Yesterday (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy, Music

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A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.

Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: Himesh Patel, Lily James
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4 out of 46 found boring (8.69%)

One-line Reviews (17)

It's a really enjoyable feel good movie.

Funny, Heart-warming and Engaging .

Great music (Beatles obviously), the leads were entertaining (Lily James was adorable, even with bad hair) .

The ending in of itself was quite intriguing and was not the way I envisioned the film to end.

The romance is decent, but cliche and overall unremarkable.

It was entertaining, ridiculous and had a few acting bits or plot lines that made you role your eyes.

He lands a spot on the Suffolk stage at Latitude festival, expecting it to be his big break, but only his friends and a handful of bored kids show up to watch him play.

As such, I found the first half of the film a lot more enjoyable than the second.

That premise sounds great, and I was looking forward to a surreal comedy, but to be honest, it doesn't quite live up to it, instead getting distracted by what the actual main plot turned out to be: a cliche romantic comedy with the childhood friend that is secretly in love with the protagonist, only for him to figure it out for himself later.

Luckily though, Himesh Patel portrays Jack with such a relatable and likeable charm - his bewilderment and frustrations at the ridiculousness of the music industry, not to mention the building pressures of living the lie that his success has come from using someone else's work, guides us nicely through these slower moments of the movie.

Good songs but pretty boring.

What was challenging;1, the plot was either so corny or so contrived, some plot twists were just unnecessary and added nothing.

I went to see it two days ago and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

The direction isn't bad, but it's bland and doesn't really add much to the story.

I highly recommend it.

It could have done with a bit more rom and a bit more com at time, but still manages to be an enjoyable movie and a perfect reminder of just how great The Beatles are.

What if just like in Yesterday, he all of a sudden forgot about his previous work and decided to work with screenwriter Richard Curtis (Love, Actually) to makes the most dull film we've ever seen of him?