YellowBrickRoad (2010) - Horror, Thriller

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1940: the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up a winding mountain trail, leaving everything behind. 2008: the first official expedition into the wilderness attempts to solve the mystery of the lost citizens of Friar.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Jesse Holland
Stars: Michael Laurino, Anessa Ramsey
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 100 found boring (33%)

One-line Reviews (76)

Don't waste your time or money on this movie .


It goes downhill quickly though as it all becomes about the rather uninteresting people.

However there are some good ideas here and there is enough going on (after the tedious opening half anyway) to keep you watching.

It's the way that "YellowBrickRoad" forces you to watch as the seemingly well-adjusted individuals to whom you're introduced at the beginning rapidly drift into insanity, rage, loneliness, brutality and utter confusion as the rules of reality change around them.

Comparable films are "The Blair Witch Project" (the original one--for obvious reasons when you see this one) and "Session 9" for the slow, character-driven build and growing sense of dread.

Most boring and time wasting movie I've seen in a long time.

A stunning period set up (a town in New Hampshire walked into the woods in 1940, many never to return, some were found dead and with only a sole survivor.

Fans of modern horror franchises, such as Saw or Hostel, will probably be bored.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This is a slow-burning psychological horror filled with sights and sounds which get under your skin and worm their way into your brain; just as they do with the characters themselves.

I thought the execution sucked, and found it nonsensical, boring, unscary, frustrating and very very annoying.

Nothing happens.

When things "almost" started to get interesting, I realized this movie was going to be what I thought it was: a waste of my time.

Mitton and Holland have made a film that gets under your defenses -- reeling you in with quirky, flesh and blood characters, a compelling storyline, eye-popping performances -- THEN it scares the crap out of you.

What a waste of my time.

Pretentious amateur attempt at an ambiguous horror movie.

But she provides this boring mess of a film's only highlight: the most ridiculous death scene in movie history.

However, before I knew it, I was on the edge of my seat and it didn't let me go right until the end.

Thinking I was just tired we attempted the next night where again, I fell asleep for just a second and spent the rest of the movie trying my hardest to stay awake.

The middle part was somewhat strange but definitely boring.

Just don't waste your time and or money.

You will die of boredom.

If you can do that, this film is quite enjoyable/eerie.

Well worth the watch.

It just thoroughly annoyed and bored me from start to finish.

I truly believe if this movie had been done a different way it could have made a really scary chills up your back movie… but it didn't and as I said before, probably one of the most boring films I have ever seen.

Nothing really new, but worth the watch .

It's a boring chore to sit through that has ZERO scares and no atmosphere.

Unless you are a fan of slasher movies (which I am not), horror movies are hard to get audience buy-in and this one had me bored and confused within the first 5 minutes.

Most boring non-scary movie ever .

You are either going to like the slow character driven plot, and sly art-house ending, or you aren't.

We watched this movie in two nights as the first night I fell asleep less then half way through.

Arguably, "psychologically" thrilling; indisputably frustrating.

It took me several hours to just finish the god awful train-wreck because I got so bored.

The movie is slow without suspense and lacks content.

Seriously nothing happens.

Bad acting, bad editing, no story to speak of.

Extremely boring and dull effort .

All attempts to turn back, while on the road, are met with fascinating results, and the ending also explains why the initial coordinates that the team had at the beginning of the journey were located in the village cinema.

First two thirds of this film are pointless, then just as it started to get slightly better it finishes (sort of) This movie had the potential to be pretty good and to be something different but it was so dull that I really don't know how I made it to the end.

Horrible movie, I truly believe this was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

their mix of strange sound and cinematic views created a great suspenseful atmosphere...

Such a shame, and extremely disappointing, confusing, and infuriating, considering the title and what we had already seen!

The story of Friar NH is really fascinating.

The movie is packed with completely flat characters that come and go and do the most bizarre, stupid and pointless things; stupid dialogue; and bad acting.

Slow starter soon goes from eerie to claustrophobic .

Worst movie I've seen in my life .

Do not, under any circumstance, waste over one hour and half of your life watching this trash -this is my advice for anyone who, like me, is being fooled by the appealing title and premise, believing he/she is about to watch something even mildly entertaining.

YellowBrickRoad is a complete waste of time, not worthy of viewing.

In the confusion, the mad guy disappears on the vehicle.

Pointless .

Easily one of the worst movies I have EVER seen!

From that moment on, what follows is an increasing amount of boring, incoherent, random, inane and -probably, yes- pretentious brain detritus that tries to pass itself off as surreal, off the beaten track, unusual, thought-provoking and probably not suited for everyone (read: the non-intellectuals).

First of all, the first 40 minutes was seriously boring.

There are a few creative episodes of lunacy which I thought made the film a bit better than a total waste of time though.

The film then explodes into life following one of the most unexpected scenes I've ever seen.

The film feels disjointed and has plenty of hackneyed & borrowed tidbits throughout.

No story line as such.

What started out a bit boring soon became a tensed and claustrophobic experience.

Screenplay: 0/10 Pointless.

While Yellowbrickroad has fewer puzzler paradoxes than Resolution, first time feature film writer-directors, Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton do a pretty good job considering their half mil micro-budget, incorporating intriguing and colorful elements of mystery, and a couple of relevantly mesmerizing characters.

It has an "assault on the senses" segment, as noted by another reviewer on this page, that literally had me gritting my teeth, and I personally wondered if they put it in to prevent me falling asleep from boredom, as it's a very jarring sequence.

There are scenes that are genuinely eerie and completely new, and this is coming from a jaded horror-film fan (I practically nap and yawn through 90% of them.

not scary at all, just boring.

Boring, stupid, and a complete waste of time.

YBR starts slow, and within the first 20 minutes I even asked myself a couple of times if I was in the mood to watch a movie.

The beginning is so boring that I had to skip it.

Sure they all are going to die somehow but I found it rather boring.

Definitely not one for the zombie junkies, but if you appreciate slow paced psychological terror, it's totally worth a spin.

The concept is fascinating, and the set-up is superb.

Boring .

This is most certainly a slow burning film.

Pointless, frustrating, and thoroughly disappointing, YELLOWBRICK ROAD is best avoided by all parties.

A bit dull with a stupid ending .

Sometimes the intensity borders on the annoying, sometimes it crumbles into boredom.