Yes Man (2008) - Comedy, Romance

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A man challenges himself to say "yes" to everything for an entire year.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Peyton Reed
Stars: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 68 out of 279 found boring (24.37%)

One-line Reviews (213)

For every single comedy in the past few years with that structure, I've gotten so bored by the time it's over because I just lose interest when the drama comes in during the third act.

The story idea, about a man saying yes to anything, is amusing and well told but at the same time it's very predictable.

Its being shifty and/or indecisive that leads to confusion and disharmony.

As far as comedy or romance goes, Yes Man is by no means perfect either; in fact both elements are lukewarm for a large part of the feature, but as a character-drama, the feature remains compelling to watch unfold.

It is totally linear and boring, practically no twists, it's predictable from the start to the end.

Plot is predictable all the way throughout, even cornier than I expected...

His serious roles just don't suit him at all as without his over the top charm,his just a boring dull guy.

The movie was well thought, well executed, and the humor was smart, snappy, and so far from the usual toilet humor of Jim Carrey.

Be sure to say to the credits, as there is one additional stunt scene that is quite exciting.

Regular Entertaining Comedy .

But I still said yes to Yes Man because it's funny and it's pretty entertaining.

generic but enjoyable Carrey vehicle .

Confusion and some hilarious moments are set in a film that must not be taken so seriously.

An inspiring and entertaining movie from start to finish .

This was just a lot more funnier, a lot more entertaining than I expected.

Yet despite the pacing issues, and a lack of drama or conflict that feels natural or warranted, there nevertheless remains an enjoyable, heart-warming core to Yes Man's story that is very hard to refute.

The idea of him saying yes to everything is funny for awhile but starts to get a bit tiring,Carrey strong and energetic personality definitely keeps what should be a very mediocre comedy much more enjoyable.

It's like a medicine for depression and boredom.

In Yes Man the amount of facial acrobatics is reduced to a few stupid expressions and it concentrates more on the normal romantic comedy stuff, like say being really predictable.

Yes, it's predictable (extremely.

From there it's a pretty formulaic romantic comedy.

But other than that Carrey's character is saying yes to more mundane things.

The movie is unfortunately predictable (like most Jim Carey flicks) but very enjoyable with a hard-to-ignore message about how people should live their lives.

Basically, a mundane and uninterested Carl(Jim) meets a zest filled development program and promised himself to say 'YES' to every opportunity that approaches him.

As a result, Yes Man can be slow moving… I mean, extremely slow moving.

The story features Carl Allen (Carrey), a dull man who got stuck in a dull life.

The banker Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is a lonely man with low self-esteem after his divorce with Stephanie (Molly Sims), for whom he still yearns; he avoids his best friend Peter (Bradley Cooper); he has a boring job, stalled in a bureaucratic position in the loan department of a bank; and he spends his spare time watching DVDs.

it has a fun point to make and it's entertaining.

Alan Arkin is horny in "Little Miss Sunshine" and that's OK but old Tillie is a little bored and randy and it's inappropriate.

I enjoyed it.

Surprisingly boring movie .

This movie runs through its rom-com paces, but each new scene, while a bit predictable, was nonetheless a pleasure.

And there are some definite dull patches when the comic ideas seem to be withering on the vine.

Don't waste your money on this, watch something else.

Zooey Deschanel's anger at Carl's "yes-ism" seemed contrived.

Therefore, it is really worth watching.

The contrived screenplay by "Fun with Dick & Jane" scribe Nicholas Stoller as well as newcomers Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogol, however, runs out of comic momentum about 45 minutes and becomes hopelessly predictable.

The movie was truly enjoyable overall, and you do feel sorry for his character toward the end when he has a falling-out with the leading lady (though not so sorry that you actually want to cry yourself).

I really enjoyed it and so did the rest of the audience too...

It's formulaic, predictable and light-hearted.

Yet, despite some predictable plot points, Peyton Reed's movie depicts in an enjoyable way the exhilaration of saying 'yes'.

The story is somewhat formulaic and predictable.

While much of this is predictable, there are time when the story runs off in unexpected directions, and there are a number of moments when earlier apparently inconsequential plot points pleasingly pay off later on.

Save your money, hire another flick.

still dull.

I don't know why I thought that, despite starring Jim Carrey who is quite likable anyway and an intriguing concept, part of my brain was telling me it wasn't going to be good.

He takes the literal use of the word "Yes" and mixes it with lots of comedy and some romance and the outcome is a movie that's both simple and entertaining.

Unleashing the power of "YES" begins to transform Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance.

The whole thing is basically a formulaic Carrey vehicle.

I just fell asleep.

You may take comfort in seeing a 78 year old woman remove her dentures moments before engaging in oral sex with Carrey, which is possibly the highlight of his career after anything else he's ever done, including the Cable Guy.

'Yes Man' is entertaining & innovative.

Some reviews I read here are quick to forgive how "formulaic" this movie is...

Although the movie certainly does have its flaws, and it is not anything new, it is an enjoyable comedy you should definitely see.

That said though, the concept about what would happen if you answered every question with the answer yes is very intriguing, and the script is good.

Liven it up, or just pigeonhole your career into the bored character that comes up with short and snappy lines (Big Trouble).

I had trouble staying awake while watching.

Yes the message was positive, but predictable.

While the plot was lacking and somewhat formulaic, it was fun to watch the best physical comedy talent of our generation doing what he does best for two hours.

Jim Carrey's latest vehicle resembles a re-tread of Liar Liar - Carl Allen is an overwhelmingly negative man in a small scale job in a small scale bank: prevailed upon to attend a self-help seminar which induces him into entering a covenant to only say "Yes" when asked, he finds his life transformed when the "Yes" answers produce good, if unexpected, results, while "No" responses produce negatives.

Definitely a worth watching, its was great...

I'm bored out of my skull with these same old half-assed movies being made where you know the story ending within 5 minutes of the opening credits.

Carl bored and reckless.

It has a great soundtrack, it's entertaining and never gets boring, it's moving, and it inspires you to get out and enjoy the world.

What follows are some seriously comic, madcap and unpredictable moments as our hero forms new friendships and falls in love with the wonderfully kooky Alison (Zooey Deschanel).

The movie was original or a better word for it would be unpredictable, where humour appears in the most unexpected way.

Easily the worst movie of 2008 .

Basically, a mundane and uninterested Carl(Jim) meets a zest filled development program and promised himself to say 'YES' to every opportunity that approaches him.

Far too formulaic for my taste.

It's a tiresome start with a tiresome character.

It's boringly typical that people are upset that an old woman is horny; if it had been an old man, it would have been cliché or ignored.

I personally found that films very funny and entertaining and Carrey could make his talent to explode at the maximum level.

The plot is somewhat predictable which is a little minus.

He is supported by an eclectic cast, including the stunning Zooey Deschanel, the delightful Kiwi stand-up Rhys Darby, Bradley Cooper, Danny Masterson (Hyde from 'That 70s Show') and Terence Stamp.

Anyway, this movie inspired me a lot, and I probably will say more "YES" in live for events with theme I'm not familiar with, with meeting and knowing people from different walk of lives, and trying out new exciting, not common things.

Aside from being funny, this film has also an unexpected twist.

I was actually dragged along to it by a friend of mine after he scored some free tickets.

Based on the non-fiction book by British TV presenter and journalist Danny Wallace (who I have seen on 8 Out of 10 Cats), this film has an intriguing concept.

Of course Jim Carrey helped out a lot with his impromptu such as the "budgie jump phone conversation", and it made the movie that much more enjoyable.

Along with other boring scenarios.

Not great, but enjoyable, and you won't feel like you wasted your time.

As a mind numbing comedy this is fairly enjoyable.

This movie is slow in it's tracks, with Jim Carry acting as if he forgets he's in a comedy.

Surprisingly it is pretty entertaining and the terrible clichés start ruining it only towards the end.

I think the author Danny Wallace said yes to every inane and stupid suggestion Hollywood made The original book has been raped and degenerated to one and a half hours of boring boringness.

Only in one of his final scenes, at his 300 party, does Norm actually feel like a real character, which is a fantastic, unexpected, and pleasing surprise.

This was possibly the worst movie I've seen all year, there couldn't have possibly been a worst line of actors, Jim Carey has got to be at least in his forties and he picked a less-than-great actress who just happened to be in her twenties for a make out scene.

from the Griffith Observatory's recently completed balcony platform; the Hollywood Bowl dome and amphitheater; the easy mixture with Asian cultures; the small-time alternative rock band with its small local following; the woman with the celebrity cake business; even Carl's (Jim Carrey's) apartment layout with its bland interior courtyard concrete walkway.

The movie offers a good point, if you don't feel like going back to your old life, try a new and exciting life.

It develops well and doesn't reuse the same joke too much, it keeps inventive and because of it, very funny and entertaining.

The YES mantra leads to sequences of totally improbable, but still very boring situations.

In summary "Yes Man" is enjoyable and funny comedy.

Overall, flawed, but intriguing and surprisingly likable.

Don't get me wrong, because it has a lot of funny moments which makes it worth watching.

This film is predictable, naive and - what is the worst of his many flaws - not funny at all.

I would recommend "Yes Man" for almost anyone who is not looking for anything "groundbreaking" from a Carrey flick, but who is in the need of a cheap laugh and a fun little detach from the boring reality.

The premise of this film is intriguing and I loved watching it.

That as wack The story is somewhat predictable.

It bored me most of the way through.

It was entertaining though, and it made me think about how much I say "no" to things in life just because I'm scared to try something new - and that impressed me.

We've just re-watched this movie after 9 years but still laughed out loud & enjoyed it so much like the first time.


Jim Carrey is as boring as boringness.

There chemistry is spot on and just right for the film, providing an engaging relationship.

Before watching this movie, I thought that it was going to be real funny and very entertaining.

This is an enjoyable film, thanks to the splendid cast.

The movie is disjointed, characters lifeless, and the plot written merely to accommodate a feeble joke or two.

Interestine plot but so boring .

Interesting and substantial characters, linear but fun and entertaining plot, some very well thought out scenes the -singing on the ledge scene- stands out for me and great chemistry between the love duo.

Yes Man lazy, predictable and somewhat dull.

I love Jim Carrey's films for a long time and they are always raise my mood in any situation, it's like a medicine for depression and boredom that always helps.

Carls life is a dull and loveless existence, he works as a loan officer, has been turned down for many opportunity's.

Entertaining and an Encouraging Message .

Unfortunately, every time I was laughing, or enjoying myself, it took a dive, whether a very slow-moving scene or an unoriginal idea or just into predictable territory.

The cute Zooey Deschanel shows a great chemistry with him and the result is an entertaining movie with a good message in the end.

Good, entertaining movie.

"Here you go, viewers: after 100 minutes of 5 funny gags, 500 misfired ones, and several tedious "romantic" I-love-you scenes, we present to you a nice little action scene to wake you up - or put you into even deeper slumber.

Carrey stars as Carl Allen, a man whose boring job and divorce have him in a rut so bad that he would rather make excuses and be left alone than do anything.

I saw it with Natalie and Miranda (both 20) and they both enjoyed it as much as I did.

It's an OK and fun film, a formulaic Carrey vehicle and fine for a laugh and to rent and enjoy and then forget.

And the fun gets repetitive and ever more tired...

The supporting cast are admirably adequate, Zooey Dechanel lively if somewhat bland, and Bradley Cooper and Danny Masterton as the obligatory best friends fit the stereotype they are called upon to play.

A funny, light and enjoyable comedy .

Yes it is clichéd, and yes it doesn't stray from the tried and true comedy film formula, but it is a very enjoyable film.

I thought they should have just nixed the Bradley Cooper character because he is so stodgy and stuck with the other two.

Every aspect of the plot was predictable.

And i was extremely tempted to leave the theater when Carey was hanging after bungee jumping and he answered his cell phone, "Oh nothing just hanging here", if it wasn't for the people who had their legs up on the seats i would have left the movie right then and there.

Formulaic but enjoyable enough .

To drag us through that kind of frustration is unforgivable in itself, but to conclude it with an ending both contrived, implausible and lacking in any decent sense is a right kick in the teeth.

But this one was a lame moronic and simply monotonous one with repetitive and predictable jokes.

As a direct result, it gets so bored and desperate to wrap everything up that it finishes by resolving the ending only halfheartedly.

And killing a cow with a bazooka - very exciting, indeed...

The movie was so predictable that i was able to call every plot twist dozens of minutes before they happened.

Jim Carey is stuck in a boring bankjob.

there was no real character building, i didn't connect or relate to any of the characters (in fact i cant even remember them) forgettable performances, overall borderline boring!!!

"Yes Man" is still extremely formulaic when viewed alongside recent comedies, but if you can just say "yes," and not dismiss it too early on, you'll be surprised by how fresh and entertaining this film can be.

Women, get those handkerchiefs out, for the romantic comedy's obligatory dull she-loves-me-after-all ending requires of you to be moved emotionally.

In fact its quote enjoyable.

This involves Carrey engaging in a set of hilarious set ups ranging from bungee jumping to learning the guitar.

The movie is incredibly boring, true waste of time.

In this, Carrey played Carl Allen, a loan officer at a bank who leads a pretty empty, lonely and unproductive life.

I sometimes find Carrey's madcap antics annoying, but because he keeps them in check in this film, I found him more enjoyable than usual.

While 'Yes Man' may not have the long-lasting appeal of 'Liar Liar' (when Carrey was at his peak), it's still a funny and enjoyable comedy, with glimpses of Carrey at his best, and well worth a look.

I must have been in the right mood, because I really enjoyed it.

There were quite a lot of boring scenes that I did not really understand, leaving me thinking, "Why was that put in there?

The story has every comedy cliché in the book.

Carl learns guitar, takes flying course, attends Korean lessons, and meets an Iranian girl, the way all of his new lessons converge to an unpredictable and hilarious gag, is one of the film's highlight.

Buoyed by some good reviews, stirred by extensive press coverage, bored by the Xmas holidays, I looked forward to the return to form of the truly funny Carey.

Rich man's Katy Perry Zooey Deschanel is also really good in this movie, because at least she manages to rise above being the lame, bland love interest you usually have to put up with in this sort of movie.

He plays Carl Allen, a lonely, sad-sack whose been avoiding his two best friends (Bradley Cooper, Danny Masterson) and refusing to go out at all since his wife dumped his boring, say-no-to-everything-ass.

The jokes range from predictable (Carl replying to spam messages) to somewhat original (Carl learning Korean) to quite outlandish (Carl preventing a man from committing suicide in a most unusual way; Wallace has pointed out this never happened to him, by the way).

Be prepared for every romantic comedy cliché.

He has a boring job, stalled in a bureaucratic position in the loan department of a bank; and he spends his spare time watching DVDs.

This was the last one that was truly funny and had a great plot to make it an entertaining movie.

On the contrary, a yawn to Yes Man.

Yes Man encourages couples to be spontaneous and free spirited, which is good because it seems people are so convinced that once you enter a serious relationship that you have to enter a dull routine.

Carl is eventually dragged along to a 'Say Yes!

With his cell phone dead and his car empty on gas, Carl ventures miles to a gas station where he meets free-spirited scooter girl Allison (Deschanel).

Only once did I feel I was into another formulaic trap.

Confusing, watch the movie, if you like Jim Carrey, for sure not a disappointment!

Carl Allen is a guy whose life is going nowhere—the operative word being "no"—until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything...

Carrey has consistently made me laugh over the years, but I'm sorry to say, through the whole movie he just looked bored.

I enjoyed it as it was on last night and parts of it was funny but it was a bit boring as it wasn't Jim Carrey's best.

How on earth can a film sustain such a flimsy and empty plot for 100 minutes?

The acting was believable, good but not great, and entertaining 'til the end.

Was fun to watch and I really enjoyed it.

For every single comedy in the past few years with that structure, I've gotten so bored by the time it's over because I just lose interest when the drama comes in during the third act.

The story is safely predictable and although Carrey carries the movie, he gets help from a strong supporting cast.

Solace may also be found in an excruciatingly lengthy fight scene between a 'drunk' Carrey (hello silly voice/funny face combination) and a muscle-bound cliché.

I enjoyed it very much, and even though a star like Jim Carrey brings a lot of expectations with him, both he and the movie exceeded them.

He starts out a boring shut-in sadsack who makes a covenant at a Yes Man!

Yes, this is confusing, so let me explain.

Carrey's comedic talent is suited to the story-line and it cheered me immensely after going through an intense period in my life.

Pretty entertaining movie that also has a good message.

Enjoyable Simple Comedy .

Funny and entertaining feel good movie .

Pointless action scenes are easy to write, and don't require any gags.

As mentioned above, the film was very predictable, and formulated at that.

This is story of Carl who has been living in boredom.

Starts out well until becoming routine and predictable.

The plot is entertaining.

As it turns out, our pitiful protagonist lost his wife, Stephanie (Molly Sims of "Starsky & Hutch"), after six months of marriage because she felt Carl was too dull for her own good.

The movie was very contrived, lacked originality, and did not know how far to go with the comedy.

The story is funny and enjoyable, although it is the rather old film.

In conclusion, Yes Man is a very entertaining and enjoyable movie that will produce you a smile at the end.

Of course it's okay for a comedy to have some serious elements, and there are a lot of very good drama-comedies out there, but in this one I think it got a little uninteresting at times.

More of a "yeah" instead of a definitive YES, but, thanks to Carrey and the other fine cast members, it is still enjoyable .

The plot of the film is utterly formulaic and predictable.

And suddenly his boring life is turned into a wild and wacky ride, and fate seems there to reward him.

It was also very predictable.

was a total waste in this movie, and her monotone voice is getting old.

Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel played their parts well making an enjoyable watch.

Enjoyable Carrey comedy after ages .

For a lot of the movie, it's down-right hilarious and had scenes that can teach "loving life," but for most of the movie, it's so boring, expected and clichéd.

The premise of a man saying yes to everything is an interesting one, and it tells a good moral story about why people should always keep an open mind, but the most intriguing part of the premise is the fact that this is a real life story written by comedian Danny Wallace (who makes a cameo appearance in the bar towards the end) after he was did the 'Yes Man' for six months in real life.

I have always loved Jim Carrey's movies and a good laugh was guaranteed but this movie was so contrived that it was embarrassing.

His friends bore him.

Yes Man is the perfect antidote, then: a typical Carrey comedy, where the gags abound and the soul department is a little empty.


He gets an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend (Zooey Deschanel).

There's also quite a large (and somewhat cringe-inducing) age gap between its two stars and a generally 'old-fashioned' feel to much of the proceedings, even if the end result is ultimately an enjoyable one.

Excusing 2003's fairly enjoyable "Bruce Almighty", Carrey hasn't had much recent success with the genre that he once dominated ("Fun with Dick and Jane", anyone?

All in all, the movie has only about two laughs and the rest is just boring and dull.

Totally unexpected addition to a scene.

If I wanted to see something predictable I would have just stayed home and watched TV.

An absolute borefest of a movie .

"Yes Man" is an entertaining comedy movie in which we watch a man challenges himself to say yes to everything for an entire year after he enrolls to a congress which proposes all the people to say yes to everything.

Although "Yes Man" doesn't give us anything new or special by storyline, it is still entertaining and for me at least fun/funny as hell.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this movie on 2008's "Worst movies of the year".

Jim Carrey is up to his usual comedic shtick in this lazy, predictable and somewhat dull comedy.

Lightweight, but entertaining.

It's okay, but what really bothered me about the movie was the slow poor pacing at times, mostly near the end of the movie.

Enjoyable one.