You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) - Comedy

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An Israeli Special Forces Soldier fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Dennis Dugan
Stars: Adam Sandler, John Turturro
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 107 out of 402 found boring (26.61%)

One-line Reviews (246)

What illustrates the shortcomings more clearly, I think, is that I would happily recommend Happy Gilmore to people… I would also have no shame endorsing Big Daddy or the original Deuce Bigalow (and some other Happy Madison produced films)… I really think this film is a little 'off' though… It's cheesy and OTT in a way that makes it less appealing than it ought to be… So yeah, a shame IMO, but I guess if some people enjoyed it (a few people here apparently did) then I'm glad to hear that.

The first time I watched this movie, I really wanted to turn it off.

Most of the things in the movie have no connection to anything in real life, and most of the ways they portray the middle east is completely false, and everything in the movie could not in any way happen in real life, but if you get past all of those facts, this is a very enjoyable, humorous, and funny movie to go to.

I wouldn't waste your time on this one.

Personally, I found it OK for the first 15 minutes or so, then dull and repetitive until the end of the film.

Save your money and your time; Don't Mess With This Mess.

One of the worst movies ever created!!!!.

But after an hour we were all yawning, and after and hour and a half we were groaning, and after 2 hours we were comatose!

I laughed and I was entertaining by this good comedy to see once.

Sure it is over the top, but it is so funny and entertaining you won't regret buying it and watching it over and over.

I'll admit, I was a fan of Sandler and despite the fact that all his movies are exactly the same and are about as predictable as a Saturday morning cartoon, they for the most part have been pretty entertaining from Billy Madison to The Waterboy.

It's a dreary trudge through migraine-inducing territory that is all the more unforgivable considering the level of talent involved.

That's all it really needs to be a great, entertaining movie with a destiny to please you.

This is an unusual genre to use with propaganda, and the viewer is not really paying attention to all the pro-zionism hints.

How he makes his dream come true from an ex-Mossad to a hairdresser is presented in the most entertaining way possible.

If you have insomnia and need something to knock you out, this is the sleeping pill to drive you deep into slumber.

A total waste of time anyone who is thinking of going to watch this movie should go and see something that is actually worth watching.

The man has become a predictable parody of himself, and has begun to dry up as a comedian.

Zohan is not the great American movie, but it is well worth watching if you just want to have fun.

The jokes are bland, insulting, overused and basically horrible.

worst movie ever.

don't waste your time, please.

The filmmakers have stretched their imagination way too far and opened up too many variables in the end which makes a predictable ending too long, too goofy and too boring.

If you find them unbearable, avoid this one.

When i go into a theatre and pay $10 to watch a film, i expect it to be entertaining.

Don't waste your time or money seeing this in the theater or even renting it.

But what a waste of time.

That being said, this movie was a complete waste of time.

Tedious, Unfunny, and Way Too Long .

Waste of Time.

After having to see this film after all the discussion, all I have to say is this: It's the same old, boring movie that just happened to have an ending a la Disney.

LOL The people here giving one and shouting it's a stupid movie and they walked out and stuff really need to have their head examined.

Along with all the other slap stick gags either already done or so incredibly banal that they should not be done,not much in this movie to really rave about.

The thing about the Zohan, is that I laughed a lot in some parts, but I find his affairs with the older ladies to be a bit repetitive and leaning towards downright BORING.

For the most part I enjoyed it and was happy with it.

Of course if I still hadn't worked it out, then what really reminds me where I am is that the entire film is silly beyond belief but yet also still finds time for a stunning young woman to fall for the main character no matter how arrogant/stupid/unlikable he is - a persistent thread in Sandler films.

Unfortunately, the movie is also rampant with extreme, at times graphic, impurity and the banal scatological (bathroom) humor worthy of the most anal obsessive 8 year-old.

Please don't waste your money.

I say Don't waste a bunch of money going to see it just for a big disappointment at the end.

Worst Movie of the Noughties .

This movie is ultimately just disappointing because of how dull it is and how hard it tries -- or perhaps doesn't try -- in its effort to make teenagers laugh.

There's an old adage that it takes true skill and artistry to create a truly horrific film, as hacks will only produce bland mediocrity.


Yes, this IS the worst movie I have ever seen.

The soundtrack is on the dull side, and some of it even doesn't fit with the tone of the film, of which it is quite manic.

And the scenes to show that Zohan is well endowed are so repetitive that they become annoying.

There's no real plot, and John Turturro is thanklessly wasted as a scenery-chomping villain.

one of Adam Sanders worst movies ever, first of all the plot is ridiculous and retarded, second of all why would any of these talented actors take roles like this.

Turns out that apart from too many juvenile sex jokes and one unforgivable scene with a cat, the story was entertaining in a politically incorrect way.

This could just be the worst movie I have ever seen.

And it's occasionally brilliant, with Sandler employing every cliché in the book as part of the fun, and some understated slapstick in the background.

I had my doubts at first because I initially thought this was going to be a boring, brain-dead movie as it looks and sounds like one.

There is also a very surprising cameo appearance of an unexpected celebrity somewhere in the film, though it was definitely not in the league of Bob Barker in "Happy Gilmore.

I did find some scenes were somewhat funny, two maybe, the rest of the movie was amazingly boring.

but zohan, don't waste your time .

I left the theater fatigued like I had just spent an hour at the gym.

This movie is not that funny, it has a few parts that were jokes but the most of it is just pure stupidity and really dull.

While the film had some good laughs actually, mostly in the beginning and at the end, the sex jokes become way too repetitive, and really stupid after a while.

Save your money for something good.

Just pointless.

Sandler is used to playing this sort of role and unsurprisingly becomes The Zohan with ease but the bland supporting characters leave a lot to be desired.

It's a silly movie of course but it's fun and enjoyable , no one can deny some parts of the film.

For all intensive purposes You Don't Mess With the Zohan appears to be the most grown up of all Adam Sadler comedies.


It was so enjoyable.

his super commando jokes, outdated disco fewer all the crap in the movie made itself boring.

I fell asleep once involuntarily, then once again on purpose.

This has to be the worst movie ever made.

The climax was more in tune with opening: lots of silly action, and some empty laughs.

While the sex jokes got old really fast—how many times can he hump the women and spray water suggestively before our smiles turn to yawns—the ethnic ones had a bit more life.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Initially, I find "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" boring and dull as the plot is very thin.

But generally Zohan is banal and at most mildly entertaining, and descends rapidly into platitudes at the end.

"You Don't Mess with the Zohan" is a bunch of disjointed gags without a culminating punch line.

"The 2ND worst movie I have seen is "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" and the #1 worst movie was "Tenacious D.

A neat move that comes too late, as it's be a waste of 113 minutes of your life to stick around to the end.

I don't think he's had such a great hit since The Wedding Singer, his comedies have just become so predictable and just...

But it's funny and stupid and entertaining.

One of the worst movies ever .

very Entertaining .

I had never walked out of a movie before, but I turned to the person I was with, and we were both ready to leave!

The lines are dull, the humor is agonizingly dumb and its so damn sleazy that your eyes and ears hurt.

This movie is way too long, it took forever to get going and it took forever to end.

The scene would have worked better rather having Sandler appear interested versus bored intensely with the characters that are supposed to be close friends.

This is one the worst movies I've ever seen.

All of us laughed a lot and left the theater talking about how we thought it was a very funny movie.

To be honest, I wish I had walked out of the theater within the first 10 minutes so that my girlfriend and I could find something better to do.

"Sometimes hyperbole is the only way to make a point; simply analogizing by going from the mundane to the ridiculous gets people to stop and think.

Worst movie from Adam Sandler .

I was bored, people walked out.

It takes a tough topic like the conflict between Palestine and Israel and makes it an entertaining and laughable movie for the people.

I'm still in awe of the throngs of people who were dragged screaming into this fiasco.

I have never walked out of a movie.

It kind of reminded me of cheap porn in the same way that the actors all looked overly bored while deriving no pleasure from something that should be very enjoyable if done correctly.

The movie was filled with useless "pee-pee" jokes that were boring and pointless.

Worst Movie Ever .

Don't waste your money.

It is boring,annoying and I didn't even had the nerves to watch until it ended.

Deeds" (which I found boring and lame), this film goes whole hog.

Hezbollah helpline and 'going out of business' shops are a some of the corny, yet entertaining pieces.

But instead of using violent propaganda like The Kingdom, the filmmakers here use comedy to get their point across.

"You Don't Mess with the Zohan" is the most enjoyable Sandler picture since "The Wedding Singer".

The storyline is way too predictable, the jokes are too crude (if your girlfriend doesn't appreciate such humor, its more enjoyable to go watch it with other guys) and many of the scenes are totally senseless.

flick, and so ordered this one expecting the usual ho-hum, mildly entertaining fair.

Confusing beginning, awfully story, unexpected details, everything looks so a-w-f-u-l.

Boring, Boring, Boring!

Save your money and buy gas .

Excellent way to waste your time (and brain) .

Half way through the movie at least 15 people had got up and walked out!

You will find yourself laughing at a few bits but the story line is predictable and given the choice i know that i'd rent little Nicky instead.

I enjoyed it and laugh every time I watch it.

Waste Of Money .

Why is watching somebody else's home-made travel movies dull?

For some unknown reason, the chemistry of entire package is at best bland, even though some of the work done by Kazan, Matthews, and Turturo is pretty good.

I'll give this movie a four,just cause it kept me entertained for 10 minutes until i kept struggling to stay awake during the movie.

This is one of the WORST movies I have ever witnessed.

The only serious moments were cheesy, predictable, and ultimately corny, which is irony in itself and only contributed to my bemused chuckling.

Think about the worst movie you've ever seen.

Zohan is when all comes together an entertaining movie, if you want to disconnect for an hour and a half without thinking very much.

I could tell it was going to be one of those, self-indulgent, ego trip, pointless movies.

If you don't like racist jokes, Adam Sandler banging old ladies, and predictable plot turns, then You Don't Mess With the Zohan isn't for you.

Midway to the end, everything has become repetitively boring and dull with shallow plot and ridiculous sequences.

The movie is worth watching .

Easily his worst movie and probably one of the worst movies this decade, easily.

This style of humor unfortunately drowns out the far greater and more enjoyable humor of which Adam Sandler is capable, and even periodically displays in this movie.

Adam Sandler rarely picks a bad movie project, with the exception of Mr.Deeds(2002) which I could say was pretty awful, and You Don't Mess With the Zohan is right beside Mr.Deeds. This film I thought was gonna be enjoyable slapstick comedy.

If I did not laugh, I was afraid to walk out of the theater, which I've only done on a few occasions.

Like Steven Spielberg's tedious "Munich", "Zohan" is preoccupied with a simple question.

This movie worse than watching a man with Parkinson's and a dull, rusty hacksaw butcher 10 blind children while listening to The Spice Girls and watching Will and Grace.

That said, it's worth watching if you're a fan.

Having the usual suspects (Rob Schneider, Nealon, etc.) playing parts at this movie is quite predictable.

In the end, it could be as simple as the age-old cliché: "to each his own".

I figured that since I was so intensely bored and not even working up a slight chuckle at the movie.

Most intriguing about this movie is its premise.

Actually, I can't honestly say "throughout" because we walked out less than half way through.

As soon as the movie begins to redeem itself with a new plot angle and some action (Zohan hospitalizes some thugs hired by a shopping-mall magnate to lower property values in the community), a bunch of rednecks jump into the picture, making the most boring, clichéd redneck jokes I've heard in some time.

But they're all just there, underdeveloped and uninteresting characters that only serve to highlight that this is all about The Zohan.

Hollywood movies are getting just unbearable.

If I have one complaint it would be that, yes it was too long and they could have cut a lot, but sometimes things that where funny the first time, became a little too repetitive.

It often feels exhausting the jokes may be refreshing but the story drags and there are times in the second act in which you may just fall asleep.

Since "Zohan" is so lazy in its story and its romantic subplot is tacked-on and pointless, the other flaws of the film -- primarily the lack of funny material -- become far clearer.

Yes the trailer looked absolutely horrible, but I still held hope that something would click and give me an enjoyable experience once again.

This is the first movie since maybe 1988 that I have walked out in the middle of.

I am conflicted on whether using the stereotypes (with super-lame outdated stereotype dialog) was some kind of deep political plotting to undermine much of the severely retarded culture of the Middle Eastern nations or just crappy hack writing from a giddy comedy writer smoking too much weed while the sober people around them groan in unentertained boredom.

In fact, it's one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

Save your money.

It was like the directors and writers got bored after creating the first 45 min of the movie and just found the quickest way to fill up the next hour with meaningless garbage.

I have never walked out of a theater in the middle of a movie before this one.

And to be honest all the action towards the end just made me bored.

I disliked every single one of them, they were little more than bland stereotypes and offensive ones at that.

The film is watery, beyond reasonable length, and dull in more parts than it is funny.

This was complete crap - from the bland attempt at "humour" right down to the cheesy attempt to replicate the fun adventure of an Austin Powers movie.

Got tiresome.

The whole racist views and the predictable turn of it into some sort of emotional humanist excuse for such an act made me sick.

But I really enjoyed it.

They thus build their own mall, in which each can live out their own flavour of the bland American dream.

Don't waste your money.

Save your time, save your money.

While I generally don't expect a deep experience, he is entertaining and sometimes touching in his work.

well, odds are people who find it stupid or unfunny are likely boring people who should stick to sitcoms where a stand-up has a wife and kids.

Adams constant penchant for bad 80's music is sometimes cute; here it became a little tiresome.

Cameos are frequent and enjoyable and there are several references to other movies if you are familiar with them.

Was it how physical and how immersed he became in his career making roles in Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison?

This movie will go down in the books as one of the worst movies ever.. and perhaps the worst...

The movie also felt very long and towards the end it was really boring.

This movie is a comedy and it stars Adam Sandler if you walk into that theater expecting anything except a stupid-funny movie then you need to instead leave the theater to go home and hit yourself in the face with a rock, after all it can't do more damage to your brain.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely laughed throughout, it's just that those laughs were more out of embarrassment for those on screen and because if I didn't chuckle at the asinine events, I would have needed to walk out from boredom.

Don't waste your time on this one .

The first time in the movie it was a little funny but after it was in every scene, it became tedious.

This is one of Adam Sandler's worst movie to date, IMO.

But the past is never far behind…………………………………… The opening scenes which establish his credentials as a super agent are funny, fast paced and engaging with plenty of wry self deprecating put downs including his parents begging him to "play safe" in his present job.

But it was instead, a unwatchable excuse for sex gags that would make you say "EEEWWW".

Firstly, congratulations MUST go to Dennis Dugan who has made not only one of the worst films of 2008 with this lame, unfunny and tedious bit of cheesy fluff, but has been making one of the worst movies of the years 2006 (The Benchwarmers) & 2007 (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry).

But as I have initially said, the climax up to the ending is so dull and non-artistic.

I enjoyed the film for what its worth, and to me it was funny and mildly entertaining.

The end of the movie is not enough to save a disastrous work that aimed to be funny, its just boring.

Please don't waste your time or your money to go see this.

This movie starts out slow and stupid and ends that way as well.

that one doesn't exist in my books) and was ever so disappointed that Sean Connery didn't want to sign up for the Crystal Skull, but even the Indy series has it set of predictable chase scenes, cliffhangers, climaxes and denouements.

Save your money and don't go see this film.

" Well, apparently not because this was tedious, unfunny and way too long and kind of makes me want to go to war about it.

This movie is undoubtedly the worst movie I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

Worst movie ever.

One of the worst movies I've seen in recent memory.

You can tell when a comedian has become bored when all they can do to make people laugh is obsess over the private parts.

It was like being forced to sit through a frat party with a bunch of drunken guys (yawn).

One of the Worst Movies I've ever seen in theaters .

3rd worst movie I've seen lately .

In The Love Guru, I groaned at all the pointless dick jokes.

After reading a veritable storm of negative reviews for this flick I was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable, if somewhat silly, joke-fest I presented with.

However, after a short time, the film just got dumber and dumber--with countless jokes about Zohan's sexual prowess, the size of his member, his pubic hair, how he likes to have sex with old ladies, etc.. It all seemed very tiresome and intended to make the least demanding members of the audience happy--mostly teenagers who find this sort of stuff funny.

A waste of time, a waste of money and energy.

I can understand some of the criticism, it's a brainless comedy chop full of cliché jokes, stereotypes, crude toilet humor, so it's to be expected that it's going to receive a lot of negativity.

This keeps one from becoming incredibly bored.

This movie is entertaining for the best part, you wont sit uncomfortably staring at the screen asking yourself "whats the point in me watching this?

Directed by Dennis Dugan (Big Daddy, Problem Child, Saving Silverman) made an enjoyable, clever silly comedy.

If you are bored while making this movie, your audience will be intensely bored when viewing your movie.

The story is predictable to the point you could actually tell what was happening next, which further spoiled my enjoyment of it.

Save your money and your intelligence and do something more useful like cow tipping.

Viewing it will only prompt you to log on to IMDb and post a masturbatorily pretentious critique, which would get no one anywhere.

worst movie I have ever seen .

Yes the message attempting to be conveyed was one of peace and good will, but you are spoon fed the "can't we all just get along" philosophy so frequently and overtly throughout, it becomes quickly tiresome.

The creators of this movie have done a good job camouflaging this propaganda, letting the audience believe they're watching an innocent crazy-comedy.

Entertaining and Funny .

It was an alright movie good way to kill sometime but its nothing compared to his older movies i loved things like happy Gilmore and big daddy god I've watched them more then any other movie and i still laugh even today but i didn't even crack a smile during this movie i wouldn't even classify it as a comedy don't waste your money going to see this movie its not even worth it my advice wait for it to come on TV on a Saturday night to watch it but i will give him props because even though it lacked humor it was solid acting from every 1 probably a good movie to take your gf/bf to it will get boring and give u time to do other things XD

Next, every plot turn was as predictable as can be, and every development can be easily seen by anyone over the age of 10 who has attended a film before.

The movie started pretty good, unfortunately this only lasted for a couple of minutes as all the other scenes throughout repetitive and somewhat disgusting.

I am in a state of confusion over why this film has been voted so low.

Sandler creates a memorable character with Zohan being one of the most entertaining ones to date.

Unfortunately these moments are far apart and the time between them is filled with rather sequences that are flat and dull.

Only plain bored.

The title says it all Don't think of messing with Zohan because its a waste of your time.

Just Boring!

Israeli propaganda wrapped in "innocent comedy"-paper .

As a fan of Sandler, in my opinion, this film is a step backwards; something typical but unexpected that, if analyzed properly, may inspire something more inspired next time around.

Back to the movie at hand, I found the 'film' to be overly long, tedious to watch and jaw-droppingly unfunny and like most films of this ilk way too infatuated in cramming as many nonsense cameos into the flick as possible.

Still, it is an entertaining action comedy with a good performance by comic genius Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

The terrible Middle Eastern accents, the dozens of crotch shots, pointless plot and feeble attempts at comedy.

Worst movie ever.


So Bad, That It Is Often Entertaining.

Otherwise, one again, don't waste your time.

Now, whether you should watch it out depends on how bored and capable you are of enduring nonsense, less imaginative film production.

but after that the movie is very boring................

' 'You Don't Mess With the Zohan' is not one of his best films, but it's still enjoyable.

But Zohan's fame will bring him some problems too, and after he falls in love with Dalia, a big confusion is going to start.

Anyone ages 13-24 should definitely enjoy this film, its veryyy entertaining!

certainly i recommend this movie because it's worth watching, laughing is for the fools i always say, how i love being a fool.

This is indeed one of the 10 worst movies in 25 years of my life...

With so many bad comedy movies out there, it's good to finally catch something that was actually worth watching.

It's a shame, as I liked the film when it first began--watching Zohan on his anti-terrorism mission was pretty funny and visually stunning.

Just bland interaction.

A sweet and Entertaining film .

In all my years of movie watching, this is the first time I was actually tempted to leave the theater half way through the movie.

Worst Movie EVER .

But unfortunately, he's come out lately with the very predictable comedies where you could predict who was going to be in it, what lines would be said and what out come would happen.

Thank you Adam Sandler for beating out Jack Black's Nacho Libre for the worst movie ever.

The worst movie I saw in 2008!

Sandler's tongue-in-cheek point: malls are good, business unites, religious and racial differences are illusory or superficial, blanket bigotry is the province of greedy white men, heterosexuality and monogamous marriage is a natural part of growing up and there is no real victory once Jews and Palestianians shake hands, only Western-style, cement-grey banality.

Zohan ceases to be a pro-nationalist superman, and becomes the bourgeois, monogamous, hetero businessman; the bland hero of every American success story.

That was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Those who LOVE Sandler's usual low brow, body parts/toilet ridden, bad taste humor love Zohan and likely walked out on 50 First Dates and Wedding Singer.

Where to begin at the beginning he is at the beach with a very annoying accent throughout and most of the jokes are very predictable and very boring and he is grilling naked at the beach and fakes his death after playing ping pong with a grenade.

I felt like falling asleep.

First of all let's get this out of the way, the opening is by far the worst part of the movie, and is the only part where I almost walked out.

As well, the endless cameos come off as desperate and pointless, although it is amusing that Mariah Carey has finally found a fitting companion piece for Glitter.