Yesterday (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy, Music

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A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.

Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: Himesh Patel, Lily James
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 74 out of 538 found boring (13.75%)

One-line Reviews (254)

But the film turned out to be a first class romcom, intertwined with an intriguing story line about The Beatles.

Even my daughter left the theater saying, "it could have been so much better".....

In terms of notable production values, the editing can be fast paced whenever it's being timed to the songs.

First, the rather low initial IMDb ratings and other reviews were surprising, given how compelling the trailer was.

Interesting premise, never quite got there, boring love story.

Some had an emotional warmth (4 weddings, Notting Hill, About Time) others a bit cheesy but perfectly enjoyable (Love Actually) and a bit netter than merely meh....

Enjoyed it.

Enjoyable lite Beatles fantasy .

I felt the film deserved a stronger ending but it was very enjoyable and I look forward to the DVD/Blu-Ray release, which I believe includes an alternative ending.

Overall, while Yesterday does sell its concept short for a routine rom-com storyline and some questionable narrative flaws, the charming acting, lighthearted tone and splendid singing performances to make the film enjoyable enough to watch.

Boring .

To top it off, there is a scene towards the end of the movie where he meets one of the Beatles that is so contrived, convoluted and almost insulting that I cringed.

Entertaining if you don't think too hard .

In Danny Boyle's witty and entertaining Yesterday, the works of the Beatles have been lost in a freak 12 sec global electrical outage.

Simple and yet so entertaining, especially if your a fan of the Beatles.

Jack Malik was so bland, and uninteresting, that you never once learn anything about him.

Mandi, his manager, is an especially frustrating and unrealistic character as a purely greedy, uninteresting agent.

The main two leads are wonderful in a fairly predictable love story.

The pointless subplot romance with his best friend/manager Ellie.

I thought this was an unwatchable pile of tosh.

It is a huge shame, therefore, that Yesterday slides off the rails, leaving behind its interesting premise to settle as a forgettable and frankly quite dull romcom that feels like lesser work from both Boyle and Curtis.

It could have been something bigger and better, but it went down the standard formula Hollywood predictable way.

Most fascinating for me is how the frame of the songs suddenly makes this loser feel like a deity to us...

The story line was really predictable and honestly really cheesy and lame.

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I knew exactly what I was going to get: an enjoyable feel good movie reminiscent of the most influential music group of all time.

Such An Entertaining Movie .

Took my 13 and 16 year old kids to see it, they enjoyed it as much as I did.

The biggest problem with Boyle's approach is how formulaic the entire movie is.

This is more about a uninteresting love story rather than a tribute

Like all the awkward scenes with Ed Sheeran, and Jack's bland, stereotypical (insert greedy manager here)?

Also, Ana de Armas was stunning in Blade Runner and it would be nice to see her in this otherwise fun movie.

And then BAM one of the most confusing 'romances' I have ever seen takes over for some extremely clunky reasoning, and there's feelings and all that...

The direction isn't bad, but it's bland and doesn't really add much to the story.

This movie was very enjoyable and I give this high applause!

Really enjoyable film.

The movie was entertaining, funny, touching, thought-provoking, and much more.

A fun setup with good music and a cliche ending .

The 'what if' scenario that actually could be interesting seems always to be playing second place to Patel and James' bland love story, a 120-min will-they-won't-they...

Still, an entertaining night out, and great memories for Beatles fans.

Have you ever seen a movie that you thought was good, but left the theater disappointed, because you knew deep down in your heart it could have been great?

Let me start by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of musical biopics, because it's rather difficult to write intriguing and surprising elements.

Regardless of my issues with the film, I still enjoyed it for its light tone and interesting concepts.

Other culturally relevant things are also non-existant in the world depicted but anyway, I found this quite funny and a little touching and very entertaining concerning the classic Beatles songs performed during the whole thing.

I think everyone left the theater smiling.

The worst movie that I've seen in a long time.

The ending in of itself was quite intriguing and was not the way I envisioned the film to end.

I went to see it two days ago and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

It's an entertaining film with a lot of heart that many should enjoy and I feel the acting performances and direction give you the characters you want to invest your time in.

The film was surprisingly enticing & engaging despite the plots hole, weirdness, overall undecided execution, plot & script continence.

This is a film that is worth viewing by both young and old, and is worth watching more than once.

This is a dry, boring movie , quite sad at times , really awkward during a lot of scenes.

Luckily though, Himesh Patel portrays Jack with such a relatable and likeable charm - his bewilderment and frustrations at the ridiculousness of the music industry, not to mention the building pressures of living the lie that his success has come from using someone else's work, guides us nicely through these slower moments of the movie.

However, the trailer didn't exactly blow me away, but it looked entertaining, so I gave it a watch.

Definitely worth watching.

And to its merit, the love story is charming, if predictable.

Yes, the premise is a bit too similar to 'Goodnight Sweetheart', but other than that this is as enjoyable a film as you could hope to see.

The movie was so boring I was itching to look at my watch, the scenes barely connected to anything significant, and there is on character that was there just to be annoying and just wouldn't go away.

It all reflects this complex prism of Boyle's self-insert in impostor syndrome; he began as an enfant-terrible after all so his success may be, on some level, a confusion for him.

So yes, a good, albeit predictable rom-com that is an enjoyable 90 minutes of entertainment that could have an excellent, renowned film if it was given a little more TLC.

What we got instead was a bland, phoned-in story about unrequited love that didn't stir any emotions, wasn't funny and didn't so much end as peter out.

Every character is completely one-dimensional and uninteresting beyond the single thing they are known for.

Including lots of Beatles classics in a film isn't enough to paper over the cracks of a wafer thin, ludicrous plot and a predictable, sappy love story.

What is left after his writing is a sad bunch of cliche's.

but still I felt the film slow and with with very little emotion.

You know how that will end, taking considerable surprise away from an otherwise intriguing premise.

First it was entertaining, next, it reminded ( me at least) of the power that music has in peoples lives and finally it payed respect to the notion there there is something sacred about what the Beatles brought into the world.

But ultimately, it's the simple premise that also makes it endlessly intriguing.

Fast paced and really fun!

I had to leave the movie half way out of sheer boredom.

I really enjoyed it and if you are a Beatles fan, you probably will, too.

If you didnt find this film entertaining and uplifting i feel sorry for you for you are soulless what did you expect the film to be it does exactly what it says on the tin and i for one cant fault it

However, the movie got boring during the second half.

The idea that the Beatles could disappear from all but three peoples' memory is intriguing.

Dull, Borning, and Pointless .

what we get here is a crowd pleasing and predictable film.

Enjoyable for Beatle Fans .

The story was good and the concept was very cool but it dragged on and on and on!

Jack's music 'career' is going nowhere, fast and he is ready to give up on his dream.


I highly recommend it for all ages; Beatles fanatics and casual listeners alike.

And that's ignoring the fact that he is such a bland and uninteresting chatcter.

It's predictable, cliched and sends all the right messages about the pitfalls of fame, true love, following your passion in life etc etc. The only moment that truly turned my head was when the main character met John Lennon.

For example, the concept of the world having a 12 second power shortage and certain things being completely erased from the world is a rather childish and confusing idea.

This was the worst movie I have seen in a decade.

One was the main story of Yesterday which was very innovative and interesting, while the other was much leas creative, just a cliché story seen in many previous films.

The story is literally like every other music biopic meets romance plot and is predictable at every turn.

It's a really enjoyable feel good movie.

Bland love story masked by a unique idea .

JIM'S REVIEW: Yesterday plays with a very intriguing premise: Living in a parallel universe, a musician discovers a world untouched by the music of The Beatles and begins to pirate their tunes as his own.

Simplistic yet fascinating.

Yes, I'm fully aware of some of the awful things that it does, such as that one scene where there are like sixty cuts or something, simply ignoring a handful of movies (Flash Gordon mainly) or other artists they collabed with, and also having the time of events (such as album releases or when Freddie gets AIDS) to be very confusing and also disappointing.

What caused their phenomenal success and the way they changed the course of pop and rock music in a few years of intense activity (compositions, recordings, concerts)?

The arc of the story is pretty predictable, save for a last act diversion which is pretty questionable.

What was challenging;1, the plot was either so corny or so contrived, some plot twists were just unnecessary and added nothing.

It's an entertaining, gentle, feel-good film.

The performances for the songs are very enjoyable.

It's fast in all the wrong ways, and it's slow, in all the wrong ways.

* One unexpected character is visited by Jack.

The romantic aspect was boring.

As such, I found the first half of the film a lot more enjoyable than the second.

It's boring, both rushed and slow, it's just not an interesting movie.

Rather Slow And Mostly Uneventful .

Not as original or funny as it could have been, and some of the supporting cast and cameos felt a bit too much, but enjoyable nonetheless.

All in all, Yesterday is certainly not a perfect film, but it is perfectly enjoyable for anyone that is a fan of The Beatles, or really music in general, or anyone who just wants to have a good time at the movies.

The romance is decent, but cliche and overall unremarkable.

Great music (Beatles obviously), the leads were entertaining (Lily James was adorable, even with bad hair) .

That premise sounds great, and I was looking forward to a surreal comedy, but to be honest, it doesn't quite live up to it, instead getting distracted by what the actual main plot turned out to be: a cliche romantic comedy with the childhood friend that is secretly in love with the protagonist, only for him to figure it out for himself later.

Therefore this film is a waste of time.

Good entertaining fun

Just a bland copy-pasted love story with boring characters you don't care about.

My only complaint is that I always thought that the parallel world or alternate reality or newer dimension would at least be engaging.

This film dows that but what you get is a long drawn out romcom, with little in the way of charm.

Great songs and an enjoyable story delivered by the likeable cast.

I highly recommend it.

What if just like in Yesterday, he all of a sudden forgot about his previous work and decided to work with screenwriter Richard Curtis (Love, Actually) to makes the most dull film we've ever seen of him?

It got pretty boring at times; I kept checking the time to see how much longer.

It was just all a bit too formulaic.

Predictable and cliched .

An intriguing concept struggles to maintain its novelty throughout the run time since the follow through can't quite successfully hit its mark.

c) It looks bland.

Worth watching, if you adore the Beatles or not!

I really enjoy the execution of an already fascinating idea of a world where the Beatles never existed.

That's boring.

But the main problem with this movie was the love element, it was so unoriginal, unrealistic and predictable, it totally ruined the film's soul.

If the basic premise of your movie is extremely confusing and doesn't make any sense then it doesn't matter how good anything else in the movie is, because the whole movie takes place because of a gigantic plot hole.

Thus, Yesterday is very much a 'Long and Winding Road' towards a predictable outcome.

Yesterday's alternate reality is awe inspiring in terms of pulling the blinds of fandom down to reveal the moral testing sacrifices that the music celebrity world requires, managing to test the boundaries of love without diving too far in Hallmark territory.

What I didn't like was the movie seemed to have an underdeveloped storyline, the constant "in and out" of the visions and reality that the main character was experiencing (that was kind of hard to follow), the character of Debra attempting to give Jack the "Hollywood" lifestyle (I didn't like how that was presented or portrayed).

A thoroughly enjoyable film...

Somewhat the whole premise got resolved in an uninteresting way and most fun character remains the money hungry agent and the parents.

It all makes for a lovely and entertaining afternoon at the movies, and that's more than I can say for a lot of movies these days.

The continued vanishing of additional pop culture "names" were pointless and didn't generate laughs or add to the plot.

Lead actor zero charisma & dull.

All of the dialogue is witty and perfect, all the characters are interesting, and it has an extremely engaging plot and romance.

I just got home from watching the 11:45 AM showing of 'Yesterday' at 'The Lot' in San Diego, CA, it was an amazing experience, the huge recliners along with the outstanding service made watching the movie very enjoyable and I recommend everyone try the unique movie experience at least once.

The reason why I think the ending dragged my enjoyment down.

unorthodox yet entertaining .

After the first third, there are occasional beads of hilarity and heart but these are largely lost within a sea of banal aimlessness that feels like borderline laziness on behalf of its creators who we know can do so much more.

A very enjoyable and entertaining film .

A witty, touching, enjoyable film of potential greatness thrust upon an ordinary person who is riven by self-doubt.

Yesterday is a movie with an intriguing concept, that suffers from poor execution.

Which brings us to the predictable and rote rom-com that the movie devolves into in the third act.

It was well acted, but it the whole movie just dragged on and on.

So, it's worth watching once especially if you like the Beatles.

Disappointingly Formulaic .

But that means the blackout is a deus ex machina of the most shamelessly contrived sort.

Unmagical Mystery Bore .

The ending was extremely predictable - of course he finally declares his love for her and comes clean, and of course she's ready to jump right in his arms after saying she was moving on and seeing another guy (clearly just a plot device to force Jack to make a move and never seen as a real person).

Because of unimportant and uninteresting reasons, an aspiring musician (Patel) discovers he is the only person in the world who remembers The Beatles.

Yesterday is worth seeing for the excellent cast and for Beatles music fans plus Ed Sheeran fans ,who plays himself very well and its entertaining and good fun in parts as The Beatles song goes "It Was a Hard Days Night " and the script needed "Help"!

It's also predictable with a sad whimsical elemental surprise towards the end.

Yes it is entertaining.

Very often the character "tells" you in their dialogues what's happening instead of using the plots so it's very boring.

With some nice stylistic choices by Danny Boyle, and a nice line in humour, a highly enjoyable use of a great catalogue of music and warm performances from MOST of the cast, I found myself grinning at much of it, with a few guffaws too, as though I was watching a Cute Kittens video or something.

You'll be entranced by the powerhouse performances, beautiful emotional beats and an endlessly fascinating plot-thread.

While he does have a predictable outcome with his manager/friend Ellie whom both have feelings for each other, it does give him growth in deciding between living either a ginormous lie or a simple life of happiness and solitude.

The lesson displayed was unexpected.

A fascinating storyline based on a "what if" scenario which leaves you thinking.

Very enjoyable .

The characters were cute and there were some fun and fairly unexpected "twists" near the end.

As to be expected, cliché of clichés, a narrative event intervenes to turn things around.

I am fully aware of the exaggeration, but allow me to moan and groan: I'm slightly disappointed with such a banal rom com about The Beatles, a stuff of legend across all periods of time.

This premise is fun, lighthearted, and thoroughly enjoyable in execution by Danny Boyle, who clearly understand what this film needs to be.

This somehow managed to make it dry and boring, its a impressive in a reverse way

Instead, the film settled for a rather predictable romance between Jack and his ex-manager/best friend Ellie that, in all honesty, wasn't very interesting.

He lands a spot on the Suffolk stage at Latitude festival, expecting it to be his big break, but only his friends and a handful of bored kids show up to watch him play.

Good songs but pretty boring.

Boyle gives the movie a modern feel while maintaining some bland hometown backdrops before ramping it up to major stadium performances.

I also liked the more mundane things that most people don't notice (like a school teacher dressing like a school teacher, not in new designer labels, and only have one pair of shoes, and not a different pair for eery scene).

In the oldest romantic movie cliche, when Jack is gone too long Ellie gets herself another man.

To say that this movie is predictable is utterly ridiculous, there is a genuine level of surprise in each and every scene - which is just fabulous.

Coming off the backburner of "Rocketman" which was visually stunning and even having seen "Across The Universe" which had all of its positive praise coming from me about the visuals, it was so lazy.

It could have done with a bit more rom and a bit more com at time, but still manages to be an enjoyable movie and a perfect reminder of just how great The Beatles are.

An interesting concept that's taken down by an utterly uncharismatic and uninteresting actor, Himseh Patel, whose expressions range from baffled to , well, baffled, with the occasional WTF look thrown in.

There was an unexpected surprise that took my breath.

Enjoyable homage.

Figure it out and you'll understand why YESTERDAY is such an empty experience.

No story.

It's hard to put into words how enjoyable this movie is.

I expected much much more, the movie is predictable, slow and boring.

Most of the characters were bland, with no true motivations and awful chemistry.

Unfortunately, it settles for easy humour and a predictable romance.

This was entertaining from the start and never lapsed into a minute of boredom,.

A sweet movie that is entertaining!!!.

I didn't think it was possible for a film about the Beatles to be utterly joyless, bereft of hope and as tedious as an 8-hour insurance seminar...

A very entertaining movie with depth and humor.

However, the biggest "let down" so to speak was the lack of mind-blowing, or even suspenseful, revelations that the trailers suggest lied in the wings of this mystery.

Rocky and the Kate McKinnon character are just unbearable in their slapstick superficiality.

Yesterday is enjoyable mostly due to the lead actors and a interesting premise.

The interesting places that the film could have gone were wasted and replaced by a boring romance and a sappy ending.

As the story progresses, the movie loses speed and slips into little compelling melodrama which cannot be saved even by Lily James, the beautiful and talented actress, known from theater plays on the best English scenes.

This ludicrous script is basically a "romantic comedy" that presents a litany of every cliche in the genre, with an ending that is so saccharine, and so contrived, I almost walked out of the theater (If I were closer to the aisle, I would have).

Contrived, forced, bad acting with a telegraphed plot line.

The story is intriguing about a struggling musician who through a fluke accident is thrust in an alternate universe in which the Beatles don't exist.

Save your money and wait until it comes online somewhere.

The romance plot line was pretty boring and I thought it ended with a dud.

This is a fairly lightweight but enjoyable romantic comedy with an innovative twist at its centre.

It's totally formulaic romcom.

I'd say the biggest flaw is that It often felt too slow paced.

Funny, romantic, entertaining, and a reminder of the great music that has been written, sung and lives on.

So predictable .

Boring as hell .

So if you have a boring Sunday then this film is for you.

the story felt empty and the best part was getting to hear the beatles songs.

The supporting cast is rather bland, and he's pretty much going it alone.

Enjoyable Film .

Patel's singing is great, well worth watching

It was boring as hell and I never want to see it again.

Enjoyable and refreshing .

For such an unusual and fun premise Yesterday somehow manages to atrociously butcher the execution of the idea, and then falls into a generic and trite romantic comedy .

And in the end the film is saved because he meant to rub hard on that very note and he did, through various exciting techniques.

This is a movie you wait until everyone is gone before you leave the theater...

In the end, the narrative takes a really heart-warming and unpredictable turn in the final act, avoiding many outcomes that many audiences members (myself included) could have easily predicted.

Aside from that, this is a very enjoyable film, through and through.

The characters have their moments, but I felt like they lacked the charm and substance that could've made the romance more entertaining.

Entertaining, brilliantly directed .

Instead it is a repetitive formulaic cliché caused by a hebetudinous script.

The story is entirely predictable and unoriginal.

No plot.

Yesterday is a enjoyable and funny movie.

But simply a well done and enjoyable movie for young and old alike..

I really enjoyed it and will definitely rewatch when it comes out on digital!

Lightweight but enjoyable .

It's an enjoyable film and is actually quite funny at some points.

The other characters as well are rather bland, I didn't remember much about them although I did like Jack's friend Rocky (played by Joel Fry) who Jack brings along as his roadie.

Sure, there is a large pacing issue without, which makes the film feel like it is going too fast while at the same time moving too slow.

The concept of Yesterday is an intriguing one, if a little familiar.

What a let down man, this one had so much potential too but we get a film that makes little sense and slaps us in the face with overdone romance cliche.

the "jokes" fall flat and it's predictable.

A couple things I didn't care for: The slow, mushy love parts between the main character and the lead girl just dragged.

Not the best, but certainly enjoyable .

You will leave the theater asking yourself if the world of pop music with everything treated as a product could ever produce music to the quality and quantity of the Beatles again.

If you'll notice, almost every positive review says nearly the same thing I'm going to say: Despite it's flaws, this was an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours.

Totally Enjoyable.

I was attracted by the trailer and I found the movie was light and entertaining with all the Beatles songs....

However, Hollywood, as usual, got in the way, with Richard Curtis rewriting the story into a predictable rom com.

Refreshingly original and entertaining.

The concept of being the only guy who remembers The Beatles and using that information to gain fame and success is great, but the movie just runs dry of what to do with its feature length running time and falls into predictable cliches and character moments that you see coming a mile away.

Initially watched as It was filmed at my workplace (The Warehouse where he works in the film) but as a Beatle fan also it was extra enjoyable.

Well-drawn, likeable characters and based on an intriguing premise.

I really enjoyed it.

It's a simple but enjoyable film, very English in gentle humour.

I enjoyed it!

And finally the film had incredibly slow pacing.

Funny, Heart-warming and Engaging .

Also, my fear was that they were going for a cliche ending of "waking up from a coma and realising it was all a dream", and I was very very pleased that they opted for a much more intelligent end.

funny, cliche and predictble .

I would highly recommend it.

The movie is essentially an extremely bland, boring and predictable love story hiding behind the Beatles music.

It was entertaining, ridiculous and had a few acting bits or plot lines that made you role your eyes.

Light hearted and entertaining .

The movie was entertaining, funny, touching, thought-provoking, and much more.

And yes, most of the songs presented were better when the Beatles did them, but just set that fact aside and enjoy this harmless and entertaining film.