You Only Live Twice (1967) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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Secret Agent James Bond and the Japanese Secret Service must find and stop the true culprit of a series of space hijackings, before war is provoked between Russia and the United States.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Stars: Sean Connery, Akiko Wakabayashi
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 43 out of 288 found boring (14.93%)

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It is in those locations that the breathtaking work of Freddie Young shines brightest.

The Helicopter sequence is too repetitive, the finale is a letdown,the villain is a Joke.

The story is very simple and at the same time also totally unbelievable but also because of this the movie is extremely entertaining to watch.

"You Only Live Twice" has a nice, intriguing opening.

The film also tragically marks the hardly subtle tiring of Sean Connery of the Bond series, as the star who once dripped charisma and a suave sense of underlying threat delivers a monotone, firmly autopilot performance which can be considered nothing less than an almost criminal disappointment.

Of all the contrived ways to kill Bond this must be the worst.

He seems bored, clearly having no further interest in doing Bond films for any other reason than for the paycheck.

I always thought Roger Moore is the better Bond, but the Sean Connery ones are entertaining to watch too.

Well, I just finished You Only Live Twice and may I say that while it's a good installment to the series, it's so far not my favorite Bond flick, it just felt too long and dragged out.

The triviality is unbearable this round, especially when it sneaks into the movie's elements.

Connery sleepwalks through the story, his boredom with 'Bond' visible on screen.

Yet Pleasence is a dull villain.

The Japanese aesthetic ends up growing tiresome after you spend 80% of the movie there.

Our hero is also beginning to show his advanced age during the infrequent fight scenes around the middle of the picture, with nameless henchmen constantly going out of their way to stand in the way of his slow, looping thrown fists.

Well the cinematography and locations once again are stunning and the music and theme song are really quite memorable.

The utterly cool sequences of space capsules being swallowed – literally – by bigger and monstrous rockets, the fantastic villainous headquarters hidden inside an inactive volcano, the exciting scenes at the ninja training camp, the cool aerial battle between 007 in his silly little yellow toy-airplane versus various heavily armed black helicopters, the pet piranhas, and – most of all – the portrayal of the ultimate evil mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofeld by the inimitable Donald Pleasance.

(Helloooo, there is an anxiety-worthy crisis poising the world on the brink of WW3)In return, Connery's delivery is just as ho-hum and trite in scenes with the Asian actors/actresses.

He continues the laid-back (or bored-looking) style that he began in Thunderball, taking some of the life out of the film.

Still worth watching?

It doesn't quite top Goldfinger in my opinion, but it's definitely worth watching if you like your Bond, or just want something to cheer to on a Saturday afternoon.

All in all, it was an exciting, fun Bond flick.

A lot of action,adventure in land and sea,gorgeous Bond girls,Rocket's crisis between great powers,a disguised and evil villain,everything has in the quite good Bond movie,nothing serious really,but delightful and enjoyable adventure in Japan, showing a very rare and amazing spots around,the marvelous breathtaking landscape along the movie,and the great and unforgettable Japanese actor Tetsuro Tamba of so many magnificent Samurai's pictures!!

Neither the worst of the Bond films nor the best, You Only Live Twice simply stands as one of the most boring.

He has the stature, the charisma, the wit, and the energy to make Bond fascinating.

You get what you expect, pretty much, as Dahl and whoever came up with the story manage to fit every cliché into the movie.

He seems to be very good at making over the top Bond films and still make them entertaining and good!

The "Little Nellie" Scene is so Contrived as to have Bond Click Off the Weapons with just the Perfect amount of Enemy Helicopters and is about as Suspenseful and Exciting as a Cooking Recipe.

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this," he asks Karin Dor when she pulls a gun on him, looking as bored as that line reads.

The stunning cinematography of Japan and a likable ally in Tiger Tanaka almost overshadow the fact that Kissy Suzuki doesn't even come close to Aki (who's unfortunately killed off) and that Connery isn't giving his all this time, seeming bored in some scenes.

Bonds rather pointless ninja training, for example.

First part of the story is a bit dull but after 1 hour, it getting more exciting.

I just hate the typical formulaic pre-climatic fight between Bond and a strong baddie who is always the villain's sidekick, 'Hans' in this film.

If your into the bond movies of the early generation when movies only tried copying over the years after the first bond movies..The most enjoyable of the bond films besides thunderball and dr no..

A conventional Bond film but enjoyable nonetheless.

Far too long and with nothing exhilarating or suspenseful to their name, these interludes appear to be simply showcasing the film's vast budget and accomplishing nothing positive in the process - the absurd and astoundingly boring "Little Nellie" gyrocopter chase being a perfect example.

You Only Live Twice (adapted by Roald Dahl from Ian Fleming's 1962 novel) has plenty of inventive action including Bond's portable helicopter "Little Nellie" that fires mines, rockets and flame throwers and there's an exciting helicopter chase that was actually shot in Spain although the story is set in Japan.

His main man Connery is oh-so-clearly bored, as he has so little to do.

Despite the craziness this is one exciting Bond picture which has Bond on a mission to uncover and stop the hijacking of U.

He handles the fisticuffs nicely but director Lewis Gilbert throws in enough creativity to keep things fresh and non-repetitive.

It's a nice twist on a cliché, especially since the plot involves 007 faking his death to go undercover.

The Ninjas and the SPECTRE agents battling makes the film worthwhile alone and is truly stunning to watch.

The last Connery Bond of the sixties must be one of the most gloriously rich and entertaining films of the decade.

I enjoyed it before, because it is so much fun, with wonderful scenery, funny lines, and cornier dubbing "Nmm mmmh mmmh, you move very well for a dead man, Mr.Bond...

Most of this film managed to keep me intrigued, with the action and sometimes unexpected happenings.

The cinematography goes among the best of the series and Lewis Gilbert proves his unique talent for directing stunning, larger-than-life adventures.

It's a very remarkably entertaining Bond entry, and certainly one of the most memorable!

Sean Connery is so bored in this film it's not even forgivable.

This is a fun, exciting, and explosively entertaining adventure that remains one of my personal favorite James Bond films.

So yeah, some aspects of this movie can be quite campy and humorous, but it's still quite an entertaining Bond flick.

Sean Connery really seemed bored in this movie compared to others.

This is a fantastic fast paced, action filled movie, that has some spectacular and unforgettable sequences in it, especially toward the ending.

Basically, I didn't like "Thunderball" that much because a lot of it bored me.

Bond was aided by his Japanese allies in this film which made the action more exciting.

We had a fascinating plot here.

In other words, "You Only Live Twice" understands that a movie can be exciting while having the confidence to remain quiet and subtle.

This is very much worth watching, and there are many good actors here, namely Donald Pleasance and Charles Gray.

He's incredibly slow moving and lethargic.

His ninja training grounds are sorely out of place and only make the film slower; the same can be said of Bond's plastic surgery to look Japanese.

Notwithstanding the silliness of the plot, the action is tight, fast paced, the story is simple to follow and very exciting.

The helicopter chase was exciting along with Ninja assassination techniques used in the film.

Not the best Bond film, but still enjoyable .

The action is consistently exciting.

This fifth movie in the James Bond series is better than the precursor, by thin margin, and was for sure an entertaining continuation for the already blessed 007-fans.

Director Lewis Gilbert does his best to make all the elements work, but Connery – looking much older and more bored in the lead – is simply going through the motions on this occasion.

For all the good aspects like the location, sets and Pleasence's sinister Blofeld we have bad aspects like the weak Bond girls and the tediously slow pace.

Thats too bad because it is a highly enjoyable Bond.

The main problem with this film is that it is very dull and very little happens in the middle and towards the end, with Bond doing his spy stuff right it is fair to say, although he also never engages the audience and watching him mull around with his Japanese friends affects the plot intensely.

It's an improvement after a somewhat boring "Thunderball" and one of my personal favorite ones.

As it is, it's still one of the better Bond movies, it's possibly the most cleverly written Bond movie, and it's still extremely enjoyable.

The bond girls shape up nicely in the form of Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama and the stunning German redhead Karin Dor.

It's a real shame because there's a lot here that could have added up to a good movie but in the end we're left with one that mildly entertaining if very flawed.

It's about as action packed as most of the other old Bond movies, and all of the action scenes are exciting.

No), and (Thunderball); it's natural that Connery got board, and wanted desperately to leave, or not doing the same idiot thing over and over again !

The plot for this film was especially intriguing at the time of the film's release.

This film is not without problems, but there is so much good here that make this an enjoyable Bond.

You only live twice is just sort of boring and makes you yawn.

A more engaging plot with more comedy .

One of the most enjoyable Bond movies .

It's a bit of a bore for me this one I'm afraid!!

Nothing that will blow you away, but it's certainly an entertaining Bond outing .

Add a great theme song, volcanic fury, and ninja training and this makes for fun & exciting adventure for 007.

The movie was a bit slow and dragged, sort of like Goldeneye dragged years later.

Despite the plot and film in general being unrealistic, the fact is that it is still entertaining, and surely, this is what counts.

I don't think this was, as good as the Goldfinger (1964) or Thunderball (1965) However it was still very enjoyable.

More than a few likely found this angle extremely unpleasant, but to director Lewis Gilbert's credit he included it here, adding some much-needed realism to the engaging fantasy elements of the film.

The Americans are teetering on the edge of war with the Kremlin and the Kremlin has scheduled a space flight of their own.

Always worth watching.

Some younger viewers may dismiss some of the special effects, but if you are a younger viewer, and can get by all that, then this experience should prove more than entertaining.

Tedious .

But the final product is still sporadically entertaining and the movie did turn out a success, keeping the franchise alive so it could make better outings later on.

Was Japan ever as exciting.

This is a bored and dull Bond who seems better off dead as he appeared at the end of the teaser sequence.

It also features two of the series more memorable moments: a suspenseful set-piece involving an elaborate poisoning and a genuinely erotic Japanese bath sequence with modest camera angles and carefully placed obstructions preventing any obvious nudity from Connery or his Asian colleague.

Despite its flaws (There are quite a few), I still enjoyed it .

The first thirty minutes or so are suitably entertaining and the events build nicely on each other.

The movie was way too long, I found myself fast forwarding through out the movie.

Despite these many complaints, I still give the film a 7 because it's super-entertaining--more so than the previous film (THUNDERBALL).

Henderson" (the actor would play Blofeld in later Bond films) is ended abruptly, interrupted by the first of many thrilling fights.

The movie has some really entertaining scenes as Bond goes through Japan to solve the case which leads him to an island and a volcano base and Blofeld the mysterious leader of SPECTRE played superbly here by Donald Pleasence.

So much of what we now know to be cliché began with "Bond.

Opening Credits: Images of geishas and Japanese parasols are superimposed over a background of bubbling lava; an intriguing juxtaposition of the violent and the tranquil, the natural and the civilized.

By jettisoning most of Ian Flemmings original story You Only Live Twice, in wich an amnesiac Bond Hunts down Blofeld in Japanese castles, Broccoli and Saltzman have ridden themselves of the same problem evident in Thunderball : Slow Movement, Uninterested Audiences.

Although it has its faults, it is also very enjoyable, and certainly the Austen Powers spoofs could not have been made without it.

When he says "Yes, this is my second life," his voice betrays his boredom.

The pre-credits sequence is breathtaking and the music is excellent, as is Nancy Sinatra's performance of the title song.

He's visibility aged since Thunderball and had clearly got bored with the role.

While it's known for its expensive awe inspiring volcano sets and the 'Little Nellie' gyrocopter dogfight, for me the better stand out moments are the fight in one of Ken Adams lavish set that packs a punch.

Mie Hama is very dull as Kissy.

It is certainly flawed, but the imperfections of You Only Live Twice can be easily overlooked as it is an enjoyable, action packed installment of the James Bond franchise.

It's fast-paced, funny, and entertaining.

However, the film compensates for this with its unusually suspenseful music, breathtaking volcano complex, fantastic last 45 minutes, and Donald Pleasence's eerie, quietly creepy portrayal of SPECTRE's #1, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

It's a film that bores me.

A beautiful movie, worth watching even after 50 years.

In terms of acting, action, and writing this is about as dull as Bond films come.

For most movie-goers, no Connery meant no Bond, so the producers, writer, and director decided to pull out all the stops and make YOLT as action-packed, as big, and, unfortunately, as formulaic as possible.

But like Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice is the perfect amount of silly, and it just makes the movie so much more entertaining!

Even the expository scenes with the two of them chatting at a secret bathhouse is fun to watch and makes espionage look so cooperative and exciting.

James Bond is very much the superhero character he was in Goldfinger, and every scene is like a panel in a Comic Book and filled with entertaining excitement.

Donald Pleasence is a maniacally intense Blofeld -- the grandfather of Dr Evil!

While YOLT is still entertaining it is by far the weakest of all the Connery Bonds.

German villain Blofeld (scary, monotone-voiced Donald Pleasance--with a facial scar) is responsible for the hijacking of missiles in space; attempting to pit the U.

You Only Live Twice is highly entertaining regardless of what level of Bond fanatic you are.

There's just little insight onto how the film would age decades later and the entire situation appears contrived in the long run.

Bond: For the first time, Connery looks bored in the role, so it is no surprise that he would depart after this film.

There are some great scenes hidden in there (Bond's fight with the sumo wrestler, Bloefeld feeding his enemies to his pirhana) but for the most part it's pretty darn tedious.

Great Bond, fun villains, neat gadgets, and enjoyable action.

The pace is slow and the editing is shabby.

" The script does him no favors, with plot holes galore, empty chatter in place of the pointed barbs of the previous film, and recycled stock characters.

He had grown bored of playing Bond and it shows in his performance where more often than not he just seems disinterested.

An enjoyable movie to watch.

Sean Connery had developed his 007 character to the fullest, and started to feel some boredom in the series, according to later interviews.

His interpretation of Blofeld is of a sinister mastermind with a ruthless approach and a cold monotone voice to go with it.

A top notch theme tune by Nancy Sinatra rounded off what is a very entertaining Bond.

After the bore that was Thunderball, You Only Live Twice is a fresh, exciting entry in the series, and one whose plot would a decade later be recycled for The Spy Who Loved Me.

One of the most entertaining Bond movies.

At times a worn out Connery comes across as slow and haggard.

The scenery in Japan and Spectre's volcano lair were absolutely breathtaking.

If there were any worries that Bond's adventures would become a dull routine exercise then 'You Only Live Twice' put them all to rest.

The characters are boring and the redundant dialogue lacks life.

One of the most gloriously rich and entertaining films of the decade .

The whole family (or just the sweet situation of Dad and his boy) can stay in and have a fun night together watching an action packed James Bond movie like this.

Despite its minor hiccups, I still think this is an enjoyable Bond.

volcano lair, is one of the most exciting sequences in the history of Bondom; perhaps in the history of the action film.

"You Only Live Twice" is a very fun an action packed Bond outing in the series.

Fantastic Glamorous Exotic Thrilling Crash-Bang-Wallop James Bond Action Adventure Classic .

worth watching for great acting and enjoyable action scenes

Overall it's a very enjoyable film to watch with friends as the flaws just make it all the more fun.

This film pretty much drags in the middle, but otherwise, an pretty entertaining film with a great climatic battle.

Working from a screenplay by children's' author Roald Dahl, director Lewis Gilbert fashions a thoroughly enjoyable slice of escapism, brimming over with witty dialogue and outrageous action sequences.

It is certainly worth watching, for example while you are waiting for the next Bond movie in this eternal franchise, which is fittingly named "Spectre".

You Only Live Twice is perhaps the most exciting of the entire Bond series, featuring some of the best fight scenes, some of John Barry's strongest scores, and a surprisingly strong premise, leading to extra tension that works quite well.

We are all used to the formulaic Underground Lair finale.

It is entertaining and certainly a good Bond movie.

Some of the effects in this one are kinda bad and some of the story could use some work, but all in all an enjoyable flick.

While it doesn't quite live (once or twice) up to Dr. No or reach the dizzying highs of "From Russia with Love" and "Goldfinger", this is far, far better than the deathly dull "Thunderball".

This is a ruthless and somewhat confusing adventure that glorifies some unconvincing ideals.

However, as with most Bond films, it is entertaining and enjoyable to watch, with Little Nellie the auto-gyro, the revealing of Blofeld's appearance and the ninja's penetrating the volcano base being the highlights.

The Japanese location photography is most enjoyable and done with "respect" for the culture.

There are some scenes that are exciting to watch, such as the fight with the Samurai in the middle and the escape from the Kobe Docks.

This is a petty bacause Twice itself is a very impressive and enjoyable Bond movie, with some of the best sets, Action sequences and Acting in the entire series.

John Barry's score is superlative and memorably evocative.

There are some stunning locations, some stunning sets, some great action scenes and I am very much of the opinion that Donald Pleasence is great as Blofeld.

Overall a notch down from Thunderball but still an engrossing adventure especially if seen with rose-tinted spectacles on.

All the usual elements of the series are superbly crafted in Connery's , trendy, extremely entertaining fifth outing as 007, which includes exotic locations and non-stop pacing.

Not much new, and Connery seemed bored playing his role (explaining his disappearance in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service").

Overall entertaining .

The movie is so enjoyable and entertaining, which is are perfect ingredients for a good Bond movie!

Oct 2013 update: I just saw it again, and enjoyed it.

The plot was topical for the time, and the prospect of WW3 makes for a fast-paced, thrilling film.

The book was a pretty intense struggle, because it follows immediately after On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

" Pleasance is obviously a terrific actor and makes Blofeld an intriguing bad guy.

Nevertheless, YOLT is highly enjoyable entertainment fit for repeated viewing, and is still one of the better Bond films made so far.

While Thunderball was so bland, forgettable and boring at times, You Only Live Twice is bold, enjoyable, funny, over the top and a very memorable Bond film!

It's nice to look at, yes, perhaps the most exotic of the Bonders, but on the slow side, a conceit which would plague many of the future Bonders.

The stunts here are easily the best in any Bond film up to that point, and the massive set in the volcano is as breathtaking now as it was then.

The editing and pace seems to slow down significantly once Bond has to get married and become Japanese.

The whole section were Bond gets married and becomes 'Japanese', and it's as dumb as it sounds, is incredibly boring and adds nothing at all to the plot.

The plots are rather confusing, especially when focus is placed on an electronic device.

One of the central concepts of Bond, and it's an effective one, is that the films move so fast, and are so entertaining, the audience doesn't have time to realise any flaws in logic or plotting.

An entertaining and fast-paced fifth entry for Sean Connery as James Bond, You Only Live Twice audaciously (and cheekily) chooses to ignore the plot of the original novel and instead hurtles along its own merry route.

He didn't even show much interest in the love scenes, looking more bored than passionate.

It's really nowhere near as good as "Goldfinger" or "From Russia With Love," and Sean Connery truly does look bored and sick of it all.

However this 1967 spy film was enjoyable because for once the action isn't blown out of proportion, the story is more realistic, the acting and jokes are great, engaging characters, a few twists which will keep audiences interested.

I found the ending to be quite boring.

) The plot, for the most part is pretty good, too – most of it actually makes sense, and it's infused with enough unexpected twists to keep things pretty lively through most of the film.

The action is good but the plot bogs down and gets slow and boring in places.

While the film is not an entire waste, it wavers so closely that only those willing to forgive a stunning slew of lapsed judgement and misplaced budget may find a film worthy of watching.

Connery desired to quit the franchise, but he still delivers a good performance as the cool and suave super spy, the supporting cast are all good, especially Pleasence who stays hidden behind the white Persian cat until the final half and with his scarred eye is suitably sinister, the action sequences are all exciting, especially the Little Nellie sequence, and there are great things to see, a brilliant spy adventure.

Crackling with razor-sharp dialogue, thrilling action, and some unpredictable twists, `You Only Live Twice' should be required viewing for the current producers of the Bond franchise – it proves that it is possible to meet all the typical requirements of a 007 film and still be original.

The volcano set, built at Pinewood Studios, is probably the most amazing in any movie, but everywhere looks stunning (I wanna live in Tanaka's house) and combines with the terrific Japanese locations in Tokyo, Kobe, Kagoshima, or the incredible Himeji Castle (also featured in Kurosawa's Ran) where the shinobi training camp is.

The fifth film in the series, taking place in Japan is, admittedly, overlong and episodic, but it is also a triumph in the most important level for the Bond films: it is very entertaining.

And "You Only Live Twice," it seems to me, despite its many flaws and detractors, might be the most thrilling of that initial sextet.

The rituals and traditions that our sung hero follows and adapts while visiting new places and people is also left blank in here; it's like they are not even trying to be better, somehow they have found peace in the everworking formulaic structure.

You Only Live Twice (1967) ** 1/2 (out of 4) Fifth entry in the franchise is certainly a step up from THUNDERBALL but there are still way too many problems preventing it from being completely entertaining.

Now, 25 years and yet another 8 new Bond installments later, I can still shamelessly admit that "You Only Live Twice" still stands as my personal favorite Bond movie and – even though Sir Sean Connery will probably disagree with me – it's undeniably the most entertaining one of the entire series.

However, the film is still entertaining if you ignore the complete stupidity of the story and it does have the best Bond ever.

The problem with "You Only Live Twice (1967)" is that nothing happens.

Ronald was told to set the story in Japan and there had to be a garden of death and a trap door, etc. What he came up with is so trite and silly that it wouldn't have made the cut as a story for The Man From Uncle.

Why I love this one:Sean Connery's obvious boredom with the role of Bond.

After the hugely disappointing, middling, mediocre entry in the Bond series that was "Thunderball", "You Only Live Twice" sort of got the franchise back on track, as this is at least a very entertaining film if a fairly flawed one.

Its just one I find so bland its not even passable as tongue-in-cheek.

Whilst being too bogged down with uninspiring supporting characters and poorly written scenarios, this is the first Bond film one really senses is concerned with how to deliver an exterior experience more-so a filmic one.

Having the film set mainly in Japan is great as audiences can have an aspect into the Japanese lifestyle, how they feel about marriage, jobs, violence, and sexuality and for me I found it engaging learning about their different lifestyle.

"You Live Only Twice" we see Bond travel to the land of the rising sun (Japan) in what is quite an expansive concept (dazzling set-designs with spectacular non-stop action) and very well-budgeted effort that lingers on a extremely comic-book-like tone (thanks largely to Roald Dahl's industriously well-guided screenplay that plays its cards close to the chest) with its characters, atmospherics and set-pieces that for me would make it one of the most creative and exciting inclusions to the series.

Connery does well, despite clearly being bored with the more juvenile screenstory than previous dealt with in a Bond film.

After that, unfortunately, Fleming's stories went out the window, and YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE is the template for the formula that followed: exotic locales, gorgeous women, breathtaking stunts, and just enough plot to keep you occupied.

Then in 1967, they released You only live twice, the dullest and perhaps worst Bond film I have ever seen.

Worth watching only after you've seen all the other Connery ones or if you're trying to introduce a child to the world of James Bond films.

* A rather bored looking Bond in his final scene in the movie.

Final Thoughts: Nothing overly special, but it's definitely entertaining for the most part.

The shots of the Intruder Rocket, which are supposed to be exciting, highlight the worst visual effects in the series.

It's exciting, fresh, and fits every scene perfectly, while the dreamy title song is sung perfectly by Nancy Sinatra.

It seems that Connery is getting a little bored with the series by this time (it is the fifth Bond movie he had been in) as his lines are nowhere near as sharp, and his style is nowhere near as good as what it was like in Thunderball.

It's a very imaginative movie that has some unforgettable sequences in it, that are both thrilling as well as spectacular.

) in the Osata Chemical Company building; that wonderful car chase, culminating with a helicopter-assisted "drop in the ocean"; the fight at Kobe dock, accompanied by the rousing "YOLT" theme song; the battle that Bond has over the S.

This 5th installment in the franchise upped the ante with the action & spy-stuff and is more compelling than previous ones.

Tongue-in-cheek entertainment, coupled with the standard cartoonish sadism (such as the piranhas swimming in Blofeld's pool), makes for an exciting ride.

In truth, it is though the feel and style that was vibrant throughout Goldfinger [1964] leapfrogged the dull Thunderball [1965] and found it's way to Japan.

He barely acts at all and the result is dull to say the least.

I would say that the first hour or so is worth the watch for sure.

Too bad then that for a lot of the film Connery looks a bit bored.

There really is no plot to speak of, merely story devices to get Bond from one overblown set piece to the next.

On one hand, they are monotone except for Sean Connery, on the other hand they might be really good Japanese actors who don't speak English.

Connery is brilliant as Bond (he had really had his fill of the character by this point, but was professional enough to hide his boredom while the cameras were rolling).

Whiel this is a visually stunning sequence, their isn't a lot going on besides Bond pushing a few buttons.

Outrageous James Bond escapade, enormously enjoyable despite being nothing like the source novel.

It's entertaining nonsense.

You Only Live Twice easily slips into the enjoyable entertainment mode with fast paced action, excellent locations, girls, and plot.

The film is, in fact, very much underwhelming and one of the sadder, lesser entries in a series that is otherwise quite enjoyable.

But if you're younger, stick with the far more entertaining Moore, Brosnan and Dalton ones.

No and From Russia with love, which may be a little to light on the action for todays generation), it contains heaps of action (a stark contrast to the borefest of Thunderball), and has a better location in Asia (Instead of the horrible Las Vegas Bond mismatch in Diamonds Are Forever).

Let's face it, he is completely and thoroughly bored and walks through the film, as anyone can see.

He commands the role of Blofeld, making him one of filmdom's most memorable villains with the scar above his right eye, the monotone voice, and the ruthless nature.

But Connery's bored performance isn't the only problem.

The film is definitely exciting.

Most action sequences don't even make sense that they occur in the movie, once you really start thinking about it but that is all part of the charm of this entertaining movie.

Bit Of A Bore .

Return to what made the franchise so exciting and entertaining.

Entertaining Bond film.

I'm more inclined to choose the latter option simply because I don't think that the writers at this point would have offered an interesting espionage tale, and would have simply just focused on providing an unspectacular low-budget action movie instead of this film, which features undoubtedly spectacular action scenes, including the stunning climactic explosion.

This film is a bit dated, but is still enjoyable to watch.

A dull Bond film.

This was a fun and very entertaining film in the James Bond series.

The pace is certainly a lot quicker than the boring and overlong Thunderball and the acting of most actors is quite good.

To capitalize on the fascinating, news-making, tech-advancing space race taking place in the 60s, this is "The Right Stuff"/"Apollo 13" type of Bond movie.

All of the Oriental support ably support him, while the afore-mentioned Pleasance's presence is much delayed, perhaps too much of a cliché to be truly effective.

Connery seems bored .

The volcano set at the end is spectacular, if a tad unbelievable (it has been asked before how Blofeld managed to hollow out the volcano with no-one knowing), and the climactic battle is stunning.

There are a number of impressive moments, but there are a lot of very dull moments too.

With it's breathtaking volcano set, terrific John Barry score and top notch action sequences, YOLT is an absolute blast!

Sean Connery maybe falls slightly from his first four roles and this is far from his or the series best, but Connery still manages to churn out an entertaining Bond and with all the kind of crazy things in the plot he deals with it well.

When sent to Japan to investigate a mysterious spacecraft hijacking, Bond involves in an exciting adventure going after an ambitious Japanese industrialist, who's ultimately linked to SPECTRE.

His intriguing blend of Oriental themes into the traditional Bond music is a delight to listen to.

They're fascinating.

While I grudgingly will admit that the Roald Dahl (yes, THAT Dahl--the "Willie Wonka" guy) script is very exciting and high on the "cool factor", it is also silly and ridiculous throughout.

There are also some routines that are becoming predictable by the time we see them in a 5th film, such as Blofeld lecturing his henchmen and then killing the one who seemed least likely to deserve it.

The story was intriguing.

The characterisations alotted most of the supporting cast tend to be bland, and the leading lady is bizarrely replaced with a new one during the interminable 'Ninja Training School' section that further postpones our first proper meeting with Donald Pleasance's flesh-crawling Blofeld in his lair (which resembles a more megalomaniacal version of the launching pad beneath Jeff Tracy's swimming pool from which Thunderbird One used to emerge).

Testuro Tamba is engaging and charming as Tiger Tanaka, head of the Japanese secret service.

Between the mind, short-lived and sporadic action scenes, Bond does loads of plodding around, investigating, making minor discoveries.

Despite the lavish production design (by the legendary Ken Adam) and exotic locale (Japan), this entry in the James Bond series is strictly by-the-numbers and it seems a matter of time before the boredom gives way to full-blown parody (which it does in the next film `Diamonds Are Forever').

volcano lair, is one of the most exciting sequences in the history of Bondom; perhaps in the history of the action film.

In the end YOLT constitutes the slow descend of Connery's Bond era...

" line seems delivered by a malfunctioning cyborg - but at least a memorable one: the worst sin a Bond villain can commit is being boring (Quantum of Solace).

sure its campy, but i still enjoyed it.

As for negatives,the pacing isn't very good,some sections are fast paced and exciting,while other sections are very slow.

Much more enjoyable than "Thunderball", its predecessor.

Enjoyable though it is, this is the point that the series starts to become cartoonish.

Nevertheless, the stunning Japanese scenery, the invigorating fight sequences, and Blofeld's mind-blowing headquarters in an extinct volcano overshadow many of the unbelievable scenes.

While the first few films in the franchise proved smash successes, establishing a formulaic template which appeared a sure fire route to ticket sales, (suave Bond!