Wu Assassins (2019) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A warrior chosen as the latest and last Wu Assassin must search for the powers of an ancient triad and restore balance in San Francisco's Chinatown.

IMDB: 6.5
Stars: Iko Uwais, Byron Mann
Length: 44 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 33 out of 317 found boring (10.41%)

One-line Reviews (133)

Otherwise quit entertaining not bad.

Don't waste your time .

It's quite well done and very entertaining.

The best thing about most Netflix series - the attention to detail that they provide to make a story compelling.

The series starts off pretty okay, and then just goes awry with boring one dimensional villainous characters.

If you want to waste your precious time then watch it but if you want to invest your time into good tv shows like really entertaining like The Boys then don't watch it.

It's entertaining to watch and I really don't care that the special effects are a bit poor.

As expected, Iko Uwais brings the adrenaline with his expert fight scenes in his portrayal as the morally rect Kai.

Radio american pop music in a kung fu tv with intense action scenes is possibly the worst idea ever undertaken xD

Very entertaining .

But it's VERY much a watchable and even ENJOYABLE show.

You're anticipating something suspenseful?

Entertaining .

The fights are cool but a little pointless at times, like 2 characters will fight when they're on the same side.

Although it's definitely not an intellectual movie (you may even lose some brain cells if you watch the entire season), this will definitely be an enjoyable watch for action/fantasy lovers.

The theme is intriguing , and may be that's how it got me..I don't really know.

Entertaining .

The pacing is weird, the dialogue is clunky, the plotting is sub par, and the whole premise is a dull and uninspiring.

A compelling series where there just has to come a season 2.

Don't waste your time!!.

Only the fight choreography is good and worth watching.

Really fast paced.

WU ASSASSINS is an exciting, magical and absolutely brilliant shows that I have seen recently.

Special effects were a bit cheesy but the show was very entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

Those fights are awesomely done, crazy entertaining, enjoyable from start to finish.

Overall though, i found it pretty enjoyable.

Quite boring and trying so hard to be cool which doesnt reach the vibe.

The big issue is how "slow" it is.. Just too boring....

A boring series that is only worth the fight scenes .

Every sad modern Asian trope squeezed into a mindless and boring plot.

Thrilling fighting sequences?

Total waste of time.

Action packed.

It's nothing original, but hey at least if you exploit it right, it can be entertaining right?

Nice change from the boring country or rock music...

Finally an action series that is fun to watch and highly entertaining.


Wu Assassins is clearly a Chinese martial art series set in America and modern time, combining Chinese mystical myths and intense martial art action.

The soundtrack is gross and offensive to everyone who actually has any sesitivity, it weakens the series considerably and renders it unwatchable in parts.

Yes the show is predictable.

It's not GOT, but it's entertaining and that's what series are for.

Cheesy CGI, cliché characters and story .

Really don't waste your time

*no spoilers* Cheesy CGI/SFX, cliché characters, click bait (Katheryn Winnick), weak story and very questionable acting.

A fun enjoyable ride .

Even the whole story is predictable the main idea remains good and because of this idea ill give the four stars.. We where expecting much more almost 50 years after Kung Fu tv series with David Carradine.

The action scenes are decent, the plot is very predictable and the only thing memorable is very poor acting by Cecilia Au.

Story line is sometimes fast otherwise slow, indication of poor planning.

It's fine & entertaining to watch.

Mismatch music, predictable story, standard acting, annoying CGI...

And i suggest you don't waste your time.

It's predictable because much of the story mirrors the plot in Avatar the Last Airbender(a cartoon) and his friends.

Enjoyable .

All in all it was a confusing show with inconsistent acting.

I Waste my time.

No plot line.

Was hoping it'll be entertaining at least....

Starts off with some intense action.

Aside from the plot that is cliche and dull, the acting is terrible, katheryn included (and it pains me to say this), you feel no connection or empathy whatsoever with anybody on the screen.

Although the acting is quite sub-par (-cough- no names, Iko Uwais -cough-) and the plot is certainly predictable at times, watching this show is not mentally draining and if you love some extensive, unrealistic fight scenes then this would definitely warrant a watch!

Entertaining and lovable .

I really like this show, more entertaining than....

On the positive side, if you like "Kung Fu" type movies, the fight scenes and are entertaining and the actor Byron Mann (as Uncle Six the antagonist) is pretty darn good.

It portrays a mafia boss to be good and a martyr after some strange confusion and a man who protects and only wants to go to his family as the devil.

fight scenes are bland, no personality in them it could have just be one stunt guy why hire many if there is no personality in each one?

It was difficult to get through as it got boring quick.

a bit of a cliche...

But theres so much potential and its still enjoyable!

Really enjoyed it, nice change .

Cheesy but an enjoyable series .

Every fight scene is choreographed at a very intense level and it is less than a surprise how many of the actors are already trained.

Total waste of time.

Predictable .

Entertaining action .

The show was entertaining, and the fight scenes were legit.

The action is awesome and the characters are somehow enjoyable based on the their charm.

As the series progressed I got to know the characters and found all the actors fairly engaging; in particular Kai played by Iko Uwais.

It's watchable and even enjoyable if you're not too picky.

Enjoyable, despite obvious flaws.

Too boring and...

In other situations it is very predictable.

cheesy but fun and enjoyable .

I could look past all those things and would have enjoyed it if they had developed a decent story.

If you just want an entertaining show to half ass watch while doing laundry or scrolling Facebook, this is your jam.

Very boring a lot of dull action fighting...

Finally Netflix has a show that's worth watching.

#WuAssassins Enjoyable & could've been better.

Too predictable, Terrible acting.

Enjoyable TV .

It is worth the watch even if you don't like this type of show..

Enjoyable to watch .

Great fights, entertaining .

This is just a really boring version of an old Marshall arts movie.

Made the show entertaining, I couldnt stop watching because I wanted to see the next fight scene.

If you are looking to be entertained, to suspend your reality and just watch an entertaining show.

Dont waste your time.

It's entertaining .

Cheesy but enjoyable .

Waste of time .

And THIS show is entertaining through and through!

Entertaining .

Entertaining enjoyable show, Terrible Soundtrack .

I just can't get into this, there's no balance in the characters, all the women fight light cage fighters beating down big men easily, the plot is pretty boring, the main guy can't act, the effects are cheep, and it's predictable and linear.....

Very entertaining in most aspects.

Special effects from the 90s , along with the weird choice of songs when Actions hit , but somehow it remains enjoyable !

So dull!

The entire show is packed with stereotypical "Chinese elements" that are very confusing to an authentic Chinese person.

I tried to watch these series just because I recognized two actors that I like very much: The guy who played the main role in "The Raid", and the lovely and cool actress who played such a fascinating role in "Vikings".

More entertaining than some movies I have seen recently.

Also is it me or does the first Wu assassin look like she came right for the Poison clan 🤔 (5 deadly venoms) but over all a very, very enjoyable series that I have watched twice cause let's face it Juju and li jun are freaking awesome and gorgeous 👍 again.

Very enjoyable and very binge worthy.

Entertaining but morally confusing .

monotone, deadpan, dropped lines, etc. The acting overall was terrible!

Wow, scene suck, story hard to follow, visual effect sucks...

It's predictable and easy to guess the plots.

If you like Oriental themed stories with great martial arts, the B-gradeness of everything can be forgiven, it's entertaining enough.

U might like this but generally it's just too boring it's missing something it's saturated....

Entertaining, that value is in.

The story is an intriguing piece which went down nice with my popcorn.

Pros: High level acting and very intense fights.

An entertaining martial arts fantasy program .

unbearable .

I actually enjoyed it .

Refreshing and very enjoyable .

A good choice when you're working out: entertaining storyline, some enjoyable fights, doesn't take any concentration to follow.

Decent show that was entertaining, up until the meat propaganda showed up.

Enjoyable and has allot of future for a further season, well worth the watch just hope the actual Wu Assassin develops more powers.

Pretty boring .

It's always so boring in its standard plot.

Predictable, cheesy bit fun...

There's something about this actress, besides her obvious beauty and glaring sex appeal that makes her compelling on screen.

That's not totally true, it has action, bullets, martial arts, some people may find that enjoyable, some doesn't...