You Were Never Really Here (2017) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A traumatized veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Lynne Ramsay
Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 247 out of 620 found boring (39.83%)

One-line Reviews (614)

YWNRH is a fantastically shot, gripping stray away from your typical blockbuster crime drama.

This is a very basic story (done in around 30 minutes) hidden behind an hour of pretentious visuals of walking, driving and staring.

) was the most pretentious, stupid nonsense I've ever seen.

I was looking for intense I found intense.

Its really boring.. there is no story .. i was waiting for anything to start or to understand what is the idea of this movie .. its only a man who is walking with his hummer .. its not even a movie ...

But without doubt, this is a personal feeling: perhaps the lack of story elements is what makes this film stand out from others.

I like dialogue heavy films, but Phoenix gives an intense performance of a character with very little to say.

Joaquin Phoenix delivers another magnificent performance in this stunning drama.

Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack is also very intensive.

Don't waste your time .

His build is augmented by the bulk the beard gives the already intense Joaquin Phoenix.

Waste money & time.

This very specific task that he masters brings him in conflict with major figures and puts him in the middle of a conspiracy that involves dishonesty, dishonour and inhumanity in a complex blend that adds to the exquisite action of the film a more refined sense, especially since all of the action scenes that were intentionally -due to budget cuts- hidden from the audience, leave a subtle feeling of unspoken violence and fear that infest the viewer's imagination making it a frightening experience and adding more to this film's intense suspense.

Starts slow and only gets worse.

The story never goes anywhere, it's not a mystery, it's cliche, it's downright boring.

It starts slow and nothing really happens.

Very obersevational, dark and suspenseful.

engaging at every turn.

The explicit, brutally jarring flashes of a past narrative paint a picture of an incredibly wholistic implicit story, without filling in every blank, in an incredibly gripping way, leaving you to wallow in the head of a severely damaged individual and think about the experience for long after the credits have rolled.

Boring to the 10th degree.

Too Artsy For Me .

It's Phoenix's slow burn deterioration that drives the film and it is the best performance I have seen in some time.

Can he walk any slower.

That also describes the film, a powerful but elusive narrative centred on a compelling, damaged hero.

This is very slow going and we never know what avenue Joe will go down next and for we in the audience this is somewhat annoying.

Despite being slow, it's very intense and raw.

Waste of time .

The plot in 'You Were Never Really Here' was way too pedestrian for my liking and, despite the relatively short length for a drama film, there were a lot of long, drawn-out and frankly boring patches throughout.

Genuinely suspenseful revenge films such as BLUE RUIN or even the comedic I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE are much better.

The directing style was boring and copy and paste.

Lingering and dreamlike as it drifts through it's sub 90 minute run-time, hazy flickers of the past slide out of the main character's pores as he pursues his compelling missions into the (very) dark side of privilege.

All these people calling it boring with no dialogue and no character, this film is way over their heads.

You Were Never Really Here is extremely well acted, and the masterful cinematography and great soundtrack really set up and immerse you into this dark and thrilling tale.

The most overrated piece of pretentious rubbish released in decades, so of course they went crazy for it in Cannes.

Phoenix is a good actor but this movie has lots of slow and lots of weird scenes and the plot does not make sense most of the times.

I was moved by the first half of the movie by the drive and mood, then the plot made an uninteresting half reagined some new drive and moved into some warrior poetry visually.


If you got bored during this movie then go watch Batman vs Superman and shut up.

Long drawn out and boring as hell.

Boring and over-rated .

Take blade runner 2049's slow (but awesome) pacing and slow it down, throw in an uninteresting predictable repetitive recycled plot we've seen a billion times which could have been told within 20 minutes, give the main character psychological traumatic issues and show us random crap that's going on in his mind, and you have this movie.

However the film starts slow and doesn't really pick up pace.

Unfortunately you have to sit through the entire boring movie to be able to get it.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

One of the most boring films I ever sat through .

You will like it if you love the tensionful, depressive, melancholic films with really really slow tempo.

Slow, boring and uninspired.

Artsy and boring version of Taken?.

There is literally about six minutes of action in the entire film, the rest is tedious nonsense.


This movie was a confusing mess.

But if you're prepared for a slow, violent portrait of a disturbed man, and a lot of scenes that you can only guess what they are about, this is for you.

Beware: this is a very intense movie, and not one for the faint at heart.

The acting is 10/10, the cinematography and camerawork is 10/10, but the plot is horrible and boring.

Looks good on the box, but you'll ultimately be left frustrated, bored with no real idea as to which piece fits where.

Is there supposed to be a twist here, because the film was so completely and utterly boring that I really can't tell?

'You Were Never Really Here' begins hauntingly & some of the unexpected brutality here will make your heartbeat race fast.

Unfortunately, it feels unfinished because it's so disjointed hopping from past to present and everywhere in between.

Who could invest in such a boring script I wonder, who could like such a piece of garbage ?


Don't waste your time or money on it.

However it was just slow and exhausting in my opinion and left me bored 30 minutes into the film.

The daughter he tries to rescue shows up here and there which gets more confusing.

Completely stupid and hard to follow, even after reading what the movie was About, watching it and reviews the movie made zero sense and in the end you had no answers as to what the heck happened.

I wanted to be more invested in the movie, and as I tend to dramatic themes, I think more engagement was required from me to be 100 percent interested in the characters and the story in such a film that relies heavily on imagery, especially with the slow pacing.

'You Were Never Really Here' does have moments where the story could have done with more clarity, the vagueness did cause a little confusion at times.

If you like formulaic it's not for you...

I also found myself wanting to fast forward because a lot of nothing happens.

So incredibly boring...

I understand that some aspects of the movie require audience analysis, however I feel like this is a cheap excuse for a slow paced movie.

The film's cinematography and sound design are both outstanding, as the film's detailed and slick shots are expertly crafted and the sound design skillfully replicates a highly intense atmosphere of creeping dread one might envision headlining an excellent horror film.

The most boring movie I've ever watched.

Bottomline: boring.

As I mentioned earlier this film may be a little too slow for some.

First it's slow and just when I think it's hoingvto be ok, it climaxes and then nothing!

Absorbing, utterly absorbing.

Waste of time .

A gritty, unflinching look at the sad life of a lost veteran, this art-house take on the New York anti-hero has it's moments of touching brilliance thanks to Phoenix, but also many bouts of bewilderment and boredom.

It's excruciatingly boring, though every so often the boredom is iterrupted by extreme violence in the form of is-it-or-isn't-it-a-dream sequences.

Boring .

do yourself huge favour - if you are looking for very boring evening, watch the grass grow, and don't come near this one!

Expected it to be quite good but i turned out a boring and almost silent movie with no sense of continuity of story.

Boring & sick .

Riveting performance from Phoenix, hampered by somnambulant direction.

It tries to be a decent thriller but overloads the script with too much innuendo and art-house to make for a compelling movie.

Still, though, this is a very intense and generally solid crime film.

This whole movie could have been 30 minutes, terrible directing, every scene was drawn out for so ridiculously long.

This film will make you uncomfortable, even when you think about it later as it is important and well done in its depiction of awful yet mundane horrors, nightmares that people survive, witness, and experience, sometimes with sublime hope.

This makes his character much more frightening than any of the cardboard cutout heroes of today's bland action movies.

It's a stunning performance from Phoenix, probably my favourite of his.

Ramsay's films have always been about making you analyze the nature and root of intrinsic evil --- We Need To Talk About Kevin was just as compelling and squirm-inducing --- and demand actors whose forte it is to communicate tomes without saying much, if anything.

The acting is self indulgent and the scenes are unnecessary so the actors and the story both can pretend that they are the shits.


He seems to revel in the Artsy movies, very slow with constant screen shots of his face.

Don't waste your time!

However, it the slow and thoughtful burn of this film that makes it so unique and well done.

Now that being said, it could of been a great movie had none of the slow, boring, artsy crap was in it.

Slow, boring, confusing, vague, weird.

Also, one long bore, which was actually the best thing about it.

The directors/actors just wanted to laugh at peoples confusion.

The worst movie ever!!.

I think most twelve year olds will find this movie disturbing, suspensful, and entertaining.

Great plot, but ridicusly slow...

The only more confusing thing than this broken Rubix Cube is their reviews.

The film gets tedious very quickly and goes down the arthouse route of dragging every scene out a little bit too long so that it becomes boring, and needless flashbacks and the like slow it down further.

Waste of money and time.. what was the plot about !!!

Thats one and a half hour am never getting back, so boring.

It felt a little bit too drawn out for me.

I got bored watching it.

The electronic music is uninspired and a boring cliché now.

The acting is good and the stars donate good job but the story is dragged out slowly.

Just too boring and confusing to get into.

Slow, annoying, irritating film.

and on the edge of dying for live again.

Slow, unintelligable and the musical score is the worst load of trash we've heard in years.

When the tension escalates, this slow-burn psychological/revenge thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat; the skillful use of editing and music really help on that aspect.

Straight up this movie is slow from start to finish it picks up for about 30 seconds.

It's visually engaging with not much dialogue.

I swear to god, I was waiting and waiting for answers and literally nothing happens.

If you find this review confusing, don't even bother with the film.

There were scenes that just dragged out and didn't move the story along or even really define the story in the first place.

If you are into a slow movie that really goes anywhere, then this is a perfect movie for you!

In my opinion, this movie is essentially a combination of a weak, uninteresting plot and a ''trying to be unconvential'' cinematography and directing.

Prone to suicidal thoughts & hallucinations, he is pushed to the edge when his latest job takes an unexpected turn, after which he embarks on a blood-drenched rescue mission and uncovers a dark conspiracy.

Slow to get going: little of consequence would have been lost if they'd cut the first 20 minutes.

Its a slow burn movie that is nicely shot and well told.

Intense soundtrack, intense action, intense subject matter.

So predictable plot and so much effort to make this a cool and hip movie, its just boring in the end.

A bit fantastical, moderately entertaining, some good bits.

Waste of time.

It's severed chunks of story, jolting and confusing.

Joaquin Phoenix's most intense role .

Thrilling, and almost hits the mark.

But after sitting through just 45 minutes of pointless, boring, slow artsy fartsy sequences where Joaquin shows off his acting prowess and Lynn shows off her direction (you can never completely see the act of violence of being commmitted except one), you begin to wish that you were never really here either.

The worst movie I've watched in 2018 so far.

It's really tedious, slow and uninteresting.

Completely engaging film.

If you like slow, loud and long periods of zooming into someone's face.

I got bored quickly.

Joaquin Phoenix was suburb as always but even his star power was unable to make this movie more interesting than watching paint dry.

Disturbung soundtrack, no plot.

Slow and dull, then murders, then slow and dull, then.....


A Dreary, Stumbling Mess .

Pretentious, boring, overly reflective, and clearly aimed at film buffs who will no doubt find all sorts of "references" in this film.

He always commits himself to a role and is fascinating to watch on screen.

Still, as engrossing as Ramsay's cinematic trickery is, the film is unquestionably hung upon the slumped shoulders of Joaquin Phoenix, and he does it proud.

No story, nothing.

Overrated and Boring .

Just a waste of money and time from everybody involved.

A decent story, bad or no dialogue, good action, long, slow periods of nothing, then some action again.

I absolutely hated this movie, it was totally boring and I could not wait for it to finish.

Waste of time.

Well worth the watch.


Boring, Over-Rated and totally Irritating .

I wasn't surprised that the writer/director adapted a novel all by herself, as the whole movie feels like the plot is, although very much there, just an excuse to fit some beautiful shots into an otherwise empty movie.

While at times, it's pretty fantastic and distinctive, it also becomes quite tedious and muddled at times.

Though the potential of the film can never be what it could have been, it does prove to be an interesting quest and pins us with some intriguing questions you may have never thought of before.

'character study' = boring .

After 30 minutes i had to turn off not to waste more time.

Overall, just another two hours of my life wasted, I'd rather recommend watching paint dry than this movie.

The most boring film i have ever seen.

Flashbacks to nowhere, taking care of the old and feeble-minded, and lots of slowness, very slow.

Pretentious nonsense .

Zero plot, long long long drawn out agonisingly slow.

Takes pointless graphic violence to new heights.

Wow this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Just a complete waste of time.

The narrative, which is beautifully unpredictable in its initial reels, suddenly turns into a revenge saga of sorts.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Super slow, there's 10 words spoken in the whole movie.

This movie is trash please dont waste your time.

Don't Waste Your Time .

I kept waiting for something to happen as the beginning of the film rolled past me like a horrifyingly boring catechism class.

But there is also a slowness here, that may be off-putting to some, deliberately there so we consider the film's significance.

Pretentious Rubbish .

Confusing .

Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix are both people who give their all to each movie they are a part of, and bring thoughtfulness and originality to each, so to see them paired up was extremely enjoyable.

Lynne Ramsay who made the stunning and frankly underappreciated we dont need to talk about kevin.

Waste of time.

So, me personally, love films that make me really question it (WTF was that all about), even though scenes were slow, dark, depressing & hard to believe.

Speak less, show more is the mantra of this film, and while long camera shots of his face can sometimes seem boring, it really forced the viewer to sit in the same spot as the main character ...

Its like watching two films here, one being an unpredictable one about a man with serious baggage, and the other, about a man out for vengeance.

So, the ending is rushed; seems pointless and feels really nihilistic.

I like Mr Phoenix a lot and I also think he is a very good actor capable of great subtlety but in this very slow and confusingly written film I fear he adds to the problems.

It is so slow.

Intense, Joaquin, intense.

Following the events may produce a variety of reactions in audience, from fascination to boredom.

Boring .

Worst movie I've seen in a while.

At the end of the movie I was so dull, I would have excepted any outcome 'cause every ending seemed possible.

He really pulled the role together to make a character study of trauma and ptsd worth watching.

Artsy and pretentious .

So the one possible respite we could get away from the tedious navel-gazing is denied to us as well.

Awful, waste of time.

Painfully slow .

Boring .

What a boring piece of crap.

In sum, it is a good movie, and it is worth watching, you might like the director's approach or not.

he is at his best lately) Music 7/10 (Greenwood's score creates an atmosphere of dread) Production 7/10 (The producers gave creative freedom to Ramsay) Cons: Scenario 5/10 (Sparse dialogue, lack of traditional narrative structure and disjointed edits are giving points to those who are complaining about a boring movie...

Artsy fartsy .

What Lynne Ramsey has made is a dark, thrilling experience which is unlike anything I've seen put to screen.

This was a slow movie, I gave it three stars simply for the artsmanship.

And the story was fairly unpredictable, which is a good thing.

This remains the real central core of the story and Phoenix is compelling in the part, although of course he finds it necessary to mumble his few lines such that in one rather good scene (on the kitchen floor) I can't say I understood a word.

I appreciate the approach to this movie & what they were TRYING to portray to the audience, but my god, it's the most tedious style of direction & ones self story telling that I have ever seen; It's repetitive in more ways than one.

Some will walk away asking deeper questions, others will walk away simply satisfied by an intense thriller.

It's also too quiet which can create a nice effect, but in this case i found myself bored because of it.

If you are after an adrenaline-infused, white-knuckled action adventure this is NOT the film for you.

I found myself falling asleep during the film, and struggled to understand what on earth was going on.

Check it out for yourself, but i consider this a waste of time.

Initially, it's a slog, as Ramsay takes us through the worrisomely overfamiliar stagnant misery of sad sack hitman Joe (Phoenix)'s life at a snail's pace.

I was in the right slow mode to watch this .

Hats off to the Director for making such an intense film.

Good lord, this was boring...

self-indulgent crap!!!

Very estranging, but in a fascinating claustrophobic way.

Such a Boring Movi .

Every shot in this film is crisp and polished, and you get transported in what feels like another world, one that is alien-like but also intense and eerie.

Dont waste your time like I did.

This is worth watching.

Very boring movie.

Somewhat disappointing in the long run but worth watching its star go from implosive to explosive.

Very slow movie.

A total yawn fest.

He's dealt with some serious trauma and has become a vigilante to help save kidnapped girls (I dunno about anyone else, but sexual trafficking of underage girls is more disturbing than 'boring' in my mind).

Truly Thrilling .

Fair warning: the movie is occasionally brutally violent and is often very confusing.

Although, It had a similar slow artsy pacing about it, the dialogue, plot, and pacing were far more interesting than this movie.

It's boring.

What the hell did I waste my time on this for .

It's boring and frustrating.

Dont waste your time .

I kept waiting for something to happen as the beginning of the film rolled past me like a horrifyingly boring catechism class.

It seems like an experiment from a bored child who's trying to get attention from ultra artsy audience.

Slow and a little confusing .

Phoenix was really good for this role but the movie in total was boring and leaves you with so many questions and wanting to see more action and explanations.

If you need your hand held through every film you watch, if you need every inch of plot explained, if your action needs to be fast paced and flashy, if you lap up the drivel Hollywood usually churns out then don't watch this movie.

Perhaps for some, it's a tad too arty and the speed of the film a bit too slow.

Otherwise save your money.

His acting was good but the movie sucked very boring the worst plot in a movie ever now I have to watch his better movies to make up for this one!

Some good screenplay, but come on this was just a pointless exercise from start to finish.

The minimal dialogue leaves you bored and waiting for something to happen.

Boring, weird for no reason .

There was no plot to this garbage I have no Idea what the point of this movie was .

Boring, boring and one more time boring.

Don't waste your Time .

Boring Mess .

This is a pretentious movie, in that it feels like it almost screams "if you don't like me, you don't understand me.

Anyone who says this movie is pointless doesn't understand art, subtlety, and/or the beauty of the little things in life.

In the end this is a frustrating waste of an intense performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

Lily Tomlin summed it up: "Boring!

Considering the fact that I actually like a slower, more artful visual experience, I can't really recommend seeing this on the big screen, for it did not leave me with a lasting impression.

WASTE of Time .

Dont even bother you might as well watch paint dry, it will make more sense.

Gripping and dark, this is a different kind of action film.

These scenes can come across like a dream sequence and viewers might possibly find this slow and boring.

The worst movie ever!!!

This movie is a complete waste of time.

Maybe top 5 worst movies ever.

This movie tries to be super arty but is just super boring.

Boring Graphic violence.

It has so many unneeded scenes and it was so slow that I though it was 4 hours long.

the music is fascinating and the premise of the story is good.

However, i found it hard to continue after seeing how SLOW the first hour was...

It's slower paced than any of that - to give us the opportunity to really empathize with the main character's psychological/emotional struggle.

One of the most boring and with no sence clips i ever saw .

What a waste of time.

What a horrible, dull boring piece of garbage.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Can I rate 0 I hope i can , 0 star its waste of time nonsence very bad movie no story whatsoever

I like slow heavy movies with a lot psichology behind its plot and going into the characthers mind, but this was simply boring.

Slow and filled with repetitive useless transportation scenes, not that difficult to reach up the 90 minutes that way.

The horrible truth dawned: this was actually supposed to a serious attempt at cinema, and all the pointlessly convoluted flashbacks and the pretentious nonsensical flourishes were meant to be taken at face value.

what a boring film...

Waste of time .

Stunning cinema .

Horrible, boring movie.

You're bored with mainstream cinema and enjoy some fresh and creative approacheds on how a movie is contructed.

There meandering stretches of the film seem pointless other than for the filmmakers to dazzle us with reflective moments in the life of the hired gun named Joe.

If a guy crosses the room, you see every boring step.

It is the worst movie i have ever watch it is difficult to anderstand and the story is very sick

A great DOP, Sound and main cast make this movie an unexpected experience.

Very slow .

Dull, pretentious and boring .

Anyone who says that nothing happens in the movie must have seen a different movie.

Don't waste your time.

) and a clear, compelling tone is set.

It was slow for a person who craves for modern day pace in movies.

Easily the worst movie I have seen in 2018, out of over 100 .

Besides a couple kill scenes the movie is quite boring, slow and feels like it's missing a couple threads...

It was boring from start to finish.

It's emotive but can slow things to a crawl.

If I only had two words to describe this movie, I would use pretentious and dull.

I managed to watch the entire film after gross hammer killing scenes and walked out thinking, "What the heck just happened in the film??

Boring confusing story.

I'm sure a good three quarters of an hour could've been shaved off this epic bore and it would've made more sense.

Though short, this is slow and takes far too long to get going (maybe the story was just too slight for a feature film).

" Townend's calm, crisp camerawork and Bini's editing are commendable and praise to Jonny Greenwood (Phantom Thread, There Will Be Blood) for a thrilling score that blends its beats with the chaotic noise of the streets - a pulsating tempo that drives the plot forward.

WTH is going on in this film...? Complete waste of time.

It starts out at a comfortable metronomic slow pace and that doesn't really change throughout the movie.

Long drawn out scenes that serve no purpose other than to pass time.

On a visual level this is a picture that easily holds its own and some, the ponderous direction doesn't quite become pretentious and there is a coherent aesthetic.

It's a seen-before premise but you don't really notice because of the unique and masterful craftsmanship (the plot is thin but in an engaging, albeit slightly hard-to-follow way: the visual, in-between-the-lines storytelling is refreshing; the camerawork and editing are consistently creative-loved that taxi title) and strongly written and acted protagonist (the parallel drawn between him and Nina, both just trying to wait out the pain of their existence, is a moving one-see the lake scene).

An incredible Joaquin Phoenix in a drama with few words but many intense images .

This film starts slow, with what you think is self indulgent artsy fartsy cinematography.

This is a very intense, dark and riveting movie.

Boring from start to finish, confusing, dull, slow, tedious, depressing and pretentious all describe it well.

I enjoy 'indie' and 'art-house' films when they go off in an unexpected direction, but this was boring.

Pretentious, vacuous and boring.

You Were Never Really Here, simply put, is a stunning piece of cinema.

But it felt like an extremely intense thrilling "trainwreck" that lasted 90 minutes.

For the first 30 minutes LITERALLY nothing happens and by that time I was already tired of it and just wanted it to be over.

Nothing happens and that main actor is creepy

It was deathly paced and very boring.

This is a slow paced, atmospheric, dark film with excellent performances from the cast.

Stylish art film damaged by lazy writing, choppy editing, boring music and an incomprehensible plot .

There is literally about six minutes of action in the entire film, the rest is tedious nonsense.

Either I fell asleep and missed important parts or this movie really doesn't make any sense.

But probably Phoenix's most intense role is in Lynne Ramsay's "You Were Never Really Here".

This is a much sophisticated movie - forget about cliché talk and twists -, although some have the courage to call it "garbage".

The movie was too slow.

The quiet reverie of this movies intense violence and the justification of the violence toward these high profile sex traffickers of underage girls.

Pretentious and ultimately painful to finish.

It was still worth watching because of Joaquin Phoenix's performance.

Utter crap with no story, no substance, awful non acting from the lead and annoyingly abrasive music.

The sound and the editing was also to my liking - and I think it must be both a fright and a joy for a director to work with a proffesional and so intense actor as Mr. Phoenix must be.

Tom Townend's kinetically feverish, constantly askew cinematography trudges alongside Joe, sharing his dogged, bleary stupor with a grizzled, vividly dull aesthetic that suggests an Instagram filter of 'Bloodshot.

Uninteresting plot.

Probably one of the worst movies ever.

It is the worst film I have ever seen and I am amazed at how slow, tedious, and crass this film is, it is beyond crap, it is the ultimate fail film ever made.

Confusing nonsense.

Enjoyable .

As an actor, Joaqim takes on serious roles, but was disjointed and at the end predictable.

I use those masterpieces as magnificent examples of surreal story telling wherein fiction blends with reality in an extremely suspenseful way.

The tone of the film is suspenseful throughout.

waste of time .

Anyone who calls this film boring is a movie snob and clearly has nothing better to do with their lives.

Pretentious Drivel .

It's moves soooooooooooo slow, probably because 90% of the movie is Jaoquin sitting and staring into space.

Lead actor bears surname Phoenix because he emerged from a real, pe do cult from which his family escaped when he was little, too bad he returned to the New age occultism in his adult days, and is lending his talent here for nefa rious purposes of boring you sick.

In a nutshell is a plotless idiotic attempt of a thriller drama.

Complete waste of time .

I am not one to slate movies and I try my best to enjoy them without being too picky and pointing out the little things, but again, its just some self indulgent story telling with no actual purpose.

No story !!!

story like which you saw zillion times, but this is the particularly boring version.

While the film's plotting thankfully does not stoop low or settle into cliches, viewers may still feel slightly "empty" upon absorption of the film in its brief 90-minute runtime.

Oh my goodness , this film is so boring, it's like watching slugs slide along your garden for a few hours, it's so boring I switched it off half way through did I mention its boring, I had no idea what was going on and to be honest I didn't care either as I was bored senseless, arty yes but entertain me no definitely not,, ,,,,,,,,,, , BORING..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I just hate these highly acclaimed, terribly slow and boring movies.

Boring, boring , boring .

I just found Phoenix's portrayal to be a little tedious.

Don't waste your time.

Worst movie ever .

) I got that same kind of feeling, that this was a pretend movie and soon Joaquin would rip off his false beard and wink at the camera to show us that this tedious mess was nothing more than a feature length joke.

Daddy issues a cliche?

Waste of time.

If the movie succeeds then it's because of Joaquin Phoenix's stunning performance in what could be described as an artsy neurotic film.

But, if the acting dragged along at a snail's pace we may have been able to comphrehend some of what this was about if the actors stopped mumbling and spoke with just a little clarity .

This film is a waste of time.

Disjointed plot.

Boring .

Yes I am aware that many thought this film was slow.

The jump cuts are jarring and serve as a pretentious purpose to try to make violence as non glorified.

This movie is slow, boring, hard to follow, and awful.

Mostly for those who want to read more into each scene than is articulated on screen or simply want to justify what they 'think' they understood, otherwise, a miserable experience that stretches its 85min R/T into tediously grotesque boredom and wastes a Phoenix performance.

it's strange, but thrilling and interesting.

The dude is another Tom Hanks when it comes to absorbing himself in a role and delivering stellar performances, so I can't figure out how this got made, or how it possibly won awards?

A waste of time.

If it wasn't the annoying score, it was the bizarre, slow screen shots played off as "art.

Without a doubt, the worst movie that I have ever seen.

So sloooooow and boring.

There are often times when Joe will be doing something as mundane as waiting for a train, when we'll suddenly get the distinct impression that he's seriously considering jumping on to the tracks.

It was too slow to get into any sort of coherent plot.

However, the flashbacks are somewhat confusing and do not give the viewer a clear picture of his early life or motivation.

Though that's not something you necessarily notice whilst watching it because the movie is also highly engaging.

Absolute waste of time!

Stunning .

The interpretation by Joaquin Phoenix is breathtaking.

This movie was too artsy for me.

looks more than a little pretentious by the end .

Greenwood's score is intense and paranoid, and it's loud.

Boring and Annoying .

Fortunately, everything is fairly balanced by a fascinating editing and a stubborn, mature and unpredictable direction that is striking for its great security and tone.

He's called upon to save an underage girl and what follows is gritty, violent, and intense, with a few devastating surprises thrown in.

A film, going nowhere, very, very slowly.

They show maybe two deaths on screen, for the rest they do the old cut away for the kill or just kill people off screen and hear their last shriek before their demise while we stare at an empty room.

Borderline waste of time.. Storyline Comparisons - I guess this film would be the drunk nephew of " Man On Fire ".

No story.

Its really boring.. there is no story .. i was waiting for anything to start or to understand what is the idea of this movie .. its only a man whi is walking with his hummer .. its not even a movie ...

Do yourself a favor and just watch paint dry instead it would be more interesting.

Neither is violent at all, if violence is what you're expecting, you'll be bored to death.

Who cares how "intense" the lead character is if the plot doesn't take him anywhere we want to go?

Despite of the good acting it has really made us feel bored Week story line due to the weaken story plot.

One of those arty farty films that waste your time .

How dare you waste my time with this drivel.

Pretentious garbage.

This begins in sensational manner with invigorating and imaginative cinematography, exciting and pounding score and a prowling oddball and ruthless central character, played by Joaquin Phoenix grabbing our attention at once.

For the arty types for sure but for me this is just plain boring and odd.

The Movie is a boring one and it also frustrated me.

Overrated, boring and slow .

Waste of time.

The only reason I signed up for IMDb was to warn people what a boring, stupid, pointless movie this is!!!

I wanted to really like this movie for the content that it's attempting to bring to light; the seedy child sex-trafficking world, mental health issues and because Joaquin Phoenix is believable as a brooding man living on the edge.

The pace is really really slow and it's a pity that even at 87 minutes, the films seems too long.

Psychologically and emotionally complex although simple to understand for those of us who's brain chemistry has not been rewired to expect our films to have a straightforward, linear narrative which is all nicely wrapped up before beddy byes and with the attention span of a hyperactive goldfish, compelling you to check your social media status every 30 seconds.

For a film only 90 minutes long, it is insanely slow moving.

total waste of time

Overall, the movie is very unsettling, if that's the kind of thing you're after in a very intense drama type of movie.

It's not that they're bad movies, but it all just seems really bland, like something we've all seen way too many times already.

Attention to detail, intense, and you really feel what is going on in his head.

Boring and unintelligible dialog.

Extremely boring, baffling and pretentious.

It's slow burner, and I mean realllyyyy slow, but it never really ignites.

With regard to "You Were Never Really Here", the storyline is confused; the lead character is poorly developed; the screenplay is awful; the pace is boring.

Unfortunately, the end product was a very tedious experience in trying to stay awake.

What a waste of time .


Joachim Phoenix ("Her") is a very intense actor, and fits perfectly here into the role f Joe.

Too many unanswered questions in this film,very confusing?

It is beautifully shot (the water scene particularly) with many metaphors, very slow with little dialogue - but at the same time gripping the whole way.

The music styles and instruments are all over the place, but only some of it is compelling.

Consequently some may find it boring.

The film rests entirely on Joaquin Phoenix, who like Ramsay is delivering some of the most compelling work of his whole career.

Effectively shows trauma by boring you almost to death .

Editing is a mixed bag, for some viewers will dig the unhurried approach while others will detest its tedious pace.

So much effort was put into trying to make it look stylish but it was boring, slow and lacking in story and dialogue.

The film is really slow, nothing really happens, it tries to be artistic but it's plain boring.

Well-acted and produced but slow and uninteresting .

There's a mixed bag of reviews for this film, terrible - self-indulgent and a "masterpiece".

Phoenix is one of the most enigmatic, fascinating, and excellent actors of the past 20 years.

Don't waste your time by watching this movie.

You Were Never Really Here managed only to bore me.

The sort of thing pretentious people who like to call movies "films" like to pretend is so very high-brow.

It's a punishing but rewarding watch, and, as flinty and disengaging as it can be, filled with moments of unexpected beauty and emotion - plus a beard mighty enough to make Travis Bickle's mohawk jealous.

Very simple and vague plot, which also uses the big old cliché of an political caste of pedophiles.

Worth the watch.

You could read the novella (much better than the movie) in less time it takes to watch this clunky, utterly pretentious film.

This movie had a decent premise but was just too slow for me.

Wonderful visual storytelling and a compelling protagonist make this great .

The film is utterly boring and feels unnecessary.

No dialogue, no plot.

Boring slow no direction awful .

Boring, Nihilistic, Pointless Crap .

The fourth film of Lynne Ramsay's critically acclaimed career that has spanned over twenty years, You Were Never Really Here is the Scottish filmmaker's first feature since 2011's stunning We Need to Talk About Kevin and is another highly original and likely polarizing experience that will divide viewers between those that love and those that hate Ramsay's examination of PTSD and the demons that can plague one's mental state.

dark, suspenseful, entertainingdark, suspenseful, entertaining

So this movie, ultimately, is a nasty, female pipe dream version of Braveheart, in the era of Jeffrey Epstein and #me too, crossed with "I spit on your grave", where bi gotry of Mel Gibson is substituted by ultra toxic bi gotry of the she-director, and the weapon of choice is not hammer, but boredom, with some psychosis spilling in straight from the she-director's chair.

The pace slow and lacking narrative.

Boring, and awful...

A Slow burner that bursts into a holy fire of cinematographic brilliance.

It gleefully dumps the job of piecing together Joaquin Phoenix's backstory and a number of other outlandish, unsettling details of the plot, a plot that gets sicker and more twisted (and thanks to Ramsay's spartan touch, more compelling) by the minute.

But the plot wasn't exciting, so it was mostly boring.

A film with a strong personality but that at the same time risks several times to collapse in the banality of the plot but especially in the slow pace that accompanies the story, there are many moments in which the film is a bit 'heavy and this is where unfortunately not it involves as much as it could.

Just breathtaking...

The scenes jump alot which gets somewhat confusing, I even dozed a bit.

It's boring, dumb, and Overused.

A brilliantly dark performance and an unbearable intensity: "you were never really here" is all about pinning you down to your seat.

I really loved his performance in this really confusing movie.

Just a yawn fest.

A man who has seemingly seen many hard times both as as a soldier and veteran as well as a vigilante of the night, his world is noisy, intense, sad and solitary.

It was either the editing or the direction that created the mind numbing glacial pace in this dreary movie, a reasonable story and strong casting ruined by what felt to me me like art-house pretension or sheer self indulgence

Dark, intense and immensely gripping; as discreet as it is devastating.

Ramsey's Writing is partly engrossing & party disappointing.

Boring and frustrating .

Waste of time .

This movie was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Unbelievable, confusing mess .

Don't waste your time going to see this one, nothing happens in it, I mean really, nothing happens from one end to another.

No pace, no dialogue (when there is it is mostly mumbling), no suspense , no action, the music is awful and out of balance with the film, the style is confused, you could easily fall asleep for minutes at a time and still be in the same scene.

This is exciting cinema.

There is about 10 lines in the whole movie and nothing happens.

Too Self-Indulgent .

Yes, the imagery is bizarre and the performances throughout the film may seem a little too realistic that they become off-putting, but these are all things that I found to be fascinating about it.

You will be confused in the beginning, but you become content with that confusion and as you come to terms with the events unfolding, every piece of context and framing feels like a gift.


On the other hand, while the way this movie was filmed did manage to maintain my attention for the most part, especially with the scenes in which Joe roams the house to save the girl, the ''unconventional'' cinematography and directing end up stretching the film out and, in the end, together with the really weak plot, they might probably make you feel bored.

One the the worst movies I've ever tried to watch.

I genuinely feel like this film was purposely pointless....

completly boring and poor story.

What a boring movie.

No story poor direction.

Slow and arduous.

It makes it confusing and boring.

But the film's slow pace ultimately proved a liability.

Sooooo boring!!.

like a plot and some acting and something remotely faster than the crippled snail's pace that this movie offered.

This was a colossal waste of time.

I am not some brilliant reviewer but some words that come to mind are visceral, brilliant, ephemeral, mind blowing, guttural and mesmerizing.

Sooooo boring .

Intense .

Phoenix is brilliant in his role as Joe, a man we learn little about but a man we gather through brief and deliberately confusing flashbacks had both a troubled and violent childhood and some traumatic experiences in his time in the army and FBI and his commitment to his craft can't be faltered here, even if comparisons for his role and the film as a whole to Taxi Driver feel a little over the top considering this is a hard film to gel with emotionally.

What a bore fest

How was it boring.

I managed to stay awake for half an hour.

Really slow to build, weird and really not a very good movie, apparently many people sees this as a work of art, guessing that's the same type of people who think black and white french noir films are exciting, I'm not one of those people.

Empty Cinematic Beauty .

A yawner .

I am very disappointed, the action/fight scenes are too poor, the movie is slow and so many small details don't add up.

Worth watching!

Dark, suspenseful, entertaining.

Slow and monotonous and lost and un-compelling and nonsensical .. a bad movie from a bad script with bad direction.

Please prople, don't waste your precious time on this highly frustrating (and not in a good way) film!

When I further read the self-indulgent/pretentious comments regarding Ramsay, I laughed.

The characters are bland, their relationships are unexciting, large parts of the story are left unexplained, JP's character doesn't offer much in terms of someone to root for and the direction of the movie comes across as pretentious as opposed to artistic due to the glaring failures with the rest of the movie.

Empty, pointless, ridiculous movie .

Not to worry though, when you fight you're way through the ambient noise and soundtrack from the early 1900s that they used instead of dialogue, you will get to the ending leaving you empty and angry.

Tedious drivel, with agonising bordem .

Waste of time .

Wacked Out & Soooooo Boring .

) Disappointment among some of the entirely-negative reviews on IMDb find the film boring, or slow, or both, or incomprehensible, or whatever it might be.

The first half hour of You Were Never Really Here was confusing, quiet, and brooding with a sense of menace.

Hideous, beautiful, cold but engaging.

The minimal dialogue was a good choice, it let the atmosphere fully sear and the uncompromising brutality and unsettlement ensures plenty of deliberately slow-burning tension which helps make the story absorbing.

Instead, you're left to imagine the aftermath, while seeing the attack, making it that much more thrilling and painful.

Gripping character drama .

Worst movie i've seen this year .

a languid European-style art film?

Joaquin Phoenix stands out in an otherwise dull and emotionless film about a man who finds peoples kids for money.

Phoenix does give a pretty good performance as the man unafraid of violence and prepared to go to any measures with a job that spins out of control, there is a fair amount of bloodshed and violence (most being offscreen), the story is a bit vague and confusing at times, but it is intense and unsettling enough to keep you going, a relatively interesting psychological action thriller.

You Were Never Really Here is too artsy for its own good.

Don't waste your time.

Without the strong, but not perfect, cinematography, the creative sound design, the intense lead performance by Joaquin Phoenix and some poetic moments, this movie would be a total failure.

One of the worst movies I've seen.

I had expected a really thrilling experience, given Joaquin acting skills.

Why so many awards...?? I'll give it one for BORING.

Boring, flat, dry ...

Ugh, this was tedious!

Shockingly awful self indulgent film.

In reality, this is how the young Joe perceives his father's possession of his mother: as an unbearable crime that must be punished.

Wow, this is one of the stranger films I've seen in a while (free on amazon Prime :-) The pacing is super slow and the story is a little hard to follow at times/dialog not clear.

Don't believe the reviews saying there is a "nonexistent, boring plot".

While I'm not sure I would call this movie a thriller, it is a gripping, gritty, crime drama.

This movie equally sad, brutal and engaging.

With our hero, Joe (Phoenix) plagued by memories, the film is also very confusing at times.

Be prepared for slower pacing and gratuitous violence.

Did I fall asleep?

Anyone who gave this a really low rating and called it 'boring' has clearly missed the point entirely and this film was sadly wasted on you.

The telegraph called it a film that will blow you away, yeah, one slow shot at a time.

The pacing in this movie is slower than any movie i have ever watched.

The treatment is boring boring boring.

Joaquin Phoenix is an extraordinary actor who totally becomes his characters as we know from the massive critical success of "The Joker" & here he gives another excellent & gripping performance as a very troubled & tormented ex-soldier turned hired Gun, basically a hit man who specialises in finding kidnapped girls, his name is Joe & he suffers mental issues due to have seen horrible stuff as a soldier & his own childhood abuse!!!

The plot was fairly linear and very predictable.

The movie is really intense and graphically violent.

Pretentious, boring, disastrously slow, pointless!

Waste of time .

All in all, a barely watchable flick made watchable by a stunning performance from Joaquin.

It's creative, I wouldn't call it "confusing" like other reviewers - it's all the flashy action films that have dumbed people down I suppose.

Very boring movie .


It's an artsy meandering slow disjointed slice of life into Joe.

Please Don't Waste Your Time .

Nearly unwatchable .

Suggesting that Joe is a damaged war vet,Ramsay is unable to avoid drawing from Taxi Driver's child prostitute,pimps,loners and corrupt politicians in the most empty manner possible,with Ramsay failing to give any additional depth to the themes explored in Taxi.

Don't waste your time watching it.

almost nothing happens, and the movie is as slow as a snail.

Wow please dont waste your time.

There is no history (if there was any in the book they simply chose to show almost none of it), no plot, no dialogue, there aren't even any real characters.

Noir elements were lacking, and it got really tedious after the first 30 minutes.

Incredibly boring .

If you prefer to finish watching a film with your friends and be able to agree pretty much without discussion on what it was about, then I suspect you might find this film pretentious or light on plot.

Worst movie.

This movie, however, is simply boring.

The photography is very well shot, lighting and camera angles are better than most with only one or two predictable sequences.

If you break it down you'll just see that there is absolutely nothing you haven't seen before, one could say that it's even predictable.

With no suspense, no mystery, virtually no action, very little dialogue, and a very slow pace, this becomes very boring very quickly...

All I know is this movie was incredibly dull for me.

I found it really boring to view, incredibly slow, really long scenes of staring people, very arty farty......

The pace is extremely slow.

Boring and stupid .

Here is your test for whether you should watch this film: do you love superhero movies, can't wait for the next three instalments of the "Avengers" series to come out, and loathe anything "arsty" and pretentious?

Exceptional writing, acting and art direction all combine to deliver a feast for the senses and take you on an absorbing emotional ride which sticks with you long after.

There's barely anything happening, and it moves at a snail's pace.

The whole film wears a gloomy tone over itself, it's just that it's a boring gloominess rather than a cinematic gloominess.

Irritating piece of self indulgent cinema .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Phoenix gives a believable performance in the lead role but is too understated to be entertaining; he's no De Niro.

It doesn't really matter though, as the director wants you to marvel at the beautiful (though empty and cold) scenery and feel for the tormented soul of the protagonist.

The climax of the film, where you would expect an action film to have the best, most gripping kung fu action scenes and/or shootouts, only shows Joaquin walking away from the body of a man he already killed offscreen.

Joe was rather boring, spending much of the film in a cab and public transportation instead of a sleek Audi.

But this isn't a great, blockbuster film as much as a desperate will to live and to recognize emotional atrocity by intense violence.

There was no story, confusing and what kind of hitman ( or whatever he was) uses a freaken hammer?!?

I dont quiet understand the reviews saying this movie had them glued to their chair, it was very dull and boring.

Not as good as "Ghost dog", but still good if you're in a "slow mode".

One intense movie!

This is a very well done movie that seems to do away with many now trite narrative vehicles.

This film can be boring for someone because it is not an enjoyable one.

Complete non sense, no dialogue, no story telling.

9-10 this was a tremendously intense film .

super boring and pointless.

It impressed the chattering crowds but left me a little empty.

Probably due to the poor plot that they dragged it out that way.

At times, the recourse reminded me of the repetitive flashback that was so effective in «Catch-22», whose plot always returns to Snowden's dying body in a bomber plane.

Flashbacks to nowhere, taking care of the old and feeble-minded, and lots of slowness, very slow.

The most boring film i have ever seen and trust me i have seen them almost all!!

However, this film choses to avoid either of these methods, and instead centres entirely on Joaquin's character, using surreal imagery and slow meandering shots to tell the story of this damaged man who is not quite all in the head.

the only redeeming quality is joaquin phoenix, otherwise a pretentious mess of movie .

Was bored after 20 minutes.

A purposefully confusing and violent opening sets the tone: Joe is simply not to be messed with, and does not flinch at the possibility of violence.

This is a boring take of a life that is a vigilante.

Very confusing.

In the event, Ramsay's clean-cut, existential thriller owns to a lucid consciousness of its sensitive material, brilliant aptitude in its visual and sound literacy, also the film allows humor (a sprightly Judith Roberts as Joe's dotage-afflicted mother, sharing meta-PSYCHO joke in communion), and psychic vision (that moment when Joe realizes who is the culprit in his mind-scape) into the play, the main takeaway for me is the unexpected tendresse between Joe and a hit-man he has mortally injured (Price), lying together on the floor, humming along Charlene's '80s one-hit-wonder I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME on the radio, and holding their hands, is the song really the answer to the film's English title?

The topic itself is pretty heavy handed, so it may leavore than a few people feeling uncomfortable, and as I mentioned earlier the movie feels disjointed.

off beat, character intensive....

My Rating : 0/10Self-indulgent, extremely slow, boring and pointless.

You know films that try to be edgy but just end up being a bit boring and weird?

Utter waste of time.

A stagnant, predictable outing.

But omg it was a boring movie.

More meticulous and psychological than a typical action/thriller (which has already bored naysayers on IMDB).

Very pretentious from Lynne Ramsay if she thought she would get away with it.

pls don't waste your time.. I don't think there is a story line...

To say this was a waste of time would be overly generous.

Incredible performances and cinematography, but has a weak uninteresting plot .

Slow, fair, exciting, ...