade Center ended, I left the theater tense, my muscles aching.

It was really hard and unbearable to kill people massively this way.

In the beginning it is pretty good, with some nice shots of New York in the morning, but suddenly it becomes very boring, and I mean VERY boring.

What a waste of my time.

It's a sad way of making some dough out of this (film-wise) uninteresting event.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion in the varied interpretations presented here on IMDb about what this movie attempts to depict.

How could a director, especially one like Stone, actually tell such a boring and unemotional story with a subject matter like that of 9/11?

When United 93 came out, I saw some comments saying propaganda, I knew it was bias, and I knew the movie will soon attract more fans, and now it has become true.

Horrific as the situations involving the main characters were, their scenes seemed a bit repetitive and again, drawn out.

At least this one was only partly predictable.

I liked a lot of the scenes in the beginning, the little mundane details like when Michael Pena's character is going about his everyday street beat.

For consistency in a seemingly chaotic world, we can hope the Bush Administration as well as the box office rewards Mr. Stone for this very special (in the way one might refer to a child who's a little slow and worryingly destructive) contribution to the Patriot Act and War on Terror.

This is a typical Hollywood cliché—making something seem far more pleasant than it truly is to make the negative side of it even worse.

Everything else he has done I find bland and non entertaining.

To be frank i think the movie was to long, and to boring...

After a long drought since "Adaptation", Nicolas Cage plays the taciturn McLoughlin economically, while Michael Peña, who provided the most riveting moments in the otherwise manipulative "Crash" last year, brings an honest combination of ebullience and poignancy to Jimeno.

OK, it was a terrible experience on that bloody disaster day, even we here couldn't believe in our eyes while watching it on TV on that tremendous day but in the character of that former-marine corp, this film obviously exposes racist and neo-con propaganda over his rhetorical.

While not a great film, World Trade Center certainly still has both touching and intense moments that make this essential viewing for anyone wanting to see an optimistic view of an event that could have made pessimists of both protagonists had things took a turn for the worst.

A stunning movie.

We'll soon be getting another wide-release propaganda film called "Zero Dark Thirty" about Bin Laden.

With my bad-ass wisdom, I'll tell you how: The movie is so damn pretentious and it tries so damn hard to make you cry that it fails.

What effects there are though, are mind boggling.

Even the commentary of Stone is dull.

The buried scenes are simply awful, empty.

Don't waste your time or money .

Bello's is a more subdued and intense role, which she handles well.

"World Trade Center" however in now way ever gets predictable or question the actions of the authorities, or anything of that sort.

Way Too Drawn Out.

But for all the effective sound effects and insistent focusing on faces and flashbacks of family life, the movie is ultimately empty.

)There's a decent tension build-up in the beginning with a fair amount of action, only to be followed by an utterly boring second half.

It is the most boring and obvious collection of already heard lines that I've ever seen.

The crumbling of the towers, which still is incredibly difficult to watch, let alone fathom, is handled with taste, but also is awfully gripping.

Stone handles the men being trapped underground rather well, the characters exchanging information based on one another; rousing each other not to give up and to stay awake at all costs as they lay there in an elevator shaft having had dozens of storeys collapse on top of them.

This is a very moving and intense look at the story of the officers' ordeal as well as what their families had to go through.

showing all this, immediately causes the movie to degenerate into something you would expect to see from those formulaic Lifetime Network 2 hanky jobs, that they pump out like containers of ice cream, at a Breyers factory.

Stone and the others should have written something for this movie, instead of recycling empty and boring stereotypes.

We see them in the hospital, and what you see is a bit intense.

The only thing that I fell with this movie was boredom.

FINAL VERDICT: Drab story.

What struck me while watching the film is realizing how much goodwill was channeled toward the United States after the attacks and what's ultimately sad is how this president took all that goodwill and squandered it by launching an utterly pointless war in Iraq.

You'd expect a lot more substance from director Stone, but what wants to be a triumphant, heartfelt tale of heroism and survival instead comes off as a hollow and ponderous movie trying to cash in on a sad chapter in American history.

Having barely lived through his last two colossal duds, "Any Given Sunday" and "Alexander," and realizing the director's penchant for tweaking historical facts (see "Born on the Fourth of July" and "JFK"), I girded myself up for another long, boring ego trip.

I watched Flight 93 and enjoyed it more if you can say enjoyed.

Instead of being on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen to the families, you find yourself casually slumped in your chair, already knowing the outcome.

I can see how, in years to come, this could be an interesting story that attempts to capture the confusion/panic/heartbreak of 9/11 for those who have no memory of the events.

There is no political agenda, it is more about emotion and character, but it just plainly and simply is not good, and drags on way too long.

Plus, the plot is boring and not at all entertaining, with big part of the movie shot in the dark of the debris of the WTC where the two Policemen are trapped.

If you were looking for a movie that was more entertaining and thrilling, then might I suggest you not come to see a movie that pays tribute to one of the most emotional days any of us has ever experienced.

usually gives an original and very personal cut to his pictures, but this time he totally fails to give such a touch and instead he winds up being banal and predictable.

This movie crams in absolutely every predictable cliché...